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The Katonah times. (Katonah, N.Y.) 1878-1911, December 22, 1899, Image 7

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'J Legal^ Notices EBENEZUR- J . PURDY, riainllff, agains t OMVKB T SMIT-I, m Ilvld.u'i v ul i m u- iatrator o f th o good., cliUto'D a ul • h le h -*«r«of Willis R. SniUU, deooaija.ma 1V1 Do - jfeinnnts. I n |iiireii«i)OCof» Judgment o f foreclosur e an d -sain dul y made In th e above entitle d action o n th e (went ? drat (41) day. o f October , 180'J, an d duly en ­ tered In th e office o r th e Clork 6f Westcheste r Count y on th o twonty-tliird (J3) day o f October, 1899,1 , tbo uiidt-ralgneil, th e Ifo'ereo, In said Jiidgiifent named . «1H soil «t»iil>!ic auctio n at ih o front doo r o f the COUNTY COUII T UOUSE, in tb o VIIIURO o f White 1'laliiB, In tbo ; Count y o f • WentchfBler au d Stat o of Ne w York on th o twelfth ,: <H) day.of December, 1890, a t twi'lve o'clock noon o f that day, tb u land s and promise s describe d l a ..t,i indumenta rollawof.ylg — • _ FIBJIT:—Ml that cort a i n inec e ur l.lll'l'lil OT IHiiil oitust e lit tb o Town o f Nort h Sale m aforesaid an d bounde d no d describ e .at. follows , t o wit : Begin ­ nin g a t th e Houtho iBt ooruo r of'siild ploea by lauda oflFaacH Purely and th e highwa y lendin g fro m North Sale m to Golden n Bridge , tticuco nort h elftbtylBeveu an d one-bai t ilogroes west (S 87J£ ° \y.) on e hundred and forty-seve n (1*71 feet , thenc e nort h aovonty-Blx deprreca west (S W. ) - three hundre d (300) feet,' thenc e sout h seventy-seve n * degree* we»t-(aJ7 0 W ) one hundred an d flfty-stx (158) fuel, thence' WTMI utghtv-tltree decree s we»t- (g ^aa ^t^lxiy^u} fco^lheuco n° rtl > cUhty- <ilahl-a-»il niie-eiuiirtortft-Rrces «T O (M' SHtfQ- w ) one, hundred uiul - iHIIil.»-»U (lUuj lull, • Uleno r nortbality;alXdii,\eciweBt( S 00° \V.) .on e limi- dred an d 'teveiit^-three (ITU) feet , thenc e nort h twenty-five an d onoMiilf decrees-west (2S^ two hundre d an d thirly-llircii (233) feet, thenc e rjnreh *iq\\jMn degree s went (N . 18 ° W ) thre e hun - -dred an d sevonty-Beveu lS'll)-t\-et Uit-IicO. 'IM'ly-lw o —iiril-oni!=b»lf-det{re)ea-wfciie-(42X o W.I on o linndre d TVTORTCACE* SALE- , Defaul t bating I been mudo i n th e pa>meut of-tho sum o f o n hundred an d fifty-five dollar* and . cents , which U edalmetl t o b o elno at th e dat e o f thla no ­ tice, on n certai n mortgage* hearin g dat e tho thirti­ eth day of Unroll, ln'JH, executed , b y Fernand o II Barker nnd Sarah , hi s wife , o f the town o f T^ewiB- boro , Count? of Weatchestor and Stato o f New York , t o liuill y Mend, o f th e Tawn o f Poimdridge , County and-Stat e aforesaid , an d recorded it) th e olllco o f tb o ltcglfiter o f th e Count y o f Weatehe&tor, 1-t J.ilior 11115 Of mortgages , pag e nine , o u th o firat k dayof April, A . D. , 189U a t nin e o'clock n. i n , wliiolmald mortgage'ha s boon duly assigne d t o th o subscriber . Notice i s hereb y glveu tha t i n pursuanc e o f a power o f aale coutiiinvd In said mortgage , uu d o t th e BtntuttU u Kuch cas e mido an d p/oride d th e premises describr d In an d covere d b y said mort. liage» to wit; alt that certai n piece o r parcel o f lan d wit h th o bnlldiiiBB thereo n lyin g ami botug i n tho . town o f Lew-Inborn. Count y and'State uf ore-said, and describe d a s follows , Beginning a t th o Nurt b «. c e - n irn»t-nf_Kaiil -tract, a t th o highway .leading . from Tjovvlslioro storo- to Kaat wooel ciiii.-cll, Ad- ininlug land o f Jamea U . Wood , nu d runnin g weatorl y by an d alon g th e lan d o f th o Paid James R , Wood' to laud of Stephu n lloutotijulcccaaeil,; thouce southerl y a straight line t o a hea p o f atonew, thoiu-e westerl y i n a line with B aton e fenco, partly built, to th e en d o f sai d ienco . thonco again south ­ erly by an d al.uu; laud o f sin.I Stephe n Boutob , de ­ based, to laud o f LOWIB Itayinoiid Thence south ­ erl y by sai d Raymond* ! land lotho laud o f Sllaa ftnscoe, deceased, 'rbouce emdcrly, tlinuce south ­ erly, thciico easterl y TtJ»sra7~fDllowiilg th o aton e ienco, a s it now'la. t o ttieaforo-ni d highway \ thonco un-jibj-jdy^-jiiul^lmjj^j^ij^ ^ t o tb o land o f Unrri't IrTnVooelTu^euCB^Tvlstcri^imtTr^i-r-iifj^- eafcterjy b y bind o f said Harriet lir^JN'opd, t o the afoiosaid hli>hway; thenc e by an d ulorig nald high­ way t o tb o place ot beginning , containin g thirty-five acres, ,bo the sam e more o r less . Will b e aqld a t pnr>Hn*am-tlo]i. -at th o Btoro boua e o f Fre d It Sco- YOU WILL FORGET. You will forget. The flowering tide of Spring Stands stilt a t flood; tbe blossoms oversow For Kindness, nud beside Uiat tendc) plow Of life, you kiss mo, and yet I dumbly know You will forget. Tbo summer comes. Ab, sweetheart, lore Is sweet; Tbe very breath of God lies on -the l:md; You draw mo close to you, but though ni.v hand lfl faith hw\A youis, 1 I • dimly -under . THE \NEWS 12*1 BiHEF. \Iivas Just out for n little ride,\ said Rltbty, \and my girths were loose, so I dismounted to cinch up, nud that hor­ rid .Dundy got away. If you had no( come.' I don 't know whatever I should uav .ir 'dotK*;\ . JMlss Foster would uot have been the \jvomau she was if tears'—tlie genii oi tlW -lamp of fair femininity—bad uot risen., at .her wllL Tho driver looked again a t tbe horse nud buck nt Miss Foster. He had <. known her from the day of her birth. When lie was lu his Urst enlistment, loug before be bad re­ turned to civil life, ho had been hot father's striker lie .had held her upon n-Inirro nud tnught_lier to ride before she* could waiu. TUerelnre,\ ne was Justly annoyed For the cleverest con­ spirator is apt to overlook a detail, nud Kitty had forjtotli-u that tho horse o( a good rider, whiih has broken away, should have the bridle over- his head. , \I'm sure, Miss Kitty,\ he said, \that As from a dream, an d wondering, It WH 'eXt me learaed you to leave the stand apart. _ reins Ihooked over the pommel when Ah\ what Is this? Hush, hush, rny y .on' Aismounted— and I should have ~ ' lrotrgJrtf =you— w alohelanywheres. Kitt]y flushed. Of all tilings she was stand elegrapUic (Gleanings from All Parts of the World. The house ha s passed the currem-y bill by a vote of 190 yeas to 150 nays. Eleven Democrats voted for it Edgur F. Bailey, of Orange. N J., was seriously i\ounded In a duel with a burglar in his kitchen. Admiral Watson reports from Ma' nlla. tliat eleven ot tho Yorktown's boat crew, captured a t Baler last sprigs, are Still alive. Tile rt -'AJ-h Tax GUIIIIIIISBIUH'U pro- You will forget. J\he earth grows chill. Tb e banner of tire frost ^ Flames gold and crimson in tbe wood We start - beiltlUR lR 'aTt; J 'Yo;i will forget. 1ld==lia4!(*=uiom posed re-adjustment of rates has been made public It Is especially severe on Corporations. The Mfchlgan legislature has met in •special session and Gov Pingree's mes­ sage, urging new mthod of railroad taxation, was read. Form^y Senator Persons, of Buffalo, has bedn'mentioned ns under consid- cratii^rt^mrtgovei'iiur to-sncceerl^afrr iteyn asUxi^urtince superintendent. An id*vit»iiT of 10 per cent. In wages The Matter of Fear. l\)r G Stanley Hall, of Hartford Conn,, knbws now what a good many Americans aro afraid of—or used to 1 be afraid of when they wore children i He askod thom. for purpose of sclen tlfic investigation, and they told him His first circular letter of Inqtilr .t brought answers from 1,701 persons, mostly under 23 years of ago. and oth­ ers \were heard from later. He .summed up tho result for tho Ameri­ can Journal of Psychology and the government ha3 now- published his paper, along with twenty or thirt> othot papers, in a bulky pamphlet, en titled. \Experimental Study, of Chil­ dren.\ uf Dr. Hall's 1,701 young Americans bU3 had—or \used lo MVtr—a fuur -Trf- thunder and lightning, 143 ot any high winds, G7 of cyclones, 44 of queer- shaped clouds, 34 of shooting stars 25 of northern lights, 18 of comets K> of fog, 14 of storms, any kind; 14 of eclipses,. 10 of very hot weather and S ot very cold weather. Snakes aro—or pgea to be—an'ob­ ject of terror to 483, wild iinlmals to 206. bnllg; horses, etoto 2C8: spiders. an d foitrteou (111) feet , thenc e aoiiTb eight y and' .onejbi]f^e>£ri»eaeMt<,8, 80)$ 0 E.)forty-uv o (tl)fcet , ' thenc e ( nort h iwonty=furrp—and-our«balf— degreesJ - (eaat .N !i«,*<E.) 0 one hundred and soventy-nlne»' 1711)) feet, thenc e nort h sixtee n and oncjiaif de - erne B east (N . lf>if ° E. ) thre e hundred an d i.lxty <150 feet, thonc o nwtli olKbty-on e and thro e quar­ ters degree * oast (N81»i° E.*) four hundred an d sixt y throo foet . thence t^outy.ono nud one quarter degrees eas t {•i\'{ a E. ) thre e hundre d andtoi)-[310} ftet, tbeuce nort h eighty-uln o de­ gree s oaBt fou r lin n Ire I an d si x feet, thonc o Botitli six dt*gr»cs woat si x Iitt'idrcd fe/-t, thence sAutn e>ue and one-quarte r eli-gncs wes t tnelvo hundre d andfflfty-feot to tb o |>laero f bcglnniug, e'onlalnh u thirty-KOven and thtrty-tbrea bundrcdtii s acre s o f land b e the samo tnoro or less . SECOND.'-All that certain' piec e o r parcel o f land an d preiuiaOB t-ituatc, lyin g apd being in th e Town o f Nort h Sslctn . In th e Count y « f Wostcbes- * . fer* fiforQ^»id -ind bounded o n th o nort h by Tltlcun Rive r and lamia o f -U.y.ra .i-iucn, on th e »i at b y the - lan d o f Kpharlin Baite r am i othe r laud o f th e party of th o secon d part, on th o sout h by lau d o f Inane P. Smith nu d th e land o f Mino u Lolidcll unit o n th e eas t b y land o r Ezra fluch au d the landn o f Amzt Close an d th e pnbll c highwa y wlilc h sep\iirateB it fro m th o lanels nf lunar I) Kiullli and Amz l t;lo?e. containin g eighty aere-s o f 1 n d b o the eaiuo mor e or lees, bein g the same promise'* beret iforn ron - veyeelb y Willlum O . Mlb a and .TamcB Milln, execn - -—tftrn nrJn»ie » jvrilin 1 eieeiiaHeil, an d others l o Un ­ derbill W . Smith . _ THIRD:— Au d also all th e followin g olhc r piece or parcel o f land, viz:—All thut curtain piece of land sltuato i n tho Town o f Nort h Salem iiforefuid. bounded as follmv*: Ue-glunlng n t a stake an d stoucB by said Jilgbwo y (highwa y h-adlng from Nort h Snletn Acaric->uy t o Wlittlocltvillc) adjolntnj; landlateof th o whlow Minn Uo>t. decenso-l o u tho Ma t fif tier land, -ind running ihoiiuo uortberl v by paid Minn liort'a laud t o a stake and etom-a by na tl f IIoyl*a land , thetu-e wo-tcrly b y sild Host's lan d 1 to a Btalto and stones b y Uudorbll l \S Huittii'e ! land , thenc e northerl y by said Snillh' s land t o a J stak e a-id ptouos i n nuclear flold, thence westerly by I said Smith' s land to the 1 end of Diulerlllll W Smith , luonc o southerl y b v iho Inu d «<f Uuderhtll i _ W.^inlt h t o tho laTKl o f Eraatua It . Fliicb , tin ne e | ' >v'estprly b y land of Eraetun It. l ? lncb to a sialro an d *~ stoiiTff; ttronca-sonthorly t o the highway aforeutsid, tbetfco ny said highway t o th e plae o o f beginning , •containin g b y estimatio n fotitrett n/-res b e the ^ m | same more o r lesM. belnt; part o f tbe premise s con- vevoTloTJnrtWl!ll^V™r<tintli—by—Rdnioiul-8iulth_ ( an d Mary Ellzabotb.'his wife, beiiifc oi l th e r—' 1 estate o f whic h Undcrhil l \V. blult h die d selzcel. Dated , Octobe r 25th , 18M) t. G . TRUMAN OAPROX, Uold.iu tli e village o f 1'ouudriUKO. i n sain ciuim y nf -Westoliestor^N^-^-on-Salurday, tlie fld ek y -nf | ^ February, WO\ s.t 10 o'clock in tb o forenoon , Sated th o lOthda y o f November, IffJ!). ~—~ -AN-NIB-U.-KULL^ Wit. MKAD, Aitorue y Asslfineo. Can I foi-get'.' The harvest of my **P. U ^ proudKst .of hei- hiirsemausldi). ... . - . Lies winnowed at your door, xu e \Dq vo „ think. O'Uourke. that'you \rent> intt. ;\u-ct Monday In the New ] coujd^fiitcli. lOaiidy for meV\ ' gngUIld' -.Ji'on inuiiufactuiiug elites 1-lluuuu,\ KiiiTl \^inyrn , lcrc ^tnirf l t--so—ond -townsr -atfeotlnB-70,000-hands^ P ROCLAMATION-STATh OF NEW Y<JitK—COUNT Y OK.-tVKSTCUKSTER, S.S . , ^ , The underidfiuod, th e Hhorllf o f sulci i county, i n conformity t o a precep t t o ht m i n thi s ' behal f dtroeted an. I delivered , b y ihls , hi s prorla - \ niatiou , reiluirc s al l persons bo'iu'l to appea r * t a ( SVPRKM K COURT , to b o held a t th o Cour t llouso, l u t'lo T«wt i o f Whtt o Plains, l u tlio County o f Weatouesterafore - eald, on-'ttie 4th Day December 1899 | at to n o'clock l u th o f -ronoo n o f tha t day , by 1 recognizance o r otherwise, t o appea r tbercaf: and I tb o undersigned hereb y require s tha t all Jn'tlcea o f the peace, coroner^ an d otUcorfe who havo take n nicitilow-rue AVTiIclt lilnds it !rs of- old is hot more truu TTiau tnnra-Tr^I-wn-llc^tloner^yv-bil^- you— You will forget. —The Bookman. HIGHWAY RUBBERY. That\ aiis.s Fo.ster wa s different from and more (-banning than all the rest of her sex might have been proved from any of the fifteen men to whom she IOLeaco.oonii.ersH,., , „,ueer » w.. v U «.„ , lm ' 1 '\'' >U OlKlgl 'd in tilt* Inst tWO .Vt'IirS iiy-feeeigetiMoro for th e ab|)eari(uoe of any perso n I since she had come back from school, nt tho sai d court , o r hav e taken any Inquisitio n o r , beginning witll Ctldet I'VlTls and end- examination of an y prisone r o r witness , t o tutum i ...ttl» p.wiv Biicli reco^nlzancoa, inquisition s and cxamiiiiltlnn s I , ,„ to tiio sai d i.ou .t, a t tb o oponinu thereof, o n tbeJ That (?aj>t. rostcr.wns exactly like first day o f it s KittinK.-siguo d n t the sheriQ's ^all the rest of mankind, ami little de- £' W '\'- P1 \' U8 ' °» tUo i0tU ot May, Kl , I . V( , (1 tlu . ,,,,. ss i n;r ]„, ,„„, j u Uls 1 daughter, was manifested by his drau ing from his pocket a letter, and saying ns he gave It to Iter. \By the WIIXIA1I V. MOLLOV, Sheriff. UUSTANT TO A N ORDER O F HO N THEO­ DOREORE H SILKILK -Con n tj—ot-^'estclumtcj-. Itofereo. -013.tRI.E S HAINES, Plaliitlira Att.iruey. Bedfor d Station , N. Y Wlkmaiii^urrogaR^tho aar-of-Ilon-. Theodora -H;. !P U fl\'..^ T *^ ^^r 6 ^* 0 ^^ • \\\'*•'\.- thKxamilJVl' rt 'U yosfer- * OD0UR n ' \'^^iu^vimc^^ and I Furgof l» give ir t o yott \'• Miss Foster looked at the postmark, and at the almost feminine chlt'og- rnphy. and knew Hutt the letter wa s from Fort Bov»te and ffbni Gloucester. She tiiul It besido her plnle auci ilut islic d her breaUfnst. Afterward she took* if up to her own room an d read. It Then sbe sat with folded hand's .•mil looked, unseeing, at the photo­ graphs of the fifteen upon the wall be­ fore her. Khe was very white. . The most astute woman will fre­ quently stake anything nnd pthy all her game upon honor In man. When • 11 * 11 \J lkUU.ll,, 1,1... , OV i | .I...! i.iii.unii n I UVWV' r ll-IIUJ . . °\y r?..^' t ' 1 .'.. a ..?i°'!ggZ^! n th ° ,L ' 1US 13 11 ,3 \eml-offlclally announced In \^FTtT l' u \\M*.'l- —; Iamdoii UtaL Lite appolntrrtent-ot -Lord- wppol Koberts to the chief command in South Africa Is not Intended as a reflection on General Duller. Chairman Hnnna. of the Republican National Committee, has appointed P. S. Heath. CharleB G. Dawes and Sen­ ator Shoup a committee on campaign Pr ,Banl7 .atlon anti_ literature. Speaker Henderson has announced the house committees a s follows: Mr, Buti he wound th e lines around the brake and jumped down. Th o pas­ senger was not to be outdoye. He jumped down, too, aud together they went trotting across the plain. Kitty had seen others try to catch Dandy. She climbed leisurely into the stageT and dragged the nijtll pouch from under the seat. She wa s fright­ ened uow, nnd cold and trembling, nnd she threw quick glances fo where Q , l<0Uikc and the passenger were ad- Payne, of New York, is chairman ot vauclug.-tttid rutiv-.itiug, and deploying Ways and means; Jtr. Brosius, of Penn- -nevcr wlthlrt arm's reach nt Dandy, sylvania, of banking and currency, and rouoerB) umc , U a 0 ry ana st 'When she had stowed away In tho Mr. H1U. of Illinois, of foreign affairs. | negg BCClns t o increase, crown of her cap a suinil package post- Senator Pcttlgrew, of South Dakota, | further that \mnny Infan marked Bowie and addressed to (lady hag intrduced a Joint resolution tender- 1 main through life,\ and It' (•i ,<i~ n/t!i,r...> .....11..- « i • <•-.»!.• - - wasps, etc., to zoi', rats ami mice lu 19(5, dogs and cats to 79, hawks, owls, etc., to 51. FIfty-aeven -arrj—or were —afraid \of- death by drowning, 205 •af<l^fHlie-water--orv-KonoF.aUprtn.cl^ .plea, 3r.Fi nfrAltj of fire and 436 of'any County Of Wfstchnsto r NOTICeiaUKREUYOIVEV , accordin g l o law to al l person s havlm t claims , a^ufusi Euniiu Smith, lato o f tb o town o f Nort h ttalcm. Wcj^cheste r Coitnty., deceased , t o proseu t Iho wan.e with tho vouchor s thereof, t o th o iindrrslirno I, executor o't'i e cs'at o of th o slid defeafiod, a t bl-e rettldcuce In Croron falls. Wcifol/oHtor Countt ^ Now Yeirk \it o r befor e the31stela y o f ilA Y A 1) , moo. Dated till- .Ixth da y o f November . A T>. i«l>!> OllAUIeh S J F DKOKKR , Executo r ROBERTSON & l 'ARRETT Attotjiievs fo r Executors . White Plains . N. Y >• r T I* 1 D H S \l AN, SiliTOgato of the NOTIOE IS llEREnY OIVBN. acordlns tolaw. ] llHTTTlInTITOr-To^allrMiei--eak 'ulationH-| toniipirsoi.siiaviuitchitmsoaaiiistoiibertFnaiicy, are set at naught, and tho bottom fans lat o o f th o Town o f Nort h Salem , l u fald Cooiity , ou ^ Q f universe. decea.,od, t o presen t th e same , wit h the^vouchers, An(1 ( . !ouc p. stl ,,.- s ), ono v 1ms failed. ^ 'ohestec, \KOTIO E 1 8 ITBRI3BY-orvEN-,-accordln(f to law , ^> - -toftll iioiiioiia having clalii n sKalnat Magdeleiut Bcokcr.lat e o f tb o Town o r jiorl h saiem , i n sat u County , deceased , t o proseu t th o sauiQ wit h th o —youeber»therftor r toiha'undorsb?Ll!(l.!tlio oxecuator , of lh.e1ast Will and Twtainent of sai d deceased,*; a t bis resldcncol u Crotou-Falis , Westcheste r County , New York, ou or befor e th e 31s t da y o f MAY, A.D , 1900. Date d this Cth da y o f November, A. D. 1800. CHARLES J P, DE0KER, » Executor . ROBERTSON & BARRETT, Attorney s fo r Executors , . White Plains , N. Y da y o f Novoinbor , A . D/ , _ _ GEORGIA P . BAILEY. Administratrix . ln mlu i c the fool that I have been, I. • Attorney s fo r Administratrix , Wlillo Plains , N. Y.' ill -a pointed, scrawling, almost femin­ ine hand she snapped the lock She had left the keys i:t the bag. For she knew that the postmaster had dupll rates. Then she steadied herself with n lDTTgTlr.qwnlU'i'jiih. and, ^ariirriiig her rldlngi-Kifts ••ibout her, walked toward Dandy, holding, out Iter hand. Dandy had been ln-dnght up to believe that this meant sugar- or nutmegs. li e came, wlih neck outstretched', aud ihus/ded ib the little gloved plum. \He is sorrj In* was naughty,\ said' Miss'rotter, scratching the liaik of ills eaiv u autl he rs going to be good, and never, never nu t away from his mis­ tress .again.\ . Anil lhen she rewarded O'Rourke by putting her \booted foot In Ids great paljnln.i'.l springing in a .manner that did-ifis training <redlt. She smiled on ins to Rear-Admiral Winfield Scott Schley and to the offlcers an d men ! •under his command the thanks of con­ gress for \the destruction of the Span­ ish licet ,)ff- tlie harbor of Santiago, on July 3. Is'JS\- I Count Tolstoi, who was very ill, has •res'imnl his work again. I Gi >\ci 'nmont troops eiefeated General Hei luindez ln a battle nuar To. uyo, JVell , Zt.ll lu Muru.m Interests ar e negotiating for flftf. .. I-IBI I mines in Hocking Valley, Ohio I Cin Hrooke has reported his plans lor ^e-tttling certain troops\ of cavalry *hoin. fiom Cuba. I strange persons, while 153 confess to a haunting nervousness onthe\ subject of robbers, Dr. Hall heard from 51G boys nnd G71 girls'. The boys confessed to 1 - 521 distinct fears all told, the girls to 3,101 fears. Th e fears of the boys according to Dr Hall's data, Increase in number from 7 years of age to 15, then they fall off. The doctor remarks that the dread of 'being kidnapped, of blood, of cloud shapes, of shooting stars and of tho end of the world seems to grow less as tho boys and girls grow up, but the dread of thunderstorms, reptiles, robbers, machinery and self-conscious- Ho remarks Infantile fears re- through life,\ and It's so. Th • John D. Rockefeller timber land tht^Ja^raT^rrawl-thantetl-lihir-swTjet:—-to~\\'ariiTington--hrr5—bt'en sora \WTtrr lyvv. I Eastern syndicate, \f hope the postmaster will not be angry wlih me I'or delaying tbe trnns- gortation jof tin* government malls,\ antJESTie cantered away. .. f .0:uly sat himself upon the top step \of tllp, porcjii of Cnpt. Foster's quarters, Mlfliiyihiterrdid tlie s^me. Cady's face' ! Jacob Hcndrlckson, of Woodbury', N. X, mourned as lost at sea, was saved t>X a. l.'hisggw schooner* . I Mrs. Nettie F, Craven has won a par. 3Ual victory in her contest over the Fair jBatate at San Francisco. by this mail tlie letters you have writ-' ten to me within the last month—four LSSl^^^^^^^^^f 18 ^\^ \cQn^ndtdl^elrJosS ln :t^fcf* A Hat Trust. Representatives of several wealthy capitalists are preparing for the con­ trol of tho ha t industry ot Danbury. eonn. Within two months-aumcxoiis conferences- have been held between the agents of the syndicate and th o principal manufacturers, and It i s un­ derstood that an understanding has been reached. The strictest secrecy has been maintained regarding th e Identity of the men who will make up the synOI- cate, although it has leaked out thit John Marshall, of Fall River Is slat -d for manager of tho syndicate. Danbury is the, .Now...England bai­ ting centre. More fur hats nre made there than in any other <*£ity of Its size in th e world. Employment is given \about 570UU nandB atTMiTs Tiithistry Owing to tbo rigorous demands of the Hatters' Union, which is admitted ly one of th e strongest labor organiz­ ations in the country, the manufactur­ ers arerkep\tin~a-constant-turmoil T and the endeavor to soil out to a syndicate Is^thougllt.tC havo the secret support of tsomei'oCthc loading manufacturers. - ~ -j\ ww— ....... . — —V 1 -' \ \ - ~ — - • ^ . • * v-aivudc* liu.fl UJl.VCU whitotiiindjscared. There was a sll- » t Plymouth, England, with a'fireman j;uei».,' Thou—GadiP—drew—from— his —iBfr-boaid. guucilnt, with the plug .*iiH -h<»-ajm .]s ...... Too will recelT* • promp t r«pl? L «tthou t coit 'WStaWW protected when\ tho_;chahge in owner- -Sh+(>-tftk«9-t>lftee OFFICE OF IS3I0N ER OF JURORS. County of Westchester. \Vhilc t PlainH, N. Y. . Juuo 20. ISOOl JJotlco 1« hereby give n that tlio Unts fo r drifml an d Potit Juror * fo r 1893 an d 190 0 ar o now com­ plete an d optiu fo r examinatio n a-ul correction . AH i>orni)us resld.HK li» Wuntcheator County clalmliitr pormnufltit exemptio n fro m eucli duty , aud who liavo no t horelofor o hu d thei r lmoicn craned fro m 'tbo activ e lift o f JurOrs, ar c requeste d t o ap­ pear n t tills ofllco, withi n fiftcou d^ya, betwee n th o bours o \\U it. m nn d 4 p , in. , nu d presen t evidenc e of audi exemption a e required by law . -No-vxettipti'Mi-wtlt bo*ilowcd unlcaa Uifi DQrfQn clnimlQif tho namo uhall miko and ftlo l u thi s odlc o a n uflidtivit ritaii'itf th o fnc U ontttliiu? hi m tliort'to, unlcsH such o^cmiptiou Hlmll mat npou phyplcal In ­ capacit y in wliiuli eas e a cortiflcuto and nfllilaMt o f a phyftldau wil t b o received . ; Z JOHN SELLS. _ Commissione r o f Juror s o f Wealcueste r Count y TERMS — O F THE COUNTY^CUUET- OK THE N COUNTY OF WESTCSBISTER, FOR THE YEAR 1898, T?prms of the Coitnty Court of th e County of Westchester ib'- the trial of issues at which a Grand and Petit Jury -will be required to attend, are hereby \appointed't<rtae held at the Court House • \White Plains, in the v e ar 1S9S, as fol­ lows. . >•- ^ FIRST MONDAY OF MA ^Cir, THIRD MOtyllAY* OP JUNSL .VlHRT-TTTf 'lnAV OF SBPTORER. ' LAST MONDAY OP OCTOBBU. T HE PEOPfiE OIATH E STAT E O F NEW YORK , b>* th u t.*raco ofGotl froc nu d Itrdoncutlcitt To nonrv L. Tcl'ef , Elizjuoi h lJarlter, Mar v Teller , Qriffltli II' I'ollor, H»rrl«on Toller, l- - rcd Tnllor, Sara h A Hall , Emma roller, Jctiuio Telle r Miller, America n Surety Company , and t o th o creditors , Dcxt o f kin , nn d nil otho r pernios intcroRte.l i n th e estat e at Sara h Teller , hit* o f th o Town o f Bedforel, i n th o Count y o f \Vo«tcheator, an d Stato aforesaid , deoease.l, intestate . Rend itrectitiK: You an d eac h o f you ar e hereby cited t o appea r Uoforeoit r Surrogito o f to o Coui/t y o f Woalcbeiiler, nt bis ofiVo i n th o Villaffo e.f \V5iitc PlaiuR on th e iSflftUy of January , IIKID, at lajj'clockli i tb o fore- uoon o f that day, the n au d ther o to attend a judicia l sottlemoiit p f th e accoun t o f Emil y T, 8IOSBOII, o f nirtrro-irrnof-Bedforel.-Coiinty or^Ti^cbisAeal^Siiato of- New York , a i tho' Administratri x o f »11 au d Kfntrular the ^oo.ls , cbattol s a'id crodits whic h Were of th o Kald doceasod Aud suc h o f you an aro hereb y cited, as lire unde r tlio ag o o f twonty-ono years , nro required t o «i.pea r •by 3our guardian. If you haYOOuo, or If 5-011 have none, t o appoar an d appl y fo r on e t o b e appointed , o r i n th o event of yotir tiefilce-t o r failure t o do wo. a Kttardian will b o appointe d b y th o Surrogat e t o roprCHont and ac t fo r you 111 tlie proceeding. . - In tcatfmony thereof, 'i'he Seat o f the Surrogate'.. Cour t o f our nai.l Couurj' o f Wcatchcster haa been hereunt o afllred Witness , HON. Tiictinonc II. SII.K«»N. ,—*^ SnrroButo o f ou r Balel County, f ) a t th o tow n n f Whlt o I'lalna, tbt* lrtth < u R. > da y o f \Novuinlicr In th e year o f ou r I 1 Lor d otto thoiiHuud eight hundre d au d *—-* nluety-ulno . CESME SOTUKltLAMJ, Clerk o f the Surrogato'a Court . KELLOOO ft SLOPIION. Attorneyt. fo r Administratrix , IS Cedar Street, So ough o f Mauhattau , , .Knw York City. Xew York. P URSUANl TO AN OUDElt O F HON TUE- ODOllE U SILKMAN, Surrogal o of'tho County o f tt'enlcuestor— NOTIOE IB (tunEDV UIVKS, accordliiR t o law. t o all perxon s having claltuR ai^aluat Bridget —eallod lleBMlc ,( —niggluB, lato of th e town o f Bedfor d In aaid County,'dGceauod, f o presen t th o eauic , with tb o voucher * tlicrcof, (p th e undoralftned, Adinlnl a - tmtnra C *T. A. , o f nil mi d mnpillar till. 5s* 01 the Coiruty Court of^the- County of Westchester for the trial of |. k issues reqtiiring no jury, for the. argti- s ''tnent of appeals, the hearing of motions and otherproceedingsin both Civil and f'.Criminal Cases, are appointed to be held *;-aithe Court House,, in White Plains, on (Saturday of each week, (except in July) \< Dated White Plaius, December 15th. , 189. ~\ : SMITH, LENT, ^CouutyJudge of Westchester Countj, taDAviD^vorite ffVsRcmcdy c one sure cure for J e Sidneys, Ilyer and Blood ai!RED' NSOTHE; j'JJgrt Jlood's Sai- ! I- JM9Vl )uro 1 • •• ^^..anil ret.* S'f^ find help ' t u liich g^ves 1 |i |iMitc an d chattel a an d credit s o f th o paid deceased, a t the> joidenco o f Thoina n O'Brien i n Bedford , West­ cheste r County, N. Y. , 011 o r before th e 20l h da y o f June, A. D., 11)00. Dated thla .th do y o f December A . D. 1809. \THOMM&DBW A<H»lMrtt«tot.aT A . llOUKKTSON k RABIIKTT, Attornojs for AelniiniHtratora O.T.A. , Whlt o Plaint*, N. Y , In number—that h e may know 'With what manner of woman he has to deal.\ \ -• - Now. fourteen times before Miss Foster had not bo'Pn^Jln earnest. But this time she was . T'nfortunate'ly, 1 the fact that she cared greatly for j Catly had not prevented' he r from I wriHnff to Gloucester more afTection- j a rely than prudently, ln order to keep lilin- t'other dear charmer wh o was away—upon her strlnjr. so long as it _\youId hold him without snapping. j ~Aiiii ijie lettersrseirrwiillrrKtnr'wns ac- I tually engaged to Cady, were going to ! fall Into bis hands. It was a desperate slfimflon But. witlrfill-hep-blue-oyos^l and curls, nnd bewildering ways. Miss Foster was the«woman to meet It. After some time she rose to her feet and set her Hps. It Is a peculiarity of Cupid*s-bow lips that they can set. up­ on occasions. She knew that Cady had not yet received those letters. And ! she determined that he never should. ! She would rob tlio stage. I Guard mounting wa s just over and I the stntre* was not due until noon. Kit­ ty set a hip; ha t n-tilting upon her curls and walked down to th e post otllce. Fate, with her partiality for the brave and rairrvvlllim\thnt the Dost master should have left his desk. Miss Foster pushed open the gate an d went behind the rail. The keys to tile mall bag hung upon their hook. She put them in her pocket. When th e post­ master came back she was pinclrtly marking his clean blotter with the pockefST'a.rpttckttgo of letters. They worc ( \in''.KIt(y's writing. Kitty drew frormhef pocket another package. They \ver.*[in Cady's hand. Cady spoke first. \Here .he. said, \is a bundle of let- ters-l-fotir in number. They came to me' in to.-day's mall. They were accom­ panied ^by till** uote from Gloucester. 1 lu'eilfnot iissuri* you that I have not read thorn, bin I gathered from what he says that they arc of an execed- iu S'>l ESrsonnl naturo an d of a very rocoift date.' You nifiy guess my opln- iou of Gloucester. \Hut he 'bent upon her a look of withering scorn, \you an lot guess my opinion of you.\ i The battleship Massachusetts has been ordered Into reserve at League Island ns her crew Js needed for the Kentucky. The Broadway National Bank of Boston has failed, as a result of the John P . Squire assignment. The <le- 'fosltors will be paid In full. ! A dispatch from Manila says that I Major March ha s abandoned his pur­ suit of Agulnaldo. Tho latter ha s left Bontoc, headed southward, where he i ?may encounter the Americans. Judge Adams, of the United States It is -admitted that the syndicate Is willing to spend ?15,000,000 to actjulre control of the industry -«^-.„,_3_^_j „ . , c, .Circuit Court, at St. Louis, has estab- ^Trtield-tiK^titidie-eirt-to lioiv- Sho _ii 3he d-the-preoederit^at_acciallQns_ to m«lied It away. 1 hen she heldd up be- i-marian m-nnertv H v n »«i ^„Ki^_»i^_^ Neat and Attractive STATIONERY ^Qlves Tone to Bualness^l letter stamp. \If you please, Mr. this letter registered.\ Jones, I want 50 YEARS' EXPERIENCE TiitoE MARKS (DESIGNS COPYRIGHTS &C. Anyono acndlne a sketch ant descriptio n mar quickl y nsccrtni n our. opinio n free whether nn Inventio n w pfonnbl y pnteuta.lc . Commnntcn - /lonsstrlctlycouudentlnl . 1 Inn\hook.o n Patents sent froc.'Olrtent m-oncy for FC iirlnB patents. Patents tnko n thruuch Slum & Co . receive tpectat notice, without chnroc , iitth o Scientific Htsterican. A handsomely llfintrnte d vrenk*y, Larecst clr- dilation of any nclontlfio 1ourr.il. Terms, $3 a year: f onr months, f b Sol d by il l newsdealers. MUNN &Co. 3B,Broi 4' New York Bronc U Office, (33 F St. Wtsitagton. D. C An hour later Miss Foster reined up her horse on J the top of n rise nnd looked across tho flat stretch of grease- Wood,' nnd cactus nnd sage. Far away a tiny speck was crawling toward her nlong tho white- roail. It was_.the-; stage. She had beeu bora upon the plains, and she ha d an unfailing eye for its' distances. Thero would be fully half nn hour,to wait She cast about for'-some wa y of killing time and found, a deep, wide Assure In the patched earth. I t appealed to her dnr- iugv.— Sh e put her horse to a run and winded': TUen su e Tod.e again to the crest of the slope. Th o stage was near. She dismounted, felt of th e glrtbg, nud sut down, hugging the tiny noon­ day-shade of a tiny mosquito bush, for the su n was burning down from a hard, blue sky. A big red ant was carrying a beetle's wing many times larger than itself. Kitty watched it until she heard the clatter of traces a s the stage climbed the other side of the slope. Then she commended he r soul to lieaveh and brought her quirt down upon tlie horse's thinks. Tho stage driver drew up his stock, and the one .passenger pu t out his head an d shoulders and, gazed a t the slender gray figure rising alone in the midst of ihc'prairle. \Whatever Miss Kitty\—tho driver stopped short. He saw the-uorse graz­ ing off a bunch of stumpy srass, a hun­ dred yards away. Kilty went a step neaitor-aiiil laid her baud on the wheel. She had seen that there wa s n o wo­ man in Tin* stage. A woman would hnve upset nil he r calculations. She raised her big blue eyes. The men who could have resisted them were fe'w Those* in the ftnec Ust.-tjcd now purlieu It away , THOU su e hel up for<- his eyes a package of much the same • size. He reached out for It quh-kly \N'ot yet!\ said Kitty. \Here she eotnlnued, \Is a bundle of letters—six lu number. They came . in to-day's mail. 'Thr-y were aOcompainlcd by a note from Miss Fowler of Bowie. I need not assure you that I have read them. They ar e of an exceedingly per­ sonal—I may say affectionate nature and of n very recent date. They were writ I en by you to Miss Fowler, I read too. the uote with which she returned (hem'. Here-It Is. You may Und it of interest—I did. Ca/ly took tlie package she held out to him. Miss Foster took the one Cady .held out to her. And again there was silence. Then the llpntonnii * spn1 .-e>. \T o riparian property by navlgable-riv is a question for Federal courts. whom may I ask, were the letters from Miss Fowler addressed'!\' \To you.,. \And may I also nsk how. In that event, they came Into your posses­ sion?\ Miss Foster considered. \No.\ \Cftdy put his package in his pocket TnTd~fn\SteiieTl _ \lTlsr-blouse TTVOI - tlrmn: Then, he sat looking over the parade ground.--eVfter a time he-put Ids hands- on ills kuees -and turned and faced Miss Foster. \Well he said. Kitty's eyes! had been, cast down, so that her long lashes lay upon her chocks.. She raised them.\ rre> Innl.-evl down steadily Into American farmers have exported 183.- 832,059 bushels of corn during the last 'eleven months, i Mr. Edwin V. Morgan, of New York, • has been appointed Unfted States le­ gation secretary'at Seoul, Corea. Representatives Berry and Wheeler had a sharp debate over the Kentucky election In the House a t Washington, Friday. Colorado will bring suit against the Federal Government to test constitu­ tionality of refusal to coin silver bul­ lion on demand. Professor William Harkness, astron­ omical director ofr-th*- United States Naval Observatory, will be retired a s a rear aeimiral. Gov. Roosevelt ha s appointed judge Frederick W. JKruse of Cattaraugus County. N. y., to the Supreme Bench In the Eighth District. , - General Otis reports that the Ameri­ cans are still pursuing the remnant of ! for American traffic, Shaking Hands. - The handclasp is vanishing Men and women do not shako hands as of­ ten as they did. The custom Is said to have had Its origin In the desire of savages upon meeting- to show each other that they t vfp.ro without wea­ pons. And In the opinion of many It Is a relic of savagery in every sense of the word. Physicians have In­ veighed against It lately, declaring that the handshake is responsible for the spread of disease. In 'this attack they at leaat- prrtctlce what they prc~o.cn, says the Chicago Trlhunef. an(T~ the carefulness in which a surgeon prepares his hands and surgical In­ struments before anil after an opora- tlon is evidence tjjat the danger is a real one. Handshaking is tlio only jcontact of flesh that takes place be- nwecn ordinary acquaintances, and hence It must be the only means by which many cases of disease could have been spread, the FlIlptneTT bjiXtTif0.ug:lij!._roiigh Country and under great dlfllcultles. _ The insurance of the wrecked^Vmerl- fcan liner Paris has been adjust-ed. The Bhlp will return to the Atlantic service and will bo rechrlstened after an 'American city. A \Sphere\ in China. It has several- times- recently been alleged- in foreign countries that th e United States had been formally of­ fered by th e interesting parties, and had positively declined, a \sphere of influence\ in China. It has been a s positively stated, however, that our government has quietly Insisted on •teondltlons^whlch.woulfl give us ndvan- tngeous access to Chinese trade. As an assurance that our commercial Interests in tho. Celestial Emplrd would be safely guarded Germany Is \..credited with having-glyen assurance of declaring Klaochou a free t harbor Many European statesmen regard this expected as­ sumption of a places In Chinese com­ merce by th e United States as a mat­ ter of far-reaching importance In th e politics of the world. lrhiT > J ^ml=*n :tiThJ ITPTI ffp 11 f -, ~ The transport Sedgw.lck, Capt Hen- thoir—rlejw, -litr* arrived' IrCXSi*? Voi-t r from jar** •• .np^sssjzximsj&s n *—* dist!nctIon_of having slatn more p5o pie than \any other instrumentality, outside of military equipment, whose -„-.„ . lurloiigh Miss Foster gave a huge slgJt of re- , - lief. \Isn't it curious.\- she said, how United States. Consul Macrum exactly alike Miss Fowler nnd Mr. .rretori.i, who i s superseded by Gloucester writes? Any oue might have ' Say - lms S! '\ed for New York. at Mr, been decoivikl.' Which wa s not very relevant, bu t Cady dltl net nsk what she meant Ir­ relevancy was one of Mi^s Fo'slcr's many? charms. Lieutenant Brumby Is stlll-in a criti­ cal e .iN <!l\tlrtn a t the Garfl~>!il Hospital ln aehlngton The Republican National Committee •met In Washington and beard the claims of New York, St. Louis, Phila- |delphlti and Ohlcp.go for tho honor ot ibelns: the convention city I'hilndel- '.phla W.IB selected a s the placo of niect- . ! lng and June 19 wa s the date fixed. ^ j Toy Pistol Causes Fatal Shooting. . Morehead, Ky., -De. 19.—At Rad- \ hourn, \Sport\ Carroll slv.t and in- er cflithes than the rest of woinenklud, \ atantly killed William McL-aiilel, aged nuis ifttsf on certain days, ami every Js years. Tho little McDanlel buy was d iy las fewer meals thn n .'ire in ken by 'playing with a toy pistol ' which h» the est of tlie family. The «elii*me of r II t! afool Is that no widow shall b e -;lia tttl'until -diV Is tivenry one tho age a* *i hick H may he siipp.-'-.' Mini sh e *. Ill t v nbi • to show a v.-il' her own ti. <f-lie \'-J' ( It. The End of the Guillotine. Perhaps th e most fatuous iristru- ment of death used for tho execution tif capital sentences is the French guillotine, and this horrible engine Is '•-Tin - VnlucUy Hindo o \\ id<!v.. Action is being tnkon by cerlnu eit- lK'htened natives 4o ameliorate the shocking t'OM <lit!on-of-tuo average irin- tloo..\yldow. To begin with. I lie Indian wlddH'- is shaved bald, iiiid can only hide! her baldness, wlih her cloth; slni is dcbrivetl -of all jewelry, wears eoars- polnted at Carroll, when Carro.ll drew •a twenty-tw'o-callbre revolver \and fired. Carroll claims lh» killlmr ives net PUnt- , ai, bti' tne patv.it ..r t i. >lrn I I.. \ Charge inunVr -\i 'i r '.. f.ct a w irrntit f. r !\ i aim Is slaughter. But the guillotine. It is said. Is becoming odious to th e better class of Frenchmen, and it Is destined to soon disappear. The laws authorizing its use require that all ox ecutions be public, and th o enemies of the guillotine oppose any change In this feature of the law. for the reason that they believe that tho e:;orclso of Its functions ln public will the sooner end its career. The world moves. Conservative Old Age. ARC - says Thomni B Itecd is a great conservative- element With age men have acquirerl also we. Ith and standing and influence in tuo community Age. accompanied by wealth, is almost alwajs 11 tcned to. Ago brings with it use :n d wont nnd willingness to grapple 1 thoi'~hts. When limn- i the discovery nf IIT<» < it . i 1 blood no pli*. ., t i MI i | car*, .i e*o t\. i . died n !*-• i - WJlil led •ho

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