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V Wersupply you with anything In theljne of fine Commercial Job Printing a short notice and at •Lowest Prices. COriBININQ .THE CROTON FALLsS3fEWS\ AND \FOLIO.\ fESTABd^feDfJN 1878.] • Cure for Bald Spots • —o— Where the hnir falls out in spots Use R&mrsTo's 0 o 0000 JJ AIR GKOWER. ^ VOL. XXL, No. 23 KATONAH, N. V., FRIDAY, AUQV5T 11, 1899: $1.50:A YEAR 101 3° !• 5o JO • 0#0»0©0»0»0»0#0©C»0#000<80©0©0©0©0«0#0»0#.0 . KatopaTi, PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANT. Heirs Wanted. *:'• I wish to And heirs of Peter Field, -Who in 1810, was n, farmor-residlDg.. at 'South Salem. Have money for theso .heirs. Liberal reward. Address, ( -.i- DELISSER, BOX 170, Madison Sq, ' v - . New York City. ^Receiving Days- • -Q< >o ?•' ?• 5o 1^4|*7ri products Sold at the HIGHEST MAEKET PRICES. o BILLS- PAID \WEEKLY. ^•n»o»oaoao«o*o»o»C)»o«o«o©o©o ©oaoOo6o9c ©o «o9oi9offloaoQoQoOoOoOoOo ©oOo©oooaopooo» Easiness DteetMV, OP . Katonah, ' N. Y. 'TPfoe Katonah Times, .1 — . , /. Furnishes the news from all the Tewiis in Northern Westchester County. Also the best advertising medium in that Section. FINE JOB PRINTING done promptly and at low' rates. Katoraalh, N. Y. Frank W. Hoyt, Hotel and\ Dining; Parlor, Meals at All Hours. /Diehl's;Putnam .Cotinty 9 Ice'Cre^^Ai^ys^?*' N ew Katonah HOTEL. V 1 'ir .hT CLASS ACCOMMOKATlllSS MTRANSIENT w w m BOARDERS.^ V BY THE Wl-.l K JB I )AED S? TOE,UT Wholesalers and Buttlers of 0 o0o®oSo9OOo©o©o©o©6©6©oao9 © >.£ o CROSS-RIVER. 0 Ik About 3 MiniUoa Walk Smt b of Depot Weber & Witherldge, Katonah, N. Y. Prop 4^ on Hand. ticiucs and PaTtiEB^Siip: plied at Reduced Hates. '. Bread, Cake and Pics Supplied- From DIEHL'S BAKERY. ® MERIT Tfimi% The proof'of this old saying is the success of D0U0LA5' ^ i Shoes tor men and~FANCt1ER Sjjp I The frluhdiJ-oI-M-ra CO*S. Shoes tor JLadies. The best way to make a per­ manent customer is to show these brands. SOLD BY E. A. Arnold o O o *. o © o O -a... o © o © -o ® o ©- o, a Harness! _ Harness ! !~ Harnesses I 11 • : o —:•; .. .o sfcMr. B. D. Barrett will remove ms Wheelwright business to South Salem '\during the -coming fall. Some eigh­ teen years ago Mr. Barrett located .in this village, comipg at the time from .South Salem, at whlea place he has '.purchased the tuisiucss formerly own- y tne lata -wiulalirAv'ei.y. Among others at Maple Farm, the ;)t)0urdinK house of Mr. M. H. Webb, iVthe family of Mr. E, Lynch, a form- jler \boarder at the too Cyrus Reynold's .&0UB0, 'jt^Ir. and Mrs. William Finch, of Nor- gvalk, have been visiting friends in and o l..iv<> just r<' • >f Harnesses jiwir this village. S:Miss Rose M Smith Missouri The people whose-homos-iTa'vo- been, taken by tho eity^-wero notified to come for their money this week.' Well, some received It, glad to got what thoy could, others found somo snags in tho way, owing to somo neglect, of which they wero ignorant and still others thought that they were Ujpky to get out with a whole skin. Somo tiini's, you know, you dOn't even get the ap- pendnge lot alono the cuticle. ~ ..A_t.rn.ynHng Vnnf -'--—-•-- - tlmraglrtlits^ta11orr^D?Tuesday-heud- ed for Katonah whoro. .presumably they fed the horses and repaired their deliipidated voices. Everybody around here, thought thoy woro Gypsies and wero ready to interview tho new queen and incidentally have .their fortunes ^UI4iUfcjlldn!t_gQst-tn rhnr-h). I lino Harnesses, ms tt'n k • •• ivoi l a full mid parts o£ Call mid loo.k at: w contemplates a ^yfeit - in MTssoiiii tho cotniBg ^ffll. *Tho Indies of the M. E. Church will .Isold a fair ami festival f«i the vacant ^jTRouso known »>s tlio Methodist par- t&ani^goon WuUmviiluy afternoon (1!K 1 gvoning^of nest Week, August 10th. - the new Pres- ibytcriun church, Katonah will be laid \\\ A ex-' O - cut ness Single SI rap S \. !h«-,i!i rbhuk Ql 9 AA or rus-rt linos at l^'V/y .j §4 /ijTho corner st o ' 9 \•o o • ©• © .o: LO a© • o -Jjext \Wednesday al'teruoun at \general and cordiul luvitati-ju is iJeMcd. tj all, •• PTJRDY STATION. FULL ES, AND SJDC.iEa'S FUOM TUK 1U1XS OF OLD PIRUYS, A. plan for the expansion of the on of a g'»'d _. . . _. (tin yf uicii. P, - - — --^JgJcr 3b\^Wfty-4o disgust, .eyexyitndy. by t ry - LINE OF BltUSH- ^f.lfeS to-.plepso eWyDouy:—3V-,t tiy it cuuitY- pufBS © _^ plan for o flings and tho produetV §='|iS)uud voif -Dilve a iv. SOMERS CENTRE. : I Mr Georgo Pinckney is acting as station ugetit at Brousvillo for the month of. August. . . Quantities «'f apples am lidng sent from tho various stations, in conso- ijquonoe of which tho-pi ices aro con­ stantly decreasing. Miss Sadie Tompkins is on tho sick list, a victim of neuralgia. Mr. Charles Townsend enjoyed a visit from fai3twn brfth«ns Inst wook. Both aro from tho city. Miss Fuunie Knlfiln had a yory ]jl<>as.iut visit from her mother and br ^-hnr, of N»w York City, Inst week. I Master Claix-iifo will remain in the country with hi;» grand piuetUa for a tin- | Mnst'U - Harvoy Burett, of .Wist S 'itnii<, spoilt t!i.\- Sabbatli calling oil frieli Is in tlii-5 plaee. i On rrid.iy nizht during tho heavy shower, the In u^o occupied by Mr. Chi's P.ie>t an'l fitmily was stiuck .i-i.I .-. .nst i. rablj datunged by light- I •••n^ 'y .ti.* • h .'iiinnv' wna dernolishod, A question was raised the t/tlur day as to location o'f certain historical rocks. Once beforo this same question has como.,np before. I will briefly stato justhore, \n'remarknble boulder is found in Somers. It stands on tltr hill diroctly northeast of Musco- r mountain in the south-western part the town, nnd from its point ran I s seen tho bluo hills, of Long Island across the sound, the northern cleva- twu ofl)utchcss county anu thgdistign; -landa-of-Cenueeticufc—West— It—OVSF-' looks YoVktown, UortJnnu and beyond tlie Hudson. One side of tuis rock, (the north-east front) has the appear- of an Indians head. It is an immense- red granite mass, said to bo the only one in tho county nnd is perched on tlireo litno stouo points, two feet abov-j the sui face—inrd—f -rmt— htmdre4— above the valley of Museoot. It is mentioned in tho colonial deeds as tLo \Cobbling Stone ' NORTH SALEM. H. G. Bailey, Jr_, MX New York was at his homo hero m Snniln\ , it- la-\ Mr and Mrs. Joo Adams w< r. n tow .it calling Tin friend? \n Sfindnr Urz It lias been deeid.ed to have tin t« versal 'nt fair uii<ir<-s twil \H Thm ->.J .i. August 21 Tho \Dorcas\ ririk iva-j lMg< lv i tended at Mrs Eng. n<> ilalne'.- Li t. Wodncsday ~ Our people worp SUIT iNed to Irnr;' of tliesiiildon dc.n.h ui W/il-L-atiu: 1 Brewster, laht 'wi-i k, Ciiiai-i'ou Koek, of Nw York Ht'v, J> tlie gin bL of Mr aii -1 Mis. I' .1. I'al- it, at Syaituoio Lodrfe Mt-j Stan (J.tN . ;.dv\.r it. . Nun and Ketib>-li (hiN in w.-t.- e u , ,. at MiipL- Hill on M'«n lay l«»t Alfred Turner and sUu K, of rt r ('eiitre , \N Y . wore RU '-sts at Mi ol Hill on Saturday and S in-lay la«r BLANKKXS. N. H. MINEB, . -C Purtiy^totion tin . i\f was torn nearly ••You must not talk loudly, nor sui ! l-\ ;tiie south w ng from the or propch tho truth in church on tho 1 fi \ ^:bi.d'sjhiy, 1 ^.Somo one might bo ot- Lded' of .call you a craiik. You BEDFOBTJ^ST-A-TION: separating; ( ' f ¥ ff* tA * h « b^'>^^ ding and the tin roofing on the porch j to.bury has been doing t... «ik was displaced. Mr. and Mrs. Priest, Mr and Mrs. C veF,e.jv«u^ .ui 11 u their two daughters and Mivnud Mrs. of L'amdcn, N. J., are at pu--, -tit WiklOjAvilhtlieiv little sou wero-all o 'c- j guests of Mrrnnd-Mrs. O. P&Tisr s ?\ r \ -S^w hi-ck. dresses, /listening to the most . \tc6fiImon an^rn\oT3S7nrairal\^rfbTmahce T ; J -^; i j |>lor. t \vo or tlireo hours and tliey got. J 'P. & C. H. Jaycox, J^arpentei*s & Builders, Plans and Specifications furnished. Satisfaction .guaranteed in every pajtJaular.- : , .. JOBBING AND REPAIRING A SPECIALTY, Katonah, TTY.\ Real Estate] Fire and Life Insurance Ag 't. , re*. I wife el' Mr. John Haines,wuio-paiued- ^-{-tu^u^cilLhpp ondflon flenth OU Sunday_ August Otb, at her homo in this vlllagoT The funeral was hold on Wednesday and interment was at Union .Cemetery. The M. E, Sunday School pIcnkLwas .held at Lake Mahopac Thursday, and thoro was a very good attendance. The children and -also tho older people greatly onjoyod themselves at this handsome summer resort. . If you walk in your sleep tie a string to your too to prevent aecidonts. Tho cornei' stone of the new Pres­ byterian church at Katonah, will_h£ lajdjaexf Wednesday af ternoou at;3,45 A gcnoral and cordial invitation is- ex­ tended to all. fitaiii -Hninw, 'sweetlyrefreshed, PHOTOGRAPHER. Cj nA Vlf >-«rc OP THE OLD & NEW fine YieWS V1LLA0E3OI KATONAH Katonah, N. Y. AVERY & SMITH, JiatonanTIie^oltlrMOu^Kiscc^i 1 ^.and Vleinlty.- Agent for tho (following Com­ panies:—FIBE; 'iEtno, of Har­ ford; Hanover' of New York; Home, of New YofkHStrTaulT Pi &M.,of St. Paul, MIDLIFE; Mutual Llfo, of,Now York.—AC- _0E5ENT: TH^flTidelity and Cos • ualty-Od.7of.{^ew~YorK . Agent for 1 Idolity foiid Casu- ~alfy-Plate-GlasB-Insu}Sice Co.—t- i, * * Bakery and Confectionery, and al- _Cakes^Hes,JBtc._Flrst-claas —- ways reliable; • Supplies HOYT'S^BAKERY, Katonah. BRBWSX^R, 3SC.I3C jAiiTnun S. AVERV.—MORY~W . SinTn. FUNERAL DIRECTORS —ASD— EMBALMERS, Katonah,. N.Y. T t OFFICE AKD BESII>EXCE: TiEW KATONXPf — WM. H. FOWLER, and... Garpenter- Buifder.... \Johblug and'Repairing^ Promptly Attended to Katonahj-N^J Kcltoee's Building, Near Lumber Yard, SOTJTH SAIiEM. disease For falling hair and scalp use Kobustu't! rftrtn&r&wer:—= Miss Ida J. Bqutun is spending lie vacation at the homo of' her parent- tlS3ll!S_\TioUS2:—Shu—is entertaiuinc^ her friend, MJss\~Mjiuiib jurown - fron Maspet-h, Quoeus (unity, N. Y. i »Mi>Cuitis Williams is worMng f( Judge Woodward on East Eldgc, \near Bidgcflold, Conn. Men aro at work -repairing ot roads. The hard showers wo had i Julj r , washed them badly so that thef need a great deal of working. ' | Mr.'Beck, of New York, and' hs family aro boarding at Mr, Joseph if. Slauson's for J;he season. ^ f Mr. AlberfBurrli nnd fumrly i, e •atapping-rtl^Dr—G \R .annfe. ,1 Mr. and Mrs Jmrtcs- Tirclc rcmedy-for-a—eer-tain—young-^nan of a certnin church who pops up_ when .eul>a \dts^Ptn¥-1 ^se%rtlie ?.ttaiotr Thoj plectriOaCMreut^asscdiihrQugh. tho ^66m-''oce \tpiedi)y ^SIrntnd ^i /-Wi k 'T^-Ja ^^Wfirojiinatlfl tb-Vf6el ''flxceod-. Yaflng the™\ •narrow—^cape^i^Lasli ^eJiOii?? _ houso'was partially destroyed by flrc.- and in consequence of which it' had bcen -nevs 'ly-repaireti.—j- others are too slow:—Before you m'aico a 'statemont of any kin'd to an intelli-. gent office in Puruys, go to each broth­ er and sister and tell' thorn what you desire to-say and wait .their decision and the Spirits dictation. Would 'nt we' have a model church then? Somo would wont the minister to preach long, some would want him to preach short Oh 1 my I \What can the matter be?'> JRelntive to tho strictly secular af­ fairs of our town, wo report progress. House'movers, stone carriers, cellar diggers, Btreot makers, grocers, etc. are allgliding on tlio stream of pros= p .erity and'not a single person to my knowledge, has been lodged in our jail \this week. Last but not least—A remedy for si- lecce -in some of our meetings and an adjuster of all our frailties and short ^comings, is to let tho HblyGhost enter t^tch-hcart; —^ ^ cer .a.p. visiting at Mr. Georg'e.Lawrenco'a. i = Tho Bev. Albert Scofleld preach- G hero last Sunday and Bev. Charles Berry Is o.vpcctcd to preach next St-4-- I day. This is tho flrafc timo he h :i3 supplied tho pulpit sinco a.year ago *; At tho mee' ing of the Christian .En­ deavor Society next Sunday evening Vr promise.meeting will be held. * p Tho Misses Graco. and Ei!znbeth- If you desire lo know who the wri- TtejDis, apply to tho editor. I am a 'slirjo^fellow- with-as much buxkbona -HJ anyqtio~Of\mysizi!? somewhat crippled butiiot dead; somelimrj sat on, but -like-jEtanch or Judy, I generally man- .age^tb.-. pop up occasionally. Don't look mad at me when you ppss me on .thosrreet, for I am perfectly harm­ less J — P-S.- A new star ot promise has c - r-ccntly appeared\ before the publ'c-in this v ; \ago and were it not'fo^.tp&Tnodesty °t the person and nn;.unjus.t cti^icism from others, wo might\ have fjHblished her name in full;- - 'Iwicb'-cinly h <\3 she been before an-Audienoo^s-a ^loast ^ut-jm-hcih oc\\slo» , s she gave a very creditable W/Nie TliesJadies-of th <&M.,E Church holfljthciranimal fair aijd. fvstlval thelr >bnn-.orhWe^ this nf^rgprinVlirip.rt finv '-dnyVf JiWg^ WJMl ' friends.\ \\•\ l \j Mr. atKl^MrsrCharles--Bloome and family. Mr. and MTS.'-K J Palmer -and How They Agree. Two lovclj- Indies Uvo li »rd by, Aud encli a cuurcbltiB (?oes; Aupa goea tbcro to CIOBO hor cypa, \ irnt Uoggle to eye Ler clothes. Biit both agrco tbat Bobiusto 1JM Growar is tho kind tbat cures baldneeH aud ecalp dlseasca. QOLDENS BRIDGE. Mrs. M. Newman nnd daughter Edith aro visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.tavis. Mrs. C. C. Green Is entertaining her mother aud sister from Potsdam. Mrs. Sarah Green is quite sick biit her friends look for her speedy recov­ ery. • - Mrs D. H. Todd entertained her sister and children and Mrs. Hutchin­ son, of Lake Mahopoc on Friday last. Mr. F. B. Quick is building a new barn. We are glad to see tho large number 1 of dwrlttngs-goirrgnip—in—our- IMJO . i ilv t . ..Iw will in family had a picnic at Inat.Thiirgfliiy. JJUISO / iveuostu. Brown, who have been at Mrs.^Jta, V[. Howes for tho last week\ have returnSd to their nomo in Brooklyn. ] Saratoga and Lake Georg*.. You-should arrange_to_vl9ltSarato| ;a or Lake George by going on tho Nt w York r .(3entral'8-. family excursion >n Friday, Augvr 'Jt 18th.:_.Speclal throui h trn'n.will'leave Katonah at 6;00 ,a\ a. and found trip tickets, to Saratoga c< at $2 50'and to Lake George 75c.. high|r; -KeturniBg-apec.<^trahv^l l ^ywi^Iia George 5 p. m. and\ Saratoga 6:40 p.tn. The Saratoga races -a,reTUJi-every<jiy and the.Iiake George \tickets inciudcfa twenty-elght-mile-sail. Call, on \ticket agents toe circulars and further det;jHs, mi vliiage. Mr X. H. Voris has staated cellar for his new.house which f w'llj located on a sightly prominence oh.tha hill to tho north of Green Brothers' stora Mrs. C. W. Maynard and Miss Anna E. Keating spent Wednesday at. Lake Mahopac, attending the Bap­ tist Sunday School picnic from _MaJio- pac Falls. Mrs. E. Sv Green, of... Peek-skill is I visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Brady. Tho iufant son of Mr. aud Mrs. Ghjis. Hadden has been seriously ill but is nruv l'LCOVeriDg. William Lewis, who was severely in­ jured by being in a runaway accident, is at this writing dohix -m-ely and will soon be removed to his mte in Brews­ ter. -.- Thero is a largo camping party from Danb'ury in Herbert Vail's Grovo.They had sovorul visitors on Sunday lust and have got a very fliio orrangemeDt. Thoy will remain another, week. \ Mr. nnd Mrs. Jarvis Wood and Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Nichols spent one-week in tho Whito Mountains and report a flno trip. Thoy saw the sun rise and sot from the highest point in tho mountains something that is only vis- iblo about flvo times \\during tho * year The somi-annual meeting jiTthe Milk Producers' association was held at tho Town Hall, Browst -M', on Tuesdav, Au­ gust 1, for tho election <f officers. Th> following wero elected: W H. Paddock, T5r5^nwtn^rB7^nirlrr^ie^j>t'esW^ittT. - George W Hartou, secretary, W. It Fine)), treasurer, B. (). Nichols, OcirRti [ TTInc micriJitiiii-l Kent, executive com­ mittee-,. -The, nssumtton Las qvet 200' mcmbeis at prvaen't. Robbe.d the .Grave. - A startling incident of Which Mr John Oliver of I'hiladelphia, was the subject is narrated by him as Jo'lows I was ID a roo~~i\d\readTuicondition. Jfy .'.iu was almost yellow, eyes sunken, tongue coated, pfliu continually :a btii.». a:id side, no appetite-\graclually . gtowini; weaker day by clay Three physu:aii.s h,nl given IUC up. Foi ..iiiately. a (vice '. advised trying ' •Electric Hitters, 'and to illy great joy and surprise-, th& fim bot- tle ninde a decided improvement. I - ' ' * . 7-T:—— ^+ SOMERS performance. TWbile the songs seleet- pdVwerd\beautifully adopted to her registor, tho pathos, expression and „ ' _ , Inspiration, drew forth from the hear- The State Roads question seems era general delight aud surprise, have so \taken in\ tho attention of Come and hear this star and the ma- somo-of one peoplo that thoy tin k ny other stars at tho monthly song j there's no necessity to attend to local service at the M.' E. church. I districts. From recent devclopcmohts it. bo- J continued theif use (or tTTreie~wec1cs, ! and am now a well man. I know they I saved m y life, end rortded the grffvc of f Q ! another victim, \No one should fail to trv them Only 50c. guarantee, at F. W\ Gorham's.Katouah, O. W. Atiram's Croton Falls Drug store. ! \ AtlTobnlight Fete-, .will ho given on. :MrrATBrWhitlook 3 s lawn- near Gol- dens^Bridge,—on Thursday—evening, August 17th. ,The Brewster Brass Band will be there acfd will give a grand conceit There will be music refreshments and the lawn will be \77\ for Grip and Colds. \7T\ will '.'break'up\'a«cold that \hangs oaf Will \k-noek out\ tho nn yk^ < «y,4wk-h4a ft r j peljmmUhrpk n llnwvln^ enngh. All lot,'' home hooves ono to oscertain.to a dead, cpr- tainty wlictherauy lihxocOWed\ \satis- beautifully illuminated, be served from six to ten ton's ice-cream for sale. The proceeds -WJ ,lLbeJor_the_ benefit of the Metho­ dist ichurhh in this village. Tickets B0 cents. \\•'> -'—Thenew-vUlage seems - to bo ap­ proaching a state ol habitation and a name. imtfttJorha^fai^JMjas ^tofia faction price' _ her farm, lot, home ojc habitation. Clear, not clouded titles are demanded when business men aro in earnest. Supper will' Mr. Thomps Jones tho veteran cat- p. m. Hor-. tie buyer took a-trip. up country the Eeynolds's now house is about ready for the builders, .while the driveway •ano: approaches uncier tne supervision J of Mr. Eugene J endings are certainly, all that could bo desired. Tho handiwork of the' veteran Hedge \trim\m\er ^B -known~aye i .-evon~fmm^ improving re- Drowville and other points north'thero- o'f, druggists, 25 cents. other day, bought and brought \in as flne,a selected, lot ot jrattlo aa ever caiae over the lino.\ Fortnight hburs after his arrival every head was sold. Good market? Yes, when, Jones selects and sells. - «- — \The man with tho Hoe,\ can't com- fflffiftafifethaoM fellow vvit.h the clip- 1 ^ m » PO r <™™„ inr army of unemp . ^\^ ' ^ ~ — ^Afwnn -fxM AGENTS WANTED—FOn \THE LIFE AND Acbloveolonts of Admiral Dewey, * tbo world's greatest naval hero. Bj Murat Halstead, the llfo long friend and,admlrer of tbo nation's tdoi Bl^- eit and best book; over 500 pises, 8x10 incbea. nearly 100 pages bulftono UlaetraTlouB. Only $1.30. KRormons demand. Big eommlMlOua. OutQt free , Chance of a lifetime. Write Quick. Tbo Domln- on Company, 3rd Floor Caxtoo Bldg., Chicago. ' During the last Democratic adminis­ tration the papers were filed with re­ ports of factories closed, wages reduced of new enterprises, vohintarv advances latlons between ployers, employees and om-

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