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3Hre—Kratonah- Times fKRTATTLISITKn TT WW) 1V..-JI. UHAMHKKI.A1N, KI11TOK AM) I'Kol'ltlKTOK Published <5 «Jery' Friday Afternoon Thre e Mouths , 40c Subscriptions: One year, «•! 50. Si x Months, 75c. P Single Copies . 5 c Advertisin g Rate s on Application PAYABLE INVARIABLY IN ADVANCE Entered at the Katonah Post Office as Second Class Matter. A Local ^publican Newspaper Devoted to the Interest, of Westchester County Communication s liitcnilwt for inil'llm „1 •iTl(lrcs> o f si-n.lor. Tli e rlisht to reject or oht pul.llcullohii is ri -w -rv ai NKWS ITEMS collc-ilcd liulillcHtloi i mtiHt 1i«hi - mime I li y t lit- ruMMic r FIUIMY. FEBRl'ARY 12. 1JMH). LINCOLN, THE PATIENT MAN. The virtue that shines out brightest in all that we know of Lincoln i, his Patience. Strong in mind, strong in body, he was }et strongest in that abilitv to suffer meoklv, which, as Christ promised, gives to it s possessors the heritage of the earth. Great glory is Lir.coln's today: 1 n HARD ROADS AND HARD CM 'Wie {Business Jhi^antage-o} Highways to the Community Jit Large. — • his life lie suffered greatly. When, as a volltlr, llie proud Ih'cidmi-ridge- turncd from him in the crowd, spurning his proferred hand, lie showed I'atience. When Seward, his underling, wrote that galling \Thoughts for the President's consideration,\ he took it with such quiet dignity and personal efftieement as only a loft} ,-oul could command. In the black days of the Keoellion, when the Union with all that our flag stands for, seemed about to go.dowu forever, in a slough of corruption and crass incompetency. Lincoln, upon whose shoulders the hea\iest burden rested, stood Patient, Faithful, enduring unto the end. It would be •well if every American schoolboy who has taken part today in the Lincoln exercises, could learn this lesson—could carry away in his heart this moral—that Patience and Humility, least regarded perhaps of all the virtues, are yet. in effect, the greatest of all. From a recent circular letteri «(ued by the Westchester Roads Assn., whose officers ure Jno. I. Bristol, J. Mahew Wninwright, W. \V. Law, Jr and Jno. P. Faure, wo quote the following pithy statement: \The road conditions leading into our County are generally far behind what they should be, and some por­ tions constitute a disgrace t o a sec­ tion to which nature has been most bountiful iu beauty and salubrity, and surely the wealth, brains and obligations of our property owners and newspapers should not be re­ miss in vigorous efforts t o effect a change. As shown in Article II of our By- fcawsy-aw-^bjeets— ace—'r.n tnat* r OOOOOOOOOO\ \LICENSED- CHAUFFEURS. The present system of handing out a licence as machinist to any­ one who is willing to produce two dollars, without the slightest investi­ gation of their ability or personal character, is largely responsible for the deplorable number of automobile accidents which occur daily. An intoxicated chauffeur, seeding along the country roads on his mid­ night \joy-ride a young coachman, who has spent a fe w weeks at some garage learning to drive his master's new car, are equally compe­ tent, under the seal of the state, to protect the safety of the public highways. If a thorough examination before a competent board, to­ gether with some reference as to character, were required bv law, some percentage, at least, of the smash-ups would be avoided. W\hy should not Mr. Mead or Mr. Wainwright introduce a hill along these lines? good roads in Westchester County aud t o protect rights of citizens'who use them. \The geographical location of our county, constitutes it the first rei^l country breathing spot that the borne seeker encounters as be mores uoVthward from the great congested city, and the value of .our county's ticreage has no more potent force, than the kind of R OADS over which the home seeker travels. \The following statements we con­ sider unanswerable and they stand out clear aud strong in the light of good business and common sense: 1. Good roads attract the pos­ sible purchaser of a country home. 2. The purchaser of a choice piece of laud usually builds a home upon it. 3. Each home built in a locality increases neighborhood valua­ tions. 5. Every resident becomes a sub­ scriber to and reader of the live newspaperin thenearest village.\ A GOOD WORK WELL BEGUN. The subject of good roads has been very much in the public prints, these last few years, and still it is not one of which the public should begin to tire. Advances have been made, particularly in the neighbor­ hood of our cities; as we of Westchester County may see by looking about us and comparing the present with a decade past. Yet it will not do for us to weary of well doing. There are are still many miles of unfinished highways and connecting roads that need attention and it is not upon the completion of a road that public interest should cease. Equally important is the work of maintenance. Step by step with the perfection of the automobile goes the im­ provement of the public highway, and lx>th together mean a vast in : Urease in wealth'and comfort to all. The work that is'being done by public bodies may be ably seconded by private associatians, and it is therefore encouraging to observe the efforts of such bodies as the Westchester Roads Association along these lines. They deserve the general sympathy and assistance. -Miss Id a Tarbell'a \He knew Lincoln\ papers are receiving a good deal of attention just now. The Katonah password seems to be \He knew Joe Eastman.\ Sec they're after the street clean­ ing department in New York. We lind it's more simple to be frank about it i n Katonah and wear rubber boots. A New Jersey farmer makes his \switch-tail\ cow .saw his winter's wood. Local owners o f skittish stock take notice. A young man from White Plains was'in town recently making anxious inquiries for nu overcoat which he alleged that he bad loaned to a Ka­ tonah l><>\ Any information may lor may not) bo addressed to this li'ilO\. County Notes lU \n I'X .umnnt iiin will be hold !> 00 o'rlt n U » in Saturday . Feb •J7. I'.MI'I. .it tin- High S. html, dui­ kers. N ^ , for the M'lcc tion uf one principal and throe alternates forap- pointiiH'iit as midshipman 111 the United State* Nuwil Academy Only K'tanl buna-fide residents of the 10th Congressional District, New \ork, will lie admitted to this examination •>• X f. The annual report of the White l'liuiiB Village I'ark Association r<>- < oninionds t hat the new Harlem ttta- 11011 be built over 1 he tracks, so Unit 1 ilia HOP be gnen t o beaiuify the % .itioti ground, the taking down of obnoxious sign boards, giving the \ il'ago Park Association supervision o: the tn *er> in public places The Sto.iy Wuld Sanatorium offi- eerslmso de< (dud to gUebut a state­ ment; of the work done toward cur­ ing young women and children suf- lering from tuberculosis undtoask aiil for carrying on the work A de­ ficit of $2:2 00') remains as amort' gage ou the \dironduck property. A flattering nun-partisan endorse rnent was given Justice .Martin .1 Keogh by the members of the WeM -neuter County Bar Association at eir annual meeting on Monday mocratic and Republican lawyers )iided the resolution offered by .ier District Attorney J Addison ig, of .New Kochelle, that .lus tice Keogh be renominated to hip present position as Justice of the Supreme Court by all at the next election. The resolution wassecond ed by Frederick W. Sherman, of Rye Nathan P. Bushnell, of Peekskill; H R. Barrett, of White Plains, and Judge Wra. Reilley, of Yonkers. Governor Hughes has sent to the Senate the appointment of Ex-Sena tor Francis M. Carpenter, of Mount Kisco, to be a member of the State Board of Regents for the new 9th Judicial District. Iu January 2(52 calls were made by the district nurses, as follows • Mount Kisco, «s.\> Somers (/enter 11; Bedford Station, l.'l; Bedfon Center, S Bedford Village, 1, Kato nab, •'!(), (ioldens Bridge. 2(>, Pleas antville. (id. Chnppaqua 'A, Haw thorne, IS. \ alhiilln. 0; Briar Cliff, 1 Patients ha\e been treated at t\In Presbyterian. St Lukes and ih< Women's hospitals during t mouth One put lent was taken to the hospitiil nt F.ast \ lew Contributions—Mrs I'eny Bnr- rett.Mrs ('lias Reynolds, Mrs A r mor. Mrs Bishop. Mrs 'iregory— clothes Mrs Dodd—magazines Mrs. Raymond—bottle witch li.iz.-l A friend—( hildren's clot lies Miss A. \\ ood—supplies, garments Mrs nise and Mrs Geo Ha Intend—feed ing bottles THE DEA TH OF LINCOLN Oh, sloic to smite and swift to spare, O/ntlo awl merciful and just 1 Who, in tXe fear of God, didst, hear The sirord of power, a itation's trust » * # * Thy task is doue, the bond are free. We hear thee to an honored grave. Whose proudest monument shall he The Itroken fetters of the slave « * • • Pure was thy life, its Moody, close Hath placed thee with the suns of lit/lit, A mong the noble host of those II ho perished in Hie caitsc of Right. — William Cullen liryant ,>XX)OOOOOCfiOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KATONAH POST OFFICE. OPEN FROM 7:00 A. M. TO 8.15 F. M . MAILS GLOSS AT POST OFFICE:— 40RTH, 7:10 A. U. CHATHAM LOCAL \ 12:24 P. M. CHATHAM LOCAL *' 4:20 P. M. PITT8YIELD EXPftRBS \ 6:33 P .M PAWLING LOCAL COUTH, 7:30 A. M. LOCAL \ 10:85 A. M. EXPKES8 \ 3:15 P. M. NEW YORK LOCAL \ 7:35 P. M . NEW YORK LOCAL Tel. Connection Contracting In All Branch\ jMAes OAROP 4/VO David A. Doyle, P.n. CONTRACTOR. Mount Vernon, N.Y. Macadamized Roads Specialty. * RAILWAY CONSTR I- LANDSOA-BE, -4 mrVl9m ' IMPROVEMWT,v SEWERS. :CN. Brick Paving:, Concrete and Stone CONSTRUCTION. Hornless Talking flachine. J A CLARK has a new VICTOR TALKING MACHINE without a HOR N This is one of the greatoBt Ktrid'-s toward making the Talkuig Ma­ chine one of the most popular »f mimical instruments. W 1 E ARK TI.KASEU to sa\ that 111 the six years that Mr (lark has lK-en in the talking Machines biiMness, ho lnin kept in pace with all the latent im­ provements. 11111I he enrries a s .large slink o f Mnilniics mill Remnls as an y 1 it\ Dealer ENCOVRA GINQ WORDS. Editor of \'The Katonah Tunes \ Let me congratulate \ 011 upon the appearance and contents of your pa per It is a great improvement and a credit to an\ tov\ n \Y.\i (J H AKIIKTT K litor of \The Katonnh Times \ 1 wish to congratulate you upon the greatly improved appearance of the \Times'' since you assumed com­ mand It appears to me that there is a grent field for aji up-to-date pa per in northern Westchester nnd I trust' that you will meet with the success in that field that yourenergy mid ability deserve 1 take great pleasure 111 reading tie \Times' eveTy WFetJ because my\fu (pialntance with the people of northern Weetehes- ter makes vour happenings of local interest of wry great interest t o me, IU N C N OLAN. W\ 1-1 test Irisin , K'N'UW tha t h e likes to hav e }i >il i-iill anil hea r sn.in of tin miisii whither you int.Mfl. pur , 1 nut Do n t lor^et tli' plac e Our Lines are ready at all times for your in spection. FURNI TU RE Second Floor devoted to display of stock. We do all branches Upholstering. of Upholstering Materials. Q. E. G AiW^Mt^yltote^ Sheet Metal Work, Tin Roofing and Jobbing, Gas Fitting. ELECTRICAL WORK IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. GASOLENE ENGINES INSTALLED AND REPAIRED Hot Water, Steam and Hot Telephone 19 W . MOUNT KISCO, - - Ain Heating. - N.Y. Bargains in Used Cars! 1906 Maxwell Kima^ouT/ovorlmiilw+r -Fepuinted _ and in fh\st-class condition S325 1906 Ford Runabout, full lamp equipment, rum­ ble scat, excellent condition 300 1906 Maxwell two cylinder touring ear, now be­ ing painted and overhauled 500 1907 Maxwell, two cylinder touring ear now being painted and overhauled 600 1907 Maxwell, two cylinder touring car, over­ hauled, repainted* - in first-class condition 700 1907 Maxwell two cylinder runabout 400 1908 Northern 2 cylinder touring with top, full lamp equipment, now being overhauled . . 900 1908 Maxwell Roadster, four cylinder, 24 II. P. full lamp equipment, Warner Speedometer 1200 1908 Maxwell, four cylinder '24 II. P. touring car with top and full lamp equipment.. .. 1300 1908 Premier touring car with top, 30 H.P., lamps, wind shield, Warner Speedometer and Magneto, overhauled and painted 1200 1908 Premier touring car with top, 4 cylinder, 24 H. P., wind shield, full lamp equip­ ment, just overhauled and repainted ... . 1500 All the above cars, like other used cars sold by us, will bo guaranteed the same as new ones. BARRETT'S GARAGE, 4 Mamaroneck Ave. WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. Shades and Shading. Carpets and Rugs. Linoleums, Plain, Inlaid, Printed. Wall Papers and Room Mouldings. We do Picture Framing. Write or Telephone \ for Estimates. We are at your service. Hoyt Brothers Co. Katonah. YOUR PIT LM R TNG- Does it need any* repaing ? W ' , \Vm Does it need any* repaing ? We 1 will endeavor to please you. Let us estimate on any work you may have. H. L. MERRITT - Katonah, \Do You Receive the 3(Caximum Tfelurn Compatible nilh 'Perfect Safely? TWO QUESTIONS We offer GUARANTEED FIRST MORTGAGE TAX EXEMPT CERTIFICATES I \A Small Sized Mortgage Paying 5 Per Cent. Net.\ I Westchester & Bronx Title &| Mortgage Guaranty Company J. WHITE PLAINS >• NEW YORS- ~ BRANCH OFFICES : 22 Getty Square, Yonkers. 55 Law ton Street, New Rockelle. • I Clark's Music Store, Katonah, - - N.lY. ELECTRIC LIGHTS AT TEN CENTS PER K.W.H Everlasting Notwithstanding stoncH to the contrary, we wish to in­ form our parronsand frii >nds, also wood-be users, of electric 1 fdits, that we have no niten- tijn of leaving Katonah and its vicinity, but are there to stay. The story that we ure to withdraw, is absolutely false, as it isour ambition to please an J tado »o»ala.iaic figiu^- Uespectfully. GEO JL -T :\Gs>T &KONS. Fit and Shape No more need to content yourself with clothes that look fashionable only when new. This season you can buy a full suit or overcoat that will look as shapely as when new. six months after you wear it, a garment that will retain the same snappy lines, broad shoulders anjl snil£ front that the tailor put in it before it left the workshop. That is the feature of Roynl Tailor clothes This prrpat organization of Chicago and New York puts a legal guaranty into the pocket of every garment it makes, guarnnteeingitto hold its fit and style until worn out. Do you need to gamble with the clothes proposition when you can get an absolute guarantee like this? Come in and look through our oOO Vll Pure Wool sample pattern All l'ure Wool, note you, for there is not a thread of cotton in the whole Koyal line. Wool, and Wool exclusively. —— -W, Wx-F QQ T£ J* Dealer in' Royal Tailoring and J* \The Shape That Won't Come Out.\ MOUNT KISCO, - N. Y Elliott & flayne age Pepositofy Business and Pleasure Wagons VANS FOR MOVING FURNITURP - li-urnbef, Goal apd - . Fjuildipg }VI ate rial KATONArT,

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