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HOLIDAY GOODS AT * * HOYT BROTHERS . * * * DEPARTHENT STORE, * We \npiv have pur usual large stock of Christmas Goods in and cast supply you' with anything from a Toy wox£h five cents, to the finest mahogccrVyand nrtlc. Fu .vTi.ihi.vp.. Vmi, mill have no di™ School closed to-day for tho Christ* mas holidays. It will re-open oa Tuesday, Jan. 2d, 1900. An extraordinary stock of watches, silverware, jewelry at Benedict Bros ' this year. You cannot fail to And a present to suit hero. It is said that after the first of tho year monthly commutation tickets will bo good only from tho first to tho last of each calendar month, NOTICE. The! Department Store of Hoyt Bros., Katonah, will be Closed all Day Monday—Christmas Day. \With such weather as we have had for tho past fow weeks! wo ought soon to witness the enclosure of the now Presbyterian church. It will soon be ready for th slaters. TliuWuib6rs \oTthe M. E,. Sunday — Otlie Green of tho Peekskill Milita­ ry Ai-ademy is homo for tho Curiit nas. va.catioh. r • —Miss Kato-Banks of Northampton, Mass., is visiting at Mr. S. B. Hoyt's this week. —Mrs; David Cromwell of \White Plain'B.,spent Monday with her neico, Mrs. E. A. Arnold. • . —Mr.; Fletcher Quick, 6t tlltf J0UT- nal, Orpton on Hudson, was in town from Saturday to Monday. —Miss Florenco Williams, of Miller- ton, N .I .T. is visiting her brother Dr. F. H. \Williams for a few days. —Mrs. Margaret Crano of Vermont, \ISTSgftin staying—with her - danghtor, Mrs: W.' A\. Babbit, for a fow days. Personal Items. eoBo ©o*o «oeooo ©o ©°©ooo3o »o©o®o9o©o©o0oeoao ©oooOoeo( Jo )o s I Christmas Comes tout once a year, so make your friends happy by a gift. We are better ' prepared than ever to help you in this line. WATCHES and JEWELRY.\ '* , A large variety of \Watches for both Ladies and Gents, Lornette Chains, Vest Chains. In Jewelry wxuhavo an immense assortment for the holiday traded, such as uur^ Links, Brooch Pins, Stick Fins, fine line of Finger Eings, Bracelets, Etc., Gold Pens and Pencils, Silver » Pencils, and Fountain Pens. & SILVERWARE. Including \Many -No\Velfiesy.\ ' 'We engrave initials free -of-cbarge-at-eur-store:—GLOGKSfin—Irottf—Wood—antr- culty in selecting a present dl our store Our §toe7c comprises many neiv and use­ ful\ articles. We owe able to mention below'onlyafew of.\The many Chrismas Goodsivhich we offer for sale.\ t .... —, • , , Toys for the Little Folks ; , \We have a great .variety of these Toys such as ^Dollsp ^^n8pH6rees ^na=E-ngines=f=rom^0=eeuts=iup .^'to $1.00. ' Iron Toys-that will not_jbreak, TRockin™ ^xnree^WTbistJes^-Battles, Horns, HannotiicaSj an School have decided to have their Christmas festivities on Thursday eve- uing of next week instoad of Monday evening as was announced last Sun day. The Junior Order held a dance Wed- •nesday-everiing-in-thtir-rqoms ia-.Kel- I log's- Hall A number wore invited from-around—here^T-tieso that wor-c present express sentiments of a good ^Eor^eliun-aiidjaaii^Kan ny-pascs*^. = —.— J-LUl DXXj TF UlOWtuj AVUVW.^, ~ - , , ^ other Musical Instruments, Sleds, \Wagons Carriages, Etc., Etc. K • • Games: - • The new Game of Carum, a Board for 82.25. a Crocinole Board for $1.00, Archirena Board, \18 games in one, for $3.00, Halrna, Checkers, and Card Games too numerous to mention from 10 to 25 cts. Fancy Articles: A great variety of Clock's, Pictures, and Picture Frames, ^Mirrors, Glove Boxes, Fancy Baskets, Photo­ graph Cases, Cracker Jars, Etc. Sterling Silverware: Thimbles as low as 30 cents, Hair Brushes,-' Gombs, Paper Knives, Scissors, Shears, Glove Stretcher, Hair Curlers, Match Safes, Tooth and Nail Brushes, Book -JMar.kfi, Etc. ' \William H. 'CargOh, proprletOTT-of- I the Katonah if'ruit store, wishes IQJVUA nouueothat he has'received, a large shipment of fruit, nuts and candies, for the holid ay trade. These will be sold at tho lowest possible prices ^OfffSrRoyal -Brother\ -is--the topic T^-^he^Sadea-vep-pfayer ---ca6et4Dg ^-OB-| Christmas eve. Miss Kate Hunt is the\ appointed leader \• 1 ^A- * * The-, annual Xraas exercises of the ' \ 'School will he held in the S-FAiNCY GOODS Also Pocket *' m Ebony and Sterling Silver Goods. These Goods arc very popular this year and we have a, good assortment of them. Calendars, and Children's Books for Christmas, Crockery, China and Glassware. We just purchased a lot of winter Gloves slightly soiled which are selling at less than half price,- these are extra good quality. Furniture Departments ~ Qnr stock of- Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Oil Cloths, Shades. Mattresses, Pillows, Etc., as usual is\ most complete. \We have at this time many novelties, both useful and Artistic suitable for Holiday Gifts to which we would call your attention : ONYX TABLES in beautiful designs, which are . always appreciated.^ \How would you like to bo the ice man ? \ Just at present tho iceman is looking eagerly forward to his winter harvest, but not a vestige of it Is in sight. As far as tho season has ad­ vanced the winter is \ out of sight.\ Tho Bobusto -Company, of Oroton Falls, are printing a papor known as the \Trader.\ They have had 10,000 -«opies-i)r-intcd-and^istrihutenV-freo_Ql chargo Advertisements of Brewster and Oroton Falls Arms appear in tho paper 1 The pupils in Principal Geo. Covey's room in the public school presented —> = ^— i 111111 1 in w j Tnr lii m ivH!\* - \ ^Inn fill'^ lirnrlT -Mllfi. Tlil S l>»i y}i 111111 IT I u 11 tc Jiti \ *\ ' Mi. • Sunday — — (ihapel Sunday fiibrning at hour of morning worship. An excellont pro­ gram hus been arranged, All are cor­ dially invited Tho proceeds of tho offering will bo deyoted to the Board of \Foreign Missions' The r -Christmas sermon will bo preached by the pastor at the Sunday evening, service. \\W.O have seen his star.?'\' In Sets,. Celluloid, Allnminum, EtcT , w Books, Perfumeries, Silk Handkerchiefs, Etc., Etc. jjo - HTJED'S STA'TIONTJK.Y . Come and see, if you do. not buy. <S Opposite the Depot KATON&H. N.Y. 30 o«oOoHo«o»o« >CCsOOOCCO BEDFORD FARMERS' CLUB\. The prayer meeting this evening will have fort its central thought, -'Tho. Ad­ vent of our Lord.\ Wo need your presenco in helpfulness. Thero'is a very* appropriate Christ- afternoon, as a token of tueir rtspoct The handlo is of silver, bearing Prin^ cipal Covoy's name handsomely en graved I Oscar G Brian and Son have pur I chased several large pieces,of wood i ind in the vicinity of Mount Kisco and will soon begin tho work of coflvo'rting it into railroad tiqs. Their saw mill will be kept in constant operation for (a-yeatin clearing yp tho timber includ- ed in the several parcels. TlTo~BoaTd-of—Supervisors-held-a special m-ctlng yesterdiy to canvass thesoldior vote. Only four votes were received, and the result oj tho election will not be changed by them. Each voted for the county offices, but neg lected to vote for the Assembly candi­ dates. The lour votes cosn the county §500 -|. r .- r mas tliou^lit from tho lips of Him who gave us Christmas, to bo found in St. LuKep, 32-33. It is this: \If ye lovo them that love you, what thank have ye? For even sinners love those that love them. And if ye do good tothem that do good to you, what thank have ye ? For even sinners do the same \ Methodist Church Notes. Dr. Quick will preach in Kellogg's 1-HaU-mbroIug and evening. Both ser APvTICLES i BAMBOCViu^uTin^MmJei^ ^ * •.. . -: - .' T»i' • r>\ _ '•fi Shelves, Mnsic^d^PaperRacksa%d.India Seats; \ J) _: ~T ^r ~OAJi we Mye^CostumersT-^Faburettesp-India--^-- . Rents, Medicine Closets, Hall and Toilet- Glasses. Divans with adjustable ends covered\ with velours, Chairs in Mahogany, 'Imitation Mahogany, Golden \ Oak, upholstered iu velour and leather. These make handsome gifts. Desks, Extension Tables, Center Tables, Lamps, Crockery, Etc., Etc. Kindly give us a call and examine our stock. ^sz^HOYT BKOS. KATONAH. Katonah News. KATONAH POST OFFICE. OPEN FROM 6:45 A. M. TO 7.45 P. M. • •MAILS CLOSE AT POST OFFICE:—< NORTH, 7:25 A. M. CHATHAM LOCAL \ 4:45 P. M. PITTS FIELD EXPRESS SOUTH, 7:50 A. M. CLOSED MAIL TO NEW YORK & BEYOND '.' 10:13 A. M. LOCAL, NEW SOUK •„ .\ 7:05 P. M. ALL SOOTH & WEST . H.'W.Kellogg, P.M. FKIDAY, DECEMBER22.1899. A Merry Christmas to all I Thursday was the shortest *day of iT J--the year. ' .<• \One'weekmoreand-we will be—writs, ing it .1900. • ' - V:' DM you see the eclipso of the moon .-. : last Saturday night? v .Goto tho Katonah Fruit\ Store for pSS -iAyour -fruit, nuts and figs. Specials for j'. - the holidays. ' \. ; \ ' •,. '• • ' On Christmas and New Year's daj's i^-.^toeilollowing^trains-wilL— nofr-berrun- • \ •. -on tho Harlem Bailroad from this -.station-: Sb'uth bound—5:50-a. m., 6:56 I. • '•'a. m.; from south—6:35 p. m. - -and 8:30 p. m. Next-week-the-Choral-CIub wH. •' meet. Wednesday ovqnlng, Christmas il^falling.on Monday, the usual practice ' - niKhtr-Tbe matter of meeting next \. wlek.was.putto vote and at was de- Voided to hold,tho class -Wednesday ,i - r evening. ^^ !!: T -^Jtoa oxcursion was run from Ijatonah •Tto vl^ewiTork city OD Thunftday, and •;th.e cheap rate was fully taken ad- ^yantage Qf. It' presented a splendid •. |- ... opportunity to -those-who-desir-cd-ta • •/ purchase the Cliristmas and New Year 4->«i-^pr < ^°ntB in the metropolis. H. W. Kellogg sells tho toughest paint now known— Dovoo lead and zinc. The warm weather still continues. Soomod like a blizzard last Sunday morning, but it failed to get there Christmas Day tho Post, Office will bo closed from 11 a. m. to 4:30 p. m., and from 5 -30 to 6:30. — Doyle Bros, havo decorated the, out ^ido of their store with • Christmas greens and it presents a pretty -s pectaclft, The regents announce that\ two busi­ ness examinations will bo offered next year. The next one is in June, 1900, and each .1 nnuary and Juno heroaftor. Hereafter the State business diploma will includo business writing.as a sep­ arate test, to be rated - as to legibility, speed and~neatness. An old hunter weather prophet is on record—goose bone or no goose bone—with tljo prediction, as deduced from his varfc4is -...tinie.-.tes!;ed signs, that thero will bo moro rain than cold this winter, and ttiatjve wiU'_not really Jiave 1 dpldweather until \spring; and not much ofit thon v acDooi\ closing t^day^tllKtbSchcTs In the public 'school intend spending thoir Christmas holidays with their various friends. Principal Georgfl H Covey will go to his home jn Potsdam, N. YTT MissnEdith-erRoakc-wlll-spend Christmas vacation with her parents jn \YoTktwvnT-Whllo—Miss- -Emily^-A. LaMont will remain in town. George W.Quintardfof-Port Ches ter, Willis S. Paine,\ of Yorktown, and Clarenco Whitman, of Katonah,-are among the directors, interested lh a new trust company, which has just filed thoir articles in incorporation with tho State Banking Doparttnept at Albany.- This concern expects to .rnnsnp .t .business at Broadway, Pearl i.imi^in.u.uti^inwu — and Pine streets and Excbango place, Now York city. The Ladfes of the Home, Missionary. ^vteesJWirho.approprMte to the ap ; .prpachlrig Christma i r timo and all mombersTif*eur congregatJon-ar&_esz. .peclflllyurned.to be present. It is a good time to set wrongs right, forgive andiforget injuries, and to let into our \hearts moro of tho Christ-light. jst^pwor^h Leaguo meeting at 6-30. Everybody welcome. This meeting beglnB 'wlthiirsc -ng sfervlce. Omeo and The mombors present .at tho meot- ing on the 18th inst. at ^io houso of Mr. Joshua B. Washburn, Chappaqua, enjoyed a delightful aftornooo, thanks to their host and tho ladies of his pmilyv-the-speaker of-t-he-da-y- charming weather. Mr. Washburn has borne tho reputa­ tion aiqong his. follow mcmbora of being a thrifty farmer and they were able to-see for themselves that report in this case was true. Bev. G.*ErW!ewiaffl and Mr Georgo W. Banks, of Mount Klsco, were elect­ ed members. The secretary read alett&r from Mr; A. S. Core, of While Plains, in which that gentleman claims to have discov- ereci a spcclflo-for-the-yollaw-.iu.iiejlch Four soldiers' votes wore receivf-il Saturday by .County Clerk L. F. -Gr-umb;— T-hO' votes were-from-Jftrott»- K. Spiers, of Now Rochello, a membi-r af Troop B,2d United • States Cavulry; Charles E. Lockwotjd, Yonkcra,, u member of Troop E, 2d United St;it« K Cavalry; Horace B. Palmer, of Y«>n- kers, a member of Battery L. 7ili United Staie3 Artillery, uud Homy Mr Godncy, of Port Chester, a member of Comnany K, 1st United States Infun- try.' Tho election inspectors will ni'-ot on Tuesday Xo~\cunvass Elie voles aiid mako their return to the County Cleric. meeting-, on:Wednesday^afternoon at the home of Mrs; F. H. Lent. . Mrs.. BfrattoB7irae^fT)r;'Stfatt6h-pastor'of ; tho M. E. church at Brewster, address- Od Llie lauies on v oreiga ttttaattjuui^\ work. It was a very pleasant and prolltable meeting. The weather during the past two weeks has beon surprisingly mild - for Decembor, but if-we are to-heed-the- old saying—\As the day3 begin to lengthen tho cold begins to strengthen\ —winter has hardly stretched forth its hand, bu£~wm\UiTtk\d\\rE8 appearance soon—-probably too soon to please many of us ; but not the young folks. Mr. Frank Thomas and his wife have been having troublo during tho past week. They had a Suit before Justice Crane, of Mount Kisco,, which came off lust Tuesday, but was ad­ journed to a later^ date. Both give different versions 61 tho affair. Sho chums ill treatment and misuse, shilo \ho is endeavoring to obtain a divoirce. old delinquents in the pastor's Bible- class -whieh-is growing-more, and jaoxe. interesting:*\ 5 Sunday Scbool immedi- -ately'aftnr morning service... :then.- mtroduced^by^M^CJarerice'.B A friend of Drow Ladies' Seminary, Carinel, N. Y., hits just offered a prize of *wenty dollars in gold to the person who will mako tho greatest improve­ ment in tho Art Dopartmg&t of tho J3eminary during tho remainder of the school year. This is open to'any per­ son who may come in as a day pupil and for special lessons in art as well as to those boarding in the institution which, according to an exchango, ore likely to befall a delinquent: Last woek a oubscribor said that ho would pay up Saturday if he lived. He's [•'dead' Another: \ I'll see yob to­ morrow.\ He's blind. Still another said : \ hope to .pay you this week or go to tho devii.\ He s gone. Thero are hundreds who ought to tako warn­ ing by tbese procrastinators and pay up. Thero was an eclipso of tho moon last Saturday evening which was viow- od v with great interest\by nearly every­ body. The sky was cloudless and a clear view ^f-the-moon-was possible-all the time. The moon entered, tho earth's shadow at about sevon o'clock. -The shadow gradually extended over thdmdon?s-dfek and Anally covered nil but a thin crescent. Then tho shadow drew off, tho moon being entirely cleared' again shortly beforo elo-ven- o'clock. During tho eclipso tho moon assumed an \orangb color with pris matic tints Those who could view it with a glass of only medium power, saw a beautiful sight. . ^ NOTIOE.. Miss C. M. Hall is now selling her stock of'winter milliuery atgreatly re­ duced prices. All who aro thiukiDg of purchasing can! secure excellent-value for thoir money^ Call and examine tho stock ana get price's. ' —Pca^eheateris-about-tVhave-*-&75 r 000 opera house. coverodr troe3 and tho blight in pear trcea. Ho also claims that it prevents potato blight, scab and rot, and prevents tho ravages of the Colorado beetle. I t should prove to Mft Goro r if true, more. Valuable than any gold, mines yet dis- OOGOOOOGOOOOOOGOOCXXXXXXKSr) Grand etnas-D\ splay At T._ J. DOYLE'S, Including all that goes to de- ]igM -the4iGar-te -of-diildren. What Santa Claus forgets, we have to say nothing about an immense stock of'tTie best Grocerics-that-its-is-possible to procure_at the pricefe Ssked. Lane, assistant in dairy husbandry at •tho New Jersey—Experiment Station On Tuesday evening., at 7:30, an Xmas class'meeting conducted by the pastor. ;\•' V ., * _Jgrayer nieeting each Friday evening at 7:30.\~rJon't let anything intorfore with your attending this meeting. | W. H- Nelson's Suit to-Recover $2,349.' A novel case has been on trial beforo 'Judge Keogh, in the Suprorao Court. W. H. Nelson, of tliis villagiv-brought suit to recover $2,349 from Parle J. White, recently manager of the Bar- tholdi Hotel in Now York city. Netoon made a contract to supply milk to tho Bartholdi Hotel. Ho has a milk depot at No. 210 West Thirty- fifth street,'New York, and from Nov. 1894, to r July, 1895, ho supplied the hotel with 7,444 quarts of milk, tho price ranging from three to four cents a auart. puriDg tho same period he supplied theHotel with 9,913 quarts of cream at 15 cents a quvrt. The amount claimed for the milk and cream was 81,879, tho interest on_this amount be­ ing $470. Whilo thore was no dispute asTto the amount of Nelson's bill. Mr. White claimed that ho was simply tho hotel manager, the hotel being run by stock ^company. Although tho bills \for th'e'milk were made out to the Bar- Mr. White\ was responsible for his bill, and that he made the contracts for tho milk, . Thp!jur.y took Ave hours to dotor mino the issues, and finally concluded that Mr..Nelson could not recover from .MJTj_Wbi|§i Nelson will probably tako the caso to the Appellate Division of the Supremo Court'. Joseph-H. Wood, Esq, of M.t. Ver­ non, made an interesting address be­ fore th,e_City Club in Jfew York on Saturday night, favoring the taking of the-waters from LakoChampluiii, L iko George\ etc., by .State aid, and tho construction of'a conduit by which tLe cities in tho Hndson Rivor Valley, New York, != Brookl$i and.other adjacent citieswould bo supplied with wator, the-State to receive tho benefit. - . 'A case -of considerable.interest; whieh'has been n trial for three days before Justice Keogh in the Supremo \Colirtyig-that of-Mrs Annto L. Pierscn as solo executrix of her husband, Cims e ;J'ier8'on,-,ngain8tJ;ho-NewYork, New Haveff and Hartford.-JRailroud to re- cqver-35,000 for the loss of her hus- bond's'life. For twenty years Charles Pierson*was an^cngineer- ort-thc New Haven Railroad. •' > Be , was killed cn September 10,1897, while running train No 14;known ; as tho SpringlVld Ex­ press.';-Ex-Judge Mills appearod for Mi-s/PIorson, whilo the railroad com­ pany-was represented by Ilenry W. Taft. ; -The case was given t\ the jury -laUi-WodnpRday. evening, nn<lI -Justice Keogh directed a sealed voi.liot: ~\ Gash Grocery—< Upon a clothes horse that had served mahv generations of the Washburn family, Mr. Lane spread, .a number of charts which served the very useful purpose of illustrating his remarks and for answering tho Innumerable- ques­ tions propounded him. In beginning ho said that until com­ paratively recent times a quart of milk was a quart, no matter how rich in butter, fats, or how poor in quality. It is still too often *ho case, but tho time is fast approachine when every pur­ chaser will insist upon quality and tho producer will havo to guarantee the quality to b2 uniform. That can only be done by keeping cows that will pro­ duce such milk and feeding them in a proper manner. The day of tho scrub cow.and unbalmed ration is fast pass­ ing away. Tho farmer must remcm- bor that'twenty cows well fed will pro- duco as much rnilU as thirty poorly fed. Thero is only one way of keeping up the desired quantity, by having fresh cows at \proper intervals They keep twenty-five cows at the Now Jersey Experiment Station and such is the uniform quality of tho milk that tho demand for it at eight conts a quart is far in excess of tho supply. Some foods upon the market sold at a low price aro of so little value as to bo very costly. Wo give two balanced rations for a cow asgivon by Mr. Lane: —HHbsHiorn-atalktt, 5 lhs. hny. 4 lhs, corn and cob meal, 3 lbs. wheat bran, 2 lbs. linseed meal, 10 lbs wot^barley grain. The other Is—18 lbs. hay, 3 lbs. gluten meal, 2 lbs. corn meal, 5 lbs wheat bran. Dried brewers' grain holds.a high rank In dairy food, ranking next after wheat Dran.. Tho subject andithe speaker deserved a larger attendance than was present, and the ladies-»ef the/amily had evi .dently expected one judging by tho amount of luncheon they bad pro­ vided. Such was the oxcellcnco of it that tho members present did duty for themselves ancLthiinbscn't .ones. Tho Fishklll Standard, snys that Mrs. Gborge Seaman recently took a cat from Mr, -M&ufort's at-JHslikill Land jng'to her home in Flushing. Long Is­ land. The cat remained with Mis Seaman only thrcouays^ aud is now I back at MontforV^vbary and footsore, l ^lio skin being worn from the- bottom of her feet. Iu order to gut back to her .old-home pussy had to make her 'way through two -crowded cites, over the Brooklyn Bridge orohe of the fer- •riWs, traversing sixty miles of cpunuy, •through villages, and-over- mountains 'that were in.hor way. J Opposite toe Depot, Katonah. Ave. T. J. DOYLE, Prop. O fj OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCCO DENTIST IN KATONAH, DR. C. S. WEEKS, Dentist from Now York, wi'l be in h s offico in -Katonah Mondays and Tucsdaysof each Week. All .branches of Dentistry. -Rooms over Mr. T-h>s J. Doyle's store. Dr. Weeks Is w< II known in the profession everywhere Gas and other obttinder.s for extract­ ing. I Prices as reasonable as consist­ ent with good work. Christmas and New Year's days wil| bo omitted, and he will be hero Tu '.s. days and Wednesdays of thoso week-- D R. F H. WILLIAMS, DENTIST. Office in tho VanTassell Building, <m Katonah Ave., Kutonah, N. Y, ALVATUNDE °°nc!^>. Used for the painless extraction of teeth. Best and sufest local anes­ thetic used. No sloughing of gums, no B wnili«f1 jnw s Perfectly wafo. Is an- tisoptie and non-irritating esthetics usod if preferred. Other an- Nothing is Easier 1 than to'havo light % delicious pancakes if you go about it the right way. Jloe- kcrs' Old Homestead FJapjaok. Flour at all grocers has tho call-at tliw swi- -son of the year. Small Place For Sale, I have a small place for salo about two miles from Katonah Station/ House, bam and sheds in good condi­ tion, about two acre8 _.qf_ jjrpund in orchard and' gardon. Good \road. This plnco will bo sold for less money than tho owner has expended on it for improvements, LEWIS H. illLLER, Katonah, N Y. For Sale. A Variety Store in White Plains, now doing a paying business on Main street. Established clovouyears tor particulars, address . W. P. MAY>-AM>, White Plains Wanted. Stnto A store with living roorns. rent aud other particulars 0. A Grant, ' Tuckahoo, New York. Wanted. ^ A middle , aged woma n desire* .i position as house keeper. Avi'l* MB CIIAS . FisHF .n, , lint >uah, N \ .

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