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iCovering A\lnor Happen­ ings from all Over theQlobe. 'HOME AND FOREIGN Compiled and Condensed for th* Baty Reader—A Complete Record of European Despatches and Im­ portant Event* from Everywhere Boiled Down for Hasty Perusal. Japan's Foreign Minister, reply­ ing t o interpellations in the Diet, an­ nounced that the question of emigra­ tion to Canada ha d been satisfactor­ ily settled. Mgr. Francis Benjamin Richard, •Carlinal Archbishop of Paris, died of congestion of the lungs. The president of the Persian Na­ tional Assembly, says a special de­ spatch from Teheran, has withdrawn his resignation. \L'n Divorce,\ a comedy by MM. Boi rget and Cury, produced at th e 'Theatre d u Vandeville in Paris, re­ ceives commendation at the hands of M. Pierre Veber. Sir Robert Hart, Inspector General of the Chinese Customs, has been granted a\ long leave on account of lillness,'says a special Shanghai de­ spatch. A special despatch from Shang­ hai gives details of the recent pl- Tatlcal attacks on th e Grand Canal. Prominent railway me n asked President Roosevelt t o delay the •enforcement of the nine hour law for telegraph operators. Governor Hughes told Buffalo bus­ iness me n that he was opposed to Superintendent Stevens' plan for a federal barge canal. The United States Supreme Court 'decided that employers have the right _ to discharge any employe without re- ' gard to membership in a union. Secretary Taft's report on the Phil­ ippines, recommenced the holding of the islands until the people are edu­ cated. Letters from all over the country ^urged Congress to takp.Immediate ac­ tion upon the Aldrlch bill Members of th e House of Repre­ sentatives recognized an identical provision of the deserted Ship Sub­ sidy bill in the Humphrey Mall Sub­ sidy measure now before the sub-com­ mittee. Legislative committees in Albany gave Superintendent' Williams free rein in framing amendments to the new State banking measure. . Fredorick Skene Stat*}. Engineer, said* that the Canadian government may aid i n constructing an air line Bj-i waterway from Ne w York to Mon­ treal. Preparations were made t o begin the trial of the alleged Capitol fraud cases as Harrisburg. \Providence arranged to open a \fresh air\ school o n the plans of - similar institutions in Europe ' C. C. Glover, Washington banker, stated that the Aldrlch bill Is th e only financial relief measure that has a chance of passage at this ses­ sion. A bill was introduced by Assembly­ man Hackett at Albany limiting the height of billboards to eight feet. Formal announcement was made in Washington that MIBS Maud Ash- ford is t o be the wife of Henry Gas- saway Davis, of West Virginia. Washington despatches stated that . belief wa s general among democrats \ in Congress that W J Bryan would be nominate 1 at Denver bu t would be defeated. Mine workers In convention at In - • >t dianapolls. considered the creation of a new office for John Mitchell, the retiring president. Dr E. P Wllraot, an Austin ban­ ker, spoke in favor <>f th e Aldrlch bill in Washington The President has Approved ne w naval regulations, wherrby command- •erB may become executive officers on battle ships and command torpedo flotillas. FOKEK;\. Officer oY th e American torppflo flotilla atyBuenos \yres were re­ ceived by President Aleorta and the Ministers, of War, Murine anil For­ eign Affairs of Argentina President Roosevelt slimed th e French Commercial Tariff Agree­ ment. The final passage of the. Aldrich Currency bill in th e Sennte was be­ lieved to have been assured when the democrats deolilc 1 to offer n o op ­ position measure Lieutenant Frank S Laura was caupl t in his balloon and nearly as ­ phyxiate ' but on recovery continued his 0*01-111 amid great peril Miners convention at Indian- apolir frvped a six months' vacation with fuj 1 pn John Mitchell, after he had • v n 1 t o accept a donation of $150,0'i0 Testimony In the Standard Oil hearing at .Washington brought out the statement that a senet rate of six cents prevailed between Indiana and St. L OJ 13 The Biltlsh Food Inspector con- S emns the American* method of analliig meats, and say.i .that meats discarded hire are s^nt t> Knrrajid, accoidtng t o n \- PC HI ca^le Count Zeppelin, says a special cable, tells of his plans to build a ifflant airship that will carry 12 me n 8,000 miles without stopping. Cardinal Richard, the Archbishop of Paris, is Buffering from congestion of the lungV an d has received the last iters of the Chruch. A special despatch says that the British Ambassador to America, Mr. Bryoe, may b e succeeded by Sir Cecil Spiny Rice. Argentine naval officers entertain­ ed visitors from the American torpe­ do boat destroyers by taking them on a yachting trip. _A special cable says that an angry crowd at Tezd, in Central Persia,' lynched a man oharge with murder­ ing his brother, and set airthe other prisoners i n the jail free. Mr. Eden Phlllpots and Mr. Ar - Moves Her Household t« Brookline in a, , special. ABOARD PHYSICIAN Cause for Change Not Clearly Ex­ plained—One Reason Given is That She Wants to be Near Moth­ er Church—New Home Purchased at a Cost of $100,000. nolJ Bennett have collaborated on a novel which tells of sensational State machinations, says a special cable. Special cable ile~,ptt \**-B reported the United Stares ton er'o boat de­ stroyer flotilla at Bueiios A>ies, Ar- gen tine. Cubans gave a b'.ninet Gover­ nor Mapooii, < 1 i ino'l i ji ' ui'Keil him to return auon, s>a\s a .-peiUl ca­ ble despatch Fifty representative n* i. -rmany's hiebest/Orbillty <ue In ifpc'.n to take part in the eelebration of th e Em­ peror's birthday ' The Russian Christum, holidays being ended, the Duma has resumed its sessions Attempts on th e part of the police to disperse a procession of unem­ ployed worklngmen led to a riot in Berlin. Sir Felix Schuster declared in Lon­ don in a speech reviewing th e Amer­ ican crisis that h e always believed the United States could overcome its troubles b y itself, according to spe­ cial cable despatches Pert de Paix, on the northern coast of Hayti, has been captured b y the Haytian rebels. It is reported in military circles in St. Petersburg that General Kuropat- kin may b e placed on trial as a result of the revelations made in the- hear­ ing of General Stoessel, says a special cable. A great roar was caused in th e Reichstag when Prince von Bulow re ­ fused t o reply to a socialist interpel­ lation on the subject of th e Prussian suffrage. The ministers left in a body, but the debate was continued before half empty benches. A special despatch says that the German Budget Commission passes favorably o n a bill to set aside $600,- 000 to organize an automobile trans­ port corps for the army. Special cable advices from Rio Ja­ neiro atated that Rear Admiral Evans' battle ship fleet left there for Punta Arenas. In official circles In Berlin It Is re­ garded as Impossible, says a de­ spatch, tttat Prince von Bulow could have said that h e intends to retire, a n intention attributed to him in a French paper. . Lord Rothschild denied to a special correspondent that h e had broken off relations with Messrs Belmont & Co , o r that their relations ha d been in any way changed The death rate of women from tub­ erculosis has decreased much more rapidly than for me n says Mr. Fred­ erick L Hoffman Senor Alves. formprlj president of Brazil, is co-operating with the Ital­ ian press to -strengthen the ties of Italy and Brazil Russian newspapers publish arti­ cles saying that war between Japan and the United States Is sure t o come. A special despatch from Havana says that the newspapers would like to see the Cuban Republic established under solid guarantees, an d expect the attention of the authorities at Washington will be i ailed to the matter Boston, Jan 30.—Mrs Mary Baker G. Eddy, founder of the Church of Christ Sclent 1st, on Sunday suddenly changed he r place of resldnr.ee from- Concord, N H , to Brookllne, suburb of RuEton In a sipwial train which was preceded and foi owel by locomotives tu avert an y c'lance of. accident. S'IH m ule l ier jourue>. an d she and he: su l>> nljiht were In­ stalled in a .line house ot me Law- renc estati '>'i 1 'l.estnat 1LU Hrook- llne Mi;- !d\ was ti'-'-onpanied on th>- 'it: \ ti> a homeopathu phy­ sician, r>r Ali.lieus Baker Morrill, a distant r< lUtlve Much mystery was made of the journej. a tut as>niueh Is being made THE CRAZE FOR TITLES. Representative McGavin of Chicago *6ays Women Sacrifice Their Souls. Washington, Jan. 30.—Declaring that Hie women concerned \sacrifice their souls and their honor on the altar of snobbery an d vice,\ Repre­ sentative Charles McGavin of Chicago took occasion in the House.Tuesday t o denounce the international marriage habit on the part of American heir­ esses \In thinking of these numerous weddings,\ he said. \I wondered What the early pioneers wh o battled with the Indians, challenged th e for­ est, and braved the Winter's winds and snows to establish a Government where manliood might be recognized for Its t,rue value, instead of for the accidont of birth, would sa y if from their graves they could look hack and si'p so many of the women of this country sacrificing their souls an d no-no- ipon the altar of snobbery and vice. '\I ticul agaii. som- any Kaiser at 12 Cent Theatre. Berlin, Jan 2S •Knlser an a Kalserin. Prince H.'t m of Pr.is.sia the Grand Duchess- o f H. SSP an d the Kaiser's three yount\it ••lilt ren on Sunday attended a nintir.o» Inau-tu'- atlng the new Ron 1 0,> • i 11 'j»i where, for providing h-itrl -1 etit r talnment for work .injile. an.» vat Is sold for abou^t 1 2 cents \The Prince of Homburg,\ Kle^st'fs patriotic ml\tary pi.-> was presented, with the- same stage settings and th e same cast urel at n gala perfo-t.- er pays tl e .1.1.\it performance out of 'i \e production was ance The ka> incurred a t eai l> his ow n pocket a great success. Bank of North \merirn Closed. New York Jan _*!• The news of the placing of th e National linn' of North Anuria in ll<i , ild .i .iln , > fulled to arouse e\or a ptr' ripple In the financial dl triit. though Monday morning knots of th e carious Lather­ ed about th e i losed j 1 te-glas-- a .loirs which open ,1111/ th e hanking rooms from the hall of the Wall Street Ex­ change Tell lint? Thu stock market had dlscouinei the cient an d quota­ tions moved 11 \ aid Capitol . ' - ni:«l Indictments. IlarrNb'trt; Jan 2 I —The D I.J- phin Co 'iitv C.i 11.d Jari 0 1 Friday night, ret.1111, , true bills on five in­ formations clm-j,!ng C oiigre^s. ,.in H r-uwl Cnsj-i. of Marietta an d Ar­ chitect Jcsenh v Huston an d Con­ tractor John M SanJprsoii of Phlla- •u lphla with ..el'raudlng th e State ot $F\ by falsify'-ig the the meas­ urements of marble mantles an d tie- talllc furniture supplier] fir the r Cnpitol. -siald. \I d'p My dogs I leave to you. When MII I can no longer feed them shoo' Miem with a revolver.\ Tbeif. was no gathering of mourn- rs. 1 he body wa s placed in a plain /coffin and coin eyed in an ordinary cab to i.ueca, where the funeral will take place MARY BAKER G. EDDY. over the reason fo r it. Alfred Far low, the Christian Science press agent, says she desires to be near the mother church in Boston As i t had> been understood, however, that Mrs Eddy ha d determined to spend he n last days in solitude in the home, Pleasant View, she ha d chosen be­ cause of the association of early days this explanation does no t satisfy all inquirers. There are suggestions that her action has some bearing on lawsuits affecting her property. Mrs. Eddy 's new home is in fashionable dlstrlot. It wa s the res- idence of the late R . Aahton Lawrence There has been much wonderment over Its purchase and the work of im provement costing more than $100 000, that ha s been going on fo r months. Rush for Rockefeller Jobs. Tarry town, Jan 19 —John Rockefeller's place at Pocantlco Hills, was overun all day Monday by men looking for work. They came from, all over Westchester County and even New York City. Supt. Haming way was hard pressed to know what to do with the hundreds that applied for work. *He said: \We cannot care for every man who gets out of work We have all we can do t o take care for o..r peo pie hereabout, and this we do the year around If every employer did the same there would be ao hard times K ft. Sothern Cuts Rates. Boston, Jan 2 9 --E. H Sothern opened a rival box office in th e I ODDV of the Majestic Theatre on Tuesday entering into competition with th house in which h o is playing The Sothern box oTice cm-led only one line of goods, ho.-.iver. second balcony tickets for the 1 hursdaj an d Friday \Lord Dundreary\ matineis The regular box ofPce which charged TG cenfs for them, was ' sole\ out. \ while the Sothern box of flee was selling them like ho t cakes at \your chclce for 50 cents \ IVP no reference t o any ppr- L \1. nor have I prejui 1: \9 of these titled men for • i ii nn are worthy to grace \ i • > \ Id' l> IM NXILKSS. Last ! V Ran he t e niles abh with . roun.l- were i her i • u:J ' for He r Dogs—Body - 11 in I ncca fdV Interment. - ii Ian 2S.—Louise de l a \iiula i e novelist, who died -it'it • , 1 s absolutely pen- il'- --,1 k room was a mlser- rn,!• n'd piace, uncarpeted and i,n. 1< Moor She died sur - 'l ii> her oeioved dogs They • r hnal wiought. Just before dth sue :r.aid to her faithful AWFUL CREATURE WAS NINETY FEET LONG Recent Grewsome Experience of\ a Chicago Man Is Sample of a Series _ of * Such Cases Cooper'^ recent visit to I physician in St. Loula was recom- Hns College on His Hands. Des Mo'nes, Iowa, Jan 26.— Not havlnp; fittod himself to become own­ er of a big educational Institution J. C Felom, a brick mason of this city, discovered on Saturday that h e had an elephant on his hands in Shunleff College of Upper Alton, 111., to which he Is heir. A n ancestor bequeathed all hi s money to found this college, providing that after a certain number of years it should re­ vert to his lineal descendants. Chicago, where his ne w preparation and theory created the usual sensation, many hundreds of people brought enormous internal parasites t o the young man, .which ha d left the system after taking his medicine. Among these people was Mr. Emil Winkler, who brought t o Copper a tapeworm that proved to be over ninety feet in length. Mr Winkler, whe resides at 1S2 East Ohio Street, Chicago, had this to sa y of his expe­ rience: \Fo r five years I have been more or less complaining. I have had severe headaches, an d any food that I would eat would nauseate me. I would have ba d dreams almost every night; dizzy spells would compel me t o quit work. Black spots would appear be­ fore my eyes when Btooplng over and rising quickly. I would feel tired most of the time; In fact, I had no life in me t o speak of for the last five years. I tried various treatments, and one mended to'me,''and I wa s under nla treatment some- time, but aa usual I obtained no relief. \So many people asked me to try Cooper's preparation that I decided to do so, an d after using i t for a few days, this awful thing passed from my, system. I feel much better already, and I want to sa y right hero that I thank Mr. Cooper a hundred times fo r what his medicine ha s done for me. I would no t take 55,000 an d ha.ve that thing back in my system c^in.\ Mr. Winkler is a fair sample of the experience of many during Cooper's stay in Chicago, an d this no doubt helped t o account for .the enormous sale of ths Cooper preparation in thto city and others, recently visited bj; the young man. We sell and will be pleased to' explain the Cooper preparations^' •-F. W Gorham. Whole Earth Trembling. London. Ja n 30 —Prof, Belar, the seismologist, .telegraphs from the ob ­ servatory at Laibach, Austria, that dearth tnrest began on January 25 , and has been Increasing since He deduces from this that critical dis­ turbances will occur in the next few; days. Ti<Ti * g ' Sk cleton '. is Dead. Anaonia, Conn., Jan. 29. —Edwurdj Neidling, wh o was known as \ f aq Living Skeleton,\ died Tueadav on Music Hill. He was 35 years old aui had -been exhibited In masetuiu. foil years. H e was more than 6 feet in height. Another Gift by Carnegie. ' New York, Jan. 26 —The an­ nouncement wa s made on Saturday by President William G Frost ot Berea College, In Eastern Kentucky, of a gift to that institution of $200,- 000 by Andrew Carnegie. To Escort Flotilla. Montevideo, Jan. 26 —Five Argen­ tine worships passed here i n Sr.iiir-- day en their way to rccehp the \rier- ican torpedo boat flotilla on tin- high seas of Mai Ion ado They will escort the visiting vesels to Buenos Ayres Royal Miniatures Stolen London, Jan 2G Thre» valuable miniatures of th e Duchess of F fe, the Queen of Norwa>. an d Princess Victoria, all belonging to Qm en Alex­ andra, have been stolen Mme. Gould to Conn- to V Y. Paris, Ja n 30 - Tie C.H Ma* savs that Mm e Anne C mId '•liuuls to sell her'property in Paris and re ­ turn to New York Tiiblip Men Irreligious. Boston, Ja n 30 - Cardial Gib­ bons, who was here on Tuesday, when asked if he believed th e people of America were growing better o r worse, from a religious standpoint, said \The people of America are show­ ing less respect for religion than fif­ ty or sixty \ ar-- ag o Fo r Instance, the stntesnii n of America of those days showed In their public addresses a famlHarlnty ai.t 1 regard for the Holy Scriptures nnd the word of God whlc'i I a m sorry does, no t present It­ self to-day.' - Dr. Onlrr Sent ( ':loroform. Alblou, Mich . Jan. 30.—Delos Fall, seDlor professor In Albion Col­ lege an d delegate to the Constltu-. tional Convention, an d his twin brother Dewitt Fa\ of Jackson, iele- brated their sixtieth birthday on Wodnosdny, v ,th a Joint house party here. They invited Dr. William Osier to b< a guest Dr. Osier evidently took tho lnvltnt 01 ns a joke, for h e sent not only I i.- ••PsrotH, but a bottle of chloroform to each of th e brothers. JOEW YORK MARKETS. Wholesale Prices of Farm Produce Qaotcd for the Week. WHTBAT.—No.- a Red, $1 «5a 1.C01, Ne. 1 Nerthern Dalnth. ?1 20^., Coiur —No.a, nftafific. OxiH.~ Mixed. 58Sc. White. 354^62\. Mruc.— 4c. per onarr BUTTER.—Ww^tern, extra. ZlnXie Firsts,—?8» :uc Stute dairy, fin«Bt —23a30c. C HM 8«.— Statu fall cream, lo^al5 s 4c. E««S.—IJsftrbr, Fancy, 20i.S0e State. ©oe4 te ohoice, 26a^Sc. Wotera, Firsts—22 BKKTBS.— City drassed, T^uSl^o. CALYis—City dressed, 8al4c. Comn- I try dressed, per lb. 8»]2,'ic. I SHMP.—Per 100 .b., $i 00a5 00. Hoas.—Live, per 100 lb.,$4.80a5 00 HAT.—Prin>«, 100 lbs., Jl.eTH »'-'° STRAW.—Long rye, G0a70o. I Lnra POULTRY.—Fowls, pir Ik. l*c. Ohickons, Spring, p>*r lb, 10c. Daoks, per lb., 15c. Turkeys 12}<e. DRJSBS«D FODXTRT —Turkeys, per lb 12al6c. Fowls, per lb . lOnlSr. Okiekens, Phila., per lb., 22a20c V«4?ETA>L*s.—Potatoes, L. L.perebl, 93.t0a3.16 Onions, Wkite, per bbL, «8.0«.a6.00. Tho \Times\ is on sale at F. Gumboldt 's. JDe-e -l ighted Is President Roosevelt with hi s CROCKER FOUNTAIN PEN \You Blow It t o Hll It\ A Satisfied Customer HOSTON TRAH8C1.1PT bostou, Maw. I At to HIT Crocker Peo, I can i only nay tint I am delighted with it, and lt» peculiar value wai eapec ' tally empbaalsrd ou (he New Eng­ land trip with President Rooaevelt. It would hive hen a bowUng | bother if I bad been compelled to pump It full from a nyrlDgs every time tbe Ink supply Krew light, but having only te blow into Hie bar­ rel, i; C ould fill it without the slightest inconvenience. It la also very pleating to fii.d that the pen docs not soil tbe fingers, a fault only too common In tbe old style pon, however sallsfa tory Its writing qualities All mv repcrU of ibe Pre -ideLl 'u .trip, aside fiom some typewritten work, were writ­ ten wtthltbe Crocker Pen, and 1 shall continue to nuo it] in regular newspaper work. . W ILLIA M K BrxoBAX WM. H. FOWLER, Carpenter and. Bui«de«' Jobbing and Repairing Promptly Attended to Office at ttie betid of Parkway. Katonah, N.Y. |^arry]V| ^V°r*» Prompt work and Reasonable Prices Try it and ycu too will be delighted with the Cro- oker Fountain Pen. For Sale by Benedict Bros. Katonahnt Contractor apes IBuilder !! Estimates nf all Kinds of Carpenter Work Cheer­ fully Oiven \Purely© Sataiori New yoi\Ic TERMS OF THE County Court County of Westchester 1908 Terms ol tbe CotiDty Court of West- tbester County are hereby appointed to be held at tbe Connl\ Cnirt House at White Plains, during *he year 1908 ns follies For the trial \f issues at which a Petit Jury will be required to attend on th e First Monday of January, First Monday of March, Second Monday of May, Second Tuesday o f September, Fourth Monday of October. Grand Junes will he called for the Jjtiuiry Mav, Septemb-'r and October terms For the trial of issues wtt'iout a Jury and the argument of appeals,demurrers, motions and proect 'imj in both civil and criminal case--, 011 tin- first and third Saturdajs of im 11 month (rxcept August). Dated December nth. mo; WILLIAM P. PLATT, County Judge of Westchester Co. ON YOUR WAY WEST Use the New York Central Lines America's Greatest Rallwuj System and stop over at NIAGARA FALLS No Extra Charge for this Privilege Inquire of Agents for Particufars. IVM. MOOKJb AUCTIONEERS NOTARY PUBLIC Fnrms and other property for sale ana rent WANTS FARMS TO SELL Writes Wills, Deeds, Mortages, Sc., «t« CROSS RIVER, N. Y. 60 YEARS* EXPERIENCE Patents I HADE msnss DESIGNS COPYRIGHTS AC. Anrnnesending nsketrhiuiddoscrtpUonmaf ulcklyy aacerUUn our opinion free whether 1 rnVen 'tlon is probably piitqiitttble, Communlesv -• \•\\\\OK on Patent* quickl 1 t \\sstrlctiyooiifld\eiItlalVllANO^ sent free. Oldest SBOncy foi Bccurlngrpatsmts. Patents taken throuorh Muun * Co. r «oelT« tpecUU notice, without charge, in the Scientific American. Ijinreat cir­ culation of any sclentlflo Journal. Terms. »3 • ; four months, $L Sold by ail newsdealers. , JN & Co. 36,BrMd ™ New York Branch Ottlce, 635 F SU, Washington, D. C A. handsomely lllnstrated wpekljr. cuts! year D R. F. H. WILLIAMS. D cvN TIST. Offl<i' timi Residence, Bedford Road, Katotisih. Mondays, Wpdnosdays, Thursdays and Fridays. MOUNT KTKOO Saturda>s. On Tuesdays and Oaf mil local anesthetics used toi ex tract inn. Tlsbet'fi to tm'Uetui Hi 'polutment. • - J Notice. Liulti's will find sujifriu- comfort anil Hivommodntioii dunnc cuiiflne- tnent, ;n a privnto countrc house, lrregrularitiescorrectcd. Skilled mid­ wife w'*h 2.\ ypnrs pxpenpnrp 'Ad ­ dress Mrs. L. Loin- Klnipfiii-d Tele­ phone 47-R, White Plain* i.*-22-07.

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