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LEGISLATORS AT ODDS. of Warfare Predicted at Albany, ELECTION OF ELIHU ROOT. Th« Fight Ag»in»t Governor Hughaa Will Have Bitter Factional Differ­ ence* to Keep It Company—Raines and Brackett on Unfriendly Terma. Axembly Minority la Dissatisfied. United States Senator Root's Career. Governor Has His OWririBlltTsn Di­ rect Nominations. IProni Our'Special cjorieajionuent. j Altmny, Jan. 20. -An undercurrent >>f bitter dissension stirs the pulitii ul wa­ ters ul \lbutiy, ami it I* »\l • »ntlneil to one ii.irty In udiUliuu t» tin' htraiiu'il relutlims existing between Governor Hughes iiud tbo legislature, purlitulurlj the Ileiiub llcau members, there ure other coiidi lions that do imt :i incur well for a hariiiimious session this winter In fuel, there is ever} indication that the new legislature will pari li ipate In a series ul serious Unit will prme .il»st> Intel} I iiiiiultuiiiis. and fu< Muiiiil ilif- /erenees also are alreiuly fannlnc sni'iliierinu eiuJier-. Into Hume Asiile ft i mi lln i lic<ll\- Hie tlunr of both honsen i .in-eil In Hie nature Of l^t'Whlllun. iinuririi'd I'.uiianiriilnry- ralds iiv e\pe< ted to result from the fa-t:< ii. il a: _r M mloiis :'l >'i \e hinted at in I li< -..mill' fur ii-iame the sort's i ae -i -l b\ the mam i l of milking the li'il\ II mi \ ••niinlltee .11 >p<>iutmullts Ibis u : 1 '11 t.il.e li.ns; in li> .111im Keim If 1\. .11 1 HlnkeM of S:ilMti>Pf« S|e . . s ,-. •. iliii^ 1 inh r whit 1 lie mil » ih 'is .1 ' 1 mili .it lull, ai d it Is freely Jifu I id 1 • ilium the \I'l-ide ' that KJIII 1 -• present nnjorlly |i icier, mill Hi 1 'i wnl !ii\ e tn my a pie 1 t'lre.-^i- her the je'inu t>es I «f««h niiii Ii nlil.r. * ' ' u Brackett Couldn't Ouat Davis. Brackett a potent fin iur In the senate for ele\en ioiwe Uth e years • from I8tx; to l'.IIKi. He did not return In 1!X)7 for Mi- two year term, but was sent b.iek In bis • seat last Novem­ ber He held 1 1 my Important posi­ tions in the si.uae urbanization in his tiuae and imi'iiij: ibem the chairman- ship of Jiidh l.ir\ 'ibis yeur he felt \that he WUH entitled tu return to tbi* immense department. The Republic­ ans have strong hopes of electing a mayor at the next 1 Ity election, and Mie pnlli e depart nil nt uiiuli t be an In­ fluential fa. lor in the ..ntest TTie 1 • >n-.|.-tt>lil;i I \ ineavui 'i nin\nles lor i I !• iliK tlit* police of iii niili-r th e control of a state di parttiieoi whl< h would, of course, be a department cou- trolled by the Uepiibllciins Election of Ebhu Root \ 'I'lie elei tlon i .r Klilui Hoot as I tille d States senator ut ru 'Metl pirtiiitlir ut- lei .tion to t lie !i -islalur e t It t wick, al­ though It has been known f <•-.«• se\ oral weeks thai he Would be the 1 boll e of the majority. Tbo Impression has been created thai Mr Hoot will Income 'lie actual Kepiibllcifu leader In the stale ns a representative of President Koose- velt, and in adillllon It is < oi u filed tha t he will be the most important man in various ciiunei tloii s in the si nate rep resenting the administ rat ion on the door of the upper bouse , \ s n ineiubjtr uf the 1 ummiUl'i' on foreign rclmloiis be will lie able to further the Hues of n<tion be orlKln.i t eil while seci clary teresting to note that .Mr Hoot ap poured before this sfiiatorb.l i-innuiit- tee in Washington a few ila.es ali o to explain lie- treufj uegnl iaicd with <Jrout I '.rltaiii alTeitlu.; tbo quesiion of I be boUlnlar.\ waters between I be I lilte d Slates ami t'auada and also the three treaties relating to the l'aii- ania iitiestioii Th e terms of tlicsi treatlis ha\e been made publii and from the .iiiltiule of membei s of tin committee in ipiestInning Soi retinc Knot it ipjiears likel y the irtiiiles will be reported l'avorabl) Mr Itoot is a graduate of Hamilton i olloge \\ here his fathei bail been in si rui lor HI 111 11 beni.itii s He lias re 1 el veil d i prices of iloeter of laws from many uni\ 1 rsi l ies im lulling Yale II 11 varil. l 'rbii eton and <'ohunlilii lie was T + IIH l It U l ionill—r-rt+ Woman's SpHte Poor gui : r am MC.-ITJ foi her. Mrs. Popular lookid oxer at the lonely 1. ,l!lll«. W 1 I' .IS she : pok'e Some one ought tu tell lu r bow to be Uked in this World.\ remarked Mrs. < - h \ er ILuxx to be likedV Whit do ^ou mean''\ \The secret of life, gelling what you radiate. When you go near Miss Wall­ flower, do you feel that she likes- you very mu< h''\ •Well, she bus rather a repelling uiuuuur 1 always thought it ratbrr unfortunate \ It Is not so uufortunate as It is self­ ish. She wants' to In* liked without liking anybody. Now. that sort of thing, iluvau 't work in this world. You get just w'hat you give to others. If you are suspicious you beget suspicion If 3'\V are j <*fH \M\ Inspire j\Pl\iiwj and If you are cold and selllsh you cannot possibly expei t warmth and generosity 'Mis s Wallllower simply wauls a good time She does not think for one ii o .ucnt about giving it to others = She his a sour expression on her fate, and yet she expei ts people t o COIBU up and smile at her She is quite indignant that she Is left to sit by herself all lhe evening, and yet she hasn't .sense enough to stop and wonder why . If she would cease wondering about tier- self and would begin to think about tnaklug other people happy. If she would honestly ask herself what is her attitude toward those around her what she does for them, what her In flueiii e on them is I'm sure she would •>ct her feet on the road to happiness \ The next social secretary at the White House will be Mrs Eleanor Rel- i'ea.. She is au expert at bridge and has made pocket money by giving les- SQlis. 111 -Uiti-giuuu- 4.-0- fiwbioiHi -blo- W-usli— iugtoii One of her pupils was Mrs .1 oil 11 l; Mi 1.1 an and rumor Vis it (hat it was through the good oilu is of Mis McLean that Mrs Ilelyea secured the appointment referred to. Mrs. Itclyea was appointed to a place in the wa r department in 1!M)T She is the widow of Albert Itclyea, formerly a 1 hlef of a divNIou in the treasury department Mi ^s Hose Fritz, the Amcrkan chain piou typist who accepted the 1 bal- lenge to type l6<) words In a minute in a Loudon newspaper oflke, went through the ordeal triumphantly She accomplished the remarkable' record of typing 202 words from an article in the newspaper before-her in two min­ utes twenty-six seconds, or at the rate of lOT.i; words a minute The type write? used had been operated for two years 'i'tmtr was tafeun by an exuert timekeeper mi a 1 hronogniph Artesian Wells Well* Drilled through earth and rock. Surface water guaranteed to be.closed out. Granite, Marble and Mineral landt tested. Cores taken out 3, 4 and 5 inches in diameter to variable lengths Borings made for foundations. Pumps of all kinds. Write for references. P. F. KIL; a member—rrf^—1 be 1 n vontiou of \cw \ <,vk state in ISjl was se, ret.iry of wa r under President M Killley mi.'. .1 mi nilier of t be Alaskan boiniil.irv . oiniui -sioii and 1KM ame pres ident of ilic Bar assoi hit Ion of New York i lt\ and of the American Society uf Intermit ii mil Law A 4 s secretary of sluro under President Roosevelt he has had many ilittiiult problems to handle ntul of late has been particularly i n 'gii_'cil In uuiootuin*; m er the threatened Jroubles w iilj Japan. Assail the Sunday Laws V wholesale attack on the- existiiiR Sunday laws has been begun by vari ous members of the assembly, but it is certain that they will meet the fate of the Sunday baseball aud Sunday saloon ojxMiing law s of last year, none of which was reported from IUJ- com uiittees Senate Favors Hughes Opponents That the senate will be unlikely to favor Governor Hughes' reeoinmenda- tlons uulcris it sees some politic rea Seriousness of the Sex. The head maid of Queen M..rgherita makes about $0,000 a year from the sales or the old gowns of her mistress This is one of the maid's perquisites The sales are held twice a year Amer­ ican women are the best customers. To ipiote au Kngllsh journal, Ameri­ can women are willing to pay the highest prii es for tin- souvenirs of a queen **. **. As iuo>t women In the I'nltcd States know, Mrs. Ccqrgc Cornwallis West -vvas the widow of Lord Knudolph Chun hill when she met her present husband Wheu Churchill tlrst saw the plquaute Miss Jennie Jerome he resolved that be would win her for his wife Th e same evening, so It Is said. Miss .leioiue told IHT sister that Lord Randolnh was the man she was des FIRE INSURANCE In leading companies Surety Bonds Furnished - MONEY TO LOAN or uionoy invested for those desiring it ut G per cent on g:t]t edjjjpd ftTBT mar t goges.- Jotcpli E. Merriam su?phen Holden Something to Stand by. Tin* explanation, of nut* success in blioe selling lies in the fact that we plo:w o'ir patrons and give them SHOES that will stttnd by^ them—Shoe-* that will outwear two ordinary •irs--Shoes that arc soft, pliable and comfortable We'll make a titeady customer out of \iu with the h'rst pair. merriam * fioidtn I K A, ARNOLD Wiimau in too serious. I take as an example the programs presented for the entertainment of the different women's clubs I can be a highbrow when It is necessary, believe me but when 1 want an afternoons chairmanship ami made urgent request for the appointment Ife believed that Senator (•'enrtte Davis of Lancaster, last year's chniruian. could be taki_n • tr&re of in another way aud one that would be acceptable to Dails Hut Lieutenant tJovernor Horace White and Senator Itaiues decided that Da\Is should retain the chairmanship, and Braikett was placed as a member of the committees on flnance and codes. In addition. It Is slated In the high places that Raines will go after Brack­ ett on tin- Moor of the senate and spank him thoroughly by attacking bis legislation But Braikett Is a doughty tighter, a parliamentary warhorse who can lake punishment and ghe It too H e can stand up under tire bel­ ter than probably any other man In the upper house The opinion of Brack­ et's friends is that Raines will make a mistake in lending a fight on him or in directing others against the Sara- toglan. One of them expressed him­ self to the writer as follows - \The folks that are going out after Brackett in the senate had better be very careful He can take core of himself under any circumstances. They had better let him alone If they want to accomplish anything for the •tate during the session \ Revolt Againtt Woodruff? Uevolt against Slate Chairman Tim­ othy Xi. Woodruff Is expected to show its head during the winter at Albany Mauy Republicans are chagrined at his failure to remain in the fight for the L'nllid Stales senntorshi]). His follower* are not satisfied with tilihu Root and argue that Ti m showed de­ cided weakness iu allowing himself to be so onsil\ eliminated Democratic Discontents. Among tin- IJCIIIIK ruts lhe ihlef dis­ satisfaction .seems i<> haw? arisen ow>r tbo resul' of the light for the minority leadership In the assembly. Th e three New iorli city raudldates for Unit honor ai;e displeased at thfl election of Daniel D. I'rfsble of Schoharie county, an editor and publisher at Mlddleburg Frlsble was In the assem­ bly In liKHt and 1001 The uiinoi-liv^hi the assembly is cer­ tain to be split and torn by the 111 feelings caused uuless Mr Frlsble proves himself a master peacemaker lie has a pleasing personality, ad­ vanced ability and sound judgment and should be able to meet the exlgouiies of the situation. 8t«t« Constabulary Fight. That the ilsht over the slate con stabulary measure will prove ns active as that over direct nominations and ballot reform is a foregone conclusion The slate •onstnbulary bill Is a dis­ tinctly Republican plan One result that Its enactnient would secure woulTt be the wresting of the police depart- tiiftnt rf NA-W VtH'k city from the con son for so doing is evidenced by the prominence accorded various of his opponents In the organization of tin house. The casetof Senator (Iratt.iu of Alban y county Is typical. Grattau Is controlled by Barnes, the Republic­ an leader of Albany, who has led the up state attack on Hughes Urattnn voted against the Agnew-IIart anti- racing bills, etc This yea r he has been made chairman of the Insurain e committee and a member of three other good committees tlirunce, taxa­ tion and retrenchment nnd judiciary llrattan has probably had more ex periein e In connection with the legls lature than any other man of his ago thlrty-thi years H e wa s page boy lu the asveinblj, assistant librarian and assistant postmaster there, a member of assembl' live years, secretary to ex-Senator N'ussbaum of the Twenty- ninth dlstrh t and is now • in his third year in the senate Governor's Direct Nominations Bill The members of both houses of the legislature have been confident that Governor Hughes would not have any particular bill on direct nominations introduced. They argued that he would supi>ort some one of the several bills Introduced by members who buvo drawn up bills independent of the chief executive. But they are doomed to get a surprise. The governor has boon aiding in the drawing of a bill now receiving its final touches from William (.; Brown, a wealthy New York lawyer wh o is president of the Direct Nominations league Mr Hughes will press the passage of this bill It has not as yet been dei id- ed wh o will introduce the measure In the senate and the assembly A Brackett Anecdote An amusing story is told of Senator Brackett when chatruian of judiciary a few years ago He wa s said to be very arbitrary at times, and he would sometimes report out bills on his own initial he without getting the consent of »ny other member of the eom'mltlce Due day, the story goes Brackett was sitting alone iu the judi ciary committee room wit h a pile of bills, picking out several which he re­ ported to be put on the calendar An other member of Uie committee bap pened to come Into the room, lie saw what Bnnkett was doing and pro tested. \Why senator,\ he said, \It seems very odd to me that you should as­ sume so much authority as to report bills aU by yourself I think other members of the committee should\-- \Look here, senator,\ broke in Brack­ ett; \the Judiciary committee was hav- ing a busy meeting and one entirely— entirely, I say—harmonious until you Intruded and spoiled things. Really, senator, as chairman of this commit tee 1 must ask you not to interrupt Its deliberations.' HAS A SOUR EXFKES&ION. enjoyment'I'm afraid I shall cut any club that presents an entertainment consisting of doleful songs and ad­ dresses by different clergymen on an­ cient and modern art. That Is what happened to me the other day when I attended the monthly luncheon of a well known social club. Ye gods and little fishes! imagine a man's club under simllor circum­ stances! I tell you what, the men kuow one thing we don't know much about, and that Is how fo enjoy themselves. Wo­ men are born martyrs They Just love to suffer I uui« ^ - - • trol or' Tammany Hull, and this is a i end that lh.» Republican lenders high Iv desire -he Democratic orgaiilza Hon in New Yolk city, they claim has been eiribli to Increase its stren-.'li r.t the pollr- through the contiv.; of thi^ For a Spoonful 'Pudding. 1 tablespoonful each of butter 1 , cornstarch and milk; 2 tablespoon- mis each of sugar nnd flour; 1 tea- spoonful of baking powder; 1 egg, pinch of salt, raspberries. Chopped pineapple or pitted cher­ ries may bo used in place of raspber­ ries, if you happen to lack a supply of that fruit. In measuring butter have your measurement level, but the spoonfuls of sugar, flour aud cornstarch must ull be heaped up. Creum the butter, then cream the butter aud sugar together. Mis the salt, cornstarch and flour, reserving a little flour to mix with the baking- powder a little later. Sift these dry- ingredients and mix with the butter and sugar; then add the milk aud the yolk of the egg, beating the bat­ ter thoroughly. Now put in the bakr ing-powder, mixed with the small quantity of flour that was left, and finally fold in the white of the egg Butter three earthenware coffee cups and into each put two generous fablespoonfuls of red raspberries, and over the fruit two tablespoon- fuls of batter. This recipe provide* a quantity sufficient for three such cups. If smaller cups ure used only a tablespoonful each of the fruit and batter should be placed in each one i Cook in a steamer for forty-five tnin- ; utrs and serve with any liquid sance ' suitable for a steamed pudding, or with sugar and cream. tluerl to marry It wns*some years after Lord Rand-nph i'liiir«.bi!'. s death that she beiamo Mrs George Cornwal­ lis West K V. The bottom si ale of prices Is reached by the poor seamstresses of Paris They toll from dawn to darkln the making of chlldreu's clothes. One cent an hour is the estimated stipend, but If the work is exceptionally clever they can earn U.l cents for twelve hours' work. Female house servants receive about $8 a mouth. Saleswomen In the largest department stores earn about |G0 a month. H •». More than 0,000 patents have been Issued by the United States office to ' women. Some of them are for car couplers, night signaling, life rafts, car wheels, machines for manufacturing ozone, and one is for a typewriter for the blind. Neurly all the patents are for something practical .JL visiting card on which appears a silhouette of the person who offers It and which may have a desigu appro- P4jl e to the owner's station In life is a So In Germany. It has been intro­ duced here by Mme. Gadski. Her card has a laurel border, and a harp at the bottom of the card is her design. An ancient bed valued at $5,000 is the property of a well known French actress. It is in an excellent state of preservation, and its adornments car­ ry out to the full all tho lavish beauty of the bed itself. Draped at the back from a ring In the celling are beauti­ ful curtains of antique brocade, plumes of ostrich feathers looping them up at the corners. Th e bedspread is of rich­ est satin, veiled with valuable lace in exquisite design. Several old English homM own antique beds which are the envy of connoisseurs. The only woman Jailer In the world, it Is believed, lives In Switzerland. Her name la Jenny Porchet. She \Is gov ernor of the prison of Algic, In the Rhone valley. Thirty years ago she married the chief warden of the prln- on and soon proved to be a valuable helpmeet Of strong physique and with proper Ideas of discipline, she soon mad e herself valuable, often tak tng her husband's place when he was absent or wheu he was ill When he died the authorities offered her the place and she accepted. All the \eai around the prison contains frmn ten to twelve prisoners, sentenced to terms oC imprisonment ranging from three months to three years, and. although she has no asslstaut, she has never had an y trouble with her prisoners, except on one occasion, many years ago, whe n a burly ruflinn attacked her She taughL^hlm a lesson iu good i«- Iiavior that\ confined him In the f bos pltal several weeks Many a prisoner has been set on the right path aijain by her wise anil UiiuIIy aih ice CoM«$elor$-at-Caw> Mount Kisco and Pleasantville The fnt. Kisco National Bank iwioupt KIBCO, ft. y. ». M. OABPENTEB, . \ ICE-MtKHlDXM! WILLIAM H . MQORK CASH1P T KI.W00D 0AKPKKTI-.l. r rHKS]])Ht\ KATONAH N. Y. ACCOUNTS SOLICITED. t OFFICE HOURS, 9 A M to 3 P. M SATURDAYS' ,9 A.M. to!2 M, WM. H. FOWLER, Carpenter ^-Builder... Jobbing and Repairing Promptly Attended to X , ri l «;. h \ ,, Katonah, N.Y. THE FINEST MUSIC—Largest variety 'of songs, comic talks, band and orchestra, in^. strumental solos, etc. Catalogs ol the new (styles of Columbia Disc Gra- phopbones, new style records,2selec­ tions at a single price. 0HN A. CJUARK- electrical engineers, and Contractors. HouseWlrlna Tel. 534 / $ Elec­ trical Supplies, Lamps and Transformers' H. Hale, Mgr[0anbury. C°\ The \intruding\ seualoi had sunie ollls that he wanted out of tho com­ mittee, so ho thought It wise not to an aoy the chairman further. He hurried­ ly departed, leaving Brackett In har- nonlous session. riWYTLYG DOffii ttt shortnobice. and ab reason­ able rates by tlie \Times\ Print. Telephone, 12- Y-2. hatona-h. Cover for Hot Water pottle The co\er should be made uf felt or cloth, with n Hap fastened by a button and loop, will be a booii to any woman who drives in the country in winter. Fill the bottle nitb hot water before starting out aDd slip it into the case; then hold it ou the knees under the rug, where the hands tnny be wanned alternately * C M fTo Keep a Child in {T}ed aud prevent him front crawlim/ up on the pillows aud out of the bed­ clothes, as so many children do, try the following plan: Sew two loops of tape to the middle of the nigrht- pown hem, one in front aud the other in back, then pass a. long piece of tape ulong the foot of the crib, bring- iug Hie endw -up to tio through the loops on the nightgown when the child is placed rn bed. In this way , the child is kept in the name place all night, though still freetoturn from side to side A *i\>ry Elliott KATOftAH LIVERY AND BOARDING STABLE OPEH SUMO A rS. PRICES REASON ABU Telephone No. 10-T-l. KATONAH'M. y. <tgfl»w%.-%^%^-^%^%»-V%/V%.1 Xfr Gaming Painter and Pap.erhanger Estimates Given Prompt Work and moderate Prices Katonah - N.Y. Katonah Ave. j Katonah. *F Opposite the Station. GREEN BROS. Giepef al lYleycliapts GOLDENS BEIDGE. Edward Percy^Barrett, ATTORNEY «nd - - - COUNSELOR AT LAW, KATONAH N.V J. Garfield Purdy Attorney and J» > Counselor-at-Law All kinds of legal business'given pr&mpt attention. Peeds. bills, con­ tracts, etc., carefully drawn. (Jin be seen at Purdy building, Yorktown Heights, Thursday afternoons, at residence any evening Telephone 35 Yorktown. Battery Place, New York City Yorktown Height*, N. Y. fVM. MOORM AUCTIONEER NOTARY. PUBLIC Fnrms and other property for sale ana em WANT8 FARMS TO SELL WateSrWills, Oeeds, Mortages tc tc CROSS RIVER, N. Y. J}R. F. H. WILLIAMS. Office and Residence, Bedtord Bona, Katonah. Mondays, Wednesday*, Thursdays and Fridays. MOUNT KISOO—On Tuesdays as* Saturdays. Gas and local anesthetics used foi extracting. Tie bettei to make an; appolntiUflftt:

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