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The Katonah times. (Katonah, N.Y.) 1878-1911, February 05, 1909, Image 8

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CLOSE GAME WITH PLEASANTVILLE A.C. I. .-• irlilh i CI I I I'll •\ P.-/\../ IT'ort- [Tom !tu I mi l\ m\ I lord C/<'\ii / fir ( r»v 1^1/^ WILL LEAVE THEIR LEDGERS 10 CHASE THE FLYING BALL. l! Illda V tin til.' I'l.- ir-f IIIM I i \i iiini. k .1 I I 111 *l ! 1.— lilt V 1 ] {< I f lllte- t I\ nil! I If. \ < I till' fli c hoiTtuth '}}uMnv*s .^Len , Ire Ljuuii> to .S/ioiv SLIUIOI liny;* I low the dome C an he Pla\>ed ic News off Kaforah!™\ «wi« a' tip to advertisers. Orders 33 1-3 Per Cent More. An Increase of 140 Per Cent M ii ro.i in ir J. I '.)•_'! / 1 >• u 11'lf w i~ . it,, o! the oea-i Hi i.; f J i! fur Dexter H peife. fun! Inn in'ttmiT m ll l\ 1' UDIH linrii u it I Pile (.llli'll brother- I lii'ir IIIIMI in II in Ii <<>inj_ lioi' withm;' .i -iii\lc Ii i-ki't JyClllS Mill) Sllljtll'lll .IS tlll 'M lids run then mi'ii iif thfir feet, M • >i i n^r Hl.\ lUllt ll'll plllllts H '-pei l|le|l I'lli' •lIll '-Up Mil\ II- fl ll ll M\ M f rest ents 1'iixit mi. rif .ts.'i ti i v illn flf till' il Hill's ! i li.ul not In 1 ' n -i (in Irmii ' In* points r inij_'hi t 'll' 111' .ll t'MIl l .it -.-nard kept ml Bert - Min n i i • 11 Tin' proposed Business Men s bns- kft lul l jr.itin' is sin ted I'Iir two w eeks ~ fifin >aturda\ Details are hciiiir peife i ted bv Mr < .1 Kenneth ainl lc has secured the fi i) 1 o v\ me; hue-tip ' lit grave ninI reveietid 'itu.eiis fur I the <-Ten t i in n.-n ill Dr , Sj.aulilinir Y\ llll.llll S Betiedi i t Mil\ tie i: A Arnol d Mlbstlt utei- \ Ther e is one It r I. 1 I Mend kettlledv Quips { AN© | Quibbles I SET BUSY * .'ll ill, llilil'liil'l hp •I,;,, if r Swu»h ill Lev* I p. _D '_'Xter i Owens 3! Owen* 1 Baskets fniin L i ll Is . ! t llll'Il s filter l> In the pi' liininiii i i' Jd ti am \\ IM i i tl\ II .-1 ure of 1 r i; i • in' i ( ale \\ Brooks I l .ljMU 'tot l \-hllV ~ II Brook- 1 \-out h ill, \• J- loin foul IIIJI It (i Kyn n L 'I Merrut \ v erv T \ an Tnssell •rap left and IIIU I li pressure is heme; brought i n bear on Superv isor I-.' P Barrett to till it Mr Kennei h regard s linn ns veri promisin g material He savs it would onl y need a week's hard work -cross omuln runs, bite; punchiiic;, etc -to mak e Barrett otie of the likeliest youngsters in the bum Ii PERSONALS h //, , / . '/,// / I hi 11: • l '„l • II /.. L //,, - I., I ,,•//,/ ,1,.Ifli I III l/\l> H IfitO'l I i'l I II lllllj 'lliuut> f.< (\iifniff* >'n//it i;..fir ii'ti Hint i , t .it i''i I llll-ltll. I k '•' /•./ / V\ I /IIII/ I i in it-iiir irnitts til', i I I/. .iff if////.../- tn.iil.l..* I; III, l.„,l, <l llll]. ilil II hut. I I nine t lie K 'fe.-ited In the I ' iff N Italherroti: fuirk v.H-i ilnli e i 1 h e team v\fir k w i \iter iIn - fr.ini' ' il Hire « i.- hel d fliriili-h ' '1 t lie lullsl i ill liutl i Mde.-« hil l I ^ not i' a hi \ ii ill u \' ,r \ plea-.nit , Mull - Hi' ln-ira i Mr 11 \\ Kt 'llofrjr tiiid hi- father dro\e over to Sunt h Salem on Mon- da \ t o a t tend t he funeral of the late < h.irlen Faneher Mr Fain her was 'l \i \e .iIH old and hlid 1 «'f n a llieinher of the IVenhv tenaii i linn h of that pill' e .-line I N .'i 1 » Of flu irhut tuat (ttin if 1 ni' ran m I'I r liniitlt, tjnUt /,. .i> il\ti Iflj I'i turn ij^ lirit*l< ttu i-'il II'I l;t triiin until- sV-.y; limit l-t'tllti rrpinttt , /„ ./ ,./ // // ,hr , ll„it II- nil .-./, {liril_(J\ ll l-t ^/illtlli ll l/'iil ['III, I th' ll **,n .ii ,ii,;ni ,1-ju I • I, II, li.l ,/., — - . 1 iiil,l>lil II, , ll'l .1 I-f.iiikiin lt\.m i- p'tiiii^ ' re.iih lor t In- -\prniir rii-h l>\ .ilteruie - tin' fiuiit if. in- nie.i t market and making \. ii ion- mil t if >r impri A enieiii s I In In \l meet me n] t he t hor.ll i lull «ill he h\|ii ill t lii lil|_'li si hool I'll ^f .l llld .i\ I'M'llllie' .ll.-'fld of on A i'«ine>.iia\ Tins t hane;e was made . 1 1 ;TI \e 1 lie iiletllhers of the ( |uh an upport 111111 \ to at lend I he concert of l he Moll III l\ ISi il t ll or, 1 1 Mil let \ The \\ i' T I mil hold an at nonie with MrH 1, \\ 1 Ihott on WVilneniliM afteriiouii. Feb ltlth, three in Ine-ilui'M Fwnbodv is • ordialK m\ itnl to at tend BANKS' DRY «» GOODS f Millinery Mr o f \e H eek. - illld Mi s » ^ urk. in i i >n n l .f'Ml S K ari -pi'in \sauiiilers . l!ie ii few- Mr I h.irles \\ ilhaiii-. ol IH a fill's t at the l*arkv\a\ l'ne;l,iiiil Hou-e I'm Mt '\er.ll \M 'l'k- Mi -ri Itnlli 1 Iiibbai'il ol Mount. \er- lion was a \ilest of relative - here l he p.i-t week Mr iieoreei: \\ .i-liburn w ho w .is | tl muse and J in j in rcvi stern h .llldefc— Why did \im strike this man ' 1'risoiier— '\\ hat woul d \ou do ,lude.v if NUII kept a >irocer\ store and a man i nine in and asked if he i Otlli I take :j I no Mile - pn i ure of \ our t hee-e ' John U'e-ley Hallett. who ju-t will nor be serious tells the lollow m-; IIH idem of t lie yreut Ferrirtlieiilioii.su iu\ stcry Fern s went out tolii-chi' ken I oo|t the other ei enine thinkiiitr he heard •Wh o atleitidbi th> retrenchment in New >, ork cit v Aqueduct sen ice, ha- been re-tored to dlltV oil the I fo-s Itiver seition Tin* post of chain man. previously held h\ Mr Wash burn wa s abolished, but at* he is an exempt fireman and iC veteran, it was found necessarv to re-appoint li im as a rodman, al hi.- lormer uulurv Husband m ^/Isylum, Wije Tories to Die i •^t i /> >g!.>''l.'>g»:X » ' in. I n ' Come in and let us show you the latest styles It costs you nothing and pleases us. We are sure the styles witl please you and the low prices sur­ prise you. Hats at $3.95, $4.95, $5.95 and $6.95. Are selling for double these prices, elsewhere. •C<t : CI, » <'l f-«> *, CitCk-Cf*. «.« > V t Furs 0^»3i-^:>-- • i» S fj. w v» v< I t U [ All kinds of fur neck t pieces for Ladies, Misses I and children, with muffs and turbans to match. We have ladies sets from f $3.90 to $27.00. ~ Sold separately or in sets. The biggest stock of the ) leading styles, fashioned | and manipulated to fit £ any pocketbook. Our J prices are positively the J lowest, our values the best Charles Brundaee, a wheelwright of \rinoii k ivus transferred from Dr t liven s sanitarium, m St ainford, to the l'oiighkeepsie asvluin as incur­ able and as a result Ins wife attempt­ ed -uuid e on last Wednesdav tu^iit The promp t attention of Dr U B Clark of I'leasiuit ville. vvhowassum- inoned b\ Miss Briiiid .iii -e -a>pd her tnot In-r s life, althoti'ih she w a- bail lv si arred b\ the i at bolic a< id Th e lit I 111 < ]. i ire la mil \ is well know n Imth in Annoiik and Whit e I'l.un- Mi (i > III),i n lll,'ltl.li;e l o l th e National Bi-iuit I n who purchased the Mian- r and lowhl pl.n es hist -umme r h,i- about . ompleted the I 'ellOV .1 1 Kil l ill th e ''Id f.llli i lioll- e ll is Hi i w vi ired fui > In 1 1 ii h^hl- and III.my modi in improv iin »ii' - h.i\p 1 a n 1. 1 1 ]>• M i < iii a n i liink. - i if - l ill fllfllie l llllpruv lliiT the pl-iip.TIV Hi d dmtii' -i lin e n i id hinldliii' MiiniiTrniTo Let To Sell Employment Wanted— \ T-am.lc i V> . t\ W II . Howler ku <_iii.<ii Wanted -T • ,• > i ;•-«• ihcHji AH - lira-e, pru e fro m ; . \i - si' \ .'4 S Mount K 1 -1.(1. N \ Wood Sawing \\'t<i ^.i-i.iii. c i i.«ine h\ dav s wiiit. . wlin.l i i - clicipi r tha n liming ji.i. r WOIMI saweil tiv Hit cur d or I vv ill i nnti.ii. t fur MI W mi*-.in v lot ol wuoi l ! 1, i.e 'r.e jiowi- r m• * tlie in . i' l t t . \ i n MW | .' r i' e vvhu' i v .'^ i- s th e lalfur o' -,'1 :tm^ A p'f-tb l i Hn l to m v f'lil t— will li IIVT ni p ]ire]i.irei l tniln v iti wotV . Sa' s. lActii'i i j; ar.uitif' - Cli.t - I I Kt-*: i- is t here No repl.v Mill more sternlv he shouted \\nsweror I'll shoot ' i Weak voice from the chn ken house) • Deed, Mister, dey am t no one here Veptin ' us i hickens. JXNUAL MEETING The annual nieetinjr of the Kato- n.ih ^ lllajfe Jmprovement Sooietv will be held m the parlor s of the Pres­ byterian iliurch on next Tuesdav evenitifr, Feb 0th, at eigh t oVlork The Committee/have arvunjred for a social patberinjr like tha t of last rear, instead of the more formal meeting of former year s itiigh School ilotrs § I Lincoln's 100th birthday 4 will ha | observed on Thursda y afternoon at I - o t loi k in the asseuibh roo m of itliehie 'li school bv iifipropriate ex- I cercises There will be several mu­ sical si'lei t ions as well as rec it at ions | and dei -lamal ions j Miss Helen Bobbins and ' Mi .-s Mil- ; 1 1 red Beats hav e been missed from the lllf'h school this week The for- j nicr is absent on account of an at I tin k of the mumps, while the latter ! is detained by u severe cold i -* \* * i ! The electric fan was started this week in the furnace room and frrent- Iv improved heatuifr fa> ihlies are the result * • The feii i hers have been e-reatly favored since t his last siimv by the pupils of the -Trades, ha vine been drawn o n sleds between their hoard­ ing-places ami th e school moraine's noons and liuihtH The three team- of the k.ltonall hlfl'li school thefTirls tcim .Hid the first a ifd second bov-' teams, will plav the three Chappaip u Mountain Institute team s on the hitters' court tomorrow Sntiirdav .ifternoon i; \NK (,l Mi:ol-lU' N i v. - I > i \ i i i. 1\ v I I i \ v II i 1- \\ \|(| |S I \ I Ii i V l U iV \|- ll s 111, A I f I- Mm \ r k 1-' 1 ' Mv ordi'i for i opies of i be k.ito , 1 11 t he mon t h of .fanuarv mv nah Tunes' diiriii-; the mout h of , der for topics of \The kutonah Jaituarv, l'.l'itl vv as a-follows Times\ was 1ST Wl.'Fk - JO I OI'IFS 1S T W Kills IN CilIMLS JD L 's J|) in • ID J' . •• ' ' .11) J*< ITU \ J .\i '• i 1 rn •• :IM 1 p to the lir-l of t he \e.ir inv order 'WeTiinneilv rveTa-red 1 J • opn-H had a v ei ,ieed I copies pi,'!' week ! C .-. W»I.L I l;i\h d l VI no l in I ,, \ Sells 33 1 -2 Per Cent. More lll'.Nit^ k\SClI(il' Ni ws Di «.i i ii K ATONAH , Swelling The Mount Kisco Sa'e BI:M:DICT BHOS .1 KM 1 1 I lis | Mm N r k 1st ti 1'or the niont h of .Iiianaiv l '.Mi'i ' we handled \The katonah '1'itnes : on the following basis 1 1ST \\ F.HK - IS COPIHS JI) \ - -22 Duruifr the four weeks of .1 anuarv . | 1'.)()*>, 1 have sold I'll i opies per week I ' . ol' Tliv koLoiiah Tunes.\ biiiii^; mx \ l'- 11 - \ ~ 7° ' .- in. rease ol .Tt\, jier cent for th e I lonuerlv mi order was tor ,- month ( '\I\^ :1 » ,,,,k llKNU X KlMlltll- I ( \'SUM 1. Hi NE l ' i Tin: A-./vv.jv.///\ n.u/-:s\ THE K.ITIK\.UIrui/-:> /HIS thr Im-'Jcsl cirrylnlion I fin- /(trues/ cireultihoii 111. tin Ciolnn S'nilrij rr- <'rotun \'<tlln/ r> \tail II {nuts ./<> ml I'I r/(sc gum. It l>iti/s In ml i 'i' rt > •>< in its 1 ultoiins in its. col<< III 11 s 'I he katonah hiirh -1 hool i:irl- 1 team will plav the New Rot helle lu-rh 1 si hool jriris on Thnrsdav afiertioon 1 Feb 11, at !' 1 on t he former s • . ourt I Mr and Mrs Mrs Bedell am • Hillcrest.' I hose from (ieorep I Hallett Mrs (instead, of Cherrvsteet were •iinmie; katonah who attended the Dickinson-Quick '1 uesdav of this week tldllie ; oi l Mr and Mrs Itaemoinl ( larke. w ho are finestK at the Fdjrewood, vihitetl lier parents, Mr and Mrs ,1 S 1'ier- sall. at Mount Kisco . on Sunday Mrs Clarke remained until Wednes­ da v visitiD\ friends .MIS H Berth a 15etti«, of kinjTstoti, has been the guest of Mis* Kli/abelti > Barrett the pant week (In Sunda y next evening ihmtian Kndeavo r Day will l>e observed in the 1'reslivt.erian ehun li bv a special The annual reports will be presen- service under the auspices of the Y F S (' I.' *i ( ordi.il invitation is ted. officers elected for the iiirrent vein, and ,there will be music All friends of the society and the publn generally are 1 ordiall v invited 1 o be litesetlt ^moke \lei eda 1 1 liv 1 »ov |e Hrot hers \\ e 1 eee i v e nlir era week — I'ov l e Hrot he -u|i| milv fr .- h 1 extended to e\erv one to he present, and it is particularly hoped that all former Kndeavorer- imiie There w ill be special music a series of live- iiiinute iiddresses on the history and work ot the Fluted and 1 01 al societies, iti This service w ill take the place of t he u-irul.ir pre H IIIIIIT service at T \to ii . Im k 1 ml t he 1 I. pra\ cr tneetine at if to will be omitted 1 : I K \ 1 • I 1 IO N K V I I :VH TI LUH S. A VJ££tV WNllHAL I )IKi:< '!'< )H A\niiJ( I:NSI:I > FMISALMFH ii'Mi'i' rKvi't-nnii !• \IollKKS 1- • 1 'ii'vti'A- r l A 1.1 - l*l*i )M i\AT( >N All, 1 -i : AI H'Ni'iii N. Y. 1 l > I 1 \ V < > J< Ii 1 1 I I Ml k Wanted. .,l in. M - lv \ ! ' Want.cd. I • i.. .11 . - \\ si 1 I \ < A.l. , - \> K H l i N. \i -en ' u il - *l fk li e • '< i 1 k I toil. ,1 •1' ll If I R, LOST. in • M'i a 111 ol ..' New •ri 111- X in\. \ > .iiini II f l t ' M • Ii M \ , . i ir .. . V. 11. ,ti 1 ,f| 11 1 , l.iii 11 • I i 1 \ .1 I »\•>•«« 1 ' I r I Help Wanted.-' . 1 ' K II k . . , ' \•I ii HI - u\. \ • t' 1 \ 1 ' ' 1 I '' r - \ . .ill i 'For Rent. 1 f •.;< .1 • n 4 11 i. . ; . ,i u. •! k j '11 !l i l - - I ' lo.lf l 1 If s < ..|U | M ••>'•.• k s. C i'l a t , ii \i I- I ,i ' •'. \ I ~' f'i - \ i i ;.t s , . , . ,1 I I - •' . i M - ' • M V ,. , K l |i| .i:ox HI TIMi - i M it k - i \ \ j Ma v I i- k \ i in I o i i v or me I • i c. \ i sell in-.- Ill ' •', , | 0 ...,| |„[ iifleuipe' f HaillttT ..' I'i,' ..I... I.i vv - 1 1 w ill JT C llll obllye \ l II - i .ii i i n i Bio x 1 1 v• i I're.-I.lell l W ' I I I t-urs W.mted . V, --tin - i B. E. BANKS Mt. Kisco. \A\ o l o ! Ix I w • ! l 1 1 I \ ' f f l -' in c \. .I'i-- W llll i '• // \ \/ -NS//.(,(J/ S l)l<) ' Calves Wanted \ \ , M .mi ' I . -i , is , i . II • . i.i i.. :• N i-lu Hli 'I 'i im I m pi o 'nblt io i II, t In- -• i *i plisliei] l.|. I I i i .la V The-ei,,iii hi i in', .if _•• i i.f | ; , Pianos .n 1 orjin- • .1 i.'.i an 1 t In h- iii-e bv i v i f >' < • 1 111 | | ii i f) ,i a I r. p , II i <i \ 11 w a i v _ u.i i • |'tl-si\ I I I -I i lew ide pi. fhl Iii I n in I ill I t .i n' .'i . 1 ihi! pi i ill i pi L at t • lidi d 1' • I u-t i in : n in- >• ii i n in -ti t i-1 h |'i ii,i over t h e o{ ii f riinr - i ot Th e IrllUiiph of Hie l>llt vv.i - t )„ OC'ilsltill n i i n elit hil.-l.is t n f|. inifii sli ' H ion lofte pl.iyill!/ K.'feP i III e - StiaiW.ll >fir.- N ^ \ddre-- kail <j BITO- t HUH, HI 'li N .j I Mt ki- ,i \ \ BENEDICT BROTHERS Watches Jewelry, and Men's Fur­ nishings, Dry Goods, Etc. Katonah, N. Y. Bailey's Dept. Store Annual Pre-Tnoemory Sale Each Department tributes a great ol season­ able Items of money saving value to any con­ sumer. *< I I I G 0' s e P I H. F. BAILEY Mount Kis CO. 0 © © © &®®?@!@&W®&®@f f 0' © .©. © ©. p © 0 0 0 0 0 0 .© 0 © © 0 © © © © U ®© White Ros< Grocery . Katona ^* ^* Vou are a In a welcome here, 't is the ho-' oi tJle famous \White k>os' brind of Tcibl delicacies ^1 otK'r staple a> Vitality ailitt* better; [>,/ little j»\ve tna \ elsev ',' • i ^ I ! I T. J. D0V-E, «>PP\- ie Station. NOTE and * of Boots, Shoes, ..,alsocarry a n.our prices are lower libber Footwear* I\ N ew York Clty ' CI I I ., you would pay fc th? J a

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