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THE TIMES. COMBINING THE CROTONfFALLS \NEWS*' AND 44 FOLIO.** l BSTABUSHED IN 1878.) VOL. XXIX No. 60. KATONAH, N. Y., P^PAY, MAY 1, 1908. $1.50 A YEAR |N addition to our large line of sporting goods we have taken the agency tor the cele­ brated Iver Johnson Truss Bridge Bicycle. We'll have them in stock next week and solicit a call from all who want to purchase a high grade wheel. We can show you all the good merits and can quote you a low price. AM. Hoyt Brothers Company funeral Directors and Licensed embalmers General Department Store .'. ¥3 |7E HAVE a line line in our FURNI­ TURE DEPARTMENT this week. All ^the latest designs in Wicker Furniture, Q Chairs, Hoekers, Settees, Tables and Couches in $ rood and rattan, in natural Shellac or stained fin­ ishes, in white or colored enamel. It will inter­ est you to look over our new Crex Rugs, in greens, reds, blues and other colorings, just the thing for beoVooms and porches. Linoleums and Oilcloths A line showing covering all the best designs of domestic and foreign manufacture, m Sloane's and thf celebrated Cook's makes, ranging in priei' from .I.V. to 7.~)c per yard. We Are at Your Service HOYT BROS. COMPANY •Katonah, N. Y. Special Announcement Vicinity Ccfrrespondence The News of Our Neighboring Villages and Hamlets Briefly but Tersely Told. -»*SP- BEDFORD VILLAGE YORKTOWN HEIGHTS Mr. Albert H. Willlems Married ' _____ A pretty after-Easter wedding 'wai • celebrated in Bridgeport, Conn., oxi; Wednesday, April 22. The principal^ were Mr. Albert H. Williams andt. Miss Hannah A Wixson, the formeii of Bedford, N Y., and the latter ofj) Bridgeport, Conn. The ceremon^' was performed by Rev. Byrnes, pa*:\'-' tor of Grace M E Church, where tl?<£ wedding took place. The hourof thjK nuptials was .\» p m. W The edifice was nearly filled when' the organ announced the coming-\cj{.;| the bride. The bride and the bndeg ! groom were preceded by four usherS ' and the former's parents. After tb»_ ceremony a large number attended the reception and supper at the home of the bride, where the happy coupll received the congratulations of tbw- ' many friends beneath a canopy $£• green leaves and roses. • -fjr| The ushers werf Mr..Isaac D. Wifei Hams, of Bedford, N Y.; Mr. Clareii|$| F. Edwards, of Bridgeport, Coi *'~ ' Mr Everett L. Fillow, orWeatp\ Conn., and Mr Wm. I. Leeley,~qf| ton, Conn. The gifts were m.anj^\ beautiful \ TJ^S^ The bride's dress was ,-ofcsf\ trimmed with lace. Sti0 large bouquet of white..? happy pair left Bridglgj 7:2_p.m. train aruid:a^ 5i 'oTTOrrieighBar-'- [hood are glad\ to \have him remain ' with them and to his bride extend a j hearty welcome. They, together i with his numerous friends, wish the • young couple every good thing | Among those present at the w. 1- ding wpre - Mrs W 0 Lary, Irene Fowler, Miss Bessie Sulln i, i Miss Laura II Hitch, Miss Grace ' Hitch. Mr and Mrs W V. Rictt. V. E Hitch, Jr , Miss Florence L 11M* Miss Laura A Hall, R A Hi.. II. Thomas R Pardee, H M. Pardee Mr and Mrs C W. Wixon, of Bri'L\ • port, Mrs I. I). Williams, Mr ;tn.l Mrs W. D Williams, Walter Sunt d, of Bedford, Miss L. Williams, of.M' Kisco, Mrs. B. Fancher, of Wh 'e Plains, Mr and Mrs. J H Bedell. Miss Bertha Bedell, Luquer Bedell, Leon Tuttle, Mr. and Mrs F. G U il- liama, Percy Williams, Mr. and Mrn ; Stanley Tompkins, MIBS Lottie Bell I Tompkins, Norton Tompkins, of Stamford, Conn.; Mrs. P Kennedi Mr. and Mrs. E.B Hobbv, MissGrn\c Hobby, E. Sheldon Hobby, of Br..ok lyn: Stephen Reynolds, of New York One of the nicest dances of the sea­ son was given in Tompkins Hall on 'tt edtiPKday evening of last week by five of our young ladies, assisted by four of our young matrons Al- th< iig h the night was stormy about *»* couples attended Promptly at9 0 ! nk, to the strains of a march pi LII by Prof Lent's orchestra, of I'. •••:>.«kill, the grand man h began I' iiii iiig was kept tip until midnight, w N n freshmenta were sen ed After a -'.'li t intermission (lancing «'«s re- M .«>1 until obout Ii HO a m The f muiiUee were Miss Julia Reynolds, M .-s Anna Reynolds, Miss Myrtle 1 uiri Inld, Miss Nora Mills and Miss LesHi o Vail, assisted by Mrs Morti- n Mekeel, Mrs Walter Slaweon, .Mrs Wm. Flewelhu and Mrs James Moseman They had scores of re- <l>iests t o give another dance and it i- hoped they will Great credit is certainly due the committee for the g iod time, abundant refreshments a'id excellent music they procured Mr and Mis John S Chun-hill an in ring Into tboir'u w ho ise Cliiirles H. Cuny has completed Lis ho .-i aud barn, which lie lias offered for side. Taxes are now due. The rate for the town of York town is SB 84 on As usual at this time of .the year, people, young and old, are almost di ily wending their way towards the lake und stream with flshlDg tackle, already pruned and loaded for a catch of the festive fish, but thus far,\but slight success has rewarded their efforts. Presumably the flsh are well supplied with food in thdr own element. At all eveDts they puy little or no atten­ tion to the efforts n a le to attract them. There Is small prospect of peaches, curranta, etc., In this vicinity this year. The San Jose scale has got In its fine work and devastation is the result. S. H. Smith has been a large loser in this respect, scores of his best trees having been completely destroyed And yet he has made a long and gal­ lant fight against the scourge, but to DO purpose Every remedy has been applied, but In vain. Where, last year, rows of of loaded currant bushes were seen, now the bushes, brown and bare, are ull that is left. The only success­ ful remedy known here for the scale is the ax and the bruoh heap. SOUTH SALEM Mis. Geoifje V. Dale is i-peiidiiu some time in Br >. klyu and N't w Ymk i J ' R' v. Mr Thomus, of N 'i w Jeiu. y, is I spending the wet k iu this place I AmoDg thooe on the tkk list this ! week are Mrs. Fred Howe, Mrs Isaac N Huh, Mrs Jere Pickett aud E. H. Smith. Miss Clara Fancher is spending some weeks with her friend, Mrs. Frank Vickere, at Cornwall-on-the-Hudson. Mrs. Vickere is iu very poor health. Mrs. M. T. Barrett has been absent for nearly two weeks visiting'friends in reekskill, Hawthorne and Bedford Station. Leland Birrett has spent the time at Bedford Station. Frank Burr, of Brooklyn, spent a couple uf days the first of the week following up the trout streams with Dr, C. B. Lane. Not much 1? said tthe Qshcaught, train on Wcdresdny evt i icg and seri­ ously, though not mortal y I urt. Mrs. Louise H. Burlaw, well known here, has been very iU wi • an attack pneumonia, following The p ip nt her home in Stamford, IX lunula Co , but la-now recovering. CROSS RIVER 3 Lewis Baird, who moved from Briar Cliff to Walter W. Law's farm at 'his place, is busily engaged in tilling tht soil, keeping two tvams at work, and as a side line, has an incubator of three hundred egg capacity under his supervision. Mrs William Casey, of Rldgefield, COUD , with ner sisti r, Mrs E. Adams, of New Berlin, were culling on fiiends in Cross River this week Mrs. Adams cameontotbefunpr.il uf Mr. Uusev, which occurred the week before last, and is remaining for a visit. John Reynolds, of Lowlsboro, wan iu tuwu last Sutida\, aud < a his nturn was acc'ouipaiiiid b\ hie aunt, Mrs Mary Ruscn Di Slow., u s u;> t with a (hntig. 1 '1 lie abov t particularly t •arapraoii n feis more a i hang' uf seutiment whlth has come to the D,ictc r regard­ ing the conie -to s.ay an: tno! He, which in Its eatly days fouLil ho w h -uino in his anatomy. Alas for liun.an frailty 1 — and his is no exception— fi -i now be­ hold him in his auto, going hither and yon, preparatory for South Noiwalk use. Mr. aud Mrs. Bernard Stratton, of Bridgeport, Conn , were over 'Sunday at Dr. Stowe's. Mrs. Stowe being an aunt of Mrs. Stratton, formerly Miss Grace Hull. Mr. Samuel Fairchild. whose wife died recently iB to make his home for the i>Pben' <\ltb his daughter, Mrs. WifV 'u E. Reynolds, or this place 'ilV^u SOMERS The spring work is being pushed .i lapidly as possible iu this section, i • what seems to please the farmer* i the manner in which the grass latnl are beginning to show up. TrVsi i prospei t« are g.iod f«.>r a hay crop About two weeks ago Daniil Ban.' thought, for a while, ihat he had . - his horse anil wagon, which be I i l<»st sfa-rr.'i' g : -i front of IHB h' u , while lie w i nt ins-ide for an o\ere a* i He was engiiged to meet the late ti.. at Croum Fads for a passenger \\ In lie came out of his house his rig wa- g.'iie Siarcb was instituted at oin but to no avail Neighbots joined in the seatxn and roads were folicwed t ' Purdys i roton Falls, etc., but in va I Toward morning the rig was found under Thomas Jonet' horse shed, op- pouite his residence, where it had be i driven, and a board was so place.l through the wheels that the horse could neither back out or turn urounil ; It was evidently a piece of rualieLi.s i mischief. On .Saturday last, Mr and Mrs. Geoi.^e Godwin and Mr. and Mrs F. W Han;i..u attended the wedding of Mr Godwin's sister, Miss Ella God­ win, aud James Patllla, which took place a high noon in Danbury, Con It was un exceedingly pleasant affair Cougrai ilatlons and I -st wishes. It is loporiod that some miscreait uas been getting in some vandal work on the in 'iiumeuts iu Ivandell ceiue tery by means of cutting and defacing the polished Btones. Search is being vigorously prosecuted for the offender Ne.v York's fifty-story building will probably have a half-wav house, where tenants bound for the top floor can get their lunch on their ws k y op to work I wish to announce that I have not given up my business of painting to A. S. Knapp & Son, and will hanging?- and jrery'goby salary, MeKeel Brothers keep adding to thiir business. They have just put in a feed elevator which is run by a gasolene engine. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Purdy have moved from Yonkers into the house of J. Moutros8 Chutiliill, w! ich was vacated by Mr aud Mrs George Hoffman. PURDY STATION Some of our people were present at the auto race last week and they re­ port that It wa» an exciting time and a good and fast race It certainly was fortunate that there were so few cas­ ualties. During all of last Thursday- night there was a constant procession of autos through this place, coming from eastern points as tar as Spring­ field, crossing on the state road from North Salem here and continuing south. At times theie would be a bunch of a dozen cars cloc-e together, and they were going some, too. It is said that the road was considerably damaged by them duiii.g the night. Why pays the damage\' '1 he town' A pleasant affair ti.ok place in one of James R&zinola's housi s \ii Suuday last when a yonnu: daughter of Italy was joined in inatiim. n\ to a fellow countryman There was plenty of j\} and good cheer and mi try wishes Walter Hoi tun is au'du a in nib. t of our community , ha\u.g taken a pi si tion with John Man in iu his busy es tablishment We ate glad to welcotnu Walter back i gain The Epworth League will In.hi their regular business meeting and social in the church hall on Wednesday, May 6 It will be n basket lutn In on in connec­ tion with an enjoyable entertainment, and s&ould attract a lame .-itteuilaucp Every lady attending is provide a lunch for two, which the gentleman are expected to purchase at auction la'er. The enti rtainmcnt is free No doubt there will be kits of . un Mr. and Mrs. Charles E Booth and child, of Bronxdale, and Mr and Mrs. Charles Eggleston, of Guldens Bridge, enjoyed a pleasant home \islt with their mother, Mrs. Booth, here on Sunday last. Isaao Purdy is uuder the care of his physician the present week, having contracted a severe cold Mr Purdy a very active business man with large interests tnat given his his personal attention and which occupy every hour if his time, as a usual thiug, therefore he thinks he has no time to be sick An early recovery is confidently ex­ pected by his many friends This community was pleased to learn that the jury before whom the ca ui - of Miss Maboney was heard wis coin posed of different material from the one which tried the Mcrritt case, and a . ttle more humanity and good pound common sense was exhibited It is a well kr.own fact that corporations have no souls, neither do shrouds have any pockets. the livo stock was savea*. was insured. The several schools in the vicinity reopened on Monday, having been closed last week that the teachers might attend the Teui'ln is' Institute at White Plains All the tiachersie poit a pleasat t week, not the least en­ joyable feature of the iccasi u being I tli-- Uriaicliff ia> e on Fiiday | O.i Saturday afternoon last, as Mai u \\ ils .n went down into a well on I Mr Emmet's place to light a blast, for some reason lie failed to reach the surface before the explosion took place His companions found him at the bottom of the well in a da/.ed con dition, but except for being consider­ ably shaken up he Bustaiued no injury Auction. J. R Sweeney, auctioneer, will hold a public auction at the Alexander Douglas hotel, Marble avenue, Pleas­ ant ville \ Y . on Tuesday, May 5, at 10 a in ('(insisting of the house­ hold fun.it ure bar-room fnrnituie and fixtures. i 'inc and boiler ami i ider pre-- .n,u hmen on the preniu-eso PLEASANTVILLE 2 The vdlage was about deserted on Friday last, the day of the great auto race, as uearly every one that possibly could go went to '-see the wheels go 'round \ friend, of Ku- Sunday with Miss Julia Ste and a glewood, N J , speiit friend.- here D |ni'> Register H\>t in ids i ev a Jtoniobile, Maxwt II, kindly gave his 4 friends, Sheriff Lane, Zarr and Slaele, I a Hue tide from White Plains, via i Elmsf. t , East view and BriaiilifT, Man i .in ufti rnoon this week i The past few wai in days, with the showi r of Tuesday, have faiily made all kinds 11' vegi tati n jump. The M lasts I'uitl.w, of B-dford Road, arc vi-itinga ?Hte; in Vermont this w i el; Johu Domly is repotted to have been allot in the foot In a barn oin xpectcd to j ur(iw i uy Alex. Douglass, at a Sher- '\\ ' '\ man Park resort, one eu'iiiug late last i w*-8ek Doody was tuken to the V\ hit** I Plains In spltal where he is now un kr- going treatment for the injury MissRachtlA Uui\U was m town I recently packing up her iffects, and has retnrned to Pouj-hkeepsio where she will make her home Mr. Alfred Rcmer'and Mi»s Eliza­ beth Romer were In tuwn on Wednes­ day for a short tlnTe, Street Commissioner Nodine has been distributing a quantity of broken stone where needed along Bedford Road this week. Shet iff Lane and family' are enter­ taining his mother, Mts. Mahala Lane Already is the summer uiuMc of the lawn mower heard in the land The family of Mr. Sherwood, late of Bedford, who have W H Bell's new house, on Bedford Road, ha\c moved in I his week. Mrs. William H Wild aud daughter, Dr. MuryJ} Paulson, of Hinsdale. Ill, are visiting Mr and Mrs. C H Hoyt. It was reported on Thursday morn­ ing that Caivin See was struck by a The Evidence in the Case. years u-e is eiMi-me—Millions of con-umers i- c\idence— sales made by i6,r.oo agents is evidence You buy 4 gallons L & M I'auit 3 gallons Pure Linseed oil (at 6uc ] mix them and make 7 gallons best paiut ready for use cost only $1 2 0 per gallau—done in two min­ utes. L & M Paint agents John C. Pu.dy, Croton Kails. Green Brothers, Golden's Bridge, M Westcott.Mahopac, Mekeel Bros , Yorktown Heights; C T Tompkins, Somers Centre OLD SOUTH SALEM A shoit histoi.c.l sketch 1 the village Miue its earliest settkmeni. FOR f- ALE AT Till-: IIOIISK AND HOUND at 2 5 Cents Forwarded by mad 011 reci ipt of price THE HORSE AND HOUND SOUTH SALBJI, N. Y. MISS BARKER LUNCHEON AND TEA HORSES STOOD rN GAM il.KNE AND MOTOR REPAIRS Will open for the season May 36th next. BLACKSMITH SHOP B II TURNER SOUTH SALEM, N. Y Best Shoeing at Lowest Prices UEN'BRA L REPAJRS

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