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(ESTABLISHED IN 1878.) R. D. fCNAPP, EDITOB AND PBOPKIJCTOB Published Everj Friday Afternoon. Subscriptions: One year $1 .50 Three months, 40c 8ix months... 75^Single copies... 5c. Advertising rates on application. «utered at tbe Pout Office at Katonah, X. Y.,a> Second Class Matter. A Local Republican Newspaper Devoted to the Interests of Northern Westchester County. <r*-NEW6 ITEMS solicited. Communications 1 atend'ed for publication mnst bear name and tddreti of.*«onder. The riKht to reject or edit «*nimunication« is rceeryed by the Publisher. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13,1908. Last week in our election returns we stated that tbe Republicans car­ ded the Town of Somere. This was *n error. It was carried by the Democrats by a small majority, Bryan carrying it by 19 votes. This and Eaetcheater are the only towns of this county in the- Democratic column. - As President-in-Chief of the army President Roosevelt on Saturday led sixty officers and men on a five- mile, walk across lots on the out­ skirts of Washington. Streams were forded, etc., the. President's only re- gfet being that tbe water was so shallow that he and his followers did jaofcnave to swim across. The Pres­ ident is a card! As the election returns were not tabulated in proper form for making a table of the vote in Westchester County wp have failed to produce the •total vote in each town 01 the coun- as promised last week. Tbe Com- ! missioner of Election has a different- nystem than that employed hereto­ fore in the County Clerk's office, mak­ ing it much more difficult to get the returns. Even that Democratic paper, the \Mount Pleasant Compass,\ confes- that the election of Taft and the ftepublican ticket has' revived busi­ ness and will bring prosperity. The Compass says that befora election Broker Risley reported twenty-three apartments in Pleasantville for rent. Since election he has had numerous inquiries and expects to rent them all in a short time. How would it have been if Bryan had been elected? r The editor of the Mount Kisco Recorder had an awful norve to State last week that the \Recorder was the only Republican paper in this county that dared say a good word for Hughes before the state convention.\ The \ TIMES \ advo­ cated the nomination of Hughes from the first and supported him months before the nomination. More than this, we have seen very little support given to Hughes through the columns of the Recorder. He nas only men­ tioned his name & few times in a casual way and never gave him any very hearty support. We congratulate the people of the state upon the re-election of Charles E. Hughes for Governor. The defeat of Mr. Hughes would have been a a disaster for the Republican party and a disgrace to the State of New York. Gov. Hughes' election in the face of the desperate efforts made to defeat him by the Democratic machine backed by enormous cam­ paign funds, is a distinct victory for clean political methods, good gov­ ernment and high moral ideas in politics. Mr. Hughes, whatever may be said, against his popularity has bee£ an honest, fearless and most capable representative of the whole people of the State of New York and he will continue t o be such during his second term The people of this state have reasons to congratulate them­ selves upon his victory and the Re­ publican party to take great credit for the woudeWul (iglit put up in the ^Governor's bebalf, which resulted in huch a magnificent victory at the polls. With Charles Evans Hughes in Albany as thp executive of the pimple, good government is assured I'I .1 two w 1 ri> inure Citizens of Westchester County! THe Official' Returns for , Westchester County. The following are the official fig­ ures on the head of the national ticket recently completed by William J. Wallin, Commissioner of Elections: . \ TAFT BKYA* Bedford 768 362 Cortlandt 2386 1751 Faatchester 328 -4®2 Greenburgh 2465 1474 Harrison 306 258 Lewiaboro 192 91 Mamaroneck 459 378 Mount Pleasant. 1209 891 Mounti Vernon.... 3460 1878 New Castle 469 219 New. Rochelle 3079 1492 North Castle ... . 227 112 North Salem., \s . 187 116 OssiniDg 1430 891 Pelham 388 123 Ponndridge 108 53 Rye 2144 1345 Scarsdale 214 44 'Somers 138 157 White Plains ... 1092 834 Yorktown 368 206 Yonkers 7022 5254 28971 18331 Taft's Plurality, 10,040. Republicans Regain Control of Supervisors With Forsyth as Chairman and Harvey Green as Clerk. At 3:30 o'clock Monday 'afternoon the Supervisors after *baving cau­ cused all day went into session,\ the understanding being that the Board would be organized ns follows:— Chairman, E. A. Forsyth, of Yon­ kers. Clerk, HarTey B. Green, of Chap- paqua. Assistant Clerk, David S. Murden, of Peekskill. (Re-elected.) County Attorney, Cbas. A. Van Auken, of New Rochelle. County Engineer (a Republican to be selected later.) Income Tax Appraiser in the place of John J. Sinnott, Fred L. Merritt, of New Rochelle. Early in the day the two Supervi­ sors from New Rochelle—Bewning- ham and Raymond—who were elected on tbe Democratic and Independent tickets and who hold the balance of power, announced that unless Ex- City Judge Van Auken, of New Ro­ chelle, was elected counsel to the Board and Fred L. Merritt was ap­ pointed Appraiser of the Income Tax in the place of John J. Sinnott, they would vote for John J. Sinnott, the present chairman of the Board and James J. Fleming for clerk. This ultimatum was announced through George I. Roberts, jormer Republican leader of New Rochelle, (now an Independent) and the Re­ publicans were finally obliged to ac­ cede to this demand or see the Board turned over to the Democrats for an­ other year, as the votes of the two New Rochelle supervisors absolutely controlled the situation. » Ward on SenatorahlikE _i \President RopaeveltsWxrta^onths.' ago came to the d^lsk >al ? tb *ti no combination of chrvmsiaikMSwbuId induce him to become .a can'didate for election to the United -/States Senate from New York Stated tb> 'suc­ ceed Thomas C. Piatt;\saidNj &onal Committeeman Wardr '6l:;Ni^ybrk,-' just as he was- leaving- 'tHS^fhite' House. ' ' . >. A When asked if he thoagbti Secre­ tary Root would be - the. next; •Sena­ tor from New York, Mr. Ward replied by asking, \Would Mr. -Root .V a candidate?\ It was suggested that Mr. Ward could answer that Ihimaelf but be replied that he always asked\ \the newspaper men for the\\ latest news.\ \ , '--'-j Toaquestiou as to the probability of President Roosevelt being a, can­ didate in 1911 to succeed Ghauncey M. Depew, Mr. Ward replied that the future would, take care of itself. He remarded that Governor, -Hughes in that year would have completed his second term as Governor ;pf-' rv'ew York and with a record, of splendid administration in the stateyduring the coming two years would :inake an admirable man for the place. \If you believe iu playing futures/' said Mr. Ward, \that is a good card to play.'; \ - Save Our Public Highways- The greatest of our visiblevassets is represented in the splendid^ high­ ways which have been built^by the State. At this moment -these are disintegrating, due to ne»lec&t; ET- ery reasonable effort should be i made and at once to preserve aidi'main- tain them. % Our \ citizens should bestir f them­ selves among their public servants. Public sentiment, must be arouse*. Bad roads are a deetriment /'Good roads an investment and aibleesing. Tbey civilize, .bringing commjanities in harmony of thought and action.— Westchester County Magazine,'^ OFFICE OF Mc&s% Rejects lotion In Denunciation of lonarclL Commissioned Denounces Divorce. COUNTY OF WEST • • White Plains, N. Y.,' Npv/$fi$0& Notice is hereby given that the-, lists for Grand and Trial' -JuKMrs for the year of 1909 are now |6p »n for examination and corlrectioiif^l? All persons residing in \\Wesiit enter County claiming exemplkMS -l from such jury duty, and\? Who|?;lM »t not heretofore had '•their ^hai^^ej 'ased from the active list of juroi^,;s>re «£ quested to appear at '-t^Jo ^fc*; with--, in fifteen days between uaifiioars 6l 9.30 a. mfand 3 ii^m^imJmw^e fdfe lowing cities and \vWa ^^^0n< dates indicated vbelair^ hours of 4 to 6 p^m.'^aif to8p.m. v ^,, Monday, Novemb«r..&f Tort' ter, office of Town Clerfc?,-,, a-jgia^, Tuesday, NovemberylO, TXew,0tti^ cbelle, office of John F; Lambden^?'; In a sermon preached at the church of Immaculate Conception, Tucka- hoe, the Rev. John P. McCormack, its pastor, denounced divorce as tbe curse of the nation and upheld the attitude of the Catholic Church on the sanctity of marriage. He said in part: \Divorce is a curse. America leads the world in divorces. Comparing the number of divorces in this country with those in Canada and Europe, there are many more here than in those countries. It is the curse of this nation. The Catho­ lic Church looks on the marriage state as mostsacred. Once married, forever married. The church has never reversed its decision on divorce and never will. Thank God, the ProteBtant churches are opening their eyes to tbe evils of divorce. \If any misfortunes are coming to this country they are going to be brought on by the curse of divorceJ If any blessings are to be the experi- • ence of this country, they will come through the sanotity of marriage.\ Murder At Mount Kisco. \t Vorth White Plains stands tbe i ii] lionet' which, while the American uliiiion w;irt in active progress, .sneliiM--il our revered Washington n.ore 1 huii any house now iu exist­ ence in the State of New York Let us si ve tin-* fiininu -i historic struc­ ture I f is III- H IIV owned by a man who it- willing to -1 II i he house with .an acre ann'onmling it at a very rea monable fijrilrn. The building should >be bought bv flip State of New York ••and preserve^ for a museum of Washington mid Revolutionary rel­ ics, like the Washington headquar­ ters honee at Newhurg. That'ibuild- ng did not beenm\ so honored by Washington until after the capitula 'fion of Cornwnllis and the active close of thp Revolution Yet the State of New York bought the/prop •erty to guard it for coming genera­ tions. Why should not the State do as much for the old house at North White Plains? Every citizen of the state should •he thoroughly concerned in the pres -•ervation of this, one of the mostcele- ibrnted historic buildings of America. —Westchester County Magazine. Thomas Waltman, a peddler, was shot and killed at Mount Kisco yes­ terday by men who robbed him of the small amount of money that be carried ' The body was found by a lamplighter. It was in a^ lane near the Oakwood cemetery on the out­ skirts of Mount Kisco. There were two bullet wounds in the chest while another bullet had lodged in the brain. Waltman's home was at 1435 St. Mai k '8 avenue, Brooklyn. He was well known around this neighbor hood, where for several years he had sold goods to workmen of the New York city watersheds and other pub­ lic works. When found he was lying on his back with all his pockets turned in side out. In h's left hand he clutched 02 cents which the robbers had failed to get. His pack had also been rifled. The lane where the body was dis­ covered leads from a camp where a large number of foreigners are em­ ployed in constructing the new sewer system for Mount Kisco, and it is be­ lieved he wa§ followed from the camp by the robbers after he had exposed a roll of bills in making change for of his purchasers. Wultmau visited Bedford on Satur­ day inorniug while walking with his pack toward Mount Kisco. Sheriff Lane and Coroner ! Squires were notified and they hnrried to the scene of the murder in an auto, but in their search for a clue thjjy didn't find anything definite. - office of Frank L. Young. Friday, November 13, TarryfcbNsin'j office of Charles D. Millard, 3»fM£ visor. , Monday, November 16, Yonkers;' Surrogate's office, PhilipeburgBiild-' ing. *s-****' Tuesday, November 17, PeeitttUI^ Municipal Building. No exemptions will be allowed- on less the persons claiming theffsay shall make and file an ah^dav &aiat ing the facts entitling him thereto, unless such exemption shaU ^'rest upon physical incapacity, in; -which case a certificate and an^avii.'oi a physician will be received. v JOHN SELLS, Commissioner of Jurors of .West­ chester County A Beautiful Woman. :' : Her surroundings should be in har­ mony , and can best be made db by a well kept home. The L. & it'.. Pure Paid makes the home beautiful;\It pre­ serves it and prevents decay The cost per gallon , readyfor use, is only $1.20. Jt-Tivears for ten years and loDger. *T&ir- _ty-three years of continuous use. is evi­ dence. L & M Paint agents. John C. Purdy, Croton Falls, Green Brothers, Golden's Bridge, M. Westcott, Mahopac; Mekeel Bros , Yorktown Heights'; ^'C T. Tompkins, Somers Centre. ' ;, WUtNIFTC AGAINST TAIL Suarvnteav Demanded by Radical*-' That Empancr Do Not Intarfora Haraaftar In Faraign Affair* Without Pravroualy Consulting tha'CHancallor. Diaplaaaura of the German- Parlia­ ment Alao Viiited Upon Count voni Bulow. Berlin, Nov. I*—Two Bnys of excit­ ing and almost revolutionary debate- In the relchstag concluded with the rejection by t.he- majority of a proposi­ tion to send an address to the emperor censuring his majesty and calling ate tention to the danger of his personal; Intervention in foreign politics. The- discussion, however, brought' forth vlb'- lent expressions- against the kniser. The displeasure of the house wae- concentrated principally upon- Chancelv Ior von Bulow. Members of several of - the groups refaeect to ncrppt the ch'nn- sellor's explanation with rpirard to tn>- emperor's Interview in (lip London* Daily TeleKriipn as satisfactory or as offering guiirnn-tees for thr future. Baron Gump. C«nsf >rv -i!i< e. s.-ilfl'iff was tragi*? thnt a s*>rprei;ni with- *^ many admlrnlirc «nT ™Iftics sin uld fiW himself in. such <•» pir-rir. His majesty^, tn .nl >If om;ht r'lther-lr'e be ascribed\ to his rt?spn-.-ihlp iw'- vlaers, who ahu-e the- ti ne of !Ji.sii;;ir \£3. sever have been Rhfo to tell his inaj;-, esty plalhly hfs eon -stltu 'ininl i'ti*u-«.. Other members- rt -vfewed Hie ucts- the emperor- and complnhiPd ilmrply of the chancellor's course In not v» •Isting itap«rili-I excursions tu>j w.d th* constitutional' ftontlers. KonraeT Hawssmann, Bavarlnti Radi­ cal; violently attacked the conduct ©f the- chMoellbr and the emperor. \His majesty,\ he declare*, \onep .•aid tn«t he- bad BO patience- with pes­ simists, but bis methods have created Millions of peaslmlits in, (Sermany.\ Herr Haussman proposeii that the> reliihatag send an address to the em- pi roc ao that bis majesty anight know the opinion of the nation. Herr Heme, Social Democrat,, in a. ctfisrJC speech demanded that guaran­ tees be- given that the emperor here- iirtet' should not Interfere in foreign 'affaj|i» -artthoct consulting the cbancel- ISrjf^ prJaerwise, he said, Gerjnany .imldiflBd herself engaged in a war *\ ifc^iBeHher the emperor nor the , J \Bffi *l<iiMijStii Cheers' greeted\ this Sop ^tttpn. '^\. ^ 'IrHKEAT TO Y0UN6T QUEEN'. Kaiawe Told Qu'eea Wilharmina Hfc- Would Taka Dutoh Porta. ^..SBB Hague, Nav. 12.— The Vadftr- lan«. publishes extracts frotn the me- motrs of a dlploaaat, who asserts that •faring the Russo-Japanese war the Cei man emperor wrote t» Queen Wil- kennlna of Holland. The kaiser- threatened' the occupa­ tion of Duti* ports amless Hwuand .immediately put herself in a state of defense against Great Britain-. MADE TO>(- ' MEASURE j. 5 &. 10 Cfefi<t B^airtmemt I- Agency tor This is what I say to you when I sell you a Royal Suit:— The two best moalcrate priced caafstlDL tbewo^H As*, for «: denu>Bflk>atloM f t any tine on tbe best Kent pomd£ } U $^0VAtaj^ 5 Pwhard Oil, SgpUat 65c - $S.2S OH aadLCaavtt.7S Panhard Oil, 10' gaL at 36c - Oil I puarautee that your suit will have in it all the\Btyle and refine­ ment thut you can get from any great metropolitan tailor. 1 guarantee that it will fit, not merely because it won't fall dS your body, but because it'will fol­ low every line and curve and angle of your figure. 1 guarantee that this fit will last not for a day or a month, but until the suit is completely worn out, and I give you this guarantee m written^ signed, legal form, to stand good in any court in the land' LAWYER DEAD AT DESK. , Railroad Ktoryanizar Qtrioktin Whil«* it Writing a Latter. Philadelphia, NOT. 12v -SiiJis W Pet- tit, one of the best known- corporation and constitutional lawyers: in the coam- try, w*s found dead in kis offices in this etty. He- was aeated at his desk and had been stricken- while in th* act of writing a letter. Mr. Pettlt was a eiivil war v«teran, with a- title- of ttewteaant colonel: a director in many financial corporations aid a well known club member. He- represented the stockholders of the- Northern Pacifle railroad i» a lonsc- flgbt, assisted in reorganizing the\ Phil­ adelphia and Beading Railway conv pany and also reorganized the, Knnsjtsa City* Pittsburg snd Gulf railroad. MORSE HAS LOST HOPE, Financier Will Mfake No Further Move For Bail *» Yet. New York, Nov. ,i&— Wallace Mac- farlane, counsel for Charles \V. Morse, said that he contemplated uo.further move to obtain bail for the convicted •banker pending the filing of the Ulll of exceptions on Dec. 11. Judge Lacombe's order restrains the United States marshal from removing Mr. Morse from the Tombs until the final determination of his case on the writ of error before the higher court. Morse seems to have lost hope, his keepers say. AIL Automobile Supplies of the Hfghfisli Grade at tbe Lowest Prices. WILLIAM G. BARRETT, Propr. Teiepl*one 22 Katonab. Do you wonder I the largest tailoring town ? W W, am getting business in FOOTE \Dealer ID , Royal All Pure Wool Tailoring.' MOUNT KISCO, tf. Y. OVEKOOATS, TOO. -'.'.' , A REDUCTION IN INTEREST RATES Applications for loans, on bonds and mort­ gage will be promptly considered at five and one* half per cent, interest. Building loans\ made. - Westchester & Bronx Title & Mortgage Guaranty Company WHITE PLAINS - NEW YORK BRANCH OFFICES : 22 Getty Square. Yonkers. SS Lawton Street, N«w Rochelle. 22 E. 1st Street, Mount Vernon. 17« Broadway, New York City. TWAIN'S BURGLARS PLEAD. Get Five Yeara For Breaking Into ~' Home of Humorist. Danbury, Conn., Nov. 12. — Charles Hoffman and Henry Williams, charged with burplary at the home of Samuel I).- Clemens (Mark Twain), pleaded guilty, and Williams In addltlton plead­ ed guilty to a charge of assault with Intent to kill. -JIhe court sentenced them to state prison for five years. Runia Bare \Salome.'* St. Petersburg. Nov. 12.— A version of Oscar Wilde's \Salome\ was stopped by the police. The holy synod had ve­ toed the original as blasphemous. LONG DISTANCE PHONE RE^IDKNCE KA.TONAH. Con. PA RKWAY AND BEDFORD ROAD ARTHXTR S. AYERY FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND. LICENSED EKtBALMER MODERN' EQUIPMENT - COMPETENTl SERVIOB K ATONAH, 1ST.-Y. OAXJLS £»K JVrPCfjV- .'A. rCKVDKD CTO DAY OR NIGHJ^

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