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BANKS' DRY GOODS «* MILLINERY! We have just received and are showing a very beautiful line of Summer Chips and Leghorn Rats for Ladies and Misses, Tne Leghorns are in white and natural, trimmed with Ameri­ can Beauty roses, lilacs, lilies of the valley, blu­ etts, foliage and wings. The designs are] per­ fectly exquisite, and prices extremely low. •ooooooooooooooooooooooooo B. E. BANKS Mt. Kisco. FBIDAY. JUNE 12, 1908. KATONAH POST OFPICE. OMW raoM 7:00 A. H. TO 8.15 P. X. KAILS 0LO8K AT POST OtTIOZ:— 40BTH, 7:25 A. M. CHATHAM LOCAL \ 12:35 P.M. CHATHAM LOCAL \ 4:20p.M.prmiuLDKXPBKM - j_ it 6:35j ^t*A«iE *o- LOCAL SOUTH, 7:40 A, M. LOCAL \ 10:30 A. M. EXPRESS \ 3:20 p. M. Nrw TOKK LOCAL \ 7:35 P. M, NEW YORK rOCAU Davld A. Doyle, P.ft . —oooooooooooooooooooooooo I Katonah News. jjj BDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Pure comb honey at Dpyle Bros. Don't miss reading the article on oar editorial page regarding the largest garage in the state, owned by our townsman, Wm. (i. Barrett. The strawberry supper in the Meth­ odist church was a great success and over $100 were added to the treasury. Children's Day service will be held in the M. E. church on Sunday morn­ ing, and in connection with it a ser­ vice of infant baptism. Kellogg & Mead tire offering their line of enamel ware for one more week at the exceedingly low price, the quality of goods considered. Mr. Kelley is continuing his series of sermons on \Incidents in the Life of Christ.\ On Sunday evening the topic will be \Jesus at the Well of Samaria-.\ Mr. F. W. Gorham, the druggist, has a clerk on duty for the summer months. Mr. Gorham has a good business this season of the year sup­ plying soft drinks Jrom his fountain. Drink! Drink! Drink! G.&C. Im­ ported Ginger Ale, French Vichy, Ap- S olinaris and White Rock.—Doyle rothers. ' • Queen Olives, the finest grades of Olive Oil, and in fact all the dainties of the season for the table can b e had in our Up-to-date Grocery De­ partment.— HOYT BROS. COMPANY. The tenth annual meeting of the District Nursing Association of Northern Westchester County will be held at the Mount Kisco operajiouse on Tuesday, June 16th, at four o'clock. All persons interested are cordially invited to attend this meeting. Next week we will give a list and names of all the country estates and gentlemen's'residences together with owners names, in this vicinity. This list will be kept standing and pub­ lished from time to time. The list may be incomplete at first, bufeib will be udded to and the same of any country home omitted will be gladly received. Huyler's chocolate soda, cool, re­ freshing and nourishing, made with Low's cream, at Doyle's soda fountain. .sr.' Yesterday the State Senate, with the aid of the votes of Senators Foelker and Wallace, passed Gov. Hughes' anti-racetrack gambling bills. The. vote was 26 to 25. Those who opposed the. bill fought:- to the very last, but were unable to change the vote of a single senator. The hope is surely being every­ where expressed, and we earnestly join in it, that Senator Foelker's heroic trip to Albany will not prove top costly, but that he will escape permanent ill results from the strain of travel and the excitement of at­ tendance at that dramatic session of the Senate. The result is a great personal tri­ umph for Governor Hughes and will add immensely to his prestige. When in his message of last January he urged the passage of the anti- gambling legislation, few realized what a force of public opiaion he would enlist in his support. He has won a truly great victory. Doyle Brothers have added a fine, large awning with a large sign printed on it, to their grocery store on Katonah avenue. The seven teachers hired for the coming year are as follows: C. A. Wallace, Principal; Miss Irene B. Adams, P ^•eceptre8s; Miss Lavinia S. Cole, 8th grade and music; Miss Belle Murphy, 6th and 7th grades; Miss Adelaide E.Arnold, 4th and 5th grades; Miss Jetta R. Bailey, 2d and 3d grades, and Miss J. McKnight, Primary. The school another year promises to be even larger than the past year. The principal anticipates over 50 in the primary department and the other rooms ranging from thirty to fifty. The high school de­ partment will be larger than ever be­ fore and Principal Wallace estimates thirty-five outside of the eighth grade. In view of thelarge number of scholars the board of education should consider the advisability of having a four years' high school course instead of a three years' course, as at present. This would necessitate the hiring of one more teacher in the high school depart­ ment. The Home Missionary Society of the M. E. church will meet with Mrs. L. W. Elliott on Wednesday, June 17th, at 3 p. m. The Standard Bearers, of the M. E. Sunday school, will hold an open meeting in the church on Friday evening, June 19, at which Miss Jen­ nie Kane, of Ocean GfOve, N. J., the superintendent of the New York branch, will deliver an address, and a program will be rendered by the Standard Bearers. F. H. Lent is the latest disciple of Ik Walton and has become an expert angler. His accounts^f his catches are'worfch listening to,Tmd according to them he is able to supply all his friends with fine specimens of the finny tribe, fresh from the lake. As for ourselves we baveff't as yet seen any-of them. News and Views of Cherry Street. Mr. Brower, who has been growing steadily younger and spryer ever since he celebraten bis 81st birthday, until the neighbors now expect to see him climbing after cherries and \skinning the cat,\ has lately an­ nounced a novel theory of the moral character of crows. These birds, he says, are the vic­ tims of long standing prejudice. Black as their feathers are, he thinks their hearts are white. They are not robbers but benefactors, and suffer obloquy unmerited, like other unfor­ tunates who strive to do good to unworthy men. When a crow visits a cornfield, says Mr. Brower, he goes with intent to search out and exter­ minate a certain ill-favored white slug which lurks underground to the great peril of the growing stalk. \I nave often followed around the field,\ says Mr. Brower, \where the crows have pulled up corn and b y closely observing the ground I have discov­ ered that wherever the earth was disturbed there were traces of the mangled remains of these destructive slags. It was them and not, as most people think, the grains of young corn that the crows wanted to eat.\ Thus is a new light thrown on an old and painful subject. The herd of wild cattle is again on the rampage up and down our other­ wise quiet thoroughfare. The resi­ dents speak of the road as the \Fifth Avenue of Katonah,\ and it pains them to have these predatory un- governed bo vines stampeding up and down, to the great peril of life and limb and sure destruction of flower gardens. The summer boarder girl, who begins to be in evidence, is frightened out of her wits, at the sound of bellowiug, and even John Quick's peaceful black cow makes her nervous by association of ideas. Peri odicullv this rampageous herd, lie by a wild-eyed bullock, sallies for witli a thunderous noise to spre terror and devastation on all sir 1 The good people are so frigbte that a cow 's rowing Js enough send them fleeing to their attic* cyclone cellars. Water melons and cucumbi ice at Doyle Brothers. For Sale. A beautiful upright piano, months ago. If taken at sell to responsible parties monthly payments. Iuqu< dress the Tares office, wlie formation can be obtained . a^ui^l^Wi MonofourVllia ^ll^ What I Know ness (With profound apologies ttfA^^) Noyr there's David A. Doj ^fi^^f ]':\ Genial, urbane David— ever fcmiUtig like the unclouded sun in hea 'tj ^fvi He will hand you out a ipdiun4Sof\ butter or a- slice ojf, poUtjfeiu£jg|$f $i^ age with the same*^graWffctirt*|JWi the late Lord Chesterfield aniiMOfi- tal reputation. Nothingeverflart4»s. David. If the ice is late/.an '3iSlitie cream, threatened with dissolution; the postotfice buzzing like a beebirer and a dozen leading ^Btatesmea^etQl- ing him to confer upon some weighty matter of public import, yoav .will still find David at his post ofidfity, unperturbed and ready fo 'r ::;.'*»*ll emergencies. , . ~ r . Brother Francis may look harried. under the strain of the moment, brother William may appear reserved and haughty, but David has -ns '^er altered that sompathetic, easy^mian- ner which (could he be spared; from our community) would make him an. ornament to the diplomatic corps^of his country, or, at the very least, Secretary of State. ''ff.'l The list of his activities is an im-. pressive one. Besides the leading share he has in one of the biggest groqery firms in town, he runs farms, deals in real estate, promotes.'resi­ dential \parks\ for the overflpwiing populace of New York city, attends state conventions and incidentally handles our mail for us i n a 'maimer eminently satisfactory. He more than earns the title of \leading: citi­ zen\ which is accorded him by fcll right thinking people. May his shadow never grow less I _ The Stately Homes of Welt- cheater and how They- aroi _ Named. „ After building your home the next- thing is to give it a name, unlees> ; in- deed, you happen to be a miserable dweller in a city where they give'ypu a number, like a prison inmate.^; ~~ This naming is dictated partly by natural pride (sometimes swelling to ostentation), partly by regard .for convenience, and chiefly by. long standing custom. It is usually a brain-racking process with results sometimes happy, sometimes, just funny and often colorless. We knew., a black lady whose thumb -marked correspondence, on the subject of the week's wash, was always dated\ \Road View Cottage,\ a title appro-: priate enough but lacking inrtbec needful quality of distinction.. •A> S 5 friend of ours, whose house stood high upon a pine clad hill at some distance from the station', asked Jas city visitor, sadly blown with: walk­ ing thither, to suggest a name: \why said the newcomer, at a stunted pine tree in t f round, \why not call it it?'\ . Here in transformed \Weetl^ County the influx of riotabTefamil)' has produced a long jist^of varied titles, all more or less characteristic.' What more appropriate to the -simple-dignity ot the old Jay-home-., stead, dominating our eastern hills,, oucnu i u thau th< which it has been known throughout the countryside for more than a cen­ tury. And the neighboring place, owned by Clarence Whitman, presi­ dent of the Merchant's Association, of New York, is fitly called \Kuto- nah's Wood.\ It is near the site of the big house that thp famous old Indian chief lived, died and was bur­ ied long before white men and motor cars began to infest' lie land. Old Indian names have been used in several instancs to designate luxurious modern homes. There is \Aspetong theyiac© purchased by Dr. Lefferts froD ,/the late James Louusbury; \Ar .tprn,\ the Hamil­ ton Hoppin pla (i ?'\Aratoma often confused with cJbe last mentioned and which de'-ffnates the home of Frank Potter jbrotber of Bishop Potter. Whether Bjfiard Lounsbury had in mind an tfidian name or some famous raw prse is uncertain, but , PERSONAL ITEMS. v,. —Word was received here on Sat­ urday of the death, that morning, at Saranac of Miss Edith May Decker, of tuberculosis. Miss Decker and her 'mother made their home here for nearly two years recently and have .many friends who regret to learn of Miss Decker's death and who extend i,to her mother their deep sympathy. \ —Mrs. Albert Schafer and daugh­ ter, of Shadkn Station, have been , visiting friends in town. Mr. Schafer underwent a serious in a New York hospital last week for the removal of gall stones, and at last reports was [-doing nicely. Mr. Schafer was at one assistant at the -old Katonab station and his friends hope for him a complete and Bpeedy recovery. —Miss Bishop, who is an instructor at Hampton Institute, Va., has been the guest of Mrs. W. H. Robertson the past week. —Mr. Robert Hogg and family, of Brooklyn, are occupying their coun­ try home, \lionnie View,\ for the summer. —Miss Myrtilla Avery, of Albany, is visiting at the home of her parents, Judge and Mrs. A. F. Avery. —Mr. Chas. Wixson, of Bridgeport, Conn., visited Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Westcott on Sunday last. —Mr. F. B. Westcott has been on sick list a few days this week, but at this writing is much improved. Mrs. Rachael Troup and daughter and Mrs. Frank Devoe and infant BOH, of White Plains, have been visit- Mrs. Wm. H. Cargon and other friends the past week. —Mrs. Thos. Wright and two chil­ dren are speHdinga couple of weeks with i elatives at Kent Cliffs. National Biscuit Co.'s crackers re­ ceived fresh every week by Doyle Brothers. Prizes for Neatly Kept Lawns. The Bedford-New Castle Associa­ tion has offered one hundred dollars to be given in prizes for the best kept lawns or door yards in the two towns, the work to be done by the members of the family in each case. For the present year it has been pro­ posed to make the plan known through the schools. The sum of twenty dollars is to be allotted to Katonah and vicinity, to be distrib­ uted in three prizes of f 10, |6 and $4 for jrork done and for general im­ provement between June 1 and Sep­ tember 30. Those who desire to en­ ter the competition should register their names with Principal Wallace on or before Monday, June 15*. Go to The Hardware Store and buy a Perfection Blue Flame Oil Stove and keep your kitchen cool Huyler 's Chocolates and Bonbons. DOYLE BROS., Agents. «jiiiiiiiin...... M ^ [|f , Black Hand Men Threaten Two Bedford Citizens. he calls hi tita.\ \V name of dence; \P Seth Lo- Moses Borden in spit< F. Dui dininp the si ingt ford house \JocuiF e Gates Farm\ is the nry Marquand's resi- the be Bo n i d Brook Farm\ of Hon. \Anandale Farm\ is lor's. -'Uplands\ the irrimans call their place, 'a suggestion made by P. (\Mr. Dooley\) who when re one day and discussing t remarked that, consider- ustant flow of guests and fare provided, it might f ropriately known as \The n House.\ ate J. D. Layng named bis iy reversing the letters of his ter 's name, \Agnes\ and rall- i-. Jfc \Sengahurst.\\ Robert Van ( Sandt found ready a name for llaee in the old familiar designa­ te locality, \Guard Hill,\ tho where in revolutionary days :on |flres were kindled to rouse countryside. iPark * Tilford cigars. The famous li Favorita brand, universally nown as the beet cigar on the larket, sold by Doyle Brother*. Communication. To the Editor of the KATONAH TIMES, My Dear 8ir:- I wish through your columns, in the name of God, to dent those false charges against me, which appeared im a recent article, in the N. i. World, and afterwards quoted ID the \Katonah Times.\ Evidently because of a mistake, someone is trying to destroy my character and reputation, and the slanderer must saner the penalty. Rev. J. A. 8 MITII. No trace has been obtained of the two Black Hand Society desperadoes who sent letters threatening death to ^Isaac W. Turner, president of the Village of Mount Kisco and George Raymond, a farmer of Bedford. Last Friday night the home of Mr. Raymond was guarded by con­ stables and the farmer had several f uns within it with which to defend imself. Both Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Raymond were hysterical over the letters received. Mr. Turner, who has settled in Mt. JSHisco a few yearB ago, is known as T ;he \Lodging Hous<» King,\ having Amassed a fortune through the ownership of a string of lodging houses in the citv. The Tetter threat­ ening President Turner tells him to take care of himself when he is walk­ ing along the Bowery. Mr. Raymond and President Tur­ ner, after Sheriff Lane's men and sev­ eral constables had failed to trap Juhe writers of the letters, induced the Sheriff to appeal to Commissioner Bingham, with the result that sev­ eral experts from the Italian bureau and a couple of Central Office men have been detailed to the case. Three letters were sent to Mr. Ray­ mond. The first was addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond. The last letter received on Thurs­ day afternoon of last week was mailed in Bedford at 0 o'clock. There was a special delivery stamp on it. He called up Sheriff Lane at White Plains, and i t was planned to trap the men. It was suggested that Mr. Raymond go t o the point indicated in the letter and that constables and deputy sheriffs surround the place. Mr. Raymond refused to be used as a decoy. Constable Kinkle, who is about the size of the farmer, agreed to impersonate him. When it had grown good and dark, Kinkle left the farm house. Con­ stables Russell and Weber were in a wagon near the bridge. Soon they saw a couple of men come out of the woods further down the road. \What'do yon want?\ asked the constables. \We are here for the same thing you are,\ said one of the men. \Sheriff's men,*' said the con­ stables to themselves. Tho two men came close and then, leveling revol­ vers at the two constables, said: \You get out of here as fast as you can go. Tlie two guardians of the peace caught sight of the long, shining gun I barrell gleaming in the moonlight and turued and whipped up their horses, although they had guns in the wagon. Bailey's Dept. Store LADIES' SILK DRESSES, JUMPER and PRINCESS MODLES In black and white, blue and white, and brown and white checks. Also plain Brown, Navy Blue and Black. All of these are made from Soft Taffeta Silks. Value $18. Sale Priee $12.48 On Saturday morning, in our Millinery Department, we will place on sale ©NE HUNDRED TRIMMED HATS (Ladies' and Misses') in great variety of style and color. Value $4.50 Sale PMee $2.98 If you want the Merry Widow Sailors we have them from 59c. to $1.98 Great Sale in oar -PITS GLOTfllflG OEPiHTJIEIlT- 100 Men's fine suits in a wide range of styles and colors, Browns, Blacks, Blues and Greys. They are finely tail­ ored and perfect fitting. We have all sizes and can fit the most difficult figures tfalae $|SlXJ|HI Sale Pfiee * H. F. BAILEY & CO. Mount Kisco men's and Boys' Clotting « « « Of tbt Better Kind We have a nice new lot of Men's Suits in brown effect. Also In neat stripes of various colors, with the new style cuff sleeve. Also our stock of Boys' and Youth's suits contains some very fine patterns In Norfolk coat and knlckerbocker pants. Call on us for best values for your money In Men's Furnishing In all lines. BENEDICT BROTHERS Opposite the Station mm The \Up-to-date\ GROCERY Directly Opposite the Depot Katonah, N.Y. A T THIS STORE your small order will receive **• tbe same careful attention as the larger ones. Your child .will receive the same prompt courteous attention as any other member of the family. Our Policy is to maintain LOW PRICES and HIGH QUALITY Our goods will always be found FRESH and free frera injurioHs adulteration. Besides our big line of STAPLE and FANCY GROCERIES we have Bakery and Confectionery Fruit and Vegetables .*. from every country and every clime. We are also local agents for Horton's Ice-Cream and Slawson-Decker Company's Sweet Cream. Orders called for and promptly delivered. Accounts solicited. Telephone 20-y-4r, Established in 1891. T. J. DOYLE, Proprietor. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimmmm

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