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ANKS' DRY GOODS «* Our line of Spring Milli- nary is now complete. Ii We have spent much time and money in mak­ ing it the best millinery department in Westches­ ter County and the result awaits your inspection. Values from $12 to $15 at $4.95 and $6.95. T(H> [ml WAISTS; The eharming styles and exquisite workman­ ship of these waists put them far above the usual class at these prices. 95c. to $4.45 All the latest spring cre­ ations at our usual low prices. Nothing added to the price of skirts to cover the cost of alterations. oooooooooooooooooooooooooo B. E. BANKS Mt. sco. —oooooooooooooooooooooooo I Katonah News. § •ooooooooooooooooooooooooo TELEPHONE CALL—12-A KATONAH PEIDAT. APRIL 17, 1908. KATONAH POST OFFICE. OVXS FROM 6.4f> A. M. TO 8.16 P. M. MAILS CLOSE AT P08T OFFICE:— rfOBTH, 7:30 A. M. CHATHAM LOCAL \ 12:40 P. M. CHATHAM LOCAL \ 4:25 P. M. PITT8F1ELD EXPRESS SOOTH, 7:30 A. M. CLOSED MAIL \ 10:25 A. M. LOCAL, NEW YORK 7:40 P. M ALL SOUJB A WEST David A. Doyle, P.n Automobile race next Friday s closed to-day, (iood School Friday. See T. J Doyle's new advertisement in this issue. Buy Chase and Sanborn's highest grades of tea and coffee at Hoyt Hros. ( omputiv Kennedy «fc \ an Tassell 1 1 it \«* just received more new jroods in their new good.* in iliei r .\i and 10 ren t depart­ ment The nights were vert cold I lie past week , ice liaviiiir formed to quite a thickness Huds have not started sufficiently to damage the trees. Fresh Kdum I'heese. wrapped in tin foil, ( anieiibert, Swiss and rich, full cream American cheese at Hoyt Bros < onipany The Town of Bedford, especially [lie.Mount Kisco end of it, will lie overflowing with sightseers and au­ tomobiles next Friday [faster services, with special music and appropriate sermon, will be held tu the .\1 1'] church on Sunday Morning service at 10 .'!0 evening ser\ ice, 7 !M> A special meeting was held by the katonah Fire Department on Tues­ day evening and by a vote of the members some changes were made m the constitution. Th» regular monthly meeting of the I.ndies' Aid Society of the M. E chun h will be held on Friday, April •Jt.at three o'clock in the parlor of the M V. i hurch E (' AKNOI.D, tSec EGOS' t:<;(iS' Special Saturday. :2<H) dozen newly laid eggs from poul­ try farms rie .i i Goldens Bridge and Eake Waecabuc If you want fresh eggs here they are at 18c. per dozen. N'one to dealers —H B DKACO.S Fishing tackle is going fast Come and get yours while it lasts —French's .\> & 10 cent store The Town of Bedford has deputy constables out with authority to ar­ rest any automobilist exceeding the speed limit of twenty miles an hour. Basket Ball Game. The most exciting basket ball game of the season was that of last Mon­ day evening, played between the Ka­ tonah high school'team and the local team The local players were: Dr. Park, Dr. Williams, J. F. Ryan, Mr. Carver, and William Cargon. They were a strong team, but were not fast enough for the high school boys, who were ouly defeated by OHO team this season—the Mount Kisco high school team, before they had much practice. A great deal of their suc­ cess is due t o the plucky and excellent playing of Wallace Sarles, who is al­ ways in the thickest of the scramble and usually gets away with the ball, and who can make baskets over the heads of all the others. Herbert Smith and Gilchrist are also expert basket throwers, besides being fast and active players. Walter Jones made some tiue plays and shot some good baskets. Young Peters is small, but makes up in dexterity. The Katonah high school has a team to be proud of, one that can make a good showing, if not defeat every team in Westchester County The local team had good players but they lacked practice, and the- high- school boys were on the job every minute What they lacked in size they made up in fast playing. The game caused a great deal of com­ ment The large audience seemed to favor the high school boys and their remarks caused much laughter. The score was 20 to '22 in favor of the high school. Tbo second game, between the Ath­ letic club and the high school, was also a fast game and was won by the high school boys bv a score of 8 toll. Ice Cream for Easter. Leave your orders at Doyle Brothers Easter lillies, 20c. per blossom at French's 5 & 10 cent store Read our advertisement on the editorial page —Kennedy & Van Tassell. Autos Upset on Course. We are informed that the Maja car entered in the Briarcliff race by Vil­ lage President John J. Brown, of White Plains, met with a serious ac­ cident a t Hawthorne, in which the driver, Daniel Murphy, was badly injured last Monday. Murphy was out for his usual morning spin and as he approached a bridge a t Hawthorne at a speed of forty miles au hour his machine, in making a sharp turn to the approach of the bridge, turned a complete somersault. Murphy stuck to his stearing gear and received a bad cut ou the leg The car was also badly damaged and was towed to White Plains for repairs As soon as Mr. Browu was notified by telephone of the accideut he ar­ ranged t o have his driver given every possible attention. It is. thought ihat Murphy will be well enough to resume his pins before the race. Joseph Seymour, driver of the Sim­ plex automobile, which has been en­ tered in the Briarcliff race, was lead­ ing five other cais in a spin over the course Sunday when those behind him crowded him. To escape he swerved to the right and his machine crashed into a stone wall, hurling Seymour and four companions t o the roadway. Seymour, his mechanic, Phillip Fear; R. C. Walson and Thomas Cot­ ter were seriously bruised. They de­ cline to say who was responsible for the accident. The machine had to be towed back to the starting point and will need liberal repairs before i t can be used in the race Carnations, Azalea's Easter lillies anil hyacinths for Easter a t Doyle Bro i hers Saloon Men Lose Appeal from Result of Election, Which Put Many Out of Business. Having lost their appeal in the Count\ Court from the result of the last election, the saloonkeepers ure preparing to < lose on the 1st of May, as required bv law Some of them from White Plains are movingtothe adjoining town of Greenburg, and several are building additions t o their houses which will give theiftthe necessary ten rooms t o secureahotel license. Two of the leading hotels, the El- beron and the Carpenter House, are to be connected by a bridge, which will enable them to operate under one license, \\ bile in another instance a restaurant has consolidated with a hotel so that the latter can continue its license All kinds of expedients are being used to get around the law It is doubtful if local option will close more than ten or fifteen out of fifty saloons and wholesale places which were in existence when the election took place last November. The wholesale dealers, who have been unable t o find a loophole in the law, will close on May 1st. Several are moving out of town. It is reported that a New York brewing firm has leased a building • just across the line in the town of Greenburg and expects to do a rush­ ing business delivering beer and ale to customers in White Plains. The operations of the law will not affect drug stores and hotels, of which there are twenty-fivein White Plains Mr. A. C Daniels has purchased a lot north of Cronk's blacksmith shop and will put up a house facing Bed­ ford road and his shop on Katonah avenue. The No-Llce%.« Question in Katonah and Other Towns'. The foolish manner ia which the retail liquor business is conducted is so patent and general that it may easily be rated as the most import­ ant single factor in bringing victory to the anti -saloon leaguers through­ out the country. A typical illustra­ tion is about to be given by the liquor men of White Plains, accord­ ing to reports from that place. A local option law goes into effect there on May 1st. Instead of submitting to the clear will of the citizens, how­ ever obnoxious to them the mandate may be, the liquor men are doing just what thousands of their brethren elsewhere have done to the ultimate injury Of their business—they are making ready to avail themselves of. every discoverable loophole in the law It is estimated that the local option measure will not effectively close more than ten or fifteen of the fifty dramshops against which i t was aimed Only the wholesalers seem to be decisively routed. The Anti-Gambling Sentiment. If a doubt existed in the mind of any Republican Senator who voted against the auti-gambling bills re­ garding the temper of the Republi­ cans in the upper part of the state that doubt must have been removed' by the Governor's reception a t Buf­ falo and Utica, and by the action of the various communities in meeting and roundly condemning the actions of their representatives, who opposed the bill. The up-state public is keen­ ly aroused and its present condition of mind is not liable t o relax for the Governor is going to fight as never before and he will talk to the consti­ tuents of every Senator who, in his opinion, has misrepresented public feeling in his district. Unless these senators can say something better in defence of their attitude than they have said hitherto, it is probable that they will soon find public senti­ ment running even more strongly •against them than now When they go home for the time between the regular and the special legislative session they will probably have an interesting personal session with their constituents. The Governor never appeared to better advantage than in the fight he is now conducting. He does not believe in controlling votes through the use of patronage or the veto power, but he does believe that the voters have a right if they wish to exercise it t o demand that their rep­ resentatives shall fairly represent them He sticks close t o an impreg­ nable position. In response to the Governor it is no argument for an objector to say that he does not be­ lieve gambling can be stopped or that he does not think the present best means of stopping it. Those considerations are beside the ques­ tion. The Governor calls attention to the fact that the constitution pro­ hibits gambling everywhere, while the law to favor the bookmakers puts a severe penalty on gambling outside of the betting ring and an unenforceable penalty for gambling within it. Such a discrimination m favor of what a large majority of the people regard as a corrupting influ ence, will be very hard for its sup­ porters to defend against the Gov­ ernor's keen attacks. Just received a large stock of crock­ ery Come in and look i t over. French's 5 & 10 cent store. The Great Automobile Race. Next Friday will be the great auto mobile race over the Briarcliff course. This race is attracting great atten­ tion. White Plains, Pleasantville, Chappaqua and Mount Kisco are said t o be filling up fast with people from all-over this country and Canada. There will be thousands of dollars damage done to the roads on this day by tne immeuse automobile traf­ fic. The towns to the south of Bed­ ford have given sanction to the race by taking off the speed law on that duy. They may see the folly|of their action when jt is too late, although the race will bring many people to that section and the towns will gain in that way The town board of Bedford refused to allow the speed limit t o be broken in this town, saving it at least $,\\>.000 it is estimated that it would cost even more than to repair the roads The racers will pass over about a mile of the town road, from Hubbell's crossing, near Mount kisco, to the Pines Bridge road, and they will be kept within speed limit there. More than this, this section of the road is now being macadamized by Frank Fowler, the contractor, and has not been accepted by the town If Fowler refuses to put them in shape if the autos are allowed to race over them, the town would have to go to the expense of putting them in Bliape again. Big special sale at Doyle Brothers. Don't miss it Mrs Clarissa L Wood, widow of the late l>r J. G. Wood, was severely burned in her room in New York from a gas stove one day phya week and was taken to the Roosevelt hospital, where little hope was entertained for her recovery Mrs. Wood lived for a number of years in this place and formerly owned the place now occupied by Dr Sharp's sanitarium. Lost. Large, yellow St. Bernard dog with chain around the neck, f 5 reward. L. BAIUD, Cross River. ?^|ERS0NAL ITEMS. —Mt^and Mrs. Z. Swift Webb, of Wobdbnry, Conn., have been visiting Mrsr^prift's niece, Mrs. L. H. Miller, for *Wesk or so. —itT^S.. T. Hoag, secretary of the Poaljjtikeepsie Board of Trade, is in town~to*aay —Mr^ William J. Doyle was called to Bofisjlo this week t o arrest a man from,the southern part of this county. —Mr. and Mrs. Rose are moving to Brown Station this week and Chas. Robertson is moving into the rooms, vaccated by them on Edge- mont Road. —Mr. Waltar Chace has purchased another lot on Valley road next to his residence —Miss Mvrtilla Avery lis in town enjoying her Easter vacation. —The friends of Mr A F. Avery were very glad tQ see him on the street again tins weeks for the first time in. several weeks lie is improv­ ing slowly from his attack of rheu­ matism. —Mrs. E S Folsom and Mrs HoraceSearles went to Stamford, Ct , on Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mrs;' Chadeayne —MT. John Dunn, train despatcher at White Plains, was calling on friends in town this morning. * OBITUARY. Blllllllllllillliiliiiiuii i niii.inKn!.,,.,.,.,, . ... f ............ n ...... r MRS. GENT-RUDE L. CHADEAYNE Mrs. Gertrude Lawrence Chadeayne widow of the late John Chadeayne, of this place and Mount Kisco, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Elmer* Brady, at Stamford, Conn , on Sunday, April 12, 1908, in the eighty-eighth year of her age. Mrs. Chadeayne was a daughter of the late Norman and Hannah Law­ rence and was born in Boutonville. About forty-three years ago, while teaching school in Katonah, she mar­ ried John Cnndeaye, who was in bus­ iness here, and they resided in this village until about twenty years ago when they moved to Mount Kisco. They lived there until after the death of Mr. Chadeayne in 189 ,sincewhich time the deceased has made her home with her daughter iu Stamford. Mrs. Chadeayne was for the greater part of her life an earnest, faithful member of the Presbyterian church, first in south Salem and then in Ka­ tonah'. She was one of the seven charter members of the Presbyterian church of this place, only one of whom, Dr .1 F Chapman, now sur­ vives,- and as long as she resided here was ah active member in its work Herfuueral services were held a t her late home on Wednesday after­ noon, her former pastor, Rev John H. Eastman of Pottsville, Penn., officiating, assisted by the pastor of the First l'resbyterian church of Stanford. HeeiWfe\ CKtT bisters, Mrs. George Read, of Yonkers, and Mrs. William Wood, of Stamford, Conn , and one brother, Frank Lawrence, of New Haven, Conn , she leaves one daugh­ ter, Mrs. Elmer Brady, and one son, Step! en Chadeayne, both of Stam ford Tenchers' Institute next week a t White Plains. SKIDS! SEEDS! SEEDS' Fo r the gard»n and lawn.— DOYLE BROS Rev. Mr. Finks, of the Board of Horn* Missions of the Presbyterian church, will deliver an illustrated lec­ ture under the auspices of the Women 's Missionary Society, on Monday evening April 27. at eight o 'clock, in the Presbyterian church. His subject will be \The Alaskans,\ and i lose who attended Dr Fink's lecture ou \The Mormons'' a year ago will be pleased to have another opportuniny to hear him Thester- eopti< an views, with which he illus­ trates his lectures are particularly fine Cat uition pinks at 30c. per dozen —Fre ich's 5 & 10 cent store For Sale. Foi sale, cheap, a skiff m excellent condi ion.— Box 91, Katonah Wanted. A s. .^le man.to take care uf two horse- and make himself useful ibout the [H ice. Apply to Dr ( h.ipm.-in, Knto- ih, N. Y. \ To Let. Lur^e, fine residence and grounds, high elevation. \Fruit Modern mi- proveneuts. For terms. May 1,1908 to October 1, 1908, address' William Moon Estate Agent, Cross River For Sale. A number\ of tons of hay m barn, two miles east of east of Vorktown Heights Apply to E. P. CARPENTER, Yorkt on n Heights, N Y. o For Sale or Rent Home, barn and 60 acres for sale or rent—the Stevens farm, 1'nion Vallev X- Y. Address Wis H Mil­ ler, k itonah, N. Y To Let. Store t o let in the Williams build­ ing Inquire on premises or W I I Clark. Katonah, N. Y. Lost. On the way from Peter Grubers to Sanford's house, a pair of large, 10 inch shears. Finder will please noti­ fy Mrs JACOBS, Katonah, N. Y. Bailey 's Dept. Store Advance Spring Styles In Ladies 9 Suits... Charming Spring Models possessing a rare combination of style and quality. Opening Price $15.89... Materials are superior quality of Serge and Panama in self-colored shadow stripes, also plain serge and panama. H. F. BAILEY & CO. Mount Kisco Qur Spring: line of Hen's and Bays' Hats has arrived. The latest style of Derbys and Soft Hats in the well known niller-AIlaire Co.'s goods. Every hat per- feet. We have no seconds. BENEDICT BROTHERS Opposite the Station For Rent. At once m the Benedict Building, tlat of five rooms and bath, hot water, heat, village water Apph at Benedict Bros, store, kntonali Millinery Display. We will have our first showiug of Spring Millinery on Wednesday April 1st. and each Wednesday during April —Miss ( ' M H.w.i., Williams Building, opp depot, Katonah. N Y Rooms To Let. Rooms on Katonah avenue t o let Inquire of A M Van Tassell. Kato­ nah, N Y Crc/vded New York People Should Take Advantage of the Following Renta and Get the Benefit of the Coun­ try air, viz.: No 1 —Large farm house, barn nnd grounds to suit rentor. Xo 2 —A good house with some land if required Xo 3 —A good roomy houpe, also barn accommodation Xo 4.— A good house on high ground, a very pleasant place An y of the above for a single month or the entire season of 1908. Five and one-half miles eust of Katonah sta­ tion. For terms address William Moore, Estate Agent. EASTER GIFTS Pleasing to the eye and suitable to every purse. JEWELRY SILVER NOVELTIES or TABLE WARE CUT GLASS UMBRELLAS LEATHER GOODS ! QUALITY Is ever my watchword. You get the benefit of guaranteed sat­ isfaction. < i i i Leave your repairingi KELLOGG & MEAD KATONAH AGEI Ingwltfe f MEAD F IENTS t HI. B TlSftCr Qejewtter. mount Hi$co • °« n. V. For Sale. A farm of <»\» acres, lG-room house, good water, apples, pears, peaches, plums, currants, wood 1 pair of 4 year-old Holstein steers. Inquire of J P. TOMPKINS, Croton Falls

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