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PANAMA CANAL (Continued fj&m First Page) WHY I T IS NOT S O EASY. The valley of the Chagrrs from Gamboa to the lo w line o f hills near the Atlantic side i s fo r tho most part a swamp, and there i s another swamp at the Pacific end The first of these is the famous \Black Swamp\ into which the tracks o f the railroad sink and disappear every little while At first sight, and stated as I ha\<> stated it , nothing could be .simpler than the problem which confronts the builders of the camil Lit them just dig a ditch across the Isthmus deep enough t o admit th<> biggest ships likely t o be built i n th e next century With time and inoikpy that can be done, g o ahead and do it What's the difficulty 9 Well, there are two or three ilifi culties. Tbf first of th< in i s the Clia- Jfres River This stream has a play­ ful habit oi rising t\\enty-fi\e feet in a fe w hours, and it crosses the line of the Oanal more than twenty times. Obviously yon can't turn that volume of wa.t.er IOOM in a canal three hundred feet wide and full of ships Moreover, there are numerous other streams which run into tin \alley of »the Chagres o n both sides, these would have to h e taken care of lie - fore you got through yo u would have had to build three i anals ur n fortraf fic and one OJU cither side t o carry off the enormous amount of water which falls i n the ruin> season I sj,ood on th e bank of the Chaqres with one of the eugltiMers just where it comes down from Ui*- hills and first crosses the line of tt. e canal He pointed down t o it , IH.WJV tlnrt> feel below us. and said \1 have seen it rise over this bank in four hours, and Hood licit cutting ', pointing t o a d< e p rutti.tif.:— the end of th e famous Culebra ( u.<— where a steam shove] was wording The next day 1 went pver rt-e same ' ground with the Secretary of War, the Chagics had risen ovei 'li e hank nteanivhile. and the steam shovel, as big as a locomotive, was otu of sight under water, except fo r ti n tip of its smokestack That i s the kind o f rainfall which has t o be < onlvolled and which people in the States who clamor fo r u sea level canal, fail t o take Into account, because they have never seen such a thing, and can't conceive it Another difficulty in the sea level canal i s the Black Swamp o f which wo have spoken How deep i t i s no ­ body knows, piles a hundred feet long driven into i t fail t o find bottom A sea levq] canal - dug through this swamp would have to have solid sides, otherwise the mud which farms the ~ swamp would flow into it , fo r it i s so fluid that it will scarcely carry the tracks of the railroad which some­ times sink into it . What the cost and time required to build these sol­ id sides would be, through twenty miles o f swamp and more, no one can form any sort of opinion, but_ i t would be enormous •v A CHOICE OF EVILS. •-Willi a. sea level Canal, ih OFtteT to take care o f the waters of the Cha- •\gres and the drainage water from the bills, on both sides, there would have *io be, i n addition to the two drainage canals, one on either side of Uie ship canal, an enormous storage dam at a point above where the river first crosses the canal line A huge dam is a feature of both the lock and sea .level plans, and the only diference i s in the location of it Willi the sea level, i t would be situated at Garuboa. above its meeting with tho canal, i n the other case, it would be a t Gatun, the point where the Chagres passes through the lo w range of liilis a few- miles before i t flows into the Atlantic To return to our parallel with the valley i n which the Harlem Railroad runs, i n the case of the sea level ca ­ nal, the Gamboa Dam would be situ­ ated somewhere to the West of Plcasantvillo ov«r the hills, i n the -^gggy -Of ThP lopk—gffnal •--thV- (latun Dam would be about four miles from Mott Haven Bu t a comparison of the dams must be left fo r another article. To sum up, then, the principal en­ gineering- -UiXfieuHies- -tfl t-tw way o f a sea level canal are first, the con­ trol of the waters of the Chagres, and second the Black Swamp For the rest there are less difficulties, only the question of expense What this expense would be can be approxi­ mately estimated in the case of solid material—rock, earth and alluvial de­ posits, what it would be i n the case of bottomless Swamps i s beyond the power of human calculation LIKE OUR MADE LAKES. The alternative idea to the sea lev­ el canal, is t o build a locTi canal at an elevation of eighty-five feet, that is, with the water in the canal a t its highest lovtH eighty-five feet above sea level This means building a canal fo r four miles from Mott Haven which would have t o h e done in any case A t this point, wi n re the lo w range of hills crosses the line of the canal, it i s designed to build a dam which shall create a lake, just as the diferent dams i n the C'roton system have produced lakes all over our neighborhood. This lake will extend beyond the point where the Chagres first meets the canal, will be deep enough to float any ships likely 10 be built for many years, and will be of such great extent that any rise i n the Cha­ gres, no matter how sudden, will pro­ duce no perceptible effect o n it . At both ends of the lake there will be a lock to raise ships from one lev­ el t o another, but the locking of large 1 ships i s thoroughly understood, and is accompanied by no danger Then will come the big cut through the continental divide, which we have likened to Aspetong placed across the canal line, which i s of course a feat­ ure of both plans, but which is. not so deep by So feet as i n the sea lev­ el plan After this comes another lock, then another lake, formed by a (lain like the first, then two more locks which lower the ship to sea level, and finally more canal to the waters of the Pacific In my next letter I will tell you the objections to the lock canal that are urged by It s opponents, and why the.V do not seem to be valid. -- - - Prank Hunter Potter Office eat Says : [ HAVE BEEN KEEPING pretty close t o home these days ever since tiie Village improvement Society off erred that $25.00 fo r in ­ formation about the deer Not that I had anything t o do with it—but everyone knows that I' m a beast of prey and they might ace-use me of springing o n it and bearing it to the ground I am often glad that I am Urn poor to own u n automobile Of course there are times when It 's different, but when 1 hear of Frank Gumboldt and party strolling all the weary way from Kingston to Brown's Sta­ tion and Dr Williams and Dr Park pushing the car from White Plains to Valhalla at midnight 1 say to myself. \Kitten there are some ad ­ vantages in poverty, after all\ Anyone who says that the lake trout which Dr Parks caught when he and the Boss went fishing on Mon­ day morning, was less than fifteen inches long, i s a base fabricator I was sitting o n the bank, eating all the sunfish they took in , and I oughi t o know KATONAH UNION SCHOOL { PLANS FOR THE COMING Y EAR. Marked Advancement Shown \?^^ h Will be Continued i n the Future. Additiont to Faculty.. I wish t o inform .John Wesley Hallet that lure is one that IS new Sin-^hadn'. been married very long aftd the Captain had a kindly feel­ ing fo r brides S o he used to ask her up on (he bridge with him and tell h»T al l about sailing a big . bi g boat One day he asked, sex­ tant U hand, \Did you ever take the sun. Mrs. 9 \ ' Oh„ yes' she said, brightly, \We al ­ ways used t o take it at home, but ever hincv i t began to run down Mr Roosevelt so, John won't have' it in the hou.se'\ I didn't go to /.he play the other eve­ ning, because* 1 had t o attend a bridge a t the D e Ratters— a very- select family who reside fo r the Summer under M r Dent's barn— but I understand- that some of the children made slighting remarks about me If thev are no t careful, I WILL TELL WHAT I KNOW So have a care, Jack Dalton' The ••S-tisi i s known' FOUND:— On e ca n of perfectly good usu ban, belonging to Doc Towner. Owner can have same by applying at the Times Office, care of the Office Cat NARROW ESCAPE FOR MRS. ROELKEn Ai\ D HER BABY, Frightened Horse Bolts fo r the Rail' road Crossing as Train Passes But Swerves in Time. Mrs. Roelker, a Summer resident, i n company with -*er nurse and child, met with an accident on Wednesday which came near being serious. She was waiting fo r some meat in front of Ryans store, when her horse became frightened by an approaching train and bolted toward the station He turned at the crossing, with the high English cart on two wheels, and ran within a fe w feet of the train, which was just making its speed, but fortunately swerved agaitT and came to a stop at the platform . Mr Ryan had followed the excit­ ed animal and drove Mrs. Roelker home, as she was too upset by her narrow escape t o handle the reins. Residents of Katonah village were at ­ tracted by the strange behavior of a woman who<• roamed th e Btreets —»«—-Thursday last, talking incoher- i ntly and evidently suffering from mental derangement. I n an inco­ herent way she made them under­ stand that she came from Bedford village and that she had recently lost a ch41d T wh«se death Is- -sup­ posed t o have affected her mind Mr E P Barrett was notified and took her home i n his automobile. new Spring Styles * How Ready * W .G .&B. CLOTHES THE GUARANTEED KINO Set your T^ew Outfit for Easter at Benedict Bros. Opposite the Depot. The Katonah Union School will be larger than ever this coming. year. Ten teachers have been engaged and there will be a regular four years course Ln the Academic Department. The primary and intermediate rooms are filled to overflewing, two of them containing nearly sixty pupils. This is too many fo r one teacher and an extra one will be put in this year. The new principal, .Mr Thomas E morgan, has been principal of the Irvfngton School for the past two years. Previous to that he had been principal of ^» grammar school o f 20 teachers at North Tonawanda, an d also principal of Union Schools i n the central part of the State, The Board feel that they have obtained pne of the best and most wide awake prin­ cipals in Westchester County. Miss Oher I s to remain in the High School Department for another year. The Board was able to secure the services o f Miss Mabel L . Backus, for the past two years preceptress in the North Tarrytown High Sohool, of which Prof Jaymes, our farmer principal I s the head. Miss Backus was for two years in the High School at Mt . Kisco. She will teacl! the sciences, taking Miss Adams place for the coming year. The other High School teflcher, making four in all, will be Miss Mary E Crane We heard one of the best school men i n the State say this week that one would have to look a long time to obtain a teacher the .wjual of Miss Crane For two year-)' she has been preceptress at the Cornel High School Her educational stand­ ing i s high and she will be a .jreat help and addition to the faculty The coming year will mark another era i n the history o f our school I n the past few years the number of students has doubled, and from a school of four teachers only, i t has advanced to one o f ten. Rapid ad ­ vancement has been also noted dur­ ing the past year This is shown b y the fact that we now have ovec JO non-resident pupils and many more are expected next year. Two years ago the new school building was erected It was thought by nearly everyone that this would be ample in size for years to come Next year every room in the building will be occupied and at the present rate of growth o f the town and ad ­ vancement o f the school, an addition will be necessary within the next five- year*.- The success of the School i s large­ ly due to the care exercised by the Board i n the selection o f the instruc­ tors. The board believe that they have chosen wisely fo r the coming year, not only i n the High School, but i n the grades, where only the best Normal and Training Class grad­ uates are taken The new and commodious building is well adapted to the convenience -and comfort of the' pupils and cajth^ ers. It i s well lighted, well jjL ^w ed and has all the conveni^Hrcff an up-to-date building. / r^^^ . ratus and new books are, dOiUtantly being added to correspond ^ith the courses of study. * , | Free tuition is granted to all pu ­ pils i n the Academic Department. The School desires students who are anxious to make the most o f their ad­ vantages The village i s healthy and the School well located. People are moving to the village every year fo r the sake of its school advantages. The coming year will see I t the best school i n this section of West­ chester We have the building, the right faculty, the proper spirit shown by residents of the district, and stu­ dents i n neighboroing villages and towns will show their good judgment by attending £o£ the coming school year j* HIGH SCHOOL BOYS' PLAY PROVES A GREAT SUCCESS. Over $80.00 Taken in , which Will Probably be Used fo r Repairs to Assembly Hall. The performance o f \The Toast- master\ by the boys of the High School and Eighth grade, which was given on last Friday evening, proved to be one o f the most successful en­ tertainments ever held ln the school building. The hall was crowded and the re­ ceipts amounted to over $80 00. The school intends to apply this sum to­ ward repairing the wallsof the As­ sembly Hall, which was badly damag­ ed by the basket ball .games. The School Board, however, have already arranged to attend t o the repairs and they suggest that the money might better be applied to some other pur­ pose—such as new pictures, or other things of which the building is in need No definite decision has been made, as yet Tire entire cast were s o good i n their respective roles that I t is dif ficult to single out any particular one for praise, but perhaps \Billy\ Gil- crlst, Wethenill Palmer and Wallace Searles 'deserve especial credit .for their interpretation of the parts as­ signed to them But i t i s certain that a large part of the credit fo r the success o f the play i s due t o Miss Adams, Miss Ar­ nold and Miss Bailey, the teachers who organized and drilled the piece. Cast of characters as follows — Bill Morgan William Gilcrist. \Towel\ Fairfax Robert Lobbln Bob Kenmark Lcander Gregory Henry Reed Tom Ripley George Macintosh Professor Reed Mrs. Reed Cynthia Buzzer Charles Allen. James Kelly. Peter Noe Wallace Searles. Charles Gaming Wetherill Palmer Charles VanTine The railroad has had a force of men busy during the past week fencing in their tracks at this point with wire I t i s an improvement that has long been needed 0«0«0«0«0#0«0»04»0«0«0«0«0« J For Lawn and Ceme- » • terv Decoration I have • o o • the largest stock of home • o ° o 5 grown Geraniums.Can-? g nas, Salvias, Verbenas S g and Phlox, and several g ^-.other varieties oi BecU • ding Plants, consisting § of ) 0,000 Plants. o A call at the West Main St. Personals. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hogg moved to Katonah on Thursday morning to open their Cherry Street residence for the Summer season Kellog & Mead report an Increased demand fo r boats and canoes. An­ other of their Racine .boats was sold this week. Mr. J. C Fargo received-two ponies at the Katonah station on Thurs­ day an d there was quite a crowd watching their removal from the cars. Dr. Briggs, o f Bedford Station, was in Katonah on Saturday htst. He is one of the physicians who have lately moved into this section and . is building up a good practise and ^making many friends hereabouts The doctor came originally from Cooperstown, N Y. , and was fo r a time associated with Dr Deedy, at his Bedford Sanitarium. Mr George Gildea. has given up the plumbing business and will now meet trains at the station and con­ duct a general livery business Mr. Edwin Safford will assist Mr Gil­ dea i n the station work We wish them success i n the new venture Miss Blakeny, the District Nurse fo r Katonah and Goldens Bridge will return t o resume her duties next week. Justice Avery expects t o leave soon for a month's stay at M t Clemens, Mich He is much improved i n health bu t hopes to b e still further benefitted by the treatment at that resort The second of the houses purchased by Doyle Brothers from the City and moved from its former posi­ tion t o the Edgemont Road by the firm of Ganung & Hoyt, was put on it s new foundation Thursday There i s still another structure to be moved to this locality which will soon b e an active business center Louis R. Andrews, the piano tuner of Danbury, will be i n Katonah, May 24th to 29th Orders fo r tuning left. at F W Gorham's Drug Store vvllltime i n communicating with us . receive prompt attention Nichols 4 . Adams, BrewsterpN-Y. notices. Rev. Mr. Lintermuth, o f New RochelU will preach at the Presbyterian Church on Sunday next, On. next Tuesday evening, Ma y 2Gth, the third division of the Ladles Aid Society o f the Presbyterian Church will hold a sociable i n the church parlors. In connection .with the social the closing exercises of the~ \School at Peppeneghek Corners\ will be held Every one i s given a cordial invitation to be present. There will b e no admission) fee, but an offering will b e taken fo r the benefit of the society. The W C. T U . on Thursday next, at the Searles House, will hold a May party o n the lawn, at three o'clock, to which the children and their mothers are invited. A pro­ gram has been prepared consisting of a drill, May-pole dance, recita­ tions and music Refreshments will be served Yo u are most cordially invited to be present- The regular monthly business meet­ ing o f the Ladies Aid Society of the M . E. Church, T n connection with an al l day sewing meeting, will be held on Friday, Ma y 28th, at three o'clock, i n the parlors of the church I t i s necessary that there be a good attendance t o tran­ sact important business. NOTICE ! SPECIAL SCHOOL MEETING. A special meeting of th e qualified voters of' School District No. 10 , of the Towns of Bedford and Lewisboro, will b e held in the School Building, Tuesday evening, June 1st, 1909,-* at 8 o'clock, fo r the purpose of taking necessary action to perfect title to old school site. For th e Board of Education, R. D. KNAPP, President. GEORGE ATTRIDE, Clerk. Dated Katonah, N.Y. , April 27, 1909 . We have just received a carload of choice horses, suitable fo r driv­ ing or draught purposes. Lose no §- -• Bailey's Dept. Store 5 Greenhouses will convince you • that onr plants are in first-class m condition. • H. A. SPAVINS •—Tel. 18 W. Ml ? s •o»o»o»o*jo»o»o#o«jo«o«o«joso VV : B.FI5HER The rail road station is filled with trunks and express packages to overflowing of late, and Assistnat Hodgins i s kept busy in the absence of Agent Spaulding, attending t o -the- iaevJBi Residents of Katonah have been ad ­ miring the fine team of farm horses wij^h \^M r Frank Hunter Potter bought recently from Nich­ ols & Adams at Brewster. They are f)-year olds, as solid and well behaved a pair of youngsters as are often to be seen on our roads. OPTOlHETftY is defined by (he late as \The employment of any means other than the use of drugs for the measurement of the powers of vis­ ion and the adoption of lenses for the aid thereof\ If you have any eye sight troubles an optometrist should be seen at once. Ex­ amination fee $1.00 -i&2*Q& Ne-eharge for consultation, |W. B. Fisher, Optometrist Mt. Kisco, N.Y. • PTDMETRftlS LONG DISTANCE PHONE 131 Katonah RESIDENCE Edgemont Road. ARTHUR S. AVERY FUNERAL DIRECTOR AXD LICEJJSED EMllAI^DSK MODERN EQUIPMENTj COMPETENT SERVICE KATONAH, N« Y. CALLS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO DAY OR NIGHT. t'Htwtw 111 mm 111 >•» I GEO. B. HOPPS, | Katonah I Painter and Interior Decorator. Paper Hanging J estimates Cheerfully Given on Jill Closes of Work. P. O. Box 321 oooooooooodboooooooooooooo win New ones added daily, which make the largest stock at the lowest pri­ ces to choosefrom this side of New York City. MRS. I. B. WOOD, Mount Kisco (Car Fare Paid all Buyers) ••••»•»•< 11111 »i» 111 n ii »t eeeeoeoooooooooooooooooooo m m m M M m H It M j§ m m flay Sale of nun i imiM *i >MM 'Wtnt r****4f¥ff¥ MEN'S ;; CLOTHING* < > •l\l\l\M\M'f till I h++4+4++\-l++l++H*+ W Qoe Hundred SoSte Cut m the latest st^le These are fine All Wool Suits in the || new shadow stripe and neat mixtures, pi The tailoring is perfect and they do fit to M rctfon. — • - H m e Price $1©o0© 12 and $14 Values Here is your chance for a Summer t Suit at a bargain H. F. BAILEY & CO. Mount Kisco w B M §§ m n n M H m \m I i WHITE ROSE GROCERY ^ Opposite Station KATONAH, N. Y. pheapest Store in Westchester County Fancy and Staple Groceries, 'Prooisions, Fruit, Vegetables, and Garden Seeds, Fresh Bakery and Confectionery Ice Cold 3iCih\ and Soda Waters. Sole Agency for Horton's Ice Cream. N. B. Our side line of Gentlemen's iSIioes is a marvel and revelation in St^le, Quality and Cheapness. 1 Yours Obediently,

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