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ANDREE'S BONES FOUND, IT IS SAID Arctic Balloon is t's Grave Is Discovered In Labrador. CROSS BEARS HIS NAME 'Captain of Fishing Schooner Digs Un­ der the Headpiece and Finds Human Remains and a Box Containing Pa­ pers—Nothing to Show What Became •of Hero's Tw o Companions Wh o Made Ascent With Him Eleven. Years Ago. St. John's, N. F., Nov 12.-Cni>tnin James Chalker of thp s( homier pilot of Bugus rcportH thnt lie tins found tde body of Professor s \ \\ < the arctic explorer, who in ISHT ult-il «.o reach the north pole in H luilioou While fishing In Mugfonl lm\. norih- orn Labrador, Captain cii;iii;,'i- >-u- ho started overland aprons tli<> < >\«' i \ Klack Duck bay. throe mlli\< di-i nn and came upon a grave MUIIM\M : • • a cross bearing the inscription \An dree, Nov. 7, 1897 \ The lettering was very fniui :ii .d t. •was difficult to tell wliellier tin- <l n - of the month was 'Nov. 1 or 7. Inn In decided it to be the latter He 6ug under the cross and found human remains and a Imv i-oiit :iiniiiM t»pers. Captain Chalker said that he removed the cross. The place where the cross was dls covered is an absolute desert and Is rarely visited by the Eskimos. What became of Andree's two companions Is problematical, but light probably will be thrown upon their fate by an ex­ amination of the papers. Captain Chalker Is a half caste Eski­ mo, who took part In tbe landing of tli> Pear.* expedition in Greenland.* The point where the grave wa s i mud Is about three-quarters of • rnue distant from the coast. Captain Chalker says he could locate the grave atjaln very easily. Disappeared In July, 1897. The expedition to discover the north pole organized by Professor S. A. An- dree, a Swedish explorer, left Danes Island, Spitsbergen. In a balloon on the afternoon of July 11. 1897. Pro­ fessor Andree had two companions, Strindberg and Fraenkel On the day he started Andree shook hands with those friends who had assembled in the balloon house and addressed heartfelt words to those whose hands he could not shake. Then the three men—Andree, Strlnd- liccg and Fraenkel—standing in the car, severed the ropes holding the bal­ loon, while Andree couated, \One two, throe.\ With the last word the balloon roue majestically, while Andree smiled down upon those who remained be­ hind. Then all three waved their caps and shouted, \Greetings to all at home ia Sweden.\ Professor Andrea first began the study of air currents In 1877 when on a voyage to the United States with the idaa of crossing tbe Atlantic in a bal­ loon. Between 1882 and 1897 he ex­ perimented in Sweden with the help of King Oscar. The famous balloon in which he started for the pole was con- atructed under the superintendence of M. Lachambre. MARCH THROUGH FIRrt. Ceremony o f a Set of Brahmins In Honor of Gods o f Kire and Water. Six thousand Hindus and a se­ lect few English officials have re­ cently witnessed In the neighbor­ hood of Madras a remarkable relig­ ious ceremony th e principal actors being Soivrastas. a sect of Brah­ mins. Tbe festival was curled 'tba march through fire,' and it Is ap­ propriately enougn named The proceedings were to honor o f Biah- ma and Vishnu, the gods o' wat>*r and Are. Pn»nai-nt'cns for the cw-JTiony had l.»<*n goin^r on for ;t month A trench twenty-three feet low; and nineteen feet deep vza dm; a no In it a fire wa» kindled At s.inrise, forty fanatics, who were to demon­ strate their asbestos nature, slowly marched around the furnace, bear­ ing the curious Idols. Th--» So'vns- tas were clothed In yilow tunics, and without hesitation, entered the fire trench singing a hymn, ihi* re­ frain of which was 'Govlnda' Go- vlnda'\After walking around this artificial Gehenna thre.e times they emerged apparently none the worse for their experience, and have estab­ lished an unassailable claim for sanc­ tity among their people —London Globe A Remarkable Test. A Copenhagen newspaper, with a view to testing the comparative rate of speed of various telegraph systems sent off to itself tw o telegrams, each of five words; one telegram went eastward while tne other went to he west. One tele­ gram went via Shanghai, New York, and London; while the other went via London, New York and Shang­ hai i he telegram sent off by Shanghai, o r the eastern route, ar­ rived back in Copenhagen In three hours, 23 minutes. Each telegram had 'o be taken over and telegraph­ ed afresh eight times during trans­ mission.—London Chronicle. An Underground Wonder. One of the most wonderful under­ ground waterways In th e world, which was constructed at the latter end of the eighteenth century by the Dukes of Bridgewater, is now being used for the conveyance o f waste water from the Earl o f Ellesmere's collieries a t Walkden, near Manches­ ter. This canal, which is entirely underground, with its arms and Jun e tlons covers over 40 miles \IF WE ONLY HAD SUCH A STORE AT HOME •13 Many out-of-town visitor to Vanarcaker's grow enthusiastic over what they sec here. \ I' 'vc had only such a-store at home . r \ they sigh. You^may have it :.t home. How ? By merely leav­ ing your name and address. that you may receive the catalogs and other s . re annotmcemet, i . •> issued. Our Mail Order Service is prompt and efficient. Absent customers receive the same gonds and same careful attention as if present at our counters. IF THERE ARE REDUCTIONS - IN THE PRICES OF GOODS, THEY GET THE FULL BENEFIT OF THEM. Thousands of customers all over the United States, with the help of Uncle Sam, buy here, and with\ the greatest satisfaction. They know from experience, that \ if it comes from \Vanama\er\ it is right in style, qualify and price.\ If, for any reason, goods are not just what the customer expects, they may be retained. The new Fall catalog is ready, and will be sent free to out-of- town addresses. JOHN WANAMAKER MEW YORK CITY : •0«0«0«o4o«0«0»0*0<*K>«0«90«t> - , SI Painting and Paperhanging ESTIMATES CAREFULLY O.I V E N GEORGE.B. HOPPS | , 0 P. O. Box 321 Kateftab, N,Y, | oaos)o«o*o«o«)o*o«oao«oao«)oi CORRECT Tl E DWARD P ERCY B ARRETT, ATTORNEY Met - - • COUNSELOR AT LAW, KATONAH. N.Y § ft. S.KHAPP&SOH £ Paintets,Piper Hangers 9 j» and Decorators J* 1 £ First CLtu. Work • Moderate Prices Interior Woek A Specialty % PAINT AND REPAIR YOUR ROOF WITH TROPICAL RUBBER PAINT and ELASTICOTE. L«IMiliII (fl >l >fimilll >IMIMIIIi'lil¥li11fT , l r Vibration of Wings. Recent measurements o f the vibra­ tions of th e wings of a dragon fly in the Stuttgart University showed that they ranged from 1,000 t o 12,000 a second The common house fly makes 600 strokes o f Its wings a second when flyi *n: at Its highest speed. Autoinobile Disease. The '^automobile disease\ has been discovered b y Dr. Henry Becker of New York. After studying the malady fo r a year he says It affects the tissues of th e throat and lungs, causing congestion and decay. Proof against fire, time and weather. Makes old roofs good as new—good for new roohtoo. GUARANTEED FOR 5 YEARS. Testimonials from large consumers on file in our office. Plumbing, Heating, Tinning & Repairing Promptly .Done. Dealer In dasolene Engines & Supplies Hardware, Stoves, Rentes, Tods, Paint, Oils and Glass If you want to flflfe rent, setf or have *ffv someone take care of your property, ask for one of my question blanks. All expenses are paidfby me. * • « • • J R, ADELT 143 MAIN STREET ANTITRUST LAW CHANGES. Ssth Low Says President Favors Some Amendment. Washington. Nov. 12. — Heth Low, president of the Civic federation, had a 'jonference with President Honsevelt in regnrd to a proposed amendment to the Sherman antitrust lnw After leaving the White House Mr. lyow said the president WHS In favor of some amendment looking to the amendment of the law In the interest of both capital and luhor and that he received from him some suggestions which will be of value to tbe federa­ tion in tlte preparation of a bill As to the details of the bill Mr Low RIKI it would be very different from th.U presented <pr|tig The Wonderful Petrel. The tiny stormy petrel is a bird of immense wing power; it belongs to every sea and, although so seemingly frail, it easily breasts furious storms. Petrels have been observed 2.000 miles from nearest land Mohammedan Photograph*.. UnJU a few years ago Mohamme­ dans were greatly opposed to photo­ graphy, but now they have taken It up seriously, and some photograph­ ers of real merit are found among them TELEPHONE, 210-Y-5. .•dford St a. ISA necessity Are yon going to put away your atcht newOMta 01 UK « I have only- one price . I tell the truth as ffo> v •*•*». I sell onl y dependent* time-•*' keener**. I am satisfied' with: moder ­ ate profits; B *y,Vonr new match ol me! Ttfount JCtaeo • - ~ 9g *m 3/orA- Watches at Bock Bottom. Prices* Jml Sorrow Is Fleeting. The compensation that life offers for growing ol d is finding out tnat sorrow is as fleeting as joy, and that there are Just as many picnics to come as w e have missed TEXAS PACIFIC INDICTED. Accused of Violations of Interstate Commerce Act. New Orieiuw Nov V2 Th e Texnx and I'm Hi Kiiili 'oml 1 ••mpiiii.v WHS In di led li\ n teileral KI'IIIUI Jury on five M loon!* for alleueil \ iol.-ttions of tin InlWHtnte coiiiiui'i'i e act in imposing ear sen l'-e rharces on uruin dealers It is :i\erred that the railroad with tin* willful Intention of Kettiiif; more freight (.harjres than Its published schedule pro* Ided for Illegally imposed car senile 1 Imrires when It knew that the shipments were si Ml in transit and could not !»• delivei.'il to the < onslgnee No Flies on This Cow. Missouri's latest is a cow with two tails, which brushes th e flies from both of her sides at once Man who milks her must have happy times Store ia a saafiWteant specimen of vnat a food oak ought to be—eonrenient, itron?, durable and a wonderful beater. It is so constructed that it Sam Futl and Noity All doors and fitting faces are ground and . fitted air-tight and the heavy, cold rolled steel Ibody ia mounted with a fire-proof joint. Tbe double feed door is large and the Hot Blast At­ tachment bums, all smoke and gases from soft I) coal. The JCWIL OAK is fitted with a fuel laving, easy working duplex grate, moun­ ted on ball bearings—reversible for coal or wood. Come in and let us show you the many good points. Low prices prevail. UffBHIHA, Other* try to imitate Jawel IfWHIIlBi store*. DoaotbemieM. Gen­ uine Jojojsjla boar tfco liafls nieik printed herewttfc. Barflroemssaadroam Boris*: e< MERRITT PLUMBING HEATING Shoemaker & Bootblack We have located in the AY V BY \BUILDING Valley Road. I Low prices aild good work will pre- [ vail. White Oak leather used. Give us a call! Dr. A. Barradell VETERINARY SUROEON Brewster, - - N. Y. Asbury Elliott KATONAH -*- LIVERY AND BOARDING STABLE OPEN SUMO A rs, PRICES REASONABLk Telephone No. 10-Y-i. KATONAH N. Y. Bttf *1 Believtf in serving the fore 'and in a free and unlimited use of coal, feed, lumber, cement, paint and hardware, and we believe you- earit do better any where else than at our place. :-: lAimr^, Fuel, Goal, Parit • and Hardwaic People. Yorktown Heights N. Y. TEXE PRONE. 41. Coal In Canada. A serious problem for the people of Canada to solve Is the fuel supply of the future No coal of any kind has ever been discovered In Ontario Taxing the Single. During the reign of Will'am and Mary, bachelors and widowers over 25 years were taxed one shilling yearlj FIRE SWEEPS CAMP TAFT. COne-third of Montana Town Is Laid In Ruins r.iiasiiuhi. Mmit N'nv 12.—For the 'third time wiihfii two years ft dlsas- 'trous fire swept Ciinip Tuft, and one- Uliird of the town is In ruins. Starting in the Arcade theater, the •firo spread to adjoining buildings ami hurni'd fiercely for two hours. .TaniH> Baiti |>er. an employee of the theater wis burned to death New York's Jews. Within 20 miles of New York City Hall there is a population of 1.000.- 000 Jews, more than in all America besides. A Thin Film. The film of a soap bubble Is so thin that fifty millions of them would be required to make one .nch There are three kinds of lies— white lies, black lies and society fibs When misery Is a t hand there isn't much pleasure In recalling for mer joys. Rear Admiral Dead. Philadelphia. Nov 12-Rear Admiral . James M. Miller, governor of tbe Unit -ed States Naval home In this city, died at that Institution. In Portugal married women retain their maiden names and are always known by them. A mole eats as many as ' 20,000 earth-worms In the course of -s year. •. H. BROWN General Contractor « E. C. HAINES & CO. BEDFORD STATION. • Gat flomeps for All Oeeasions. faneral Work Oar Specialty. D. F. DAKIN L. 0. REMSEN DAK1N & REMSEN Building Contractors Mount Kisco, N. Y. All kinds of buildings constructed All ktads of mason work and excava­ tion work prompt­ ly attended to. > J* Goldens Bridge* N. Y. BOX 7. Painter and Paperhanger Estimates Given Proiipf Work and moderate Prices ADVERTISING in \The Times \ will bring . GOOD RESULTS The \Tiiries\ is on sale each week at Benedict Brothers and C.S.Ware's Store, Mount Kisco, N. Y. Office and MIII-KISCO AVE. Telephone: 218 R. C. L. HUNT & CO, -DKALXR IN- Dry Lumber and Lehigh Coal. Persona contemplating Building will do well to call and examine this Stock befor purchasing. Goldens Bridge, - N .Y. Katonah - ' N.Y. if>_ <S)»^'%^%^ev%^»%^^%.-SV^y JAMES E. DINGEE Architect Resjdenot: Estt Hyatt'Avs.\ 1 ? 1 !! Mt. Kisco, - - JV : r. Get all tbe local news 9 ~~ wMle it i$ news by gettiig | tDe Katonab tine*

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