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\The Household Series of Music Books,\ as its name implies, appeals particular­ ly to the home musician, the lover of music for its own sake. The closest at­ tention has been given to every detail involved in the preparation of this series. From sixty to seventy volumes are now in active course of preparation. The editional revision is thorough, the type clear, black, easily legible and the paper oi superi- or quality. The following numbers are now ready: * PIANO SOLO: Lange Al­ bum, Ascher Album, Bendel Album, Lack Album, Low, Flowers of Melody, 2 Vol­ umes, Wollenhaupt Album, Krug, Fleurs Melodiques, 2 Volumes, Bohm Album, 2 Volumes, Lichner Album, Gurlitt Album, Drawing Room favorites, 3 Volumes, Oesterle's Instructive Course, 4 Volumes; Little Classics, 2 Volumes, Gott- schalk Album, Little Pieces for little Players, 2 Volumes Popular French Music, 2 Volumes. SONGS: Modern Song $ .Favorites, high and low, 2 ; f Volumes, Sacred Songs, i and ;low. J J * ?i IONIUM: Hi LOCAL BILLS CLOG LEGISLATURE Shortage In Measures of Im­ portance at Albany. BOTH SIDES CLAIM ROOT. \^.MltteU'a \Popu- Vol- )LIN Both the Friends of Governor Hughes and tha Followers of tha Republican Stata Organization Aaacrt That Sen­ ator Elect Favors Their Side In Pri­ mary Election Controversy—How Jo Adds Has Risen In Power—Pranks of tha Playful Legislators in Search of Recreation. (From Our Special Correspondent.] Albany, >,'. V., March 3.—The 1009 session of the lawmaking body of the Empire State bids fair to go down in history as \the legislature of little laws.\ The number of local bills in­ troduced this year has been extraor­ dinary. It seems a& though every member of both senate and assembly has been endeavoring to outdo every qther in the matter of legislating on subjects of absolutely no importance to the state at large. The preponderance of local bills has clogged the legislative wheels to a considerable** extent as regards the larger issues However, there is one valuable phase of this condition—that is, those local measures will be dis­ posed of before the important questions of general interest come up for settle­ ment Thus the minds and activities of the legislators can be concentrated on the big issues, and the chances of their intelligent consideration will be increased Root's Attitude of Importance. Probably the political topic of lead- [.ing importance at the capital is what may or may not be the significance of the attitude of Senator Elect EUhu Uoot toward Governor Hughes, direct nominations and the Republican state organization The Hughes backers claim Root, the anti-Hughes people claim Root, and others sit calmly by and smilingly say, \Mr. Root is flirting with both aides.\ Supporters of Governor Hughes say, \Mr. Root's speech at the Barnes din­ ner sounds the deathknell of the pres­ ent method of political leadership.\ William Barnes, Jr., leader of Al­ bany county, says: \I'm from Missouri You've got to show me.\ What Raines Says. of his °&',tiift ! assein lar Graded Course. 2 •am as. Tha Celebrated « i -ats/ T O T O F \ j» FIRE AND BURGLAR-PROOF SAFES! Anything From a Small House Safe to a Bank Vault. BEFORE PCfiClIJSlXU . SECURE* PRICES FROM ISAAC W. TURNER Agent Mount Kfsco D. P. Dakin L. O. Rkmben DAK1N & REMSEN Contractors Mount Kisco, N. Y. Wad Allkfndsofbuildingsconstructed i Office and MIII-KISCO AVE. Telephone: 218 R. P ROCLAMATION STATE OF NEW YORK, County ofWesuhester, ss. The undersigned, the sheriff of said county, in coufornnty to a pcecepf to him in this behalf directed and de­ livered, by this, his proclamation, re­ quires all persons bound to appear at a COUNTY COURT , f to be held at the Court House in the town of White Plains, in the County of Westchester aforesaid, on the 23D DAY OF FEBRUARY, 1909 at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, by recognizance or otherwise, to appear - there at; and the undersigned hereby re- > quires all justices of the peace, coroners and officers who have taken any recog- miuizaace for tbe appearance •of>^»s.y^p«E« son at the said court, or -b&ve taken any 1 , inquisition or examination of any prts- <( -oner or witness, to return such recogniz- $ a aces, inquisitions and examinations to .1 the said court, at the opening thereof, !.' .on the first day of its sitting. ' v. Signed at tbe Sheriffs office, White Plains, on the a?tk \day of January, tig, • ChArlks M.Lank, Sheriff career^as TJi Speaker bly says: \As 'far as Mr. Root's speech is concerned, I cannot discover any­ thing In it to give solace to the friends of direct nominations. My idea Is that Senator Root look upon himself the task of a harmouizer rather than any­ thing else.\ Views of Allds. \Mr. Root,\ sajs Senator .lotham P Allds, (halrinan of the finance com­ mittee, \believes that \\e should make such <hunges in our primary laws as will guarantee to the \oters the tarry­ ing out of their wishes by the part.* leaders, but he dues not approve of the nomination by committee plan or any­ thing like it \ Jo Allds In Powef. Senator Allds, by the nay has loom­ ed Into great prominent e this year \« chairman of the finatuo committee he has more power than any other mem­ ber of the senate exrept John Raines Allds is 11 strict organization man, and lie has taken a leading part In the debates on'the door this j ear He ivp- vesnuts the Twenty -.se\ 011th district, made up of Kullhan, Delaware n -id Chenango counties. He was born at Claremont, V II . was educated in the public s. hool.s .>f that town, reino\ed to I he state of New York in INTH and graduated from Colgate university in INS.\. lie w .is admitted to the b .ir in .Janmrj. 1^7 and began the prance of 11\\ in Nor wieh, Chenango county -\ V. where he now reside* After several jeirs in (lie :i «.senil.lv Allds was lirst elided to the senile i'i i V.102 For Official Primary Ballot. V11 important 1 ill to the entire state IvJ*. that ol' \.s »tMiiiil .vnmn Artemas Ward. Jr.. of New York, providing tor an oih< In 1 primary ballot. The bill represents three years of diligent work and aims to meet the complex conditions I hat prevail in varying sections r.oM-riior Hughes recommended a measure of this de­ scription in sc\eral of his messages and it is boliexod that he will make an active campaign in favor of the Ward measure The Ward bill has for its object the /making of the conduc t of primary elec­ tions less irresponsible and informal and more c fficlal, as in the case of the general election The bill embodies some of the provisions of the old rVen- llce bill of two years ago. but has many new sections which make it rad­ ically different from thai bilC whii li Third —That thorp shnll be two form* of nomination petition, which shall U< known as \committee nomination peti­ tion\ mid \enrolled nominators' pet-t tion.\ Tlie former provides that any enrolled p-iriv voter in an election district, which is the unit of ropre soutRttou, niuj tall on four days' notlct to the enrolled voters of his political subdivision for which the ticket .Is tc. be 'nominated a committee meeting, which shall be managed in somewhat the same way. as a caucus meeting At this meeting nominations may be made and n ticket chosen by a majori­ ty of the members. The other method pro\ ides for a nomination petition which will be signed by a certain num­ ber of voters, as provided in the bill, the unit of representation being the election district. The minimum num ber of voters required to be present under either syBtcm is at least ten in an election district and increases by at least two for each election district in the political subdivision for which the delegate is chosen. The petitions are open for public inspection. Fourth.—The official ballot -will be much like the official ballot at tbe gen­ eral election, with party columns. Modaa of Killing Bill*. Many of the. persons throughout the state interested on one side or the other of direct nominations are of the belief that if the judiciary committees do not report tbe bill out a, vote on the measure will come up on a motion to discharge either of the committees and in this way alone. But such is not the case. A committee can kill a bill by holding it in committee or by reporting it unfavorably. The latter method is probably the more dangerous to the interests of the particular measure. The question then- arises as to whether the house wlH sustain the committee or not. Bo.th senate and assembly usually sustain a\ committee in an unfavorable report on a bill. Legislature's Sense of Humor. Put two hundred and one full blood­ ed American citizens in a city like Al­ bany, a city very much alive, and the simple life will never make very much headway Things are likely to hap­ pen. Practical jokes are a matter of course, and not every one, however. Is as harmless or as mirth provoking as that made at the expense of Assembly­ man Walters of Syracuse a few days ago. A bill was put into the bill box: In front of Speaker Wadsworth's desk providing for the legalizing of a \'Wa­ ter wagon and the necessary method to get upon it.\ . Water Wagon a Common Carriarl^. Written to take effect on St Pst- SIT ABLE BLANKETS 1 The VINTON Special SECURITY Stable Blanket. «** Stays Straight on the horse ^ Best Blanket torXUpped Horses T Most Convenient, Comfortable and Durable. tj \LOOK FOR THE PADS IN THE LINING\ •? Sold by JOHN BULL, Manufacturer of Homess, Etc. 24 Raihuiid A\e., White Plains, N.Y W. T BAILEY. Manufacturer of Harness, Etc.. Pleasantville, N. Y. W. JACK50N, Manufacturer of Harness, Etc , Mount Kisco, N. Y. B. ADAM S * SON. Opneral Store, Bedford Station. N. Y ORGEN BROTHERS, General Store, Golden* Bridge, N. Y. U. W. ABRAH5, Manufacturer of Harness, Etc., Croum Falls, N Y. LIBONATI. Manufacturer of Harness. Etc., Brewster, N Y Wn. J. HcKENDRICK. JL Man'f r Harness, Strap Work, Etc. \jj New Canaan, Conn. *j» 1.0CKWO0D & PAUIER, ( Agricultural Implem't8,& Hardware, < S3 Main St., Stamford, Conn. C n. MOSEnAN & BROTHER, 128 Chambers Street, Now York. •a. ,-, , • ,-, - .-I ,-, l. . > j Woman's Sphere Artesian Wells The Long YOU ENGAGED? Route to tha and 8hort Altar. What a lot of ululatlon there is about engagements—long or short. Put It down quick that all depends on tbe Interested pair. Two well meaning mothers sat on a porch one day waicb- ing their idols picjc cherries. The idols were boy aud girl, respectively. The mothers decided unanimously that tbe Cherry pickers should marry when they grew up. When the precious pair came down the tree with stains all over their faces they were duly informed that they were betrothed. They didn't know what that meant. By the way, the good old word seems to have gone out of business. In a roundabout way the youngsters found the defini­ tion of the word. When they did, to ring In an inelegant sentence, it wa8 rubbed into them good and plenty. Their homes were far apart, and often there were ftng stretches of time be­ tween their meetings. But as often as they looked into each other 's face they were reminded that they were— \betrothed.\ School days ended, and the girl had her coming out. The boy was having -his going out. There Is a .mighty heap of difference between tbe Itwo. Tbe girl's coming out over, she went into retreat Tibat was not nat- rick's day, the measure provides ^tha'tf Br * L \ he r mother's fault She twenty-three persons or more cai^-Wif.'h»d told all the boys and girls In .the come a corporation for the puirpo^'^ffthat Sallle was betrothed.. ~ constructing, owning., oneBUh»\ :1»M|Wtt»n without daws has no more riding on *»tS ^Si«»i rt ^ to cllmb^t^ ^h his a be- townsman, ^ r leading memWri''^ perpetrating the Joke, and he threat­ ens to call for an investigation. Last year a bill was introduced un­ der the name of Louis Cuvlllier of New York city providing that the frogs of this state be protected from pulmonary tuberculosis during rainy weather, and on nnother occasion Cu­ vlllier was similarly victimized by means of a bill providing for a turn­ stile at the corner of Broadway aud Forty-second street. New York city. Kvery person parsing the corner was to he counted at the turnstile and com­ pelled to pay a fine of $4. How a Member \Got Hunk.\ Many ingenious schemes are con­ summated to perturb new members of the legislature inexperienced In the intricate processes of lawmaking. V member from Brooklyn folt annoyed ! Ijccause ;v !>i'l of his was healen in | the senate Al Smith, from Sheriff j Tom Foley s district In New Yor k < il}. i said to him, 'Mr John Haines bea i j your lilll \ I \Who's John Unities?\\ asked the j Hivok).\ nl1e. who had never heard of , ilie most powerful man in the senate \1 want to icci sipi ire \\ ith htm \ Ramci \a New Man.\ 1 'lies a new man,\ said Smith | \Now when juii see a bill on the oil j emlar bearing {{.tines' name m>\ n ;i I and tij_'hl it \ on • in boat Unities jl' I right I fhe Hi'\o!Uj ii ass( uiClv niau saw hi- I'lhnnce a d .i.\ lau -r IJc rose ami l.ii , tel'Ij atl. ukod the bill The roll wji- tailed. ,iim I the only vote itgiiinst the I lull was Hi. ii of i lie nnioklyiiitc I \I srot hunk, ill i-liiln . I'.i.ln l h. Mild, nirninu in Sinitli \Sure was the reply 'All .\ on needed to he it U. dues was sv\iiit y h\e more Mile s ' A New Senator of Prominence. Senator Frederick M Dnvrnpnrt, who placed the name of Klihu Hoot in nomination for T'nited 'St-\te.s serin tor before the join t emu lis of the sen .ife assembly Kemiiilii ans. is a new mem­ ber of the upper house who is already taking an uiti \c pari In legislation Mr Hoot is a graduate of Hamilton college, where Senator Da\oiipon has for several years been professor of law Senator Pn\enport Is very outspoken In his support of (,o vomer Hughes' rei ommeiidutlons find hns \nled In ac­ cordance with the governor's wlshe*! on e\erj o< ision He is tall and slen­ der, with dark hair, aud speaks In a icry deteimii'od manner, fonil .ig from Oneida county, he was opposed for > Md-a-lrl •bout, betrothal nfltfl \the - word was frazzled at both ends and flimsy In the middle. Although the boy and girl did riot see each other as often-as former­ ly, they believed they were tied in some way in a hard knot But time is a famous undoer. The imaginary string was unloosed. The boy went out from home and never came back. He died a dyspeptic bachelor. The girl grew wrinkles. Maybe somewhere the son was shining, somewhere the birds singing, but npt for her. The road which began at the cherry tree ended in the bramble patch. When her obituary was written the prefix \Miss\ was Just where it was when the printer first set it up. It Is a crime in this flying machine age to hark back to your father and Water Wells [Drilled Through Earth and Rock. Surburban Water Works Installed. Surface \Water Gnaranteed to be closed out. All TCinds of Pumping Machinery Furnished at Reasonable Prices Estimates Cheerfully Given P.F.BEAL, Brewster.N.Y. Something to Stand by. » The explanation o f our succesa in Shoe selling lies in the fact that wu please our patrons and'give tkem SHOES that will stand by them—Shoe* that will ontwear two ordinary pairs—Shoes that are soft, pliable and comfortable. We'll make a steady customer out of you with the first pair. E. A. ARNOLD FIRE INSURANCE In leading companies Surety Bonds Furnished MONEY TO LOAN or money invested for those desiring it at 6 per cent on gilt edged first mortgages. Joseph E. Merrlam Stephen Holded merriam * fioldeit 0oH«$<lor*-a>EaiP Mount Kisco and Pleasantville KATONAH N.Y. T*>« pit. K««co National Bank IWIoupt 1 (1 *00, r>. y« r.v.cmiitm, WHXlAM- H. KOOBX,.. , T. WjWOOD OAHWTZK^. ,VI0K-*ftI8n«n OASHin .,. .^jnxnncM ACCOUNTS SOIICITED. OFFICE HOUBS, 9 A.M. toSF.M, SA1URDAYS ,9 A.M. tol2 M. WM. H. FOWLER, Carpenter THE FINEST MUSIC—Largest variety of songs, comic talks, band and orchestra, in­ strumental solos, etc. Catalogs of tbe new styles of Columbia Disc Gra- phophones, new style records, 2 selec­ tions at a single price. JOHN Katonnh Ave. Ka^onah A.' CLARK Opposite • tn«~8tati6n. and. ^Builder... Jobbing and Repairing Promptly Attended to Offloeatttifthead of Pirkwiy. Katonah, N.Y. electrical Engineers and Contractors HouseYVIrlnfl ' - Elec- trlcal Supplies, Lamps and Transformers H Hale. Mgr Danbury, Col GREEN BROS. JV.e7 -ch.apt3 GOLDENS BRIDGE. J. Garfield Purdy Attorney and j» Counse 1 or-at-Law All kinds uf legul I iumiiiiw frj\en prompt uttentiuii Dfeds. bilh», eon- tractH. Pti-, ciirpftilly drawn. Ctin be seen at I'urdy buildiiifr, 'iyrktown Hpights, Thurnday afternoons, at residfiicc any i'vtjiin<r j Telpphont* J15 Yorktov\ n. Battery Place, New York City Yorktown Heights, N. Y. was tlion introilui-ed for tbe city of \what\ the Ward B.ll Provides. ' K - IInrt t,f ut,oa - who w,,s in Ule i,s \ Spmo of tin- main features of Mr . •'embly two years and passed the anti- Ward's bill are- First.—An enrollment; in all cities and villages of 5,000 or more Second.—All delegates to conventions Khali lie elected at nrlmurics. racing bills tlirojugb tbe assembly j Hart, failinc: to get this nomination, 1 ran again for the assembly and was ..defeated. Hart has been giving Gov­ ernor Hughes assistance in his cam­ paign for direct nominations. jisbury Elliott. KATO'ftAH * LIVERY AND BOARDING STABLE . GOS3IP BHBAJI8 LONG KNGAQEMEKTS. mother. But If you could jet into the OPEN SUNDAYS,- PRICES REASOKABLl majority of homes In this fair country and arrange for a coutidentlal chat Telephone No. 10 -T t. with tb ,e old pair that sit in the cor- | jCATCWAH M. V. ner you would find that they didn't J wait so very long and they did not' stop to work out tbe problem as to ' ~ where they were going to get tbeir I first square meal. The Scriptural in- | junction to take no thought for f])e morrow didn't stop them. And the opportunities in their day were a • mighty sight further apart then than I they are in this generation. i So long as men aud women are not ! > gifted with second sight or so Ions a« I a.ttaunfv and TSe ~Hre ^oTVTppr/^ which kept the patriarchs from going j COUNSELOR AT LAW, wrong uo one can toll what Is going to come off. Fate keeps a catalogue of events, and they are liable to be flush­ ed at any moment. The chances for correcting mistakes which may occur \V1SI. iMOVRJb AUCTIONEER NOTARY PUBLIC Fnr/nb and other property for sale ana em WANTS FARMS TO SELL Writes Wills, Deeds, Mortages, *c . it CROSS RIVER. N. Y E dward P ercy B arrett, KATONAjg. N .Y D R. F. H. WILLIAMS D&HTIST. OfflceiAndJjeeldence, Bedford Road, Katonah, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. MOUNT KISOO—On Tuesdays aad Saturdays. Gas and local aneetbetlce used fol extracting. lis better to make an appointment

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