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CROTON FALLS rytne pcview of Evcpts of a.Ulve apd Qfowlpg Town 1 MOUNT KISCO 1 Christmas hns the ri,-ht of waj tins week, the clmrcues und private families are busy making prepara­ tions for the holiday. .The woods vnulnH for overt:reens, ard tho Christmas exercises by the Sunday School of tlfe-Baptist Church will be held Saturday evenjnR. There vill be a varied proRi-um of music, ainu- in., recitations und port pieces. The than service promises ifi be-muni usually interesting. The school ex­ tends a hearty invitation to all to come and enjoy tho evening With them. Services in tho churches Sunday A Merry Christmas to all! The L. T. L. held a session at the Mission last Sunday afternoon.- Gilbert E. Gamin Is having altera Tiuiib Hud additions made to hiu barn ou Church street. T*he new undertaking firm or Fish & Williamson' comprises Mr. James Finh uud Mr t hurlcs Williamson. Services at the Mission every Wed- npadny and Saturday evenings at 8 t!rleek-; : and-Sunday afternoons nt & Mr. Whiting- B. Merritt, v-.Jho has bi-en bar manager for the .Hotel El wood, has accepted a similar position iii the Johnson House at White 1 Plains, The Happenings of a Village Briefly-Told.' < ARMONK. Ripples from around the Byram \R-lv'er. . Miss Carrie Beriian entertained a parry of young friends Monday even­ ing. Messrs. William McDonald and Harry Hunter spent Tuesday in New York l-llV. o Mrs. B. F. McDonald and Miss QcjqrRie M. Brundage wero in New York city to-day. Mrs. G.' W. Berrian and daughter, Maiulo. are tlie guests of friends this week in New York city. Mrs. J, Inman returned homo Wed- Z MERRY CHR1STMA htores for presents It is woll that it should be so. Jby was born in Hi thli'hem, and it is rlpht that at (his s'-UM-ii. Bhrmld rejo'en and bo t In.l 'I lui will hi; of courw. some tliHiipp'-mlinentrf, porno will get just 1 -he things that tlipyTio not need, and-: w|>[ bo appropriate to the Christmas not- l«<) thing they had set tricirt bent on childhood's day It is the one time in the,}ear when tho heart of every rhif'f! should be maao tflud, itlld it wrtiild be well for us to recoKnieo the fjrrt tlcrt-il- id been use- -of^tlifi- infill- «wo of the Christ, that wo have ev- j ^<\y reul, joy j J>wph T Secord has moved .his I l,i( ks-muli business from his old Ht .ind to his new nli<jp, on tiio east sit), t I tin- nnlroiid tr ck, wheru he li i*- .i I'liiuniiHlii/tis shop and well filiidup. Mr Secord is now hope- tulh lin>k\iiif; for snow and ice t'O Ijomn business C'liailes Smith and Coin Austin hati litfii dniwyntf hay from tho L.>ni<\ lywis place X\ tlie barns of tin- \. I'. WliJiloek Go. Siinit'tluiig 1 1 U• lli:\ l > MS have In en put in the t».i j-«i -i S '.(• t •'' I >:ii|i'> , of \\ lnl-e Plains —>>p -tr £&<m <hiy.lVUh I\** nuilim?,, _A'V \v. >c <\ see hirn here upun and tuti.'M tin- pleasure, of tauin g him \ LylT VnTT\ - M :s. ..'use.]>h i no Howe, died at her hum*' in Wut-erburj. Coirn.. lost Wifk Die burly was brought season. r,. . . ,, , At tne uaptist uiurrcirtne- Christmas is especially) t .... ~ . , ™ •> .. •>..-.1... J pastor will - oflicmte. The morning subject will be •'Emanuel,\ that, in the evening \ Tho King-in His King­ dom.\ \ Our lioyal ifrotherH'\ will ho the subject of the Y.l'.S.C.E, Miss Emma Benedict Is tire Trpponitcd leader LAKE MAHOPAC, Justice Robert V White, of Purdys, has been appointed postmaster at that place afti s r quite a spirited contest. Wo congratulate the judge. \ The children of the Methodist Sun < liiy School are practicing for their an nnal entertainment. whi<;h will be given in tho church next week Charles Ganong, of this place, has we mi.lei-stand, purchased^ tho Gilbert i ]•'•'place in Orotou Falls, and will \t' then a-, soon «s the city com .-. him to vacate Ins present habita- The King's Daughters held a parlor sale of fancy articles, cukes atid can dies at^tlierTESluence of\~MrrSrJ; Bailtes, on West Main street. The sale was quite a success. • nestlay from a\week's visit\ witli .rela~ tives in Patcrson, N. J. Mrs. N. Acker and Miss* Jonnio Acker, of this village, 'visited frlonds in-Vv^ite^lataa^n-^tenday-laefc — K in I\ tloll. KK .Timtice Uitily Ilazletou, of Muho ^rtw-JitllH, celi-bratcds. his. etehly third b rtlidiiy last week and wo are I appy t\ say that the venerable judge luile iiinl lic.nrty, jollv and is still good nuturcd, and the same honest, candid liiuly Hazli'toii that we have known from boyhood to the prcSQiit May here! hve to celebrute many more birth ,, , , , , l days with his fiieuds who are legion, JM/ui 'lfii and the funei ul service was h '-bl in the- Umon Ynlle^ church Samuel Wright has been in quite Bov. 1 W Benedict officiating. ' ''^ |3 «\' U , 1 U a f^f uml^^-caxo _ , . , I of Dr. Hitehcix-k. of Croton Falls. We Mrts. E„ive was the d.iughtej^jejij^n^^nj to know thll t | lt . id now on the meuil and alile tiFCe out, jatrnn Mt'Ciilluin -.ud m her early life lived m this village Besido her husband five children survive her Hiss May I'liorn, of Brewster spent Sunday wi^h her frn-ud Miss Anna Buckley. MaeonfG. .Adams has been improv­ ing tfoejdV.pe.arcande -of hij house, and -oddingjto -itB -nppearonco by altera- Milan Wes»leott spent Monday in Poughkoepsie. Oscar Hroburgh, who is in tho cm ploy of W. A. Ganong, was, thrown out of u wagon lost Saturday morning but was not seriously hurt. The horse had become frightened and ian away Tho wagon was demolished, Mr. and lira. Honry C. Wilson have Christmas exercises were -held this- afternoon in- tho Public School. , A program of vocal and instrumental mnsie, recitations, dialogues, etc., was admirably rendered by t he pupils. Tho memboi -B of the Mount Kisco Union of tho W. 0. T. TJ heloTa mat­ ing in tho Mission Boom..Wednesday afternoon Miss Helen B llins, of Youkcrs,, County Superintendent of the W.-C. T. U., addressed tho meet­ ing. Quito a curiosity is on exhibition in tho genti'-furnishing window of Banks Bros.'store. It is an alligator eight een inches long in a glass tank. It was-* brought from Florida by Mr, Percy Pontin, who maae a business- pleqaure trip there. It has boon viewed by a great many and is certainly attraetivo. This is in all probability the flrat trip of the 'gator to a north ern climate. Hxr^wlll'' spend-thr-holi^ day season at Banks Bros.' dry \goods and furnjshiog storo. Mies Frnnkiza N.owbauor, a. resident of Mount Kisco Park, died last Thurs­ day night from burns received by the expluaion of a kerosene lamp the same morning. Tho accident happened l)e- foie daylight, and it is thought she was~fll!ln\g\ii lATUfwhen-tllBeX['losicin - -j occurred, as the bottom of the kero Bene can was blown rightvout. The oil flew ull over hor face and clothes, and she ran from tho house-screaming with pain and calling for help'. 1 Before succor reached hor slio was'fearfully burned and hor arms andT3b -.>uldor8 were almost a crisp. Dr. .Oiapnian was immediately In attendance and did all that was possible, Jjut^gavo. no hope of recovery. - She dle 'daE .miir9:30 t Mr. Henry L Brundage Is visiting relatives—and—friends—in—Kyo, N. Y. His visit will extend over Christmas. *A cottage meeting* was hold at tho homo of Mr Chas. McDonald on Wednesday, which was well attended. Messrs. E' S. Adams, of Mount Kisco, and George B. Cranston, of Katonah, visited friends here last Sunday. Mr. Boymond Cox, who has been .seriously ill,-shows signs .of improve­ ment. His many friends hope for his speedy recovery Miss Carrie Berrian returned home hist Sunday from Mount Kisco, where sho hud enjoyed a pleasant visit of two weeks with her sister, Mrs. Daniel Cox Mrs. William McDonald and Mrs. DeVoe made a business trip to New York city Monday for the purpose of purchasing presents for the Sunday -School members. i Si Ail! mvr NOT BUY o THE BEST? ^ Try ii^rK 1 l*e r>v> ' '<> «> • c^MPl.-l CARDS FREE. ILkCATgl Has been tried and proven for more than a £ quarter of a century.. It will stand where % Lead and Oil and all other paints fail. ^ It is to your interest to ttsc a paht$ will not only beautify *^ your house, bat also o cover more surface'; is % raorc economical, antfg *» '(. 'jriiUai. PCRT WOOD FINISHING GO., V.SLFORD, CONN. A very interesting program has boon arranged for the oiitertainraent to be -gh-eiron-Ghris tmtis-nigbt—i u-the—M -E, Church The program includes vocal selections, rneitiitions,j:eadiiigs, etc Tho Episcopal Church will be opened Christmas'for the holding of services. The church fixtures have been re­ turned from the Episcopal Chapel in Mount Kisco and have been put in piuce. The church will be handsomely -decorated^—Be\»\ Miv-Wayne-will-eon- duet the services. : (PI t^u'ton iit.,cor. CIIK., Ne w Vork. longer than other paints. I \ t> nil., cr St , Boston, (f THREW PARIS GREEN IN THE WELL. THE DISCOVERY OF THE POISON SAVES THE FAMILt FROM DEATH. No further developments havo oc­ curred in tho .poisoning of Hobart Cox's well, a brief account of which appeared in the TIMES last week. A residont-of-'Armonk has boon suspect- For Sale by >* >• HOYT BROTHERS, Katonah, N.Y Furrier and Tailor. ~MR— JrPr -PBONAY^isnow pre­ pared to do Tailoring and Furrier work in all branches. Prompt and reasonable prices If customers wish will call at any town on the Harlem Uuilfoad upon receipt of postal card. Also Plater for all kinds 6f tablo waro. Prices very low. KATONAH, N. Y. ARTISTIC CROWN AND BRIDGE WORK NEATLY DONE AT THE \ Bi «w6tef and Pnttorson are both smart and up -to -date 'Villages. They keep in tho front rank of almost eve- ry.tliuig that is going on, and not to j be bi bind hand in the Bport of the se .iHon, both .have foot ball teams, and two games' were recently played, which, unfortunately, resulted in Ktn i nig up a good deal ol bad blood .ui'i! the villages they represout. Jlaio uncomplimentary thinKS were\ said and it is reported and it is re- portrd -thatrt -hero-woro some disfigur­ ed f <<eoB made. -Of couise euch team had its.colors and these -woro to the other -villagers, like a red- -.flag- -to -a- bull No-w it; so hap t ene<l that an exceedingly mild mannered and highly cultured young man, who teaches school in the vicinity of Brewster went to - Patterson, so the Htdry goes, to cail on some young lnd\ ij-iendtii and .'Quito innocent of tlie?'KTa _ Ieeinig\iingOiidero{3 hythG iootiiall game. The .Patterson young ladies niunod the colors of their toam on his coat, und he., cherishing tlie feeling that the ribbons jn some way expr<!!<sod regard, roturned to Brows- Conn., the past week. Morris Chadwick has becjn appoint­ ed watchman at the Carmel reservoir lu place of Hiram M. Abel, who \has been transferred. . Tho ice men begin to wear a troubled look and well they may, for hero it is Christinas and'not a vestige of ice in tho lake. A year ago tho lako was outed with soveral inches of ice at this time and preparations wero being mado for tho lvarvest. True, wo havo -many weeks yet to look for cold wenthor, but just now tho signs are anything but favorable. It would in­ deed be'a'sad state of affairs -for this villugo should we get no ico to harvest this winter, for the filling of tho big house usually brings upwards of §5000 into our little village ter, butvis soon as. he alighted .from, the train trouble began. T,h° village boys espied the hated colors' and they made a raid on the wearer. Names altogether uncomplimentary were called, missiles thrown und the young -niHii was, obliged to hastily seek refuge* in tho house of A friend. When he_ri.sits 33r«WBter ngam he will carry the colors in liis inside pocket. \That you may feel, free from - worluly- -Gtites—untL iiVDoations ^jvcT hereby promise and oblige ourselves to pay you the .sum of $12,000 per nnnujji, in reiyzlaiquarterly pay- ajenia, ana to give you tne use ot the. parsonage and to lurnisb you with an assistant minister.\ So read the caJl of the Fifth Avenue Presby­ terian Church to Rev. Dr. George T. Purv..- He will not bo tioubled by •worldly care, but then thero are the i ^ares ot tho church which may tax his time and strength. Thero is not now an empty tene­ ment in the village, every house and every apartment being occupied. Train bands and factory employes make a demand for rents. Albert Chamberlain was here for a few hours \Tuesday looking afttr things at the home place. He reports' the family well and that they are en joyiDg themselves in foe city. The heavy rain of Tuesday put some water in the' cistern^, but mora JB needed for $be winter's dupply. I His Life Was Saved. Mr. J. E Wiley, a prominent citizen of Ilaiidibal^Jtto , lately had a wonder­ ful deliverance from a frightful death. Ill telling of it ho says. \I was ta\kcu with Typhiod Fever* that rau into Pneu­ monia. My luugs became hardened. Iivas so weak I conUln't sit up in bed. Nothing helped me.\ I expected to soon die of Consumption, when I heard of I)r King's New Discovery. One bottle gave great relief. I continued to use it, and now a.m-well and strong, I cau'tsay to much in its praise.'' This marvelous medicine is the surest and the quickest cure in the world Jor all Throat and £uii£ Trouble. Regular sizes 50 cents and ft 00 Trial bottles free at F W, Gorham's, Katonah and G, W. Abram's. Croton Falls Drug Store; every bottle guaranteed Dr. Prank A. Traver, a dentist of Baciue, Wis., claims to havo uDout eonTplctcd -an-invcntiorrthntnvill bo the greatest of tho kind ever conceived. The invention is .called a phouotype- w-riter, an tho inventor claims thttt by talking into an ordinary phonograph tho keys of a typewriting machine will 00 worked by electricity and will ro- <\*rti auy dictation verbatim. '' _,' flORY W. SMITH Croton Falls, N.Y., Fulfill DlflEGTOt? —AND— OFFICE IN|THE STOKE OF The A. B. Whitlock Co., Croton Kalis. As to tho Bible. . !' In only nine Ptntes In the Union does the reading of the Bible as a function of school exercises rest* ou a| legal basis, plainly written i\n the State Con- tltutlon or lu the schooV laws. These States are Mnssnebuetts, New .Tersey, Indiana, Iowa. Kansas, 'Georgia, Mis­ sissippi and North and South Dakota. In eleven States there is no specific mention of the Bible In the constitu­ tion or law, but the decisions of eourta and State Superintendents upon legal provisions for Instruction in morals give an authoritative character to the custom of Bible reading. New-¥or-k-Js-j included in this list. Another list of Statos\Tias none, of these legal\ safe­ guards, but -1115 custom of reading-the. Bible, prevails,' being supported by-es­ tablished usage ano\ public sentiment In Ave States, viz;, Missouri, Minneso­ ta,. Montana, Washington and Wiscon­ sin, the decisions of Courts, Attorney- Generals and School Suprlntendents are adverse to the reading of the Bible, but books containing sections from the^ Bible are in use. ed, a former employe of Mr. Cox's, but |_his arrest has nut yet been effected The poisoning or the well occurred early on Monday, the 4th inst, and it was discovered about 5 am. when\ Jessie Jones, the girl employed in tho\ house, drew a bucket of water. She carried the water into the house to be used for cooking breakfast, and Mrs. Cox saw at once that the water had been sprinkled with pans green. Mr. pox was at once informed of the in­ cident and made nn investigation which brought to light a pound box bearing the trado mark of the High­ land Chemical Company, Now York. Tho poisoa had been spilled into tho _we]l, and some of it adhered to the chain. Mr.. Cox cautioned his family to .silence, while lie pursued his Investi- gations, and only mado known the fact publicly last week. The an­ nouncement caused intense oxcito- ment as Mr. Cox' and his family are Don't Rock the Baby. The time-honored custom of rocking babies to sleep Is a bad one. It is in­ jurious to the children themselves, and is a cause, eventually, of much -unnec! essary trouble to' tholr guardians. Motiiers should'therefore aett'to 'irthat-] from the very first the little ones are brought np In the way they should go, and that the monthly nurse does not get them Into bad habits by rocklDg them to sleep either In ner arms or la their cots. There Is no doubt that rock­ ing Is\ the most expeditious way' of in­ ducing n bal>y to go to sleep, but If-she once -starts, ja baby -will not-sleep-wlth-- out It, and at a later age 'is likely to stiffer trom insomnia. Rocking- may- save Immediate 'trouble to a. nurse\ or mother by Inducing sleep when a. child does not re'qulro It. or' when It ought to be taken up from Its cot and -have -elenn clothes put on^but-lt-wlll-nevet cause- .that- sweeti gcntlo and .perf.ec .t4 sleep which should be characteristic of a baby who has no artificial aids to In- duce slumber. Not'Leased to Senator Hanna Washington, Dec. 19.—Senator ,-Mark Hanna authorizes a denial of the re­ port that he had leased the Cameron house, on Lafayette Square, formerly occupied by the late Vice President Ho­ bart. ' • Volcanic .Eruptions Afe'grafi'd, 15UT S sin Eruptions rob life of joy, Bucklen's Arnica Salve, cures them; also Old Running and .Fever 'Sores, Ulcers, Boils,. Felons. \ pros, Warts, ttts Bruises, Burns, Scaldsr happed Hands, --hilblauis, Best^Pile cure on earth. Drives out Pains and Aches Only 25cts. ,ure guaranteed. Sold by F. W. Gorhain,. Katonah \and Gr W. Abrams, Croton Falls Druggist.' Supervisor Green, of New Castle, actings undor _authority r has-purchased- I a plot of about four acres'at 3&illwood- | for $175. The value of this land.is hot j much, but the broken stone' placed I upon it when the new aquedvet was ' built will be most valuablo \h'T* the I roads of the town and will Oast for I many years. r ' \ *' highly respected in tho vicinity, In talking to a reporter atiout tho suspected man, Mr. Cos is repotted as eayiDgv; \ The man onco worked for -mOs- -He dld-not -like-Jeseie-Jones-and mado_the threat that if wo did not send lier back to tno institution J. got her from something terrible would happen. He claimed that the girl had informed my wife that hp had taken something from the house, but he was mistaken. Ho also disliked my wifo. -If—it-hadnit^een-JQi^he_ Jjmcs^giri God knows what would have hap p'ened. We - would havo used tho poisoned cottee and wo might have been dead in our graves to day. We 1 were saved,by a kind Providence.,' Mr. Cox lives a short distance from the village. In his household are his wife Nellie, his daughter Miss May, his -son-Eaymendj-n- servant, Jesslo Jones, and two school teachers, Miss J D. Tloover, _ .bf NeTV York city,-and Miss •Blanche Witt, of Albany, who are em ployed in tho village school. Blsmarok's Iron Nerve Was lllc result of'his splendid health \Indomitable—^will— nnrt. tremendous energy are not found where ritomach. Liver, Kidneys and Bowels are out of order. If you want these qualities and the success they bring, use Di>. King's New Life Pills. ' They develop every power of brain and body. Only 25 cts. at V. W. Gorham>, Katonah and G. W. Abram's, Croton Falls drug store, Tho largest catch of tomcods prob ably ever made in the Hudson occured on Saturday night, when ftehcrmon captured five thousaud fish, about one half mile south of Tarry town. The fishormen u»ed a net and clam bait, Tho water appeared to be filled with fish, and'it was- nothing unusual to pull out one hundred at a time. A man in Somervillo, N. J., ate a> pie containing poison which his wife had fixed for rats in tho cellar. The man died. , The Somerville variety of rats must be\ excessively particular to re quire their poison to be served in pies, -and If the man's wife had refused to cater to this exaction her husband might be living to-day. B E SURE you get what you want when you ask for Hood's Sarsapa- rilla. Unequalled in Merit, Sales, Cures, There'* no substitute for HOOD'S. rS',-g>'-!ji*-* OFFICE OF F. M.Dunn, D D S DENTAL SURGrEON> Kisco Ave.- jVlt. Klscoj Opposite the Presbyterian _ Church. TGetU-extraoted.bv T Allfrna-w.pjiaapf^- Dry Lumber and Lehigh Coal. Persons contemplating Building do well to call and eximln* this stock before purchasing. Purdy Station, N. Y. !s>!>5>©!>»»aS>£a€€«C€'2*8C£€»SCi! The above means that you | aTlBTrtecribr _ -toH:he4 )e8fe-] local Dcwapaper- in'North­ ern Westchester County, The lIKatanralhr— 0 • » For one year for only 1.50, H EUSS'S MONUMENTAL > ® •« WORKS. WM. HEUSS. PROP. f. '1 -1 •• LETTERING ON MONUMENTS IN CEMETERX U-pdergro'U'P'-J Si ate Vaults Built at STio -rt IMotlce. Monumental Headstons - .and Galvanized. Settees, \Durable -Neul,-\ Cheap. and\ Best Workmanship and Prices Lower Than any Other Place. Railroad Ave., ' w Mount Kisco, N. Y. ACETYLENE GAS ! ,—o— THE pET-jFEGT* UT<3HT« C TieapjSafe^EasilylVlapagcd - SupefloT-to all otl-teys. -0- ffi • S I? h&xo tUo EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to 5»oU tfi*-. %{ Jobbiinx -Departmemit i \TRIUMPH\ ACETYLENE CAS m • 1 + „ ,*„ }|-r -MACHINE m WESTOHESTiof OODNTY,- the J .IMES IS Complete in g. a „anm prepared to Install largo or nmrJl phmtfl\ respect, ahtl our Job\ I Of a} every a Printing can't be beat. tDiTchaonccB ^to^roBpinuKliee, wAik.bop.reto. Aff The Mount Kisco National Bank, rialn Street, Mount Kisco, N.Y. T. RLWOOD CARPENTBT, PrMU.ati P. M. SAREBNTER. VIccPrMM.nt W1LUAM H. nOORB, C«.hl.r. ACC0LJNT5 SOLICITED. piping, etojjdono.by reliable and export workmen. —o— MOUNT KISCO, N. Y. • JiRANK E. WAITE - - ArcMfecf, . . . Brewster, N.JV,. 0PF1CEW0URS, 9 A. 11. to 3 P.M. SATURDAYS, 6 A.M. to 12/1. PfiR CENT. COMMISSION arid a speolar PBESENT to eVory customer, and freight paid. No trouble getting or- deis for our TEAS, COFFEES, SP'ICE8, ESTiucra, BAKING POWDER,.&C S»- Ulactlon piamnteeiJ. Full partlculora free. GREAT AMERICAN TEA CO., (Dop»tS-L). 'P.O.Box, 38». 31*MV .My5t„ N »w York. 25 /OS Office in White Plains, Park Office\ Depot Square. o:*;; —Dr. David Kennedy's favorite RCJ CURES ALL KIDNEY, STOMACH & , — . AND LIVER TROUBLES. a

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