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c The Week in Mount Kisco Walter Reynolds, in the tmployof Diehl'6 market, met with .1 luoaway on Tuesday ni^bt about (> <•'. hick. He had been out uti his r<• 111» and waa returning home when, ni-in »11 • - Meth odist church, a whifTle tree hi• .l<e loose anil pot caught between > 1»-• h<»rese' feet, frighteninpr them *•»1 • 1 emi-lng the-ti tu runaway Mr H x 11 • • 1 • 1 WHS Inside of the covered wftgoujiud. in itn attempt to jump <>ut In.-, (.•• t taught iu cl wheel and he was di igRed 'iNite a distance In fr.>rit 't 1 i*\aid H>ir j der's blucksrnith shop the hoisett ran | into one of Geo Uurpen'ei J teams, the | driver of which, Mr Johnson, received several bad outs iu the f.iv HO that he was obliged to get Di Brown to dross the woutidb li tli WURMIS were badly umjlihed The union week-of-prayer services have been fairly well attended Ihe llnnl service will occur on Sunday night In the Methodist church. Rev, D.inhHtn, of the Prtsbyterian church pt« HI htng the sermon Mr. Frank K .Sle-tw >..•), • 1' tin- linn of Bailey Sher\\'\>d WH* m.irt i- d on Sunday to MI-M Alida Munn.. The bride and (;ni 1111 diovet'M Matk's rectory. white le-v. Chauneey per formed tin' oeivmon}, which occurred about o p m , and sdioiilj ufterward Mr. and Mrs 8h< rw iod 1-lt for a wed­ ding trip south, 10 be gme several weeks Th< announcement of their weddinp was a surprise to their many friends whom they had not mken into their confidence, but there is general congratulation awaiting them upon their return Mr Sherwood is univer­ sally popular iu both a business and a social way, and his bride, although having resided here for only two or three years, has made* made many friends. - The marriage of Mr Lewis Ray mond Clarke and Miss Adah Gertrude Piersali. daughter of Mr and Mrs. James Smith Piersali, occurred on Friday evening, Jan 1, at 5.30 at the home of the bride in the presence of the nearest relatives. The ceremony tfafl performed BJ; Rev. F H. Carpen­ ter, of New York, a former pastor of the M. K. church here The newly wedded couple left on the b.02 for New York, en route for Norfolk, Va , and •Old Point Comfort. They sailed on the steamer Princess Anne. Both bride and groom are exceedingly popular and have many friends here, who wish them much happiness. A recep­ tion will D9 given them by the bride's parents upon their return on Friday Jan. 15, from fi t o 10 o'clock. A \ery charming pictuio of Mrs. J. Borden Harriman appeared in one of the New York papers on Tueeday night. Mrs. Harriman is president >f the Colony Club, which is waging \»r against tuberculosis. The Harri- 'MJkjs' country place, Uplands, near fore^jsaa open during the holiday ^Re scene on New Year's eve of a jolly dance Mrs. Harriman is one of the popular women of the smart set. Harry E. Acker died on Sunday, Jau. :t, at the Bellevue hospital, New York, of a complication of diseases lie had been taken there a siiart time ago from his home hero for treatment. Ho was 3b\ years of age and ie survived by a widow, one child and two sisters. His body was brought hero for burial on Monday anil the funeral occurred ot p 111 on Tuesday at lit-hit• home, Rev Wallace officiating Mi John Sarles sang The interne til »<as in th<- Episcopal cemetery loth and ashes i\ill be put Easter conies on April 11 Sack i Feb. 21 The entertain uem of the Kuleker boikei Male Quartette in the opera house on Tuesday night, under the <iu.-pices »f the Independent Fire Co. was excellent ami there ffm a jjood attendance ii spite of the stormy weathi-i The Independent Fire (Jo has stili another attraction scneiluled for the neai future. fciiias Wiltse spent New Years iu in Schenectady visiting his brother. He also visited Mr aud Mrs Richard Tanner at Albany aud returned borne I on Sundaj. On Wednesday the lirst high school basket bull team W'-nt to Portchester to play the Empire Lyceum team there The latter team won by a score of O'J to 2'2 A number of people are interested iu the mock trial which will take place on Wednesday evening in the parlors of the Methodist church under the auspices of the Method^ Brotherhood. The amount of express at the MouDt Kisco station during the holidays was the greatest on its record The amount of the charges for four days was over SC00, which was.$37 a day more than on corresponding days last season. Mr and Mrs Wm. Bassett are re­ ceiving congratulations over the birth of a daughter. Mr. Elliott C. Oowdin had a runaway recently. He was driving his team on Lexington avenue and when near El- man's second-haud store they became unmanageable. They collided with a team, belonging to Geo. Carpenter, which was taking Geo. Hoffman home. The latter was thrown outand received some slight bruises. Both wagons were broken. The Guild of 8t. Mark's church pre­ sented Rev. Ohauncey wlthasltigh for Christmas. Rev. Dunham, ot the Presbyterian church, was therecepient of an oriental rug and Rev. Wallace, of the M. E. church, keeps track of time by a new gold watch, a present from the Methodist Brotherhood of Danbury, has several days at Miss Etta Weed, been the guest for David Hazleton's. Mr. Alva FrenA, of Portchester, was the guest on Monday of his uncle, James French. Milton HoianAn moved into one of D. F. Gorham's houses on Maia'Street. Leetec Remsen has gone for a trip south, t o be absent several weeks. During this time Mrs Remsen and son will visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Barnes, of White Plains. Mr. Barnes, who is in very poor heath, is reported somewhat better and it, Is thought he may again be able to be about the house. v Mr Frederick I'< Itop 1ms been home for Heveiul days from Cattlui^e wheie Mir> l'elton is r« maiuing a few days longer, visiting her parents, Owing to the week of prajer there will be no st -i vice in St Murk's parish lion i> on Sunday afternoon PAINT AND REPAIR YOUR ROOF WITH TROPICAL RUBBER PAINT and ELASTICOTE. Proof iigtunst fire time and weather Makes old roofs good us new—good for new roofs too GUARANTEED FOR 5 YEARS. Testimonials from large consumers on file m our ofliee Plumbing, Heating, Tinning & Repairing Promptly Done. Dealer in Gasolene Engines & Supplies Hardware, Stoves, Ranges Tools, Paint, Oils and Glass TELEPHONE, 2 I Q Y 5 J. G.Blewer - Bedford Sta. E. C. HAINES & CO. T % TA ™\- Gut flowers for fill Occasions, funeral Work Our Specialty. 1 IN.' I I Ml \\c I I'llOM l< I « I I I .N < 1 1 I 1 l< \ li >N \ 11 I ,,,, V\ «M, Hl-.IJFOIII) HO A I ~ II' NI :RAI ,D1H ECTOR AN I )JI ,l< HNSKI > l -'iM^ALMKK ICA'I't >NAH, X. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Townsend Mathews spent New Years with Mr. and Mrs Frank Lane, of Pleasautville Mrs Howard Dlehl, who has been very ill with fever, is much improved and is able to sit up\ and BOO her friendB Mr. A J Adams has given up his suite of rooms o^ver Stephen Sarles' pharmacy, whleh he has used as law o fDees. His oftlee is now at his resi­ dence. Mr and Mrs. A Morris and family spent Sunday with frienda in New York city. Mrs Jas French attended the fune­ ral of a friend at Amawalk last week Mr. and Mrs Burdlck, of New York, were New Years guests of Dr and Mrs. Frank Dunn Mr Win Bioderlck has returned from his tiip to Ireland, where he spent several weeks Miss Myrtle Dingee came home on Sunday night from her visit with fiiends in New York Miss^tbel March, of North Hamp­ ton, Mass , has been the guest of Mr Mis. Merton L Hughes. The Mrs. Abijah Sarles house on Maple avenue has been sold to Mr. Lewis Slavln, of New York, who will take possession Feb. 1 The sale was made through Ohas. P. Hallock. Mrs Geo Sypher spent Wednesday in New York, the guest of Rev. aThd Mrs Ernest Merriam. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rawlings, of New York, who have been spending the holidays at Alva Banks\ returned home on Wednesday. Miss Florence Boyer, of Poughkeep- eie waa the guest for several days of Mr. and Mrs. Mortlmore Fish. Mrs. Moses Taylor, who has been quite 111, is very much improved. Mrs. Ira Ganun, of Prospect street, spent several days of the fore part of the week with relatives in Valhalla. Rev. and Mrs. Eglsto Ohauncey will leave in the course of a few days for a trip south, to be absent three or four weeks Mr Frank Dromgoole received on Tuesday the news of his father's death In England. The Guild of St. Mark's church met this afternoon in the parish house. Wm. Newman, the clerk in Banks' grocery, spent a week's vacation with his wile at Nyack, the guests of friends there. ¥r The jMisaea ElioalietK-. unci &>&>.b .Kennedy, of Main^street, baa a hooie I party over New Years. Their guests Included Mr. and Mrs. Moses Fish, of Pleasantville. The friends here of Mr and Mrs. Ellwood Hall, of White Plains, will congratulate them over the reoeat birth of a daughter. Mr. and Mrs Clarence Wiltse, who are spending ten days with relativ es at Blue Mountain, iatlie Ontskills, will return home on Saturday Mr and MiClm« Banks iveeivtil a New YeaiV gift of u little daughter , 1< ied B'»ehmer was the gust en Sundaj <>f Lis sister, Mrs. Kiank Hut- ! ton. Mr Bnehmer has reeentli opened a business In Yonkets. ; Mis Win Slesel, who speut the h\li I days with her parents here, returned on Sunday to Glen Cove, L i. The new officers of Crotou Vallej Lodge, I. O O F , recently elected the Pleasantville One of our youths made his first ap­ pearance on the stage at Newell's theater. White Plains, last week, on amateur night. White Plains folks say that only his extreme youthful In nocence saved him from \getting the hook\ good and proper. The Week of Prayer is being ob­ served in several of the churches here this week with interesting and uplift­ ing services. The ambulance recently purchased for tho village ai rived early this week. The mumps are claiming not a few victims just now An entertainment is to be held for the benefit of the church on the evun- ing or the 14th, in the Wei-t M E church Editor French, of the Westchester County Magazine, was in town on Tuesda> calling on fiiendsaud looking foi business. Aepirauts for tin ofllces of \illage president and trustees are already in the field. William H Jahue declines a reuomluatiuii for president, and Trustees VanWart and Brundage do not care to continue in office, it is said. The R R. Company has had the em bankment on the southerly i^ide of the crossing, east of its tracks, removed, which makes a continuation of the sidewalk all the way down on that side of Bedford Road. Miss Myers, librarian in the University Law School. New York city, spent the week-end with relatives here. The heavy rainfall of the early week was most acceptable, in that it did much toward tilling the streams and reservoirs. Visitors to this village are continu­ ally predicting a great future for this burgh and think the boom will strike in the coming sprlrjg. At the annual election of trustees of the congregation of the West M. K. church on Monday evening Messrs. Jacob E Moore and John E. Bailey were re-elected Picture framing a specialty.—A S. Avery, Tel. 131, Katonah MR. VOOLEY ON UPLIFTING THE FARMERS. \I've often thought that if Jawn D. Rockefeller iver wint crazy fr'ro th' dbrink and left mo a fortune iv two or three hundhred dollars, I'd l'ave th' Binceless luxury iv th' rollin'-mill diahtriet an' buy an estate out among th' billboards an' settledown with the hardj' afraricoolchrists an' mangle the stubborn glebe, as Shakespeare says. 'Twas rae hope so to end mo days. I \Iniver seen manny farmers. They • don't get out this way often. But! me idee iv a former was a care-free ' fellow th.it arose fr'm his bed in time [ to wake the lark, shampooed th' horses, milked th' cows, satisfied th' cruvin's iv t he inner hog\ honed th' scythe, ground tli'sickleandreturned to th' house with a fine appytite f'r breakfast fr'm siveti ter siven-three, afther that he wiled away the morn- 111'hours plouglnii' ontil dinner-'line, whin he discussed a hearty repast, between twelve an' twelve-three, thince he dawdjlipd through th' nf- therooon ploughin' ontil t li' welcome sound i v th' supp^rhorn rung in his ears,\Whin he ran honw- an' ate sup­ per with th'family fr'm six ter 8iK- three. The avenin' hours were de­ voted to ploughin'. nftlier which, havin' seen that the horses an' cows had uawthin' to complain iy f'r the night, he \dashed to his bedroom, took a half hour's useful exercise f'r th' muscle iv th' leg with a bootjack, 1 an' thin tell asleep upon a bed that had been intended f'r a rail fence but was disqualified f'r irregularity. \A wholesome life. As f'r the far­ mer's wife, if ehe wasn't happy who shud be? A1J she had to attend to was th' care iv th' house, th'cookin', th' chickens, th' childeran'thechurn. Surrounded be th' beauties i v nature, why shud t»he complain? Ivry rustle iv th' breeze in th' orchard promises her presarves to be put up in th' fall. -Th' chickens struttin' an' cacklin' in the farmyard spoke iv eggs to be fried. Th' lowin' kine brought thoughts to her mind iv th' churn. Fr'm her parlor window she could see th' golden buckwheat gleamin' in th' eun, remindin' her that autumn was approashin' with its stimulatin' combats between her griddle an th' hired man's appytite. —American Magazine Mailt Close at the Pott Offloe: GOING NORTH 7 00 a. m 12 19 p m 4 13 P- ni 6.23 p m. GOING SOUTH. 7 57 a. m. 10 45 a m. 331 p. m. 5 32 pm. 7 47 p m. MAIIS AKRIVB AT PosrOFKICK M:O\I NORTH 8..12 a. tn 11 00 a. in 3.46 p. m 8 02 p m I-ROM SOUTH. 7 16 a. m. 12 34 p, m. 4 28 p. m. 6.38 p. m. THK KATONA H TIMES is on sale every week in Mount Kisco .at the stores of Charles S. Ware and Benedict Brothers Subscriptions a i so taken for the TIMES. either place at $1 jo per year. Vorktcww BeigMs following officers Noble Grand, Lo>al Cooper, Vice Grand, Jason Wood, Re­ cording Sec'y, Merton Hughes, Finan 1 ial See y, A B Crawford, Treasurer. Mark Reynolds The installation will take place next Wednesday night Directory of Places in the^Vicin ity of Katonah. ( Residents are requested to send ad­ ditions andiilterationstotheTtMKN ) Mrs. Hunt, mother of Mrs. Charles Fowler, ie very sick and not expected to recover. The dance given atTomkin's hall, on New Years eve, by the Village Im­ provement Society, was attended by about 200, As usual a good supper was served at midnight, and the blow­ ing of whistles announced the birth of btio Hcfv Ifro r - Nomrly #BO TTOO rlctbod by the society. The next and last dance of the season will be given on Washington's Birthday. The mem­ bers of tbeband are also talking of hav­ ing a dance the last of January. A subscription has been taken by A. Guss for the Italian sufferers. The following communication has been re­ ceived by Mr Guss from|the ItalianCon- sul General at New York city \Tho undersigned Consul General of Italy, in his name and in the name of the' sufferers by the terriMe calamifj which has fallen upon Italy, !>. gs to thank Mr. Ag' stino Cuss and the ( .ntiibu- tors -tif Yoikiown to tin t urnF* which will be forwaided ut once to the cen­ tral ofllei of the Iulian R. d Croes A pig roust wus held nt taipentei's hotel on New Years e\e If t .e MibM'iiber from \01ktown Heights, who sent three dollais in cash ; by mail to the TIMI--* office^ thn week, i will send his or her name \we will be ' pleased 10 credit them with the amount and will send receipt . ; Hunting Bargains We ha\e been and wore suo- scssful. They are here waiting for you. W-holesalers at this time of \ year are anxious to clean out stock \ at reduced prices. We have re­ lieved them of some at such start­ ling law prices, it is almost beyond belief. We Give You the Benefit This is tho dull time of year for the store keeper. But we do n6t sit down and pino. We Make Businees. Come and See How & VanTassell, KATONAH , N. Y. ************ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Stai t m Day Brigfti ana €ariv^_^ I One of my Alarm Clocks mill fielp Vow Out. K;itonah's Wood Hedford House - (Jtuititoe Farm - Muscoot Farm - Bonnie \ lew - v - MvlTiiucv - The I pla'nds - 'I Whitehall Manor Ilillliorne Fnrtiii Waldheim - - - Aapetonjr - - - Arntorn - - - Aratoma - - - Jocuistitn - - Ki< White (lutes Farm - Broad Brook Farm Amindale Farm - - Locust Knoll - - - Sengalmrst Clarence Whit man - - \\ lllnun Jay - A F Dickinson - F T Hopkins - - Robert Hogfi - - Geo K Todd he Anderson I'lncp Misses P;irent - - - Dr Shnrp - (' V Schmidt - - Dr Iieflerts Hamilton Hoppin - Frank I'otter urn! Lounsbun - II Marqunnd - - Seth Low - Moses Tn\ lor (' K Ilenedu t - J I) Lay op Guard Hill - Robert \ an Cortlandt MnplehurKt Furms - - K (' Cowdin Mapiewooil - - - - - Mrs 1'erry Nauxden Farm - T L Van Norden (JrystalSpringFartrivW V Lyon Fnr:- In'dian Spring Farm - - Robert Hoe The Croft Geo W Mend Osculetn Lodsre - -Richard Lawrence Sunset Hull - - - - W W Snyder SiinRPt. Hill - - ^ .Fnrd Hunt Overbrook - - - Lewis H Miller Far View House • Fremont (ianmifr Woudfliile, - - - W L I'rizer The-Knolls Dr W~_.I Carpenter Cantitoe Corners - TTenrvTi Barley The Terrace. - Dr J F Chapman Lone Pine. - - • (Jporpe R Burse Muxront Lodge, Mrs Sarah Acklan - - - - D J. Smith A good nickel alarm . . $ LOO A better nickel alarm .... J.25 A nickel alarm, large bell, rings ten minutes . . 1.75 A bronze alarm, rings ten to twelve minutes . . 2.00 Bronze alarm, with base, lasts for years, rings J5 minutes 3.25 All of the long alarms have a lever to shut off the alarm when you arise. These are the best alarms it is pos- • sible to buy at their respective prices. J- «.* W. B. Tisber Zht 3<wekr mount Kisco, n. V. Roc k Ledge Maple Tree Furm Fenimoro Dulce Donium Hollywood Grei mount Cozv Nest T Ludlow Crystie .Sanies S Metcalfe Dr. G C. Fagan. G. H Avery - Charles Brower Don Congdon Hanging Op in our 1 old si nrage box 11 re t he meats • ind poultry thnt MM ha\eseleeted for , nil the \ IIIMS dinners tlmt we expei t . to Furnish Come and select before t hjj best is chosen The Finest Prime Ribs \ are here, if you prefer beef, and if 1 not, we have turkeys that are ns fat anil sweet ns good, cornfed fowls can he Chickens. Ininh, pork, beef, -cuts of all kinds. nmlt he f inc\ si |uubsand ' ducks Prices us low ns the best can j he sold I h»¥yYYvyvyvYvvYYvvv¥vvvvvvvvvYVYvrvYV¥YyyrYyvvwvvyyvYVvvyWva JOSEPH K A T 0 N A II BFPADY qney tlegositefl in the Home Savings Bank of White Plains, N. Y., on or before January 10, will draw interest front SiVIALL DEPOSITS ^ANY OF OUR MOST INFLUENTIAL CITIZENS began their business careers by opening small accounts in a bank and consistently depositing thereafter such sums as they could save. All large accounts have grown from small ones and the bank is really of more help to the small than to the /gJ large depositpr. A crowing, bank account is a most K?g ^1 valuable asset. It makes Its qyvner acquainted with |w bur'ness men, business methods and establishes a |^ xaiuabJjS ££$dit. You can open an account with this WA| bank by depositing one dollar. We- will furulsh ydu r ~ ^1 with a pais book and lend you our aid in accumula­ ting a fortune. We pay fonr per cent, interest. Tha* helps your savings grow. Send for Banking by Mai Information. IfcHOME SAVINGS BANK WHITE PLAINS. N. Y.

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