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f Sample Copies Will Be Sent Free for Three FEATURES: A Special Story. County Correspondence. World &Cen>s of a aeek in brief. PRINTING for Business and Social Vse done at teasonable rale by \Times\ Print. Tel- any Address in the County, upon Application The Katoith Times ESTABLISHED INi ^ Combining the \Croton halls News and and \The Croton Valley limes. // you vish to k\ot> vbal \?our neighbors are doing and saying in BEDFORD, LEWISBORO, * NEWCASTLE, WORTH SALEM SOMERS and YORKTOWN Watch the Special Correspondence -Column* oj \ e E7i« Kalonah \Cime*.- • VOL. XXXI No. 1 KATONAH, N. Y M IrHpAY. MAY 21, 1909. 51.50 A YEAR All in Favor of the Measure For Local Protection -Bedford New Castle Associ- ariontoHelp. What it will Cost and How it will be Enforced. By a unanimous vote of the Bed­ ford Town Board, in session nt the Clerk's office, Mt Kisco, on Thursday the petition required to make a lau of the Town Police act was accepted The cost to the taxpayers can not exceed $6000 and it will probably bo considerably less One quarter of that sura has been offered on behalf of members of tlje Bedford-Newcastle Association through Mr Moses Tay­ lor, to help out in case funds are not otherwise available The actual amount needed will be determined at next week's meeting Thirty-nine resident taxpayers sign­ ed the petition which was presented by Messers W. B. Franklin and Moses Taylor, of the Bedford Newcastle As­ sociation. Justice Baldwin took up the matter of the cost to the taxpayers involved in the new police system Supervisor Barrett stated that It would not ex­ ceed $6,000 and might be less, accord­ ing as the Board and the taxpayers decided to equip the force \I think\ said Mr Taylor \that four men will be needed and I would be in favor of providing two of them with motorcy­ cles\. Mr. \Barrett said \We have 36 square miles and 115 miles of road way In the Town of Bedford.and it is probable that four nien on foot would be lost in attentpjing to patrol this territory- It would certainly be necessary to have either motorcycles or horses\. \I don 't think that horses would be ; sauch good\ Mid Mr. Taylor, \con- il 'iiderlng-tb.e expense of stabling and n».» •Wp^hAre looked into the LSI; \ -*5 »tter *nd find that they about $100 each or pos- •''$125.\ \\\Justice Baldwin—\One of the most essential things is to decide where the men best fitted to hold these po­ lice jobs would come from We must have the best type of men obtainable to make the thing a success A force constituted on the lines of the Penn­ sylvania Constabulary or the Cana­ dian mounted police Is what we need.\ Barrett— \1 am aware of that, and, as I was largely instrumental in hav­ ing this measure passed, I relize the importance of securing good men to carry out its intent In places where a large Jorce can be maintained the police are under the chief, usually a man gi superior intelligence; but with only four men on the force, it will be necessary to have each individual as thoroughly capable and efficient as the chief elsewhere \ Judge Avery—\That matter will de­ pend largely on the amount of* salary we decide to pay \ f Some discussion followed in regard to the public sentiment on trie new law and Supervisor Barrett said that J tin- only objections he had heard came from those who feared that the present night watchmen/ would be tak en off and police t with too large a territory to cover properly) be sub­ stituted In answer to questions he declared that the cost to the taxpay­ er (in the event of the full limit be­ ing reached) would not exceed an ad­ ditional dollar on e\ery five dollars of taxation. \Our budget now is about $31,000,\ he said \and this codld not be in­ creased to more than $37,000 Justice Mills remarked that he thought four patrolmen Insuffic­ ient for the territory and added that a telephonic system of communica­ tion must be provided for To which Mr Barrett replied that the moral effect of even four policemen in the town would have a corrective tenden­ cy on the criminal element \If there had been any patrolman on the road a day or so before the Nichols and Whitman robberies last Summer,\ he said \there would have been a chance to act against these thieves, as, in both cases, suspicious characters were noticed lingering on the roads before the crimes were com mitted My Idea Is to have policemen who would know every mar^ woman and child in their districts and be in a position to recognize outsiders at a glance. \I know that it is possible to get acquainted in that way— I. did it my­ self once in the short perlodof fifteen days.\ Tlie matter x>t uniforms came up and., it was agreed that a Uniformed man would count for about 50 per cent more with the character of pop­ ulation we have hereabouts nowadays than one In civilians clothes. In answer to a query of Messers Baldwin and Barrett Mr Taylor re­ plied that he thought he would be safe in saying thatj^jie Bedford-New­ castle Association would be ready to contribute $1000 toward this years ex­ penses of the police. He said that the Association had had in hand a proposal to establish a similar patrol If nothing had been done by the town. Supervisor Barrett said that he be­ lieved there would be no trouble in meeting the cost under those condi­ tions without adding greatly to the taxes \I always have a fair lea way In my accounts\ he said \ which could be drawn on for this purpose. \But our petitioners must not think that when we have established thifij police there will be no more robber­ ies. We can't guarantee them im munity to that extent, but the fact thjat we have a force on the highways will add greatly to the general securi­ ty and the chances are that any pre­ datory gentlemen coming to this neighborhood will soon decide to go over to Connecticut or somewhere else to do their picking.\ Much discussion followed as to where the men composing the force should be drawn from, Justice) Bald­ win holding up a warning that if lo­ cal men were employed, no matter how good they might be, there would arise from some quarters a cry of \patronage \ Barrett said he dlcU-not care where the men came from so long as they were fit for the work al­ though he thought local police would be better able to distinguish the sheep from the goats The matter of details of personnel and equipment was finally laid oveif to be decided upon at the meeting* on next Thursday afternoon. V MISS DAVIS TO LECTURE. Interesting Account in Relief _Y¥erk of at Experiences Messina. A lucid statement of the Panama Canal question, by a neighbor of ours who has gone over the ground within the fortnight, is here given to the readers of the Katonah Times. Mr. Frank Hunter Potter, a trained newspaper man and magazine writer, is just back from a visit .ta_ his brother-jn-law, Herbert C Squires, United States Minister to Pa­ nama, who allowed him all the facilities for looking into the situation at the isthmus. The present article will be followed next week by a fur­ ther report. £Y FRANK HUNTER POTTER HE QUESTION OF THE Pana­ ma Canal has been threshed out in news papers and mag­ azines of late so thoroughly that it would seem useless to write any more on the subject But most of the arti­ cle! are so partisan, and some of them so manifestly unfair, that Uis readers of the Times may find Interest in the conclusions which the writer has been able to draw after a ylsit to the Isthmus where he was sbDwn everything there is to see. and wbjsre he had the benefit of the clear- estjexplanations from members of the engineering force and of the Canal Commission; The plan of canal as finally decid­ ed upon—a lock canal instead of one at> .sea level— has been bitterly at­ tacked by various people on various grounds, and with motives which can only be inferred, but which seem to be^equally various. 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For Spring Recreation BOATING AND FISHING are the foremost in Katonah. We have the largest stock of Tackle ever shown here. A Steel Red made by the BRISTOL PEOPLE . . $1.75 Canoes and Boats We are glad to announce that Miss Katharine B Davis, Superintendent of the State Reformatory at Bedford, by invitation of citizens of Katonrih, will speak on Friday evening, May 28th. in the Presbyterian Church, on. her experiences In Relief work in Sfe-lj cily, following the earthquake at it sina last Winter. As our readers are aware, Miitfe vis was in Sicily on her ya ~ when the earthquake oc#»rrtj|; she describes ,a*^'otw;o</t*U} disaster* la/tt^ifctfttlMSXis Work In Various forms. Hei' won the admiration and praia.o r<?t urD i connected with the different a j 8o agencies, and the Hon. Bayart M .m ft < ting refers to her work in mos, r^?*, thusiastic terms in the last issue 0oB *Id(| the Red Cross Bulletin which we a\*** notice next week. Further notice of $ the lecture will be given by posters. »o The situation, let rne Se^ scribe the line of the canal as well as 3 can. From Shore to shore—from Atlantic to Pacific, that is—the length is about forty-two miles, or a little less than the distance from Katonah to Mott Haven If you will take the valley through which the Harlem Railroad runs, and place across it at a point between Mount Kisco and Pleasantvillc a range of hills about as high as As- petong at its highest point and about ten miles across, which represents the Continental I)i\ide. and place across it, about four miles from Mott Haven, a low line of rising ground, hardly high enough to be called a hill you will have a very fair notion of the lay of the land on which the ca­ nal is to be dug, Katonah represent­ ing the Pacific end At Gamboa. just on the Atlantic side of the high hill, the Chagres River runs into a valley, which from there on is, in fact, the valley of the Chagres. 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