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Westchester Notes. It will cost from $80,000 to $ 100,- 000 to furnish the two wings now be­ ing added to the county court house at White Plains, according to bids ha hitilHjpy W pmi^» The contract will be awarded at a meeting of the board of supervisors, to be held on July 20. It is said that Justico Mills, of the Supreme Court, may take a hand in the deadlock in the board of super- vioors over the contract for the de­ pressed boiler and power house by ordering a grand jury investigation. The village trustees of White Plaius have voted to buy au tierial truck, at a cost of ?5.03.*{, for the I'utou Hook and Ladder Cotnpain The relatives of ex-Mayor tiibson, who was the third Mu\ v oruf Yonkers, serving from to 1^7^, have presented lite portrait to the city Mr. Gibson has lived lor -~> yvarv in London About fifty iiiembfis of the Elks from Westchester County are attend­ ing the national convention at Dal­ las, Tex Of this number twenty- five are from Yonkers The new Democratic admmistra- -~.tion of New Roehelle is at logger- Jieads with the board of public works, which held over from the re­ cent Republican administration. As a consequence street and sidewalk improvements are practically at a standstill Justice Martin J. Keogh has ap­ pointed jj£-Mayor M J Walsh, of **6n\irer8Ta commissioner in the place 'of Herman L Marshall, of Port Ches­ ter, to condemn land with two other commissioners for the New York Central at Yonkers. Mr. Marshall, for many years a cashier of the Port Chester Savings Bank, resigned be­ cause of ill health. It is said that the Dayspring Pres­ byterian church, of Yonkers, will in* vite the Rev. Paul Strattan, of Mat- tewan to become pastor to succeed the Rev. Chas. E. Allison, who 'was drowned in the Hudson. A special election is to be held at Bronxville on July 14 to vote on propositions to appropiate about $20,000 for sewer improvements. East Chester and Bedford are the latest towns in the county to experi­ ment with oiled roads. There are now six towns which are oiling roads and the reports show that the re­ sults are satisfactory. •nsolved Mysteries. Merchants' Association vs. the Fly. The Merchants' Association of New York has begun a crusuade against flies These pests of the good old summer time do as much harm in various small ways .aa inoiqnitaea various nuau n «j - —.—.— . and both create an amount of trouble for mankind at large alto gether out of proportion with, their size. !It is well for the good people of Westchester to note the printed in­ structions distributed to Household­ ers, hotel men »and other interested parties by the Association They read - RILKS FOR FLY TIME Keep the-fltes away from the sick, especially those ill with contagious diseases Kill every fly that *trays • nto the sick room His body is covered with disease germs All refuse aud vegetable matter should be disposed of or covered with lime or kerosene oil iN *ceen all food Keen all receptacles for garbage carefully covered and the cans clean or sprinkled with lime or oil Pour kerosene into the drain.\ Screen all windows and doors, es­ pecially the kitchen and dining room Don't forget that if you see flies their breeding place is in nearby filth Directory of Places in the Vicin­ ity of Katonah. (Residents are requested to send ad­ ditions and alterations to the TIMES. ) Kntonah's Wood Clarence Whitman \Bedford House Cantitoe Farm Muscoot Farm Bonnie View - My Fancy - - The Uplands Whitehall Manor Hillborne Farms Waldheim - - Aspetong - - • Aratorn - William Jay A F. Dickinson F. T. Hopkins - Robert Hogg - Geo. E Todd The Anderson Place Misses Parent - - - Dr Sharp - - C. V. Schmidt - - Dr. Lefferts Hamilton Hoppin A With the failure of the grand jury to indict Frank Monaco, the Italian who was arrested and brought from Indiana on suspicion of having mur­ dered Julius T. Rosenheimer, the •wealthy Pelham needle merchant, it • is probable that the case, which has cost thousands of dollars, will be classed with the list of other unsolved tragedies whiqh have been enacted in Westchester County. In the last ten years there have been a half dozen murders committed in the county which have baffled not only the police but some of the best detective talent in the country, but none of the victims was as conspicuous in the .business world as Mr. Rosen­ heimer, who met his death while taking an after dinner stroll with his wife The other victims whose assailants were never discovered were Dr. Louis W. Bertine, of Mount vernon, two negro servants at the Sivanoy Country Club, of that place, and John Hefferman, a coachman, who was killed near the Ardsley Casino while out walking. Besides these there have been at least a dozen Black Hand murders of which the victims wore Italians. It is generally believed that Heffer­ man was killed by mistake by a wealthy clubman, who mistook him for anotherman, but the other trage­ dies are real mysteries Mr. Rosen heimer and Dr. Bertine, as far as could be arcertained, did not have an enemy in the world, yet both were struck down within a short distance of their homes by uuknown assas­ sins In both murders the same weapon was used, either a blackjack or a large stone. The two negroes were simply butchered while sleeping in the attic room of the Siwanoy Golf Club, which is now known as \The KIIOIIB \ the country home of Mrs James A Bailev, widow of the circus man. Tire failure to run down the assas­ sins gouty of these crimes cannot be charged to either the local police or the Sheriff of Westchester County, who followed up every possible clue they could obtain or which was brought to their notice The county also spent a large sum of money in employing detectives, and in addi­ tion to other efforts offered large rewards Aratoma Frank Potter Jocuistita - - Richard Lounsbury White Gates Farm - - H. Marquand Broad Brook Farm - - Seth Low Anandale Farm - - - Moses Taylor Locust Knoll - - - - C. E Benedict Sengahurst J. D. Layng Guard Hill - Robert Van Cortlandt Maplehurst Farms - - E. C. Cowdin Maplewood Mrs. Perry Naarden Farm - T. L. Van Norden CrystalSpringFarm-W P.Lyon Farzi Indian Spring Farm - - Robert Hoe The Croft Geo. W. Mead Oscaleta Lodge - Richard Lawrence Sunset Hall - - - - W. W. Snyder Sunset Hill Fred Hunt Overbrook - - - Lewis H. Miller Far View House - Fremont Ganung Woodside - Miss Agnes Hunt, Prop. W. L. Prizer, Lessee The Knolls - - Dr. W. J. Carpenter Cantitoe Corners - Henry G. Barley The Terrace, - D,*,-J. F.. Chapnjan Bryan and Kern Chosen to Lead Party in Fight ~ for presidency. • ' A VERY QUIET SESSION After Turbulence Over Bryan Little Knthusiasm Is shown for Second J'hire—Convention Chooses Twice Defeated Indianlun as Nebraskaa'* Running Mate. Denver, Col, July 16.—With one , turbulent session that lasted until the , aawn was breaking and ended •with i the lomination of William Jennings Hr\a n for President, and a quiet af- ! ternoon session that ended with the nrmination of John Wortn Kern for Vice President, the Democratic Na - | t onal Convention ended its labors on Friday. Jt had completed a tick- 1 et that was consistent at any rate, for a man twice defeated for the Presi- ; dency was at the head of it, and a man twice defeated for Governor of his State was at the tail of It. Singer Sewing \ Machines After thoroughly examin­ ing the mechanician! of the various makes of sew­ ing machines, I have de­ cided that the Singer Sew­ ing machines were of the best quality, and there­ fore I have accepted the position of manager for this district, and invite you to call at my office in Hoyt Bros', depart­ ment store, where I can Bhow you all the lates styles. J. A. Clark Private Tutoring. Can accomodate a few more pupils for tutoring. All branches, college preparatory, etc. Apply to Chas A. Wallace, Katonah, N. 1. Artesian Wells Wells Drilled through earth and rock Surface water guaranteed to be^ciosed out. Granite, Marble and Mineral lands tested. Cores taken out 3, 4 and 5 inched in diameter to variable lengths Borlnga made for foundations. Pumps of all kinds. Write for references. WILLIAM J. BRYAN? Only the reluctance of the New York leaders to present a candidate for second place on tie Bryan ticket was resp'onsiblefor th? nomination of Mr. Kern. William J. Bryan, ac­ cording to his spokesman here, since It became certain that Judge Gray of Delaware would not consent to be­ come nis running mate,, was very anxious to have the New York dele­ gates unite on some conservativ< Democrat who could lend prestipp tan the ticket In the Bast. ^ The Excellent Wanamaker \Queen Mary Toilet Preparations 11 We began to- make these splendid toilet preparations of our own because we wanted a series of such articles in we could unreservedly recommend for their efficiency, purity of ingredients, and freedom from injurious elements. And we could find none that came up to the high standard we set. Queen Mary Toilet Preparations are 5 made as our own lab- oratory,,and we control and inspect every part of the process. The Queen Mary Soaps are made outside, but under equally strict supervision. We should like to have you know more about all of them—the delicious Perfumes, the cleansing and strengthening Phytalia for the hair, the refreshing Odontin*-for the teeth, and all the rest. A full display is in the Toilet Goods Store, whereof these hints': Phytalia, for the hair—finest tonic for the scalp and relief from dandruff, at 45c,. 85c, $1.25 bottle. Creme Wana—a. greaseless cream for the face and for massage use—pleasantly perfumed; prevents and removes wrinkles, tan, etc.; 50c jar. Cologne Aromalique, in 8-ounce bottles at 50c each. 'Oiolette da Paris Toilet Walar, better than any similar article, 75c. Violet c Ualcum 'Powder, pure, agreeably scented, 15c. \Violet Ammonia, pint bottle, 25c. As good as can be \ made—not the cheap, unsatisfactory kind. Odontine Tooth Powder —used and recommended by the most eminent people. 35c bottle. Queen of Violet Perfume is equal to any 75c violet made. 45 c bottle. Violet\ Toilet Water, 4-oz., 50c; 8-ox, 75c. The best violet water at its price. Knickerbocker Hard-Water Soap —a pure, finely milled toilet soap; lathers freely in hard as well as soft water. 3 cakes for 25c. Sensible Bath Tablets —a large, 8-oz. bar of soap, suitable for the bath; finest quality; 10c a cake, or $1 a dozen. Wanamaker Sandalwood Soap —Oriental style of pack­ age, 10c cake. Reine Marie Floating Soap, 8-oz. cake of good soap that floats, 5c. Wanamaker Sensible Tooth Brushes —the best, most practical of all brushes, 35c; children's size, 25c Wanamaker \Best Quarter\ Tooth Brushes, fully guaran­ teed (as all our brushes are). 25c each. Main floor, Old Building. JOHN WMAIMH Dr. A. Barradejit|S VETERINARY SURQEON Brewster, - - N. Y. Formerly A. T. Stewart & Co. Btoadtoay, Foufth Avenue. Eighth to Tenth Street 3\ New York CSfty The \Times\ is on sale each week at Benedict Brothers and C.S.Ware's Store, Mount Kisco, N. Y. Tuning. Pianos and organs tuned, regu­ lated and repaired. All work guar­ anteed and promptly attended to Instructions given in artistic piano­ forte playing References, Steinway Sons, N. Y. Address Karl G. Be\rg- trom, R.F I). No. 1, Mt. Kisco, N Y JOHN W. KERN. Mr. Kern had exacted one condl- | tion trom his friendB—that his name should not go before the convention unleas there was reasonable assur­ ance that the required two-thirds vote could be rallied to his support. His boom had been little heard of since the early Btage of the pr^con- vention activities. It been complete­ ly eclipsed by the bo( ms of men like Judge Gray of Delaware, Judge Clay- nor ->f New iork, and John Mitt hu'l, tr.e labor leader. When It bet ame p\i''f>nt that men of this chantoter -f unwilling to go on the I :•• on •i the Kern boo f took a 1 L>W e 01 lite 1 lie nomination of Bryan was m ILLS, ANDREW G.—ID pursuance of au ordf r of IIou. Frank V . Millard, Surrogate of the County of Weatcbeator, notice is hereby given to all parions ba\tn g cltfmB against Andrew G Mills, late of the Taw n of Bedford, Westchester Oounty, New York, deceased, to preaent the samp, with vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, at his office au d placo of trausactlng business, N o 5 Court btreet. Whit e Plains, N V , on or before the 9Sth day of January, 1908 ROBERT E FABXET, Admiuistrator. FARLKT & RUMSKY, Attornoya for Administrator, Ofllce au d I', O . Address, 6 Court Stroet, While Plains, N Y Electrical engineers/' A. ana Contractors/ Tel.53 X A* I! . Elcc * V / trlcal Supplies, Lamps and Transformers H Hale.Mgr Danbury, Co GREEN BROS. Leper al TWle!rcriapt» G0LDUJ-S BRIDGE. C. L. HUNT;.* CoSll -DEAUCK IK- Dry, Lumber and Lehigh Coal Persons contemplating Building will do well to call and examine this Stock befor purchasing. Goldens Bridge, - _N.Y. •o«o«o|ototofoiotofo«o«o«o o g § Painting and * | Paperhanging * o < o ESTIMATES CAREFULLY. Q I V E N GEORGE B. HOPP5 P. O. Box 321 Katonah, N,Y, otloaoSofto*o«o«o«c-ao«oso0ol ^- KATONAH -*- LIVERY AND BOARDING STABLE OPEN SUMO A rS, PRICES REASONABLE Telephone NoJlO-Y-i. D. P . DAKIN L. 0. RKHBXX DAKIN & REMSEN Building Gonttaetor 's Mount Kisco, N. Y. All ki nds of buildlhfla:eon«ti ;jU<iK«|^^ Offlo. «nd MIII^KiaO© J^'Jffcl. Tftlephona: 218 R. 3im for Boy« You won't have to wear out aboe leather, or walk youfcjegs off—noth­ ing to sell, no work about it. We will send you,- entirely free of charge postage prepaid, your choice of SEVEN FINE SCARFPINS Worth halt a dollar each If you will tend us the names of a fow boys who want to make money, you can earn one of these pins in two minutes. We'll tell you all about it and send a card to wrlto the names on. THE CURTIS PUBLISHING COMPANY 42514 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa. NORMAN R MACK Who tielpfil run the big show at Denver fort, should be ta eration when ma! Nothing in the much relief to teri\ pers. They are shoe-pinched loot is to one weary af of standing up > ell as com- * into consid- I. 1 purchases, affords so r -et as slip- come to a easy chair I long spell made ou t.'ie first ball- 1 \ , the ote standing William J. Bryan, 892 y 2 . Gov. John A Jonas.rn, 46. E. A, AI#OLD KATONAH 1. M. Y. New Styles Edison - Victor Columbia NewRecords J. A. CLARK. Katonah, N. Y. This is the \ (jood old summer time\ and the time when you need a Gasolene or Blue Flame Oil Stove with the latest Improvements. Call and see them. H. L. Merritt Rardwarc - Plumbing Katonah Avenqe and Valley Road Katonah, N. Y. ON YOUR WAY WEST Use the New York Central Lines America's Greatest Railway System and stop over at NIAGARA FALLS No Extra Charge for this Privilege Inquire o-' A ja ts for Particulars. IK eiemical Work of all Kind* 3 flexter § fiecKwitD Electrical Contractors Box 55. Katoifab, n. V. 6a$$€lcctricEigM?ixtum Get all the local new* while it is news by getting tbt Katonah times

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