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The Katonah times. (Katonah, N.Y.) 1878-1911, September 11, 1908, Image 4

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(E STABLISHED IN 1878.) R, JD. KNAPP, KDlTOl t AND PROPRIETOR I. -lieu 1 K\(?r\ Krida\ Afternoon, Subscriptions: «ji.e>enr .. Si. 5 0 Three months 4'<- S ; T -...riths 75 Siuj;k- copies 50 . 'vert siiij^ rate- , on apphca 'ton 11 i- I'o M 1 \lli't III h ilnllill •Vriiinl 1 iiiss M II .1 I r X •) Westchester Notes. A ttnnement. lins been starte d to iclebrate ilit» 'J'2\>th antin crsary of tho founilnifr of Whit e l'biins. which will be on November '2\1 On this dat e the inhabitant s purchased the lnnd 011 which the village nuwstanJ a from Chief Orairatipuni and the Quart-opus Indians. It hits been stif^- •i'cstetl t fuit t he uiTaiip'inellt for the celebration should be under 1 he di­ rection of the \ \ est chest l'f (olllltN Historical Association , the White Plains \ dlne e 1'nrk \ssocia 11< >n and the White I'hnti- 1 liapi.'i liters of the \ttu-ri. A Local Republican Newspaper l>-\tt?t l t o the Interests o f Northern Westchester County irf-NiWS 1TKMS .suliciteil (\tmmimit<-n 11< JIIs .:. en'. -I for piililiratiim must ln'iir iiuini' mi'l t lrt\-or'sonilor Tin- rmlit tn njoittirelil CCDH UlfllllGllS IS U'SCl'M'l l h\ lilt I'll 111 1 ^1.' r Dniij. tion Justice Tompkins onlei jirantme- t lie Leslie Sutherland Vonkers Hallway ,f the •\ .ill) M..r- ou inu FI:IDAT, SEPTEMBER 11 190* Tor l'resident , LLI VM II TAI- 1*. Tor \ l e- President .1 AM IIS S SHIlltV W Republican County Convention. NOl K K i> iiKin.in <;i \ that the Kepublii an t oimt\ I oii\en tn ii for the ( limit \ of West ehester will <•' held at .-.i Joh n s Hall. \ il- l.i^e of White I'laius \ ^ , on Tiles- tiny September I!\'-. at II a in for the purpo-i nt noiniiiatitier ' i '\li hit es lo r tie- ft ,llow i \\<x o dices — M- Inlier i if ( i ingress from t h e 1 'It h ( oll^ri'sslt ili.ll 1 »l ~t • I- t of tie Mate of \.'U \> i irk \•<•• at i i r fri mi t 1 • • I I -* , t t i| t I..- Mill • ' i , 'it \ I IV I-U1VI • llllf!, I. \ lll 'l 1 i i \ i \i r- ^eii 1 1 1 n 1.11 \i w \1 i wk \ I' • 1111 t. i nil I' I '\I 1 ..I •rl\ -in h HUM ,M 'l i • — * . i • I • i> I I i- i : i ir. ~i'ii i 11 itm 1 it Iei| in -aid .-I, \ \ 11 i J i. • •— signed an .1 p|>ln a t ion i if l'erel\ er of t he nit hon/iii\. bun t o issue SDO.lNin m bonds for the purchase of new tar s \ simila r order was sienetl In .Ju.-tn- seliauser some t line a^'i) bin to a defet t lit the <»ri\TirniI paper s appoint iiit; .Mr Sutherland a neu i onler had t o be obtained •lust ice Tompkins has siyie d m tiers t .iiii-ellnie; t hirt \ e t i-ri ifI« ates of ti.-Uurahzation obtained h\ fraud The ciyiificates were held principally b\ Italians w h o had not been in the count r\ a, sntlit lent |eii»'tli of tirne One mail, w hose cert ilicnte was t an- cellptl. hail betMi Mituiir t>n it for JT .\ ears \\ illiam A Pari \ wh o fm .\ ears has been t it \ edit or Port ( liester Dai h Item Hlfflietl to fak e editorial cliaiv-e of ''i'lie U.\ e Clironit le It i< under­ stood t hut he w ill hate an interest I in The Chronicle, whit h has for se\- I end year s been pubh ' company , of w hit li .1 w rijrht is t he head J'liere are fort \ tw o pri-niier th iliity Mill a u a H Hie tin ;n 'of i he MT.-I nil jur\ w hit h t on\ cm Ti|.'-da.\ next Aiiionc- them 1 1 1r. i murderers I irder tit' Mipn me < . an t .1 as! i, , \ pli \ioi--i hatisei has be. a fil.-d in the \\ esti hesfcr (tumti ' li-rk - ' ollli c :|!|n« me- | h,. \\ , „|, |,,.,.f, i '| ,. M |. ' pot.iry Home ma II.IL'I rs t o i i i n i e \ a i tl 1 nt I he |i| tipert \ tut lie ,-i-f .[•-, of M I ram is i.f the M I--I, >n i if t he i 111 J 11.) < 111. lie \ ir<JII I The i . i ||-ldi-r.l- [ Hun is fj\eil at •s 1 _'\ t Kit i, i ,f -slit. Ji ' >\i\ \no is t,, be p nd in i ash atul >7\i \tlti b\ , j m 11 h.isc mtiliex Iiltil't •j icI iiiN-r i hi lei ins of i h • order SJ'i ' 1 1 »\ ft' t he IIH it 1 ai e t I lie 111 t 11 fee _\ ears ami tile 11 111.11111 ler i if S.\ not) 11, ^ix \ ears from t he date < >i I I if i iei 1 1 The pfi i] nTl \ I I Ihslst s .|,fl . e n Hi res a ml ^c\ er.ll uf • The ' has rc- •ilii'd I• \ a slot k \lni hew Wain- in n in .mi al< Westchester County Fair. Althotleh J Campbell Thompson, of (Quaker Ridgt \ is jroing to tak\ part m t he t rottinjr races for four-u. hands dnrnifr the S3 -rucn.se Ho r~i Show with .Mired (i Vunderbilt, \tt it bet'iimi! known thit bot h he ami Mr. Vunderbil t will return to Whit e I'luinsiti time to tak e part, in the Westchester Horse Show , which wi I be held tint inefair week, which be^n - Septembe r 1 1 anil will end on the ,1: ternoo u of Septembe r 15) i To enabl e the m to return in tin • nil- t he \ \ estehesler show the coat' inc. 1 HIS will be held a t Syracuse <• • \ept. inbei II, and the four-in-h.il ) races at \ \ lute Plains will begin u Septembe r 1 (j The tea m that Mr ThompKon i\ • time is the one tliat (leorye \Watsui n nt 1 \ offered t o matc h agains t at * roatl four in-hand m the country t<> trot one mile o r ten to a loAtlid I o 11 ll Mfretl (i \ anderbil t will drivel.- lainoiis »-ra \ s. and incidentally tl' 1 ontest will determin e how fast foin horses can t ro t a inetisured mil e to 1 1 11 ich I iiusual interest is being take n 11. lie (inflow ay races which will be In I .' under the auspices of the Westchestc Hun t Club This club is made up >>'. wealth y residents of Westchester who will exhibi t their huuters. The\ will jump hurdles, have flat rat' s and will compete in othe r contest - for \ aluabl e prizes \n Ills A jail sentence fo r reckless aut u dri\ing was impose d on Wednesd\\ by .Judi^re Murray in the municipal cour t upon .John T. Fay, of 77 Eeast 2Jtl street. .New York. Fay appealed ami •furnished $200 bonds. The court s almost invariably impose d fines for this offense heretofore, but .ludee Murray state d that in view of nu ions automobile accidents of late he felt tha t 11 jail sentence was net -ess.ir_\ as a warning to driver s t o be mor e careful S 'TYLE and Fabric arc very irrpcrtar.t, hut the name cf y ur liik r . . no - 0 irr.portant still. If you come i ere, yc ; c.!.tain c'.l ^ic advantages without worryirg ; u ut re-'.'.t:. 1 he Ir.t. rnalional latci on a suit is your guarartco , c per f ection—r-rd a r 'rn l!at you are wean 'g I ic America. finest . \.1 J^-tc ..b 1 KENNEDY & VAN TASSELL, 1 KATONAH. DRY GOODS, AGENTS CAN MAKE, faulty S!0 mi a w »> It liy n Uln c to famlUf M urn J \MOfS TKIS nn. I COFFEES. Orenlf^t Imliii-t'ini-nts KverOffered. l'.ir fal l jmrti. uliir- aililrt>B8 The Onot Anierlciin Tfa C'oiup«By :»1 A-3llVc»i'j'SI.,Nt'WTo* THE KATONAH GARAGE Agency for Have you seen the new safety pens which can be carried in a suit case or shopping bag ? Letmeshowitto you. B. TisDer, Cbc Jeweller Mount KIsco, N. Y. Chappaqua mountain Institute Chappaqua, N. Y. Home ft bool for boys and pirlw 381U Tear uu . tier cure of 8oriety of l''ileiitln. Tlioroncli i»rep» . latlon for any college or tccliuic.il sellout Coui - luerc-ia] aud Steiio«i*niiblc courBt 'H. Vocal and In. etriiuioutal Mualc anil Art cottriteti Rates $250 to $375 a Year according to room and COUTHO , Separate roBidence «nd HOME MOTHER FOR YOUNC CHILDREN. Actual practice B US I DOBH Dept Nt 'W (.lyiiJiinHHiUJ and ltesldoul I D struct or WILLIAM S. SIDDELL, A. M., Principal. MABEL B0AK, Ass't Principal. RALPH 0. WIGGINS, Principal of Commercial Dept. [Our roiuiiiert i:il Orouuati 'M all lia\t f>om\ jio'ltlons Atl'trim foi I .ititlt^'ciul Iiif .Tllintttili. CHARLES R. BLENIS, Box 806. i i m \ f \ i 1 iilllllliiT t'f lillllill 1'hf li'ini 'ii- I'l llllLH' K M h >i HIM J M I I SonT-r» ~\Vhi-<> J'.an. IHlKiT-- 'l . . . I t.tl 1 w I ' s • I- l.-r • i r .i 'JO in t!n'1r pt'tititin I white i i.i v\ IIniiii' i itih-ers tileil in t oiM-t. say thai the t -orjiora- t ton o \\i'^ Anni e \] lltn- §.'i .j ,U0() uliich is secured b \ mortgage, for aihance s niatle to meet annual de- iicieneies and k>r unpai d bills. ,^Tl l MisW?l(R) ) 000 damages for in- . ( ! ' jiirins received while in the employ of .' tl . I'. niisylvaiii a Railroad Coin- nOOCLAWIATION — STATE Or NIn P it) UK - Otit IN 1 Y OK WEHTCHE8TER, S.8. lbe uutlflrpifjued, tho Sheriff of onni> in cotifunnity to » precept to hi m 1 B thin l>eliall 'llrwtnd ntid dellverod, b y thU , hie proola- oj.tllou. n quire s all persona boi)nd t o appea r at > SUPREME COURT to be u.<i i 'I <• i rt Uouee , in the Town . < f il.i t .Hintyof WeitoheaU r afore B a I ton recogi the un> the pe.< »B tt^ exa^ : ' i K OCTOIiER, 1908 t th . forenoon o f that day , b- /. r -he v.lei'.t o appear thereat: an 1, ui.eti hort-tiy requires tha t all Jnatlc&i ( .'..lawii. 111 1 officer s — Ii- T'jfat'\ njr^tranoe fur Ibo apgoarance of j [-ttih^featd>. . '. ««« takeMU W iM 1 aiij (.nabiier or wltpM V ^ « »' BIIC JI ^pcoRn!-'.arr*.^ 1 iKiuloHluua and cxa 'wli .a* tothe«a! d it <lie opening thftrt , o. the Bri t day of ill. . .im« — 8igned at tb. Pherlff'e office 1 |» » 11 tlio Hlb day t ' tobor, 19 (..H . ill ilLE S M. LANE, i^rlff. _'t;'. \ilullM ,t t • w 1 ;t i\ \ \ 1 1 r. 1 r \ • 1 ] 11 1 \ I 1 11111 H 11 t Wi' Wl'l. W \K1'. ( ii.ui'iiinn Republican Convention. 'TH Ml'! \ 1 ) I sTKIC T K. 1 1, _ ,'• 1 n.1 •- u f liu - --fv- cr. ' t till. ,io->' \c. '' 1 I'\\ t.li As- • 1> ' - . • (.• ,e C i.i' > •' \\ e^' L ^t. ' ire ll t.''<\ it -.ltf^tcl t\ semi the i' >er , r 1 . ; 'es -<i W!LK 1 I thi' \ ri .'. -, t- til •.el • 1 1 1 0 n rn' uri 'ii ti. f. V u Re .> iblu IP I K itl(|ii I . 't. • S, <,- 11 t ' 1 1 \ I 'la^e (' • Whi'e r .a . . 1 ] 11, • n . the 21t h i'.a\ o f 81; < • ' t. ' ^ 1 :\ v . 1 1 cl' ick 111 the '.it. ' • • K ,'i^ e o f .101111 n .T 1111; Mem' e r ..f Assembly. ti , .ic\ !• 1 t f o-.h'er bi-- 1 f • *- .1 \ t 11' \ t\ ;'!npi\'. y tome before n il'l l uf (Ultr^.lU- |ii-.\ Reagan in his pouiplaiut al-, lege's that on Octobe r 22, l'.iOT. In- I wan working for tin- J'etius\li .1111.-1 I pompan y m the Wasi-rly freight I \ artls a ml that , while turning a brakf J the 1 ha m uttat-hed to it niiililt>iily liroke. so 1 hat he was I hrou n f r> mi the t ar and run o\rr but!: Ii-g^. ln'itii. r 1 .tlll]iiltateil Cassidy Turned Down. 1 The I 1st SiMinti' Di-trn t I!' piibli i an ft in vei it inn at It liai-a \ \ i-ilni'>ila\ resulted in t he t urndtiw n nf NMi.itor] itiifii t'assnh and tin imiiiiiiatinn of fnnner \sseinlih ni.iii lieiijniniii ( t Higer, of <i rot on when a deadloc k wn* predifted 'llit- entire dt'Ie^r.i tmii hail bi-t'ii nistrii' ti-d fur ( as-idv althoug h the Tompkins I mint \ m gatuzal ion. i out rolled li\ I nnjiri r in in Mnight and tin- Tio^ra ( tuint \ i>rgaii)/ation songlil t o ha\e tin- instructions re-i uided mi a |nvte\t that )iopular opinion «ib .ie-ain-1 t assid\ because of In- vot e agains t the an t i-r.-icetra< k bill lie rereived tilll\ the tin- \oti-.if t he delegate s from hi- own iiniui\ t In ise t if ( heiiiiing, Tn>ga iii< 1 rump money Deposited In Cb 1111! . . . Of . . . White Pkins, N. Y. ® @) On or Before October ;rd Will Drav Interest from October 1st Cloth All 1 - i e i , K pain' '1 h e int o ()\ tie ti I.e.n'. are! • 1'. -e 1 Ha- I •.'« N N< \ .\ r i< \\ h t, i I km- vot mg agams t him Wool anti Paint. .all -noilih i iii 'i. o • I. tV M i- /nn Mi-r f 7. ur ( oii.b'iH.' wi; I ie'1 111 n't '.:)',, Ji.t |; • 1 1 ) 1 'll llli\ ml-, i Pamt All My .tile it e • h on nn The two best moderate priced cars in the world. Ask for a demonstration at any time on the best or worst road in West­ chester County. .\ .*. Repairs, Storage, Cars to: Rent. Panhard Oil, 5 gal. at 65c. - $3.25 Oil and Can, $3.75 Panhard Oil, 10 gal. at 55c. - $5.50 Oil and Can, $6.25. All Automobile Suppliesjfot^the Highest Grade at the Lowest Prices. WILLIAM G. BARRETT, Propr. Telephone 22 Katonah. THE FRENZIED RUSH Of recent years wasn't the best thing for the trade. The pre­ paration of the goods had to suf­ fer somewhat. These are more sober times. We can sell you bet­ ter goods at cheaper cost than last year and give you prompt service. -ti.. K Get ready to go to the STATEFAIR AND KA-NOO-NO KARNIVAL SYRACUSE, N.Y. RKDUCFD FARtS EVFHYDA V VIA - NEW YORK CENTRAL - SEPTEMBER 12tli to 19th \! V nil \v • • I 1 - t F i t 11 Hie \\ t .... M.. ii; own Uf ; - I. Uu' e '.; Wt ' . pei K i n : I. 1' .' ... t'.t ii - I' Mi . t -i !'. • I 'i -i & j.) M . k- CHAPPAQUA. N. Y I'll •! ll III- III- .I.I.IA.M u r \'-<'•.' i r i WAl/l PR v I 1 '\tI/> . FRANK ti Rk\ \OI.I) i .Rt iKCH W JILAP. M ti. , 1 I.. 11 \ I th it* > 1 .1 - a: n t - Say Taxes Excessive. if I -HI It loll of t hi' t It T 'a • i i .iirt, .J n.-t in- romp- i - _• r i-ii • it writ- of itrtioran ' . - t . t 1 \ t own s of r i' i *i i .i 1.11 1\\ ii Thi ' N IMV ^ k • it \ . lit; i i 1 - ' 1 i mi t hai t hi- as - --ttl\ll»-t ii'. i \ i • --l\l> (It'll Will i>k t t t in- t l\ li. -ik- In- l'l-t'ilnht i ito i t.i for i>\,i initial n m in 1 li • tu« ii uf >iii,ii I-M thi- ( it,\ is a«- s-ii'il on it- •! nu- iml u,iter.-hi'tl |.\ ji,. r t \ si,7\ 111 7 iini i I inns 11ns \ . 1 nat ton 111 !»'o\i-r .i--i>.s-i'i] to ttn- • \- .it of S.'.IKI tmii • 'i t ifkt ow n i II I--I-—.itii'iit i-ti\- I..-W ti 1 1 ll 1 1 - 1 1 i > i !. i In- I ml list i i-i i i \ I. ihi i '.ifi li ii inn' I ,\ i nt nil i In- • • t urf | HI ; i a 11 i,i 11 ii_ I 'ar ,f,l; it,._ X'JT [mil Thi K ,i I hi v .1 1 i mi . II 1111-' I i.'l r.-ri^i-il a jiroM'r nu ol »-ntpri.iinini'iil t h .i t siii -|iu ,ssi.- - all i -in>rt s 111 tin- 11, i- 1 SEE AGENT j Stop at the 'Bedford Station Pharmacy 1 for a Delicious Ice Cream soda ,i. I Ml ' MONEY, TO LOAN. Applications for loans on desirable real estate will receive prompt consideration Rates reasonable. Westchester & Bronx Title & Mortgage Guaranty Company • i Lumber, Fuel, Coal, Paint and Hardware People. Yorktown Heights N. Y. TELEPHONE, 42. WHITE PLAINS NEW YORK BRANCH OFFJCfcS : 22 Getty Square, Yonkcrs. 55 Lnwton Street, New Rochc4le. 22 E. 1st Stroct, Mount Vernon. 170 Hsoadway. New York City. ifii .1.1. V 4 Wi ti I T tl I , i a' \t TRY OUR . . j I 1 t • • .vi'i v -ili: •' i- ?17G,00 n i 11 I inn' 1 * Raspberry Sundae * | . .HI 11 Dm II .r- i \ iti^r r\ i i Lo­ ire i i n I of r- ' « N o t -k i ii i n , k' .. I I ' ! \\l!<. -1 11 1 \ • \ ! • 1,1 . - .,- l >l. .1 k. ,- | I.. ill ' : U .. . i\\ 1 h-i l rn i •! i \ i' ;n l in I I- II I 111— • '1 --11 IIOM |-;i | i) \\ a 111 I la: 11. i -|i n in- Hi tli - '> ]). 1 1\ I - I n it tun l !•• 'llil \ 1. M III •' 1 | II 1-1 I ll 111 ' I !, Ill >\\ I l\ l'\ |. . | i iii-t> III i'lii|il' i\ mir I In in \t it I u • i i \l o f fm \ i .i n u i iii- -I'i'.i k n i -|n ll tie I J IM lisl i 1 |||M -| 1 i\i' i i irri'i t| \ , i I, I T hi-fi it'!' i i r iftt'I th\\ i Hl.' l i I'.n- ;i.s s ( i illrj_'i- 1 'ill - I- u li.ll i \i- u |. li thornll^lilv .it ( 11.1 ] i J ll li j 11 I lii-ltli- s frnni^tlii lit'ii'Ii i ' if issoi lilt i' HI mill frllow ship w it h i i illfM |.-hi-i il i .'in I,or s Tin- i s w h\ our -t n i It-nt- . ti ••.ill holtl - If \ i iii art' an \ioii- I ojn n r. i-.- sour know I I-I I MI . i i r pn-pii :<• \ i nii-.-i-li f.a Mi H H I I ill -HH -s- pll-ltlt.l l —t* 111 1 I 'll ' I ll 11 i n.iItiM - .in,] i.i. to-niilv i \i.,ir al < i-.ippJi pi.i < n \- It, III 1 M-, Snpt. • > I — I SNi I I'llllM II W \ I < > N \ I I K I I I il'.M I _ . iKW \ % IM. Il l H I .Hlh UU \ l\ AHTH Ul\ S. AVEHY FUNERAL L)IKTX:.TOR ANI )]I.K , ]-:XSKI> KMUALMKK MtllH-.HN I'.'JI'II'M I'.N' I - 0>\I K ATONAH, X. l-A.I.I.s]l'Ht>MI'll V ;.-V I I'I'.Mni'\ > I •1 . I US' 1 j !-!• I-O It 'I- V. ) I I \ < ) K N' I t . 1 Tl Dormitory Building I St'alftl propolis for fiiriiislnii\; all tin- iiiiitt-n.il niiil luhor for hinltliiijra I»«irititi or \ MinlihiiM- nt the West - i hi'stt-r I oimt \ Alms HoiiM-al Kas t \itu\, \ ^ will hi' rt 'i -i -ni -tl a-t tin- otlii-c o f tin- MipiM-ititiMiilfiit iif t'ln; nboM'tianii'il pl.-it-f until In i in . M>ptt-inlii-r l-'th. I '.HIS AlttTtiat i\c]il.'insantl -pt't llit alions for i -i -iiiForrt'il i -Diit -n 'tc nrul hollow till- o i brick iKinst met ton for 1h« abtiM- lioriiiitun ISinlilmir will In- on tile nt t hi-abuvi'nllirc on anil after September lM lIKi^, ami can be there obt.lllie'l .'lllil IIISIU'I teil li V jirnspeet n e bnliler- \'M h ]iroposiil shall he ncfoni|ia - niL-tl b\ n cert ilietl i lii't k for an amoiinl et|iml to ten per rent of th'- amoiint of proposal This . heck shall be in.-nle \m\ :il>h- t o the ( tunit y ' TreiiMiirrr as it ^iniraiitce thai if 11n• eontraet is .iwiinletl t o thehultler he will enter into the i out nn t and will bofot fi 'iteil bv the luthler if he fails to rlo so The sncressful bnhler will bi' re- «puroil to furnish a bond in the amount of fifty I\>I>) percent of the contrac t price I>r 11 lit i.I'M S MITH.Chairman. Wi.t t,iM.Tt)\ Lo i Nsiii in, Kit \ SK S l!i:\ \OI.DS. Uitiiinittpi' on Superititeiideiit, of I'oor ami Asyhinis Ilberhartl .1 \ \ tilfl'it Co'. llntrineers, Tnt-rvtown, \ 'i l'ark A: Tilfonl cigars, Doyle Bros . sold by

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