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(ESTABLISHED I N 1878.) R. D. KNAPP, KDITOR AND PROPRIETOR Published Every Friday Afternoon. Subscriptions: One year $1.50 Three months, 40c. Six months.. 75 Single copies. 5c Advertising rates on application Enter--i at the Post Office at Kntonali, X. Y , as Sceoiiih Class Matter A Local Republican Newspape r Devoted to the Interests of Northern Westchester County. ITEM S solicite d f'omiiitiiiu-iUluiix !at<.'Dj<Hl for iMililicatiuii imibt bear name ami iddrrs s of •sen.i.T. Th^ riuht to reject or edit comi u inicaticits is reserved b y th e Publisher FRIDAY , OCTOBER Hi, 1908 For President. WILLIAM H. TAFT, For Vice-President, ' •IAMKS 8 SHERMAN , For Governor CIIVRI.KH E. HutaiEs For Lieutenant Governor HOKACM WHI'TK Fur Keen? tar y of State r $AMi.Ki. S. KOIJVKJ, of Sew York For State Treasurer, THOMAS R IMNX, of Monroe. For Comptroller, '^IUS. H GATS, of Albany. For Attorney (Jeneral, KU>\AUU K 0'MALI-O\ , of Erie For State Knerineer and Surveyor, FKANK M. WILI-IA.M.S, of Madison For Associate Judge of the ('ourt Appeals, Ar .BEiM - HWCIIT For Congressman .JOHM E. ANDKI s, of Yonkers For Senator J MAVIIICH WAINWHIC;IIT, of live For County Treasurer 'iKO T. BITKUN'CJ, of White Plains Carrie Nation will not give her snp- port to Taft So there is one handicap he will escape Cindidate Kern,was presented with a loxing cup the other day It should have been a shaving cup. The Democratic party in Mils county is certainly dead when the efforts of fl\e brass Imnds are required to get up n little enthusiasm New Tork must swallow even a chaser. \'V. Republican poiltldaaK ^j^^nrr^ \\r ur in Hughes again without. GEORGE W. MEAD. Mr. Taft. it appears, can get a splen­ did recommendation from every man for whom he ever worked. -.- Sketch of the Republican Nominee For Assembly In the Fourth District. The Democratic county mnde a mountain of noise and dm-ed a ticket like a molehill convention?- of It was unquestionably the appropri­ ate tunc when the band played ••Turn- many\ at the Democratic banner rais­ ing at.White Plains on Wednesday. The United States senate can never hope to compete with the Standard Qll company when it comes to a matter of paying large salaries. Governor Haskell s S^t).(H)n contribu­ tion to the Democratic campaign fund will .iust about pay for Ihe .-oekialls drank at the Chicago headquarters As a mutter of fact, u member of a jri, mil work* harder than a member I .il a untitle i 'tion cohimittee and doe» I not gc t nearly so much credit Some of tlie practual pulitii ia'is are remarking that the till' lve-eni l\ be­ tween Candidate t'hauler and I'OXMX Murph.\ and Couriers wa.s a lie ml ii ill \frame up \ In the opinion of 111.1 of his friends the candidacy of Alexander McClel­ land would be much stronger if he wis not running against a man from his own town—and a M >r> popular citizen at that The Democrat-: of the county uppejlf to be inking themselves more seriously I thin usual this year Hut the trouble Is 1 he people- do not fake them ST &ri- t Labor Tie.on Prc-ide'iit Samuel Gom- , |iei~ Is (i.'uing a hard time of it these I il.iy s mi ace nui l of his political views. His fellow niliciitW are after him and are embarrassing him daily. Mr I'aft I'j practlc-il experience has leariie'el a jri-ii deal about affairs of That John .) Sinuott, the Democratic | tb|11 goveriini ui If Mr Hi>-n knows any- JIIIOIII I'l-mi-ig the country he senator. Is a very genial j mn<( ,, l( \oung man ii\ one w ill 1 pn ,. (l M e,,, ,\ nominee for and popular . deny, but he is sndl\ detii lent in legls- , lative experience when compared with J Mr Walnw right j •d 1 1 a correspond- No 111:' 1 r Young men w I10 are to cast their first presidential vote ' this jenr cannot do letter than to e««t it for the man who Is conceded to be the best equipped for the office—William IE Tuft. And this concession, b y the way. is made by Democrats as well as Republicans. 'i >u how lain '• • '• iin among 1'» .n-111 •- \i insep.ir.-i'.! . 1 1 I' • botli tb.n t'i\\ 111 'i Of btlsilli 'S.s In i>r nnd foreign capp.-ii In pollcj Of pl;de tin • - Ho.l ilto.'i In Congress \;nil II pi-al combines or /i- no.i the y differ V j tests are !'• tie plai n to' 'I ahcrd to go OUt f.ii-elgn la.foor :''i .indonlng the E. L. Ham- 1!M)4. I believe that ir navy Is the greatest Insurer of peace that w e could possibly have—a navy commensurate with «ur resources, and„ commensurate with our For Superintendent of Poor W M. V. LAWREXCK, of (ireeuburgli For Assemblyman. 4tli Dist JiicoiniE WABOI^CTOX MEAH For School Commissioner Tlie GEOKOIO H Covin, of Katonali trusts Did tlie man who found Mr. Kern's railroad pass receive a reward for his honesty when he returned the same to the owner? The prosperity of the Republican part y .has been the prosperity of the . American farmer, ^ the artisan, of the manufacturer, o! the merchant. Mr. Chanler is no doubt a very re­ spectable man, just as his friends say, but he was nominated by Tammany Hall, and he will have to be subser­ vient to Tammany if elected Bryan's policy toward the Phillip- pines was what McKinley called \the policy of scuttle.\ Taft went to the islands and indoctrinated them with the principles of Americanism There will be some surprise at Mr. Taft's lack of generosity It is the usual custom among RepubM&in presidential candidates to allow Mr. iiryan to be elected during the early weeks of October A s Governor Hughe* says, Bryan was nominated b** aure lie had been defeated twice If he Lad c ver tjeen •lected President wou d ne\ er have been renominated H*- good fortune 3iea in never having a • nine-\ t<» show \what he can do The United Stat*-*. Mioulc] ha\e u •united people To arouse < lass spirit Is to foment dangerous di«sention Yet that is what Mr Bryan has tried to do ever since h e was first nomi­ nated for t he Presidency Is lie a safe in.ln to put in the chief oilice of state ' f,-si.|,'ut K .iusewlt jitul Mr T .ift HI - -iiippurlei] t o t lie ut most ext reme of physical and mental power b,\ sin h nie -i iis (iovernor Hughes, and clioo .se tint' kind of support Bryan is ncl- \u ited Iiv \Fing\\ Connors and Charlie Murphy, of Tammany Hall Shall the people rule? Mr Chimin- seem s to lie making fus .impiiigti for the governorship 011 t he t 'lieorv tha t the people who support linn have no right to know w! intend s to do or omitdoing if ••!•- ted lb' is tnerelv nsking th\ I ie I \.'l ,t .s opposed to (iov Hujl'lll's tei 1 llilo .1 peihtictll \lihnel jiool The hier '.ie.st elium of Win Mc K11.- le-Veii the gr .it it ude of Ins eountr\- ine:. is thiii. 111 spit e of tln> abuse' ,-uid 1 out urn\!» that were heape d up- ori his he. til fur IIIM I 'ohc \. he {ilm -eil Olir e-l.lll|l l \ III (lie flliefrollt of li,' tiotw n~ n emli7 .e<r nnd upli'fter ! unf 'irt inate- people' —Hon Win 11 Ti.f' .it 1 i-\el .llle|. I) < <cj\erno r Hughesput.sthet]Uestiou sejaareh t o Mr ( hnnler whether or not. lie is 111 fiiMii of a return to ruce- traek gambliiig, .ie ] Mr ('haulerwill have t o nnswei Mr Chanler cannot pr -'se 't-ve his .mitude on tins topic He is oil hei fo r the tranihleis ilio are 1 out rilmtwjr t < j IIIM cnin- paifjn fund, earn me-on t he Person, il Liberty League iMiiijinign in his be. half and supporting- him wit h thp ur- iiiust energy, or h>* w niruinsi then, and the -state is e. it it led t o k\. w :\ 1 1 lie st ands. Under the new road bill the next governor is to appoint three road com­ missioners, who will spend many mil- , „.„„,„.,.,.„, u u > _ lions of dollars Do you want these | t(mst llne and commensurate with th« positions to go to Tammany men who ' will spend the money among their fol­ lowers? If so, vote for Chanler He George TV. Mend, the Republican nominee fo<\ member of the assembly In the Fourth district to succeed J. Mayhew Wiiinwright, comes of a fam­ ily which lias lived In Westchester county since the Revolutionary wa r Mr Mend's great-grent-grandfather came from Greenwich. Conn, and fought in the Revolutionary war with 1 Jeneral Isaac Putnam, and his great­ grandfather. Aljdired Mend, was. in the war of 1S1'J The family has lived for several generations on a farm In the town of l.ewlsboro. Mr MeaiVs father, George W. Mead, was a lawyer of New York and Brooklyn. T.bo family con­ sists of four sons and six daughters, all of whom are living in Lewisboro. Th e ruididute for the assembly is forty wars old .Besides being a successful farmer on a large scale lie is n veteri­ nary surgeon and president of the Kings and Westchester Land company Mr Mead was elected supervisor in mo,\ l!)().\» and 1907, each time by such increasing majorities that the Demo­ crats of his town decided to make It unanimous and at the last election made no nomination against him Mr Mead Is just as popular at White Plains as he is at home. He is a Re ­ publican, but thoroughly independent, , mid he numbers among his friends 1 both the Republican and Democratic members of the board. His record as supervisor Is without a flaw, and he has been regular in his attendance at all sessions. The nomination has been received with satisfaction all over the district by Republicans a«d Democrats alike, who applaud the good judgment of the party in making such a selec­ tion. Thaw Goes Back to Matteawan . Hurrv K. Thaw was ordered back to the Matteawan State Asylum for Insane Criminals. On Monday morning hist Supreme Court Justice issue N. Mills dismissed* the writ of habeas corpus. No testi­ mony was presented to prove that the prisoner was sane It was ex- owes his nomination to Tammany and will do what Tammany says real evils connected with the 1 cannot be remedied by change in the tariff laws. The trusts , . , _. . . . ., , . may bring anxiety and perils, but nev can be damaged by depriving them of - . the benefits of a protective tariff only on condition of damaging all their smaller competitors and all the wage earners employed in the industry.— President- Roosevelt at Cincinnati, Sept. 'JO, lfx>-'. ' *• number of dependencies we have, and . „ commensurate with our population, and | pected that Judge Mills would hear commensurate with our influence as a 1 testimony in view of Thaw's attor- world power.-Hon William H. Taft \ e . v ' ri efforts to prove that he was «t Cleveland. O • now sane, but it suddenly developed ] that his lawyer had decided upon a new line of tactic. After a long talk it was finally de­ cided not to give testimony before may onui; mun -i,i onu ^w —— Judge Mills, but instead move to er failure and dishonor. Pursuing duty have a jury trial, which was prouipt- mtiy not always lead by smooth patfos. ly denied. District Attorney Winslow Another course may look easier and immediately moved that the writ of more attractive, but pursuing duty: f«j liahues corpus, which brought Tha w duty's sake is always sure and t0 , th ^ Whl . te 1 ^lains jail, be dismissed snd honora.,le.-p r esi«lent McKinJ ^* ud ^ P™?™\^^l 1 ^^ Chicago, Oct. 19, 1898.* ' Duty determines destiny. Destiny any 1 which results from duty performed [ i and the prisoner De lmmeaia-teiy re- ^jiin#«dftLip^S^ Matteawan asylum. ' y It was at this stage that the Fede- ___ ral authorities came in for attention. William H Lynn, who was noml-1 l Mieve om . strong pa rty , with its\ Lawyer Daniel P. Hays, as counsel convention has lived In the county only a few years. Hi s only public act in New Rochelle wns to preside at a mass meeting called to take action against the public officials there for alleged misconduct But before com­ ing to this county Mr Lynn was a member of the Minnesota legislature. Was there any significance in the fact that one of John D Rockefeller's Stand­ ard Oil wagons followed along In the Democratic parade at White Plains on Wednesday? Th e name of the oil king was mentioned by u hilarious delegate, who proposed three cheers for him in I the convention hall, and he received its much of a sendoff as Mr Bryan For some unknown reason the Standard I Oil company is very popular with the Democratic party this year , Our glory as a nation has but just be­ gun There are mighty problems yet to he solved, grave questions to be an­ swered, complex issues to be wrought out, but I believe w e can trust the grand old party and Its leaders to care for the future of our nation and of our people as It has cared for them so well In the pas't —Hon .lames S. Sherman. - We were passing nito a regime of an irresponsible pluloi r.ii .\ During the last four wars there lin\e' been a great moral aw ikeuing to this danger among the pi'oplt' and a popular demand thai the lawbreakers no matter how wealth 1 or bow high or powerful their position, shall be made to suffi'r I n der the' leadership of I'heodoiv Itneisi velt the Republican parly has not I'sd tered in Ms determination to meet Hie requirements of this situation and to enact such legislation as ni:i\ be nee es sary to bring to ,t 1 lose' this period of illegitimate corporate immunity lion William i l Taft at Kansas Cit\ Mo. The course of the Republican party I since its organization in 1S5(> and its ' real assumption of control in 1861 down to the present day is remarkable for the foresight and abllitj of its lead-^ ers, for the discipline and solidarity of Its members, for its efficiency and deep sense of responsibility for the preser­ vation anil successful maintenance of the government and for the greatest resourcefulness in meeting Ihe various trying and ditlli »11 1 issues which a his- i tory of ien\ a in), lalf • • 111111 v have ' presented for solution lion \ \ i'llam ' II Taft at Kansas 1 lt\. Mo tention of the court to the fact that the United States Supreme Court at Pittsburg had issued an orjfer for the production by Sheriff Lane'of Thaw at Pittsburg, five days after the de­ termination of the Thaw insanity proceedings by Justice Mills I t was then a question as to whether Thaw should be in the custody of the Sheriff of Westchester County, the Matteawan Asylum representatives or the United States Supreme Court. Justice Mills said that the prisoner was in the custody of the court here and directed that the asylum repre­ sentatives take charge of him. Thaw was delivered to l)r Raker and immediately left for Mat 1 e.iwau Don't fall to attend the big rally at Katonah on Saturda y night, October 13. Hon. Chaun - cey M. Depe w and Hon. Wm. A. Prendergast will give stirring addresses. ens his 11- ing • nnty . i« in- eef the town In renominating Hon .I0I111 K \n elms for a third term to be represent!! the in e'oiigress from this distriit the Republican pirtj has shown its -ip pivc iatioii of au abb' ir 111 one of Yen kers' foremost business men who has devoted four years of his life seruii\ the pe-ople at Washington I luring this short time he has accomplished HIIUI.I things for ids district H e has pawl the wa\ for still greater things in tli j ears to come A public building for Yonkers, for Mount \ ernon and for I'eekskill are three of tlie menvures- whlch he hns had approved The deep enlng of sexeral harbors 011 the soun I nnd em tin Hudson Is a measure wide li he also has under wa.\ Strict attention to the duties of his office and rare al>i; it hu\e won for him the respect ami confidence of his associates, which make him a growing figure in 1 .0 councils of the nation. Westchester ' P indeed fortunate in having a represei t- ative of the caliber of Mr Andrus renomination was unanimous, hl.s e election is assured. A HUGHES JOKE Governor Hughes si Mom c il M public addresses bj plalnc i hu hie nis. but at the 1 .reein fair receiitlj lie rela\eil lie v spec ting he --aid Willi ihe aid prim ipal ihe school 111 1 small After vislllug Ihe g\ iniii'sbiin liilng pool and nin 1 loimin tin.. 1 the history 1 hiss room \n oral exami­ nation w as e\ ieleiitn.x In progress \Thomas.'' said the tone her. \did Martin Luther die- a natural death?\ \No ma'am.\ was the prompt reply. \IIt» was CM 'ommuuii sited by a bull \ Where do you buy^ Your Dry Goods* For the past few days we have offered our line of Silk Fou­ lards, value 25c. per yd., at 18c.' Rape you been able to o do as well elsewhere • We offer you Imported silk Ginghams, value 25c. per yd., at 18c. . Also fancy weave f lan- nellett walstings, value 18c. per yard, at 15 cents. Hoes it pay you ^ to come here • We are now ready with a line of Com­ fortables and Bed Blankets and prices are as low as any 6c lower than many KENNEDY & VAN TASSELL II KATONAH II ^ TRE KATONAH GARAGE Agency for I! M The two best moderate priced cars In the world. Ask for a demonstration at any time on the best or worst road In West­ chester County. .*. .*. .*. Repairs, Storage, Cars to Rent. Panhard Oil, 5 gal. at 65c. - $3.25 Oil and Can, $3.75 Panhard Oil, 10 gal. at 55c. - $5.50 Oil and Can, $6.25. a All Automobile Supplies of the Highest Gradfe at the Lowest Prices. WILLIAM G. BARRETT, Propr. Telephone 22 Katonah. 1 MR. WARD LOYAL TO GOVERN­ OR HUGHES Wonder what lluuhi's thinks of Ward. M in .1 was Willi tin hum li of S|>lrators who met at mlilniuht In K.nsitoya th« ntcht befoie- Unci'- was iminlnatpil to 11 y to liatih H »e heme ID ilc-fral Hughes. —Mount Klsiu Itfcii'i As usual I>ruin^ooic is i itimr igno­ rant of the facts or willfully misrepre­ sents tlie situation The meeting refer­ red to was widely known and there­ fore could not have been in the nature of n i-oii^plrnc\ If il Was. then KHhu Itoot is a conspirator for he was pres­ ent 'What Mr Ward anil the other 1 lender* renil> eli'l was tu try to fiud a candidate stringer than (Iovernor Iliiu-bes Mr Wanl ext n i -i 'il the right ut' i'\cM KepiiLlii'h t tei express his opinion be'fore tin- loiixeutinii He is ( now settine a good example to Drum- giinle .mil others l>j bi.,ally supporting ; <,o\ernor Hufhos White Plains Dally Uee -ord Our police jcpori lieirwe thieve* very active in this con i. \ Tnckahoe i ftmi l J leusiiutvil!- owners ure the ' latest '«ic urns fine s point i n a n or­ ganized e/.'iii^- ;ir. uci.k, Willi liead- 1 qnnrters nt St m fo-i) COM. nnd Brooklyn Oil - •.«»r - has l>eeiinl- tefi'l l recit* i i e I Go hear Otpew and Prender- ,. , gas t speak on State and Na- v, hu- I tional issues tomorrow night. ntered I W.ill l'»i|'»cs „. d Wall Hnrlops , in nil colors — \ S \-VERX, Tel 1.'!], Katonah, X. Y. The Democratic Nominees . For President— William Jennings Bry­ an, of Nebraska For Vice- PresulcDt—John Worth Kern of. Indiana. For Governor—Lewis Stuyvesant Chanler, ot Dutchess, For Lieutenant Governor—John A. Dix, of Washington County For Secretary of State—John Sibney Whalen of Monroe. For Attorney General- George M. Palmer, of Schoharie. For Comptroller—Martin II Glynn, of Albany. Forjudg e of the Court of Appeals, Albert Knight, of Erie Fpr Member of Congress-John R. Bushong, of Whit e P'ains For Superintendent 01 the Poor^Alex- aoder McClelland, of Dobbs I-erry For Coronors—J. Albert Fiallo, M I) , of Yonkers; and Archibald T Banning, M. D. . of Yonkers. For School 'Oonir.ii-iiouer. 3rd Dist — Charles LV.teircmei, of I'eekskill. If it is dryg'.orls you want, g o to Ke.nD.edy & VaaTassell, Katrriah. It days. I.ONC l IIIHTASI KIM ION I KICHIOlCNl 10 till K.Vl'ON.VII e'.,n. I'AUICvVAV AND DKIH'ORD ROAD ARTKUR S. AVERY n 'NKHAL I >IRI-XTOR AM HUCHNSKI) KMBALMMR MClllKttN lilejI'lI'MKNT - COM PKrKN'I 'l SKH VIOK KATONAH, N. Y. CAIJ .S I'KoMlen.V lAITKVriKM .C O 11 A. Y OK NlCiH T MONEY TO LOAN. Applications for loans on desirable real estate will receive prompt consideration Rates reasonable. Westchester & Bronx Title & Mortgage Guaranty Company WHITE PLAINS NEW YORK BRANCH OFFICES : 22 Getty Square , Yonkers. 55 Lawton Street, New Rochelle. 22 E. 1st Street, Mount Vernon. 176 Bsoadway, Ne w York City.

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