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Sf you vitsh to knot* nbat iur neighbors are doing and fQdng in mET>FORD> , / LEWISBORO, ' 3^EW CASTLE, ./[ fr£ORTH SALEM ft SOMERS and YORKTOWN Watch the Special Correspondence Columns of 'Che Katonah 'Cimes. . Sample Copies Will Be Sent Free for Three weeks to any Address in the County, upon Application * The Katonah Times ESTABLISHED IN IJ878. Combining the \Croton Falls News and Folio\ and \The Croton Valley Times-.\ FEATURES: A Special Story. ' Albany Cwrespmdence. _ _ World TNjzvos of a week in brief. PRINTING for Business and Social ose done at te&sonablc rale by \Times\ Print. Tel­ ephone !2-y-2. VOL* XXX No. 38 KATONAH, N. Y., FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1909. $1.50 A YEAR I lot 11 -oilier Real Estate Tf ns Ml hi! Be ol A reiil ee'tnte deal of contiidernhlp importance involves the transfer of the Chappaquu Mountain Institute property «r a prico reported to be *30,00O 'Mr. Charles Blenis, the present lessee of the property, is the purchaser und will take title from 1 he Society of Friends on the 4th of March. There are about 40 aerew of land aud fine modern stone and brick structures, besides uumerous barns aud out buildings on the premises. The Institute has been for the past fifteen years one of the landmarks of this section of West- cliMter County. At the time of its erection the school building wns one o* .be wonders of tb« town. That waa before such homes as the Regi­ nald Bishops were thought of. Mr. Bjfenie has had great success of the Institute, having at present a hun­ dred students and many applica­ tions for «ut ranee- Mr. Howard Washburn purposes cutting A road through his tine residence property from Greeley ave­ nue to torn Bedford road. The work of opening up .the subdivision is to .c. *apenca 08 soonae spring weather two dweTK U0U8e8O n th \F°Pf rt y- As a real es\T,,t 2r~~ VFnshburn was one of the first in tlx* field, und he has been one of the most success­ ful in handling high claws properties neighborhood of L'happatjiia OUIlt K.1BCO. The Fred Havilund place, consist- 10 acres with a modem dwel ling, was sold last week—to—a—Nsw- Yorker. This property, which is situated on the roud between Pleas- antvilie and Chitppaqua, near the Hannah Pierce homestead, brought $30,000. The old Reynolds homestead, in Pleasantville village, was sold this Week to a New Yorker, tlx* price l>e- ing $7(500. Abour an acre of ground is included with the house. President Turner and Other Village Officials Busy at White Plains With the Fowler Co. Law Suit JIM WHITE'S BOLO, BAD CHICKENS. $39,960 IN NEW AUTOS SINCE 'CHE YEAR BEGAN REAL ESTATE DEEDS AND MQMES 1)10 EDS. ItKIM-'OHU .f. 2'.l —Miller, Jotham F. swid ors to Alfred J. Tharp, u s highway Bed­ ford (filter to state rd. adj William Miller and Joseph Miller and Davis Brook. I F. —Reyuplds, Mary to llenr\ R. Lounsttery, adj Trowbridge, Xeeler and Woodcock, t>t> a. ]0 F. 3—Reynolds, Charles V. and w to Henry H. Lounsbery, adj Trow­ bridge, Lounscer, Keelerand Wood cock, (30 a. It) MORTGAGES BEDFORD NEW I AH F 3— Bishop, Heber K and w to Sigraund Neustadt' w s King »fc, adj Guinzburg. 1 F 3—Hoffman. Augustus F. to Agostini Pascale and w, « e oor Lex- kigton ave and Gregory it, Mount Kisco. 1 •I. 29—Millsr, John H and w to D. Frank Dakin 8 100 of 19 Mount Kisco Heights Go.| 1 YOJIKTOWN 4Gl-200glr •• I Ww..*.-.., „„„ f , • LKWISBOIIO 1 in ihe J :!()— Pinchbeck. Williaiu and w t o Eldon Bisbee and w, e s highway So Salem to Bouton\llle. adj Slawson andHawIev 1<J() \ illiige President Isaac W. Turner, former «31el'k T. ,T Hartne'tt and Lawyer C H Ranks, of Mount Kis­ co, were in Justice Morschauser's court, at White Plains the greater part of Wednesday, threshing out the much involveved suit of the Fow­ ler Contracting Company against the village. It all hinges on the contract given to that company in 1000 for an ex­ tension of the water system. The bid, which was tlip onlv one received, was for $lj>,:-i<).V At that time there was an appropriation avail­ able for the work of if 15.000 It ap­ pears that the contract for piping Was sublet by ttV contractor toG. E. Gauun. who'is rap resented by Mer- riani & Holdeu. As the work went on the firm met with unexpected ob­ stacles and finally ceased their opera­ tions altogether. At a Kpwinl meeting of the trustees held on June IN. 1M00, a notice was formulated and served on the Fowler Company t o the effect that, no work having been done during the week previous. It was tiie intention of the Board, in cnse the operations were not resumed witjain ,\> days, to de­ clare the contract forfeit. (Continued on fourth page.) 'Chcy r flan jJway to Wm. frown's Jlnd Qot Him Wangled Up With the Law Rooster nunc a knot kin at de do •'What i/ou want you sassy bud'' \J wantr to live on yo parlor Jlo ••Go 'long Iwmi. i/o' talks ahwiid Figures of Barrett's Garage show I that Westchester County is getting ! ' prosperous. . As a slight indication of prosperi­ ty's niturn it is interesting to be told that no fewer than 20 automobiles were sold by W. G. Barrett at bis White Plains garage during the month nf Jannnry. Thrtx> morn cam Gur '-a-masKy, da's u fa Jfs' OR 1/ he hadn't knrwcd What a vandal 'would at tin. F 28r-Cothn, Harriet Mto Ranne Sanders, Kisco ave adj Brown est. and John Mathews, Mount Kisco. 1 .VEW CABTIyE F 3—Pascale, Agostino and w to Ocie M. Flewellin s e cor Lexington ave and Gregory st, Mount Kisco. 8000. s e cor Lex­ ington ave and Gregory st. Mount Kisco. * 350 AT. KELLOGG & MEAD'S F WKKKS p «'i )])lc who oim VViU\ HE reiison we eariy in our ston 1 . that it often nd makes know you carrii'il Tlii^ week we caiTv ;i Such pcrs, 0\\ A l-'KW to toll tiu KATO.NUI TIMJ-.K what V\*o do this for the happens that a person comes in a the remark, 'i didn't this o.i; that in vour si on mention liriet'ls, OUR WOODENWARE DEPARTMENT In lh\< departmant it i^ our aim to full line of Laundry Necessities as Tubs, Boards, Baskets, Ham- Clotheslines, Bars and Racks, Wringers, Etc. House Cleaning Goods, Such as Brooms, Brushes, Mops, and Handles, Dusters, Mop Wringers, Pails, Etc. Various Articles in Woodcnwarc as follows: Mincing Bowls, Spice Boxes Butter Prints, Patties and Ladles, Wood Measures, Pastry Boards, Towel Bars, Flour Bins, Etc. Also numerous other small articles for Woodenware use in Kitchen and Pantry. Watch for articles mentioned in next week's Times, which are carried at The Hardware Store K AXON AM & X. V. Bellmer, Henry W t o Edward Paul- at. 1-8. 11-K5. Bk :{, Mount Kisco Park. 200 J bile, Fred F. und w to- Caroline Carpenter, w s hwy Chappa- qua to Pines Bridge, adj Williams est and Carpenter est. 110x392 900 Win. Brown, colored, has a griev­ ance agninst Jim White, also colored. Mr. White, although not legally the owner, is the residuary trustee of a number of chickens belonging to his employer, Mr. Clairville Benedict. The above mentioned fowls have Ueen-'-maliciously and with criminal intent bunging around Wm. Brown's placii of residence He does not eharge them with direct assault, but Mrs. Brown finds it distinctly annoy­ ing to have to chase various Ply­ mouth Rocks and Leghorns out of the entree before it is fully cooked or to discover a Tew Cochin China's resting on-the piano keys. At least that is what Mr. Brown told Justice Mills, of Bedford Station, when Constable Towey escorted him thither to ex- E lain to the Court assembled what e had to say in regard to Jim White's charge- that he had appro­ priated one particularly fat and luscious fowl for certain dark and secret purposes of his own, connected with the culinary department. \1^* dis way, yo' Honnh,\ said Mr. Brown indignantly, \them chickens come pickin' an' pesterin' around my bouse all de time an' this one come to de chicken house do' an' kep''pickin' a l|ttle closer an' a little closer until be just naturally, got himself* jammed .someway.\ \Of course I ; run to help him get \\' he seigp such a squawkin' at tbat this here have been sold in the brief interval since the 1st of February. The totalvalue of theeurswiththeir fittings came t o $39,900. One of the last things a man who feels shaky about las' financial condi­ tion invests in is an automobile. It is therefore pretty safe t o argue from the above figures that tho people of I this county are in a mood of confi- dence at the present moment, and ; that good times are hastening their | return. The Barrett Garage has taken the agency for the noted30 h.p.Cadillac. NAARDEN FARM SOUTH SALEM N. Y. SHORTHORNS THE FARMER'S COW THE FAMILY COW MILK AND BEEF SIZE AND CONSTITUTION\ BULL CALVES « iWwti OH ... »3 1 Write for Circular HAY loose an an' a n< You, — an says, my' chickens? QANUNQ INSURANCE T>ELA Y Fremont Gaining is haying dim- j eulty collecting the insurance on his residence, on Bedford Road, which was burned on Nov. 3rd last. Five companies took the risk on property, insuring it for $11,900. There have been four or five conferemies on the subject at which William J. Daniel, of Katonah. has acted as'appraiser for Mr. Gauung and C. E. Kickhoff, of 2044 Broadway. New York city, for tht companies. The referee is 3. C. Gabler, an Eighteenth street con­ tractor. The sum of $2,400, which Mr. Ga- nung had on his furniture, was a- warded but haa not. yet been col­ lected. A decision in the case is promised for Mondav next. THE HORSE AiLD HOUND ?OU1H ir.ALXM. N Will open for the Season - May 1st, 1909 OLD FURNITURE SHOP am been, in frK^afrit of eatin' chicken, ain't ne*er had ho chicken. 'They ain't no nigger wiiat don' like chicken,' he says, 'if you don' give me back all twenty-five of them I'm goin' for the const'ble.' \ \I tol' him he better keep his chick-ens from pesterin' an' pickin' nrpuu' niy house an'—\\ \Not-proven.'\ said Justice Mills, and the triumphant Mr. Brown ac­ companied the crestfallen Mr. White from the court. \Twenty-five chickens,\ said Mr. Brown scornfully to the TIMEB'H re- preseutative. \Twenty-five chickens! Look here, boss, bow could I steal .„ I twenty-five of that felksr's chickenaJ only t<went3-fnj»r - in h{s wUt ^r heii j house/\ SOUTH SALEM, N. Y. Will open for the Season May 1st, 1909 KTL BiACKsyiTH yooooooooooocKxx)ooooououoocxxx?ooooooooooooooooooooo ST Hoyt Brothers Company, Funeral Directors and Licensed Ejmbalmers... General Department Store. O UR REDUCTION SALE is in full swing. There are no ifs, ands. and buts about this sale. Our customers are delighted with their purchases because everything is so good at the price. Clothing, Sweaters, Colored Shuts, Woolen Shirts, Flanelette yight Shirts, Hundreds of pairs of Winter Gloves, the balance of our fine Holiday Stationery and several other Staple Linesof Goods, all at Half and LESS THAN HALF \PRICE. These are genuine Bargains, and it will pay you to look them over while they last. . ' SWEEPING REDUCTIONS IN OUR CARPET DEPARTMENT. For one week we will make a reduc­ tion of 15 per cent, on our entire stock of Rugs, all new goods and comprising the latest makes and weaves. Assorted sizes. Samples will be displayed in our window. WE ARE AT YOUR SERVICE —_ .— -c Hoyt Brothers Company Katonah, N. Y. Van Norden Trust Company 5th Avenue and 60th Street, New York. SOUTH SALEM, N. Y. Best Shoeing at Lowest Prices GENERAL REPAIRS <CHIS TRUST COMPANY does a general banking business. Ac­ cepts active accounts, subject to cheque at sight. Issues interest bearing certificates of deposit for specified periods, or payable on demand. Cheques drawn on this Trust Company are payable through the New York Clearing House Broad Brook Farm Bedford Station. N . Y , SETM LOW, Owner. U. D. KRILL, 5npt FOR SALE COCKERELS THIS TRUST CONPANY carries the New York accounts of many out-of-town Banks, Trust Compa­ nies and Savings Banks, allowing t * • '-• WHITE LEOMOKNS generous rales of interest upon the > 1 '-*y«r» same __; WHITK PLYHOl I'M KOCK5 <lood for the ramify Spring hatch, healthy, ihapel) and trom belt laj-inf atraln*. Inquire ami tee records of la> Ing pullet* from same hatches. Only a fe» more for sale; call and jfeOlrst selection, or write for price - — (Svery Wednesday and Saturday tcr County pcoyle. bonds that night theatre trains TV ill leave While ith attractive P /ains at 1 0:40, northbound, stopping It collects rents, and attends to all New York matters, for its customers- Is letters oj credit Maintains a MEM. of BOND 'DEPART- and makes a specialty selling bonds to Westches- comhine safely rates of interest. at all stations to Qoldens {Bridge 'Che Slainbach-^CeWell System •o»o«o»o»o»o»o«o»ot»o» 0»0»0 0«O«O«O«0#O*O»QalO«O«0«O«O» o THE FAMOUS ROYAL .\ SCARLET FOOD PRODUCTS UNIVERSALLY USED. .-. / o o 11 DOYLE BROTHERS f LEADING GROCERS FAMILY o o o o Try a can of Royal Scarlet whole solid ripe Tomatoes with Royal Scarlet Spaghetti. Get ? your Van Camp Coupons redeemed before the | time is up. S CXX)OOCKXX>OOOf3OOO000CX)OO0O00OOOO0OOCXXX}CXX )00OC)0000Q00 o«O«O«o «0 »o «0«0 «O «0«0 «O«O« OiOiO«Oioio«oto«oio»olotc»

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