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SifiS FURNITURE -Our stock of . . . 0HA1KS, LOUNGES, COU.OHES, TABLES, ENAMELED BEDS, CHAMBER SUITS .... Is complete. We have the finest line of PIAZZA CHAIRS, LAW CHAIRS, . -IN - SPLINT and REED WORK Ever shown in this vicinity. —0— ' * \W^ call special attention to our display of TABLES in EXTENSION and FANCY OAK, VARIETIES, in OAK, IMITATION MAHOGANY and MAHOGANY. \Handsome 'Inlaid Tables and Onyx5tands. \—O- New Enameled beds with\ A 1 Brass Trimmings, also Chamber Suits in all varieties, Mattresses of\ Excelsior, Husk, Cotton, \Wool and'S. A. Hair. Personal Items. —Mrs. Margaret Hill Crane Is visit­ ing at the-Manso.- . _ - - —Mrs. Charles W. Brower leaves town to-<lay to visit her nephew and other friends in Brewster for a few days. Mrs. Brower's friepds are glad, to know that she is able to go on a visit. —A S. Avery and Mrs. Emily Avery are spending—the—week in Yonkers- visitlng relatives and attending the State Firemen's Convention. Misses Florence and Maud Rich­ ards are visiting tnenus iu YOnKGrs during the convention. • ' : —Miss Elsie Mead and Mabel Rey­ nolds, of White Plains are visiting -their cousin Miss JJaura JKellogg for. a few days; - — —Miss Elsie Miller, of Mount Kisco, is visiting her cousins the Misses Lulu and Nettle Miller for a short time;. —Miss Edwina Searlesis visiting her sister Mrs. John Stephenson, at- New Rocbelle this week. \ , —Mr. Frank Barker, of Peoksklll, spent a lew-days this ..weok witb.Jals. ,nunt Mrs. E. B. Newman. Thejcbjrne'ratono of the new church ediflcef.of tho now Presbyterian church watf;laM?\Wednesdny afternoon, with appropriate ceremonies. Fortunately, the day was perfect, and a largo num­ ber of friends gathered at the appoint­ ed-hour. The pastor, tiro Bev. W. A Babbl0c'°nducted the ceremonies. The service was' opened^ with a hymn,— \Blesjyiejho tie that binds.\ TUe Jttev. Q-..Ernesif Merrlam, pastor of the Mt. KiBWi^byterian church, read the Scripture lessons, from the Old Testa- ment^Klngs 8; 26-31; from-the New Testament/ EphesianB 2; 13^22. The cornerstone was then laid under the direction of Dr J. Fraucis Chapman, President-of the Board of Trustees. The remarks of Dr. Chapman were- moat happy and appropriate. The»Rev. Dr. Eli Quick, pastor - of —=MissrJeimie-BrockwayFot---N^—YTT : City, is visiting for a week • with Mr. and Mrs. A.. P. Quick, Cherry Street. We wiirb\e~glafl to~~givo estimates—of—cost—for shades— in Scotch .Hollands which we mak\e ourselves: Oil Cloth, Lenoliams, shades, Etc. Ladies' Desks A-FlNE ASSBTMENT FROST §4.00 UPWARD, - • -Summer_G.ao.ds —Mr. H. T. Lawrence and wifo and daughter Madelon, of Cambridge, Mass., are vlsltiug at Dr. Chapman's. Thov will remain the rest of~ the ™emorabJk£Bent«uce'ho-Baidf^h'o-lay«^ ing of Ithis.istono marks the end of old KatOriah,- and the realization of the .The \ TTew7£ SUCH AS HAMMOCKS, CROQUET SETS, BASEBALL BATS, TENNIS RACQUETS, TENNIS BALLS, ETC. • <^z_^HOYT BROS. I kATONAH. Katonah NeWs. ay KATONAH POST OFFICE. ^OPKN—gno__C:ii5,-A. M. TO 7.45 P. M. •MAILS OLOSB AT POST OFFICE:— , \ NORTH, 7:30 A. M. CHATHAM LOCAL . \ \ 4:20 P. M. PITT3FIELD EXPRESS ' SOUTH, 7:50 A. M. CLOSED MAIL TO _ NEW YORK & BEYOND -~ ;•. \ ..10:30 A. M. LOCAL, NEW YORK iyfcj' 1 \7:00 P. M. ALL SOUTH & WEST PxC - H. W.Kellogg, P.~. KW^AS-^ATCtUST-lS-lSOi), [.- H. W. Kellogg> .. : 5^ojl8\'th%i tdughest^aiht;nbwT;l£h6whS^. ^^e^e^ancl^o>^^^«^ ^vBaTI.'game Saturday: - Home-made bread, baked every at the Katonah Provision Store, The time Of cutting corn and digging potatoes will Booube hero. Samuel A. Lewis, who now represents •tha-S-iSU_; GLMUbury ' Co. uf New York, expects tostart on the road\soon as salesman. month. —Mrs. Rachael Troupo and two daughters, Misses. Eva and Mary,»6f White Plains, are visiting relatives 'in town. . . —Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Swenson, L^nfJnenalelyn^iirAviaiHn- Mr »nrt \|\rq r | Wm. G. Barrett. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Elliott and daughter Minnio, and Mr. Dewitt Ben­ edict went down to Banksvillo to at­ tend a barn opening at Mr. Smith's, the home of Miss Grace -Smith, a former teacher in the Kato nuh Public School, on Tuesday. —Miss Porkinson, of New York is visiting her friend Miss Mazie Sparks. =Mxs. Ernd-Taylor^of Brooklyn, a nieeo-of -Mrs J2. B. Wnwmnn, 1in« lost ] both of her little girls from attacks of New potatoes at 20c. ones. a peck. Nice H. B. Deacon. cholera in-faatuih. 'LectureHby* Mr.*. \JH.' -Wegmanh,' on ^g^eanesday evonlng, August 23. ftC-\\ Tne .'foundation \for-\Mrs. \Sarah '-, 5- Avery's-hbuseT-next—the-Tesidoirce—oF \*fe\Mr.\ Albert Hoyt, has been begun. 'S'^Tbe-Eawn Fete~a«\Mf. A*.\BTWhit- iTilock's for the benefit of the Purdy Station\M. E. Church, was largely nt- ' .\tended and a great success. », . • ; Oa Tuesday-one of the Italians liv- i^yng in tho cut died from consumption. •..-Ho wasji brothor of Tony, the head •\^jonason'on the M. E. Church. He was -•^buried in'Buxton's cemetory, Bedford -j-^Yillaso. * ^ Have you eyes' examined by Edwin ^\ilP\.LChapman Consulting Optician at •' 'y-Benedict Bros, store, \Wednesday Aug. -,=*.^23d, arid ut F. T. Jelliffs store, Mount ~r~EiBC07-Thursd.ay-Aug; 24. All glasses '•- sold are warrauted Wo again begin to hear complaints of tho drouth. Farmers say tha£ wo need rain badly. —Man-arABtilLhlnatinff. nut, the rnnkn for. the foundation for Mr. Wendell Green'snew residence on a-flne site oh Danld. J; Smith's property,',^; engaged, for-the ,cbmmg\yeaf ; 'to : :teachj' . 1 ^e i 2primar£dpjpartmeatKbt^e-Bat6-l Mjiafi-pluTSllore ^oorr ^ShTIs - a graduate\ of the Now Palta Normal School.\ Our now dentist in tho Doyle buil­ ding reports work as fairly good. He is hero two days of each weok, Mon­ days and Tuesdays, Thero were quite a number- fronr this village who attonded the \Lawn Fete\ on the lawn of Mr. A. B. Whit- lock near Goldens Bridge This large lawn was decorated and illuminated and presented ,a glorious speetaclo The affair was for the benefit of the Purdy Station M. E. Church and. the young peoplo of that place delighted tho audience by the excollent program ••Tenderedr— ——— L LaytfiiFof the Cornerstone rzpfathe New Pfesbyte- /Han Church Edifice. WATCHES tho ; M. Ki churchy was then Introduced. In well chosen words, the pustor of the slster^church congratulated the people of t.bfl- Presbyterian Society. In a pastor . followed Dr. Quick's address with a few remarks. Afteriwhich the Rev. James fl. Rankin, pastor^f^tho Bedford Presbyterian Tjhiuuh7 mSde-the-cloBing-prayer;—ond- theRev.Mr.Lont, of Milton, N. Y., pronounced the benediction. Thus a happyand impressive ceremony was brought 5 to!a close. . • ThejJornerstQne js a magnlficlent specimen of Brewster Granite, weigh- on tie face in raised letters is inscribed Tne.cor'norstone was \given to the Society by the Brewster Granite Co. who-havelihe contract for the super' Btructureof the new edifice. We give a list o f articles placed in the cornerstune: —ITCSpyftf New Testament. STPicfures by \\Eolsom\ of the old' church\' -the temporary chapel, ex- pastor:John H. Eastman and the pres ent pastor, Kov. Will A. Babbit. 3. A copy of the first and of tho last \Blue Sight,\—of luminous memory. — A^Cppy^of Recorder, Fire Extra for Nbv,-2i. >18\'L—•containing account._of tho greafcflro in which tho Hall in which worship whs then held was burned. 5. Copies of the Assembly, tho New YorklTribune, the Katonah Times and the Mbun't Kisco Recorder. . 0.\ Historical papers by Elder Joseph Barrett and the pastor. 7: Mjifuto of the Resolution adopting thefpladfa\of tho.church. Sundry contributions,, eto, . PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. The ladies of the Katonah, Presbyter­ ian church hold their annual Fair and Supper in the new Fire Department Building, Wednesday afternoon and -evening:—Tho—attendance—was—very- large, and the Fair was one of the most successful in years. The ladies cleared over §85. * # * The annual collection for the Pres­ byterian Board of Publication and Sunday School Work will be taken next Sunday morning, * The pastor leaves next Monday with his family for a short vacation. He expects to\be \absent ffom~tbD pulpit two Sundays. '•*** \The Christianas Pleasures\ is the topic of tho Endeavor Prayer meeting-] Sunday evening. Miss Carrio Smith is tho appointed loader, Miss Bertha Madelon Lawrcnco, nioco or Dr. Ohapman, who with nor parents, is now visiting the doctor, has accepted an invitation to sing a con­ tralto selection at tho morning service at the Presbyterian Chapel, on Sunday morning next. Mis3 Lawrenco is a pupil of a distinguished, teacher of Boston,. The Katonah \Union Free School will open-two. weeks—from-next-Tuesday. and we hopo to see a good attendance and a large numberof non-resident pupils.\ \ \~ ..__\* Wo arc sorry to ann'ounco tho sorl- ous illness of Mrs. Frances Miller, She was takon on Tuesday evening after returning from Ocean Grovo with an acute attack of congestion of tho lungs. She has much improved at this writing and is now able to bo around. - Mr.-F. H-. Lent purchased three nowU horou g llljf en j 0 yod themselves -horses- during the past week. On 1 \Monday tho noted \Sid\ Dickcrman • i ,• i i i _ i.: T^me-upjleavi'ng-one-horse-and--tali > ing-| 5 t;ho—village—down—Bedford- Raad- on Tuesday. There was no one hi tho wagon and when it turned tho corner after crossing tho railroad bridge, tho wagon was overturned and badly de­ molished. The horso ran down throug'h the yillojo but soon stopped dud waa caught. arrt two or tho old gray's with him. Mr. Lent.also purchased a nico pair of bay v .. coach horses from Shove„of Brewst Tho Katonah baso ball team will • piny tho Unions, of. TJnionviJlo again IV, this coining Saturday for tho champ!- ^bhship-of-Wcstchestor-county; They rswer.e : defeatedlast Saturday irj a very ; \\ -clo'so game and they wisno'd to have Sp .bne-mor'o chance- at tho Katonah team. \~It pruuiibcs to bo u very excitmg-gamor NQ_ boubt, the unusual attractive .--.program offered for the entertainment to be.given in tho Bedford Court ' House, next Thursday evening, Au- \ 'gust 24th, for the benefit of the Bed- iford'Presbyterlan church, will draw a great many of our citizens to Bedford • ; 0ntliat-\6yening especially as thero will bo.a.full moon. Mr. Burr Mcln- -—ttshrwhb-iSrBpending a low wcoks_ia There wore rather moro scholars than usual from tho the M. E- Sunday school, who attended the picnic held at Lake Waccabuc on Thursday. Near­ ly ovcryone soemed to bo out of town, tho stroots. wero deserted-mid very little business was done. The day was all that could bo desired and all \THe Library. . :•„ : V:;.;.T \baVe?.b$eqW?ecehr«d .-vaVrtho-^lllagp\ Library, and are-no w\ : ready 'for 1 -use.'; Qne/ot-ttie'JUbra'ries.is^ ishopod-tbntthe children-wlll-^friak¥ free use of the library. By the-way,- it* costs between ten and fifteen cents por t volume to glvo boolts out from our library, as at present patrouaged;—All-| have a legal rl^ht to draw at no ex­ pense tbeso .state books.. But it is hard •to-seo-howanyODO—cxccpt-\-jn. honor- Obituary. •LENT. AO H. able poverty—has as a moral right use this privilegee withoutt helpingg to: privileg withou helpin to\ pay for it, at least to tho extent\ of one dollar, tho price of a yearly member­ ship. A runaway .horse passed through *BHford~Working on a\ play that Is to be~produced the coming season; is ar- _r.a»ging_tha prngrnm, which 'fact is s guarantee that an enjoyablo evening may belbokod.forward to. Mr. Mc A great many who suppose their headaches conic from indigestion And when they have their eyes oxaminod by l~a competent- optician tlratr^lrey nooS\ glassqs and their headache is curod. Edwin P. Chapman Consulting Optician will bo at Bonedict' Bros, store, Wed­ nesday, August 23d, fitting glosses. Ais.o at F. T. Jelllff's store, Mount Kisco, Aug. 24. The oyes examined free. There wore about twenty from this village belonging to the .Katonah Fire Department that went to Yonkjys. to- day to attend tiie State \Firenian'irCon^ ^IutosMrwell-known-to—theatro-gocr» : as \a''Southern character actor, but .. possibly best, no tho orlg'nal \Tabby\ —iq-the-flrefc-good-produotion—of—^TriU -by.\ .Besides Mr. Mcintosh's .dialect ^/stories and readings, there will bo a • number of highly artistic musical num­ bers, chiefly contributed by the Misses. ,'Gray. -. The reseryed.sea's on sale at \ tho Bedford post office aro selllDg.very \ rapidly and a full nouse Is assured. ;.. Cnpta'n William Astor Chanler, con- gre8sm'an from-Ne'w York, is \the pres­ ident of tbe New York Star. which_is day ventrfcn. Tho boys presented, a very neat appearance in their white duck, , •_ - m . _ .roiisuraatifftmro -^-Bfalirfe ^^htrgrcat^ parade will be to-day. They expect to have at least\ 100 companies in lino ghiiig away a forty dollar blcyclo dully ..as^offored ; ^by w the advertisement iu —anotliex.column Han..Amos* J._Cum m h,\-n. M fl, ^jDIstilctAttornoy-of New York, ox- GevernbrHogg, \of Texas, and Col. -.Fred Felgl.-bf New York, aro among : _.%the well k^own names In their Board :V-o.f Directors, with 25 brass bands.' We hope; the Katonah departmont will mako their. usual good showing., , Post Office. During the\ month of July the New \n^i -A an' nfrrr. finrflnnr\ LYxiiICJOcntral Railroad on nil its' creaso of 81,014,059.18 over the corre-- spondl'ng month last year. Th« BJ11«- ago operated this year is 2,818 Miles, against 2,585 ilnilos a year ago. Illustrated Lecture. A storeopticon Lecturo will be given by Mr. E. Wcgmann-, ,C. E., in the Ka­ tonah M.E.Ohurch, on Wednesday ev­ ening, August 23d, beginning nt eight o'clock, for tho benefit of the Katonah Library and Reading Room. Tho subject of his lecturo will bo: \Ancient and Modern Aqueducts,\ illustrated by many stcrcoptieon views of the old Roman Aqueducts in Italy, i\France Spain and Asia'Minor, also of the now Oroton Aqueduct now under construction. Mr. Wcgmann Is an mlfercstiog tallcoT\aTKl ia-very- famllkr-l and an authority on aqueducts and their construction. Tickets 35 cents. Stages will rnoet north and south bound trains. Katonah's Vs. Unions. AN INTERESTING? GAME \LAST SATURDAYT; IN wmcn THE KATONAU TEAM WAS ' VICTORIOUS. last Saturday afternoon a good sized crowd attended tho ball game botween the'Unions and tho Katonah Team. Tho game was very closo throughout. The Unions led in the first Ave Innings but by good hard.-playlng in the sixth tho scoro wus tied, Katonnh!s having made four runs. Tho players on tho .Katonah sldo were Le Strange, Knox, Purdy, Moore, Scaffold;—Imnco;—Robortson;—Dale,- pitcher, Russell, catcher, Tho Union- ville teain_comprised, of Cox, JJrano, McCay, pitcher and Murray, catcher. This was tho first game in which Russoll caught-nndiand ho did exceod ingly well. Of the 13 runs mado on tho' Katonah-• side, Robertson made toTirrLc-StrangeriihrecrMdorep-threet-l-perienGed, Lance, two^and Russell, one. On, tho \'\' 1 —\ Unlonvillo side Cox made two runs; Orane.'two; Taylor, two;*Sarmon, one; Murray, one; McCay, ODO. There were no disputes or quarrels' in this game and the boys played good bail from beginning to end. - ... Another game will be next Saturday with; the same/team. Botli teams, will Entertainment. An entertainment for tho benefit «f the Bedford Ffesbytorlan Church will be held in the Bedford Court Hou§6,on Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock, Aug. 24. Thero will bo music, magic and recitations'. Admission 25 cents. Children 15 cents. Reserved seats, i >\•-\. ^ _ , fjnrpnts. Tickets on sale nt Barffwrrt | bo_aQmeff,hft^^ , pn- „„„, „ n „ tn/> •- I rnlHno-ftt.bni^forf-hnfl.nnronnhlnffSGa- ing good gamo may bo oxpected. • SajtrcririNo NEW.—F II. Leggott's •celpbrated-nickel-sgaprthree-eakes-for XeTTWHrs:—fiihr-fe' • w goocHaeettfed- laundry soap; put' up to sell at flvo cents'per cake. Glvo your order to William S. Wood, Bedford Station, N. Y. \e'cleath \of - -,- ~ . morning. -He has been lira vervicffiUcal condition in'the' New RocEellolHb'spifaTfdrjhe^ast -weeks and Jittle holes'had been entor- tained for his, recovery, His affection was of a dropsicarnaturo. \ Mr Lont.waa the, yaungi Mr.IsaacH.Lentjof the New York Conference, a'man well known to tho people of this' village and a formor pastor of theJM. E. Church at Purdy Station. He: wasra\\brother of Mr. F H. Leut, a liveryman of this village, For cloven^years' Mr. Lent taught school nearNew ! Rocbelle and sinco that time hds-carried on a largo and flourialnng Carriage business in both New li'chelloand Mount Vernon. At the timo of His death ho was a member pf tho Civil Service Commission of tho city of Now Rochello and secretary of -tho Boaj-cuTHe.was also a member of tho First Methodist cliurch at New Rochello.\. •\ Ho leaves two brothers, Fletcher H, of this village and Edward J-,of Milton and one sister Mrs. Alice Sheldon, of Hillsdale. ^HOialaaJeaves. four chll dren, Mrs.'Dalsy Scabright, whose husband is a largo florist on 5th Avo New York, Charles P., with Laden \irarg\, ThnlrrrornSferCoTrBrakoTs; of-Ncw York rity.fFrederlck H. and Lillle May both of NowRocbelle. Tho fuuoral will.bo held in tho First M. E. churcTiih' Now Rochello. ImaortanVAnnoluno'emerit in Regard __ . the Katonah Choral Club. A special meeting of\'the- Katonoh' Choral Club .was_held Tuesday, evening at tho Villago.- Library, A communi­ cation was read from Prof. Hnllain. making a^propbsitioh \to resume his Wprk here early in November, for co'urne of.twenty lessons. It was voted to accept his offer, and a committee was appointed to • canvass tho com munity for.members. This communl ty Is well aware of Prof. Hallam's work as a musical conductor. Of his ability to train unexperienced singers hp has -alreadygrvon-atauHdaht-proOf.- - -Tlior needs only to be said, therefore, a word in regard to'qur work for tho coming season It is proposed^to spend a portion •each evening ln\vpfan*nxerc?qos and practice in sight-reading,—in this way providing for tbojneeds of new begin nors, as well as training tho more ex perlenGC-d44TlibireBt—of—the—ovoning- wlll be given'to', the study of choruses and part songs! T. - Tho club has decided to maintain the low rate bf .two-dollars for tho rea­ son. This>foe ^includes music In order to meet.our needs we have got to have' sbvehty;flvo. members. All who lovo'to slng.oivto hear others sing ought to help • (ilong tliis movement \Watches like nearly everything else, have advanced in price, but having a largo stock bought before the rise we are selling at the former lew prices. There are a few of those [ $10.50 GOLD WATCHES still on hand. These are the 20 year, -gold filled, seven Jewel, -Waltham Watchas, that have been Belling so well. Now is the time to buy. Call and see the new goods in Jewelry. _ BeHBPICT BROS., —^ Opposite the Depot, KATONAH, N.Y. CHUECH: NOTES. Cash Speoials for Saturday only. Fancy dressed broilorB, 90e. por pair. Fancy dressed fowls, 14c. por lb. Choice legs of lamb, iGo. per lb. The best.corn beet In town. Send in your order and it will be promptly attended tq. WM. S. WOOP, Bedford Station. The Katonah Millinery Store Having purchased tho above business and**having added a largo stock of new goods, I am prepared to servo customers with Stylish Millinery goods. Hats Trimmed at Popular Prloe*. Extra Orders R6oeived Tuesdays. Miss C. fl. HALL. NOTICE. My Millinery Store on Parkway will be closed from tho 7th to tho 17th of August as during that time I will bo away on my summor vacation. * \ \ * C. M. HAUL. -M-E.-CHURCH. \The Leaven and the Bread\ will be meeting.-, 'Mrs.,!/: r duct the \service. • IRerlwniH'.cori^ —Tho usuol.services conducted by\ the pastor morning evoning. Strangers always welcome. _ V TieCornerstonoof'tlKr new Mr E. Church will bo laid with religious sor- vlces Sunday,.August 27th, at 4 p. m. Tho Rev. 0. W. Millard, D, D., presid­ ing elder of New York Dlst., will bo present to deliver an address and lay the stone. Entertainment For tho boneflt of tbo Bedford Presbyterian Church Arranged b y fir. Rurr_HcIntoshi_ Dentist in Katonah. DR. C. S, WEEKS, a dentist from Now York, will open a Dentist Ofllco in Katonah, on Monday, August 7th, and will.be hero Mondays an-l Tues­ days of that and each woek\therenf- rter. All branches of Dentistry. Rooms over Mr. Thos, J. Doyle'a Btoro. .Or,- \Vo\ks. has E5^i5 welt known ad a df-itist in this region, .cs- poclally in Bedford Villngo and'Mount •BMco.!.oetw'eptf tbirty>hd - forty ^-yeara.y--* ohel is'.well known' the profession Jo've-<y- rywhere. His purpose is to Ibcatc -In-the-place-permanentlyf-it— business- - warrants his doing so after affair- trial. Gosdnd otherobtundors for extract­ ing. Prices as reasonable as consist­ ent with good work. Horse for Sale. A good horso either for farming or driving purposes. Address or apply to Frank W. Hoyt, Katonah,\N. Y. Notice. Tho T. W. F. polish and renowr-r will clean and renew furniture quickly and and permanently. Ono application is sufficient- Sample, 10 cents. Agents wanted. CHAS. E. CimvKu, Purdys, N. Y. will b o Ucld Thars., flag. 24, AT 8.2. M, IX TUB BEDFORD COURT HOUSE, —o— Thero will bo Music, Magic, & Recitations. • S3 Admission Cts. Reserved Seats 35c rolling tttbnce for theapproacblng sea­ son. Instruction by ono of tho rank of Prof. Hallam atf^'cents per lesson Is-to-saj-tho-lcastp-easonablo. Bears tie- Sifnature Of ThaKind YoaHava \Always Bought -^ieKETS-^?eR-&:ttrE-—— AT THE '0-00 o BEDFORD POST OFFICE. ^O0CK50COCKX>O060OCKXXXX50OOO The law of the roatls in relation to' tbo-right of a person driving up. .be­ hind to pass safely n* 1 ^ tho vehicle ahead hoTbeenUlMnrcd fn theappelato dlvis- ion in -Brookiyni- Tho drivcr„Jihea<L| 0( ^iay-in^-naU^)aU-u^Utlic^liigij. way but he must make way, whero it is practicable, for tho man behind. If nn nccidenbsbould result such Indiffer­ ence tho obstructor must pay damages. AOF.XT S WANTED —FOH \Tllli I IF. \M> AclliOVCluBIlt.. ot AilliiU-al* Dewty,\ Urn wo i il • Rrtatcs t naval licro. Vy MUrat Ilnlblcud , tholiK- Jon g friend nui l Sdmtro t o f tho unllon' a Idol , lit­ est nud bost book ; OTcr 50 0 IMKPS , 8 X 10 inches ; nearl y 10 0 ii»(Je« lmlftoiio Illustrations . Oulj $1.80. Euonnotis dein.lnil. BIK cdmmIii»lon « Outll t free. Clianc o o f a Ijl/etirne. Wiito qulek . Tbo Domin­ ion CoiDiiauj-^ar d Floo r Cnxtou bldi'. , Chicago. Swamp Root. everything: but if yiai have kidney, liver or .bladder troublo it will bo found just tho remedy you need. \At druggists In ilfty cent and dollar sizes. You may havo a sample bottle of this wonderful now discovery by mail free, also para? phlcttelllng all about it. Address,- Dr.'Kilmor & Co.,- Binghatn- tou. N. Y. \ MISS BELLE HOLMES, Teacher of Piano. 3> Mnxs, &)• •^W-Box 8, Bcdford-5tatlon r N.Y. <&r- —o— CoXSERVATOr.Y GllADUATK, AMD «• S. B. PUPIL OF Drew Seminary »> For Young Women. . CARflEL, N. Y. ScientiQc, Modom Clas-si ctd itnd College Preparatoi N _eout-8es. Superior advantages In Music, Art, and Elocution. Good Board. A ChfLstiaa Home. Terms Moderuti. Rev.D.H.HANABURQH, A M. President.

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