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ISSUE IS MACE BY MR, CHANLEL It Is \Boss Rule or Good Gov­ ernment.\ TAMMANY SEEKS STATE CONTROL * Has Its Eyes on Two Hundred Millions. MURPHY-CONNERS IN SADDLE i SKENE'S OFFICE UNDER FIRE. ^ i no i mi tMi inlc-i' th e ,,1-, I.IKI-I I a . i n lln .|i •- ' . ,c' ' 11 i 11 but til.' Democratic Candidate Declares That Our» la a \Government of Party, Not Men,\ and Promises if Elected tc Consult the \Prominent Leaders\ o ! His Party In Considering Public Measures — Tammany and Statt Bosses vAre the Only Prominent Leaders Back of Mr. Chanler. The current state campaign prom lses to be singularly free from person alkies. Th e candidates for governor on the Republican and Democratic tickets are men who esteem each oth er and enjoy the respect of all parti­ sans; consequently iliere will lie no mud slinging Th e issue will b e on boss rule, party prmuNes and per­ formances nnd on l lie prrsnunl titne-sx. experience nnd <•:• i.n 1 • II111* dldates Of course Mr Demo nil ic iKnnii .ce fling at t ;<i\ erimr MIL' tions of 'per*' .1 \governinei.t l>.\ '\ that was full H'c i ; down from Ills n>, , < the party plntfnr. i li. Structed by the p.ii'M consultation with lii i Mr. ('hauler < .inici crner on a siugle n-i- cause be has c-onnni:t. u hi. i . \> i\ of these measures - . ;n <1 lie I - I committed himself to IUIIKHH ' c' i miration of the gnverimr wit- , ' i declares, has been the governor t \all of the people\ It Is rei-ogn 1 L on all sides and especially by me ,i bcrs of his own party that M r l Inn ler starts the race with a tremendous handicap in having been nominated by the very bosses whom he denounc­ ed when he won his election as lieu­ tenant governor, and he must look to these save bosses to conduct Ills cam­ paign and. I f possible, secure Ills elec­ tion. This handicap, It is believed b y even members of his own party, will be too great fo r him to carry and •win. H e won his first office by denouncing the men and methods that are now worlj- Jng fo r Ills election to the governor­ ship, jsnd..it Is hard to figure; out how he can wi n both ways. Mr. Chanler has committed himself unreservedly to Bosses Oonners, Murphy nnd Mc- Carren In this campaign. Tha t was taken fo r granted when he accepted the nomination at their hands. But hp has confirmed his position toward them publicly on several occasions since 1 lie action of the Rochester con­ vention The most sensational confirmation of his present close relations with the Democratic bosses was made when lie delivered his speech of acceptance In a preface to his speec li be rebuked Chairman \Fingy\ ('miners for lietray- IBR his confidence by giving to the re porters n summary of the speech on the day before it was delivered Rut this rebuke was a confession that In- had submitted his speei h to the bosses —Conners, Murphy and Mcrnrren—be­ fore it was delivered and that It had at least been O K \d by them, if they had nothing to do with dictating it This places Mr ('hauler In the position of placing himself ami liis c-.-tmlicl.n y unreservedly In the Keeping of Hie bosses But be goes further lliiln this li e declared in his speech that be would, if elected governor, consult with the leaders of his party when important measures, were up for consideration and disposition A s Connors Mur phy. McCarren nnd Mel'nbe are the recognized a'nd undisputed \leaders\ of the Democratic party In this state it follows that these are the gentle men who will bp consulted by Mr Chanler In advocating and framing legislation in the event of his election In other words, these corrupt bosses-, the most corrupt and unscrupulous in the history of the Empire State-will be the real and active power In the executive mansion 'If Mr ('hauler is elected This is regarded by every indepond ent Democrat as well as by every Ite- publican. is the real menace to the good of the state in the Chanler cam psigr. It was sized up eloquently by Mr Shearn the Hearst gubernatorial candidate, in these words \That is to say, when it Is time to write u mes­ sage or appoint a new head for the Insurance department or the new highway commission which is to spend fifty millions of public money- District Attorney of Monroe County Begins Proceedings Against the De­ partment of State Engineer and Sur­ veyor, Charging; Graft—This Office Will Disburse the Millions For Gcod Roads and the Barge Canal, and the Mouth of the Tammany Tiger Waters FoVthe Contracts. \A grand jury investigation of State Engineer and Surveyor Skene's office was begun by District Attorney How­ ard H. \Videner this morning. I t in­ volves charges of graft, padded pay­ rolls and reckless if not criminal viola­ tion of contract specifications. Until I his morning Mr. Widener had no evi- Jcnce outside of work doue in Monroe county, but it is broadly hinted that Erie county and possibly Niagara and Genesee may be involved, as they are in the western department and work done there has had to pais through the division office in this city.\ This is a press dispatch\ from Roch­ ester to the Buffalo Daily News of one day last week. I t serves to call atten­ tion to what many construe as the one great issue in \the present state cam­ paign—namely, SHALL THE STATE BE TAMMANYIZED? Neyer before in the history of the state has the leader of Tammany Hall wielded the influence iu the control of the state organization which Charles F. Murphy no w does With William J. Conners, he is in absolute control of the situation. Both Conners and Mur phy are interested in contracting work. This state will expend during the next fe w years almost $200,000,000 in improvements on the barge canal and the public highways. These millions are the stake in the game which Mur­ phy and Conners are now playing. The paragraph quoted above with refer­ ence to the grand jury's work in Roch­ ester indicates that in the highway construction which has been going on during the past year there is need o f investigation in not the large cities, but the rural counties. The highwa y Improvement Is t o be •undertaken i n substantially every, county of 'the'- state. Into-these coun­ ties the representatives of state offi­ cials will b e sent to inspect the wo.rk during its progress and when com­ pleted. The state officials will have the awarding of the contracts. Under the la w i t happens that the superin­ tendent of .public works' term is coin­ cident with that o f the governor, and so the governor elected on Nov 3 will have the appointment of that official. If Chanler and the balance of the state ticket should be elected, every otH < i of the state government who has tin- handling of this money will 1>- a l '.-m ocrat who owes his plme o i i. \> to the grace of Charles F Murphy nu William .1 ('mmcr-i Tammany Hull N inal.tug great dem­ ons! ml ions in mi effort to shuw thai harmony o\Nts a-noiig the l)cmocr ;iis and that the c hnin es of carrying the state this year are better than ever before Th e TiiniMia >y leaders June informed thenisc-hes fully as to these great funds to be expended for stale purposes That was i>ne re .is.,i i wi n Tammany Hall ami < oaie-rs at I'H re­ cent State c on\ent l .ni «\\ ,-illnu c -cl th.-ii pride and allowed a si -ml-lan f peace to pervade tin- I ic -ino. rw i st in convention Tlii-y c ov.lcl sec- rl-c- siz e of the stakes in the game this year They want a slice of that .$l'l )i).(iOi) nit Those wh o have studied can-fury the \workings of the government in i In city of New 9ork will understand thai they will scruple at nothing when it conies to \cutting up the pie\ Little branches o f Tammany Hall will be lo­ cated in every county of this state There will be no section of highway that will not bp under the eye of a Tammany Inspector Th e tiger will not only cross the Brooklyn bridge but it will go with one jump from Montauk Point to Lake Erie This is one of the things that the thoughtful voter ma y well consider on Tuesday, Nov 3. A CITY'S AWFUL CXA :fl\l§E. What the State May Expeot-\lender Democratic Rule. -jfei^^. The Democratic New , Yqr^'.|Mij\id,, that is telling Mr. Cliaifler-.tha^ifiess he immediately repudiates Oie^tSpsscis who nominated him he is foredoomed to defeat, indulged in some refltiif'ions the other day on the big reeep.ftjj^tbiit wa s accorded Socialist Dt *3. .^ItVon- cluded that the Socialist doctriiie ?*Wii3 impractical fo r the reason thk'tjj^gov- ernment is not likely Jo do mofcSthlngs well until It does a few thmjn^ell\ It went on t o illustrate this piiii^with an example o f the way \geTerimcnt\ Is administered in-New York-cfty un­ der supreme Democratic coatr*l£[y, \If it costs the city tkree^tfjnjes as much to operate a ferry,\ it \as It does a private corporatl««Ot^yotil<I probably cost twice as mUeh' ( So|»pc'r- ate a railroad. If tho peo»io!<wt *NPTr York submit to having: McClellaiSMur- phy and McCarren expend inft^tkaa $200,000,000 o f the public ;aHfMy a year, is there any likelihood tnat^wore the expenditure $40ft,*00,000 therein p- tation to graft would be leas and the administration more efficient, honest.V\ THE CAMPAIGN 4 QUESTION BOX, - . n.' Some Queries and Replies on State Issues. % Mr Shearn's Questran. Clarencc> Shenrn. the Hearst candl date for go \ ernor, speaking of Mr. Chanler to n large nudlence at Rome, said \Ther e Is a specific question iu this campaign that requires a specif! answer M r Chanler, will you wort to destroy the leadership and control of the Democratic party by Conners and Mm phy'' Don't hem and ha w in the next ten years, or the appoint- I Don , t dm , k nm1 equ i VO pnte Don't pass ment of ten new men on the public service commissions or judges of the supreme court he is to call into con­ ference Patrick McCarren, Charlie- Marphy and William .1 Conners. Wha t a galaxy to be directing the af fairs of the Empire Stste'\ But that it is the intention of Mr Chanler to call these bosses Into con­ sultation In considering „iiu*airs of state wa s further confirmed by him in his speech when he declared that \ours is a government of parties A governor who ignores or senrus the party that has placed him where he stands Is but an ingrate \ It is conceded on all sides that Mr Chanler has made the great issue in the state contest one of boss rule against good government out generalities about slavery Tell the public what they are entitled know Are you for Conners and Mur phy or are you against them r ' \ ' WANT HUGHES PICTURES. Demand Indioates That Governor Will \ Run Abreast With Taft, 'vThe .Republican state committee has received advices from\ throughout the state indicating that th e Interest in the candidacy o f Governor Hughes is Hot secondary to that o f Mr . Taft,- as has been frequently asserted. On the contrary, it looks as though the gov­ ernor would run at least even if not ahead of the presidential candidate and that the plurality fo r both will b e surprisingly large. One indication of Hughe s enthusi­ asm is the immense dema-fl for pic­ tures of the eovernor, a uemand so great that the state committee has been unable t o keep up wit h It. There was some delay In getting.started on these pictures, as Governor Hughes had not expressed a preference of the many lithographs suoniltted to hi m until about a wee k ago. Th e presses are now turning them out as rapidly as possible, an d they will be sent throughout the state as fast as they come from the pross. WALL ST. MONEY,IS BACK OF CHANLER. Heavy Contributions From \Special Interests.\ In the Enemy 's Country. Samuel S Koeulg, the Republican candidate for secretary of state, has lived on the great east side of New York all his life This is a Tamman y Democratic stronghold, but Mr . Koo nig's itnuieuse popularity wih uudoubt edly cut down if not wipe out the Democratic majority iu that popuh u-< district not only for himself, but for the entire ticket. A Bryan and Kern banner has been unfnrled in front of'the Standard Oil building. 26 Broadway, New York. \The peerless leader,\ Mri ; ; Bryan, adopted a ne w form of speechtnakiag recently. He addressed an' imaginary Mr. Taft nnd fired questions- ^ l'lm. This new style wa s describedjVby the Democratic newspapers as being very effective and as delighting -the au­ diences. I t might be applied^ te the state campaign.^ubstitutlng M^Chfiti­ ler for .Mr . Bryan and Governor Hughes for Mr . Taft, something like this Mr. Chanler—Governor, I'and the Democratic platform find that -^the \ex­ penses of th e state government have greatly increased from 1881: io, 1U07. Thi s shows that you and your? ad min­ istration have been grossly .'^extrava­ gant. Wha t have you Jo say about it? Governor Hughes— WithoutiS .taking into consideration the imminik- in- rease in population, I will aaj£a ;hrgo part-of this Increase is dut^bp the hanged policy o f the state inVkboiish- lng the old county system ^of^nllng with the insane and in placlif | f lhsiine asylums under atate contrcp )w i stato asaumlng the expense,.' -v4tf*WMptisid-; erable prrt o f the increajeftSWluf _toj; the policy of-ttvTlrrg'iiW^ *jkf P way 'Improvement. Nearly' $7$£M$j!L of the increased expense is due tb|fh«* care of the insane and thaie go ^djrjpad:' charges, and of the total' lucreaife.'of nearly $16,000,000 which you complain of about $13,500,000 has been doe -to the enlarged requirements of our'.chaf-^ itable Institutions, insane asylums, 1 \ prisons, the judiciary the canals! and highways and for educational : v pur-' poses Do you and your party consider these objects unworthy the c-arefof th ,c administration V '*. Mr Chanler—But the moneyhas been spent; consequently you must have been extravagant I and my platform have said it How was the money spent' ' Governor Hughes—The constitution has compelled n large increase In the number of judges Do you object to paying them their salaries? Our char­ itable institutions and hospitals. have expanded, nnd their needs call for in­ creased pxpendlttires Would you re­ fuse them - ' Last year $1,500,000 wa s npproprintpd toward the new educa­ tion building and $500,000 for the ac­ quisition of forpst lands Do yotl Op­ pose cdu alion and HIP extension of the forest preserve\ 1 it requires- about $2 000.000 more for education now than in 18f)3 Ar e you opposed to public schools? Large outlays are required for maintaining highways Are you opposed to good roads'' We havo in­ creased the appropriations for the de­ partment of agriculture, we are under­ taking the ueedeTi improvement of the state fair and this year have dedicated n npw liberal arts building DO |VOU oppose these outlays'' Mr Chanler (;o\ ernor, I and m y platform are opposed to \government by commission\ lic -nnic It is unconsti­ tutional ' Governor Ilughps - ( oinmisslo 'ns are provided for by tin- s; ccinstitiftlon, nnd several were created by Governor Cleveland and COM rnor Hill The pub­ lic service eoni'-iissicins were created to protect the people against spoliation on the part of the bic corpuraUoHS and to maintain their rights to proper aerr- lce. I f the Democratic platform means anything it means a demand 'for the repeal of the public service commis­ sion law. By the logic of its state­ ments it is a platform against, corpo­ rate regulation. It is a platformto give license to financlnl frcPhoetersp .it is a platform in the interest of all those who would make public service;* play­ thing of unscrupulous manipulation; It Is n platform against the people, and by the people it should be condem »e*. Mr Chanler—Governor, the groatost city in the world. New York,'- has flourished under Democratic'/ rule. Why should not this rule bo extended ; to the entire^state? | Governor Hughes—In Greater*' New , York the budget has rheu fronr /lfess | than $(;4.O0O.UOn In 1808 and '/sbput I $!is nno.OiX) in isio:! to over $143;60Q,- 000 In -iliOS and to over $160;(»0ftOOC for Don Shall a party orgariirittloa dominated by Tammany Hall lastruct , the state In economy? r ^iC\' 1 , Mr Chiinler-Thut Is all, gov|r|pjrfr Until the past fe w day s the mana­ gers of the state campaign of both parties, the Democratic an d Republic­ an, have been complaining of a lack of funds. Owin g to the law passed b y the Republicans making i t illegal fo r corporations to contribute t o campaign I funds the contributions have been lenn and fe w and far between. But the gloom because o f this condi­ tion has lifted from th e Democratic headquarters a t the Hoffman House, New York. Mone y In big chunks has been fairly raining on Chairman Con­ ners, and there is great rejoicing in the Democratic camp A very large proportion of i t comes fro m Men who are ia comtrol o f big corporations. Probably tbo biggest fund is'bein g collected by th e members of the Stock Exchange. Wall street Is bitterly op­ posed to the re-election o f Governor Hughes and is contributing liberally t o the Democrajtlc^fund. The Stock Ex­ change is almost solidly ' against Hughes because of a fear that he will order an investigation of that great -\speculative\ organisation on th e ^ ground: .that its transactions are to, a ^ l^^j^dejprco-'.riure an d simple gam-- J^j'f hUng.' Tils', fea r Is 'based 'on a recent, speech in -Srhlch , Governor Hughes said, \I recommended t o the legisla­ ture that provision should be mad e for suitable inquiry Into the facts re­ lating to speculation In securities and commodities wit h a view to ascertain­ ing tbo manner in which illegitimate transactions may be prevented and legitimate business safeguarded \ It Is reported that the members of the board of governors o f the exchange are the heaviest contributors to the Demo­ cratic fund and that the total amount from that source will reach a heavy figure. It is charged and not denied that THomas F. Ryan, the head of the great traction trust 'that has looted the city of New Y'ork o f millions, dic­ tated the democratic state platform. It is expected that his personal con­ tribution will be withheld until the close of the campaign, but his asso­ ciate and representative. William V Sheehan, had a long conference with the executive committee of the Dem­ ocratic organization and is said to have left a large check, together with some very valuable advice and prom­ ises of \more to come.\ August Belmont, th e recognized hoad' of the race track syndicate in this state, was another caller at Dem­ ocratic headquarters an d left n sub­ stantial token o f his visit with Chair­ man Oonners. I t is declared that an immense fund has been subscribed by the race track and \allied interests\ toward the Democratic fund and that Mr. Btlmont will b e \the medium through which it will find its way to the Democratic coffers. John W Gates, the steel trust mil­ lionaire, who , to use his own phrase, \occasionally bets a rallllon,\ wh o has made several attempts to break the bank a t Monte Carlo and who Is an all around patron o f \sports 1H- cluding race tracks and faro banks, has returned from Europp and de­ clares himself an enthusiastic sup­ porter of Mr Chanler. H e Is talking Chanler, betting on hi m and i s said to have contributed handsomely to­ ward the Democratic fund. Cord Meyer, who made a colossal fortune during his connection with the sugar trust aud Is now conuected with many other trusts, appeared at Democratic headquarters the other day arm in arm wit h Chairman Con­ nors. \Fingy\ introduced him around and said, \Meyer is with us, an d he is here to d o business.\ He was asked Whether the check left by Mr. Meyer was for live or six figures, but he re­ plied: \Never mind He is here to do business.\ Mr. Meyer was state Chairman during th e Parker campaign and, it is said, will collect money for the Democratic fund In Wall street and among the big corporations. Ia the meantime the Republican state committee Is hard pressed for money. No large contributions hn\* been received from any source. :'nd none Is expected. All of the \cpoi l :J n F,W YORK SUPREME COURT , Westchester County. In the Matter of The Petition of Francis M. Car- ipenter for the appointment of a Substituted Trustee in place and stead of Zopher Carpenter and John T. Carpenter, deceased, Trus­ tees under certain instruments containing gifts to religious uses, to wit, \Friends Meeting\ at Mt . - Kisco, New York. Notice is hereby given,that I, the undersigned, Substituted Trustee of \Friends Meeting\ at Mt. Kisco, New York, pursuant to an order of the Hon . Arthur S. Tompkins, one of the Justices of the Supreme Court of the Stale of New York, dated October 3d, igoS. and entered in the office of the clerk of the County o f Westcnester, on the 6th day of October, 1908, will sell at public auc T tion on th e premises in the Village of Mount Kisco, Westchester County, New York, on the 7th day of November. 1908, at 11 o'clock iu the forenoon o f that day, the real property known as \Friends' Meeting House Property\ at Mt Kis«o, New York, particularly described as follows: * • \All that oertaiu tract, piece or parcel of land situate, lying and being a t Mount Kisco. in the Town of Bedford, County o f Westchester an d State of New York, bounded and described as follows, viz-: BEGINNING at the northwest corner thereof on Carpenter Avenue, thence running easterly and along th e southern side of a cross street one hundred an d nineteen feet (119) to a street passing the premises of William B. Totten an d Abijah A Sarles; thence along the wes­ terly side of said last mentioned street southerly one hundred and fifty-nine feet (159) to a stone set in the ground; thence westerly along lands of said Isaac Carpenter one hundred and ten feet ( 110) to Carpenter avenue at a dis­ tance one hundred and fifty-nine feet from the place of beginning; theace northerly by the easterly side o f said Avenue to the place of beginning, on e hundred and fifty-nine feet, containing witbio the said boundaries one-half o f an acre, be the same more o r less. Said premises being subject to right if (any of Isaac Carpenter, his heirs and assigns to use the weR o f water sit- uated-upou the herein conveyed prem­ ises, taking water from such well in a pipe an d counducting the same through the grounds above described, with trie right, i f any, to enter upon said prem­ ises an d take up the pipe conveying said wa»er, to make such repairs as might afford the said Isaac Carpenter the more effectual enjoyment of said well of waler upon said promises with­ out an y let or hindrance from the par­ ties of the second part to said deed ' ' Dated, Mt. Kisco, N Y., October 10, 1908. FRANCI S M CARPENTKR, Substituted Trustee of Friends Meeting , Mt. Kisco, N. Y. HARBISON T SLOSSON. Attorne y for Substituted Trustee, 154 Nassau Street, New YorK City. DJB8DANT TO AW OBDKR of Hon. Jruik V, MllUrU, Surrogate et the Uouuty el West­ chester: Notice (• hereby given according to l »w, to ell lieraoni having olslma agalnat Julia A.Kaynold', late of the Town ofXewtaboro In said County eecee,aed, to present the same, with the voucher* thereof to the underiigned administratrix of the goods, uhattelH and credits 0!. the said deceased/ atTher- place of rraldence In' the Village of Cross R1Y«C._ Wealcheatcr County, on or before the ,10th day of' • January, 1909. batod thU ROth day of June, 1008. EVILYN J. RUBSSLL, Admlul Btratrir. KI3EN A. WOOD. . Attorney for Administratrix, I'eokskill, N. Y.' U . r- D ALY, .TAMES W.—IU pursuance of an order of Hon. Frank V. Millard, Surrogate of the county of Wf-etcuoster, noUco In horoby given, according to law, to all pornonn having claims* against J AHEM W ITALY, late of Mount Kisco, County of Weatobcetcr, deceaeed, to present the same, wltl; tun voochere tllereof, to the sub­ scribers at tliclr plaoe of transacting business, at tbo nltlce of Edmund It, Tnrry, tbeir attorney, No. Liberty Street, in tho Borough of Manhattan, City of Now York, ou or before the 10th day of Secembor next. Dated, New York, this 4th day of June, 1908. -JOHN W. DALY, \ E .„ ulor . ALKXANBKU MITCHELL,/ \• out ° r \- EDMOND B. TERRY, Attornpy for Executors, 39 Liberty Bt>eet. Boro' of Manhattan, New York City. P URSUANT TO AN ORDER of Hon. Frank V. Millard, Surrogate of the County of West­ chester: - NOTICE Is hereby given acco -dlUK to law, to all peraous having claims against Hezoklab Miller, late of the Town of Bedford, ib said county, dsoeaeed, to prenent the same, with the vouohanthsreof, at the office of Charles Halnea, Bedford Station, Westchester County, N. Y., on or before the 15th- day of January, A. D. 190.1. Dated this 7th dny of July, A. D. 1908. m ILLS, ANDREW O.—In purauance of in order of Hon. Frank V. MlUard, Surrogate of the County of Wcstcbeetor, notice is hereby given to all persona bavins; claims against Andrew O. Mills, late of the Town of Bedford, Wedtoheeter County, New York., deceased, to present the same, with vouchors thereof, to the subscriber, at hhr- oMce and place o ( transacting busluecr, No 5' Court btreet. White Plains, N Y., on or before the 9stb day of January, 1909. ROBKKT E. Fast**, Administrator. TASXX Y ft RUM SKY. Attorneys for Administrator, Office and P. O. Address, 6 Court Rtreet, Whito Plains, N Y. HOPKINS, HENRY C—IN PURSUANCE TO AN I) OBDER OF THK HON. FB'ANIT. V. MTLLAXD, Surrogate of the County at Westchester,, ootioe Is hereby given, aoeordlngjo law, to all pereone hav- lag olaima against HENRY 0. HOFKINS.lsta of ttur Oounty of Westcheeter,deeeaeed,to present thesame, with.' the Touchers thereof, to the susbscrlber, at her place of transacting business,. the oAoe of Opdyke, Ladd k Bristow, at No. 20 Nassau street, In the Olty of New York, N. Y., on or before the 12th day of April next. Dated, Now York, the 25th day of September, 1908, EMILIE F HOPKIuM, Executrix. Opdyke, Ladd k Brlst&w Attorneys for Exacut^x 20 Nas-au Street. New York, N Y The highest claim of William McKin- ley for the gratitude o f his country­ men Is that, iu spite of th e abuse an d contumely that wer e heaped upon his head fo r this policy, he placed ou r country in the forefront o f nations as a clvillzer and uplifter o f unfortunate peoples. — Hon. William II. Taft a t Cleveland, O Tho administration of esnct justice by courts without fear or favor, un moved by tho iuliuence o f the wealthy or b y the threats of the demagogue, is .the highest ideal that a government o f the people can strive for , and an y means by which a suitor, however un­ popular or poor. Is deprived of enjoy­ ing this is to lie condemned.—Hon. Wil­ liam II. Taft at Columbus, () The appt-iiinnc-e of ex-Coroner Archi­ bald T HiiiuiiiiK of Mount Vernon In the Denioc-nitlt- county parade at White rialns on last Wednesday ere- uted some surprise Dr. Banning wa s three times elected by the Kepublleans of th e county to the office of coroner He has been at loggerheads wit h his party in Mount Vernon for several years because they would not give him a fourth nomination imUrests\ are opposed to the election of GTernor Hughes and are contribut- iig to bring about bis defeat. A Beautiful Woman. Her surroundings should be in har­ mony , and can best be made so b y a well kept home. Th e L. & M Pure Paint makes the home beautiful. I t pre serves it and prevents decay The cost p&r gallon, readyfor use, is only $i 20 It wears for ten years and longer. Thir­ ty-three years of continuous use is evi dence. L & M. Paint agents John C Purdy, Croton Falls, Green Brothers Golde.n's Bridge; M. Westcott, Mahopac MekeelBros , Yorktown Heights, C. T Tompkins, Somers Centre. •oe»o#o»o»o«o»o»o»o#o«o#o»o o o • o o • o o o o o o Painting and Paperhanging ESTIMATES CAREFULLY Q I V E N GEORGE^B. HOPPS P.O. Box 321 Katonah, N,Y T KATE O. 8TOKES\ Eioeutori P UR8UANT TO AN ORDER of the Hon. Frank V. Millard, Surrogate of the County of Westchester, N.Y. Notice is hereby given, according to law, to all persons having claims agamat Abigail Sunderland' late of tbe Town of Somers, in said Oonnty, deceaa- ed,to present tbe same with the vouchers thereof to the undersigned executor of the last will and testament of tbe said deceased at Bedford VI logs,. Westchester County, Now York, on or before the '5th day of Msrcb, A. D„ 1909. Dated this 2ud day of September A. D., 1908. ALBERT D. MILLER, Executor. LEWI8 C PLATT, Attorney for Exeoutor, 100 Railroad Avenue, White Plains, N. Y T HE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, By the Grace of (jod Fre e andlndeoendent To Eupenia E . Severance, John B . Scofield. American Surety Co., and to the creditors, next of kin, and all other, persons interested in tbe estate of A, Jny Scoffeld, late of the Town of Pound­ age, in the County of Westchester and. State aforesaid, deceased, intestate, Serjcl Greeting: You and each of you. are hereby cited to appear before our Surrogate o f the; ,\ County of Westchester, at his office, in ' t ;i the Village o f White Plaips^fyttje/igth;'. & day < if- October, 1908 ,-atio o'clock in, th^ja forenoon of that day, then and there 'tQ^. attend H judicial settlement of,'the count of Mary Frances Scofield, as Ad-(. ministratrix o f all and singular the- . goods, chattels and credits which were- . of th e said deceased. And such of you as are hereby cited, as are under the ag e of twenty-one years, are required to appear by your guardian, if yo u have one , or if yo u have none, to appear and apply for one to b e appointed, of in the event of your failure or neglect to do so, a guardian will b e appointed b v the Surrogate to represent and act for yo u in the pro­ ceeding. In Testimon y whereof, the Seal of the Surrogate's Court of our said County of Westchester has been hereunto affixed. Witness Hon , Frank V. Millard, Surrrogate of our said County, at [L S ]the Town o f White Plains, this 27th da y of June in the year o f our Lord on e thousand nine hundred and eight. ANSON BALDWIN, Clerk of the Surrogate's Court. C HE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NliW YORK. By the Grace of God Free and Independent To Michael J Dufff, Agnes Fallon, Margaret Higcins , John Lavin, Anna T . Casey, BcssieVaweeney, i f living, nnd if dead, her executors, administrators, heirs at law, next of kin, husband, lega­ tees, devisee, grantees or other succes­ sors in interest, and to the ci editors, legatees, next o f kin, and all .other per­ sons interested ia the estate of Margaret Regan, late o f the Town of Bedford, in the County of Westchester, and State aforesaid, deceased, Send Greeting You, and each of you, are hereby cited to appear before our said Surrogate of the County of Westchester, at his office in the Village of White Plains, on the 31st day of October, 1908. at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day, theu and there to attend a judicial settlement o f the account of William H Clark, as Executor o f th e last will and testament of the said deceased. And such o f you as are hereby cited, as are under the age of twenty-one years, are r«.-',uireri to appear by your guardian, if you nave one, or if you have none, to appear and apply for one to he appoint­ ed, or iu the event of your negleot or fai'ure to do so, a guardian will be ap­ pointed by the Surrogate to reptesent- aud act for you in the ptoceediug. In Testimony Whereof, the Seal of the Surrogate's Court of our said County of Wesuheste r has been hereunto affixed. Witness Ho n Frank V. Millard, Sur­ rogate of our said Couuty, at the [L S ] Town of White Plains, the nt h day of Seple-nber, in the year of oui Lord, one thousand nine hun­ dred aud eight. W.LI 1 AM (f. DUKI.I., Deputv Clerk of the Surrogate's Court. BARRKTT & I'.l'c KHEK, Attorneys for Executor, 2 1 Jrand S\-eet. White 1'l.iins. N Y a o «I o 9 c m c 1 ft o 0«Os»0«0«0«0#d«0«0«0«0«OS>Oet Wby Pay DOtTBI-E For Your TEAS & COFFEES When You Can Oct the Very Best at HALF price NO GOODS AT RETAIL. FINEST TEAS frosa l»c.to Sffe.alb. FINEST COFFEES iYba* lie. to «*e.Ib. Tho supplying of Farmers, Granges, Institu­ tions, Clorgymon and largo Consumers a Specialty. Consumers Importing Ten Company F.O.SOX290, 6T Chare* St., New Toni •f>. asm

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