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WATURES: A Special Story. • County Correspondence. World &Cens of a Veek in brief. '{PRINTING for Busineu and Social vse done at leasonable •£i y rate by \Times\ Print. Tel- 0**, e M°ne !2.-y-2. f Sample Copies Will Be Sent Free for THree The Kato y Address in the County, upon Application * Times ESTABLISHED lN>:ff78. Combining the \Croton Falls News andp «p !^and \The Croton Valley Times.\ // you' nish to ^noB» vbat your neighbors are doing and saying in gEVFORD, LEWISBORO, &CEW CASTLE, WORTH SALEM SOMERS and YORKTOWN Watch the Special Correspondence Columns of \Che Katonah \Uimes. VOL. XXX No. 52 MING TO IMPROVE MOUNT KISCO'S APPEARANCE. < City.to Clear Away Land neat the Station—Public Spirited Residents Feel Need of Betterments. Mt. Klsco people, returning to their homes on the adjacent hill tops for the season, are all discussing the re­ cent condemnation proceedings which will do away with the row of houses and small hotels on the West side of Lexington Avenue. The City authorities have taken ti­ tle to all this strip of land —53 par­ cels— and Commissioners are at work now, deciding on the claims of Jhe various owners whose properties are in*olved in the proceedings It. is said that before this Summer is ended all the details in connection with this removal will be settled and the actual work of demolition and removal begun. What will become of the Italian population, UIUH justed from their present dwellings, is not yet definately decided, but it is like­ ly that they will go across the street and increase the foreign settlement North o f the Railroda station. The purpose of the condemnation is t o maintain the purity of Ne w York's water supply, which receives the flow from the adjacent brook. When the houses are cleared away, there will remain a strip of cleared ground which will, if properly looked after, improve the appearance of the village. In this connection it may be remarked that public opinion in Mt. Klsco is crystallizing in favor of a movement to park the streets that lead down to the Harlem Railroad station, plant trees and shrubbery, and improve the surroundings gener­ ally, so that strangers will get a bet- tetpreaaten—of-4he- ity than i s the case at present. Work o n the sewer system goes on satisfactorily and just as soon as the trunk lines are laid there will be a vote taken on an appropriation to macadamize the highroads. As wa s pointed out by the Trus­ tees at the recent election, it would have been expensive folly to make permanent roads before the under­ ground work was completed. The Village wa s so long tiid up by legal injunction on tshe part of certtin dhwatirfitd residents ihr.t actual work by the progressive e',e- TSmt haS^lon* bee* delayed. Nifw that the voter* har e supported the acta of the Village Officers by their decision at the polls, there Is every prospect of getting through the im­ provements which all those who have interests in the vicinity are urgently demanding. An improved Mt. Kisco KATONAH, N. Y.,,F§I§>AY. MAY 14, 1909. $1.50 A YEAR 1IF HAS TWO 111 Of HORSE THIEF BAND Armed Italians Arrested, One at Yonkers and-fine at Mount Ver­ non, with Rigs Stolen from the Eckhart Place at ArmonK. By ihe capture of two Itaffans, now lodged in tho White Plains jail, the Sheriff's office and police of Yon­ kers and Mt Vernon believe confi­ dently that they have laid hands o n the gang which has been running off horses in all parts of the County It was after a daring attempt at Armonk on Wednesday night, that the Sheriff's posse started out They scoured the region in automobiles and notified all th ^ various police stations to be on the watch for the men sus­ pected. On Thursday tw o suspicious char­ acters were arrested at about the same time— on e in Yonkers and on e in Mt Vernon, who, from description are believed to. b e the ringleaders of the remarkably audacious and suc­ cessful band, that has gotten away with some thirty horses in the course of their depredations Shortly before six A M . Officer Clancy, of th e M t Vernon police, having in mind the general alarm sent out by th e Sheriff, stopped an Italian who gave his name as Joseph Nicola The fellow could give no ac­ count of himself, except to say that lie lived in Harle m and was going there,.so the officer put him under arrest, charging him with .carrying a concealed weapon. H e had a nine- inch blade knife A little over fifteen minutes later nan, force, arrested a man driving a Bray horse, who said h e was Dominick Mo- rell, and was going to New York. He carried a loaded revolver and extra ammunition He was also held for carrying concealed weapons and hav­ ing stolen property in his possession. The owner of the horses and car­ riages, C W Eckhardt, came from New York and identified the prop­ erty, and the thieves will be taken back to Armon k for commitment. They' claim that they found the out­ fits by the roadside. will bring into thfs part of Weatchest- er County many desirable residents whose coming will be of general ben­ efit to the whol e neighboring region, not to speak o f the added comfort and convenience it will provide for those now living here. WILL REWARD THE CHILD , WHO HA S THE BEST GARDEN.,] ft ii 11 H 1111 ; i. < W+n-m NEWS OF THE THE NEARBY .m..m. * •»..»..»..«.« * I'f T'fTT'FTFTTTTT WEEK IN VILLAGES Bedford-Newcastle Ass'n to Stimulate'; Youthful Interest In the Appearance of the Home. ^ The Bedford-Newcastle Ass'n has decided to offer prizes again this Summer to children o f the public schools who shall have the best an d most attractively kept door yard. Mr H G Marquand, of Bedford, and Rev C W Dunham, of Mt . Kls­ co are anxious to encourage a gen­ eral interest in the appearance o f the villages hereabouts and this method worked so well last year in Mt. Kisco that Uiey want to extend it t o Chap- paqua, Bedford Station and Katonah if they meet with co-operation at th e hands of the' school authorities in these places. Principal Decker, of the Mt. Kisco High School, has ageoe'd to handle the matter in his locality as h e did last year, with great success. A committee named by th e Asso­ ciation will visit the gardens of those interested from time to time during the Summer, and decide on th e gen­ eral merits. Neatness and taste will count as well as the floral display..] The sum of $100 in prizes is t o b e distributed by the Association. ********* I I I I i •'••••H>>'H'>'H\H'>|I'|IIH.4II|I< a I iM\M\M»» mount Hi sco t Mrs. Henry Wood, recently a bride, PURPOSE OF THE BEDFORD FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE ASS'N. New Corporation to Purchase Sup­ plies for Local Us e in Wholesale Quantities. The Bedford Farmers co-operative Association, incorporated last week with .a- capital stock of is in a New York hospital where ' . she has undergone an operation \ fo r appendicitis Ralph Mackay is in danger of losing one of his eyes, owing t o a recent • accident Hi s brother, Frank, wa s snapping a whip around a tree a few days ago, and th<.> lash struck Ralph in the eye, with very bail re- ' suits In company with Miss Sil­ vias, the district nurse, he has been to New York several times to see a specialist A s ye t it cannot be determined what tho result will be li e is the son of .Mr Harrison Mackay The Men's Club of the Presbyterian Church will hold a mooting this .evening at the church D r Charles Chapman will give a talk on tra- ' vels, more especially in Ireland Mrs. I'd ward Haggln, of New York, has btcn n guest at the Hotel El- Y/ood She has been in the village looking at some real estate with a view of purchasing A special car was attached to the 8 .25 Ne w York train last Sunday evening to convey M r and Mrs Harrison into town. This was nec­ essary owing to the illness fo Mrs 'Harriso n He r improvement is sucl: that she was'able to walk from he r carriage to the car. $5,000 (as told i n th e Katonah Times) has aroused much local interest. It Is formed for th e purpose o f buyinj large amounts' o f the various com* modities and farm supplie; used by- its members, fo r distribution amon( themselves The details o f the plan have noC yet been arranged, but a meeting ; of the stockholders is to be held In; the near future. j The incorporators are Seth Loir,-; of Bedford, Clarence Whitman, Katonah R . B. VanCortland, -Cushman and Dr. M. A. Stair,' oft Kisco. NEW TIME TABLE, JUNE 20TH THE VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS OF OUR STORE ARE FIL­ LED WITH A WELL SELECTED STOCK OF SEASONABLE GOODS. WE HAVE ALL OF OUR SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS IN, AND NOW ARE WELL PREPARED T O FUR­ NISH ANYTHING YOU MAY WISH IN OUR LINE. For Lawn and Garden Use The Lawn Mower for the smooth lawn is THE VICTORY. The mower Tor hard usage and rough ground is THE IMPERIAL. The lawn mower mower for your small yard is THE CADET. Other necessities for the Lawn are Edgers, Trimmers, Shears, Rakes, etc., etc. Garden Tools A large variety of PLANET JR. Tools and Seeders. Garden Lines and Reels, Hoes, Rakes and Forks. A 50 ft. length of Garden Hose for $4.50. House Furnishings WE INVITE OUR FRIENDS who are coming to the country for the Summer, and need anything in the wa y of HOUSE FURNISHINGS to call and see our variety and get our prices. We make a specialty of HOUSE FURNISHINGS. For Spring Recreation BOATING AND FISHING are the foremost in Katonah. We have the largest stock of Tackle ever shown-here. A Steel Rod made by the BRISTOL PEOPLE . . ..$1.75 Canoes and Boats J. H; Rushton Canoes Racine Round Bottom Boats $30 and $38 . . $30 to $50 We invite you to call at the Hardware Store. KELLOGG & MEAD - KATONAH & & N. Y. Bedford Station Dr L. Rosenberg, superintendent, of the Montefiore Home, left on Wed­ nesday to attend the annual cou- • vention of tho National Association, for the study and prevention of Tuberculosis, at Washington, D (' Miss Katherine B Davis, superinten­ dent of the State Reformatory, and famous for her good work at the • earthquake region in Italy, has re­ turned from he r six smonth's vaca­ tion to resume her duties at the institution It is needless to say that she was accorded a most hearty welcome Sneak thieves broke into the barn of M r William Wright o n Satur­ day night, but were scared away before they could secure anything Messers Schiesser and Wade, the two Herlock Sholmes-'s o f the town, said that they had discovered the direction in which the thieves went, but they are no w awaiting a post card from the burglars stating their present whereabouts. One of the laborers omployed by the A G Nelson Contracting Company was severely injured by falling un­ der a dirt car, which wa s being unloaded at the H T White place. He wa s taken to the Flower Hos­ pital in New York on Monday. Miss Ryan, of New York, spent Sat­ urday and Sunday with her cousin, Miss Mary Breen, an^officer at the Reformatory NAARDEN FARM SOUTH SALEM N. Yr SHORTHORNS MILK AND BEEF SIZE AND CONSTITUTION THE FARMER'S COW THE FAMILY COW BULL CALVES at 8 Weeks Old .$25 Wnte for Circular HAY THE HORSE AND HOUND SOUTH SALEM. N , Y LUNCHEON AND TEA HORSES STOOD IN GASOLENE & MOTOR REPAIRS * Telephone: R)dff?r>e]d, Conn Please order meals as long in advance as possible CONTINUED, WITH OTHER LOCALCORRESPONDENCE ON PAGES 4-5. , . ^•o «o«o«o«o»o«o«o«o«o«o«o« o £MORY G. LOBDELLS § Antiques • A new schedule will g o into effect on the New York Central and West Shore Railroads, becoming effective on Sunday,- June 20th. rniture, Clocks, Bed ds. Brass Andirons Sticks sna Blue Dishes MAN Y ODD AND QUAIN T PICCKS NORTH SALEM. N. Y. S o o •OS )0»0«0»0»0 »OS)OS )0 »OS )0 »OS )0 • 1 S Hoyt Brothers Company, J *f* Funeral Directors and T Licensed Embalmers... J General Department Store. | the Special Offering of Shoes J* we made last week has been a tremendous sue- X cess. When you can secure New High Grade X Shoes, the latest styles, at the sweeping reduc­ tion from the regular prices-^w^e are making, they will be marching out even faster than they have been this week. This is the time for you to take advantage of our prices for shoes for the entire family, of Keiths Konquerors and other celebra­ ted makes, for men, women and children. A great variety in Patent Leather, Vici—Kid, Gun Metal and Tan—Shoes of quality, value for your money and excellent service to you. BAKER-IZED COFFEE You do not have to be an expert to see the dif­ ference between Baker-ized (Steel Cut) Coffee and coffee ground the old way, and a trial for u few days will show that its superiority in quality, flavor and wholesomeness is just as marked. Note the clean steel-cut\ pieces of Baker-ized Coffee, free from dust and chaff. Each piece yields its rich essential oils evenly and fully, and with no bitter chaff\ flavor to nutralize. It makes a cup of coffee pure and delicious. The chaff removed from Baker-ized Coffee is not coffee. It tastes weedy, bitter and nauseous. The Harrington Hall Baker-ized Coffee makes a fine, exhilarating be\ - erage, appreciated by millions of Americans. China & Japanese Mattings In order to get the choicesv patterns an d lowest price, we puchased in Januar y and are showing a complete Hue \at at­ tractive prices. Hoyt Brothers Company Katonah, N. Y. 4* 4» 4» f 4» 4* 4* $ 4» 4* 4* i 4. 4s 1 ^^4>^^4M$3^«$:4>9$»4h4H^^ Van Nordcn Trust Company 5th Avenue and 60th Street, New York, f v i THIS TRUST COMPANY does a general Banking bus­ iness. Accepts active ac­ counts, subject to cheque at sight. Issues interest bear­ ing certificates of deposit for specified periods, or payable on demand. Cheques drawn on this Trust Company are payable through the New York Gearing House. OLD FURNITURE SHOP SOUTH SALEM. N Y Only Old Furniture Sold No reproductions of any kind Only One Price v Everything is marked at a reasonable pnee and told for that only ifih BLACKSMITH SHOP B. H. TURNER SOUTH SALEM, N. Y. Best Shoeing at Lowest Prices Agricultural Implements of all kinds GENERAL REPAIRS £t)cry Wednesday and Saturday night theatre trains mill leave White Plains at 10:40, northbound, stopping at all stations to Goldens fridge. \Che Stainach-^Cewell System THIS TRUST COMPANY carries the New York ac­ counts of many out-of-town Banks, Trust Companies and Savings Banks, allowing gen­ erous rates of interest upon the same. SETH LOW, Owner. Q. D. BRILL, Supt Broad Brook Farm Bedford Station, N. Y, MILK, CREAM AND BUTTER It collects rents, and attends to all New York matters for its customers. Issues letters of credit. Pure, fresh and wholesome product* produced from tuberculin-tested herd in a dairy barn and creamery, sanitary In every particular Milk, especially adapted for infants, cream, thick an d pure, butter fresh or suited, of quality unsurpassed Buttermilk, if desired Maintains a BOND DEPART­ MENT, and makes a specialty of selling bonds to Westchester County people. Bonds that combine safety and attractive rates of interest. EGGS I Fresh Dailv | For nny of ubove, telephone u s ' Hunk* <^ Son. at Mount Klsco ; lirothers, at Katonah or \ I. >>• l)..vl< CRUSHED STONE & SAND Kui Builders. I PINK APPLKS I Special Sale for Canning Buy this Week wliile Cheap I DOYLE BROS. Telephone 31-y-2 Leading Family Grocers •••• 11 ****************** 11 M\\M' I I I 111'lti !• i

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