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(ESTABLISHED IN 1878.) R. D KDITOK KNAPP, AND PROPRIETOR Published Every Friday Afternoon. TXLEPBONK CALL—12-A KATONAH Subscriptions: One year . . $1.50 Three months. 40c. Six mouths. 75 Single copies 5c Adverti-.nn; rates on application •entered HI tin- I 'oM (Hiiro til K I 'uiiiili N V ns Second ( Itisb Muuor A Local Republican Newspaper Devoted to the Interests of Northern Westchester C\iinty To Electrify the Putnam. •9-NEW8 ITKMS Milk'iU-il ('uroimiiiiciitioti.s I ntendoit lo r publicatio n inu-.t bear nam e an d tddrcas of sende r Th e rlifht to reject or eilil communication s Is reserved liy tlie l'nblislu r FRIDAY. APRIL 17. 1908 Plan for Firemen's Convention. Aa u preliminary to the firrin»\i .« convention to bp held in Ossini: ir ir June, the executive committee of ''if Hudson Va11e\ Firemen s Asso . 1 tion met several mem hers of the g-er eral committee of the Ossim -cr : -- partrnent and discussed nia:vs per taining to the convent ion 1\ decided to hold a two days sr«. s vir instead of three The Ossinitur Bre­ men had been preparing for :he longer meeting The following members ol :i e oon- mittee were present Fres-idei ' Frv' S Bieber, of IPoughkeepsie. Vnv Pre- ideni Franla Quigley of Kitir-*f'> Secritarj - rienry Btixhun. nf Hud son. Treasurer John 1. (ISII-M • • ? Kingston; Charles Hitrhnm. of .Mid dletuwn, chairman of the executive committee, [William H Knits, of Kingston, Andrew Funk, of Hudson, Walter II Klandreau, of Mount Ver- nOBf Wi'Lam H Frank, of I'ougli- keepaie, Clis^rles Myers, of Croton. and the following members of the auditing committee Harry K Bar­ ton, of Mechanicsville. and Stephen J Preston, of Mount Vernon Missing Pastor's Body Found. The body of a man found in the North Kiver at 185th street Monday was identified as that of Rev. Dr Charles Elmer Allison, pastor of the Day Spring l'resbytenan church, of Yonkers, who has been missing since January second The identification wns made by Sergeant McGowan, of the Yonkers police, at the Harlem morgue, and Superintendent Smith of the Day Spring Presbyterian church According to Segeant McGowan, Dr. Allison was last seen on January 2d on the public pier at Yonkers. It is not known whether his death was au accident or suicide, although it is known that he was suffering from acute nervousness Preparations for Briarcliff Race- Interest in shown in the approach­ ing ruco at this end of the county by the preparations that A. Betti, of Mount Kisco, is making for visitors to see the affair He has leased all the high land along Myers' and Bishop's flat at the upper end of Wans pus Lake, on the state road be­ tween Mount Kisco and Armonk, where he will have all conveniences for sightseers, such as grandstands, seats, park i tig space for autos, re­ freshments, etc This spot com­ mands the longest view of the racers of any place along the course Booking for spaces and seats are now being made Democratic Delegates Chosen The Democratic Assembly District Convention. Second District, was held on Thursday, April !>, at the Democratic Club in New Roc-belle llverv ''own in the district wiii repre- -••ini»'l Th\ \ onu'iit was npi'iied by I 'red -\n k 11 Allei. ihairmanof : lit- lOiliilv lOtllllllt i ' C Sllpi-n l«or .lnhii H .\li \rdle, nf Mnmnronei k, wa-i <'VU< d ( hairniii'i and .loin. \\ ('•irt n ^tT' nf Moniit \e! lam sc-c rr- •ary l'l •> 1 It legal \i- In the state • 011 vent inn were John F Ile.ih. of New R01 h»llc and F.dwui H Fi.-ke, nt' Mo'ini \enii .'i The aliirnn1en were .1 I' \IH\ unl -r m<| Frink I'.ruedie: What a Multitude of Covered. Sins Are 1 1 1 l 1011 1 .1 is pur . i'l /'nc- to 15 • '.in- puie . '(US cioU mil weais . .-( 'ie I, ov M !( • p' -( os'(it (i ui..it.' 1 . \<>u hel]i tn make the pie ••, nnx'i.n tlr(( <\ inrls of l'liseed ml v .tb eadi v-'i'\u <>' p.nDt Its done in 'oil iiuiiii'( • M:(*es cos' onl ) $l Co per gallon I A M '.'ami Agents John C. Purely I ici'nn I' Green Hros Golden'-* H' M WtMcott, M.ihoprte, Mekeel Bros , Yotkto.v . Heig its c. T Tompkins . Somers Cen re Announcement. W E are pleased to announce to to our patrons and the public- that. Mr WII.I.UM H CI.\HK oF Kn- toiiah, N Y., has associated himself with our companx and that our fur­ niture, carpet iitid npholsteniijr '!'• paVtments v\ ill be under Ins p \i «nn ] «ut>ervisiiM) We nlsi> announce that liewill II.K. the care and charge of all wmk .1.- futipral director HOYT BBOTHERS COMPAN\ LINE WII.I, FORM PART OF N. Y CKXTHAL'S THIIID RAIL SYSTEM • The electric system of the N. Y Central is to beenlarged. It wus an­ nounced a few yours njjo that the railroad would transform from a steam road into an electric system the Hudson River division as far north as Croton-on-the-Hudson, a distance of 39 9 miles, to North White Plains, a distance of '24- miles and would probably change the l'onkers branch, between lo.\Jth street and Yonkers, into a third railelpctric line. A short time prior this an­ nouncement plans were perfected for enlarging the Grand Central station, so that it would cover many more blocks than the old structure Early last year the electric system as faras Wukeh'eld, on the Harlem division, and High bridge, on the Hudson River division, was completed and permanently openpd The electric plans of the railroad call for a third rail system of four tracks on the Hudson division as far ,-19 Croton and two tracks on thrf Harlem div­ ision as far as North \\ lute Plains In the ne ir future the entire sub­ urban el-vtnc zone will be in opera­ tion between t roton-on tbe-Hudsoti '. New \ opk citv and between -!'. H !- 'e PI nr.s ', uu l New York T ...S >ystem represents an 111- Westchester Notes.' After one of the most exciting con­ tests ever held among local firemen Robert Bromm was elected chief of the White Plains volunteer fire ,de- partmen on Tuesday night over \Win A. Hanson, son of the first assistant chief Bromm received 121 and Han son 102 votes. Mr. Bromm is in the auditing department of the New York Central As an aftermath of the recent snuggle of the State Line Telephone Company t o get franchises iu West; cheater County the company 's attor- Hetiry Esser, of Mount Ver- •o»o»oa)oa)o#o#o#o»o«o«o«K>»o 1 ley non, is suing it vices rendered for $2,000 for ser- an Nc-h 1 uy res' r. r .* a a y million dollars and .iin'.ulated the develop- ST-IT?\ s> s I ; han ster (\uinty ever before on a in its VP 1~S H : s- v.-i.i-'v kron - \el.i e,<;vvn..y to I •'• •> P.rnam Valley, ly- :he easterly shi >re of the i the far famed Harlem been practically an un- •o the sj>eculator, aud the speculative builder •\ At res IN Pi TNAM VALLK\. i-.d values throughout t his fertile r~g: • hsve only slightly increased in\' •' bu-t two years How the val­ le y is , ippd thp attention of the ma­ in' r ..f larsre speculators is a mys- tpr\, n< it. 1 an be easily reached from either the Hudson or the Harlem division of the New York Central The Putnam division extends from 1:15th street and 8th avenue to Brewster, a distance of fifty-four miles At Brewster, the northern terminal of the road, the Harlem division extends north to the upper Harlem valley. At this junction there is also a branch of the New York, New Haveu and Hartford R. R-, connecting with Danbury and many other Connecticut towns This branch also parallels the Harlem division of the New York Central for several miles north of Brewster and then runs in a northeasterly direc­ tion The Putnam Valley division of the New York Central is to be elec­ trified throughout it's entire length, and thus this branch of the railroad will become one of the longest third rail electric lines traversing an allur­ ing suburban field of New York city. It is the intention of the officials of the New York Central to make the southerly terminal station of the of the Putnam road at 42d street and Fourth avenue, so that persons desiring to travel on the line will not have t o transfer at 155th street to get to the midtown districts of the city. These plans for changing the motor power of the Putnam road from steam to electricity will un­ doubtedly result in the rapid develop­ ment of not only every town along the line but also that flourishing county seat of Putnam County, the village of Brewster. PLANS WILL BENEFIT BREWSTEH. It seems as if Brewster will become a-great residential, business and rail­ road centre being linked in the near future with New York city not only by the Putnam division of the New York Central, but probably by an extension of the electric line of the Harlem division from North White Plains As its name implies, the Putnam Valley is hemmed in from its south­ erly end to its most northerly point by a high range of hills; noted for their pii.'turesqueness and for their many healthful summer resorts. When this electric project is compet­ ed, which wil l be in about a few years it will be possible for a person to leave the --it v on a hot summer day and alter .1 slmri and qui< k ride t' .I-I tiiii L tin I'm antieo Hills section o t I 'll' 11 1 in \ ,ille \ Hi. '1 himself 111 th\ he it t us a • li 11 mitij:' rur il region • Villi- ViKTIirifM DlSTKtCTH liMts 'iu <l, o f Rivw Mer. along t In­ line o f th e I 'liti'im, is Tilly Foster Mines, one u i the few place* in I 'ut- liatti County where n ni l ore was dis ­ covered linin g M-ir .sago NearTillv FosUr Mines 11 Carmel, wh:- h is a flourishing town 111 Putnam Countv, beinir just about fifty tiiih-s north o f New York ' 1U and about four miles from Like Mahopac, which is one of the largest lakes within a few hours' rich- of the 1 ity Owing to its size and natural beauty Lake Mahopac has for years attracted large num­ bers of summer tourists A short journey south of Carniel is Mahopac Falls These are boine of the prin­ cipal towns in the northerly section of the Putnam Valley, which are to be brought within the electric zone of the New York Central About eleven miles northwest of Mahopac Falls is Peekskill Briarcliff Manor, Poeantico Hills, Ardsley, Tarrytown Heights, Bryn Mawr Park,Channr-ey and Nepperhan uie ulso among the rapidly gr.iwittg towns- in Putnam Valley, which are better known to the majority of persons living in New York city than the other places along the line Pasture. Pasture for Cows and Horses. Cows f 2, Horses per month —L. B.unn, Cross Rivet- Andrew Carnegie, who about six years ago gave a $30,000 library to Mount, Vernon, has agreed to give #20,000 more for improvements if thecifi will increase the maintenance fund to §7000 The increase was unanimously voted at a meeting of the aldermen Company L, of White Plains, is preparing to givean amateur circus in June or July The proceeds are to be used for furnishing the new armory Justice Arthur S Tompkius, of the Supreme Court, hssappointed Frank Mont rose, of Peekskill, Arthur M. Hunter, of New York, and William Haldaiu, of Putnam County, as com­ missioners to condemn land for the New York City water supply at Cro­ ton Falls and Brewster It has been decided by lawyers connected with the condemnation of land for the Bronx valley sewer to allow the commissioners of appraisal of lands $5 an hour for their services. The commissioners hold weekly meetings lasting generally from four to five hours. Sheriff Charles M Lane was one of the guests at a dinner given at tbe Clareraont, Riverside Drive, on Tues­ day night by Sheriff Foley, of N«w York, to Commodore Wilson Mar­ shall, who sailed on Thursday on his yacht, the \Levauter for Europe. The Mauser Manufacturing Com­ pany has closed its large plant at Mount Vernon, throwing about three hundred employes out of work. The Mouut Vernon aldermen gave a dinner at the Republican club iu New York on Friday night in honor of Mayor Howe, of their city. The insurance agents of Westches­ ter County have combined and are preparing t o Increase the rates about fifty per cent Auction ! I, the undersigned, will sell at PubJ lie Auction on April 28th, 1908, at eleven o'clock 111 the forenoon in Town of Somers, Westchester County, N. Y., the Real Estate,'late ol Gottfried Shmidt, c ^x sisting of a House, Stable, Outbu dings and about 20 acres of land. Being the same property deeded by deed dated the twenty-ninth day of March, 1881 t o Molvina Basseitt by John A. Bassett Excepting land taken by the City of New York for its water supply. Terms, 10 per cent, cash on dav of sale, balance in cash in \H) days. Sale Positive Dated, Katonah, N. Y .April 11th, 1908. EDWARD P. BARRETT, Attorney in Fact. g Painting and 0 I Paperhanging * \ ESTIMATES 0 -v CAREFULLY • Q I V E N • GEORGE p. HOPPS J P.O. Box 321 Katonah, N,Y, £ otoao«ototo «ota «caotototoS Notice. Owing to repeated inquiries on the part of our friends and patrons in Katonah, we take this means to notify them that we intend to remain in Katonah supplying electric lights at the old rates Thanking you for your patronage iu the past and hoping to merit a continuance of the same in the future we are. Respectfully yours, Geo Jtiengst & Sons Electrical engineers and Contractors, House Wirlnn EIcc- trica Supplies, Lamps and Transformers H Hale Mgr Danb ury,Conn 1 MUSK I' M K \ 1» A RTF I I 1 George Tkwellin Practical Painter and Decorator. . Paper . Dealer in Hangingf . Wall a Specialty . Paper . Estimates Furnished on Application. KATONAH, N. Y. If you want to rent, sell or have someone take care of your property, ask for one of my question blanks. All expenses are paid by A « m m * * mc n **-:n »«'--s ».-ia3Rj!V R. ADELT 143 MAIN STREET 1 TARRYTOVN Jt J* N. Y. | Elecrticaimork of all Hindi Dexter 3 fieckwifb Electrical Contractors Box 55. Katonab, n. V. $ electric Eight fixtures $e4 Wilson, opbe Dept. of flgricultuic$ay$ t : - - \The value of the corn crop alone for 8 years, stich as 1907, would duplicate every steam railroad In the U. S., In­ cluding terminals, rol­ ling stock and all prop­ erty.\ /. .% THE SIGNALS ARE ALL « SET TO GO AHEAD « BUY FROM ROAKE AND YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT 3.3. Roake & Son Cumber, feed, Coal, Paint and * J» hardware Peopie ^ * « Yorktownljeigbts, n. V. * telephone, 42. I.ADY IBSWTWTW IIKS OK3IIU:l • R S.AVERV KNERAI . I >I I.TC'KNSI'.l ) KATONAH OAI.I.S l'KOMl'Tl.V All|. (in i< i: A i HI-.-HIIKM i c- ( , r i RECTOR AND • EMBALMER N.V. NDS 1) TO PAY OH NICiUT AltlCWAY ANOBI-.I >!••< >RI> HiiAli BASKET BALL! It's a great game, Isn't It? One requiring calm, quick playing, a quick, accurate eye and plenty of good Judgment. These same things have got to be used in buying DRY GOODS and we think our HIGH SCHOOL TEAM is like our store, HARD TO BEAT We have the goods and the prices are right. Kennedy a n d Van Tassell Dry Goods Gents 9 Furnishings KATONAH - N. Y. r Blooming Plants, Cut Flowers, Palms and Ferns suitable for Easter occasion. Orders intrusted to us, for selection and shipment 'will be carefully packed to carry any distance. Inspection is invited and early choosing is recommended. E. C. HAINES & CO. TEL. 221 Y3. 'BEDFORD STATION, <5Y- Y. ,WEET £REAM ON jCE AT T. J. DOYLE'S STORE Fresh Supply Daily from SLAWSON-DECKER CO. SHEFFIELD FARMS T, J. D-OYLE N AGENT FOR Katonah and Vicinity. Please Telephone me your orders one day ahead. TELEPHONE 20-Y-4 millions of Dollars in Dividends ana interest iniM- ii. - i •...«.,! during the IIMIIIIII nf .liiuii .i r\ In , ,ii t v inVPM!ore W i- ci lie i- iiiitiiiilinii- iii\i >stiin -iii i . 1 1 1 si- lmiilri The tiiin- IM ripe- to I>u-. lir-i nun _• I^I - in. \Ventc-Iiester ('<)init\ n-nl cstnti- \\. 'I.I-i i' \ i _ti ,- I|I>>> first mort­ gages for siile ui 5 l 2 ]'i \'I' i ' I In-- mc i pt^nges iin- guaranteed nml tax exempt ti-tesi I.. uin-, on (he ilale of pure lmsc ami is pa\.-• f> 1 • -.-mi nmimillv Westchester and Bronx Title and Mortgage Guaranty Co., White Plains, N. Y. Branch Offices: •2'2 (Jetty Square, Yonkers, - \> I,>u\ ton St Neu Itorlielle 22 Host First Street, Mount Vernon 17f> Mromlwny. New York City D F. D.VKIN L C RKMSEN DAKIN & REMSEN Building Contractors Mount Kisco, N. Y. TREATS All kinds of buildings constructed Office and MIII-KISCO AVF, Telephone: 218 R. •Mt Imported ^ f TEAS & COFFEES At HALF Price FINKRTTKAB , 19 O .< 27 C , 33 O . Bent, 37c. a lb , FIKEST COFCKES , li e , I3c . 18c. BcMt, 23c a. lb. The ••pplylnfc of Furmera, Oranjn, ImatttntlonH , Clergymen M4 X,arfCe Consumer, it Hpeclalty NO GOODS SOLD AT RET A IT/. For full particulars , RddroMH Con.umera Importing Ten (,'onpnny P.O.BoTgtO . 6«Chiirct»St., Mfw York

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