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The w. _T« Baldwin and ..Dlehl are dinner Is* evening of Mr. Mr \l WP. , iiwl nriilrro (hOOd /hite flains. cnoon -Mrs. Harry Subscriptions: et, entertained the si I\ib. The first prize r«. Edward 'Fish; the Knl Frederick Selchow, . . Merridm was award- A Local tiioa prize. At the close freshments were served. of the Methodist - prive an oyster supper >n's birthday in the base-, .hurch. k Cronk and Miss 'Saidee New York on Wednes- ted friends for sev.eral Tlu to thinner, of Brooklyn, was, the fort part of the week of Mrs. ( . au6 ,rundage. )v» man/i^ipftntof the opera house rfill give k dance on lj'eb. 18. \ Mrs. Edgar Hoyt went to Wallace Mount Kisco There we'about fifty in attendance at the box Jncheon—party i*iven la/of Friday eve'og by the Daughters » B America it their lodge rooms. As/|e,i result of t e affair $22 CO were adcfeat- to the treasury. As the women gr/ the ly outnuubered the men present^here few male Daughters who were 1 bought inphoons by the dozen^ jeop j e Two ftage loads of young r sleigh nuoibei og about tfl. enjoyed stinatioi, ride lae Friday night, their dee. DIebl, being the home of Valeotine.dered a where Miss Eva Dlehl was tenant for party. She made it very plea/ morning f^r wuestB and it was early irture for pelore^ey took their depaj home. J ncey are d Mrs Egisto Chauuda the home frojQ BstVednesday, following Ash \J / his milk u \»ty Bros. ' x, . M T ' -o Brundage ftl |rs. Stepljtiiff house on Kev expectd Thursd: Feb. 25, Mr Da route to Mr. and pi£l ihe Tome, 8taSforti, Jn Monday and visit-,! t'(| friends there until Wednesday. r 1 Mies Keegan. one of the teache' 8 ft t thu high school, attended a ball St. ISCRIS , New York, last Friday nl£ nt - Mr. Chas. Halstead.' who w* 6 1,1 tost week, has recovered. y A daughter wat borj^ 0 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ba2df^**4ast week. Miss Edythe Garrison went to White Plains on Monday and has been spending the week there with relatives A number of the younger society people will go to New York this even­ ing to attend a dance given by Miss Florence Mathews. Mr. Geo. Huelle came home from Weehawken last Saturday night and has been confined to his home all week with the Bhlngles. • Miss Emily Fisher has returned to her home in Jamaica, L. I., utter a visit with her friend, Miss Edith , Tompkins. . Moat erery one has been on the slide this week one way or another. ' Mrs. Anna Randall Dlehl, one of , 'New York's most talented literary -women, spent three weeks with Mrs. Luther Fowler. She has returned to town. ' On Tuesday night a Shakespeare Club was organiied at the residence ' of Dr..Wilton Brown, whioh promises to be one of the attractive organiza­ tions of the town. \As You Like It\ was studied. Messrs. Arthur and William Smith or Peekskill, visited friends in the village over Sunday. Next Sunday theOhristian Endeavor meeting will be held in the form of a former members' meeting and com- * ^^Z^T\~ifll]i-il£S eA 'i from former member*. TErrefcuiai , WT „ h service which follows #iH be a young peorje'a by Rev. Robert WellB Deach. ol New York, Miss Edna Moseman, of Brooklyn, will come here on Saturday and visit friead8 for several daj's. She comes especially to attend the concert of the choral society next Wednesday night. E. T. Bailey has returned from the south where he has been spending • several weeks. Mrs Ohae. Hallock, of White Plains, was the guest on Sunday of her mother. ML -, and Mrs. Win. Sloane came from New York Saturday and spent the day at their country place. FORMS OF THE WORD \LIE.\ as. Anderson putting In an ng which Fish as a hardware n has been in ttendtng to the Anderson home pied by his parents attended a bril- ^ption in New York :er of Mrs. Brln- ad at their home in The Brinken- Jtoejf •hp^TnovetHofc^-fj^ M>ple avenue. ' J>hn Tripp «i d n «5 the contra? elector in the ancWM* will soo sto*». Mr. Aa ksville this ie*iod»Ung of stead, which Is c Miss Jfonie Pi liant weddiug ree on Sunday The oldest da' kenhoff was murri New York this w hoffs are well Known have many friends. Mrs. James French was confined to her home for several days with a se­ vere cold. Mr. aud Mrs. A. Borden and child will spend February at.d March In town. They will olose their country place. Miss Hart, of Pleasantville, wax the guest on Sunday of Mrs. Augusta ,M.c- Tivey. _ The many friends here of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Brower will regret to learn that they intend to move to Texas the first of April. They will doubtless take up their residence at Dallas. Mr. Brower will close out his business in­ terests here. Mrs. Adolph Huees, Jr., of Osslnlng. who was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Win. Huess, of Lexington avenue, re­ turned home last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Merton Hughes and child, of Grove street, have returned from a trip to Maasachussetts, where they were called by the serious illness of Mr. Hughes' mother, whom they left much improved. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rhoades visited friends In New York on Sunday. Y The Mount Klsco Choral UnioD, In(! *JfJ#W a'»telr copg»»*'\H!»'». Wednesday'! UIKUI la-iCtr-AuuiHuuSl church, Had an\ Kisco Ladies H<Me-a.-3$U3}L 'Day The Guild of St. MivrkV church-met in the parish house this afternoon and the women of the Methodist church held a thimble party indbe church parlors, with Mrs. Walter Osborne as hostess. The Women's Missionary Society\ of the Presbyterian church held its annual meeting at the home of Miss Ella Fowler, of Moger avenue. It may readily be seen that to-day has been one of the days when women have been out \doing things..\ B. G. Tompkins- has a sale of 20 head of horses on Wednesday, Feb­ ruary 10»h. Ray Fish, of New, York, visited friends here on Sunday. Mrs. Bailie Moore, of lower Main street, who has been quite ill, is con­ valescing. Guy Turner and son, Isaa'e, of New York, were guests ou Sunday of the'l former's brother, Mr. Isaac Turner and wife. Hillenbrand-House Wedding. Tb» warciage- Jit Mias_ -losephini Hillenbrand, orthls village, to Hudson H House occurred on Thursday. Feb. 4, at 4:30 p m.,uttbe Methodist par- senage. Rev. Mr. Wallace officiating. The attendants of the bride and groom were Miss Lottie Mulhern, of New York, and Chas .Miller, of Mount Kls­ co. After the ceremony thtu party drove to homo of the bride, where a Bupper was- served, the guests being relatives and a few very intimate friends. Mr. and Mrs House took the 8:02 train for New York, en route for a wedding tour. They will reside in Peekskill. Women's \Voices 'Please at 'Presbyterian Song Service L-ist Friday night broke in the doors of the barn of Bar­ ney Treiner, and helped themselves to a line bay road horse, a rubber-tired runabout and three horse blankets. There is no trace of the thieves. Ebtse thieves- -Hft rrl ?P n j?'^ 0D /„ M 5^ Jgggfe W P are now exhibiting to the world intellectual as well as material pro­ gress. Dear old unprejudiced Horace (ireuley uf-id the plain words l, You know you were going to lie; you nioatit to lie, and you did lie.\ Wins- ion Ohurelnll in the House of Com­ mons de^!ril)pd a misstatement, as a \terminological inexactitude,\ or, as Mr Chan berlaiu observed, lit J letters for a word that could he spelled with tlmv I5ut hereafter iu this country a tr^ntleman, whether u President or <i CoiigreHiiuan, a Hammerstein or a Philadelphia moiie\ lender, can (lis- put.p another assertion by declaring H P possesses the adaptive elasticity required to overtake the ever-( Imag­ ing roi litions of modern tegiver- Itlflll —]>iil<l„- l.,,l„ ; ,• The Mutual Engine Co.'s dance oc­ curs on Wednesday night of next week as does also the concert of the Mount Klsco Choral Union. Some people from New York came here larx Sunday and were taken by real estate men to the open country, where they looked at property with a view to purchasing fur a summer home. people who attend the public danced and other entertainments in the opera house have certainly not bad an op­ portunity to complain of lack of gay- ety. There has been a dance almost every week during the winter and sev­ eral more are-scheduled before Lent. The Hotel El wood has opened its doors under its new manager, Bert Van frusen, and shows much evidence ot thp general overhauling it has re­ ceived. The walls of the lower floor are fcung with green and the Flemish furmure of the same color is in har- moa*. The hotel is much Improved in its fcneral aspect and promises to be flratclass. Ifr. and Mrs. Goodwin, of Newark, Si'., were guests over Sunday at Ed- wad Fish's. 'he Mount Kisco high school basket bet team will play a Tarrytown team lQjhe opera house on Saturday night. The best entertainment of the merles g/en under the auspices of the Inde pndent Fire Company occurred in the oera house on Tuesday evening be- t re a goodsized audience. Jobn Dil- )n is a show all by himself and in con- ection be brought with him some lever people. Mr. Dillon baa been here fore and won popularity. The Inde endedt Fire Company is to be c<*»- rutulited upon the high class enter­ al mi ^its it has been the means ot extra rehearsal on Thursday evening at their usual place of meeting. Next [rireseoling to a Mount Kisco audience. Monday night their final rehearsal previous to the concert will take place in the Methodist church. The Society will give another concert in May. The members of the Epworth League had a social on Wednesday evening it the Meihodist church parlors. Mr Mrs. Meech, of Maple avenue, be returned home after a several week* visit out of town. LET THE TELEPHONE COMPANY HEED THIi We realize that with no oppositi it will be hard t o force the New Yofe Telephone Company to establish] a ten cent rate to any part of West­ chester County, but we Delieve that if the county press will enter into a strong fight for this reduction,it will compel .the company to grant it and give the public this great benefit that it should rightly have and one that any opposition company would wil­ lingly grant for an exclusive fram bise Westchester County is growingand the telephone business is growing enormously with it. The franchise in this county is more valuable to day than it. was a year ago. Win slioukln t the people enjoy some of the benefits\' It is a well known policy that the more business a lar^e corporation does, the clieaper it i ,ni n fiord to do it and this applies to the telephone company Westchester County—we mean the section occupied by the New ^ ork Telephone Company—isn't much more than 1.\. miles square. It does seem to us that ten cents to any part o[ the county is only a fair rate r.hut the company should grant. It never will, though, unless compelled to by a united press or by an opposition company. —Ml. /•'Itnxaiii .\<ir* There was a song service last Sun­ day night at the Presbyterian church The singing was entirely by female voices, and old-time music was the order. The choir rendered two selec­ tions. A quartette, composed of Mre. Vcrktown Rcigbis The District' Nursing Association of Yorktown Heights will give an enter- Mrs. Hoyt and Miss Irene Adams sang delightfully, as did also the trio, Mrs. Hoyt, Mrs. Dunham and Mies Adams. Rev. Mr. Duuham spoke interestingly on Ancient Hymns. There was a fuir attendance. There are now six hotels running in full blast within a radius of (MX) feet in the Italian section on Lexington avenue. The last one was opeued on Monday by Sullivan Percnia. A sleighing party composed of Mr. and Mrs. A. Morris, Mr. and Mre. James Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Har­ der, Mr. Lloyd Meres and Misses Em­ ma Newman and Bessie Feineis, of this place, and Mr. Oscar Pollack and Mr. and Mrs. James Corrigan, ot Bed­ ford Station, went to Tarrytown on Tuesday night. The sleighing was fine and the ride was enjoyed. Mr. Walter Carpenter is convinced that the North Westchester Horse and Cattle show is a good thing practically as well as ornamentally. The fine team of roadsters which he exhibited last fall has just been sold to a pur­ chaser In Greenwhtch, Conn., at a high price. He doesn't care to say just how much, for fear of making others jealous. Incidentally Carpenter is now driving a very fine looking grey gelding that he thinks will be another prize winner. Mr. Frank D'Ossone, who has been very ill for the past week with a severe cold that threatened brouchitis, is now able to be about again and his many friends are congratulating him. ilsThmentln Tompkins Hall ou Satur- xlay, Feb. 13,-at, 7:30 n'c.lnck. .TickflHU for adultH, fifty cents and 35 cents; children, 25 cents. Interested frlonde from New York city, Carmel and Cro- ton Lake have kindly given their ser­ vices to_flh out the program prepared by the Ways' and Means Committee. An enjoyable evening is expected. The cold snap and good sleighing | have been favorable to the ice business tbia week. John Smith has beep moving this .week into the house formerly occupied by James Gregory. Frank Fairchild accepted a position wlih J. J. Roake & Son the first of the month. He had been a clerk for Mekeel Bros., for nine years. George Rich's horse had a leg broken in the stable of Dr. Charles Rich, having been kicked by another horse. It was* worth 8150 Many sleigh riding parties have been enjoyed the past week. 'Pha ynnn ( » people especially have taken advan PAINT AND REPAIR YOUR ROOF WITH and ELAST1COTE. Proof against fire, time and weather. M ikes old roofs goo-1 as neA—good for new roofs too. GUARANTEED FOR 5 YEARS. Testimonials from large consumers on file in our office. Plumbing, Heating, Tinning & Repairing Promptly Done. Dealer in Gasolene Engines & Supplies TELEPHONE, Hardware, Stoves, Ranges Tools, Paint, OHs and (» ass 210-Y.5. J. ^.Blewer - Bedford Sta. ^ —!— N .y KISCO MEN IN COURT. (^ntinued from first page.) panun, who was waiting for his-ay in order to settle his bills wit! the firm that supplied the pipe, lmi! difficulty in collecting and final­ ly decided t o put a lien on the work. As lustice Morschauser phrases it, • G nhn claims under Fowler, as heiir.\ If anything is recoverable bv -'owler from the village then Ga­ me's claim will be good. .! M. Farley, the village Engineer, wu, on the stand and, after qualify- in; as an expert, told how he had \ i- ted the work once a week during i tli- period that the Fowler Company 1 \\ i engaged there. ,awyer Waite. .Fowler's counsel, ! in de frequent objections totheques- ti ning of John M Digne.y and there \ .4 lively tilting over tho question • how much he could tell as' to the i lount of blasting necessary and of i e conditions that prevailed at the ' ne: this ended when Justice Morsi-h- iser remarked that no contractor . .uld foresee to the exact inch the • laracter of material confronting an. \If a man could HCO . through le solid earth that might be pon- •ible.\ said hifi Honor The use of he word \Quit.\ as applied to the cssation of the work, was objected I o by Waite and, backed by the ludge's opinion, it. was changed. Mr. Hartnett was called to the ^tand to testify to the fact that he nanded Mr. Fowler a draft in pay­ ment of the work while standing in the presonce of Mr Ganun at the en­ trance of the Town Clerk's office The Fowler Company's contention is that they were justified in giving over the work because it was impos­ sible to foresee conditions of ledge rock and muck in the excavation on which they bid and that the Village failed to consider these difficulties in making payment. In foreclosing his mechanic's lien to recover it is necessary for Ganun to show that\ the conditions of the contract were lived up t o by Fowler to the extent of the lien. KATONAH POST OFFICE, on* VBOX 7:00 A. M . TO 8.15 p. u. KAILS 0XO8K AT POST OFFICE:— JTOBTH, 7:10 A. K. CHATHAM LOCAL ' \ 12:24 P. M. CHATHAM LOCAL \ 4:20 P. M. PITTS FIELD EXPRESS \ 6:33 r.M. PAWLING LOCAL •otrtH, 7:30 A. M . LOCAL \ 10:Sff A . jr. EXVRESS \ 3:15 P. M. NEW yOBB LCCAL •* 7:85 P. M. NEW youK LOCAL 'Jill Spick m Span\ IS I. Latest Sanitary Ice Box Just Installed. Everything First-class from a fat Turkey to a pair of Sweetbreads •o«o» Wise Housekeepers Come from Miles around to get the BEST IN MOUNT KISUO PleasaMtilk tage of the Hue sleighing and huve been out day and night. Theodore F. Tompkins' house was crowded on Thursday night, Jan. 28th, when a sociable was held there by the ladies of the Presbyterian churob. There was a good entertainment of music and recitations. The proceeds were $56. Mr. Ira Mekeel, who is spending the winter in Florida, has shipped to Yorktown Heights some very fine oranges and grape fruit. Purdys Station Zero weather and below on two mornings this week. . -ap­ pearances Indicate tiiat all who desire -may - *'* thelr-iee—houses ^»ith very good ice. A number of our young people are quite cheeky. It is ' mumps.\ Miss Marjorie O.oursen was treated to a surprise party last week; this week Leslie White Is the favored one. Of course both were delighted. The supper and social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward -Mezger was well attended, about eighty being pres­ ent, Mr. and Mrs. Metzger are fine entertainers and made everybody wel­ come. The music with the Simplex was much enjoyed but the vocal music rendered by Mr. Cozlno, of Oroton Falls, with Miss Grace Smith as ac­ companist, was a delight. Miss Isa­ bella Park us played for the chorus singing. The instrumental music by Miss Tompkins, piano; Mrs. Gilbert Lobdell, viollQ, and Furneaux White, cornet, was most attractive. Nearly $23 was added to the Ladies' Aid treasury. Mr. Al. Baker, magician and ventril­ oquist, gives the last of the winter's course of entertainments at the Metho­ dist church on Friday evening, Feb. 12th. It bids fair to be very attrac­ tive. Admission 25 cents. Rev. Mr. Hazzard and son, Albert, of Carmel, were the guests of Dr. and Mrs. Brown over Friday and Saturday. Mrs. S. H. Smith spent Tuesday and Wednesday in the city. Mr and Mrs. Thomas Purdy left on Monday for the South where they will remain for a couple of months. David A. Doyle, P.fl About seventy people braved the storm of Friday night to attend the social at Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hunts. All felt well repaid for the extra effort made to attend. Mr. Stanley Van Wart and his able assistants rendered a fine musical program which was ap­ preciated by all. The artists were: Mre. E. Weinschank,6oprano Miss M. Louise Gehie, contralto; Mies Fannie Van Wart, piano; Miss Mildred Hunt, violin: Mr. E. S. Roe, basso, Mr. Stan­ ley Van Wart, accompanist. The songs were particularly bright and attractive, receiving long and hearty applaiibe. Miss Lillian Oettlnjrer recited ' The Farmer and the Wheel' by Will Carl­ ton, in a very pleasing manner. The affair was a llnuncial well as a social success. A special meeting of the school dis­ trict will be held \at the schoolhouse In this village on Monday evening, Feb. 8th. to aeain vote on the propositions to raise $50,000 for a new school build­ ing and 810,000 for a new site. Mrs. Susan 11. See is spending this week, with her son, George, and his family, at Englewood, N. J. A short while ago the Presbyterian Men's club was organized; a motion is now on foot to fertn a Catholic Men's club. What's the matter we can't have a Methodist Brotherhood? Sure­ ly there ought to be enough men in the two churches of that persuasion to keep things moving. rs. Caroline Wasbbum^of- Wash* ington ave.. who has been quite ill, Is quite id is reported better. On Tuesday evening nf xt, In Libary hall, Robertson's Moving Pictures will, be *tmwn in aid* of the West M E. churoh. Mrs. Robert H. Btults is recovering nicely fiom au operation for appendi­ citis at ihe Wnite Plains hospital. Next Wednesday eveninor Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brundage will entertain the Epworth Lpa«ue of the West M. E. church at their home. Swinging doors at tho po'teffice en (ranee would-largely-do-away-with-th^- congestion there during rusu hours. VALENTINES When you are ready to buy come here. .XKXXXV^VXXV Vi'-* V X. .X X'^X. X-.X X'- -X X . ^ That new line of ' Is on hand ready for inspection. They were bought at low prices, so the prices are low for you as they always are at tho store of Kennedy & VanTassell, KATONAH, r N. Y. Start m Day Bright and early. One of my Hl*r« glocft Will fitlp Von 0«t. A good* nickel alarm .... % 1.00 A better nickel alarm .... 1.25 A nickel alarm, large bell, rings ten minutes . . 1.75 A bronze alarm, rings ten to twelve minutes . . 2.00 Bronze alarm, with base, lasts for years, rings 15 minutes 3.25 All of the long alarms have a lever to shut off the alarm when you arise. These are the best alarms it is pos­ sible to buy at their respective prices. J* J* J* 01. B. ?i$ber Che Sewler mount Kisco, n. V. THE SAVINGS BANK has had more to do with the prosperity of the American people than any other one force. It has taught and encouraged habits of saving and thrift and\ has en­ abled the earners of wages and salaries to purchase properties, build homes, establish themselves in busi­ ness and provide for the future. s THE HOME SAVINGS BANK has been foremost among those engaged in this good work. LET IT HELP YOU Your money is held in absolute security and your interests are carefully guarded. You will receive courteous treatment and a growing account will en­ able you to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. We Receive Deposits ol One Dollar or More. Send for Banking By Mail Information. T> e H0ME SAVINGS BANK WHITE PLAINS. N. Y. -0-

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