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Tbe Ifatonah Times, (ESTABLISHED IN 1878.) R. D. KNAPP, Editor and Proprietor. Published Every Friday Afternoon. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Y£AH 1.80. 3 MONTHS, 40 CTS* e Mo.» 7B CTS. SINGLE COPT, B\CT3. IN ADVANCE, A GREAT OFFFB J THE NEW HOSPITAL. COMMITTER DID GOOD WOKE. The following article was la part taken frau tne Westchester Couniy R-poitei. Itpraisos tho new hospi­ tal building and the committee who hud the work in charge. Mr I. W. 'Turner, tlio Supervisor of this town wds the originator of tho project for the now hospital, unci it is to ids credit, notwithstanding all that hiis been snld against it, tlut wo have s<> great nnd useful addition to tho public institutions of\ the county. Tlio committeehavo mot many dif- flculties. First it was found that Hie 310 0.00, appropriated WIIR . insnf Coat 'th e City of New York Almost Two Million.—Croker'a Pefi Got Their Chccka Itejjulnrly, While the Schoolteacher* Ilnd to Walt,', Tnnimany 'B- salary grab in New Yorlci cily for one year cost the pcople^l.OSO,-i 833. This money went to men whose chief qualification was that they would do Cro- ker's bidding. . I»j a great raajoriry'of'in- stancCs ,tlie'pl^Aes were sinecures and Were created lb* W Othcr'feuaottlthun to provide a fat }ib for some Tammany man. The whole number of extra offi­ cials appointed was 920. 7\ They were appointed between July 1, 18!)8, and Sept. 1, 1899, according to statements prepared by the heads\';of the different depiutmcHts- -at the -regiiest-Tif' tho Mazet committee. According £o the Eobusto Huir Grower Co,, -yVin-flpflprvp success \ Letters From Well Known People. ^SJ^lSteS 'i-UmonWte the many you already have One bott o of your Llr Grower has done more for my scalp than a years faithful treatment with other remedies had accomplished^ ^ - . „ EIIMA. W. CHAMBERLAIN. New York<Kty, November 22-,1899. for .you are certainly dealing with- a good article. I am using tho first bottle of your Hair Grower ana already It lfuu accom­ plished all I desire and' much more than I had hoped for. Youis Truly, MAUD E THOMAS. We llavo the same kind of Remedy for you. For Sale by HOYT BROTHERS, Katonah. FRANK GURIBOLT, Katonah- • Tire Robusto Hair- Grower Co- — 'H Npi>i -inl arrangement made with fb • ptiblwliersof theFARMJOURNAL w. are enabled to offer tliat paper to e\i-ry subscriber who pays for the KWOS.VH TIMES one year uhearl, for only 5 1.50 both papers for the pricoof ours oiii\\ our piiper* oui« vear and' V!\> -l^IVM-rlO^XAL from-^now .to, 13 cumber, 1003, nearly flvo years. Tito -1H,tnM-TOIlfeNALJa -aii nl\ I , nsfnldiali^UtilL_an. -Do- goi llclont. A larger building than had originally boon planned was found to be necessary. The lowest Ulrj< on the plans was SI 3,500. Tho county to fur­ nish the cement, sand and broken atoue, the latter to be procured on tho almshouse grounds, Douglas & Dono- hui! secured a contract for §8,900,^ who afterward threw it up - Tho'cbmi/iitt' o ,t_muolJu .ir nppivtprfoHn n o f gfinnfl ed paper, enjoying great popularity, ontToTtlie. best at ^TmoBt usefirl^farm but before tho building was finished '-lother app '\\i-'\\\\\ \f s.° rnn papers puullfluod; Jdair-This offer should bo accepted without delay was needed Tlitr\vorlrpTaccerled --8ucccssfully at-| tho start, but the project was put b'acli by the contractor* throwing up their contract. The contractors abandoned tho work In mid-winter, leaving the building without a roof. Whon tho committee found that tho contractors paid no at- TomioTrio \their orders to finish tho building, thoy took hold vigorously of tho work with tho intention of finish­ ing it themselves and by suit collect­ ing the difference in tho cost from the surety company. They gave a con­ tract for a roof for the structure, and in the ppring they let a new contract to Martiu, Bing & Co., of Tarrytown, to complete the job. Tho committee at wholesale prices. In having work done outside of' the contiaet the committee u;-ed the most eeououdeiil nil thods Tin y spent dajs shopping nil over New York in order to get the most for the county's tnmiey The entire cost has been but 823,000 ami when tho $3,000 is secured from the suretyscoinpuny the building will have cost the county but 820,000' The contract having been abandoned nndtho duty of. finishing tho building being put on tho commltteo direct they proceeded with tho utmost economy in spending the people's money. In this situation Mr. Turner, a careful, successful business man himself, ap­ plied practical business principles to tho solution of the difficult problem and proceeded with discerning judg­ ment and care as tho head of the com­ mittee having the work in charge. Mr. Turner and his_cchiv:Qrlvars.are- ttrbTTcbugratulatecl on their success in bringing a satisfactory result out of the perplexing stuto of affairs and ill fortune which seemed to surrouud the project from tho start. Democratic New York World, thjs'^hows thafodu£iug =Hi— perioda5fcgrettt^fifiaueial=| stress the salary liqta were largely In- J Tho action of the Republican major Ity in tho House of Representatives'm adopting the Tfeetf fiiTesT shows tliat that majority means business, and that it intends to fulfil to tho best of its ability tho' pledges of the party. Why should we begrudge tho Demo­ crats tho pleasure and prviflt thoy an­ ticipate I rom digging up tho tariff is­ sue? For the last throb - years thoy have grown thin and worn sitting up nights with the corpse of free silver, and they now onl> seek a much nced- l il I'l St. The number of the opunitivcH wlto- the valuations of property had b'oon, rais­ ed enormously,, and the tax rate had to be put up to pay the. cost of government. One notable phase of the salary'situa­ tion is the putting in office of the sons, daughters and^ other\ relatives of ; Tam­ many officeholders. John P. Madden, deputy, commissioner of highways of Queens, has employed his sister, Margaret E. Madden, as-'confi­ dential clerk at $1,800. John B.' \ijsKay .first assistant engineer of the water de­ partment at $5,000, has a son, John \V. McKay, as an assistant at $l,'800u'Presi- There will be a Hot Time FOR SALE BY will be benefited by the ten per ceu 1 increase of wages recently granted by the mill owners in the muuufaei tiring miter s of the Now England states is ir»'2,000 It is estimated that the cm ployes of smaller mills, scattered through that seotiou of the country, who will receive the same increase, Is about 18,000, so that the total number ot persons who will bo benefited is 170,000. dent Maurice F. llolahan of thejioard -of public improvements at a salary ot $8,000 has his sou, Hubert A., >ai pri­ vate secretary at $2,400. Chief Engineer Itisso of the board of public improve­ ments, salary $0,000, has a son in the E.'A. ARNOLD, KATONAH, N . Y. New Fall Goods. TER, IF YOU WILL BUY A •NEW STOVE OR FURNACE AT THE HARDWARE STORE OF ' Dun's Review for December 2 says ''I^sjuejs^nlJlluea-Avxjndorfully-largtv prosperous, and healthy. In four woelcs falliift s have been reported amounting to $6,848,590, against 88,110- 475 In the sam e weeks of lust year, $11,610,105 in 1897, and over §12,000- umin-189fl r rtnd-aJi}o -iH --189r>.—Yet-the- VQlume of -solvent, trade represented by exohungos at tho principal clearing houses'has b'eedjfor the,imouth 22.5 $(0,000,000 for Water. BIRDSALIi SAi'S CITY IS ON EDGE OF 8II0RT AGE AND WORK MUST BE DONE. jChiotEngineer Blrdsall, of theJDo- department who acts as a draftsman at $00 per month. President Fcitner of the department of taxes and assessments has taken good care of his family. His relatives employed in' the tax depart­ ment receive $15,000 from the city^ The relatives of President Bernard J. York of the police department retcive §12,.\U0 in salaries. During much of the time that this sal­ ary grabbipg has been in progress'teach- ers in the jjublie schools ia-some.of-lhe boroughs have had their pay \-heldiiip\ ^«^sj;,_^Jh(^ammany_Qfficiai £Eay,. there is no cash available with which to pay them. Ssj This is the sort of governmcnt'which Croker wants extended over the. entire state. .. „ . '..::-'•\' _; I have received a fino lino of Fall and Winter Goods and will be pleased to show the new styles to any of 'my customers. Store on Parkway, Oppo­ site Hoyt Brothers. - Hats Trimmed at Popular Prices.^ Miss.C. fl. HALL. H. W. KELLOGG, Katonah, N. Y. To Cure a CoJd in One Day.' Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab­ lets. All druggists refund the money if-itfails-to-ouro.—-E. W^-Grove's sig­ nature is on eai h box. 25c. FILIPINOS BREAK LOOSE. NEW BAKERY. £^^irHnS!fl ^LJp^ffi; \ -' r '- i,J on' The small record of business' failures throughout the United States contin­ ues to uuuoy the spirits of thoso who would seem to prefer seeing business depression JintLpanic- under a Republi­ can administration, thai} prosperity and activity, cvi-n though they them­ selves share in i t The failures for the week ending December 2,1899, accord­ ing to Dun's Review, were only 114, as atKtlriat 2S1 for the bv no meniiR nn- prosperous corresponding week of 1$« .Supervisor See, for many years a representative in tho board for the town of North Castle, may 60011 divide I IOIIOI-M with United States Senator Hoar in carrying tlie appellation of \watch dog of the treasury\ around with hlin: Tho latest service rendered the tax payers of the county by Super­ visor Seo was rendered last weok when he put through a resolution providing that counsel Tor the Board bo not ap pointud until ueesasary, and then for some specific purpose only. His res. olution was carried by a voto of 20 to 10, White Pining Argu*. The future government of tho Philip­ pines rests with the government -of the United Stiites Few graver re­ sponsibilities have ever been confided t-> us. If we accept them in* a spirit worthy. oLour race imd nur traditions- a great opportunity comes with them. The islands lie under the shelter of o ir flag, They are ours by every title of law and equity They cannot be abandoned \If we desert them -we leiivo them at once, to anarchy and tlnUilyto imrbiiiibiu We-fltrnjthrjrrr a goldon apple of discord, among the. rival powers, no one of which could permit auothov -t** <~vi ?t --tlipm-unfnies tinned \- President M« KiMley's Annual Me .swagi t • t 'otifJret.- Board of Supervisors. •or.s y.-ste day ms A Purdy The B.'-jrd of SupcrM\< appoin'ed Dr S\l\iuui., ^ pliy.^k'iaii t- • .Tin . •mity jail for the n^xt year in the pla -e of Dr. George M. ^fagiiess. lie lizard increased thosalars tfJosi-jh H'.'. I-on, Assistant C'jnnuiiM\ii> i 'f d . from 81,000 to $1,400 a year .1 ii -:i. e Kengll has reappointed Hni'v. \ liu &ted, of tins villago, 8ten .\giuple i <l the speeiid te m of the W>BI h nt-1 County Su­ premo Court for the j. -Hi. 19UU,'at a salftpy-of-SSiOOO,— •Stttur(Jfty,\\ iifttt it\ • \Wtts Co TRTH issio Dalton's intention-to ask for $10,000- 000, to bo \expended in increasing the water supply < in the nex,t two years, and to improve tho piping systoin in Greater Now York; \Wo have been asking'for thismon^ ey for two or three years.\ said Mr. Birdsnli, \and muc[i of the work for which it will b spent has been autho­ rized by tho Municipal Assembly \Much of tho work has been begun but we luivo not had money with which to complete it. Tho only really new undertakings aro the resgrwirs- east oi tho Miluiim station, in Brook­ lyn, and a storago reservoir at Cross River, All the'work should have beon begun three years ago and-finished by this time. If this had been done the city would not. bo on the rugged odge for water as it is now.\ Only Chanoc For Burnz Insanity. ii a Plea .of It may bo that Judge Kcogh takes some Btoek in tho insanity tlieory that has been advanced and his HOIISO of justice aroused, for lio has appointed thrce very eminent' Westchester Coun- I ty attorneys to look after the interests \of Burnz and givo liim every advan­ tage \yhich the law might allow in such n case. • Tho counsel assigned him are John M. Digney, of White Plains, ttaiph' Ji. Prime, of Yonkers, a l ' d cx^ Judge Isaac N-. Mills, of Mt. Vernon. Burnz has reiterated his assertion of guilt both to the sheriff: and the court, ] 'but In such a caso tho law prohibits tho accoptanco of such a plea and his counsel will bo forced to'prove him iu- i .aancjii order tOLsaveJiiui. An Incident That ShoTtV .>Vh> ; Army In Needed I n th e New] qnlrcd -Pacific Inlands. '. -'.\np^s'l- ^S ^w?fI'6^t1^b#\a^I#54i?? nnll-lmfliwinlistH lmvp recently teceived Bread, Cakes,;and. .Pies itnh'a'mlt.. -TV informatioiv from the Philippines' asj ; to the cliaracter of the crowd to whicli tfieyT have been giving their support - Some, of > the insurgents, whom tho opponents; of* McKinley have been encouraging and. holding up as patriots struggling-for-,in-~ dependence after the manner orxhe\<ftlIff-.rj nists in 1S7G, broke loose the other night\ and demonstrated the necessity for \ a force or American soldiers iu these is­ lands. The information which thu.f illu- minntps (lip Hltimtinn p.nmp in iw -Asflnci- Sabseribefor the TIMK- a ^ ear. •id\ ;>o Tho Brewster Standard says: \Th o drawing»of water from tho reservoirs in this vicinity still- continues. Sodom and Bog Brook resorvoirs have been drawn down sixteen * feet, 70,000,000 gallons per day is the outtjow regis­ tered! _by_Foreman. JJniiktuan^ The-| gatcs-at Drowvillo reservoir have been closed aud the lufge basin Ls. gradually filling up One inch per day is the ensured increaso-iiv dpptli. The res­ ervoirs were drawn down within a fow lyet of the brook channel. The gi eat demand nmde upon the storage rcsor-, voirs in the Croton- watershed is not oaiisod-by-oxtrnordinary dopletim \Of\ the wiitcj^supply, but is matte for tbe purpose of lliliug up those resorvoirs nearer tho cily before wintor closes down.\ No uneasiness rs felt by the dc- I>artment regurding tho supply. Pains in the chest when S person has\ a cold indicate a tendency toward pneu­ monia. A pieci of ilafmel dampened witlivCliHiiilietlairfs Pain Balm and boufiuoti to the clu--.t over the seat of pain will promptly relieve the pain and iprcvenl the threatened attack of pueu- ' tiirmin 'Tins <:mic— tu»aHi)*gnV -\Vril -cure-l- n l.ijne 1>nek.-iu a_fcu hours For sate by 1-\ \V Gorhniii, Katonah, Green llros , 'Guldens Bridge and G. W Abrauis, Croton Falls. ated Press di.-patdi on Nov. 20 whfch read as follows and related to the officers of the town bt Mulnxiqui. On the night the troopi wlllwlrew a band of in- s\irgen+s ontercd, dr.i^gi-d Antonio Mcjta, prol-' dent of the town. Into the street and cut his throat. They then Killed the vice president and five members of Urn town council In the same way and told the frightened natives to spread the news thut a similar fate awaited all friends of tfic Amerirans. The mayor of San Carlos, who rode In the ear- ri«KC with. General MacArlhur untl Colonel RclL.! when the Americans entered the town amid the cheers of the people, was murdered the next nlRht. Those statements do not impress the averatje^ reader with 'the claim of At­ kinson and others thnt these Filipiuoa. aro the gentle, intellectual people pictur­ ed in the anti-ndmlnistration speeches and papers. i \or are they a strong argument - TOT -those wlnr criticise the president for not\ recognizing Aguinaldo and his followers, who favor withdrawing American troops\ and allowing\ the Filipinos to set up a government of their own. The better the \situation is -known tho more dearly will he seen the_wlsdom and: justice'of the American attitude toward the Filipino rioters. BRYAN NAILED TOlEI*EE SILVER. The So Cnlled 'Silver Repnhllcnni Fasten lllni to the Old lasne. The so called \Silvi>r\ Republicans, in­ cluding Senator Teller ot Colorado, Sena*\! tor rettigrew of. South Dakota, former Representative Towne\bf Minnesota nu'd others of that stripe have met and de­ clared for\ Bryan. They insist .that ho is the logical candidate, and they are.as hot for free silver-now as they were in-lSOO. Commenting on their recent action, the New York Commercial Advertiser says The conference of Silver. Republicans (what there are left of them) in stieldng to Bryan us ~the(r , candidate^ is^atiothbr nail to transfix htm to his silver cross. 'It goes to confirm ex-Senator ralmer's pre­ diction that the man and the issue cannot be changed Qr 'separated. The \man of destiny\ character which Bryan wore, when/itr their^first flush, silvcrites' Hopes •were hlglrr ~lrrrs -tlil>uii\uii. uuu a awl-uf I .fatality The ignorant or selfish follow- T of the bestEquality, r WEDDING OA EE and SPECIALS DELIVERED .FREE. Go'ocfi \rnay \be purchased ar«d ordered fropn Tf. J. BOifUE'S Store Furnished by £H1 ^ DEALER IN Lumber & Coal, Brick, Hay, Fertilizer, Etc. Yorktown, NY. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera aud Diarrhoea, Remedy can always be de­ pended upon and is pleasant and safe to take. For sale by F. Gorham, Katonah, Green Bros., Goldens Bridge and G. W. Abrams, Croton Falls. AGENTS WANTED—FOR \THE LIFE AND Achlaroments of Admiral Di'irey,\ tho world's greatest naval hero. ByMurat Ualetoad, tholifo- long trlond and admirer of the nation's Idol. Blg- est and best bonk; ovor 500 pages, 8x10 Inches; nearly 100 pages halftono Illustrations. Only $1.60. Enormous demand. Bl* commissions. Outfit freo. Chance of a Ufoinue. Wrlto quick. Tho Domin­ ion CoTBpany, 3rdrioor Caiton Bldg,, Chicago. ALSO PROPRIETOR OP A Livery & Boarding Stable, & Storage Warehouse. KATONAH, N. Y. 7t 131^ Railroad Aventie, • Opp, tfrarjd Street, •vraiTis PLAINS... HousesBuilt Anywhere and Sold on Easy Eay- ments.-Less .than_Rent. .PLANS.-^SPECIFICATIONS AND ESTIMATES FURNISHED ' ON SHORT NOTICE. ' Ijjpen cveilnga at 7.30. 45tf Comprehonds s I x Schools- Tho Ii A W School (wjfh. Day %ew 2 /br/c . „ Graduate School, Ptdagogu, ENGINEERING , ie 1 . 1 • „ , ' nVid UNIVERSITY COLLEflE. Tor\ clrcultirs OIH, xvTiom he ralhed to his cause\ fo« ^1^'^ J /Totanklnsi Reclstrfvr. WwhJnK- years ago now pin him to his de^d issue. | ton Square- New York City. SHOES! r This is tbe time of year when you should be -well -shodr -Our— stock-of-shoes -for-men, women, 'boys, girls and children comprises every thing yon 4 '\ need for footwear.-. RUBBERS! You will need sotne between now and next spring. One good pair will la6t longer-and cost •'\•\ \'i. less than several j>oor' paiiv ^We^roH^trHrmg. - but the best. ' - A full line- of WOONSOCKET7 ;iBOSTON— and PURE GUM RUBBER BOOTS. LUM- ^ BERMANS one and two buckle, plain or extension , —sole, in fact everything to keep your feet warm* 'and dry. . ' 1 ' \ , W. B. Adams & §on, JEDFORD STATION, N. Y. „

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