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SOMERS CENTER On Wednesday, Nov, 24tb, before jT.istbc Ari^sn. the intrml/r who visited Mr. John Birdsall's the previ­ ous Sunday, taking a watch, money, etc.. was give'n a trial aod, being found guilty,, HUS sentenced to 00 days' in - -|>ri8onment. On the 27th of last month Mr. and Mrs Gaorge Tompkins were made happy try iho arjiyul „f ,i Jaugiitir Congratulations. Xtnas music ia now being practiced by the Sunuay School aud it is hoped that ;•. pleasing program may be given on Suuday afternoon, December 20th. Hi 2.--10 o'clock, Iu the chuich hall. An invitation is extended to all the friends of the school to be present and enjoy the exercises. Also an opportunity ia given to c- ntribute clothing, toye or reading matter on that date, as those hav 'pg it iu ehnrge hope \o send an Ktnnd I v to the Five Points Mission, wli'T'''. .. iled ti >ys iiti'J elothing ^oiriwvrh.t' wurn will be gladly repi-iv>*(l liyt'.s in want Mia. Frank T<>mp Kins, ii g pn-fi 'i. 'it cf the MiK -.I01.a13 S.)ci'!\ • ',M'< r. i with the Silivl.i} Scle DI, will j'erom. the conn iuuti 'i* al in> tuiii liffor.- the tw> ntU'tli. T « e i» net ,i s'ure in tho country that given.su inneli time a 'irl attention to tl\ : holiday business as Kennedy \ VauToesell, Kat<>nah. Go there for your Christmas gilU. MIPS Flora Burrett has returned from i pleasant sojourn ft Pleasant vtlle Leonard Austin is the happy father of a little daughter that came to his city home on Saturday, the 28th. This being tbo boyhood home of Mr. Austin his many friends here are naturally In­ terested in this young lady. Con­ gratulations. On Wednesday, Nov. 24th, Thanks­ giving exercises were held by the pub lie school there being a very enjoyable program which showed tho thought and care of the teacher, Mrs. Vulcheff, who was In charge of the school dur­ ing the past year and is a general favorite of both parents aud children. T. H. Quick, Robert Kelley and Geo. Meldrum have been spending the month of November at the county seat as jurors. Westchester Notes. Among those who have recently become members of the ltepublican Club of New York are William V . Onmpbell and Pierre C. Waring, of Yonkers, and B. _ E. Smythe, of Brouxvillp. . Isaac W. Turner, president of the villuge of Mount JKisc.o, has won his fight for the construction of a sewer system there, Justice Mills having divided against the taxpayers' action brought to hold up. the improve­ ment. It is not thought that the opposition will go any further and take an appeal \The Rye Chronicle\ publishes the picture of Joseph Adams, who has just been elected mayor of R.ve, Eng­ land. Mr. Adams visitpd Hye last J )p(...iue i .iiid was entertained by Arthur Outratn Sherman Bids have been opened for the new sewer system soo > t .i lie eonstrttc led by the village oi Rw The lowest biildi-r was t he (.'oiiiie' I ieut ( oiit ratt­ ing ('(inipntiv. wlui'i offt ri 'd t\ ilo '\ tlh) Hints for Christmas Shoppers on £very Counter ' ' at Wliinairiakar• s When lists are long,',i.:d cho.ee difficult, gi£t givers should try this helpful store. Shop by rr.-dl if y -j cr.\nr>t come your- seli. On aH side* are thousands- of bea_...U . :t.c ts that can be bought at »vnall outlay. With Can tn-.„.;. I i nnnd. onr buyers L.,-c s a-<_.\..d 'lie marts cf the wr'd r ..r t'j.-.ifs 1 ft* U'c.'ul a. ' \tsi<\. 'in j a'; c ^r'fjl £.tt'n i. . to . of the ex xn do,\ J ' .c -L ^13' i, in- o I :ic h u-ihoid u •K 11 fi-1 • suKi act—ai ,. . ~ •s V i > . • tl ' \ ' ! c: 1.1. a :)()' g Painting and I Paperhanging ESTIMATES CAREFULLY O I. V E N o o o o § v GEORGE_B. HOPPS 2 £ P. O. Box 321. Katonahy N,Y r 2 ^•o«o«o«o«o«o»o«o«o«o*o*o« SOUTH SALEM 3 Mrs. Arthur Hill, of Forwalk, Conn., spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. St. John. The social and business of the .Christian Endeavor was held on Tues­ day evening at the home of Mrs. Jes- *te Gilbert. Mr. Fritz Janesky and son, Emil. spent Sunday and Monday in New York, and to the delight of Emil vis­ ited Bronx Park. , Mrs. Aaron K. Bouton and Mrs. Curtis Williams have been on the sick X social gathering was held on Fri-1 M * day evening last at the home of Ed-' mftI ward YanTaasell. Dancing was the amusement of the evening. Mr. Thomas Gilbert, Mrs. Jessie Gilbert and daughter, Jessie, spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. Gilbert's mother, at Staten Island, and remained until Monday. On Saturday afternoon last a sur­ prise party was given to Hattie Bus sell by eight of her school girl friends. A delightful afternoon was passed and it was \hot uhtil after dark that the visitors departed for home. Beginning, this, Friday, evening the - 1 —.Ml OC(JlUUlUg, j, „ Christian Endeavor prayermeeting will be held on the evening of each week instead of on Sunday evening. This is to take the place of the old time Fri­ day evening prayermeeting and, though under the direction of the Ghaistian Endeavor Society, will be open to all. Among the usual out of town guests for Thanksgiving were Robert Fancher at George Hoyt's, Messrs. Rufns and Henry Mead and Mrs. Linus Mead at Stephen Mead's, James Halt, wife and catldren at Mis. Isaac Halt's, and Mr and Mrs. Ebeuezer Wood and son, at Jan: es Lawrence's. The old Solomon Mead homestead, which has been in the family 130 years, was 8(-ld recently to New York parties. T 'ie | • -• pi 'J^j- ntiiniM nearly \OO acres iMenti.iii hiif .'ftiii lif n made <>f Truesdale iiun. <u ii i In* proposed l't iitsdal*- laid-, b.ii Tru etS1 'Me hike is but a very the \M>I k fur I-'.\ I 'lvMde'it .Inh'i .1 IMillu.-. U IN nj.Mee.ili weeU I'role—-nr I pn -\'iitei l 111111 with peslrv l'nil'e.^^i )J that he tnaile the iritt in e 1 ..M I,,, ruun \! •-\'I I i Mm i hl-Toi • il t.i- 1. 1 .Mm i sat-1 ^ to Mi Brown , because he was the head of the muni- \ cipiilnv. lie worked on the tapes- ' try 4-1- days and two ni<rhts to have j it finished at the time of the celebra­ tion of the 22oth anniversary of the village. The recent financial statement for Westchester County shows the total assessed valuation t o be $2.\>7 96G on real estate, with an addition­ al assessment of §11,200,412 on personal property. The value of real estate owned by the county is given as $500,000, and the bonded and floating indebtedness fl,658,- 118. It is expected that the assessed value for 1908 will be it excesB of 1300,000,000. Senator Agnew Married. The marriage of Miss Emily Dutilh Grugan, daughter of Major and Mrs. Frank C. Grugan, to State Senator George Bliss Agnew, of No. 9 West Fifty-sixth street, New York, oc­ curred on Wednesday at the resi­ dence of the bride's parents, No. 10 East 53d street. The ceremony was performed at half past three o'clock by the Rev. Dr. Leighton Panes, rector of St. Bartholomew's Protestant Episco­ pal Church, in the presence of the im­ mediate relatives of the bride and groom. This was followed by a re­ ception at which several hundred guests were present. Miss Grugan had only one attend­ ant, Miss Dorothy Pierpont Ed­ ward, daughter of Mr. ana Mrs. J. Piecpont Edwards, 'of Bedford Sta­ tion, N. Y. \ man. The ushers were Messrs. Eliot Tuckerman, Samuel Sloan Auchin- closs, Erskine Hewitt and Edgar Allan Poe. «. The wedding reception was dire of the largest and gayest of the season. Senator Agnew and his bride will spend considerable time in upper Westchester a little later. 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('.armaiiia They will pai-a th\ «in­ ter i*' vati.,iiB Mediti-rraU'-iiii au'l .~>l lilian ri -s.iit«, anil will rt-upeu im ir Bo'lliilil plcfP, \White Gales Flirui, - ' eai h in t lie 8t >i t.i^ Tt'ete in i or n H\.r« in the country that giv>-a 8o nun <i 'ime a'ifl attcnti. ?j to ltl»i le.li.lay l)i .-.llit-n- us K»nili ilv (St Van THSSI 11, K.tonali. tin thciu lor your Cm lbttu.iM y •'fts. Peekskill Has a Mysterious Fish A strange story of a mysterious fish on good authority from that usually unimaginable locality, Ver- plank's Point, near Peekskill, is to the effect that the creature came ashore alive, died or was killed there and was surgically operated upon by boys who used stones for operat­ ing instruments and found much in­ teresting matter in its inner columns. From the description given, the fish was four feet long by two feet at its greatest width, had a tail more like that of a dog than of a fish and a mouth thirteen inches wide, cap­ able of opening it to a height of twelve inches. Inside the mouth were double rows of teeth, some of which wore an inch and some an inch nnd a half in length. Upon cutting the monster open the boys found in its stomach six round nose sturgeons And one sucker. A<ZP<] nnd experienced fishermen, who ex iiiiiticil the strange, piscato­ rial find, were unable t o tell to what i lass or tribe it belonged The Evidence in the Case. ^ years use ii e\ ulence—Millions of consumers is evidence—sales made by 16,000 agents is i valence You buy 4 gallons L & M I'IUIU 3 gallons Fure l.inseed oil | at 60c J mix ihem and make 7 gallons best paint ready for n^e cost only Si 20 per gahau—done in two min­ utes \J M Paint agents. John C. I 'uvily, Crolon F.ills. 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