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HITCHCOCK SEES PRESIDENT- Will G*> to Ho t Spring.>or a WaeU With Taft. 4 Washington, Nov. 12. — CbuiiW\ Hitchcock ha d two conferences « t the White House with President Roose­ velt. When h e left he would not a d .lit that the New York senutorshln huu been discussed. On the occasion of Mr. Hitchcock's next visit to Mr. Tuft at Hot Springs, Va., on Nov. 21 many matters bearing prominently upon the coming adminis­ tration of Mr. Taft will lie considered. The fact that Mr. Hitchcock will b e in Hot Springs fo r -an entire week has given rise to the belief that cabinet, diplomatic and other important ap ­ pointments will bo discussed. ELEVEN CREMATED IN CARS. Debris Catches Fire and Passengers Burn to Death. New Orleans, Nov. 12.—Eleven were killed aad fifteen injured when a Great Northern express crashed imo the rear of a New Orleans and North eastern train at Little Woods Station, twelve miles from here. The wreck caught fire, and passen­ gers were Cremated tn the debris. Among the sights that greeted th e rescuers was that of a small boy un­ able to extricate himself from th* wreckage. A score of men made he­ roic efforts to get the child, but flame* cut off their way, an d they were forc­ ed to stand Idly by while the child called for help until he died. WOMAN MILLIONAIRE HEROIC LIFE SAVER. Mrs. John L Gardner Sates Drowning Man on Her Estate. Boston, Nov. 12.—Mrs. John L. Gard­ ner u noted patron of art, who has a fortune of more than $6,000,000 and lives in a magnificent Venetian mar­ ble palace on the Back Bay fens, join­ ed the ranks of the life savers. Shortly after sh e had retired sh e heard cries of help coming from the MRS. JOHN Li. GARDNER. direction of Muddy brook, which flows near her palace. Hastily dressing, she went down t o the brook to find a man struggling In the deep mu d and water. Mrs. Gnrdner after considerable dif­ ficulty sullad the nan from the brook, and he was taken Into the marble home of his rescuer. The man's condition was such, how­ ever, that the police were called. Aft­ er h e was revived he gave his name as Joseph Mullen of Brookllne. He ex­ plained that h e lost bis way in the darkness while going home and fell lnte the brook. HARVARD GETS $150,000. Settlement of Contest Over Walter F. Baker 's Will. Boston, Nov. 12.—In settlement of the centest to break the will of Wal­ ter F. Baker, the Boston clubman, who died of poison under mysterious circumstances In New Jersey, Harvard university will receive $150,000, Mrs . Helen Bray Hurd $150,000 and Ed­ ward F. Baker, brother of Walter, $150,000. The greater part of th e estate was originally left to Mrs . Hurd's daugh­ ter, Natalie, who has since died HUGHES SPENT $369. Governor Files Certificate of His Elec­ tion Expenses. Albany, N. Y., Nov. 12.—Governor Hughes filed his certificate of election expenses with the secretnry of state, giving his total expenditures as $368.65. Of this sum he spent $2G0.16 for traveling and Incidental expense, $96.71 for hotel bills, including tele­ phone an d messenger charges, an d $12.78 for telegrams. BASEBALL LEAGUE BOLT. FINANCIER IS HELD. Eastern and American Delegates March ' Out of Meeting. Chicago/- Nov. 12.—Eastern league and American association i;euresenta- tlves caused a sensation at the annual meeting of the National Association ot Professional Baseball Clubs in thU city by withdrawing from the session. The two bolting fuctions hud pro sented a resolution asking that they be given control of the national board of arbitration and 1hat the Western and the Southern leagues be reduced from Class A to Class B. The petitioners insisted upon inline diate action, and when tbelr petition was overwhelmingly defeated the twi factions marched out of the meeting MAG00N TO THE CUBANS. Governor Urges Orderly and Honest Conduct of Elections. Havana, Nov. 12.—Governor Magooi) has issued a proclamation to the i>eo pie of Cuba, in part as follows: \The orderly and honest conduct oi elections is the highest proof a na­ tion can give of its capacity for re­ publican self government. It is con­ fidently expected that th e high stand­ ard attained In the elections of August will likewise characterize the election* of Nov 14. \All officials, national, provincial and municipal, are hereby admonished to observe the strictest impartiality be­ tween the contending parties an d can­ didates.\ CHRISTEN VANDERBILT BABE. Ceremony For Infant Daughter ef Countess Sxechenyi. Vienna, Nov. 12. — The bishop of Raab, the Right Rev . Nlcolaus Sze- chenyi, went to Ormezo castle and baptized th e infant daughter of the Count and Countess Srechenyl. The latter was born Gladys Vanderbllt. • The count and countess will spend several months each year In Vienna. They Intend to purchase as a town residence the palace of Prince Lob- kowitz, one of th e finest old buildings In Vienna. CARMACK'S SLAYERS PLEAD SELF DEFENSE olonet Cooper and His Son Say Ei-Senator Fired First. Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 12.—Colonel Duncan B. Cooper and his son Robin will plead self defense at their trial for the killing <of former Senator E. W. Carmack. The defense says it has witnesses to prove that Carmack fired two shots at Robin Cooper before the latter fired; that one of the bullets struck young Cooper near the collar bone and th e other passed through the sleeve of his coat. The defense will attempt to prove further that th e Coopers were not seeking a meeting with Carmack, bu t that when they saw him Coldnel Coo­ per started t o cross the street to re­ monstrate with him regarding th e use of Cooper's name in editorials, that Carmack drew a pistol as he saw Colo­ nel Cooper coming and that when young Cooper, who was following his father, ran in advance of him that Carmack then shot twice, wounding young Cooper: that then the latter be­ gan to shoot. The wounded ma n i s resting well at the hospital, where he'Is under arrest. The elder Cooper is still in the county Jail. The grand jury began today an Investigation of th e killing. WOMEN DENOUNCE NOVELS. Best Sellers Denounced at Women's Clubs' Fedsration. Utlca, N. Y.. Nov. 12.—Mrs. Wagner of Albany made a vigorous attack upon the degeneracy of the average modern novel at the session of Uie New York State Federation of Wo­ men's Clubs. \The usual 'best seller' of the coun­ try is nothing more than a plea for looseness in the home life of th e na­ tion,\ she skid \We ow e it to our­ selves and our children to keep such books from ou r homes. They are prudieht, vicious and dangerous \ Other women echoed her views. RACE BY 1,500 BOYS. Accused of Being Short $37,000 Jn His Aooounts. Pittsburg, Nov . 12.—Murry A. Ver- ner, prominent In political and finan­ cial circles, was arrested in connection with the settlement of bis accounts as guardian of hi s nephew*, Alexander L. Verner, t o whom, it i s alleged, there i s due $37,247. Besides the claim of his nephew an d ward, other creditors claim $10S,000. King Aids Arctic Exploration. Christiania, Nov . 12.—King Haakon heads the public subscription for Cap­ tain Amundsen's polar expedition with * denation of $5,000. President Will Get Message From Y. M. C. A. Runneri. Washington, Nov. 12. — President Roosevelt ha s agreed to accept a mes­ sage to be transmitted in another re­ lay race by Young Men's Christian as­ sociation boys to be run this time from New York to Washington. In the run, which is t o be made in thirty hours, 1,500 boys will partici­ pate. The message is to be sent by Richard C. Morse of the International Y. M. C. A committee. The start will be made from N«»,w York city on Friday, Nov. 20. Mortgage by Queen Liliuokalani. Honolulu, Nov. 1-2.—A mortgage deed for $70,000 was placed on record by former Queen Liliuokulani, the deed being executed in favor of Clans Spreckels and W. G. Irwin. Prohibition Ruins Brewery. Ironton, 0.,' N OV. 12.—The Leo Ebert Brewing company went .into the hands of a receiver as a result of the vote to banish saloons. The liabilities are $45 - 000 and assets $137,000. RECEIVERS FOR CAR LINES. Appointed After Failure o.f Three Cent Fare Franchise. Cleveland, O., Nov. 12.—Two receiv­ ers for the Municipal Traction com-, pany an d the Cleycland Railway, com­ pany were appointed \today. '• This follows the failure t o approve the three cent fare franchise. Judge Taylor made it. clear that the receivers were merely to preserve the property. D0RAND0 TO RACE HERE. t< Italian Marathon Winner Comes Meet Hayes Again. London, Nov. 12.—Dornudo, the Ital­ ian runner wh o made such a sensa­ tional finish in th e Marathon race here STANDARD OIL WINS; I GOVERNMENT LOSES. Rehearing of $29,000,000 Ffca Case Is Refused. P1ETKO DORANJDO. last summer in connection with the Olympic games, left Southampton for New York on the steamer Kronprinaes- sin Cecllie. _ -.* Dorando will run a race In America, with John J . Hayes, winner of the. Marathon. He i s In good training and confident of victory. MADISON SQ. GARDEN IS OFFERED FOR Does Not Pay as Place Pic Big Mass Meetings. ^ New York, Nov. 12.—Madison Square Garden, the largest and most widely* known building In this country dev¥t v ed exclusively to public entertain-; menta, is for sale. The price la' $8,- 250,000. ; v , As i t ha s never paid as an amuse­ ment palace, it is quite certain thai 4*' will be lost to th e eity as the born* oi great public amusements and political and civic mass meetings. The decision to throw the garden, which occupies the entire block bound- •»d by Madison an d Fourth avenues and Twenty-sixth an d Twenty-seventh streets, upon the public market was reached at a meeting of the boarVl oi directors of the Madison Square Gar­ den company, one of whom is J. Pier- pont Morgan. The theater and the music hall have been big losers. The arena has been the chief source of income, bu t i t was not rented often enough at th e prict of $1,000 a night to counterbalance the Josses. It has been th e scene of the horse show and th e Old Guards' ball, of the French ball and the Arion ball, of prize fights, bicycle races, field sports «and the military show, of automobile shows, electrical shows, the sportsman show, the circus, th e wild west and many kindred amusements. It ha s held great crowds at political rallie* and at civic demonstrations. On its roof Stanford White, the architect, was slain by Harry Thaw Chiiiigo. Nu\. iu -The government'.- petition for a rehearing of the case In Which the 1 lilted States circuit court of appeals reversed the trial in fining the Standard Oil Company of Indiana $20,2-iO,(Kj(.l for aliened rebatlug was denied in the court of appeals. \It is authoritatively stated that the government will now attempt to bring the whole matter before the supreme court on a writ of certiorari. The government, in Its petition for a rehearing, intimated that if the opin­ ion of the judges of the appellate court—Grosscup, Seaman and Baker- was allowed to stand it would nullify nearly every shred of rate reforma­ tory legislation accomplished by th e Roosevelt administration. I n sum­ ming up its position counsel for th e ^government said that the opinion of '.the court of appeals as it stood er­ roneously stated material portions of the records; did injustice to the trial judge (Landlsi; left doubtful, in a new Jtrial, th e rule of law to be applied ;aa t o knowledge on th e part of the .shipper that he was accepting an Illegally low rate; did not make it clear what was t o constitute one of- vfense—a train load, a car load or a (.whole series of shipments, for which toot one settlement of freight charges |nad been made. iv'-{.It was further alleged that th e lan- ^gaage of the appellate judges appeared to b e in conflict with th e language of ^the supreme court and with language 'jtfsed by th e presiding Judge, Grosscup, 'to. a previous similar case. The peti­ tion closed with a statement Jhat if the opinion of the court of appeals ijrere permitted to stand unmodified it I|w6uld \tend to encourage disobedience -.tiiof law, t o impede th e enforcement of (salutary statutes and largely t o defeat \their purpose.\ : ,;^.,The higher court ordered a new trial <om the ground that th e Standard .Oil i£tompany of New Jersey, the head of £tjSe trust and parent company of the 'Indiana branch, ha d not been suffi­ ciently identified with th e rebating. FIRST DREADNOUGHT OF AMERICAN NAVY. Qet Kodak ewisSFA of QUALITY Developing and printing care­ fully done b.y experienced artists. New stock of On mora*, Papers, Films, Plates and Chemicals, etc. J. A. CLARK Office in Drug Store at BEDFORD STATION, N.Y. Fair winds. Weather Forecast. and colder; strong northwest Live Stock Markets. CATTLE—Supply light, market steady; choice, $6a6.25; prime, $5.75a6.90, veal calves. $8a8.2S. HOGS—Receipts fair, market slow and lower; prime heavies. $6a6.05; mediums. *5.80a5.85, heavy Yorkers, »S.70a5.80; light Yorkers, I5.40a5.50, pigs. $5a5.20; roughs. HWa5.40. SHEEP AND LAMBS — Supply fair, market lower, prime wethers. M.15a4.2o, culls and common, J1.50a2.50. lambs, $5ati. General Markets. LIVE POULTRY—Steady; fowls. 12a 13c.: old roosters, 9al0c., spring chickens, 12al3c., ducks. Ilal2c. DRESSED POULTRY—Firm, fresh kill­ ed fowls, choice, 13al3M :C , do., fair to good. 12al2V4c . oJd roosters, 9V£c , west­ ern roasting chickens. 16al7c , do., broil­ ing. 13a 17c. POTATOES — Firmer. Pennsylvania, choice, per bushel, 80a85c.; do., fair to good 75a78c.. New York, choice, 80a83c.; do., fair te good, 6Sa70c. B.PTTER — The market maintains a steady tone on strictly fancy butter, but prices are unchanged Creamery specials are in light proportion In current receipts, and few sellers will accept t «ss than SO^c. Process butter Is quiet. Ladles are steady Creamery, specials, 30a30Hc; extras, 29a 29Hc.; firsts, Xa28c.; held, creamery, spe­ cials, 2Sa28Hc.; extras, 27aS7%c.; state dairy, tubs, finest, 2*c.; good to choice, Z4a27c.; process, specials, 24a34Hc.; extras, 23a2>V*c.. western imitation creamery firsts, 20ttatlc; western factory firsts, 20c.. packing stock, held. ISHc., No. 2. 18H«I9c- CHEESE — The market is firmer and higher on specials and Septembers. Trade is showing some improvement, but Is still far from being active. Octobers are UP changed. Skims are firmer. State, full cream, specials, liaise., fancy, small. Sep­ tember. 13ftc., fancy, large, September, 13c.; fancy, small, October, best. 12%c.. October, large, best, 12c, gooe te prime. ll>Aall%c , skims, 1V4 pound specials. 10»ic , fine, 8Ha9V4c; fair to good. 7a7V4c. EGGS—The market is quiet, but the ex­ pected decline has not as yet material­ ized. Fresh eggs are relatively scarce and rommand extreme prices. Storage eggs are firm. it tin Launching of Die North Dakota. QutOtcy, Mass., Nov. 12. — A new chajjptajlf- was added to the history of the'American navy today when, amid the cheers of hundreds of guests, th e new battleship North Dakota was launched here. A SJ the great vessel quivered before taking her first plunge into the water Mlaw'.Mary L. Benton of Fargo. N D., native daughter of the state from which tjtie battleship takes he r name, broke' over her bow a bottle of cham­ pagne, declaring as she did so, \I name thee-North Dakota.\ Among the invited guests wh o wit­ nessed the launching of the battleship wan John Burke, the newly re-elected governor of North Dakota. The launching of the North Dakota means the introduction of a ne w type of warship In the American navy. She will be the first American all-blg-gun battleship o r real Dreadnought to fly the stars an d stripes.. The North Dakota, which Is similar in all respects t o the Delaware, which is under construction at Newport News, Va., will have a long forecastle deck extending from the bo w almost to the center of the ship. The ten twelve- inch guns are arranged in five turrets, two to a turret, the forward turret be­ ing so located that the axes of its guns are twenty-four feet above th e water line, and just abaft this turret is an­ other, the barbette of which is of suf­ ficient height for it s guns to clear the roof of the forward turret. Abaft the break of the forecastle deck and also situated on the axis of the ship are two more twelve in< li su n turrets, the guns of th e forward turret in this pair firing over the roof of the after turret. Abaft an d near the stern is the fifth and last of the biff turrets Naval men declare that no na\y in the world, possesses a ship of the Dread­ nought type in which th e puns are bet­ ter arranged FIVE DIE IN EXPLOSION. Are Steamer Blown Up and Many Hurled Into Sea. North Bay , Ont., Nov 12 — The steamer Temiskaming was approach lng her landing at Temiskaming when the boiler exploded, wrecking the steamer and causing the death of five persons by explosion or drowning. Several passengers an d members of the crew were hurled into the water by the shock, an d many are injured. A man named McBride, a hunter from the United States, is missing, and there is little doubt that he is among the dead. J. Menard an d T. Bergouhan, fire­ man, and, two me n whose names are unknown were killed. Six others are badly burned, and several may die. Russian Minister Recalled. St. Petersburg, Nov. 12.—M Hart- wig, Russian minister to Persia, sta­ tioned at Teheran, has been^recalled. Artesian Wells Well* Drilled through earth and rock. Surface water guaranteed to be.cloaed out. Granite, Marble and Mineral lands tested. Cores taken out 3, 4 and 5 inches in diameter to variable lengths Borings made for foundations. Pumps of all kinds. Write for references. P. F. UL, BREWSTER, N.Y. FASHIONABLE FOOTWEAR for Men, Women and Chile! r< •. 1 style and size in this senNnnV t. • models. Shoes lor school h«>vi- .,d girls that will WPJII - like n on. HIGH SHOES FOR WOMEN either laced or buttoned, in a great variety of styles, soft turned soles and high heels for dressy oecasions, good, comfortable walking boots, etc, E. A. ARNOLD KATONAH N. Y. GREEN BROS. Giepeyal IVfefchapt* GOLDENS BKIDGE. Joseph E. Herriam Stephen Holden merriam «Fjoldtn goMielor$-4f-E4iP Mount Kisco and Pleasantville money to Loan 0« Bold and mortgage -THE- Th* pit. K1»co National Bank IWIoupt Kisco, r* • T- F. M. OlRPKNTXB VI0E-PBE8IDFJTJ WILLIAM H. MOORE D A BBID T. ELWOOD OASPENTKB, PBE8IDEM! ACCOUNTS SOLICITED. OFFICE HOURS, 9 A .M. to 8 P V SA1UEDATS ,9 A .M. tol2 M. OAKRIAQE PAINTING, REPAIRING and TBIHMEJa In all Its b ranches. BLACKSMITHING and WHEELWRIGHT W021. JsafAU work promptly executed and satisfaction guaranteed. WM. MOOBXJ JTT\ r ••• ,L llULiV AUoItCUEER NOTARY»PUBLIC Farms and other property for tale and rent WANT8 FARMS TO SELL Writes Wills, Deeds, Mortages, Ac. it. \ CROSS RIVER, N. Y. WM. H. FOWLER, Carpenter ^-Builder... Jobbing and Repairing Promptly Attended to Offlo* st the OMd of Fsrkw«7. Katonah, N.Y. electrical engineers/ A andtfontradors/'^ HouseWlrlno /T Tel. 534 / 4 x Elec trlcal Supplies, Lamps and ^ / Transformers! r /H H. Hale, Mgr.[Danbury, Co| J. Garfield Purdy Attorney and > > Counselor-at-Law All kinds of legal business! given prompt attention. Deeds, bills, con­ tracts, etc., carefully drawn. Can be seen at Purdy building, Yorktown Heights, Thursday afternoons, at residence any evening. Telephone 35 Yorktown. Battery Plsoe, iew York City Yorktown Heights, N.Y. FINE PRINTING . . ... AT THE OFFICE OF . . . KATONAH TIMES 60 YEARS' EXPERIENCE P atents: T RADE M ARKS DcsKtNa .... T COPVRMMTS AC. ADTone Mndliif a tkcleta and description may quickly ucerui n oar optnkm free wbttlier an lnrentlon It probably Patentable, Communion- tlont atrlctlr confidential. HANDBOOK oh Patents •ant free. Oldeat aaener for awrarmg paterxi. Patents taken' through Munn a Co. receive ict, without 0 bartra, in the ICCWM HDHH, WllUUUb VUM^V, M M*v Scientific American, A handaomelT lllmtrated weekly. J-anreit ctr- culation of any •dentine journal. Terms. 13 a year: four montbf, IL 80W by an newsdealers. MUNNiCo.\\\^ New York Branch OtBoe, <B6 F Bt_ Waahln K ton, D.C. D R. F. H. WILLIAMS. :DJBV KTIST. Office and Keeidenee, Bedford Road, Katonah, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. MOUNT KISOO—On Tuesdays and Saturdays. Gas and local anesthetic** used foi extracting, Tls better to make an; appointment. Notice. Ladies willjffind superior comfort and accommodation during confine­ ment, in a private country house. Irregularities corrected. Skilled mid­ wife with 25 years experience. Ad­ dress Mrs. L. Lohr Elmsford. Tele­ phone 47-E, \White Plains. 2-22-07.

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