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COMBINING THE CRL VOL. XXX No. 18. KATONAH, N. Y., mwmmmmi wmm raw THE ANDES LINE, x > w ^ A7 ?i?S STOVES AND RANGES are so widely and favorably known that it does not seem as though an extended explanation of their merits is required. And yet we wish to call your attention to u few of the good qualities, viz 1st'. The peculiar wanner m which the LOOSE BANDS OF NICKEL are secured. They are not bolted and can be quickly removed, and yet they will not come off by shaking or jars. They must be lifted quite high to get them off. 2nd. The FIRE BOXES are of the most im­ proved form and construction. 3rd. The GRATE.S are susceptible of being re­ paired with much less trouble than most ranges. 4th. The FLUES IN ANDES GOODS are of per­ fect form and proportion and always give best results. 5th, The ASH PANS are larger on the average than other makes. 6th. The simplicity of DIRECT DRAFT DAMPERS in the new ranges will he appreciated by all who use them. Thus you will readily see that ANDES GOODS are at the forefront of the STOVE AND RANGE MAR­ KET. The quality is in every respect of the very highest grade and styles are varied. If you purchase an Andes Stove or range you may feel confident of securing the best in the market. Our stock is complete and if you wish'wi/1 give you a written guarantee with every stove, or range sold. ' •\ ? Kellogg & Mead, Hardware KATONAH, N. Y. Hoyt Brothers Company funeral Directors and Eicensed €mbalmer$ General Department Store .*. Our Fall Propositions Upholstering and Upholstery - Materials, Drapery Work > and Wall Hangings. .*» Mattresses And Cushion Work Thoroughly ren­ ovated and made over. Plain and Fancy Tucking. Window Shades We handle all grades and make and hang them, and have stock to select from. colors, i large Wall Paper We carry the stock or sample books on request. We have a good line of Car­ pets, Rugs, Linoleums, and Art Squares in stock to select from. Furniture, .Repaired and Re-finished in our shop. Furniture Department on the second floor. In addition to the satisfaction that comes with the possession of good furnishings that these silent forces exert toward their surroundings, our work is done by the best trained work people. Our' uphol­ sterer has had 25 years experience'with the very best firms in New York. We are . at your service HOYT BROS. COMPANY Katonah, N. Y. • 0 a- Vicinity The News of Our* AH LLS \NEWS\ AND \FOLIO.'* IN 18784 EPTEMBER 18, 1908. $1.50 A YEAR spondence Hamlets Bri fh bo ring Villages and jfeut Tersely Told. r 3? - yaas PURDY STATION a short v»t7 «l Purdys ball nine played last,J day with the Salem nine, Purdysjwil ning. This la two out of tbree\?;lr Purtlye. -Our boys play with Toti town next Saturday. \~ Mrs. Charted Culver has returned^ her home here after Bedford. The names of Miss May Parkuaji _ Francis Peirauo are added this w j to ttie list of pupils from this plaoei ' N-ri 'liag school at Katooah, m«kic j twelve lu all. If It Is drygoods you want, go: Kennedy & VanTassell, Katonah;. ;Ij pa> 8 . ->;&, A. muslcale will be given in the Met)* odist church here on Friday eveoto\ Sept. 25th, by Messrs. Ch*rle»3 Long and John £ Hunt, of. Wblti Plains. A silver or paper offering be taken and it is hoped, while particular amount la asked, that, offering will be a liberal one. ceeds for the piano fund. The of Messrs. Hunt and Long are: Helen t to insure a first class enl merit. The time is eight o'clockvf .Tf f „ following is the program: ' Mr. Charles E. Long, tenor, and-)fi| J. E. Hunt, pianist. Medley of Old Melodies - Mr. 'Swat; ' Sing me to Sleep\ ... Mr. La Baladine, op. 51 - - - Mr. Slumber Boat - - - - Mr. Rondo Capriccioso - - - Mr. Bttal Two Dirty Little Hands -- Mr* XyO relay ...... Mr. All accompaniments playr Simplex piano. A. S. AVERY—D.reiug and Cleaning, Agent for Staten Island Dyeing Es­ tablishment. ibades in all grades leerfully given.—A. S jil Katonah, N. Y wBeveral from here att- nded the Uni \Trsaliststate convention at Danbury Is week. Estimates Avery, Tel. SOUTH SALEM I Misses Laura and Grace Lawren. 1 are visiting friends In Rochester, Mies 1 Grace being on her way to resume hi r ; school work at Lima. [ Rev. and Mrs Lyman D. Calkins • spent a few days the-first of the week I visiting Mr. and Mrs. James V. Law- I rence and calling on their many old 1 friends in this village. I A few days ago an Italian at work . for T. L. VanNorden was injured by the falling of a tree. A physician was ' called and the man was takeD to the hospital in Danbury. Miss Ida Mae Halt, dietaiian for one of the hospitals in Philadelphia, Penn., is spending some time with ber mother, Mrs. Isaac If. Hait. Mr, Hugo von Hagen returned last , Saturday from an extended business j trip abroad!\* He returned by way of I Canada, visiting the mines there in I which he is interested. I Mr. and Mrs. Oharles Astor Bristed were among recent visitors at the 1 Horse and Hound. Mr. Bristed (s a 1 prominent man in the Catholic church, I having close relations with the Pope .' and often being called upon to assist I him in public functions. ! Cabinet work and repairing. Re- 1 finishing furniture. Antique work a I specialty.—A. S. AVERY, Tel. 131 Ka­ tonah, N. Y. v NORTH SALEM 3 Mr. and Mrs. Edward von Gal are entertaining friends from Pi loam Man­ or for a few days. Mrs. B. O. Nichols, Jr., is spending a I few days visiting her people up the I state. I Miss Edna Howe has started back to Calif 01 nia to resume her school duties-.\ Mrs. Floyd Bloomer is very 111 at present, She has been ailing for some time. Alfred Howe is improving. • Mrs. Mary Barhite and son have re­ turned home after spending several weeks visiting relatives and friends o_ut of town. Mrs. F. Palmer and son and Mrs, Oharles Oaswell have departed from their cottage at Peach Lake and have, gone to their respective homes. Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Nichols and son have gone to their home in Brook­ lyn for the winter after spending the summer at Salemhome. Mrs. 0. P. Seagrave has been on the siok list for a few days. Several of our young Indies gave rs. J. W. Vail a surprise last Satur y and tbey were entertained tit; \idge whist. It was a complet- irpiise. MrB. Estelle Bliss, of New York city, spending a few days at La Siest H. Mr and Mrs James W 1 und ughter, of Camden, N J , are sperd- a few day* at Salemhome, 1 he \eats of Mr. and Mrs C. W NUhols jrO Curtis Builf-y has laisi d the fines JLUsk melons ttud watermelon* that kve been grown uround heie in many year. He has sold them for several peeks and has certainly gained a rep- tatlon in this line, I Miss Marjorle von Gal ente. tained b<>ut one hundred of her friends at at eats'summer home, Peach Lake, i was a very enjoyable affair Music gas furnished by Danbury musicians \ nd was all that could be desired The see's departed very reluctantly, wlsh- _ig the l.ostess many returns of just nch gatherings. i. ^If it is drygoods you want, go to |ennedy & VanTassell, Katnnah. It lys ARMONK 9 hew plan for robbing rrie-stt New the County Crust Company 122 RAILROAD AVENUE White pj^^jiyf; Y. James F. Horan, President Joseph H. Mead, Secretary David Cromwell, Vice President J. Douglass Mead, Ass't Ser-'y- fl Depositary for funds Upon mfttcb Interest is Desired. o» J* Interest Allowed from Date oi ^ ^ J- J > i i Deposit to Date of Withdrawal J » i o» The Company Is a legal depositary for Estate and trust funds, and for moneys paid Into Court. j*J*J*J*J*JtJ*Jt • • Total Resources, Sept. 3d, 1908, $1,672,854.40. Two Children Burn to Near Amawalk. Death While Mrs. Allen Han is. coloied, who lives near t\.e Amawnlk reservoir, went out last Friday morning to call on her neighbor, hpr two daughters, aged one and four years respectively, were burned to death It is believed that the children played with matches and set fire to some paper In the kitchen. The house was burned and their bodies were found in the ruins, burned to a crisp. From the position of the bodies it is believed that Marlon, the oldest child, was trying to save her baby sister, as she was found with her arm around the baby and lying near the kitchen window It is thought that she was trying to climb out of the window with her little charge when she fill back in the flames. Wayside Jottings. Rents on Main street in Mount Kisco are unusually high. The tenants, however, have no difficulty in \raising the dust.\ £ftdo^^^^h^n>.a»;like ^ ban ol fire. io~ Yorkers. Their mbs recent victim is Mrs. Frederick W Edelsten, wife of a min­ ing engineer, who was bound and plundered of her rings in broad day­ light last I'riduy at her home at Kingsbridfr- by u well dressed man, who pretended ,to be a prospective purchaser of the premises The Edel- stens, who formerly lived on the Thompson farm at Arnionk, reside now\in a thinly settled section of Kingsbridge They placed their house on the market for sale and last Friday a man called on a real estate denier and said he was look­ ing for a house in the vicinity The man was of good appearance and pleasant manners. He was light coinplexioned, of medium size and ckan shaven. He wore some jewelry and appeared to be prosperous. The dealer took bis prospective customer to the Edelsten house and showed him through the place in company with Mrs. Edelsten. The stranger said he liked the place very much. He walked down to the foot of the hill with the dealer and left him there saying he would go back and inspect another property that had been of­ fered to him near by. The stranger returned to the Edel- Bten house. Mrs. Edelsten opened the door. He apologized for troub­ ling her, saying: that he had forgot­ ten to notice the communication be­ tween the attic and the roof. Mrs Edelsten accompanied him to the top floor, as there was no one else in the hous< . Scarcely had they reached it -when tbe man threw hia arm around Mrs. Edelsten and held her tight, with his hand over ber mouth, at the same time drawing a black­ jack and threatening to beat ber/) brains out if she made an outcry. He then tore the woman's belt from her waist, threw her to the floor and bound her feet together with the belt. Seeing some steel picture wire in the room, he seized that and wound it around Mrs. Edelston, binding her arms tight t o her body. Having re­ duced his victim, who was dumb with fright, to a condition of helplessness, the man tore from her fingers a$500 diamond ring and a $200 ring of rubies and diamonds, snatched a $20 gold piece from a dressing case \and escaped. Mrs. Edelsten lay for some time in a semi-fainting condi­ tion, but finally worked her feet free. She then made her way down the stairs and out of the bouse. She marked everybody Saturday. North and south of Mount Kisco there existed a hazy atmosphere. In Mt. Kisco Old Sol was dust covered. Katonah has a sewer agitation Good idea. Hope it won't be a pipe dream. A leading paper says tbe Demo­ crats are pushing their usual i! .tible- faced policy. As they are trying to gather in the colored vote they must bo blacking up. Working the streets of Mount Kisco again this week. Shovelling out the dirt from the gutters which was thrown on the road last 'time it was \worked.\ It gives several people employment, but it ought to give the taxpayers something to think about. It was said that the Mount Kisco fruit company catered especially to Bummer residents. The produce company left the field before the summer visitors. Sheriff's sale the cause. Perhaps the cool breezes are only a reminder that the straw hat season is ended. Red pepper is not for playful pur­ poses, as several boys learned to their chagrin near the Mount Kisco post office Monday. Swollen eves spoil the beauty of youth. Incredible as some of the stories may seem, they cannot be doubter! this year. Katonab's catches were record breaking. Pleasantville real estate market is stagnant and prices are being cut wholesale, in some cases twenty-five per cent. fishing LAKE WACCABUC Services will be held at the Mead Memorial chapel, Lake Waccabuc, next Sunday at & p in. The Kev. T. W. Churchman, of New York City, will preach All are welcome * Realty Activity in Westchester Deeds of conveyance recorded the past week show that there is an in­ creasing demand for high-class prop­ erty in Westohester County. The amount of money involved \is prob­ ably twice that of the sales any week this summer, ^ind ther are indica­ tions that this encouraging condi­ tion will continue throughout the fall. This condition has been attained was hysterical when she appeared at 1 without adverse effect upon demnnd the home of a neighbor. Tbere she j for dwellings for small families bun- h ! galows-and lots for immediate build­ ing purposes, and consequently the eighbor was unbound, after whi^U she went i to the Kingsbridge police station ,and related her experience. Detec- i •tives were put on the case. Edelsten, i \when-be returned home, found that J the robber had overlooked much, jewelry and silverware. i — I '. If it is drygoodB you want, go to j Kennedy At VanTassell, Katonah. It | pays. real estate situation is much more encouraging than at any time since the beginning of the so-called panic. In fact, a careful investigation which included the interviewing of the lead­ ing real estate authorities and brokers, reveals an almost normal market, with highly flattering pros­ pects. Broad Brooft.? ar !?t Bedfor d Station , N. Y, SETH LOW, Owner . O . D . BRILL , Supt , Pure Milk lor lUe tiiliU f<>r iluWl'i-u lur Ui • - Hunt li'Mi'il In-i |riuin | IIIIICTO - - , Cruui u i y '-•Minn! \ in i-\cr\ \ :t •':ia/' Cream 1 liii'k mill Pur e Butter Frtsh or Salted as preferred Qllllllt} o f lliu IjfSl. Buttermilk Order s received nnrt product s lU'lii J ^-'. ut BEDFORDJS TATION BV FARD, Telephon e 2»l-y-a , M t Kisco. alsojat Doyle Brothers, Katonah, iM ^r-t^. Telephon e Sl-y-2, ' ^A.'Ti'^lJWrKS * SON, nuu«t Yi,co Telephon e 11 I. Order s Shoul d In receive d the d. ' It'or o deliver y I * desne d NAARDEN FARM SOUTH SALEM N.Y. SHORTHORNS THE FARMER'S COW THE FAMILY COW MILK AND BEEF SIZE AND CONSTITUTION BULL CALVES at 8 W<*k< OM.. 401 Write'for Circular HAY THE HORSE AND HOUND SOUTH SALEM N y MISS BARKER LUNCHEON AND TEA HORSES STOOD JN GASOLENE U MOTOR REPAIRS Telephone: RidgeficU, Coin, Please order meals at long m advance u possible aTriirnlti OLD FURNITURE SHOP SOUTH SALEM. N. Y. Only Old Furniture Sold No reproductions of any load Only One Price Everything is marked a^ a reasonable pnee and sold Ibr that only BLACKSMITH SHOP B. H. TURNER SOUTH SALEM, N. Y.' Best Shoeing at Lowest Prices GENERAL REPAIRS

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