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THE COMBINING THE CROT <BJT AH FALLS \NEWS\ AND \FOLIO.** IN 1878J IT; VOL. XXIX No. 48. KATONAH, N. Y. f M|pAY, APRIL 17, 1908. The Fisherman's Delight IS THE FISHING TACKLE We have the largest assortment of Fishing Tackle ever offered for sale in Katonah. If you will call at our store or look in our show window, you may see for yourselves. We wish to call your special attention to our rods and lines, snell hooks and reels. We have jointed rods from from 20c. to $6.50 each; fish lines from lc. to $1.25 each; reels from 15c. to $4 each; good quality double gut snell hooks, 25c per dozen. Reed poles for the boys, 5-10- 15-20 cents each. We can equip you with an outfit from 25c. up to $10. KELLOGG & MEAD Sporting Goods Katonah, N. Y. $1 .50 A YEAR Vicinity C%fespondence The News of Our Bighboring Villages and Hamlets Briefly but Tersely Told. SOMERS The seed sowing time is being rafi|/ Idly improved and the plow and barf*; 1 row are the most used farm utensils Mi, present In this section. Th e season If; lato aud the preliminary farm work un belated. 4* It is expected that the present season.; will see the .completion of the cross^ county state road to the north end o|\ Amawalk reservoir, where it connects,; with the north mid south Btate road* running OD the west side of the reser^ voir to Yorktown Heights, thence to! Peekskill. It will be a grea t improve'^, ment and a fine thoroughfare across,*] the upper end of the county. \* Genr-ge A . Godwin is re-arraDging^ the Interior of his pleasant and cbmStt •nodious residence, in Somers vlllatfe /wwere glad too welcome her in order that Mr. aud Mrs. Fred H^rM mon may have apartments into whichV they will move from Mount Kisco. Itj] will be very pleasant for Mrs. Harmon^ to be in her old home, and Mr. Harmqp*! can go to and from business by raii |kimprovement8 from Purdya Station. -^IjBprlng. Mr. and Mrs. George Godwin weriipP ».MisB Gertrude Smith has been spend shocked and greatly surprised to r*ft|jfag Beveral days in Ne w York citv, and NORTH SALEM 3 '' Mrs. Elsie Q. Ballpy spent last Tui s- d»\ in New York city. Mr. and Mrs. Edward von Gal enter tatiietl several of^heir frlenns last/ rSuQitay at their cdtmtry home here. ' Walter and James Palmer, of Brook­ lyn, ure spending several days at Maple Hill farm. Frank O'Brien and W. R. Finch were [tjn atteiidauce last Saturday ut the Re jipuliiioan state convention in Carnegie r,Hall, New Ymlt city, ami repoit a fine I time Miss Emily Scofleld, who \has been 'jVisiting friends in town for several jjduys. has gon'- 'o Ridgefleld, Conn , jfor a visit. He r many friends here lad t weleoi Mrs. S B. Quick gave a dinner party to several ot her lady friends last week. Earle C Bacon is making extensive about his place this Che County Crust Company allows interest on daily balances of banks, corporations, firms and indivibuals. 0 0 )$f fjjf ' New York business men residing at White Plains and vicinity will find it to their ad­ vantage to open an account with the com­ pany and deposit their out-of-town checks therein, as no exchange charges are made for the collection of such items. ^ St: A Hoyt Brothers Company funeral Directors and Licensed Embalmers General Department Store .*. JVJEVER ha\e we been better 1 equipped to meet the broad public demands upon us than we are to-day. Our Grocery Stock is Com­ plete with all the delicacies of the season, while staple goods in that line are sold lower than can be had for the same high grade in New York and is the talk of the trade. Our aggressiveness has given the New Firm ol Hoyt Brothers Company a standing that appeals to housekeepers „ who desire to secure the best \alues money will buy. O am I •:o: UR PRFMI^R LINE «>r \oods is all that the word implies, The Firs* or Best, both qualitv and quantity eonsidered are tliw best values that can be ob­ tained. Our Let­ tuce, Oolery, Ba­ nanas, Oranges, Straw berries and Fresh Orecu (ioods will all be apetising for your Easter Dinner. Try a line of our Premier goods this Easter time. W-? Arc a! Your Service HOYT BROS. COMPANY I K&loaah, N. Y. I .. -sj celve news, a little over a week ago, ofj the sudden death of Mrs. Qodwln'|?| eldest brother, Brownell Biggs, at hie hom- in Jersey City. Mr. Rlggs waf; a native i f this town and spent b earh II' c |n-re where he was T»e known Be was 59 years old and via* connected with the beef company «i r manager. More new good* in our 5 and 10. department. <v >^^f «*i^^ KENNEDY & VAX TASSELL, KatWr Mfes Florence Smith ha* been home for a few days . Mrs. £ A. Reed is spending a few days in New York city on a business aud 11> uHure trip. \Beit Lobdfll is home foi his Easter vacation at Salem Center. e wi\l be held at 'k -;.s : and .our \ML PURDY STATION 4 A drtaciinieut of militia with bag gage, etc , came up here ai.out a week ago uud went to the Eggleston plac' neai ri»hui Centre, which has bet i. sold to the government, it is said, an.! will be used as a sort of temporary camp, whether for state or regul.i troops Is not said. There will be services appropriate t the Easter occasion in the M. 1. church on Sunday next. In the even ing, music singing and recitations by the members of the school will be tin attractions. Rev. L. A. Robblns has returned from Conference and again enteic l | upon the duties ot his pastorate here i for another year. The teachers in our school will at lend the Institute exercises next week, and during the interim up here the 1 brook fish will suffer correspondingly ] from hooks and lines. I On Tuesday afternoon and eveniiig last a very pleasant affair was enjoyed at Pleasautvllle by William H. Gardnei 1 ann family, of this place; Edward P ' Finch and family, of Salem Ontr. and Mr. and .Mrs. O D. Quick, of Cr • ton Falls. It was the occasion of tl. 25'.li anniversary of the birthday • f Gartleld Gardner. May there be many more. 8<meor our young people anticipate a deal of enjoyment on Monday e> en ing next in Firemen's hall, Crot. ii Falls, the oeeaeioL beii ga social dai.<> given by the Tennis club, of that plate Our people are greatly interested in tue suit of Miss Margaret Mahoney against the New York Central railn-a-i, and sincerely hope that the jury box does not contain a duplicate of tin jury that heart! the Merritt case. In fact that collection would be pretty hard to duplicate They should be catalogued with the Jersey court that fixed the damages for the death of» child, a few years ago. Our electric lights seem to be pur­ suing a sort of hide-and-seek game recently, In fact they are a decidedly uncertain quantity, like the tbiaible game: \Now you see it, etc\ More new goods in our 5 and 10 c> nt department. KENNEDY & VANTASSELL . Katona h The Ladies' Ai d society of the M E church had a uncial ncheduled f >i Wednesday evening last at John I' Landrine's pleasant residence, and in , th iiigh the notice given was but » very ori-f one, a very pleasant aiT-di was < \Liridetitly (xpected, but th tickle eli rk ot ;hu weather was left ou of c'uihl .i 'ration and hence he tiir<\ \ tvltLwtttPr on the aff -nr to such an ex t' nt as to spoil the entire evening'* ciijo\ ment. Work Wanted. i Work wanted. Washing and iron­ ing done at home or b y the day. t MRS . J. E. HAWLEY , Katonah. ^.rid ,. Mrs. John Meldrum and iba,-;fOt' Brooklyn, were gnesis last Stindiaj of Mr8 C. Meldrum. The road woikers are out iu full force. James W't bja hns this eud of the town to work Dr. Fran k Vala has mov.)d his fam­ ily here anil has reutetl \the cottage by the mill 1 lie will cuimtite from here to White Plains win t< In still has his ofBca Master Harry 11. Bailey visited the city on Moutlay List, anil caun- le>ne with glowing accounts uf what In »mv at tho Baniutii Bailey 's circus. Word comes from Ntw York city that Miss Agnes Smith, who has choBeu the vocation of trained nurse and is taking a course at the Presbyterian hospital, is very much pleased with her worK. Miss Bessie Perley, of Brooklyn, Is visiting Miss Christine DUDU, Mrs. O. A Mead, of Katonah, is the pleasant guest of Miss Mary Smith. Mrs. Ernest Baily \isited the city recently and bougnt a cabinet grand piano of the -Kranleh and Bach make trom their ware rooms 125th St An el^b iate program of music is being jjehenised lo b< ICIV.-M ,-tt ttie Uni versultst i ninth Kami < Sunday morning c YORKTOWN HEIGHTS The leap yeai da'ice at the hall tin Wednesday evening, Apul 13th, vva.s attended by sixty-two coupii s although it was a rainy night J. O. Carpenter lias purchased a very fine new Maxwell touting car and taken the agency for the M .swells William Kear, Jr, has been very hick fdr over u month with rheuma tism. He is still unable to g' t around A Tat. cow was stolen from the imrn of D. J. Irish on Wednesday night An attempt 'vas made t> siciil two, but >ne got awa y and was found I >ut8 'iay morning with a rope around her horns Charles I Purdy has bought a h\use in Peekskill He is moving to hU new home with bis family this weok Th* funeral of Mrn Peter*- >n, mother of Miss Minnie Peterson, p stmi^tress at Yorkfown, was held ou Wedjesday, April lsi h The receipts of the entertainment given at the Frien' e church in Thurs­ day evening, Aprl 9tb, were S24 The entertaiameiit win to have been h' 1 • >u Wednr-iHaN ev nlng 'tit ^as pint P \ned on uceoiint if the st.'iin visa N -llle E H iZl \tl ie. it. tl and a 'juar t tte, Cv /Uipose.i of Ahri'so All- n. \'ir .mil Mr s Br wn and Charl s Fian cisco, 8 -ng. Re'remanents wer' serve I, ifter which Mi-s H<zleton gave many in. morous selections. A^nauslcal aud dramatic eutertaiD mentfor the benefit of the i .dldi r -* fupd^of school district No 9, was given at Tompkins hall, on Monday evening, 1 AprJlgSfSth. Some New York ladne recited and sang. Ti-e dancing girlB, giving Russian peasant and Italian dances, made a good hit with the audience. There was a very large at­ tendance, tho hall being well filled. The finest lit< rary entertainment that has ever been given ar Yorktown Heights was listened to at Tompkins hall on Tuesday evening, April 14th. Miss Nellie E. Hazle'on appeared in \The Taming ot the Shrew,\ by Shakespeare She took the part of seven characters in six acts, playing the part of each charact. r to perfec­ tion. Miss Elsie Todd furnished sev­ eral musical selections on the piaLo. The proceeds were lor the ben< tit of the Presbyterian church. The Yorktown Sub Committee of the District Nursing Association will meet with Mr. and Mis. Aneon Le e on Wednesday afternoon, April 22nd, at three o'clock. All Interested in the work are invited to attend. MRS CHARLES A BOSHELL , Sec'y. CROSS RIVER 1 William E Casey, a former resident .(.ifcfiii*-Hl *oe, died, at his home near 1 RldgeflVld, Conn The f-ineral was on Thursday .Miss Lil'lau Breakell Is euti itaiuing a lady fiiend, of Ntw York city. Our ti acher. Miss McLargar was the •rectpi nt of a can of maple eyrup sent by an up et ite friend. She is ITTTW pas-iing tiei BWeer around ami has pr mis d to b\stow a poition on IOI hi'tt. rhilf Who sa \H vie ,iii' nut ill luck' J W Monte and family, i onsistiug in pat t of one wife, four sturdy boys and ill'' girl, of IUdgefleld, Conn , were o\. i .HI Sunday with his patents, of ttii-t place. iv,i,,le have remarked on the un- • anal heavy winds this mouth out of tlonrs There ins also been a good ileal of \blow\ inside, particularly at the p istoffice Fhia can in a measure be explained on account of the return of the mail carrier and the blacksmith reunion Concerning Schools. Recent developments point conclus­ ively to the fact that in the matter of the compulsory education act and its euforceuient by school officials there can hi no more Uolding back from act­ ing in accordance with the law A jiisii .e 11 r the peace who refn«. s to la.-ue a warinnt »u demand l>\ i M-IKIMI trust'efoi the iiriest uf ,,n fl'i'tnler may be ordered to appear before the Dlstilet Attorney t o show caut<e why he refused to act In the matter. 1 speak advUedly. having consulted that official in icference to this very mat­ ter. Our school district, through its tiustei, has beeu i ompelled by tne iJi 'paittndnt, of Public Instruction at Albany to bring ,in action against an effcuder for a viola'ion of the law ami this is but one insUince. Others will follow In \ther places, as due respect Ustt be shown the law however un­ popular it may be considered. The law MUST be enforced This is the ulti­ matum, uud there will be no getting u. ound ii It doesn 't matter whether or not a trustee wauts to, lie mmply must au i that is all there is to it un less he chouses instead to Btau 1 the •8^, uf the district of tho-public monies withheld That is the only loophole through which he ma y dodge the tin pleasant duty, aud this he in un'ikely to ilo wlllinuly John Grey, of the East Woods dis­ trict of the town of Poundridge, WAS served with papers compelling his at­ tendance ut Albany to show cause why, as trustee, I.e had not enforced i he law in his disn ict And, we are •reditably informed, Mr Grey Is not the only one served win* oke papei.u and \toted\ up to the town i 'i which the compulsory education «' t was bah»he I in the State lnenb ii r The state also has its Br..inlet large, nongh i hover over an 1 pr> tei it- hatch­ ings t nt 11 they poesens Mifflcn t eii -igtli to perform th-ir duties 1 herefore, now that they are in f u!l .lo ^'iessiou of their powers, there an be no further twi ting, squirming or dodging their little act. A school trustee has go' t o walk the plank. An offender against this llttl < act has go t to be made to toe the mark, and, by way of aiding a trustee, a justice of the peace, to whom he may go for a warrant, must on demand issue the warrant or may be removed ftom office. To the winds with senti­ ment' The only way out of the woods for future generations will be the race suicide theory, even though \Our Teddy\ does not lean that way. No worrying then over compulsory achooL acts. - But better than all will be to bare the children and to abide by the law, which, after all, In many instances Is a good one, as it provides an education for many who, but for the law, would be deprived of even the common school privileges. This is especially so in cities and towns where earnings are more desired by avarlciousparenU than the education of their children. Still the law needs remodelling foe the rural districts and allowance made for extreme distances, providing the pa­ rent tries honestly to live up to and conform with the requirements of the law. It should especially discriminate in the matter of children's ages. A little eight- or nine-year old should be allowed exemptions not to be expected from those of more mature years. The time may c une when auto stages will be run at the expense of the state for the accommoduiiou of these living back Who knows? SOMERS CCNTEF. 3 An Easter service of songs ami reclt- ntioi.« will he in Id by the M. E Suu- d.iy richi II 1 at H'miers Ceuter on next Sunday, April l<)th, at two o'clock. All ate cordi.illy imlied to attend anil •njoy a plea«nrit time Mi re new good- in our .\. an I 10 c nt lepaitment KKNNKIJY & YA.NT\.SSKI-L , Katonah LAKE WACCABUC. —DIED .-On Wednesday, April 10, at her home, on Mead street. Lake Waccabuc, Jane Howe, widow of the late Daniel Hunt, in her 86th'year. Funeral services will be held from her late residence on Haturduy afternoon, April 18, at one o clock, Rev. Lyman Calkins offlcinting. The interment will be in the family plot. She leaves two daughters, Misses Louise and Carrie, and one Bon, Frauk, all of Lake Wac­ cabuc. OLD SOUTH SALEM \ . In ti i ,i _! s». > ,ii. ,.e . > e.itlk*<l setUenu -i 1. H>K SALE AT i I HUSK AND IIOI'ND at 2 5 Cents F .ireed by ma.l o.i receipt of price. THE HORSE AND u HOUND SOUTH SALKM, N. Y MISS BARKER Ll'WHEON AND TEA HOR8KS STOOD J.N (} V-' 'I.ICNE AND MOTOR REPAIRS Will open for the season May 26th next BLACKSMITH SHOP B II TURNER SOUTH SALEM, N. Y. Best Shoeing at Lowest Prices GENERAL REPAIRS

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