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The Katonah times. (Katonah, N.Y.) 1878-1911, March 20, 1908, Image 7

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February Clearing Sale Men's and Boy's Winter Over fcs~<& Trousers. This is a clearing sale without reserve, every garment in our entire stock greatly reduced. Here is a n opportunity for hundreds of thrif­ ty buyer* to save dollars on their winter clothiug Men's Overcoats, in the prevailing fashionable shades of black oxfords, long cut and most conservative dressers, all sizes to fit all figures. The $15 and $18 kind for this sale reduced to $13 and $15. Men's Overcoats, in the latest swagger styles, mide in either ox­ ford or black. $t2 and grades for this sale at $9 and $12 A lot of men's and youth's overcoats, made and cut in the latest styles. Former price 9 and $10 reduced for this sale to 5 and $6 50. Boys' elegant oxford long and medium length overcoats, former prices 4, 5 and $6, reduced for this sa'-e to 2.50, 3 and $4. Men's all wool silk mixed and fine worsted Milts, were i8and Re­ price, 15 and $18. Men's mixed cashmere suits, were 13 and $15, now 11 and $13 Men's black cheviot and mixed colored suits. Were 9 and (10, reduced to 6 and {8. Men's heavy working trousers, were $1.25, now $1. Men's all wool cashmere and worsted trousers, cut in the latest effects. Were 3 and $4, reduced to 2 50 and $3 50. NEW YORK CLOTHING CO. M. Glantz, Proprietor. Main Street. Mount Kisco. ' Beech-Nut Brand DOYLE BROS. Leading Family Grocers • • • • We guarantee everything we sell. All goods guaran­ teed to be the best that money can buy. in BEACHNUT GOODS Sliced Bacon gIa8S - None better put up SPRING GOODS. We are showing ii new and up-to-date line of Staple, Fanny, and Novelty Spring and Summer Dress Good?, Trimmings, Laces, and Ribbons. £ Chambreys and Seersuckers, Best colors and very attractive patterns at 12 1-2 and 15c. Scotch Ginghams, The latest importations, Value 25c., Our Prices l'Je. per yd. Half Silk Novelty Something new, soft colors and 6iirc to please at 19c. per yd. White Goods For Shirt Waists and Suits, at 19c, 22c, 29c, f>0e. per yd. Fancy Ribbons Good assortment of colors, 5 in. wide at 25c. per yd. Spec­ ial Taffeta Kibbon6, 5 in. wide, all colors at 12c, value 15c- Good stock of Sheeting, Musliu, apron Gingham, and Staple Dry Goods. PAINT We are headquarters for Devoc Lead and Zinc 1'aint, Atlantic Paint and Oil, Turpentine, Dryers and Var­ nish, also colors in Oil, Muresco, Alabastine and Brushes. W. B. ADAH5 & SON, g Bedford Station, - N. Y. W 1 fii m \. M Ol V 1 ii 1, Elliott & Hayne Carriage Peposttofy Business and Pleasure Wagons VANS FOR MOVING FURNITURE - Iturnbef, Goal apd - Bulldlpg jVlateiial In SHOES QUALITY as well as style is what counts. Our aim is to carry only the best makes. E. A. ARNOLD Katonah. Dr. A. Barraiiell VETERINARY SUROEON Brewster, - - N.Y. Awnings, Tents and Flags Now is the time for awnings. Get your order in now. Over three hundred dif­ ferent samples of stripes to select from. Drop a postal and I will call. Fred W. Sanford \The Awning Man\ KATONAH, L- - NEW YORK. o«oaoao«oao«oaoao«o«o«o«oa GREEN BROS. <3epe|*al JVI eye to a jits GOLDENS BRIDGE, Tb* pit. K1 *co National Bank Tnou-pt Kisco, ft. y; Jt.1l. OABPENTEB VIOK-VBJKIDXXt WILLIAM H . lfOORK OASHIXS T. EL WOOD CARPENTER VII BOLD KN* ACCOUNTS SOLICITED. OFFICE HOURS, 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. SATURDAYS ,9 A.M. tola M, ON YOUR WAY WEST Use the New York Central Lines Amtrtca's Qreateit Railway System and stop over at NIAGARA FALLS No Extra Charge for this Privilege Inquire, of Agents for Particular!. Putnam County Savings Bank, Brewster, N.Y. Artesian Wells Wells Drilled through earth and rock. Surface water cuaranteed t o holloaed ? >ut. Granite, Marble and Mineral land* ested. Cores taken out 3, 4 and $ inches In diameter to variable lengths. Boring* made for foundations. Pumps of all kinds. Write for references. P. f. Eft, C. L. HUNT & CO. -DKALKB IN- Dry Lumber and II Lehigh Coal. \ N. H. V0R1S, I f Persons contemplating Butiding will \ ^ 1 L'. l A° wel1 to 08111 an< * examine this \ f* Stock befor purchasing. f flinertl Auctioneer, • Real Estate Agent, and | Land Appraiser. Northern Westchester and South-! ; em Putnam Counties Farms a jspecialty. All business promptly I and carefully attended to. GOLDENS BRUME •o«oa>oa>o\a>ot>oa3o«o »oo )o«o#)o JAMES E. DIKQEE Architect Resldenoe: Ea»t Hyatt.Ave Mt. Kisco, - - JST .T. :, R. Y . I Joteph E. Men-lam Stephen Holdoo merriam « Golden Mount Kisco and Pleasantville money to £oan On Bond and mortgage o«o*)o«ofto«oaoaoaoao«>o«o«o« • o • o o o o o E. M. ROSE KATONAH, N. Y. /Manufacturer of Concrete Building Blocks for HrAises, Barns and Foun­ dations. Estimate* Cheerfully Furnished KATONAH, ;N. Y. E. M. ROSE KATONAH, N. Y. o o o • o _ •o«oaiot)oa>o«oajo«ocoa)oaioa|oa>o W. A. Read & Co. purchased the $-A80,A'00 local improvement bonds of the village of Rye at 104.31. The price was the best received* for muni­ cipal bonds outside of New York city since the financial depression. Mr. Goldens Bridge, - N.Y. R H. LENT'S Livery, Sale, AND Exchange Stables KATONAH, N.Y. .' \GS /AND \LiIL J LINB. Going to Gross River, South Salem aad JbaJte Waceabuo from Katonah; Leaving at 8 .15 a.m , and returning at 15 p. m. Stables Open Sundays. Singer Sewing Machines After thoroughly examin­ ing the mechanician! of the various makes of sew­ ing mnohines, I have de­ cided that the Singer Sew­ ing machines were of the best quality, and there­ fore I have accepted the position of manager for this district, and, invite you to call at ray office in Hoyt Bros', depart­ ment store, where I can show you all the latea sfyles J. A. Clark Money Deposited M Draws Interest From Date of Deposit Special arrangements made If amounts are left for a stated time. Interest-bearing certificates of de posit Issued. Letters of credit and traveler's checkB sold. The company acts a s Executor, Administrator, Trus­ tee, Guardian or Committee Designated by the -Supreme Oonri as a Depository for Oourf Fnrds Incorporated April 15th, 1381. Deposits received every day In the week from 9:00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Deposits made on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the month, draw Interest from the first. Interestad'lo 1 samt-vinuually— J an uary and July. For the convenience of depositor money orders can be obtained froao the'American Express Company ou the Harlem and Putnam Railroads and will be received on deposit. Blanks and envelopes will be fur­ nished by applying to the »xorees offie* W.'S. PADDOCK, PNIMMI A. F. LOBDELL. Trsasunr. p> DIEHL _ Bakei . ..i. Oontectionf 1 Oakes. Pins, Etc. First-class and a ways reliable. Supplies DOYLE'S BAKERY.Katoaaa * • BHBWSTBR IX.' E DWARD P ERCY . B ARRETT, ATTORNEY and - - - COUNSELOR AT LAW, KATONAH. N.Y Rag GaPpet Weaving I First-class work, all your owe rags, at ,25 cents per yard Freight] paid one way on 80 lbs. and both ways on 501bs or over. If you ^have any weaving U do drop us a card. BERKA'S COMJEEXCEMEKT. •mtaincers of Kentucky Make It Jnlquc. A college commencement, which Ue3 possessing the rural aca<lo- lc solemnity, partakes of the na- c of a county fair and a county •irt day Is one of trio annual • !u res at Berea College.. ' .-rt Institution Is In the borderlp.ud .<-epn the Kentucky Blue Grass re- hi and the Cumberland Mountains, iin 1 to It coma early each June, some ii'e 01 six thousand men, women and (ii'ldrnn nf the strongly Individual 1' ppi' J< hp I o 'W b) the Independent 1 ile o! thut vpylon. ()i ((iimiit'iirempnt day the usually ' :!r>f 'olle-;e nnipiis becomes a I 'lTii'ruig r,roiiii for thousands of lio-^^s, am! '.s nlniost choked witH «arsons ivh'cii v. Ith hickory chairs I r Kis.ts l,.n\c Inniight whole fasal- I r:r.t , ii'.' * 1 1 tit- hills over unspeak- rc,;ui> «i<'> injsRles and smarter t!iiiij\c^ troui t.K more prosperous J 'I- C ijis s faun.. While the grad- II \on cereiiioiifi 'H are being carried 011 In n ptrent 'tabernacle\ built for >: '• on that on .-day of the year only, li .:-ic .=« electioneering, dlck- . ; . ifr woon and land deals, with I' • uiiici'ilili> fninll\ reunions and un- li'iild'il Rii'.v'p. are prolng on ontslde, iin'1 .moths which dispense the usual ( timis of a circus do a rushing hi iin .-.I 'h'ir wares being almost •1 I'-uc.w r, in the mountains and be- Uii; t'K I 'fnr.', greatly desired .lubi »hj those thousands, many of whrtii have little interest In the o II iti ' o-r the students, should piiMi-r on its campus annually, has 11 vcr liciMi explained, but the crowds 1 -i.e l-.-en there slnee the Civil \War Jji'sand in about tho same numbers. In the old days It often .happened th.it feudsnv n who had successfully fl.oid ^i meeting at home would •c upon each other In the throng, r ' then there would be a sudden v ;)It..)-ir- of the crowds to the shel­ ter ' 1 lie trea trunks and wagons ill! -Hie man wpnt down B.ut of late je/iis the penrefiil influence of the place has made itself felt, and now Li\ro la seldom even a case of \drunk li.i disorderly ' The assembly remains, however, the greatest drawing card In Eastern Kent icky, and many a wagonload ot men nd women comes to It over a hundred miles of mountains, ford- tn-,' streams and walking up hills whirh are too steep for the horses' MreiiRth, often spending two or three days on the road As they near the towns they find the hosplta- lile homes filled to overflowing, and on the nights before and after tl.d great day parties may be seen etvamped along the preat pikes lead­ ing into the hilis and often on the .mpus ltselt. ( On.\ girl living fifty miles from\ derea, was found'awnderlng around the college buildings one commence- inei't morning, and was taken In tow h> . girl student. In the course of i • disjointed conversation It came on' that she had kept a four-acre j 1 'i 1 of corn hoed all spring In order to earn her transportation to town, hue was asked why she wanted ta '-onip so badly * \Oh hit seemed like I'd neTer git ! other chanct to see the world,\ wns the response, and the girl seemed atisfled as she Btarted home that 'night J. HARRISON, Bedford'Station -THtt- CARRIAGE PAINTING, REPAIRING and TBIMMIN'Q In all its branches. BLACKS MITHING and WHEELWRIGHT WORK All work promptly executed and satisfaction guaranteed. •oa)oso«oajoa)oa>o«oajo«osoaoa)« LEWISH. MILLER \ Real Estate, Fire - - And Life - Insurance, KATONAH, - NTYT —o— Send Description of Your Property \For Sale\ or \To-Rent.\ A o«os)o«o«o«o«o«o»o«oa»oa)o«« FINE PRINTING . ... AT THE OMTIOH OM . . . KATONAH TIMES ,^jfcl5;S fi -V..\\.-'' , . Lincoln's Last Day. \I got Into the White House be­ fore 9 o'clock, not with the expecta­ tion of seeing Mr Lincoln bo early. In. t with the hope that I might get a place at the head of the line and be the first to see him To my sur­ prise I was told that he would see inc. at once , 'I founjfl ^im alone As I entered 4 _lhu door fie got up quickly and strode ficross the room toward me, savins hp >e came \Hello Creswell' Tlje war is over'\ He grasped my hand with the enthusiasm of a schoolboy i'i,1 repeated tho exclamation, \The wu is over!\ adding 'Look at that leleg-am from Sherman ' The mes- i.-ise assured the President of the cul- niin tion of the Carollnas Indeed, it was ploriou news Many times vith a spirit that was delightful to t-'T, Mr Lincoln exclaimed: 'The war I .iver 1 Then ho woulld stop, grow -1 nous and add 'But it has been an aulii! war, Creswell, It has been an a«fi'.l var' But it lr over\ 'When he could leave the theme that was first In his mind »nd heart, ne exclaimed - 'nut what are you after' You fellows dont come to Bee mo unless you want something. It must be something eig. or you wouldn't be so early ' I told him m> errand and handed him my affi­ davit ITe said 'That's not so hard. (You did right to put It In writing. 1 don't care to read the statement. I know you know how to make affi­ davits ' \Then \ s£.id Gen. Creswell, 'he took my affidavit and wrote a brief wc-d upon it, something like this 'Do this. A. L.,' and gave it to me. I carried it over to the War Office and after the usual fuss got the or­ der Issued ThenI went out Into Maryland to attendre^some business through the day, and got back Into the tv late at night ta find every­ thing in an uproar over (the assassi­ nation \ a. Glasses Cv Suitable eyeglasses are reported to hav'H recently cured/ a victim of <e- vere epileptic attacks after he had undergone two ^/iirglcal operations with Bo -'rcf. The patient's own convicnion that his eyes had some­ thing tio do with his trouole was en­ tirely filsregarded' as quite contrary to all /previous experience. • /

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