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BANKS' DRY •* GOODS •* Millinery Come in and let us show you the latest styles It costs you nothing and pleases us. We are sure the styles will please you and the low prices sur­ prise you. Hats at $3.95, $4.95, $5.95 and ^$6.95. Are selling for double these prices elsewhere. •T' Furs All kinds of fur neck pieces for Ladies, Misses and children, with muffs and turbans to match. We have ladies sets from $3.90 to $27.00. Sold separately or in'sets. The biggest stock of the leading styles, fashioned and manipulated to fit any pocketbook. Our prices are positively the lowest, our values the best B. E. BANKS Mt. Kisco. FKIDAY. DK0EMBE1! .11. 1908 KATONAH POST OFFICE. New Commissions of Appraisal Appointed. QOE IN ITALY KILLSJI25,000; Three Provinces Devastated; 40,000 Homeless. MESSINA SUFFERS MOST. Christmas gifts, large and small, were flying around the County Court House in great profusion Thursday morning. Perhaps the largest of the gifts, in oint of value, were ^ handed out by upreme Court Justice M. J. Keogh, when he filed his appointments of commissions in a number of acque- duct proceedings. Iti the matter of the Kensico Reser­ voir proceedings, be appointed two commissions; for Section 11, Phoe­ nix Ingraham, of New York; Robert B. Van Cortlandt, .of Mamaroneck, and former Mayor M. J. Walsh, of Yonkers For Section 12, Joseph Barrett, of Katonnh; Win H Catlin, of Rye, and P. A. MeManns, of New York. For Section l.'J, of the Catakill Aqueduct, be appointed Thomas F. Curran, of Yonkers, Alexander Mc- ' Clelland. of Dobbs Ferry and Robert E.J)e^ o, of New York i Two vacancies were to be filled on | on two commissions, caused by the 1 deaths of former commissioners. In the phiee of Kdwunl Wells, .lr, of 1'eekskill, Justice Keogh apppoint- ed James G. Graham, of Newburgh, on the Kensico reservoir Section 1U Commission. In the place of Isaac Bell Brennan of New York, he ap- j kmcd In Mwsina.\38 .(Km in UPBRIO. 16, pointed Cornelius J Pinkney, of New ^ In Cntanln und j, r>00 tn GuzzarI . Rochelle. on the Kensico Reservoir , Thlrty toWMi , ncludlnB Valml Gioj£l) Bognara, Xaro. Scllla. Maretto, Cas- sano, San Giovanni, Oalbunlsetta, Can- PERSONAL ITEMS. Tidal Wave Follows Earthquake at Catania, Sicily, and That City la In ­ undated b y the Sea—Thousands of Residents Buried Alive In the Ruins of Their Houses—King Victor Em­ manuel Starts Work of Relief. j Rome, Deo 31.—The three provinces of Oosenzn. Cat iimiro and IteKRlo, in | | Calabria, wlik-h forms the southwest- ! ] ern extremity of Italy, as well as the ' I Island of Sicily, were devastated by | ! an earthquake, with a loss of about j 125,000 lives At least 40,000 were reu- \ I dered homcloss I Important cities were wiped out I of existence and are nothing but a i heap of ruins. At least 05,000 were Section •\> Commission Seven entries have already been re­ ceived for the Briarcliff auto race of 1909, t o be held in April. Most of the stores in the village j will be closed to-morrow, New Year's day. School will open again next Mon­ day. The students have had a good vacation, enjoyed the skating and\ should now be ready for good, hard study. The report of Supervisor E. P. Barrett will be found on the second page of this issue. Every ctizen in­ terested in town affairs should read this report.^ The immensity of the recent disas­ ter in southern Italy can hardly be realized. It is now estimated that 110,000 lives were lost in two towns alone. Besides, many smaller towns Jiave been destroyed. The full death rate cauuot as yet be estimated. LIPARI /Si SEA. MAP SHOWING UElrlOX WORST DAMAGED BY EARTHQUAKE tello and Vespuni wore nrst wrecked by the earthquake and then engulfed by the sea in a gigantic tidal wave. The earthquake's Titanic might trans­ formed the face of Sicily, rivers were dried up or their source changed, hills disappeared, vast crevices are yawning in the earth, and the country Is deso­ lated. Four thousand soldiers In the bar­ racks at the ruins —Married—On Wednesday morn­ ing at the home of the bride* by the Rev Lea Luquer, of Bedford, Mrs. Charlotte T. Hoyt and I)r Walton J, Carpenter, both of this place. Tliey have gone t o Cuba on their wedding journey. Congratulations. —Miss Ethel Van Tassell, of Brook­ lyn, is the guest of her cousins, the Misses Van Tassell. this week. —Mr. and Mrs F. W Gorham and Miss Helen, are visiting relatives in Norwalk, Conn. —Rev. and Mrs. W T. Bartlett are entertaining their nephew, Mr Alex­ ander McGill, of Princeton University for the holiday vacation —Misses Belbi Murphy and Harriot E. Attiade are spending a few days m Boston and vicinity sightseeing ' —Friends of Miss K B Davis, sup­ erintendent of the Bedford IMnrm i- tcaw, are worried us to lier snfet\. She has. been travelling in southern Italy and Sicily, and as no word ha« been received from her, it is tea roil she may be a victim of the terrible onthquake —Later—A cablegram hus been re­ ceived by Mr. James \\ ood of Mount Kisco, from Miss Davis from Syra­ cuse, Sicily, asking for finanual aid. It is supposed from this fact that she has escaped with only her life, but the fact that she is alive is a source of much joy to her many friends in this vicinity —Mr and Mrs George Washburn ] returned last week f,roni their wed ding trip to Washington, etc, and I are at home with Mrs. Washburn's 1 parents, Mr. and Mrs Geo Ilopps, | of Cherry street. . —Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Alexander, of ' Yoakera, MJSB Alice Attride and Mr and Mrs. F B. Marsh, of New York, and Miss H. E Attride, of Tappan, were among the guests at the family gathering on Christmas day at the home of Mr and Mrs. George Attride on Highland avenue —Mr and Mrs Thos S Ganung visited the latter's brother at Peeks kill over Christmas OPKN FBOM 7:00 A. M. TO 8.1B P. M. HAILS OLOSE AT POST OFFICE:— .<OBTH. 7:10 A. M. CHATHAM LOCAL 12:24 P. II. CHATHAM LOCAL -——n —-or; frMTpfi\rsFi 'flLa )-iaXPirE3s \ 6:83\p M PAWLISO LOI AI. 1 he next isBue of the \Times'' will te uuder the management bf Mr. W. H. Chamberlain. Many new improve- j blocks the entrance to the strait of meats are contemplated, including a | Messina The tidal wave wrecked tho new type setting machine vThis will I lighthouses in the strait, including add largely t o the e<juipiitent v +>{-4he office and facilitate -lie issue of the Owing to the failure of the new Supreme Court building at White Plains ready for use on January 1st it will be necessary for the super visors to renew for six months tho lease with ex-Postmaster James H Messina were buried under j Moran for the building now being The rock of Charybdls now j used for the temporary chambers of the court .J. paper and increase the amount of reading matter. Hoyt Bros Co. announce some genuine bargains Head their adver­ tisement on first page \ \Gift for Wm.GT Barrett, Faro beacon, and they crashed into the sea. In Messina. Regglo, Palmi Catania. Bopinru and other stricken cities bands of armed vandals went about robbing the dead and Injured and loot­ ing riiiuei] buildings, stabbing and shooting a n.\ survivors who opposed NOTICE. Our store will be dosed at 7 p m for the mouths of January and Feb ruary, Saturday evenings excepted Ki:i.i.o(iii & MEAD David A. Doyle, P.n —ooum n w r lOTKiorMTyTOOoriooon Katonah News. § The King's laughters' circle will meet with Mrs. It. D Knapp next Wednesday afternoon Jannar\ (>. at two o'clock New tiro escapes nre being put on the sohool building They load from the assembh room to the ground There can ho lit r It- da tiger hereafter in case yf n fire For the ai'i ommodatinti of the school pupils tlio public hlir;ir\ will !IH open on Tinwl-u.- ,md I'ndavs HI 3 p m until \pril 1st This rule will be in oiierntuin alter Jan 1 Beginning on Mondav evening at 1 7 '\0 o'clock, union week-of-pnn ••[• I service* will be hold in the M !•; I church for three nights and on , Thur«dav and Frida\ nights tlwv' Will *ake place in the IYI».N1>\ tetian ! ohur< li i There will lie an olTonng taken in 1 he H^hMbvtoriiiu and' Methodist •ehunSBBjiext Sunday morning for the relieTof the earthquake sufferers. Every ono is urged to contribute to help tide over this great calamity which has befallen the people of Italy The offerings will bo distributed through the Red Cruss Society Watch night service will be held in the M. E. church on Thursday uight, Dec. ;J1, at 0 o'clock Addresses will be made by both pastors, and there will be singing, testimonies, prayers and consecrations Come and watch the old year out and the new year in. The service will be held in the main •audience room. Good grades of cotton blankets and comfortatles at all priceR at —Hoyt Bros. Co The pope gave ?200,00<> and King Victor ICmiiiiiiiuel $4<X).<)0<> to the re­ lief fund which the iiitorniitiouit' C;nli- is raising i or the irthi|iinl< Arthur S (.'honey, American consul at Messina, and his wife losi their lives in the earthquake The Suntn Maria college at Ali «<is overthrown many of the girl students being hnrieii In the ruins King \ it tor Emmanuel, who was on Henry (' Weeks, of Rye, recently , n shooting trip near Naples when Hie appointed Deputy Kxcise Comniis- 1 first news nf the disaster arri\ed, sloner for \\ esichchter County under | WPn t n> Messina neoompnnieil by the act of 1 < .)07, creating separate | Queen Helena The king assisted p. r- oxeiso departments in seven addi- , sonully in the work of rescue and re- A „^„ 7 in A M IOCU Wm - (!• Barrett, the popular ex \ 10 .35 A. M. £PHKKS I County Register, who now owns a f o , j( iv , |<>f commiU( , 'M5 P M SKW YOHH I.OOAL i hirge garage m W lute 1 lains. was ; onrtll unbl . V j ( .tin.s 7-31 P M NEW vimK LOI-VLJ given a haudsome leatlier chair by ' J ,.j\iis employes for Christmas He also I received a silver headed cane from a friend at I'oughkeepsie Excise Office in White Plains. I tiotml counties in the state, will ! probabh have an office in the Miles I Building White Plains Mr Weeks will take olHce on January 1, after ', which all of the excise business now ' transacted m the C.aintv Treasurer's | oftice will bo handed over to him ! One of Ins diitief, will ho to colle. 1 about $.\.(1(1.1100 annually in ex< i.-e fees, for w 1 1it h he must give a hea\ v | In.ml The s.ilur\ \ill be §'_\\i (>0 a | \ear Awards Made for Croton Falls Property. Skating on the lake has bpen fine the past week until the rain of Wed­ nesday. The ice has been perfectly aafe. The lake is covered with good hard, black ice, which is not less than five tnebps thick at anv place. Of course, under the several bridges the ice isnot safe, and never is, and s 1 ran­ gers on the pond should be warned against going near these places I n many places the ice is ten and eleven inches thick Full lines of overshoes and felt and rubber boots at prices to suit all at —llu.vt Bros t o John t^nu\ Michael ,1 Tiernex and John It \>\\o ns commissioners this week filed third separate report in t li\ proceedings to condemn land for t he Croton Falls dam and reser­ voir which are being built by the city of Xew York Awards for laud taken are made on parcels NOP. '2',\, 20, ,'{.\> .'{(J, :»7, MS, M!>. 40. IB, 4\K oil. .-»(>. r.7 arid .~>S The following are the amounts al­ lowed by the Commissioners: Parcel 23, Mary E. VanScoy $ 26, Thomas Lundy M.I, Itobt. (j VanScoy MO, Martha Osborne . \ '17, Jesse VanScoy.. MS, Harvev VanScoy M!), W. H.\ Hutchinson 40, S. B, Quick and N. V Central It. It. Co \ 4S, HorteiiBe Mead 40, M. C. Stebbins . .\>0 Stephen Voris Est. \ .\>G Stepheu Voris Est ~u, Edith Baroness, Henri D. Vanden \ 58, Edith Barouess, Henri D. Vanden . . G.000 The Halstead family has decided to accept the $295,001) recently awarded to them by the commis­ sioners appointed to condemn lands at Oakland Beach on the Sound, to be used bv the town of Rye for a public purk. Mrs. Matilda Parsons Cowles has sold to the village of Rye a tract of laud at'Kdwards Beach Hill, Rye, whn h will be used as the site of a site of a disposal works for the new sower system now under con­ struction there. lief, and the queen visited the lm-pi- tals and ga\e aid to the injured The Italian government proceeded energy)ioalh to relieve the far spn id distress, cum entrating at the point-, of greatest need troops and enginei is Members of the Red < ross were <hs- pati hed in \arious plai es. and eaiups and prn\ l-icins were lnimediiitel> |\i> - pared. nil a\ailahle railway lines and warship* being used for transport \t i aiiiiiin tIn- panic sirii ken peo­ ple fcnilm; lien slim ks alisolui'iy refused In H enter I heir houses >d are lampim: in the squares which ie free frmn water .nul the surround \ir •rniiiiir\ The luliil wave sunk '•'«) linii- ihen a,id did _ivai dam.ui IO se\er.il large \ essels and steane i s, Im lulling lIn- Vustrian steamer P.iiil-i. In Cal.iliriii the region around M teleone was must .I 'Vected The \il- lage of Stel'aua. <>tii the InhabltiMi's of which niiinlier •_\:t(>(>. was prattl. al­ ly destroxed I POPE PIUS HAS A VISION. Skates Sharpened. Hollow Emery Ground to Edge at o .\TJ Thouras Cai nage \Worns K'a- tonah, X Y For Sale. brown mare, suitable for carriage or farm, weight Hot) lbs —loseph Barrett. Katonah, N Y To Rent. Five rooms with modern improve­ ments.—Mrs Mary Rogers, Katonah For Sale. 1 Portland sleigh, nearly new. 1 carriage, 1 dish h.-it-row, 1 set of sleigh bells —Mernt t Moseman. \ ork- towu Heights \ Y $10.00 REWARD For the arrest and comiction of the person or persons who broke into Cantitoe Si hool House on the night of December Id. 10OS \\ M WII.I.S Trustee For Rent. burn to rent applv at TIM i * Offii 125 M.850 2,400 275 250 2S0 i 750 j H.OOO J 20,00(1 1 250 ! 8,500 , 2.K00 i 75 1 Joan of Arc Said to Have Appeared With Encouraging Words. Rome. Dei :(l —The pope has had a vision. It is said, in wldi h Joan nf Arc appeared and addressed to him solemn words of encouragement, exhorting his holiness to continue his present policx. which she promised would shortly he crowned with triumph It was while the holy father was plunged In prayer In his private ora­ tory Immediately after the ceremony of beatification that the apparition ap­ peared. When the pope came out of the ora­ tory he was very pale aud during sev­ eral days maintained silence. AUSTRIAN ARMY ON FRONTIER Force of 150,000 Men Is Ready to In ­ vade Servia. London. Dee. ;U — Austria has a force of J.10.000 men In Bosnia and Herzegovina ready to invade Servia. Typhus has broken out among the Austrian troops in Bosnia, and the troops are suffering greatly from the cold and the «xposure. Many deathsj havfl oeciirr«d. Tuning. Pianos and organs tuned, regu­ lated and repaired All work guar­ anteed and promptly attended to Instructions given in artistic piano­ forte playing References. Steinwuy Sons, X \ Address Karl (J Berg- trom. It F I). Xo. 1, Mt Kisco. X Y fur Bargains. Bailey's Dept. Store Fur Turbans Fur Sets Good Fur Caps Foot Muffs Fur Itobes Fur Coats Ladies' I''ur Coats. $1.00 - 1 90 1.95 2 90 -. - 4.90 $12 t o #200 $19 and $20 worth double 70c $2 & $3 18c. - $50 Fur Mitteus Baby Carriage Robes Fur Floor Mats, ax(i ft Leather Mittens 1200 Polar Bear Rug Fur driving gloves, lined with fur, made here—the best yet. Everything new this year—Barnes, of Montauu, bought all our old stock last season. Repairing and Dying in All Its Branches Garments made from animal skins from all parts of the world—we carry them all. No misrepresentation here We call things by their right names. F . E . W OOD. - FURRIERS AND TAXIDERMIST • M0UXT KISCO - - N. Y. We have < d the entire Street HOOT of the Moger Avenue Annex to the Display of Holiday Goods. 1 | Children's; Toys | The fact that one=half our space 5) is devoted to Toys is of interest •J to every family within ten miles A * > of Mount Kisco. | I Christmas Gilts j§ Our line is larger and of] {(greater H variety than ever before. Ann im­ portant feature ofj this] seaso j£is the sale of Ladies 1 Furs by. Miss Munn on the second floor annex.\ Shop by Music Concert* by- Lyon's Orchestra [on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Afternoons from 2 until 6 Evenings from 7j to 10. p. m. m ------ H. F. BAILEY & CO. Mount Kisco 1 1 \White Rose\ Grocery w w W H I © i I T. J. DOYLE, Directly Opposite the Depot Katonah, N.Y. BENEDICT BROTHERS Watches. Jewelry, and Men's Fur­ nishings, Dry Goods, Etc. Katonah, N. Y. Sfe: ii

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