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'Wish 3wur neighbors saying in fBEVFORD, LEWISI NhW CASTLE. WORTH SALEM YORKTOWN Tea* Special Correspondence f\. JKK of e tThe Katonah 'Uimes. pa* The Combining the \Croton Falls News an VOL. XXX No. 0# KATONAH. N V FRIDAY. J/ I HIE 6. L Text* of ike Important Measure Drafted by County Supervisors. Orig­ inated in the Bedford Town Board. Supervisor Barrett, C. 0. Millard and B. I. Taylor Willi Urge Bill in Legislature. i Son of a Contemporary of Napoleon i Bonaparte and the Duke of Wel- ! lington, He Was a Familiar Figure , to the People of Bedford—Once a '; Successful Operator in Wall Street A measure of tlie grout est impor­ tance is the Town Police Mill, wliuh is to be presented to the l,egmluturc during the present session The lull originated hen- in t! 1*-* Town of Bedford, following the rob­ beries lust summer nt the homes of Messrs Nichols and Whitman east of Katonah A wave of crime through­ out the eountv showed tin- nei'J for more police Supervisor I 1 ' P liurrett took the matter up in the Tow n Board ami aiid later on brought it to the atten­ tion of the Board of Supervisors In the latter body the plan was dis­ cussed in all its phases and resulted in the drafting of the measure here published. A committee has been appointed | consisting of Supervisors Barrett. 1 C. D. Millard and K I Taylor, who will be sent to Albany m the near fu- 1 ture to present the bill and engineer , its passage. That there is the keen- 1 est popular interest in the matter is [ clear from the amount of discussion 1 heard on every side lately in regard i to the inadoijuUte protection Rob­ beries have been of almost weekly i occurrence, in Mount Kisco murder J has been committed Thugs have ,' held up people on our highways and at one time made it unsafe for un- ' armed persons to venture forth after ' sunset Things li IVP< ome to a pass whii h calls for -Mine drastic .i< lion on the part of i lie authorities and the present bill set ins to it t the situation The lii-.-a sei t ion pruv ides for the amendment ol the law of l^'iti and coiitHnies at follows SECTIONTU. Th e Town Board of any Town within any County adjoining a city of the first class ' may, upon the petition of men- , v** ttve taxpayers of said town, ~~ ie and appoint competent [Who shall be Peace Ol- •r said town, and who -.glJKtlte-powers and be subject to al l the duties an d ; liabilities of a constable of said I town In alt-criminal actions and proceedings of a criminal nature. Tii.- compensation foi 1 the service of said peace officers shall be ' fixed b> said town boaid. at a _\eail> 1 .salary which shall be paid by b.nd board in eijual nionthl> pavnients, and said | town boaul \s hereby empowered lo con­ tract for, purchase keep and maintain the neces.sar\ uniforms, paiapherualia. horses, waj»<>u.s, '\'otorcycles and other equipments of said officers and all bills' foi expeuses and equipments ol said of . ficers shall be audited by sum towi. board m aithly, aad paid by the hupei- | visor of s ii 1 town out of said appropri­ ation SECTION III The town board of any town aftected by this act may dis­ pense with the services of any or all per- sons who may be appointed hereunder whenever said board shall deem that their services are cnecessary SECTION IV No person shall be ap­ pointed as a peace officer under and by virtue of this act who is not a citizen of the United States, or who has ever beeu convicted of a crime, or who cannot un­ derstand or read and write the English language. SECTION V. Any and all expenses incurred under this act shall be a town ! charge and shall be levied, assessed ' and collected upon the taxable property , of said town, the same as other town l charges are levied, assessed and col­ lected. There shall not, however, be levied, assessed an d collect­ ed upon the taxable property of said town for the purposes con­ templated In this act , a su m in excess of one tenth of one per centum of the assessed valua­ tion of the 'taxable property thereol as appears on the lasgt preceeding assessment roll. SCTION VI Any person app uutc 1 . as a peace officer under and b\ viitue of ' the piovisneis of this at t shalt/ not be I appointed for a teim evteuding be\ond the eirie r olh.i.il ye ir and shall be S'ib|ei' to i Miinul at the pleasure <>i fAi d town ) -»:d i/i'^TTT T TTTT TT T T T TTTTT TT T T T T TTTTTTTTTTTT* AT KELLOGG & MEAD'S BEFORE INVENTORY 'Before our annual inventory IDC are going to offer some of our many lines at prices which Will interest Vou A Reduction in Enamel ware We have a large stock (&lue and White ,%Cottled finamel Ware, including Sauce 'Pans, 'Preserving Kettles, 'Uea & Coffee Pots. Hand iftasms, etc . xohich n>e offer at I 0 per cent reduction from regular price The Remainder of Our Lamp Slock u c shall make a 10 per cent reduction on V ou ntav Want anew lamp or shade and during the ne.W tuo necks is the time to buv KATHKOKNii-Siidilinly , on !)<•( unibur 24, 19UH, Ohtrk 'H I .amliurt Kuthboruo, IU the T 1 ith\t'ur o ins age F IIOITA I nervlccfi at 8t. l'»U r a . hunh 2utli it bitwie n nth nnd 9th • vis o n Snuilus u'li riio 11 [)e< '2«th, at 12 . i o i , o, k This Mr Kathborne, who passed uuav on Christmas e\e. was a link connecting ns b y the sp.in of oue life- tune w it li t lie era of Napoleon and the l-'reni h Revolution. His Father was horn in ] TT-~», the 3 ear of the Lisbon earthquake, served as a cap­ tain in the J)th Lancers under the I hike of Wellington, lought in the [ Peninsular wars, listened to theiira- ' tor\ ofl'itt and Fox and saw the • battle of Waterloo. He married i twice. Charles Lambert was the ; \ onngest son of the second wife The i father died in 1HU!) at the ripe old 1 age of '.'-1 years I In the Kathborne house, east of j Katonah, is a remarkable collection of miniatures, some by Malbone and I Sir Peter Lely, portraits of the men and women who took part) in the great events of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, al l contemporaries of the father's. Charles Lambert Kathborne, our fellow-townsman, was born in Ireland in the year \KV.i He came to this country at the age of eighteen and went into business in New York city. He made money fast and- 1866 ac­ quired a seat on the Stock Exchange, the firm being Wetmore&Rathborne. His wife was Miss Elizabeth Hagan, a Quakeress, whom he marrieu in 1807 They first metat that roman­ tically named spot. Love Lake (.Inred Holly Green's) in the Cross Uivei section, now a region all »ub- inersred by the new lake that fills the vullev between Katonah and Cross Hiver village For years past Mr Kathborne has been a irtimliar figure to everyone M Bedford and New ( astle lie vns well Known, too in New \ ork. and at his funeral the church was filled with Uoral emblems sent by old friends in \'th e street'' many of ] vthr hr b.r l-.-l-.s, A »-.*•-• \ to surecris when tlie_\ wereyoun^ am* struggling broker- needing friends Mr Kathborne had not been m ac live business for some _sears and had spent his time at his country home, at Katonah He went to New \ork the day before Christmas to pass the liolidav with his children, and was taken ill soon .ifter dinner Heart disease is said to have been the cause of death Mr Kathborne was at onetime fi­ nancial agent for Commodore V'ati- derbilt. He was of high standing in the Masonic order Mr Kathborne's survn mgchildren are Walter, a New \ ork lawyer and formerly prominent in the Indepen dence party. Charles and William residents of Nevada; Fanny (Mrs John Cushman.) and Elizabeth A Red Cross Meeting candidates egulate the Ol|0\ an<J \TlKmperly pre 'j < i n general \ the i .unli • -'ii^ purlieu •\RY\' ,nllj . .11 UIMIII the lltes In ar- tli e lUCin- R KATONAH CA _ and lie le f&raoeller from GetV nr[ > ,:Ul FAi He Was Qladtr Ua if - \OtCl- rank,\ said a weleo >ti»ajjirrien as (»mboldt stepued froioinJF train, hiitSiBf /c.ase'pasted witliAp names of BUC T I k oir^%,.\v ,Tij plao»n8 \Hof : bra'bhans, \SehtveityeiPuse\ and \Htieh ^eitiiT,\ \^'rarA were you gl \4ttc .U'on..f bat k? r Well,\ s.u 1 the traveller tkAftyi\! ,, t ,f] the ,YLvpieei 'i n a vision of the old bat[)erfl )(>fi^yo rid come i ca^ it^tion>». \ Artesian Wells Wells Drilled through earth and rock. Surface water guaranteed to be.closed out. CiranKe, Marble and Mineral lauds tested. Cores taken out 3. 4 and 5 inlhei, in diameter to variable lengths BoriMi made for foundations. Pumps if'aH kinds-. Write for references. *~' 'i Oljcbril ih ttrli \ i reminis- rwf \i .itif] a prett\ good time, ^eypry new and then, .is I passed t\K*iiserh A a vision of the old d come TO me and . ,8 \ heard the band plflfy ^ilVVilh hii^assje, the soft notes *-*^v ( L ...VI K l*)rnet would '.vry^i Agination ,.'//tr^TatneVlne li Davis, suporm- */t of the Bedford Reformatory, i'*»i8wa8 told in the last week's V IES, was one of the victims of the 'ban earthquake. A cable from ^addressed to Hon. James Wood n gjorded: \Am inneed of money\ wa A Buffering. Cable Syracnwui' Urea Vf «rence was that Miss D ^vis T n A all her belongiugs by the bad lo\ n ° ^ m whici sbe destruA^F' ^ w as-found impoesi- was sta ^l ler func3s turou £ b t ' ie lo \ bie to sA\ he ca bi? ^wpw'y.Jjf- <:al <)fli ««W '» I ,l 'T d ^ tB # 1 '•\•xid therefore^ tole- G. M.-ir^Band, of cause of the service Mr - lUnter den Lmden 1 ^edfon], nou ^.f Xj^.™^ 6 4 (]uarteof Pilsner ' tu '\voke the Vuit ir f •V -Iu .d seen,,.- to ?«>W at |^ U W.' ^\JtSS' waft to my; eekers uarl tH ^H 0 L\\- 1 ocv .\' 10 ,;\\\'\ ,0 - , . al ' uolll ' l Ksco this\ week, inngve., A RAHNT IN „ |(J FL| . IM V.H Ac-able , ho J dono all that v woViLel m fancy the, received m M- tMu/WJOQ. had been bn • ryetal li.,uid I ^'-'louuced tli (Vur( jeuN to Syracuse and m\ ..yeg j ^ s _P°. 8 t5ross soeie ^.vs -.is also ^ -me./* >• wahLio,^-,.ieiJ 1|rom { Q rmer mma ^o « ae » e dford institution and sevft. ^>f them have even offered to coutribute»oat of their scanty Baviugs for the Comfort of the woman whom they >uu<*. learned to admire SJbiORTHQli THE FARMER'S tL^ U * v THE FAMILY COW » f • MILK AND 6EEF SIZE AND GONSTITUTION BULL CALVES' »t 8- WeeVs Old ... $25 Write for Circular HAY l f out 1 ,.no,i h ter. Tbtyfut last, I day, Mi' the Kai on|i (j.jqoo,oo /.vp out my own w'a swift jjh»nee at \This'da no pTac_-- —flenc« longer;will arisefid get; L .etl a land wbAj'e a man palace Wfcpy day where ha lb jit. lihr he wan+•'• , one t/ said, fco anger ^enct to a new £ r jWod of thesituatio 1 Many anxious iu/ ni- aV .tve come tW/vear ind, \\$fco broke, 1! I \\more modtst j < p. HOME, AND Will open for the Season May 1st. ^ 5. CONTROL OF 'PHONES. Skilk 0 ba8Ust ball to Mount \ , AJ »o laBt .Sat- 1 won a brilinS ^rame^om ihool there by ^h>»pre High OurlfQ^X 6 ^ team wi| urday the higl Senator Alfred R. Page, author of the law 1 creating the Public Service Commission, wants the coming Leg­ islature to include telephone and - telegraph companies in the commis­ sion's jurisdiction. Senator Page, who is believed by many of his frienlls to be slated for appointment to the commission to succeed Commissioner Eustis on Feb. 1 next, has declared that the American Telegraph ami \IZ A well earned victory and. Telephone ( o.npany s *,,0,(>00 .i)i >0 /thert was some argument af- bond issue last week demunstr.ited thou^ther^wa^s^^ ^ thlWit _ 1t b e nee d of con.rcl by the cnunis. ened*er*>^ OLD FURNITURE SHOP /SOUTH SALEM, N. Y. *WiU open for the Swoa May 1st, 1909 ter».|D ^ii ( b vi ;,{ l eIU ,, KlltouaU de-; #n .er^^s nijeli praise The teams were £Of 1 ourse the public uiiist pay or scrips in/ 1 , , „ , 0 • t^ls finant me-, lie said • Ihe pub- T lianas t ri^rht to know whether the 1 iJ^'^VI.^Ut) is needed for improve < OUV'\S\ of the following players '.it. KiS '-o Katonah GUjlae t. ThotAas I.,. c .r • (lanung. Klimi'i - -f Allen Will S-' Graiivill ^i ^j Decker' '( v \ a te un frr>/i intc aiui IVIS ;i«i to ji) hatjrday night the two katonah hieh school tennis will meet their old rivals, the two Mount ki.seo high sch 10I teams, tmd the game is ex­ pected to be one worth watching Broafl Brook farm Bedford Station N. Y . 1 %>§&M ?.\ ' /\^roperesteiisions or only fifo^vl.sV'. 'ds of frenzred linunce !?lf tW^5t' To had passed att tin and tele passed a tbu ,]llputtingtelegi*apb ipanies umler state woulr mi r SOlFH SALU- v, .AV C R ( j Katonah \ ve i *33 We Intend to Hake ipOo the Largest Year of Our Business. -liT H LOW . Owne r ti D BRILL, Sup t to tllilt (JlH iliiKiry preparations FOR SALE Sleds Sleds Sleds 'Uhe Hunter is just begun, vet n»c null guc the boys and girls a chance to bu\) a sled at a*low price 10 to I 5 per c ent rc duction on all sleds Ij You will Call and See Our Offers and Jhk Our •Prices YoO Will Find Our Statement* Correct Tlxe Hardware Store KAT( )N A H N. Y ti l 1 1 iiliiliiAillji i lAliiiAjjv There will be a very important meeting of th e North Westchester lletl Cross 1 >ii Thnrsilti\. .laiin.tn 1 at t li rce o ( loi li p 111 ill I he hull room 1 *f t Uf-1 lot el (iol 1 111111. ~>t li 111 c .it \i\itb direct, to ( onsidei 1.11-1111: moliev lor t he I ! iilin 11 sufferers ^' r \ \\ 1II1.1111 II llrapei will aihlress the meeting L\'i\ member <s urgcin b leijuested to be (iresent Mlts 1-' H P01-1 1 it l'res . M its \ Hi ,- I iii-. Sei ret ;n » £cery Wednesday and Saturday night theatre trows null leave H Ivte Plains at 10 40, northbound, slopping at all stations to Goldens fridge c CVie Slambach-C^ewell SysLm. 1 COCKERELS nt in- - c WHIM 1 ClHOHSs I liefHc *t I a \ ers Willi! I'l ^ TJ1 I II WOck- tinod' for th e I amilv sprinit hatch health \ &hapcl\ und tram nest laong strflitl- Inquire and see records nt linin g pulletn trom same Ilatilic5 Unl> 0 few more tor \talc tall and net first -.electing, >>r w rite (or prices w o will\ make e\t nior- salf uc ttiitdf last N \c (>k oi Ladies' Skirts and Sweaters was an en <>niK >u< -ncccs^ Wt> ha\c shown \uu \\c moan what, we sa\ in atl \crtisni^ Special Sales at Si 1 in- Wt s K111 - 1 < at 1 1 \\ ratci s in- t.ituil\ a<l>tlfs ;| | less than aii'l u t •special >a llll IIM 10 w f near a -in r 1 1 Trust Company Services THE COUNTY TRUST COMPANY, White Plains, N. Y., may legally be named as your executor and will see to it that the provisions of your will are intelligently and faithfully carried out. INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS. lb: prit i's lu-low cost. \ 0111 cotiliiIfin c t\ni leinl making 111 the W ll I CDllt MJlll - tlli r If ft I .il l I It ollf W cck l< illLM'l W <• w ill in.1 kt rcilllct urn tYojii l,i-t w cck III 'l 011 can ^.ct tlicin lor 1 he cut 11 111 size-, lor hot li i-hihh en .1 in; unheard ol\ prices, m 1,1 -i I<H half price. Winter Gloves for 110 iire\i(MI- -sdt> hilM We title .1 stock in- so complete an a We will place mi -ale day, January, 9th, lot 1'iiiirc stock of Men's Winter Gloves, 111 .111 endless- \arie<\ j>I st\!es, makes and .pialitv at half price. ,[ f1iw 1- a 1 are chnnee t o ^ r ot <omt' ^emiiiif* hai -111ns, It will \|iav \on tt> in\estii;ale Hoyt Brothers Company Katonah, N. Y. Men I n red MI hti ^e mcnt Satur- on w ec 0111

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