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Ipavdrs Injunctions in La- , bor Disputes Only Unt Banking. der Restrictions. PROSECUTE TRUSTS For Revision »f Tariff—Want Valua­ tion of Railroads Made on Basis of Physical Property. To Guaran­ tee Deposits—Against Immigration of Asiatics. Convention Hall, Denver, July 10. —The platform was presented to the convention soon after midnight and adopted as follows: We, the representatives of the Democrats of the United States, in National convention assembled, reaf­ firm our belief in andTpledge our loy­ alty to the principals of the party. We rejoice at the increasing signs OJ . an awakening thorughout the country. The various investigations have traced graft and political cor­ ruption to the representatives of predatory wealth, and laid bare the unscrupulous methods by which they have debauched elections and preyed upon a defenceless public, through the subservient officials whom they have raised to place and power. The conscience of the Nation is now aroused to free the Government from the grip of those who \ have made made it a business asset of the favor-seeking corporations; it must become again a people's Government, and be administered in all its depart, ments according to the Jeffersonian maxim. \Kqual rights to all and special privileges to none.\ The courts of justice are the bul­ wark of our liberties, and we yield to none in our purpose to maintain their dignity. Our party has given to the bench a long line of distln gulshed Judges, who have added to the respedt and confidence to which this department must be jealousy maintained. We resent the attempt of the Republican party to ra'se false issues respecting the judiciary, it is an unjust reflection on a great body of our citizens to assume thai they lack respect for the courts. Questions of judicial practice have arisen especially In connection with industrial disputes. We deem that the .parties to all industrial proceed­ ings should be treated with rigid .lm- ' partiality, and that injunctions should -nqt be Issued In any cases In which injunctions would not Issue if no Industrial suit were involved. We favor the eight-hour\ day on all Government work. We pledge the Democratic Party to the- enactment of a law by Con­ gress, as far as the Fed.-rrl* juris­ diction extends, for a General Em­ ployers' Liability act, covering injury to body or loss of life by employes. We pledge the Democratic Party to the enactment of a law creating a Department of Labor, represented separately in the President's Cabinet, which department shall include the subject of mines and mining. We favor Immediate revision of the tariff by the reduction of import duties. Articles entering into com­ petition wlf.h trust-controlled prod­ ucts should be placed upon the free list, and material reductions should be made in the tariff upon the neces­ saries of life, especially upon articles competing with, such American man­ ufactures as are'\Sold abroad more cheaply than at home and graduate reductions should be made in such such o&her.schedules as, may be nec­ essary to restore the tariff to a reve­ nue basis. Existing duties have given to the manufacturers of paper a shelter be­ hind which they have organized com­ binations to raise the price of pulp and of paper, thus Imposing a tax upon the spread of knowledge We demand the immediate repeal of the tariff on pulp, print paper, lumber, timber, and 4 °gs, and ttoat these ar­ ticles be placed ur-on the free II.' We demand that the House of Rep­ resentatives shall again become a de­ liberative body, controlled by a ma­ jority of the people's represen; at ves, and nofby the Speaker, and wa pledge ourselves to adopt such rilea and regulations to govern it lie Home of Representatives as wl'l rt<->l)!e a majority of its membe-s to ct'rert ir» deliberations and control leg siat'em We pledge ourselves to leg­ islation undor which tho National banks shall bo r » (jnlrod to establish n. guaranteo fund for the prompt payment of tho dopo-ltore of any Insol. vent Nntional bank undor an uiiultablo system which shall be available, to nil Statu lnuiklii'! Institutions wishing to u«e It \\V favor a |>\. s', I -•ivlnfp* bank If tho punniiiii 'P*! hank ra'i- iiot .-.'nrod, ami that it Iw constitute.! <<>' to ki-cp the deposited money In the rnmmunlt- ks v i-p-o It Is oitabllshod. Protection of We pleilKo.oursolves <n in- A _,„:.,_ slst upon the jiKt and lawful American protection of our citizen- . >' l_ilizen«. homo and abroad, and to i • nil proper methods to secure lor thom. wheM;> liiilho burn or naturalized, and without dlstiiu tlo»-of race or creed, tho oqual protection of law and the enjoymentnf all rights and prlvll- cue. open to them under our treaty Wo earnestly favor the Im- Waterwayi . mediate adoption of a liberal „ and comprehensive plan for Improving ovory water courso In tho I'liimi which Is justified by tho needs of commerr- tho connection of tho great lake* with the nnvl inible. rlvors and with tho Gulf through tho ifls-dsslppl Klror. and the rivors, bays ant] sounds of our coast with each other by artlflciul canals, with a view to perfecting a system of inland waterways, to be navigated by vessel-* of standard draught. We fnvor an lmmcdlato In* declaration of tho Nntlgnjs purpose to recognize tho In­ dependence of the Philippine Islands as soon as a stable Government c.an bo Judge George Gray, 69 Absent or not voting, 8. At the announcement of the Nfr- braskan's actual nomination the whole assemblage rose enmasse, wav­ ing nags hanrtkerchiels, newspapers, hats and coats, while a bedlam of sound toured out Tom ten t.no'us!i :ia~ throats in esulta t yells, cat calls fthfl, comanche war. \whoops _with .the..' 1 deled din or shrieking horns, tte roar of megaphones, ana the strains of the band playing: an exultant r.n- . tlieui. Philippine*. Covering Minor Happen­ ings from all Over =i the Globe.— WO VIE AND FOREIGN WEAK FROM SUFFERING UNABLE TO PERFORM WORK \\c pledge lh(> Dowry t :r Party to th(> enactment nf a law provonting any corpora- Contributions, tton contributing Publicity of Campaign * _ to B i\.!l- palgn fund and any Individual from contributing anarnoun above a reasonable minimum an' providing for tho publication ho ore olertfoti>- all -uch contributions above a reasonable mln mum We assert tho right of Cnn Railroad Regulat on. et. gross to exorcise comp: control over Inter-State (,'<\ morco and the right of p,v 5-late to exorcl»e llko control over comm w Ithln It's borders. Wo favor tho cnnctmi a law giving to the Inter-State Commerce ''•„. mission tho power to Inspect proposed mll-» tariff rates or schoaulos before they shall u . effect, and If they be found to be unreason; . to initiate an adjustment thereof TL D . Believing, with JetTervui l he Kignu in the supported tho Stat • of the States. Oorerntnents In all then- rlghts.as tho most competMt administration for our domestic concerns, aid thu surest bulwark against anti-republican ten dencles.\ and In \the preservation of the gt-i- eral Government in it's whole constitutional rigor as tho sheet anchor of our peace at horn > nnd tho safety abroad,\ we are opposed In the centralisation implied in these suggestions, now frequently made, that tho Donors of the gene al Government should bo oxtended by judicial construction. _ . The Kepublican Congrms economy in In session Just ended lias Administration.made appropriations anountlng to |l ,006,000,000. exceeding the total expenditures of tke put As­ hy JflO.noO.090. and leaving a deficit of • $11-1 .00 (1 \on for t'v fl.scal yoar M'.i . -.i II .!<•\ I \ i ut to this frightful ix- .ui'l in - !<t II ion tiie strictest ecouo-, i' . <- > ory department compatible with frugal i. mi efficient administration. established, sucn Independence to be fruarnn- teed by utfas wo guarantee the Independence of Cuba until the neutralization of tho islands can ho secured by treaty with othor powers. Wo favor an income tax Income Tax. as part of our revenue system, and we urgo the submission of a Constitutional amondraont specifically authorizing Coagross to levy and collect a tax upon individual and corporate incomes, to the end that wealth may boar It's proportionate share of tho burdons of the Federal Govern­ ment. Popular Else- Wo favor the election nf tion of United States Senators by - direct vote of the people, and senators. regard this reform as the gateway to other National •roferms, T ! . , Wo pledge tho Democratic elegraph and Party to tho enactment of a Telephone, law to regulate the rates and services of tolegreph nnd tel­ ephone companies engaged In tho transmission of messages botweon tho States, under the Jur­ isdiction of tho Intor-State Conunerco Com- m'ssion Tho laws pertaining to tho Cml Service. Civil Service should bo hon- estly and rigidly enforced to tho end that merit and ability shall bo tho standard of appointmont and promotion rather than services rendered to a political party Tho!eonstitutionul provision The Navy, that a navy shall l<> provid­ ed and maintained i can.s an adequate Navy and wo bollevo that r • Inter, csts of this country would bo best si ved by having a navy sufficient to dofend the coasts of this country, and protect American citizens where\ or their rights may bo In Jeopardy • A . . We are opposed to the nrt- stnttc mission of Asiatic linnii- Immigration. grants who cannot bu amal­ gamated with our popnln. tion. or whose presence among us would ral-o Issue nnd itnolvc us In diplomatic controvers­ ies with Oriental powers A ,,-,„__ i The National Democratic Arizona and p or i y for tho lust sixteon Ne w Mexico, years labored for tho admis. slon of Arizona and Now Mexico as separate States of tho Federal I'nion, nnd, we favor the Immediate admisfion of thoso Territories as separato States. ' ... , We demand for tho people AlasKa and of Alaska ami Porto Rico the Porto Rico, 'ull enjoyment of the right-. and privileges of a Termor- form of government We favor the application Hawaii. of principlos of land laws of the United States to our now- ly acquired territory, Hawaii, to the end that public lands of that territory may bo held and utilized for tho benefit of bona fldo homestead- efs. „ , Wo bollevo in the upbuild- Mercbant ing of the American and Marine. merchant marine without now or additional burdens upon the pooplo and without bounties from tho public Treasury. Wo bollovo the Panama Panama Canal. Canal will prove of great vnl- ue to our country, and favor it s speedy completion Agricultural Wo favor tho establishment and Murluninl of district agricultural ox- and Mechanical porlment stations, the socon- t-ducauon. <jary agricultural and mech­ anical colleges in the sovonil States. Wo favor Federal aid to Post Roads. State and local authorities In the construction and main- tenanco of post roads _ . We believe that \vhere an foreign American citizen holding a Patents. patent in a foreign country is compulkd to manufacture under bis patent within a curtain time, similar restrictions should bo applied in this country to the citizens of subjects of such a country Wo favor a generous pen- Pensions, slon policy, both as u matter of Justice to the survhmg vctenins and theiu. dependents, and bernu-u It li mis to relieve the country of tho nvccs-lty of maintaining a large standing army A private monopoly Is ln- Trusts. defensible and intolerable. We therefore favor the vig­ orous onforcemont of the criminal law against guilty trust magnates and officials, and demand the enactment of such additional legislation as may bu necessary to make it impossible for a private monopoly to exist in tho United states. t ropeat tho demand for Natural Internal development and Resources. ' or the conservation of our natural resources contained in previous platforms, tho enforcement of which Mr Hposovelt hasvalnly songht from a reluctant party, and to that end we Insist upon the prcsQrvatlon, protection, and replacement of needed forests, tho preservation of tla> pub­ lic domain for homosookors, tho protection of tho National rosourcos In timber, coal, Iron, and oil against monopolistic control, tho de­ velopment of our waterways for navigation nnd every other usoful purposo, including tlio irri­ gation of arid lands, tho reclamation of swamp lansls. tho clarification of streams, tho develop­ ment of water power', and tho preservation of electric power generated by this natural force from Uio control of monopoly. and. to such end. we urge the exercise of nil powers \ utim.nl. tfiate, and municipal, loth separately ami In co-operation 'the Democratic Party stands for iJeiv.ccracy. t:i , uiiiicaii arty has drawn to itself ail that Is aristo­ cratic and plutocratic. The Democratic Party is the cham­ pion of civil rights and opportun ties to all; the Republican Party Is the party of privilege and pr.vate monop­ oly. The Democratic Party listens to the voice of the wnole people and ~auges progress by the rosperlty \and the ad­ vancement or the average man, the Republican Party is subservient to tho comparatively few who are the beneficiaries ot Governmental favor­ itism. !Ve invite the co-operat.on or all regardless of previous politi­ cal affiliation or past differences, who desire to preserve a government of the people by the petple and for the people who iavor such an ad­ ministration of the Government as will Insure as far as human wisdom can, that each citlzea shall draw from society a reward commensurate 'with his contributions to the welfare ot society. BIRD S. COLER, Of Brooklyn, Was a Vice President­ ial possibility. As the delegates and spectators left, the hall the echoes of enthusiasm continued to revsrbr£te throughout tho building, while crowds outside took up the shout and bore it along the dark streets, awakening the city jupt as the first pale rays of dawn were breaking in the east, with the resounding chorus of \Bryan Bry­ an, Bryan!\ GREAT TRIBUTE TO 3RKAN. Convention Cheers Him One \Hour nnd Tv. enry-EIght Minutes. Denver, Col., July 15.—Bryan \the Pike's Peak of the democracy,\ continues to rule the Convntion, his power being supreme. When Sena­ tor Gore alluded to the fact tha^-Tatt had opposed the Oklahoma conatltU' tion and that Bryan had favored Itj the Convention broke into a- wild demonstration for Bryan, whldh broke all records, lasting one -hour and twenty-eight minutes. JTn tliji frenzy that shook the . Convention hall the standards oi itji-tno ;5 ir '\\\\'''' excepting New York, Delewar< nesota, New Jersey, Georgia ahd^.Cori necticut, were wrenched from their sockets and carried In a wild parade In the night - session Richmond Pearson Hobson caused a stir by -ay. ing' in a speech that in his pres ice a rew weeKs ago President Roos> elt WW • fj///,' ..i -.sy; 7/' Cc...,i!c\l u: (1 C'~:iCi r.st A for the iiu'-y Roadi'i-—A Complete Record o_ Kurcpenn Despatches and Im- TjorCiist lOvcnts from Kverywherc i i:.).!sd I).n.n for Il.wty Perusal. 'I r- • Democratic National Commit­ tee .it the suggestion of Mr Bryan, I V(1><1 to publish all campaign con- tr tuitions In excess of $100 before t-'e election, to accept none from corporations and to limit individual contributions to $10,000 To a New York World correspond­ ent John W Kern said the Demo- cra'ic campaign would be fought v. It i a view to restoring confidence and tnat honest business need have nothing !o fear Senator Otto G Foelker, who left s)cli-bed to go to Albany to vote for the Anti-Race-Track Betting bill, rebcued a family at a Brooklyn fire Senator McCarren and the Demo­ cratic Committee of Kings County, indorsed the Denver ticket and plat­ form Thomas D Jordan, who was un der nineteen Indictments In connec fon with the Equitable Life 's so called \Yellou Dog Fund,\ dropped dead at the Rector street New York station of the subway. Iniormatlon from London sa>s that Japan han ordered changes In the battle ship building for Brazi' but olHtials thJ'ight publicity had trade their jiilifeliase Impossible 1 nc b„iUlesh p .Nebraska started In pursuit of the Atlantic battleshiu Hef't, wheh she hopes to overtake by malting sixteen knots an hour W J Bryan w?-. nearly overcome on receipt of the news of the demon­ stration at Denver, and Issued a statement of thanks. He was In c'ose consultation over his spec.a' w.re with his lieutenants In Denvcv 1 he Government crop report Ind - cat's the second Diggest corn cro > •'///A Object to Sirs. Longworth. Columbus', Ohio, July 16.—Repl- tltlon of tales that Mrs, Alice Roose­ velt Longworth planted a tack point up in a chair in the gallery of the National House, and tha't she attend­ ed the races at the Latonia track were repeated before the Kentucky Delegation to the National Conven­ tion of the Prohibition Party. As a re­ sult the delegation refused to sanc­ tion an invitation to her to attend the convention. .HAS P GORH .ie greatest ptoiKibil n Japan, B. Parker ot New idlated the Tammany the committee :ind is e the antl-lnjurn lion M by the commit ii of :ic delegation II. and Williams, who, with one rafting the labor pl.ink, lical differences planks Introduced by a oi New l'ork, and Uich- lobson of Alabama, hoth -ts, are being considered . the Conflnlttee on Res- The delegations from tho lope demand a plank val increase. Jtumlttee on Credential \ot- rort unseating the Mc(':irren s from Kings Count> New Pving seats to the antl-tiuffey s from Pennsylvania and '• the Johnson delegate* n'om me Sullivan delegates \i'om •« and the Dubois delegates I 'aho. The Convention 1 the Credential Commlti' •3d Colonel Uuffey by ShiN T said there w lt> ^of a war Judge Alt; York, has : platform 1 not suppor' plank pre the New George F other, ar have ha The L,ewts mond naval serious] .olutio Pacini great Th >'d f'ele Yor tie I sea fe.h ill fr< tal for a sus and „15 to .Many Factories Resuming f^.nsteu. Conn, July i;. —Th» r^rles of the Winsted Slllt Com Empire Knife Compam Win Hosiery G<n&pan-y t and lienja Richards Company all ri \utned , tlnfe operations tpday, after a 1 ft a short time. Discouraged After Spending Money Without Benefit—Found Help at Last. Mr. Earl McCoy, living at 1506 So. Branson Street, Marion, Ind., has passed through an experience that is being duplicated every day in every town and city of any consequence in the United States. It furnishes abun­ dant proof of the correctness of L. T. Cooper's theory in regard to the de-, generacy of the human stomach, and Shows conclusively the merit possessed by his New Discovery medicine to re- Btore the weakened system to full strength and Tlgor. Mr. McCoy says: \For a long time I haye been a sufferrer from stomach trouble. I was unable to retain any food, and became so weak and run down that I was compelled to stop work. My system \was nearly a wreck, and I had tried so many remedies and spent so much money without deriv­ ing any benefit, that I became dis­ couraged and gave up hope of ever being well again. \I heard a great deal of Mr. Coop­ er's theory and. medicine, arid after much hesitation decided to try it. The result was a pleasant surprise. Before I had taken half of the first bottle I was able to retain all food eaten, and my strength began to return. I have taken six or seven bottles, and am feeling fine. I eat and sleep well, do not cough at night, and am able to perform a hard day's work. I can cheerfully recommend Cooper's New Discovery, for it has done wonders for me.\ The Cooper remedies are meeting with remarkable success wherever they are introduced. They are with­ out a rival in toning up a weakened and run-down system. We sell them. f —p w Gorham. ADVERTISING in \The Times\ will bring GOOD RESULTS n the history of this country, wltn yield. 1907 of wheat and oats in excess ol The members of the Socialist-Lab­ or party were greatly disappointed by Martin R Preston's refusal to ac­ cept the nomination tor President Mrs. busan Pangborn of Kearny N. .J , darted in front of a train in a -tyalh attempt to save her Vittte BOB'S lj,fe and was seriously injured OjDe life was lost in a river frort fire'at doston that destroyed prope ty Worth $1,600,000 Aroused by the protests of Ameri­ can manufacturers, President Roose­ velt telegraphed the War Deir.rt- ment to do everything possible to cancel the contract for English coo I • made uniforms Washington authorities were F.I I to have Information to the effect th • Japan has already approached Rraz-l for the purchase of her three batt <> ships. Plans are under way to dismember the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Day­ ton Railway system. Sweeping changes in the govern­ ment of the American branch of the Roman Catholic Church opened the way for the appointment of rnor.^ American cardinals. President Roosevelt Inspected tie Arctic exploring ship Roosevelt and told Commander Peary ho felt sure he would find\ the North Pole 'twenty property owners In .Mont- clalr, N J., petltoned the Town t.'oun ell to prohibit by ordinance the o .t cry of any fowl between 9 p m , an Sam Mrs Lydia Runyan, of Newark b.tten jy a mad dog in her ninety- tnird jear, took the Pasteur treat­ ment Dee—lighted Is President Roosevelt* with his C ROCKER FOUNTAIN PEN \You Blow It to Fill It\ IF A Satisfied Customer BOSTON TBAN80K1PT Bostou, MiM. As to' my Orocker Pen, I CftD only say that I am delighted wltb It, aud ita peculiar valu* «u espec­ ially emphasized on the Ken Eng­ land trip with Prcsldcut.EooBevelt. It would have been a bowling botbor if 1 had li.in compelled to pump it full from a syringe every time tho Ink supply grow light, but having only to blow Into the bar­ rel, I.could .fill It without the slightest inconvenience. It le also very pleasing to finu ihat the pen does not soil the'Ongors, fault only too common In the old style pen, howtver satisfactory its writing qualities. Ail my reports of tho President's ;trlp, aside from somo typewritten work, were writ-- ten wltb the Crocker Pen, and I shall continue to use it in regular newspaper work WILLIAM E BINGHAM Try it and you too will be delighted with the Cro oker Fountain Pen. For Sale by Benedict Bros. Katonahnt.. WM. H. FOWLER, Carpenter and. Builder Only One Torm for IJrjnn. Kairview, Lincoln, Neb , July 1-1 — The lollowlng statement was made by Wlll'am J Bryan when he received announcement of his nomination as the candidate of the Democratic par­ ty or President 1 he Presidency is the highest of­ ficial position In the world, and no man occupying it can afford to have his views upon public questions biased by personal ambitions. Reoog- nlz ng his responsibility to God and h s obligation to hl -i countrymen, he should enter upon the discharge of his duties with singleness of purpose Believing that one can best do this when be Is not planning for a second term, I announce now, as I have on lormer occasions, that, if elected. 1 shall not be a candfate for -re-elec- tlcn ' This Is the nomination as purely from the people as can be, and ir elected my ob.jgatlon will be as pure y to the people 1 appreciate the hon the more because it came - not from one person or a few persons, but from the rank and file, acMng freely arid without compulsion \ Senor Arias neslgned as Panamas Secretary of State, and members of His party saw in the action a protest [against the \interference\ of the United States tn the political situa­ tion t tolngand Repairing Promptly Attended to Prompt work and Reasonable Prices Contractor a-nd Builder Estimates ol all Kindt ol Carpenter Work Cheer­ fully Given. ^ Purclys Sataiofi WM. MOOBJb AUCTIONEER NOTARY PUBLIC Farms and other property for sale ana rent WANTS FARMS TO SELL Z I Writes Wills, Deeds, tlortages. &c , At CROSS1RIVER, N. Y. 60 YEARS* EXPERIENCE Patents • naaa miinn. DESIGNS ^ . .. . COPYRIGHTS AC. Anyone sending a sketch and description maj outcklr ascertain onr opinion free whethor an ItiTflntlon la probably patentable. Cotnmunlca- UoMSWlctWMnfldent HWlBBOpK onPatenU sent free. Oldest agency for securing Mtenu Patent* taken tbrowjn Munn & Co. receive special notice, without ehsrge, In the Office at the U^ad of Parkwaj . Katonah, N.Y. J. Garfield Purdy Attorney and J» Counselor-at-Law All kinds of legal business given prompt attention. Deeds, bills, con­ tracts, etc., carefully drawn. Can be seen at Purdy building, Torktown Heights, Thursday afternoons, at residence any evening. Telephone 35 Yorktown. Battary Place, New York City Yorktown Height., N. Y. BoyeE The photogr»ptier» 161 RAILROAD AVENUE, White Plains, - - New York. Valentines, PostTCarde, Fancy and t Local Post Cards, Burnt Wood, Art Goods and Picture Frames and Ton may Have Your Picutre taken at the Same place and Time Patent* taken Scientific American, K handsomely illustrated weekly, ^areest ctr- MUNN ICo. 8eiBro, ***New York Bran* 0«oV06 1\ BU Washington. D. C. D R. F..H. WILLIAMS. :D^NTIST. Office and Residence. Bedford Road, Katonah. Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and JFrldays. MOUNT KISOO—On Tuesdays and Saturdays. Gas and local anesthetics used foi extracting. . Us better to make an; appointment. Notice. Ladies will find superior comfort and accommodation during confine­ ment, in a private country house. Irregularities corrected. Skilled mid­ wife with 25 years experieace. Ad­ dress Mrs. L. Lohr Elmsford. Tele­ phone 47-R, White Plains. 2^22-07.

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