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^ f ..l...... 1 J 1 J^ l -\\\l'l'\l I Games Past and to gome ^ —\^Tii i On last tifcHny evening the Cres- eents easily defeated the St. Stephen A. X. team, of Ridgefleld, by a score of 22 to 9. The game was faster than the score would indicate, but tbe result WHS never in doubt. South- all hnd an iron-bound contract with the basket nil through the first half, and it wnsevidentthat hisman heard about it in the intermission, for he played tho second half with both arms around Southall's neck. Lewis shook his man in the second half and the Owen brothers covered their men in flue shape. Dexter, as usual, col leeted for the fouls The visitors seemed to be handicapped by the low ceiling and cramped court of the old school house. The liue-up was as follows Crescents Position St Stephens Southall Lewis Dexter B Owens C. Owens It. F. L F C. R. U L.G. Thomas Miller Finch Bonton Uabbot.' Baskets from the field - Southall, ~>. Lewis, 2, Dexter, 1; B. Owens, 1. From the foul line: Dexter, 4 In the preliminary game the local second team was out-clnssed by the St. Stephen's juniors. Towey's map ran up most of their score, and wuTT easily the fastest player on the floor. Score: 20 to 7 •« The games began almost uu hour later than scheduled, owing to the late tirrirul of one of the louil players. * As a suggestion to the management Begiiryour games on time, for Then* is nothing so dis­ couraging, both to players and spec­ tators, us a long preliminary delay It H unfortunate that the court at the old si hool house is so crumped The ball is constantly out of play and too much whistle will detract from the interest of any nueket ball contest Also, the narrow quarters must inevitably tend toward rough pluying. »• • •* At the beginning of the second half the unmistakable odor of smoke caused some exeitemeut among the spectators, but it was found to be nothing more serious than a pair of shoes, which one of the visiting team had left on the stove t o dry So suc­ cessful was his plan that only a small portion of the uppers was left for him on his Return to the dressing room. J r hajB so far been impossible to learn ^whether he forced an eu- trance ^tto one of the local shoe ^jjlH ^Tia^ W ent to Uidgefield in his oW, one ot 4 - •• ™*>ti&ut^thrie second boys' and the killed )«hool teamB were defeat- teeu years oU\.<*4&f the New Uoehelle •which they uld ^Ven. The boys lost by At NewiKirt jd the girls by 4 to 7. most powerful\' the 1,est SIUoke - wus successful^ 18 UrOB - ware\ Is our c ' tlibrlzci] by co an iiiddiiiii.ililc In the sun f< Kathcriiii' Howard <;mi|\v ut a l.ymliliu to 11slrs df l to Mrs ^'\ii -ecceeeeeec^eeeeeea lug niciils trl. <J) Sciior Aros Jster. I 'lUcrcdi partim-iit V 8IHiC< ll Itlllll greiisinitii Kigg. President ( '. ««Ck «I. Qg* A inoiisie Relwil I lie 2g Josiaii oinome in and let us f t<mn of Pii w you the , t t st , I off by tin could t!> :1 o»tsyou nothing and tim ases us. We are sure Hattenve styles will please you j hours ' . . . * and the low prices sur- ® prise you. Hats at $3.95, $ $4.95. $5.95 and $6.95. | Are selling for double * these prices elsewhere. P JKS' DRY ijOODS * iillinery | ' Ue Furs | All kinds of fur neck | pieces for Ladies, Misses ? and children, with muffs ' and turbans to match. We have ladies sets from £ $3.90 to $27.00. tl Sold separately or in sets. The biggest stock of the | leading styles, fashioned | and manipulated to fit I any pocketbook-. Our | prices are positively the \ lowest, our values the best B. E. BANKS Mt. Kisco. VILLAGE IMPROVEMENT MEETING (Continued from 1st page ) Metropolitan .Miss Mice Horton, He vie v. of llo\ I^'TS , Miss Mncy, '\oi­ lier's Weekly, Mrs A. C. Daniel; St. Nicholas, Master Livingston Hunt; , Good Housekeeping, Mrs. Albert Van [_Scoy, Popular Mechanics, E. A. Ar­ nold; Saturday Evening Post and McClure's, by Mrs. George Hoyt; National Advocate, L. W. Elliott; ChuritHs. Miss H. Todd, and Mc- Cure's. Mrs. T. H. Smith. We are al­ so indebted toC Lewis, Miss Margery VanTnssell, Mrs. T. S. Smith and Mrs \V. ,1 Carpenter for nmny odd copies of other magazines. The library has had during the year .\> visitors. The circulation reached 4,8\>7 loans. This is an in­ crease of about 2,000 each in both visitors and circulation. Since July we have had a free library. This has greatly increased its use among all classes of readers. The school chil­ dren especially have availed them­ selves of this condition. Aud it is. undoubtedly this fact that accounts for the very large incrense in visitors and loans. Respectfully submitted, KOHER T ti. KBLLEV, Ch. The News of Kafoflnafli V, AYS AND MEANS Quips \ Quibbles S The Ways and Means committee reports that among the efforts p»t forth by it to raise money needed for current expenses of the society were a concert, in the assembly hall of the school building which netted $8 .\»(). As a result of Tag Day, July 2oth, we received §2n:i ;5o, making a total of $211 The committee extends its thanks and appreciation toAhose who contributed to the success of Tag l>;iv \V H CI.AUIV. Ch. SAMTAm The committee on Sanitary affairs concerning our village reports with feelings of thankfulness that an av­ erage of healthfulness has been main­ tained. No epidemic disease has visited us, and our people have suf­ fered only the sicknesses incident to climate and local causes. The year has been made especially notable by an awakened interest, world wide, m thestudyofandefforts to stamp out that greatest of de­ stroyers of human life, the \Great White Plague.\ Much might be said upon the sub­ ject of the drainage of our village, but as your committee has no sug­ gestions to offer at present, the matter must await future devel­ opments. J. FKAKL'IB CHAPMAN, M.D. , Ch. HTKKETH AX1) SIDEWA-LKS During the past year, we are pleased to report that several of our highways have been greatly and permanently improved; notably, Bedford road, Parkwav and the To Let To Sell Employment Baled Hay—For sale in any quantity, from one bale to 50 tons. Also baled rye and oat straw at reasonable prices by Benedict Bros Rooms To Let—In the Benedict build­ ing, Inquire a t Benedict Rrok-' ofiice Wanted--Fo r a client, 35 to 50 acres of well wooded land, with a brook through it Would like a small home on laud Mus t be in Westchester County. Address William Moore, Cross River, N. Y. Lost— Brown Irish Terner dog- Ans­ wers to name of ' Pete \ Retur n or inform W B. Franklin, Katonah , N Y . N'o questions asked For Sale—A child s <_nb and mattress, and tw o washtubs for sale for wan t of use All in good condition Mrs Kasihop , Katcnah Wanted— A Teatnstot AppK 10 \ \ II. Fowler, Katonah . Wanted—Tn piirclia&e cheap work horse, price from S40 to $50 Bui: 24S, Mount Kisco. N Y. Wood Sawing- With gasoline engin e by dm s woik, which w cheaper than havin g your wood sawed by the cord, or I will\ <.ontr.-ict for sawing an y lot of wood I have the power and the ma­ chinery to --uw large wood whii h saves riiL- labor of splitting logs A postal card to my addiess will bring :ne prepared to do your work Satis- laction guarantie d Chas H Ferns , Mtf Kisco, N V , K P. 1) N o 1 Wanted. For a client, small farm of 2 10 i'i ucics, within ii«) miles of New York Cil ) I'iease state price, tenis . eU Addies s Altiertsou Realty & Con­ struction C\. White Plains, N* Y Help Wanted.—Oirl, for general housework and cooking Woman , not undei iS. to take care of children. Must hav e good references. Address M Y can. Katouah Times, Katonah For Rent.- -Large farm to rent or work on sli'ares, state road 3 miles from Mount Kisco Call at premises Ira I'uidv Kbtate except Saturday and Sunday. Mr s 6 M Miller\ R F I) No Mount Kisco, N Y Painter aud Vaperhanger wants an opportunity to estimate on first class work Address William Beikman, Katouah, N. Y Furs Wanted. -Will pay for coon skins fiom 7S1 to Si 50 and muskrats i'\i'ti. ixicpt kuls. J. p I'rona\, J tune r ir.d J'aiior. K.^tonah Cnives Wanted - Teliphout- s;.. \\ , M.UUUA. Iviai-U. J >v.tt/. Pianos and organs tuned, regu- lati'd and repaired All work guar­ anteed and i>roniptl.v attended to lnstnii'lions yivcn in arNstic piano­ forte pl.ry ing. Keforenccs\ Steinwuy Sons, N. \. Address Karl G. Berg- tronr. H.F U No. 1, Mt. Kisco, N.Y Tho following is credited to Clyde Fitcb iu the course of a discussion on editors aud their ways • \I was dining with the editor of Magazine the other day when a gentleman of irate mien approached and demanded. 'Are you the editor of Magazine?' 'Iam.' 'Do you ever read your paper?' 'Why, surely.' 'Did you read the 38th page of this month's issue?' 'I believe so.' 'Well, my poem on that page.con­ tains the line, \I love you better than my life.' 'A very neat and well turned line, I'm sure ' 'Yes, but your confounded com­ positor set it: 'I love you better than my wife,' and I 'm living at a Lhotel until things quiet down at home.''\ Th-» genial absentmindedness of a Katonah neighbor gave him a few uncomfortable minutes the other day He was 011 his wav t o town and as he arose at the Lexington avenue terminal his hand uncons­ ciously Hosed on his seatiuate's um­ brella^ When his attention was called to the error, he was profuse in his apologies On his return in the evening he carried four or five um­ brellas nnd parasols his wife had sent into town to have repaired. As luck would have it, he found a seat With the same man whose rain shed- der he had so nearly appropriated in the morning Imagine his embarass- inent when .the stranger tapped him on the shoulder and, with a signifi­ cant glance at the bundle of umbrel­ las, remarked m cutting tones, \I see you've made a very good haul today.\ KATONAH GIRL'S MISHAP. When Mary Freoz was running toward the back door of the school \house on Wednesday she missed the knob and thrust her band through theglass, cutting the skin and wrist muscles severely. Wallace Searles displayed his presence of mind by gripping her arm above the cut and checking the flow of blood. Dr. Mac- Phail was hastily summoned to the home of the injured girl and, after re­ moving several pieces of glass, closed up the wound with seven stitches. The sight of the blood caused three of the smaller boys to faint and it wos necessary for some of their older schoolmates t o carry tl ^em home. Miss Carrie Knapp, one of our busy telephone operators, was bothered last week by a partich of some foreign substance lodged iu one of her eyes. Saturday evening, while Bhe was at work, the eye liegan bleed­ ing. Dr. MacPhail was called t o the exchange and had to cut into the eyeball in order to remove what proved to be a fragment of broken glass KATONAH NOV/ HAS A LOCAL VETERINARY. The annual meeting of the Home Missionary (Society of the Methodist church will be held on Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs George S. Ray. As the election, of officers [-and other important- business will be transacted, a large attendance is urged. Rev. W. J. Cumming, of Yorktown, will occupy the pulpit of the Presby­ terian church on Sunday morning. There will be no preaching- service in the evening. Y. P. B. C. E. as usual at G M0 o'clock. Rev. W. T. Barfclett left town on Tuesday for his home in Maryville, Tennessee, where he contemplates •pending two weeks with his mother. Dr Albert N. Towner, well known as a vefceriuary surgeon, has moved here from the town^rhich received its name from his ancestors. He is about to establish a practice in Ka­ tonah, having taken up his quarters at the residence, of Fletcher H I^ent, bfi Edgemont Road. * Owners of valuable live stock—and there are mauy of them hereabouts— will doubtless be glad to hear that there is a veterinary surgeon within call It is something that has long been needed. Dr. Towner has made a specialty of operations on the teeth of horses and is reputed to be thor­ oughly up-to-date in his methods. Hoyt Bros. Co. are having a new coat of puint applied t o the exterior of Katonah's \Big Store.\ Frank Knapp is wielding the brush. LONO D1STA.NCK I>BONX HlaiOXNCE IOI KATONAH. Con. 1'AHKWAV AKb BEDFORD ROAD ARTHUR S. AVERY ^FUNERAL DIRECTOR ANDIIJCENSED EMBALMER MODEKJf KQUIPMKMT - OOMPETKNrl* SKHVICK KATaSiAk; '1ST.• Y. 2 1L J.S PBOMPTI.V t ATTENDED TO DAY OR NIGH T Cross River, by the addition of n heavy macadam surface, tile drains, well paved gutters and all that goes to make a good highway, all of which has been done under the care­ ful and efficient supervision of aur town officials. The parks and shrubbery have been earefuly cared for, and as a result, together with our fine church, school, business and residential prop­ erties, have greatly helped to make Katonah one of the most attractive villages in this section As this work is carried on entirely by con- tributioiKjour committee desires to take this opportunity to thank all who have BO willingly aud generously contributed toward the same, there­ by making the work a pleasure rather than a task. Our receipts have been Balance on hand, ?G4 '42. From Col Win Jay. f 1.1. J.C. Far­ go, Mrs. George Nelson. Miss Julia flyle, Robert Hogg, W G. Barrett, Hoyt Bros. Co . Win. H Fowler and George K Todd, *10 each. Dr. .1. F. Chapman, Dr. G. M Lefferts. li W. Kellogg. Dr. W .1 Carpenter, K. P. Barrett, Frank II Potter. H. G. Fin r bey. Doyle Bros .Joseph Barrett, Messre. Pigneron and Douglas. Geo Hoyt, 1/ W Elliott. Asbury Elliott. A. F. Ahery, Miss Elizabeth Purdy, .?.\> each Lewis II. Miller, Thomas Outliers. Mrs W II. Robertson, E. A. Arnold. J. F Ityan, .1,-wnes A. Tattle, Kennedy & VanTasHoll. S3 each. Those who contributed ?^ or less were ll. D Knapp, Geo. Attride, F. W Gumboldl. Rev R H Kelley, J ll Holmes, J Her, C J Mead^W. H Clark. U IF Covey, .1 H Will- liunis, Flnvd Travis. UeWitt- Bene- di.t, F W. (lorham, R«-v W. T. Bartlett, A S \verv, Allen Miller, F. ll I^enr, Mrs. F_j.v MiUw. John French. Mrs Ammoii Fowler. Jos. Brady, II B Deacon, Mrs A. Bedell, J C Mayne, the Misses Horton, H. Z Muvne. J. B *A 'nen, Dr F H. V\ llliams. D .1 Smith, George S. Rayl T J Doyle, H H Spaulding, Michae, Towey, Horace Searies Chas Green. Mrs. Mrrinn Green. The Misses Pat­ terson J D Thonin*, making the total receipts for thp vear $:KJD.S2. The expenditures were $2()fl 'VA for the 1 are of the parks This Ipaves a balance of $!()(> l'.» «ith which to start t IK- U orl v of t lio coininii vear. J. F RYAN. Ch. MbMUKUSUU' Our li>.t of members is unusually large this year. Situe the library was made free last July we have ad­ ded 220 names to our list, making a total of 840 members for the year, an increase of 201 over 1907. 1 About 87 of these new memliers are school childeren, a number being from neighboring villages. MATILDA ll\ AN. Ch LAW AND OKDEIt During the past year very few cases of violation of law or improper con­ duct have come to the attention of your committee, either from obser­ vation or by complaint of other parties. Your committee has held no meeting. Only one matter was brought to the attention of the chairman and that was a request to stop the boys from playiDg ball on the public streets. A warning to the players resulted in Bomewhat check­ ing the offence, although it was not altogether stopped, aud no further action was taken. K. P . BAKKETT, Ch The committee on Street Lighting is still in existence, buL since the lighting has been done by the Town Board, no work comes under the committee's control, so the chairman offered no report. MKS.F1 A itlttwi.n, Secretary Following Mrs. Arnold's report a delightful vocal duet, by Mrs. W G Barrett aud MISR Bella Murphy, earned the hearty applause of the gathering. No new or miscellaneous business was introduced and the following body of officern was presented by the nominating committee and unan­ imously elected for t he ensuing year Honorary President, Henry 10 Pellew; Honorary Secretary, Rev. .1 H Eastman, D. I); President. Joseph Barrett, Vice Presidents, Clarence Whitman, William Jay. George L NicholB, Dr. J. F. Chapman. L. W. Elliott, Treasurer, Mrs W H. Rob­ ertson; Secretary, Mrs. A Arnold, Executive Committee for three years, Mrs. A F. Avery, E. A Arnold, G II. Covey, W H. Clark. DeWitt Ben­ edict. OH a motion from Mr. Barrett, the two honorary officers received recog­ nition of their sterling services dur­ ing the early historj of the .society by a rising vote of unanimous elec­ tion. The final report of the evening came from the committee on refresh­ ments and was accepted without a single dissenting vote. Altogether the departments of the Society seem to be in a most nourish­ ing condition, and the Social and musical features of the anuual meet­ ing form a most pleasant adjunct to the detail of business. PERSONALS Mr. Charles Mead expects to go to Rochester in the early part of next week to attend the Hardware Men's Convention. He will be accompanied by Mr. Sellers, of Fowler & Sellers, of White Plains. The convention closes on Friday. A cottage meetins will be held in the home of Mr. and Mrs Fletcher H. Lent on Tuesday, the Kith, be­ ginning at 7 80 o'clock. A cordial invitation is extended to nil t o come. A service of song will be held in the M. E. church on Sundry night. The address of the evening will he given by Mr. Joseph K Blakeney. HIGH SCHOOL LINCOLN DAY EXERCISES The Lincoln program rendered at the Katonah high school was as fol- S lows. Song—Medley of Popular Airs, by the school. Reading—From Supt.- Draper, by — Robt. Folsom. Song—Soldiers' Chorus, by the school Recitation—By Julia Mead. Dialogue—By four First Graders 1 Recitation—By Lena Spaar. Quartette—Captain, My Captain, by Mildred Doats, Ethel Green, Peter Noe and Walter Jonns Boyhood of Lincoln—By Wallace Searles. Violin Solo—By Ethel Green Recitation—Florence Allen Song—Uncrowued Kings, by the school. Reading—A Perfect Tribute, includ­ ing Lincoln's Gettysburg address, by Winifred Doherty and Wether- ill Palmer Song—America, by the school arid guests. Over thirty people from this place place attended the concert of th» Mount Kisco Choral Lniou on Wed­ nesday, and report a very fine con­ cert. The regular rehearsal of our own choral club was postponed until Saturday evening of this week, «o that the members might attend this concert. amratii 's Dept. Store m Annual Prtfnwtttory Sale Each Department contributes a great number of season­ able 1 t-e n?yi*—of money saving value to any con­ sumer. ^ j. H. F. BAILEY & CO. Mount Kisco White Rose Grocery. Katonah, N. Y. You are always welcome here. It is the home of the famous \White Rose\ brand of Table delicacies and other staple and Fancy Groceries. Quality a little better; Prices a little lower than elsewhere. DOYLE, Opposite the Station. NOTE—Wealsocarry a nice line of Boots, Shoes, and Rubber Footwear, and our prices ac&Jower than you would pay for same in New York City. i

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