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News of AJVeek Paragraphic Photographs off (he World** Doings. Three thousand souvenir medals Tor the Taft Inauguration were struck off at Philadelphia, three of them being •olid gold, for Taft, Sherman an d Chairman S toll wa gen of the inaugural committee. The remaining medals were of'bronze. On one side were the basts In relief ut Taft and Bberinan, while on the other side were the umei of the two men. Olive lagan, the American play- Wright and writer, was discovered In a pauper lunatic asylum at Bansted, England. lira. Logan, who is sixty- Sine years old, wrote \Surf a come­ dy which Augustin Daly produced in i The Anchor line steamship Purnes- sla arrived nt -New York from Glasgow after running into an immense ice pack Tin' piisHongors were almost panic strlckoii when tlio pumps were ' tii.-iuiuxl and kept going Although I uiunj water tillered into one of the ' compartments, no other damage was ' done. I James Beck, a farmer living near I Stigler. Okla.. single handed captured ( live bandits who ha d previously rol>- I bed him of $2,000 and recovered all 1 but $-HXj of the money. -He then at­ tempted to take them to jail, but tlicy 'escaped. President Elect Taft announced that he was anxious to have congress re­ vise the tar! IT as quickly as possible in ocder to bring about a great business revival. He said h e expected con-\ gresa to take action on the tariff by June 1. The United States revenue cutter Mohawk ran aground on the rocks while passing Hell Gate, In the East river, at New York and after being floated almost capslred. She was finally towed to the Brooklyn navy yard. Professor Lowell, lecturing at Bos the early seventies. She dramatized , Wllkie Collins' \Armadale- and was ; ton, predicted the en d of the earth the author of several books. | would come wher* some \dark star\ - Under orders from Washington the | ™8hlng from ^nt^spaw^rnshed armored cruisers Pennsylvania and California Balled hurriediy from Pan ama for Araa 1 pa, Honduras. Trouble was feared in Central America, ami to prevent all the republics from In­ coming lmohed the I'nlled States de termiued to Inter* cue force if nei es, *ary. Scnor l>i>n Ouriznlu t\f Ques-rla re •lgne d a s Culiiiu u< nlsi.-i ;ii \\n»lii ••: tnrj * lie W ;ls .. If.' [ . (I llli' 1 ,i. iatlln .il •sTtfwii tiii 'i-iei- ii> Si'.iin inn in­ clined 11i .it iiK<> ill \ft11 V .u I.-t.il l.'\\ practice in Uu.inii^ m' lie ^i. l BUccecUcil by MIM r i ir\ i, • i Yelez. Follow I HJ; the «•;!!• : r i-rn mil.;! i<-n Of 11 cut In Hie e< 1.1\ -• i . I l .j I ie United States Meel < i'i]» r ill. MI ih, . trust stock slumped \ii>linll.\ in t,:<- New York Stink Kxclian ^e am: a in­ cline throughuiit the entire list Mum into the sun. He said that such an oc­ currence is bound to come eventually The will of wealthy Mrs. Mary Crocker, offered for probate at Brock­ ton, Mass., gave animals preference over relatives, the first clause setting aside 5250 for the care of her favorite horse an d $100 for a dog . Two men hound and gagged Mrs Louis Kalla of New Brunswick,* X .1 . and then snipped off her long hair Mrs. Calla, vhu was married only two days ago, declared it t o be the work of l,, 'a spurned suitor. : The Lackawanna Steel company, one i of the largest independent concerns. ' reduced wages at its Buffalo works on an average of 10 per cent. Laborers | were cut from 14 t o 12 cents an hour ; Congress passed a bill awarding gold ' medals'to Or\ llle Wright and Wilbur I Wright In appreciation of their ed. No less than $10».titii).0(i0 was i...-t ] achievements in aerial navigation, by th e speculative public L'nited States Senator Philander C. Dr. Mary Men-it Crawford of Brook- Knox, who is t o be secretary of state, ryn, a graduate of Cornell, was ap- , sent his resignation as senator to Gov- pointcd head surgeon and chief of staff ! ernor Stuart of Pennsylvania. at th e Williamsburg hospital, this be­ ing an unusual distinction for a wom- Colonel William V. Tucker of the pay department of the army was plac- an. Dr. Mary will have entire charge ed on the retired list with three-quar- of the institution and direct the work ' ters pay. of four male surgeons. | The trustee Wesleyan university Eight square inchen of skin from I at Middletown, Conn., deciaeu i<, do the back of a little white pig were ' away with the co-educational system, grafted on the left side of five-year- { • • • old Elisabeth Adams at Hubbards- ! The snapping off of a rear wheel, which sent u n automobile 1 n town, Mass. The child was terribly scalded, and the grafting operation was performed in an effort to save her life. Former Governor Benjamin B. Odell, CRIMES AND CASUALTIES. wmcn ne was riding with a party of friends tumbling Jr., of Newburg, N. Y.. was appointed ™ embankment, caused the receiver of the Thomas McNally con . | death.of George Porter, superintendent tracUng company, which has a $4.000,- 1 £J h , e * ^ C ° m , b kenn6lS f contract t 0 build a section of thtelL^,!!!^ Hew York city aqueduct reservoir from ? ot lbe car receIred Berious toJurles \ the Catsklll mountains to Pjeekskill. James Mahoney, Jr., of Bloomfleld, 3<J, J., while walking along the river . bank near there viw in the water ' • Lcmp ,' f; - u • what he supposed was a large doll. ) se ' vera ' villagers He carried it home, and his mother ,. _ . , Uev Harvey Eastman, pastor of tue Congregational church there. Mrs. Gladys Schmidt of New York While crazed by drink George L. Marcotte, valet for General James Mil­ ler, U. S. A., retired, ran amuck at and after shooting at rs who attempted to dis­ arm htm was shot ccd killed by the discovered that the •\doll\ wa s the | body of a baby a few days old j Lewis G Young, a member of the I defunct brokerage linn of A O Brown & Co., announced his secret marriage •to Miss I.eona Anderson, ,m aitre-s and the friend of Edna Wallace Ll«\> | .per, who reuently we d A. O. Brown, : senior partner of the same firm* j The Tennessee legislature, despite j -.the runaway tililmster of thirteen sen­ ators, lu joint session re-elected U. K Folk state treasurer an d l-'rauk Dlbn-11 comptroller The thirteen senators left the state to present u yuorum and «]>- feat Kolk and IHbrell. died after taking a teaspoonful of car­ bolic- arid, administered in mistake for medicine. Following the birth of a baby Mrs. Schmidt was seized with convulsions In the excitement Mrs Anna Bailey, the nurse, gave her the wrong inedii Ine. Robbers at Milldalc, Conn., tied fast i the doors of dwellings located nearb.\, i blew open the postolHce safe and after i holding off a coustable who attempted to arrest them got away in a carriage < with saw. I Blade Hand agents se t Are to n Bear Admiral Sperrv was n-ll.-M-.l . , , from dutv us commander in cim-r ,, f . dwelling on Se* oiuh a* enue near J Wr- the Atlantic battleship fleel, and Bear , «>'-seco.id street New Yort. and te n Admiral Schroe.l.-r was appointed ... persoiiB were smothered to death Over his place Admiral Sperrv was t. „ u s-ore wen- injured, dered the presidency of ihe .Naval \\a- - Urs - Adelaide Khopard. who conduct- college, but decliued. e<1 !l .U'««\'i'y store at Torriiijrt.m. Ralph Bristol of PorUand. nr.*. I.r ;«'onn.. died from the effects of hrad- cainc- violently insane as the result of \ JLlie Powders being hnzed and ducked in ic-\ wa'. r ' I'\\\ r ^ ,ro killpd iu lno at the I'nhcrslty of Oregon The af fair created a great stir, ami the O n gon state board of regents took tin matter up. The first car-^o of oats to iv.u li in' United State.-, port from alirnad >'- , rived at Brwtitu fi-om B IK-IHW Air.--. Argentina The iargo of about J'\ 1 t . i moiid mine at l'.ulie, Mont . through the premature dNih.irge of a blast Polii en-mi Thiiiuas smith of Broi k- lyn w is f..uittl murdered tin the str.-et. with a ili r;> •_-.sli in his head • • • SPORTING AFFAIRS. Pitchc-r Joseph Mi Oin uil,\. famous ns tlii ' Irmi Man,\ secured* ins un« otnliiii-iial rcli a<e from il .i New \ork Nati'ilinl\ Ie .ii .ue team nil bci'iiine a ftillilrdgrd club owner M- Giunily and U C Smith, a (hi<.iu\> millionaire, irne purchased the Ni w ark < !ub franchise of the Easli ni 000 bUhlielri was delivered York. Iu a race war at St .Joseph, Mo he tween Mexicans and Aimriians ei„lil of the former and three of the Jailer were rlnngcrou- ly wounded The nu n were all einjilir.ed In packing house- Captain Hamilton Uut> bins, fovuier- league for Srio.oiHi ly iu comifKiiul of the battleship Kear- j .i alne s A. Boctor. Ihe 100 yard u>! Barge, whp was detai lied from his ship i PKe runner and probably ihe fasn-i because of 111 health, was placed on muu ilt tnu t distant e in Amerita an foe l-clired ll<t ut his own renupst nouneetl at Chilrlottesi ille. Va . tint Georgt; S. Core of Boston iinenied a would run again this jcur, meeting Igaui hlije to make elei trh ity from the Wulker the Snutli At'rkan. wh o ili sun's rays and store it for use when ^ feu ted him at the Olympic gunes In the sun is clouded o\cr or after day has ended. Wireless messages were successfully Qasheil betueen stations at Clevelnnd, Toledo in tl Elkhart and a Lake Shore- railroad spc-i ial train from Buffalo for Chicago The Auieritnn Steel 'Wire company, a subsidiary ol the l nited Slates Steel rorpovatiou pun bused the Pin-Hit Btoel and Wire companj for S_','iiJti.- 000. John ('Allan O'Loughlhi, assNianl -gecrGtary of state, dot lined the pl-ice of minister to the Argentine i-epulillc Offered by President Koosevelt ii \S>r. W. I>- Crum, negro collector of 'the port of Charloston. S. C, resigned • ^\ -'\*\ \to save President Taft any entire distance and beat the Italian iW almost a half mile Young Corhetl met Johnny Marto at 'he I'nirint nt Athletic club. New York, In a ten rnut d bout The cx-cliampton was the aggressor throughout and had his opponent wabbly in the fifth round Ilajes and iioraudo were matched for another -Marathon race at Madison Square Garden, New York, this month for a side bet of $1,000. ^ Battling Nelson,, the lightweight champion, and Dick Hyland signed ar­ ticles for a forty-five round bout at San Francisco In May. James J. Jeffries, retired champion pugilist of the world, reached New York, and 10,000 people met him at the station. FOREIGN NEW8 OF Raisuli, the bandit, who captured -nnd- held for ransom Sir INTEREST. u arry MacLeun, confi­ dential adviser of the sultan of Mo­ rocco, was appointed governor of the province of Djebala, Morocco. Italsuli promised to renounce ^he ransom paid in behalf of Sir Harry and to fulllll the duties of his office honestly. A fashionably dressed American reg­ istered at the Savoy hotel, in London, as J. M. Pullman, Chicago, cut ills throat in the hotel on being foiled iu an attempt to get away with $10,000 worth of jewelry, which had been brought to his suit by the salesman of a Jewelry firm. M. de Iteus wa s appointed consul general of the Netherlands at Hong­ kong. He wa s formerly minister to Venezuela and wa s expelled from that, country by President Castro because of certain i riticlsms Four letters signed by George Wash­ ington, written betw eeu 1777 an d K.S] were sold in London at auction for $210. The letters were addressed to Colonel Israel Shreeve, commanding in New Jersey. For printing Count Tolstoi's latest article against the infliction of the death penalty Zhlgn, a Moscow news- papar, was fined $1,500. The article was entitled \No Evil Without Good.\ Hon- Bebel, leader of the Social Democratic party in the German reicbstag, was stricken with kidney trouble an d may not recover. • • • DEATHS PEOPLE. OF NOTED The Rev. Dr. Theo­ dore Ledyard Cuyrer died in Brooklyn, aged eighty-seven. He was the friend of , Abraham Lincoln, Horace Greeley, Henry Ward Beecher *ud sth? 1 ' lenders of thought and ac­ tion. He wrote many notaoie bwko and thousands of articles for religious magazines. He was prominent in the organization of the Republican party In 185C. William Culley McKelvy, one of Pennsylvania's pioneer oil men and. one of the first men In America'to be­ come interested in th e manufacture of^J Portland cement, dh?d suddenly at nW home In Pittsburg. , Ex -Congressman Isaac Ambrose Bar­ ber died at his home at Easton, Md., from the effects of a fall. He was the first Republican to be elected to c 'os- gress from the First Maryland dis­ trict. Professor James M. Moore, who oc­ cupied the chair of mechanics and ex­ perimental philosophy nt Lafayette college, died suddenly at Easton, pa. Wesley II. Tilford, one of the vice presidents of the Standard Oil com­ pany an d a former treasurer of the corporation, died at New York Edward Valentine Hallock, president of the Society of American Florists', died at bis home lu Floral Park, N. Y., aged fifty-nine. Albert Mitllane, a noted authority on hymnology and author of about l.OOti hymns, died In London, aged eighty- four. X'nltcd States Court of Appeals Judge John K Richards, died at his borne ^iu <'lin fnnati of Bright's dis­ ease. Miss L Henrle Itixey, sister of Sur­ geon General P II Itixey of the l'nit­ ed States navy, tiled at Washington. SILKS of the Hour n m Paris, Shown at Wanamaker's The silk man walked about with the advertising man, and brought out on the counters piece after piece ot new silk.* \Here he said, \are moires. Paris has gone crazy about black moire silk for separate coats.\ And there are many of the beautiful effects that the cold drops of water and the hot steel rollers produce, in combination, upon the gros-grain silk— 32-inch Crystal Moire Renaissance, $3 a yard. 44-iiich Chiffon MoTfe Antique Bengalinu &ud Ottoman Silks, $3.50 a yard. v 23-inch Moire Lyonnaiae, in new and usual watered effects, $3 a yd. — 22- and- 23-inch RegulatioiLJdoilt Antiques, $1.50, $1.75, $2 and $2 .50 a yard,' \Other popular silks are those in heavy ribbed effects\ he went on. \ Here is the new Silk Serge, or Serge dc Soic, for tailored suits, jnd see these superb, rich Ottoman Silks, that will make handsome spring coats, and the new sleeveless paletot.\ .They are superb, indeed— 27-inch All-siik Serge de Soie, in the new shades of bronie, anemone, -atfer, Cachou Toile, Holbcir., also marine and black — this silk has bean selected by the best-known Paris dressmakers, and is shown in their la'est models of suits and dressc; $3 a yard New 32-inch Silk-and-wool Olio- man, specially woven, in the proprr weipht for Spring coats, it can be made Lp with or without lining, ar it is alike on buth sides, and can be worn with dresses o£ 'ussor, satin, caebemire dc soie or foulard. A ver, stylish sample coat, made of this ma­ teria!, is shown. $3.50 a yard Also J strikingly h»»ds.omc 31 1-2 inch Rayon <'.»; Lune—\rays of the moin\—.in entirely new silk-ind- wool Ottoman, in beautiful colorinps, specially wnv,n £.:r coals and jacket-:, heavily ribbed plain and changeable eEet .is, Lyons made; $5 a yard. Then there are charming Sill: C^shr .icrcF, r.-;w Ecrdercd Silks in delicate combinations of gau;y wc.uc v.ith anphqucd embroidery, and tfye new Peplum Silks, woven and embrcidced in recr.mng' 1 lengths, two of which will make the gratcfu.ly draped robe derived from the old Roman peplum. The showing is beautiful, interesting, c >:ci.:jivc Women will greatly enjoy seeing it. We will send s:unpli.s to those who eiui't come. First floor, Old Buildirg. A Score of New Styles of LINGERIE WAISTS They have just fluttered in—uainty tz butterflies—full of the spring newness thct women find so fascinating ju.'t now. _. Quite elaborate^ many of them, with various rich combinations of lace, and \Mexican\ and other styles of embroidery.\ Others simply trimmed with the attractive German Valenciennes lace. We describe a few of the styles—the prices are 55, 86.75 and $7.50. At $5—Cross-bar muslin; yoke of German Valenciennes lace, insertion and imitation baby Irish lace; neck and sleeves lace-trimmed. At $5— Sheer lawn, round yolcc.of German Valenciennes insertion Snd limits\; rows of German Valenciennes ace. Ijjcrosa^and,' diqwn front; lace- :im , _ v. l -' ; »7collsr. . n^kec^Qerman .. JiKiSeS;jliiiertion;\ rows of lace down/side; plaite4, lace-trimmed neck and sleeves'. At $6.75— Batiste; yoke of German Valenciennes and imitation baby Irish lace; rows of Cluny beading in front of waist, and with German Valenciennes insertion and Venise medallions; plaited lacc-trimmcd back and sleeves. At $7 .50—Batiste; round yoke of Yalenciennes lace, with insertions of Cluny and imitation baby Irish htce and embroidery; plaitedtrimnfed back and sleeves. *• At$7.50—Batiste:.ypk;eo&mb ery and Cluny lace and Valenciennes insertions; rows of Cluny lace and clot­ ted embroidery, with plaits between; plaited lace-trimmed back and sleeves. Tmrd floor, Old Building. JOHN WANAMAKER Formerly T. Stewart & Co. New York Broadway, Fourth Avenue, Eighth to I end. Si ANDES STOVES mud RANGES ARE UNEXCELLED nut eooo WORK. UR80AHTTO AM ORDER of tb« Hon. Vraak V. Millard, Surrogate of the Ouuut/ of Mtctaatrr,N. if. Notice U bcreby ulren, according to law, to all iieraoni uariiig cUfiua agalnaC Ablest! 8undtrland Utoof the Tnwn of r4nui0>-K, in Maid Otmutt, (fooeaa* •d,to potent tbe K»UIO wild the vouchers thereof to tfae and*(Bigued executor of the la* wi'l »nd leetaineut of Ilia said deceated at Bedford VI la«e. Weeicbeeter OonntjvNew Tork, on or before tbe 16th day or K >K1I, A. D.. 1909. Dated this 2nd day of Rertcmber A. D. , 199S. ALBERT D. .MUXZB, Cseontor. USWI8 0. FLATT, Attorney Jor Zxecutor, lOf Ballroad Avenue, Vliite Flaina, M. T. BOPXUta, HKKttt C—IN VUMHUABOC TO AW ty OttPUt OT TUB HON. FBANK V. UILLAitQ, durruf ate of U M Oonatj of Weatebeatw, notice la aereby slyeti.aoeoTdlnstolew, tosllpenoBS kav- lag elalau «catnst HINBT C. HOPS I Iv8, lUeaftttc Oountyof WeetetieeUr.aieeieed.topieeemHheeeme, mttk the Tomoben thereof, to the eubeoWbsr, at her plaoa ottmseactlun buatnaw, the of*oe of Opdykit. Ladd * Brlatow, at Mo. 90 MacMit street, IntheOU/of New York, M. T., on or before the llth 4>r of April next. rMtei.NewTork.theUthdavorSeptembar.ltM. EMILIB y. HOPKIhri, Kxeoutrta OpdTke, Le<16 k Brlabiw, Atioruejre for Kxeeutrix SOXao -au Hlreet, Mew York, N. Y. P UMUANT TO AH ORDER of Hon. Frank V. Millard, •«rro«»U of th e Ooustj of weet- uheeler. ROTIOK 18 BKBKBY GIVIH, aocordlas to taw, to at person), havtm claim a agaioet the Estate aMOBOt II, KHOX, laU of the Town of Sonera in aeld Oouutjr, fleoteaed. to preeeut the «uae, with the voucher* thereof, v the nader- -tbined Admlniatratora of tfae Ouods, Chattel! sad Credit of tbe aald deoraeed, at the omae ef Ed­ ward Wrljtbtat Mabopac, Putnam Cuuntjr, N. T., oar plaoe nf traiiRactlug bualuoM, ou or before the 10th da> of May. A. D. V.'fl'J DaUd tula 2Uth day nf October, 1908. >'DWAaDWmo»T| Aamin | ilr ,tors Ann* C, C AKOMO) P DltSl'ANT TO AN ORDER of Hon Frank V Millard, Surrogate of the Count; of Weat- • heater— ^ Netlce U hewby glveu, aoconllug w to all iwraoo* havlDg-clalmaagalnit J«re M. Lyon, Ute of tbe Town of Btdfonl, In aald County, tleceaaed. to preeent tbo aarue, with vonchera thereof to the iiaderagued, Kxecutor of the L«at 'Will and Tee- tameut of raid decraecd. at bin ofnee and plaoe of tranaactluit bualnerH. No. 'J Orand Ptreet, White Plain, N.Y.,onor before tbe 3Uh day of May, I»u9. Paled thle 12th day of November. 1908. B KMKT K. B AKRITT, \) Executor of tbe Last Offlco Pocottlra f Will and TeelamiBto. Artdrfe*. 2 Orand 8t. f JereX. 1 >on, i. White Platne, N. Y, ) deceased. S UPREME COURT of the State of New York, County of West­ chester. ISAAC W. TURNER.,' Plaintiff, against WILLIAM E. KNAPP. et. al. Defendants. In pursuance of the judgment of fore­ closure and sale duly made and entered in tne above en titled action and bearing date ther ninth day of February, IOOQ, I, the undersigned, tbe referee in aaid judgment named, will sell a t public Auc­ tion at tbe Front Door of U M County. Court House in tne Villain bt.yrijit*% t plain., m«.s«i &db^r-'--^'^ \5 CLOSING WINTER SALE! at the New York Clothing Company's Store. the 100 iiictor dnsli, at Travt-r.s Islmnl in June. Nerval Rnptie of North Dakota VP- pained his title »s wtii -ld skafiiiK cli.'itn- pion by, defeating John Nilssen ,it Min- neaiiolis In two cvculs. Daptie won the half nille by twenty feet In 1 miu ute Id seconds an d the mile by half a lap in 2 minutes ST^ij seconds The University of l'enusyh ani.i eoinpleted its football schedule, with the exception of one date. Anions the big games arranged for are those with the Indians, Oct. 30; Lafayette Ni>\ 0; Michigan, at Ann Arbor, Mich. Nov. 13, and Cornell, Nov. 25. Alfred Shrubb, tbe English distant t - runner, defeated Pietro Dorauilo In a fifteen mile race at Buffalo. Shrubb •natteMd every indoor record for the Live Stock Markets. CATTLK —Knlr to prime steors, SS.fsOa 6.IS per 100 pounds oxen, J4.Soat>, bulls, {3 60115.11 rows l£i<5. t'AI.VES—(\ominoii to cholt-p venl* JTn 11 5H per ltV) jioun 'ls, culls. Jl u,, eitv tlresSj vcnla, lual 't 1 *-!- pt-r jiound, country drespetl Onllt SllKEi* AND I.AAIKS—rtimmon to prime sheep lewi-sl, J-l.aOai M ]wf 10\ pounds ordinary to ver> < liolce Inmlis. J7;tS.U\). tlre\«etl mutton, l'i%e pi r pound dressed, lni ihs. llalG^e , lountrs ilresm-d hothotfse litmlis, $'i J O U'I. SO tier tan i vs. I IIOl 'iS — t'oinitri dressed, Sa'j'^c pei • pound. General Markets. New Vor i; Man li S nt'TTRR-Top piades steady; retell tn 6.373 pat Un^es, ereaniery, sjie' lals L'i'.j| SOc (offlcinl '.*\*c). extras. ZS'ja .Jt- . tli'tti.-. to firsts, 22atSc held, common lo >poilil, 2Ia2h'^c , process, common to rpe. nil l>.a 24'&c ; western factory. lSaUU'^c , western imitation creamery. 21a2^c CHEESK—Firm, receipts, l,5t.') liox\- stato, full cream, specials. I.V^al' >-jt small, fancy. 10c- . large, fain y lit. . sood to fine U\r. , winter made, best, 13' tc common to prime, liai3' = c , skims, full to specials 'Ji*ai2c EUt.S --Closing firm, receipts. 21,v;>i cases, state. Pennsylvania and ntaiii fanty. selet led white. 2.'c. fair tn cho'ci- | 23a24c . brown an-I mixed, fain y fair l o cholre ;tJ%ailc western, ihsts | aiUaCniic , second^, 19U,aI0c- POTATDES — Kasy. dnniosttc old In i hulk, per ISO lbs . $2.2f.a2.i;.', per bbl ur baK. S2a2.3:\). southern.'Lite crop, per bbl ! {1 73u2, Europf.in, per U KN lb. bag, SI s.).t r .fiinuda. per bbl , Jja7, sweet, per bus ' ket Jl S>.\\ U0. I DRESRKU POITLTRY —Firm . turke\ <t ] younj? t-clccted. Pit'\ -•'•<•' • poor to fioo'l | ltia22c . capons. n?a.rby J5a'>c , we^tcin 2Jo.'j< fm\ls, boxes, liic . ban els, V>\~' . ' oltt roust ei t 12c , ducks weslei n. ir.:t|i,t Keesc, v.'\-ter-i. 10itl:'t. siuabs while pi r doz., $J riOal.Zo, frozen turke.'. s. No 1 pi r lb , 23a-ic , broilers, milk fed. fancy :K t , 2Sc ; corn fed fan«N. 22;i-4r . roasting cWckens, milk fed 20a-\c . corn fed l\ 20t. , fowls No . 1, llalfx- ; old roosters UVbc . ducks. No. 1. 17alic , g«ese. No. 1. 12al4c , capons, 24a27c It.\Y AND STRAW—Quiet, timothy, per hundred, G5aS5c , shipping,^ 60a02i;t clover, m!\ed, SSa7.'c • Clover, SOaCUc , rye straw. {Ial 10. small bales, 2via6c. less. Big Bargains for Men and Youths* ANY SUIT OR OVERCOAT in srouk at one-lialf priw. — -Now dou't let this opportunity slip bv but como now and get the beet HERE IS SOMETHING that ought to interest every moth­ er who has n boy front to 16 years of age. Boys all wool suits, Knickerbocker pants §3 50 Boys suits of brown and grey mixtures and of the latest cut at £2.4$ Also a lot of Boy's Suits at .... $1.49 We also have on hand a large \anely of Hoys Knicker­ bocker and plain pants \\htch we will sell at half price. Come and get what the boy needs before thU sale elose.s, as these are the- best \allies ever given. NEW YORK CLOTHING COMPANY, M G L A N riOUNT K15CO, T Z , Prop. NEW YORK ROCLAM AT ION — STATK OK XE* The Spanish T)ulon In liong. How many people would guess '.he meaning of a \Spanish onion son'''\ This strange phrasp—one of Hit- many to be found in the profession als' dictionary of slang—is used to denote the music hall bollard, an. , otvea It origin to the fart that no self respecting member of Its race •would be without a pathetic reference\ tn 'dear old mother\ or \somebody's- sweetheart far away \ Now, pathos draws tears, an d s o do onions. The rest Is obvious. Politely Garbled. Sir Algernon West in his recently published remintsoences, tells thi­ story of Robert Browning: \When he had become famous some on< wanted very much to meet him . A kind friend arranged a meeting, ?-n;' the guest besieged Browning witl. questions and conversation durlnp the dinner, arid even after dinner he continued button-holing* bis victim 'Come,' said tho poet, 'this win nev­ er do; they will say I'm monopolising •jpj^*'-\— YOKK^-COCNTY OKWKSTCUEHTER,S.8. Tlio undemlgnod, the- Sheriff ol aald county, in conformity to * precept to bun lo IhU bobalf directed anddollvornd, by ilifa, liia procla matlon,requlrrn all pernona brtui'd lo appear at a SUPREME COUUT to be held at the Court ll'imo. lu the Town ol Willi* PUtna. In tbe County of WeatohwtBr afora •aid,on tbo FIRST I)\Y OF MARCH 1906 at ton o 'clock In thi< t reti 'tou of thai day, b) recotfiiUunco or other* I HC, to upprar tbereat aud the nnderalRiied bi-r(-l>y require-; Unit all Jtintlont ol the poaco, coroneib mid nruccr* ulin li&vo taket %ny reroRnlzinne for the- ar-poaraiicr nf aoy peraoc at tlie aald court, or liavi lakou any lni|tila<tluu 01 examination of anj prisoner ur -vltncea, to returL jiicli rocoKnfzairi-a, Inniilaltloi^ -nil i-xamliiatlon to tbe nalrl court, nt the opunlni. thereof, on Hit Dm'day of ita sitting.—Miumrt al ll.e RI-inD'. olllce, White PUIna en tbe linrt Any o! Fubuar), M>. OHAItTKS M I.AN'E. Sbi-r.ff. P OKSrANl TO AN OKDEH of Bon Frank V, Millard, SurrogaU of tbo Oonutj of Wee*- obe»ler. NOTICE IB HEltEBY GIVEN, according^ aw to all peraouB having claim\ apanxt IAMEH II. TEED, lato of thu Town of Soinors <*fd county, deoeaji^d, lo preaeui tbe aame. witt- be vonchera thereof, to tne nndr aliened, Exocii- trtx of tbe lut will and teatcment of the aald de X'i,BeG, m bur residence and place of tianiuetlng )ii»li >o «e .n the Town of Somera, Woaicbfgtcr Conn- v, N ^ . on or before tbo t tb day of June, 1BW. Dfttid tbui lid day of rcci-n-lvr, 1D\». OLAKI33A TEED, Executrix of tho La«t uul and Tea- tainent of Janice It Iced, deceased Barrett and Bnckbee Attoriioya for Jfxrcntor Ho. Tw, «a}»<1 Street . WhiUPWua. N. Y lying and being in the Town 6f ;.Bi County of Westchester and State Of\ New York aforesaid on the east side of tbe highway leading from Edward Bra­ dy's to Hoyt 's Mills and is* bounded as follows: BEGINNING it the north­ west corner of said parcel by said high­ way and lands of Wilbur Todd, thence easterly by said Todd Jands ninety feet to a but'iient, thence southerly still by said Todd land forty feet to the land of Isaac W. Turner, thence westerlj by said Turner land one hun­ dred an d eight feet to tbe aforesaid highway, then northerly by said high­ way sixtj-four feet to the place of be­ ginning containing eighteen rods and six feet of ground be the same more or less. The same being that which was con­ veyed to Sarah Fuller, the mother of the aforesaid Nancy Knapp, by John Banks and his wife Abogail by deed dated., April 6th, rS^-and-recorded in the of­ fice of tbe Register of Westchester County in \Liber 433 of deeds page 245 April -aSthr i26o a l 9 o'clock a. m. Dated, February 10. 1909 G. TRUMAN CAPRON Referee BARRETTT & BUCKBEE, Plaintiff's Attorneys, White Plains. N. Y. F UR8UANT TO AN OltDKKof the Hon. Frank V Millard HurroK*to of tlio County or w MlcbMlKr. N. Y, Notice I K hereby <(lT«n, Recording to law, to all poarona having claliua uxaiu*t Ard. Y Reynolda. biiv of the Town of I/Ctvh-ESro. In na)d Domity, de- oi-a»ed, to prcweni Ibo HHOJO with voncl-ura thereof to the underslKiii'd ex^outum of tbo laet will and tuMnniPllt nf tbo mid clrc-ca-c-cl ul their realdcnoe. Lrewater, Putnaui Cuiiiiiy N, Y., on or bo fore tbe Ulil dav uf April, A. II VJi'U. Dated tbts 15lh day of October, 1008 IDA II. ni -.YNOLDS, QKO H. UEYNOLDM, Kxnoutor P URHDANT TO AN ORDER of U OD Frank V. Millard, Surrogate of tbo County ol West- cboater, notice ia hereby (jlvon, arcordtoR to lair, to all perxona baviUK claltng agaln\t CIIRISTIArl COOE UtH of the town <.f SO.Mtlig, County of Wcatchcaler. cud Rtatp nf Now York, decMM-d, to present the xiirue, witb Tonrb- era thorwif, tn the undernlgin-d. executor at the uudcreigoed addri-sa. nt tho lnw ofllce of bit at- Drney, KrancU I.nrklu OaKtnliiK Nmlonal Bink liinldlng, in the Village nnd Town ot OnalDlna, Htutp nt New York, on or beforo tku twonly-efghtb da* of Aiign-t, mill Dattd Oegining, N. Y.. FcUrnary 27, 1909. AUGUSTUS B . OOOIt, ICxccuior, Amawalk, N.Y. FRANPIS LARK1N. Attoriicy mr Kxrcnior, OamnluK N HI I OUK I Hank Butld.nc, OwlimiK, N Y. nr. Jordaas Money Talked Exp. inle.l f8 35 for L & M. Paint to tlx up his house. If fur Bale It would fetch a good price. Th o painters said it wae the 3 izulloua of oil they mixi d with the 4 gallons of L & M. that did the job Ht fine tlifrd li -Bscoat tbau ever bir <irr>. I IH coloiiDK i» bright,bemitiful lasting.^.It won't have to be painted again for 12 to 15 years, bpcfuirie the L. & M Paint la Metal Zlno Oxide combined with white lead and wears and rovers like pold. Sold by F. A. Purely. Crototi FiUla' Oreen Bros., Ooldens Bridge; M. We»t- cott, Mahopac,; MeUeol Bros., York- town Heights.

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