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We supply you with anything In the line of fine Commercial Job Printing a short notice and a t Lowest Prices. , COrtBlNINQ THE CROTON FALLS 4 'NI2W5\ AND \FOLIO.\ _—rESTV. HLIS\fi\Df 7 IN 1878 ' VOL. XXI., No. 26 KATONAH, N. Y., FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1899. * Cure for Bald Spots * r Wliere the hair % \ , \ falls ont ID spots 0 0 0 °* $0000 '^ 8E R° BIR8TO ' S 4 H AIK G ROWER. $1.50 A YEAR Attaining and-Retaining are two very different things —Many men attain wealth— Very tew retain it. _^__Man-y^nion-u:inke_tt--fiiiituue in a fewycars^-and then- lose it all during tho next few years Attention ! Many men make ;large in­ comes and give their families Every luxury =T -and then die without leaving a/cout behind' them to provido even neces­ saries for their families. One of tho best ways of re­ taining wealth is by. means of an- Endowment policy—You cant spend it—and it provides for your family if you die- Helps to provide for your own maturer years if you livo. THE EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY =~- ' OFiTHB UNITED \STATES - \Strongest in the World.\ / - Obtained of LEWIS H. MILLER, -5peclal Agent, Katonah, N. Y. IT WILL PAY YOU TO \$l ADVERTISE ^ In THE TIMES! FLEXIBONE HOULDED. . Wo havosoouivl the mjency for this famous cornet in this % icitiity and invite every woman fun I <if a goo.i figun fl-nd- them hero County News. ' Governor Visits Yonkers. t • Mil K00SKVELT SPKAKS TO THE FIHEilEN AND THE XAfiONWT, GUAflD. * \ The annual convention of tho New York State Firemen's Association was opened in Yonkers about 10 o'clock Tuesday, -irhe-city-r-was—elaborately; decorafed-with-Uaganind-bunting—and- the citizens made it. n, hnlUiiy. Th Getty Square a large\ triumphal arch, wus erected* and at night it was bright with red, whito and bluo oloetiie lights,. Mafly-of-, tho^-pobl ia —buiUUngl—were- beautiful, particularly s> was tho His. tolie Manor Hull. The opening exer­ cises wvro bold in tho Opera jlouso, but tin' feature of Che day was tho ar­ rival of Governor Roosevelt on tho 3:31 o'clock train in tho afternoon. 'When, the truin drew in the Station all the\ -rrr-g A Thousand Tongues at Rochester, - N T Y.\ \Gould nut vx^rtsb. me rapiuTt of Annie Edwin B. Gil|ln<Ier, four years old, UEiiSprniKtr, ol 1125 Howard st.. Philu ate _8tr .Vfhniue pills tap-> candy -delnliiii. Pa . wi„... c i„. fn„,„i ti.n t r»r ABbtiry Parle nmydlea square in front was packed with peo- ple enger to get a glimpse of the Govr. oruor Tho Reception Committee was escorted to the station by Company A, 1st Regiment of tho National Guard, and aruved about live miuu;rs before - the train The Governor was escorted to a car-2 riage, in which he rode with \Mayor\ Sutlicrlnnd,cx-Scuntur Burns and John Mulligan The procession wont down Biionti Vist i-ave , to 'Hudsou-st , to Soutii Broadway, through tho arch erected in Getty^Sq-na-re-.-and-theuee-tOf Wai'luutoti avo., where a stand had bem (.reeled for the speakers and;. I an 1, and decorated with flags mid. Hoyt Brothers. KATONAH. THE Cross River, N.Y. \Wtlttain—Moure; Custom Shoe riaking^ Repairing, Men's Shoes from §3.50 to $8- Rubber, Boots 'Soled With Rubber, ------ <35c. — Shoes Half Solo and Heel, 75c. and il.no. Ladies' Half Sole and Heel, 45c. and ----- 55c. Best t Work Stools Unexcelled! •pwt -iHiM-i .o -iiwpevl luiiitu.- Cam. 1 s were ain .e fat tho 1 UoM'inor, anil lie was as quiet under j tho tiiile .tl its ho woll cortld br? Ghnir- | man Mulligan of tho Recept.on Cora- j. mittee, tin behalf of the liremon ajid .'•citizens of Yonkers, tendered a hearty I welcome to tho Governor and intro- f Mayor Sutherland, who paid: \To me is Riven the ho'nor of iutro,-' ducing to yi>tir, fellow citizens, tlie Hon. Theodore Koosovolt, Governor of the btato of Now YjOrk. He needs nd' formal—itttreduetienr-ror-history—has; and will record his deeds forever.\ *~\ Governor Roosevelt then sold: ' * ; Mr. Mayor and Fellow Citizens;rrii gratified to.haye offered .me-the'-hon mane'd t^'faelp'yo.u'-rficeiveyoiirfcut. the7Volutiteep : jElremenrand-\yhat5-li'a'^_ to-say is largely to be to them.\ How glaU-Tam-also-to-havemetHliig-jlJeake and \Waffs Orphan\Asylum Band - on\ TRIP B ETWEEN ' NEW YORK & VIRGINIA ^i3 : hios£attrdetivo iKTrefresliingT\'\ Old Point Comfort Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Are Delightful Points to Visit. Exprcs Steamers, \Hamilton \Jef­ ferson,\ Princess Anco,\ and \Jamstown\ now la sorvico. Send for copy of \PILOT\ containing description •» of abort aud dollghtful trips Pleaso mention* this paper. — • » - - — OLD DOMINION^STEAMSHIP\ COT, _J2ifir.^2G,-NorthJUver,-NQW-i'flrk -' A Farm Library of unequalled value—Practical, Up-to-date, Concise and Comprehensive—Hand­ somely Printed and Beautifully Illustrated. By\ JACOB BIGOLE No. 1 —BIQGLE HORSE BOOK All about Horses—a Coinnioa-Scnse Treatise, with over 74 illustrations ; a standard work, Price, 50 Cents. . No. 2—BIQQLE BERRY BOOK AH ntlflllt prn\ <T1 fT •?* n! !l! T\rnit<l— rrxTl ntiJ if nm hnir.;. contains 43 colored liic-likc rcproauctionisof all lending varieties aud ico other illustrations. Pi ice, 50 Cents. No. 3—BIQQLE POULTRY BOOK All about Poultry ; tile best Poultry nook !n existence; tells every thJiifr . wlliuj colored liie-Iikcrcproductlons of all Uieprim'iiral Lrcids^iilli 103 CUltr illustrntions. Price, 50 Ceiius. ,No .j4r-BiaGLE COW BOOK _, Alfabbut Cows nnd the Dniry lUislness : flavins a Vfent sale; contaiu.-i 8 colored life-like reproductions ofcach breed, with 132 other illusti aliens. Price, 50 Cents. N6. 6— BIQQLE SWINE BOOK Just out. All about Hogs—Breeding, Feedins, Butch- ery, Disenjes, etc. Contains over So beautiful half­ tones and other engravings. Price, 50 Cents. ThetSIUULti BOOKS are unique,originol,uselul—you never \ saw anything like them—so practical,>-osensible. They -Are having an enormous sale—East, West, North ana South. Bvery one who keeps a Horse, Cow, Hog o r Chicken, or grows Small Fruits, ought to send right away for the BIQQLE BOOKS. The Is your paper, made- for you and not a misfit. It is » years old; it is the greaCboiled-tfowu, blt-the-nall-on-the-head,— nult-afler-you-have-said-it, Farm and Household paper in the world—the biggest papec of its size in the United State* of America—having over a million and a-halfregular readers. Any ONE of the BIGGLE BOOKS, and the FARM JOURNAL B YBAR» - (remalnder -'6f : iSgoj-joeoj 1901,100a and 1903) will be sent by mail to any address for A DOLLAR, B1UJ< r Sample of FARM JOURNAL and circular describing BIQQLE BOOKS (met WILMBR ATKINSON . CHiS, P. JENKINS . AddresSt FASUX JOVRMAIv - rnii .initr.PHiA ; ;\ : A drove of Moruum missionaries diave p. rvaili^., u , e tr-ountnin regions THE-NEWS-IN BR-IEF. for main cars preaching their gospel -among th- | copie- unoibb'stod, and with Telegraphic Gleanings From AH Paris some lucasnii- i .f acceptance. But a < Q c i_ e w/orld. place toward tliein, and lheir ministra- —— ,tl6itB at e nii-i with an answeiitig coatr^—Some of the striking smelter cm- Obtar iiml fHHthers, a inissi >nary (Jec ployes In Denver— have declared the •joration 1101 at all encouraging to strike onV j mppstnlicxYiiik. But, considering tin- The flfth Instalment of gold cerUfl- icliHraidi-r _uf -ilie ^-p4 ^plo-ai»i\nt5—wh«ii—ci tcS -tvnH-recelTCinir L Pill \m Finger on \X ~~ 1 1 1 . 11 ii n i. v.v ZjSit**^' ''-VUUiUEll 111 (dlTllLbuis^Uiay- r lix-Now-Yorlc , j*- -——— --^.^.-1^1. ^m- juuui.u n ,M 1 »u-i^w-i-un v , - \ in ff-'ttlng out oftlici. Mrs. Bnrnlinrt of Sontt».hi.r r . v v - gocluo u ..ffKBhut, . was fpo J a buggy and killwl *t-:P> at King's New Discovery for Cpiisumptiop Locked out employes of the Chat had com r Iitclv cured her oi a hncking tnnoopfa street railway attacked cars, cough that many years had been .1 bur nnd Injured several pen-sons, den. All other remedies aud doctors Huron von Sternberg nnd Mr. Tripp could .give her no help, but she says of Snmoan Commissioners, stopped\ at this Royal Cure-- \it soou removed Banff on route to Washington! the pnin from my chest itnd MOW I can slecb soymlli - - - You feel the blood rushing' along. But what kind of blood? That is the question. -fs~\i puie blood-of-impure—I ^Tleiiael Casson,' nn Adirondack hotel slecb soumllv. something I can.scarcely m :,»;^, „t \T? ^ sounding us praises throught the Bin- ,„. rT ,„ verse. • So will cverv one who tries I)r • lll0Iuns , Houlihan, cashier of a Ch King s New Dicovcry for any trouble of the Throat Cli'st or Langs. Price 50c aud Si .00. Trial bottle free at F, \W Gb'rbam s Katouah and G W Croton, Falls. Driij- Store, every bottle Lgu -Jiai .teed. _ i POPULATION. .^Ahout a, year from now the decen­ nial count oi the people of tlmJQnited . - - I- cngo packing liouso, shot -and killed his wife and then committed suicide. • Emperor Wllllnm notified a German veteran society In Chicago that he would present a flag to its members. A. wclUclrcssed young man, known as \V E. 1 hi vis. Is under arrest at P OUR I I- koopslo, N. Y., net-used of \horse steal­ ing.. A historic old church at Evnnston, 111. »o'il fur S,\(i -has been marked for conversion TTifo a nbaUiig sifloou imd dance ball on a raft. \ T/tiitcll Stales mnrslml nr|<l :i post.- Statcs will bo made. Already curios­ ity is keen in anticipation of tho re- „. i-,i 1 /, t ix Jv L iin 1 -'\ oi.iiL-s marsiiai nun a nosr- ^?T d 7F ! i? 1 ¥ lm ^ gUr i ng ^^-OMIW IIHM-elor am'stocl Uonbcn H^ht en tit KinssWUe o. for alleged uu- lawful use of tlie mails. •\VnTiiim Crowe (lived n'Inety feet from the BI R Four Railroad 1)rT(lj;e in­ to the Ohio lilver at Louisville, Ky.. eJrtenslvely. Pools are being formed to wiiieli many guesses contribute an iejmnl sum of money, the one coming \nearest to the census figures to take the pot. blood? If the blood is impure then you are weak and languid; your appetjte is poor and your digestion Is weak. You can­ not sleep well and the morn­ ing finds you unprepared for the xgnrk of the: rfny Your g cheeks are pale and your com­ plexion Is sallow. You are troubled with pimples, boils, ( or some eruption of the skin. Why not purify your blood? ^Some enterprising newspapers hare and was not Injured. announced that t^iey will print census cdppous on which their readers may guess for prb.es either made up by their own contributions or offered by Hthe paper. 'v The census estimates which are now ,, • _ enoe'of Judgment, ranging from less ^ c 5m D n S \ ' ^eBi , ^« lg n S ^ZfLt ' Clmrle\ Jackson, sailor on a Manila ^^1^^^^ . it, is Jhoiy.ht^wi.l A German officer vcho served under \dntlrnl \ on Dlcdi-lchs at Manila de­ nied nt Chicago 1 he reports of bad feellus between his chief and Dewey. Chairman nick, of the Ohio Republi­ can Committee, said in Washington the platform hero! What, a good thing it, Is to hnve, an institution likQ- that to j turn oat decent and h'onorablo citizena to shape the affairs of tho country in tho future as good \citizens.! I am glad to be met by thp clergy, laity and men cf all shades of politics and civic organizations. I am-glad • to see before mo some of t-hc old volunteter- hats of the firemen, whose work it is la time of peace to do that which the sol­ dier had to do in time of war. They have tho courago and bravery to meet danger at all times. I thank you for tho courtesy extended to mo on my visit to your city. The assessors of all €ho townships in Wcsehester County held a meeting' \on Tuesday to hoar grievances and pro­ tests from taxpayers dissatisfied' with the valuations placed upon their pro­ perty. In Mount Pleasant the B>ard was kept busy all day examining tax- payers. John D. Bocltcfeller will file a protest, through his counsel, -who may Hiippleinont, it, by addressing the Board. Workmen aro making improvements to the High School Building, of Whito Plains The assembly rdom is being remodelled at a cost of 61,000, A par­ tition hus bqeji_orectcd in thoassembly room of tho - Flshor-ave. schooliiduse, making two now class roomB, which will \bo heed,od for tho increasing nurn-'. berof childronr Tho Board of~Eduea~ tion is making -6vcry preparation to have tho schools ready whon the term begins next\ month\. \ \ ^How.l^o F'jxj.d 0-u.t. Fill'a bottle or common glass with your water and let it stand twenty? four hours; a sediment or stttlingda-. •dicates ati uphenlthy condiEIonof the kidneys; iE. jt-'strtins'your linen it is evidence of kidney trouble; to fre- quentdesire'to-pasis-itr-or pain-in-the ba<Jt_is i.lso-convinctng-proof-thuttho kidney and bladder aro out of order. R -WIIAT-IOJSZZ * There is.comfort in the knowledge, So often expressed, tha'tX'r. Kilmer's swamp Root, the great Kidney remedy fulfills every wish.in curing rheumatism, pain in the back, kid- noys, liver, bladder and every, part of the. urinary passages. It corrects inability to hold water and scalding pnin in passing it, or bad, effects fol­ lowing the use of liquor, wine or beer, and 'overcomes that unpleasant neccessity of being .compelled to go often during the day.-and to get:\ up many times-during the night.-~Tbe~ mild and the extraordinary jsffect of Swamp Hoot is soon realized. _>,It stands the\' highest for_ Jtal^iaost wonderful_cures ofthe most distress- itifTcases. I f you need a medicine you should have the best. At-.drug- gista fifty cents or one dollar. - _ ^0u^aT\baTem-8ample-bottlB-rrnd' r^nlt'ed-Stutcs proTJeTr'taklng-jr^jnidni gtrubin, discharged after n<y account of'the Philippines, Porto twentj'-elght years' service ns a car- Itlco- and\Hawaii.\ _ \ | penter for tlie'TJ. \J J . and W, Bnllrond,. The-treasury department publishes killed himself at his home, No\. 02 Grlf- every mouth* an estimate of thtf popu- .fifth street, Jersey City, f lationrof^the-Tjnitfd States proper in ' An explosion of -esonped \-gns dis­ order J to'figure out the per capita cir- placed the massive stone steps of tlie culatiorrof money. The report issued \ipltol nt Hartford and fatally Injured .liimi; -.t- 7>iH7--». , Watchman Cooper, who was looking ation .it u.aio',- 1 „ f . ,„„., ,„, t . „ „„„,„„ May. 1st puts the popul 000, an -increase of 138,000 for the month, of \April nnd of 545,000 for the four/completed monthsVof the present calendar year.. The treasury Is ac- cused'vof figuring the population too low In order to make tlie per capita clrculntldu seem greater than It really is but, we are couvlncea. that Its esti­ mate Js \too. high rather than too small. Population Is nearly always overesti­ mated.?. We.have.often.seen cities and towns,, especially those afflicted with booms, claim twice as much population as actual enumeration showed them .to pqssess.A cry of disappointment arises for the leak with a candle. W. O. Breckinridge. William Lind- 3lay, W. H. Holt, W. P. Kimball, P. Watt Hardin and John W. Lewis were\ appointed Kentucky's delegates to'the Chicago Autl-Trust Conference, The New York- Arlon Club has reach­ ed San Frauclsco. Senator- Beverl<lge r of Indiana, has reached Banff, N. W. T. Tlie training ship Annapolis has dropped anchor In Greenport (L. I.)- harbor. It is reported that $3,000,000 in Klon­ dike cold is yet to come from St. Michaels. The Chicago trust conference has planned a special session to discuss re­ in many quarters Just after each cen ^ sus,I.and-tlie censua-bureati 13 besieged Jiatlou of tariff to trusts, by many demands for' recounts. Hf [ rtp m |f 8 \ 0 7 1 UQ \ wrecking of many 18S0, up to the very publication of the strainers In'the recent Austrnllau ofllcial-reports, most of the people and stornis\ reached Vancouver-.\ newspapers of St Louis contended that j Doubt Is cast_ at Seattle on the 1 'e- the city had as large a population as port of the bankruptcy of Alexander Chicago; it was shown to have little .McDonald, the Klondike gold miner, more than half as' much. There Is an ' The Cleveland car blown up by strike interminable argument as to whether sympathizers carried\ twenty-live pas- Chicago or New York City proper has , sensors, none of whom was Injured, -i more.people. Chicago casts iiore votes 4 -An enormous cargo of American locov and-bas-more-children-In^her public 1 , al \J b f ld »« leftPhiladolphht.. sehoolspbut-the-average New Yorker ' fo r, Vlndvoslorlc, to.be used QU Cljlnese- laughsat the idea that Chicago's pop- , ni \\ n - vs ; , M _ (4 , , , these stroug-inulcatlon^-. - - r ^ Snntn wllose Cff l , Iin , lisl ^ The. pride of population has very lit- DM , n reported. UVjuat'foundation. One of the poorest (]ca ths 'of Private John (; . O. recommendations of .nuy community, Vnnov „ n ,i Corporal Andrew Petersen, Is that .which Is based on mer e mini- 0 r the Elevepih Infantry, has been re- bcrs. • I f numbers Indicate greatness ported from San Juan. eiilna-ouWasses^by-fairnTiT ^lrcrTin^ tion. enct> .In Saratoga was regarded In Thore are cities In the United States Washington ns a move of more sigul- Whichjn_tbclr_ Influence and -In every : uca.ncp than hitherto considered. • clement tlint goes to lrmke up a Veal I v ! . James Bloodgood and Grace Cooper, prosperous and desirable place of rcsl will do it. Take It a_few days and then put your finger on your pulse again. You can feel the difference. It is stronger and your circulation better. Send for our book on Impure Blood. If you are bilious, take -Ayer's— Plllsr- -They-gfeany -1 ] aid the Sarsaparilla, They cure constipation also. Vfpito to pur Dactoca. i-.-;-Writs thorn f mlyall tbs tmrftealar* \ in .yonr CMO. , Yon will'rocelr* » . 2i - AOdrccl. DR. J. 0. AVER, fl - - Xowell, Mass.' A Cleveland _JDfln-unlpn motornuln «Jiat and wouuded a tenjnster who, 1.0 said, had called him \scab.\ After bi»- shot, the teamstpr threw a hatchet at the u'Otorninn, cutting hliu. Nathan Kronmnn, accused of mur­ dering his wife In New York, has been admitted to ball In the sum of $lo,<)<\>. The Coroner says there Is no evidence pointing to the prisoner's guilt. Manila, Aug. 15.—A reconnolssnnce by troops of General\ Samuel H M Young's brlgndo, with the obect of dis­ covering tho whereabouts of the en­ emy, near San Mnteo; northeast of the Snn Juan reservoir, about ten miles from Manila, resulted In the occupa­ tion of Snn Mateo. The American loss was three killed and thirteen wounded. Including a lieutenant of the Twenty- first Infantry. We have used Chamber'fttn,s Cough Remedy ln'oiir home forTTiany years and bear rheerf tl testimony to its. value as 7piic<1ici\c which shoultllKF +n every faunlv In coughs and coulds we have found it t i be efficacious .and in croup and whooping cough in children we deem it indisneijsable.—H. P Ritter. |-4'27 Fnirfh\ ave.,_St. I^ouis, Mo. Fo-- sale bv F W Gorjiam Katouah G W \ATTrams Crotou Falls alid Green Bros. I Goldcns Biidgc. Dr. Humphreys' Specifics act directly upon tho disease, without exciting disorder in other parts of iho system. They Care the Sick. 90. CURES. r-Eicra, 1—Fever*. Congestions, Inflaramatloas. ^2*5 deuce ; are vastly superior to other cit- ier-whlch-h many people. or three times-ns- Abb'ut .one niontli ago my child ) ^which is fifteen months, old, had an •at; tack nf diarrhoea accompnniVd hy vmn- and a book that tells more about both sent absolutely free; it i ting\'I give\ it such\ reuieclies asareug.- nially given in such cases.but as nothing gave relief, jve sent for a physician ana it was under his care for a week. At this. time., the child had been sick for about ten days and was having twenty- five' operations of the bowels every twelvehours).ajid : we were*convinced -that-anless'iit-soori—obtained--relief—it_ would.notlive. .Chamberlain,s .Colic Cholery ;and Diarrhoea'Remedy was re­ commended; and I decided' to try it. I soon noticed a change for the better: byiis continued use a complete cure wa< bronghtaboutandit is now perfectly healthy.\* Boggs, Stuinptown of AnapoITs,\ Ni'b., cncli\ TTfteeu \yeTTfs old, killed themselves with 'a pistol because their parents forbade their -wcadiirg; An nutombhile gun carriage Is report­ ed under construction at'Peoria, 111. A list of Japan's open ports; glider- toq. Hailstones destroj'ed nearly 2.000,000 bushels of growing wheat In North Da­ kota. The Canal Advisory Commission has appointed George W. ET^.-RaJCter, of Rochester, consulting engineer, j - -The Boers .threaten to-blow up mines and wreck Johannesburg if Great Brit- in forces war In South \Africa.\\ ' Robert li. Walker, of Poland, Ohio, with whom President HcKinley was once connected in business, filed a -Dtp titlon in bankruptcy. 2—Worms, Worm Foror, Worm Colic... .25 3-^Teetliine,Colic,CrylnK.WakcruInen .25 4—Diarrhea, ol Children or Adults 25 7—Cousin, Colds, Bronchitis,. 25 8—Xcurnlgla. Toothache, Foceache. . .25 O—Headache, Slot Headache, Vertigo . .25 10—Dyspepsia, IndlgetUon.WeakStomach.SS 11—Suppressed or Painful Periods.. . .25 TS^VftlreiT-Tc^rProfnse -PerlodSTTTTTtrr'.- .-25 13—Croup, Laryngitis, Hoarseness 2 5 14—Salt rtheum. Erysipelas,Eruptions.. .25 IB— Rheumatism, RheumaticFalns.t ,25 10—Malaria,\ Chills, Fever and Ague. . .25 10—Catarrh, lufluuuia. Cold tirthtrHcad -,*5 20—WhooplDU-Cough 25 27 -Kldney Diseases 25 28-\ervou« Debility 1.00 30— Urinary Weakness, Wetting Bed. .25 7T— Grip. Hay Fever 25 Dr. Humphreys' Manual of all Diseases at your Drngglsts or.Hallod Free. Sold by druggists, or sent on receipt of price. Humphreys'fled. Co., Cor. WlUiom k Joan St*., Mow York. ry* ft/ , \ Comprolieuds B 1 1 //eW Zfor/C \ Schools. The WW * ' School (with Day and Evening Clns;.c>. Medical College. OraduBte School, rtdagogy, APPLIED I SCIJ&'CE . nnri UNIVERSITY COLLEOB. For circulars, address tlm Keglstrar. Waslilng. ton Square. N«w York City

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