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BANKS' DRY <* GOODS OOOOCXXXXMO&QOOOOOOOOOOOOa Summer MILLINERY! We have just received and are showing a very beautiful line of Summer Chips and Ctgborn fiats for Ladies and Misses. Tne Leghorns are in white and natural, trimmed with Ameri can Beauty roses, lilacs, lilies of the valley, blu­ etts, foliage and wings The designs are* per­ fectly exquisite, and prices extremely low. OOOOOOOCXXXJQOOOCJXJOOOOOCOO B. E. BANKS Mt. Kisco. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11. 190s. KATONAH POST OFFICE OPKN FROM 7.00 A. M. TO 8.15 P. M. SHILT OLOSK AT POHT OFFICE' — .>\>RTH, 7:10 A. XI. CHATHAM LOCAL \ 12:24 P.M. OHATHAM LOCAL ' • 4:20 p. M. PITTSFIHLD EXPRESS \ 6:33 P. SI PAWLING LOCAL •IOPTH, 7.G0 A. M. LOCAL \ 10:35 A. M. KXPRE3S \ 3:15 p. si. 2*EW VOUK LOCAL \ 7:3') p, M. NEW Y<»KK I.OCVL 'Win. Kellogg won the prize fishing, rod, given by Kellogg & Mead, for havihg caught the largest baBS in lakes of this vicinity. It was caught at Lake Waccabuc. Louis W Elliott, J. H. Williams and Rev. E. Corneille, of Bedford, attended the Prohibition County Convention in White Plains. Mr. Elliott received the nomination for Superintendent of the Poor. Elliott & Mayne are putting up u good sized building near the lumber yard, to bo used as a carriage reposi­ tory. This firm has a large number of buildings and carries a large stock of building material of every descrip­ tion The,} have always sold wagons and eurriuges and will be able to carry a larger stock at the comple tion of the their new building. The Katonah Garage has again changed hands. Mr Wm. H. Fowler has sold his cars and supplies and Mr. \Win. G. Barrett has again taken charge. His large advertisement will be found on the editorial page of this issue Cars will always be on hand for parties desiring to take trips, and repairs of all kinds will receive prompt attention All opposition 1 oGovernor Hughes is now dwindling away and his nomi­ nation is conceded on the first ballot. His election in this state is assured by a large majority The demand for him has proved t o be overwhelm­ ing It exists among all classes of people and in all walks of life Coney Island has even declared for the Governor The people want him and all opposition should now cease in the interest of the party. School* ,Opens With Attendance. A Large The last lot of peaches from the Moseman orchard arrived fit my store last night and for beauty and flavor these easilv surpass them all We will positively have no more of this luscious fruit. Call this evening or as early tomorrow as possible and secure your pick \ The price is reasonable and according to grade T .1 DOYI.K'S \Fp-to-dnte Grocery \ The Katonah High School opened on Tuesday with the largest attend­ ance in its history and a larger num­ ber of non-residents than ever before. The primary department has thirty- five pupils with Miss McKnighfc as teacher. A number of the smaller children have not started in as yet. In the second and third grade room there were forty-two scholars, with Miss Bailey as teacher Miss Arnold in the fourth and fifth grades, has also forty-two and the sixth and seventh grades, presided over by Miss Murphy, has over thirty There arc twenty-three students in the eighth grade. Most of those are non­ residents, coining here from neigh­ boring towns lo prepare for high school work. Miss Wheeler is the teacher in this room and also super­ vises the music throughout the school. In the high school there are thirty-two students. Many of them are non-residents The sciences are taught by Miss Adams, the precep­ tress', and the other subjects by the principal, Prof Wallace, and Miss McKinley We anticipate an excellent school year A careful selection of the best teachers obtainable lias been the motto of tho Board of Education. This, with the new reference books, apparatus and other appliances, to­ gether with a commodious, well lighted and ventilated building, should act as a stimulant for the greatest progress and steady ad­ vancement of the pupils of our school. A good school is one of the first requisites of a thriving village, and the better the school the moreen- lightened and progressive will be the community The Lost Prince. I se Manna coffee. Brolhers II. —Dnvle \The Lost Prince,\ a play acted by some children, will be performed on Saturday. Sept 12th, at three o'clock, in the big barn on Mr. de Mauriae's property for the benefit of th» reading room Admission o0 cent s. children ii-~> cents PERSONAL ITEMS. —Mr Wulter Brown and wife and daughter, of Richmond Hill, L. I., spent last Sunday and Labor Day with their uncle,' Mr Chas. W. Brower. at Graymount on Cherry street. —Mr Chester A. lluess left Monday to spend a few days at his home in Ossining, also t o attend the wedding of his sister there —Mr and Mrs Geo. Ho\ t have closed their house and are spending two weeks at Ocean Grove —I)r W J Carpenter, Mrs J W Truesdell and Mrs Robert Hoyt and daughter started on an aulo trip to Port .lervis last Saturday, returning on Tuesday of this week —Mr and Mrs Geo Smith, of New- York. Acre the guests of Mr. and Mrs. <) \\ Green over Labor Day —Mr and Mrs L II Miller enter­ tained a family party at Overbrook on Labor Day Among the guests were Mr and Mrs and the Misses RudiMi.uiser, of Brooklyn, and Mr* Mary .-ioi kton and two children, of Crot'oa Falls —V* > are glad to report that Cor­ poration Counsel Henr\ R Barrett' of W hit\ Plums, basso far recovered from In- recent operation for appen­ dicitis at Dr Wyhe's sanitarium, New^orkiity, as to be able t o re­ turn to Ins home on Thursday —Mr. Thos S Smith and family attended the annual ('ox family re­ union .it Hawthorne yesterday, at w.hiel there were about 70 represen­ tative ( ,f this old Westchester fami­ ly pre.-,i nt —Mi— es .Josephine and Margerv Van Ta—ell were guests of friends in Norfolk Conn . for several days the past v.M'k (TirfWanted. to do housework m family of Bailey's Dept. Store SPECIAL SHIRT WAIST SALE ' AT Thimble Party. All of \on, who havi- 1 ontributed to the Ladies' Aiil Sot icty of the M L ! linn h. or w ho would like to do so. are cordially iu\ited to attend an intonu.'il nl'ternooil social gather­ ing at tin- home ©f Mrs R D knapp on Wednesday. Sept Id, from :i to \ o'clock \ program has been ar­ ranged and a pleasant tune I - prom­ ised t o all Extra Special' Fancy large s\v<e4 potatoes, -'\i cents a peck Sutiirdnv and Monday II . B. DE VCOX Patterson to be Wiped Out New Reservoir is Built. if David A. Doyle, P.fl 8 Katonah News. | »OOOOCK>OOOOOOCX)(XXXXXXXXX>d Fpholsteriug m all its branches First class work Prices reasonable —A S A\II:\.'IVI l-'il katonah (.'n Sunday morning there will be a rendition of member*, both by let­ ter and from probation, in the M F ••hurch '>( hool Supplies —Our lino of si hool supplies is now complete Text books copy hooks, pads, pens, pen­ cils and n wide range of fountain pens from H>c to .*no. nt IJo\t I '.fox ( o i .il ' T» o more loads of pe.t ,n s for Saturday Reports from t he net Itnrils iriiln ate chat tin* will be our last big sale Get a basket, as i Ins mny be uuir list cli.mcc — I'ov ii' Bros M itc Senator Owen (.issidy, who opposed Gov Hughes ant i-gambling logi -'i .ition, was beaten for renonnna- tion and announced iliat he would run independently ( ot'lee Specials All tin* leading brands—Chase i\ Sanborn s cele­ brated coffees. Harrington Hall Stei I ( ut, and The \stor Ml prices. Iroin 1 ic to\ .Tic perlb — llo_\t Pros < oinp iny. The leading grocers of Noil hern \\ !•.«•'•!.ester Count v for I > years i F-' i I 'lished I ^ I'I'I i t )ur Inn of grt i< ••• ics ui< hides t he i hoicest goods tubi found at t In-leading stores of New 'lurk, such as Acker Meinll iV ( oii 'i .t. Pai k vv Tilfonl. eti and nt pnc' N from lllto 1 \i per cent less— Ilo\ t I'.ros Co Mr i hnniberhn. oi t ln»rr\ si reel, has , the I i Yor. Mr Chamhcrliu purchased this ; ! M e and has li\ ed li 'Te for t lie* past three years The farm was sold through .Mr Geo B Cranston, the -en! e.-i ile af/t'iit Real estate is n lin Ic mole act i\c in this section of late and ba \ i rs of count ry estates are • o\v on i he lookout Dr .lohnson Educator \\ ufeis sold by 1 \oyle Bros. Cider Making. 1 wish to inform the public that cider will be made at m\ mill on the Waccabuc Road on 'I IICMIII\ S and Saturdays of each wn k Persons hav ing apples i an have ;! , mground at \ rv n asuti ib'> ui i . - \irrui u Ht.w.v Hughes Wins in Manhattan. Governor Hughes carried six of the nine New York Couuty Assembly dis­ tricts, in which the test vote was taken Wednesday This insures him, according to u-cough calculation by President Parsons, of the county commit tee, 7-1 out of a total of I s '' delegates from New York i ounty in the Saratoga convention Mr=i'arsons believes that in all' list rids where the so -called ' better lenient\ constitutes a large portion of the voting population Governor Hughes is strong with the voters, while in the districts with a large foreign born population the senti­ ment is to a degrer opposed to his renoininat ion For instance, Mr Parsons takes the id \sseinbly Distri't, far down on the lower East Side, which went against Hughes by a vote of .'i'.lo to • it), and assumes that m other lower ..ast Side districts, with a suiuewhat similar population t he sentiment is relatively the sn HIP Similarly, he ns- tssumes that in 1 he bet terresident nil parts of the city the sentiment is likely to be the same as in thel '.Uh and 'Joth Ry t his proi ess of reason­ ing he giv cs t he Gov ernornor. as al­ ready stated, 7'i out of IS!) delegates from New York County Only a very small percent age of the enrolled Republican strength showed itself at the polls Practically only .i third of the enrollment strength vvas expressed m ballots Plans have been prepared for a new reservoir in the ( roton water­ shed by the * lnef engineer of the Yijiieihiet Commission. Wulter H. Sears, and are now m the hands of •lolin 11 O'Brien, Commissioner of the Department of Wtiter Supply, Gas and Electricity, ior his signa­ ture Mr. i >'Bnen does not approve of the protect The Mayor will have to decide whether this new reservoir shall go through This reservoir, it it is built, will be similar t o u great wishbone, with the apex resting in tho southern out­ skirts of Paw ling, m Dutchesscounty, the base of the prongs in the west • * ' II J 1T-1I. 98c Gi five \pply TiMt -.s Ullice Piano Instructions. M.— Henrietta Miller will be ready afti i 1 ''tober 1st to give music les­ son- o any pupils wishing to begin pia: stLdy Arrangements can be mad -\ ilh her at any tune These Garments Are Worth .*. /. $1.25 $1.50 and $2.00 Dressmaking. ii des Clni ' dre- Box on the west and Deforest Corners on the east This tlani, if constructed, will back the waters of tho east A hot) ag sta' line can ii )le up -todaie dressmaker -workbv the liny or at home. • us ( ]r e sses ; , sp,.(itlt y Ad- I'ri'ssinnki r t ross River, \ 'i ; i Position Wanted. lenca n girl wishes a positio n as •keeper or general worker \m i .l cook and seamstress, under­ lin g all kinds of work in that am \ery kind and willing and ^ive the bost of references Call or wnte to Miss Olive E Cree. Box 20\.. Pawling, N Y Notjce, j the base of the prongs in the wesfrq^W ^ J Towners, on theatHayilaud Hollow, '^J v ^ r ; st aiu j c i aer mill will open and the ends near Dyckman Station I,. -Vf^ • . -» nn thp west and Deforest Corners on i -n H. F. BAILEY & CO.; Mount Kisco \ or will back the waters of the east I M ru'lled bv a spei lal process branch of the (roton over fifty-four i ^ n[ ^ nilll ,i., squan-miles of irregular basin and d x Math..'.- P. ,,,..1 „\, n „t •>!) Dill) 1)0(1 I 1) 1 irj) . • . Id his line place overlooking • to Mr Rothsi hild. of New l 'enter, N ^ Lost Wednesday . >ep landing or on tl-.- | Station, nlumtnu 1 ing assorted b .is :b i .i.l Bedford Station, \ Y Work Wanted. W U't Tile Butter best bntter Brothers Fox River Prints, the on the market —Doyl e Fiske to Run Democratic Campaign. \t a meeting of the Westchester Deiuoi rat ii I'xecut I v e comiiii11 ee held in W hue Plains on Thursday of last week Fduin W Fiske. of Mount \ er- non. was selected as the head of a snh -i «mi in 1 1 tee of the count v com ­ mittee to run lie' Democratic i ua- paign in \\ esl >i hester this fall, and ex Slav or Mil hael .1 Walsh was ap­ pointed treasurer In conjunction with John .1 Sinnoll. of Mount Pleasnnt. Timothy llartnetl, of Mount kisco. James J Filming of 1 t onkcrs. and William A Sawyer, of live, they will make an active cam­ paign fur W illiam ,J Bryan and the Dcmocm'tie state ticket The committee announces that immediately following the state con­ vention it will open headijuarters m the Really Building tit White Plains where it will be rendv t o roieiv e con­ tributions from all Democrats It was stated that it, w as necessary to appoint a new head for theiam- paign commit tec owing to the pro­ longed absence of County Chairman Frederii k H. Allen m Europe The Democratic county convention will not be i ailed until after t hcsi .it.• e. >I) Vi'llt 1 >!l seasau at the earliest call. Feed, Rye and Buckwheat flour My Buckwheat Hour has no equal as it I s i,,ii>, pub impound about L'oTotKUKio .onb gal- '' li »;is of water The village of Patter- sou will be wiped out Half of it has already been acquired by the city If tin project goes through the village will be rebuilt and be .ailed West Patterson, and eleven miles of rln Harl.iu road will also have to lie rr- a built Mr Sears has been Jookmg , small brass spoon 1 i,.... for nn additional reservoir site for j ceive reward by ret in mug t several years, and hit upon this se. | KATONAH TIMI:S or to 11 k tion as thi' most available and as, giving the best results In a report j to the commission Mr Searssaul \The i ost of this reservoir has ben estimated with care and. includm. the iveoustnn tion of twelve miles ofi railroad, amounts to s.|,_'.\i( 1,000 'Flu* construction of t Ins rescrv oir re quiies only a comparatively short low cart hen dam It could be built in two seasons and could be re.i \ for Use v ears before the earliest pos stble date proposi'd for flu- lntrmb' tion of water ff. • the Catskilk lis: completion would give additional seiuritv and ltisurauce to the man. teiiance of the increasing demands for waUT supply iiicomnii'iisur ibl\ with thi' cost of its i oiistru. t lo'i means the difference between ml. tinned security ami a disastr. ns water famine, and as an indispi i-a ble prei aut ion against such shoi t I recommi 'iid the itumcd) tie .uii st ruction of a reserv on at the 1'it- tl'I'Soll Mil' John ,1. Rv an. om of t he aqu. i 'm, t i oinmissioiiers, said Weilnes lay\ 11 it the reserv oir was neci'ssai v t o p -i - \ t *tir 1 he great waste of wa'.r due to lat'k of reservoir i .-ipenv and a new reserv oir w oiild be a s if guard against a famine n ,til vva'ir can be brought from the I alskilis Manhattan and The Bronx I i- year Used an average ot :>_'\> 0()0 .i» m gallons of water a dav, and 1 he cap ...i itv ot th\ present ( roton svsteut is sud to be little more than this W ith the new datu for the Patterson reservoir, thouty would be assured of at least a supply amounting to !7\> t »n»,ut)t) gallon 's u day A ma.n and wife, im family situations in a private family man understands all about driving horses and cattle and the woman is a good laundress Best of references Address.] 1) , Bedford Station To Rent. House, si able and . >ue a. r* Imd in village of Soniers m good .ondi- tion. Inquire. Jus Bailey , ^.ani 'i ~ Boat for Sale. Eight cedar boat, double • nder swift, for sale Tor further p irti. u lars address Tivn s tXli.-e SEE HERE, MEN! -V You win SOOB want that new Outfit. Drop in and see our NEW FALL CLOTHING Hats, Caps, Gloves, Neckwear, Shirts, etc. We have the Up-to-date styles and every article is guaranteed. BENEDICT BROTHERS Opposite the Station Notice. 0 §110 REWARD will be giv. f- return of a biindli* of embro. pieces, lost about one veir in Moger avenue betwie:, mv and that of Bel.lcn I rain' M - Gorbam. Mount kisco \ '» .i th. iered o o n ou-e D F A Farm at a Sacrifice. © 0 0> 0 0, A The \Up=to=date n GROCERY Directly Opposite the^Depot Katonah, N.Y. REWARD. Owner hn\ in>: hid paralysis, unmediat. ? a popular sc. tmn i >f highly uupri>vI'd ally ii«e set of Im storage bai ns _' i excelled by none in western ( otme. Ridgelield unl I.on lan'd runs to within depot, thriv ing v ih ig\ service, d'ss i', i M I\ . New \ork cit \ 1... 1 f.'i will easily ca rrv s \ 1 , Cuttle, besides uork I watered M ik irr 11.: this farm at one it $11.(100. terms \ \ Ridgeficld. ( onn 1 I si'.c REW VHDwiII be given for in­ formation leading t o t lie arrest and coiivu 1 1011 of anv pi 1.sou or persons hav ing committed any of the robber les or burglaries vv Inch have recently j Pianos 1 oi eurred in the Town of Bedford. ' lated an I P West 1 hester County, New York I antee'd and Dated. September 1. liltis | Instruct 10' Enw vitii I* Rutin IT. I forte plav ing SupeiMsor of 11 e Town of Bedford 1 Sons. \\ ^ Bv order of the Town Board trotu. Ii 1\ D I -'r.ke i, lli d. sired 11 I o Ii . Id ( o 1 » tuaisii id. ii-'- . . 1 r ige a ic • 1 1 11 1 * I., .uses land fol pl'i !• 111 • 1 1 V elll'.sS t li lit .llso V leU s of s| in.] ^olltid II .;isi unci* of ! . s i ,,f 1 nun hours from 10 P.mburv. 1 'in head of teams finely •I 'llli'Ilt s t o see low pric e of B Haw ley. -h T T\ll> S>T<) I i K voiii -null ..i.l, 1 vvul ivcetvc Q * ~ tl.c -.1111 1 1 ii'i'ln! ittcntioii .is tin hirgi 1 ones. 0 V11111 chilil vvill rciivi th, -inn* prompt ..antinns © itk'iiti .in is mv other iiii'iubi-i ..I tlu '3 tinnlv Our Policy 1- to munt.ua LOW l , KI(I-> ,,„] f 11 It, II (•(' AI ITV ( hir g..o .]s will .i! s. 1 \ - 1> toiunl 1'IIF.SH , m d Iree in.m '0 0 0 0 '0 A' I © uirnri:,,- a.ultc.io, n. big^lun^ot STA I'LE Tuning. 0 © ©. .. id FANCY (TU<>CKUI!-> htv. Bakery and Confectionery Fruit and . Vegetables .-. from everv <• Mintrv .111 I ever v cluuc •§ AW ,irc als o lociil igcnt-s foi Morton's Ice=Cream and i .l org ins tuned, regu- p.urt'd Ml work guar- proiiipilv attended to !_ivcn in artistn pi. 1110 - B-fereii.-es. Steiiivv.iy \d'iress ktirl il Berg- No 1. Mt kisco N \ 0! Slawson-Decker Company's Sweet Cream. Orders called tor .unl pi\tiiptl\ delivered Accounts solicited Telephone-Jo y 1 I-%t iblisjioiljin L8f» I. <g T. J. DOYLE, Proprietor. © © ^^0^ W©'©'©A©'© ©''©^©j \ I i m i

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