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THE KATO TIMES. COMBINING THE CROTON »LLS 44 NEWS\ AND 4 'FOLIO.\ (BSTABIjitlEDIN 1878.) VOL. XXIX No. 49. •-it KATONAH, N. Y., FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 1908. $1.50 A YEAR Special Announcement YN addition to our large line of sporting goods we have taken the agency for the cele­ brated Iver Johnson Truss Bridge Bicycle. We'll have them in stock next week and solicit a call from all who want to purchase a high grade wheel. We can show you all the good merits and can quote you a low price. Vicinity Correspondence The News of Our Neighboring Villages and Hamlets Brief!y-|?ut Tersely Told. SOMERS The work on state road has begun ID earnest and Kill be pushed right along to completion under the able; superintendence of Mr. Newkirk, who\ is an expert at th e business. The; ; oompany has a fine lo t of boreee on 3 the job, much better stock than Is- usually seen on contract work. ~! The Misses Hyatt are slowly regain— ing their health and* strength after tbe' painful experiences of the past winter., There many friends will be pleased to' once more greet them with restored alth Mr and Mrs Fred Harmon have become about settled in their exceed­ ingly pleasant upartments in The.^l Locuetn, Homers village, where they,' I entertained Mr. and Mrs. George A. ; ;| Godwin at supper on Monday evening last ; The usual Easter services were held?] in St Luke's P. E. church on Sunday^ last, conducted by the rector, Rev. B.|| Condit Russell. 1 J trade ar.d had charge of that de- rtment of tbe businf as of H. H. & T. Fowler for many years, while they Rpnducted a large mercantile business lore. He wa s a quiet man, a kind Gpeiphiior, a good man in his family '\Aiid community, and will be very luch miss J by friends and acqualn- 'ince*. H e was one of the charter iSinemhers of Brewster Lodge of Odd IJMI 'iws and that organization attended |lhe funeral services, which took place %n Monday in the M E church here, \ ppv L. A. Kobbina offl. lating Th e :pu rin nt was in the family plot in the I ijr;i ri Valley c> nietery, the cervices j Rlx tin'uravr heinij copdi.eteil l>v the rlu Fellows Lodge :\lr Ilit<-hie I •u ^i s .i widow, who has also li-< n aer- 1 ly l.l lor several months, two smis,-! f whom in a metnti'T of the New St Che eoumy Crust Company White Plains, I). y. allows interest on daily balances of banks, corporations, firms and individuals. ^ 0 0 ^ !$f New York business men residing at White Plains and vicinity will find it to their ad­ vantage to open an account with the com­ pany and deposit their out-of-town checks therein, as no exchange charges are made for the collection of such items. \die KELLOGG & MEAD ml Although the weather w»s not exrtf aotly buited to an Easier parade theu, was a good attendance a t the services in the Al. E. church, and the reciti'* Hons, einging, etc., by the members;'* the auuday School in the evening wj\\ a source of enjoyment to all who krfork police force, and four daughters, [aw. i. f whom are married I SOMERS CENTER Easter services, coubisticg of recita­ tions and music by the Sunday School, fere held in the ball on Easter Sun- lay, April 19th, a goodly number be- \ag present. Each one who took part l|l the exercises did -credit to both j/jemnelves and Pr< f Wilson, super- :teiidi nt of the HCIII.HI, who, with Mrs Jyrue, prepared \do pn gr.im ai. d an jlsted in the music. feOu Fiiday, April luih, Mrs Andrew The services at the chun hes on Eas­ ter Sunday were nicely attended, and several new members were adder! to the TJnlversallst i hnnli Walter and Jum^ Palmer returned to Brooklyn last Sund.iv iitt\i spt tid­ ing their vacation lete with iclative* and friends. Mr. and Mrs Edward vmi ti.-il and family are at tin. lr summer home here for the season. Mr. and Mrs. A. Whitney Lobdell visited Mr and Mrs. A J Lobdell, at Salem Center, on Sunday last D P. Vail nas refused a haudsome offer for his team of driving horses. ft = What London's Lord Mayor Costs, The maintenance of the pride, pomp CROSS RIVER 1 Dr Stowe, who has resided in this pUiee for fourteen years, is to move to Sou'h N'nrw.ilk. Conn , about the mid­ dle • f .Vay. Wo might havcglvin this item luwi week but • iteil lorn state- in> nt from the Doctor as t o the truth L£L\? v ,iatquome,, of the matter< bl . fore ivi lt for b ^^••M^UMtteKfl.Wei*^. t v^i...- L0Y TCJZ V ,.Tl, „;,„ lew Yoik city ha v ton of Cross .present . ratratSottieis. Hoyl Brothers Company funeral Directors and Licensed €mba!mer$ General Department Store .*. f ^^IIEN TIME is at a premium and num­ berless things to be accomplished, it is a comfort to turn to our store without fear of disappointment, with spring stocks in every branch of completeness, and an organ­ ization that can't make a whatever you complete with is on cdg% to serve you. You i mistake in coming here for want. Our candy stock line of Fresh Goods. is a We have a line line of Men's Colored .shirts, a variety of Spring Styk's of the* celebrated MELVILLE HATS AND CAPS Rug Department to meet the demands of discriminating customers in variety, quality and prices We will screen your house, make new awnings for you, and are showing as line a of Wall Paper can be had in New York. line evening last, which, though notserldus was very painful. While riding on the state road heBe and going a t a good cJ^p, the front wheel of his machine broke off, throwing him on his face hi to the gravel and coarue Band of th> hard road, which scratched his chet K auil side of his faerf and head prettv thoroughly. It was a nasty fall, but might have bien couch worse. Mrs Edvvaid Harrison an d little daughter, of Danbury, Conn., were visiting her parents and friends hero and in Youkers last week. She great ly enjoyed th e trip and visit. Mr and Mrs. Solomon Sarles, of I The news ernes to u s of the mar New Canaan, Gton., were guests of riage of Wm B>iBsett and Nelli- Gor J. P. Landrine anSHJamily last Friday, bam. Congratulations Mrs. Sarles is a native of this section, I being a daughter of William H. Moore, ! of Mount Kisco. The ladles of-the Ep worth League James H. Teed, who has been seri­ ously ill for the past ^ eek, is gaining nicely and hi9 mauy friends are hoj Ing to see him about town soon Louis Stnitb, who is in the emp'oy of P. Beal, of Biewster, spent East'-r In town The}' have bet n sinking an aitesian w< II for 8\h'tsti 1 'J'. mpUins, near Crot 'U Fulls Mary, daughter of Audit w Fiood, went to the'Stat\ li< s[ ital at Pniigh keepsie recently She had bei-n of leeble mind since childhood, but of late had showed a form of violent insanity We Are at Your Service HOYT BROS. COMPANY I iKatonah, N. Y. I are in earnest consultatlou over prepa- ration for something that will be an ! attraotlve as well as a rather surpris­ ing event In the near future. The | ' whole matter is under cover at present i but, judging from the activity and | earneBtneso of the ladies, something is sure to develope that will b e highly , entertaining. Further particulars will be given later. Mrs. F. L. Dann is enjoying a visit with her brother aud family, in Yon- kers, und other relatives an d friends in th e southern part of the county. Mi and Mr s Harry Voris have re­ turned to their home here after an absence of nearly all winter in Ooldrnp Bridge ' Some of our people expect lo wituesri the auto race from points of vantage along the route, Valhalla, BriarcllfT and Mount Kwoo having been points selected by different ones. The annual road-working has begun and it i s hoped that Commissioner Out h iuse will make a fliat class job of it lie has some discouraging portions of highways to haudle, bu t they do not cover the whole territory. Our people this weak are in warm and earnest sympathy with Miss Mar­ garet Mahoney in her suit, (ft White Plains, for recompense for th e injuries received in the accident on the railroad in which s o many were involved. It is hoped that the jury which hears this ; case may been cast in a different mold from the one that heard the Verritt ' case Th e latter should emigrate to Jersey wheie human life is cheap. Invitations are out fo r a leap year ball which will tako place in Bailey's hall, North Salem, on th e avenlng of Ma} 1st. and a very enjoyable event Is anticipated by our young people who intend to be present The committee «f ladie.s which has charge o f the affair is a very competent one . DIED.—At his home, just east of this village, on Thursday evening of last week, after a long illness, Adam Rit­ chie, aged 69 yeaiB. Mr. Ritchie has been a resident of this community for a good many years and was well known and' highly respected through­ out this section.*- He wafr a tinsmith I wish to announce that I have not given u p my business of painting to A. S Knapp & Son, and will do all painting, paperhanging and decorating in a guaranteed first class manner.—FRANK C . KNAPP, P O. BOX 120. Tel . 56, Katonah, N Y. CHAPPAQUA A muBicale will be given by mem­ bers of th e faculty aud students of the Chappaqua Mouutain Inetitut\ on Sat- niday evening, April 25'h, nstdsted by A Oulver King, of New YOIK, violiulut A I mission will be twei ty five cents, mid the public is invited The enter- t iinment will be giv< n lot the benefit r the Athletic Aswoiiatioii Tlienms i .it attairimenis of those taking part ii • of a very high older, and a laig\ n\endance is expected On Saturday, April IS\I. the K nh 1'i-dietbaH team if ( ' M 1 played 1.lends' Seminary, of N\w \oik. In t • latter team's gymnasium The O V I. team, undor the b-adi n.-ip of an I i i n, 'd M as Abigail J Diui-'f wable record thin }<i', 1 n defeated in ai.} eoi i -t -t The manager of the b.iscluil team, ]i nry W. Staiil, i\ eomphtinc his . • edule of g mes ;II d ay •> sful PI .son is look for. f practice, nice property* and Biahy | friends. W R. Hn'mphreys, who pieparesall kinds of (itracls, at his home in liidgelield, aud peddles some through the country, says that he has lost thirt} custoiiK'iH in tnio secion by ivaM n of the taking or pr\ucity by th\ (iiy Theie had I\\ n s • i 11 • • tulk of « doe toi fioiu U-'HI Canada coming t > take the \lace of Dr. Stowe, but it appears h\ didn't grt hirtlier than talking, the objei tion to coming being on account • t i.io having ibildien for vviium they i i ,-i-ed better si hool advantages N.'t to mention the weather when opportunity offers is not to be expec­ ted, but if one has kept tabs on the many varietus of weather April ha s given us he ha6 bet n doing something right along. George Silk man is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Peter Demgar, at Brown's Station J. S. Hunt, Pleaaantville. is s o near­ ly situate to the new aqueduct line that he thinks there may be possibility of his having to move out again Auction. .\ H JVoris, Auctioneer,will sell for the undersigned at the store near Green's hotel, Katonah, N Y , on Mondav. April 27th, 15)()N, a t ten o'clock, a m Contractor's tools, contesting in part of one good heavy work liori-e. .'{ sets of heavy work harness, 1 set of single harness, .'{ heavy trucks with broad tires, 1 low stone truck, 1 top buggy, one open buggy, L! f-lush scrapers, plows, u number of h\nvy andsmfillcrowbars, a lot of SI'DVI \<, [iickH and grub hoes, stone li .-iiniiM is. striking hummers, siedge hammers, .-done drills, forge, uu\ii. some blacksmith tools, stone boats, 2 contractors' tool boxes, lot of other small tools, '2 smull build­ ings that have been used as stubles, one roll to p blai k wnlnut desk, 4 st cks of good hay Terms All sums under $10 cash, over $10 GO days Credit on approved notes —Nu HOI.AS SCAI.DI KAIII v NORTH SALEM Osborne Home Dedicated. Owing t o the stormy dav last W< d - i lay there was a vny small at ten i 1 ii e.e a t the Dorcas ilrch-, win !. met n vaple Hin Farm. its. Hortense Vuil is spen.hng a s it time in New Yoik iitv, the guest . i'*r sister. Ars. Blits. i'lie play at the Universalis churdi w 1 \ccur some time in May If is c mg along smoothly Then- will be • , characters in it. •jr ieachers are at White Plains tin-week attending the feichtrs' iu- ! s' 'ute. Invitations are out for a leap The home for rich women reduced to needy circumstances, which was built and furnished by Mrs Miriam Osborne, widow of Charles Osborne, the Wall street banker, was dedicat­ ed on Tuesday afternoon at Hyp, on the .Sound The home >tiu ds in a plot of about twenty-five utfi , overlooking the Sound, and is said to have coRt more th in $1 .l)()(),t»0'> It is open to w oiiieu who hi: v-e lived for ten years in Sen ^ ork u' y or Westchester Count v but t hev must pnv an adnnssKiii fee of ..\>(M' ; The inane will aecotiini'/u.jte about on e hundred women The -liability of the applicants must be determined by a board of managers, consisting of Mrp Anson P Atterbury, Mrs dance at Bailey's hall next week Vri- j Henry Marquand, MJ;R. Frederick A I- i in nnistanre of cb!e state i-oste corpoiation of I.oiido i a jearly of > lose upon .C1S '•• 'i The I^ord •• leceives C It- no i ard ti'e ln - • i \ on that sum i- paid for hi m ii- l- allowed tlniifui .h e sup- .1 Mew furniture an d his robes > - i li -e n|H>n £200 Then the rates ' i- . .iiid tithes payable on the Mah- i House total upward of £3,000, •'ii lighting involves an outlay of up ­ ward of C570, the water supply costs C W and fire an d boiler insurance ali-'orbs JC135 Next, structural an d other repairs represent a n expendi­ ture closely approaching £2,000, and periodically there is a heavy \call'' for special redecoration—the amount •spent last year, fo r instance, o n the Egypt an hall being £56.. —London Tit-Bits. A Lucky 13th. The-e is one West Philadelphia man who doesn't care a hang il every (lay Is Frlttay-the 13th. yet h e used to be one of the most superstitious of men. was being raised up t o th e sixth floor of a Walnut street building as he was walking along th e sidewalk Just ,iV he got under it some one called, I ooK on -' He grasped the situation i i an instant an d there passed ilroixh hi s mind the thought that < p«e it wa s Friday the 13th, h e wa s - M e to he c aught under the heavy safe. \'i ic: tin less lie jumped for his life \id landi d half in th e gutter an d half \ii th e sidewalk Then he looked around to se e th e havoc, an d dlacov- •iil that the ropes ha d merely sllp- :. d a little an d that th e safe was be- eg hoisted u p a s though nothing had happened As h e lay stretched In th e mud his hand felt something round and fiat. When he rose an d brushed off hi s clothing h e still clutched th e find and upon examining it he found it t o be a $20 gold piece that no one ever claimed.—Philadelphia Record The ideal state of the U S is mat­ rimony, and plenty of it OLD SOUTH SALEM A short historical village since its settlement. sketch ol earliest the day evening, Constable and Mrs. Eleanor Agnew FOR SALE AT Till-: HOKSK AND HOUND at 25 Cents Forwari'ed by mail on receipt of price. THE HORSE AND ^ HOUND Socrii SALKM , N. Y. MISS BARKER LIXCIIEON AND TEA HORSES STOOD IN G \^ ! KNE AND MOTOR REPAIRS Will open for the season M.i\ Jfith next BLACKSMITH SHOP B H TURNER SOUTH SALEM, N. Y. Best Shoeing at Lowest Prices GENERAL REPAIRS

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