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A Special Story.. County Correspondence. World JNjfas of a veek in brief. ' ^ PRINTING for Business and Social Ooe done at reasonable. • raU by \Times\ Print. Tel- cphone f2-y-2. Sample Copies Will Be slfrt Free for Three w The \ o any Address In the County, upon Application Times ESTABLISHED'-Mi IflhrS: Combining the \Croton Falls News and f olio\ and \The Croton Valley Times.\ // you »»A to lrno* what your neighbors are doing and saying in SEVFORD, LEWISBORO, NEW CASTLE, NORTH SALEM SOMERS and YORKTOWN Watcb the Special Correspondence Columns of \Che Katonah \Gimes. VOL. XXXI No. 4 KATONAH, N. V.\ FfSjjfDAY, JUNE 11, 1909. $1.50 A YEAH PANAMA SEEN BY A WESTCHESTER MAN Type of Men that Are Building the Canal. Rolling Stones not Wanted.—A Row that Ended to otir Credit. By PRANK HUNTER POTTER. T HE NEW YO&K SUN is not ad­ dicted to enthusiasms, but the correspondent who accompanied the Taft party to the Isthmus felt obliged to say that when one saw the work on the Canal zone, he could not help feeling proud of being an American. I think everybody feels that, and the interesting thing is the great number of causes for pride. What struck me first, even on the train which took me from, Colon to Panama, was the splendid character of the personnel They were all pick­ ed men. In the smoking room of the* steamer on the way down 1 had talked to canal employees of ev-_ ry rank, from engineers in charge of departments down to section bos­ ses and men in charge of steam shov­ els, and I had been impressed with their fine character, for they were clean, strong, intelligent, interested in their work As I looked out of the car windows on the way across the Isthmus, every white man that I saw was of the same sort The railway men, the Zone policemen, tl^e employees who met the train at the stations, were men one was proud to have for fel­ low-countrymen, whether th§y came from the North or the South or the WflBf fnr yvpry MfHnn nf f ne gQnJU. is represented there And I had e good fortune te witness an oc- rence which showed me as few that there had been a misunderstand­ ing about a charge of fifty cents for a room hired as a dressing room by the bathers and that when a local policeman had tried to collect it, it had been willingly paid to the own­ er of the room, but the policeman had been informed thai it was none of his business This outraged his dig­ nity and he tried to arrest the Amer­ ican, apparently for insulting the ma­ jesty of the law At any rate the American objected to beirig arrested on any such foolish charge as this, and when the Minister got on the ground he found the policeman quite unable to take his man away, but making valiant efforts, while the pair were surroUnded by a crowd of drunk­ en Panamanians armed with clubs, all apparently intent on making trou­ ble .. The Minister led everybody away and deeply J to the Alcalde (or rnayorj- and on the way the Panamanians fell upon some of the Americans and cut their heads open with stones or sticks, but the Americans kept themselves beautiful­ ly in hand, and went on to the Al­ calde, who settled the matter quietly and sensibly. I was in the middle of the crowd all the time and I never heard an oath or a coarse word from an Ameri- cancan throughout the whole affair, \but the men T>eha\ve<I with \a\ setfr-con- trol which was beyond all praise, for the Panamanians were drunk and is? • HHHI IM\M1 tlHIII III MM»M»M»»H\M »••!» t NEWS OF THE WEEK IN I THE NEARBY VILLAGES M lOIMMM 11 111111 1 IM I 11 'I *********4 ***! IHWI could that their mental fibre cat. - — . was spending Sunday down at \.nai» Island of Taboga, twelve mileb Tt in the Bay of Panama, where / there is a fine beach, and to which many of the Canal employees come on Sundays with their wives and children, for the pleasant sail and for a bath in the sea.\ There is a little fUhinf village tHww, inhabited by a population ol chocolate, coffee and black people, typical Paiuunaa- , tans. ii 4 > pp»'' w»r» tilting oti.-ith'e ing up an4' aald to niy hoat: \Are you the American minister?\ \Yes.\ \Will you please come over here? A policeman wants to arrest an Amer ican through some misunderstanding and he wont submit and we are afraid there is going to be some trouble. Won 't you come over and settle it*\ - The Minister went over and found looking for trouble, and there mignt easily have beaut a row in which- Uvea could have been lost. The good sense of the American Minister and the level headednetis of the men avoided a row which might have had inter­ national consequences, and after see­ ing it all, I felt proud of my fellow countrymen, for these are the kind of men who are putting through the biggest job of all tjme. There is aooti»«f clasp of jpen on, the Isthmus of whom we o«fht to be very proud; I mean the. doctor* ago, 'he climate wji so •unhealthy that it was said thatevery tie on the road bed represented the grave of a man who died in building it. More than forty years ago I visit­ ed the Isthmus with my father, the Bishop of Pennsylvania. There was a little Episcopal church Just finished at Aspinwall (what is now Colon) and my father was asked to go and consecrate it. He spent just one night ashore, caught the Panama fe­ ver, and died of it three weeks later as his ship sailed into San FranciBco harbor The French, in their canal operations, found the climate just as deadly, and the Cemetery at Panama is crowded with graves of men of almost every nationality on earth,' for the Isthmus has taken toll of the lives of every race that has passed over it. When our government decided to build the canal, the first thing tcxtoe done was\ to make the Isthmus -a safe place for Americans to live, and the success with which this has been ac­ complished in these few years is al­ most incredible. There are thirty- five thousand men working on that canal every day -and all day, right through the midday heat, and the death rate among them is lower than it is in New York City. Yellow fe­ ver used to kill its hundreds every year, there has not been a case of yellow fever on the Isthmus in over three years. Bubonic plague, whicby is decimating India, had a strong, foot hold, and was flourishing; it has been completely stamped out. The city of Panama was filthy; now it i s better paved and its streets are better cleaned than New York. All this work of sanitation has been doae by QUI doctors. What t.hay in Cuba, when some of them gave their lives in experiments, learning how to combat yellow fever, was splendid; what they have done in Puuama—Is the admiration 57 the world. One point more, on which there has been much doubt expressed, is worth touching on; I mean the matter of political or personal \pull\ in ap­ pointments. An acquaintance of mine desired an appointment under the Ca­ nal Commission, and. he had suffi­ cient influence to get Mi Roosevelt, then President, to write to Col. Goe thals, the head of the Commission! king that a place be found for, himf ,fic4 I was In PaJsaKSf-btfe of tS* officials spoke to me aTxmt the mat­ ter. \I know Mr. BJank\ he said \and he is a first rate man in some re­ spects—perfectly honest arid abfe enough, but he i s a rolling stone. That is not the kind of man we wantdown here; we want men who will stick (CONTINUED ON LAST PAGE.) mount Kisco i MONTHLY MEETING OF THE ' MT. KISCO VILLAGE TRUSTEES. Bedford Station ADAMS' STORE LOOTED BY DARING BURGLARS. preparing Main Street for the Contemplated Highway Improvements. , The regular monthly meeting of the Mt Kisco Board of Village Trus­ tees was held on Monday evening, June 7th President I W Turner and Trusters Mathews, Tripp and Ijliller were present .After the reading and approval of the minutes, an application wag' pre- •epted from residents of Lexington* Avenue who desire extra lights on that thoroughfare It was referred to the Committee on Lights Bills Five Hundred Dollars Worth Miscellaneous Stock Missing of wore paid from the Roads and Bridg­ es account as follows- Road u Com­ missioner supplies, $309 ; Sam • Olim, f]18.; G. W Gorham, $5 Town Sew- ^-Account. Sewer Contractor, Engin- On Wednesday night thievgs broke into Adams store and secured about $500.00 worth of Shops, I'ndorwear. Clothing, Cigars, etc They gained entrance by removing the heavy plate glass from onv of J.he front doors and tho discovery was made at six o'clock .Thursday morning when a driver notified tho station agent, Mr. James .1 Corrigan Mr Corrigan, in company with Mr Rufe Sarles immediately went over to investigate They notified Mr , Adams without delay, but so far no ' clue to the robbers has boon found. ; Mr Adams is fortunate in having j his stock insured against burglary, but nevertheless, he has notified the NAARDEN FARM SOUTH SALEM N.Y. SHORTHORNS MILK AND BEEF SIZE AND CONSTITUTION THE FARMER'S COW THE FAMILY COW BULL CALVES «t 6 W«k. OW^ Write for Circular HAY THE HORSE AND HOUND SOUTH SALEM. N Y LUNCHEON AND TEA HORSES STOOD )N GASOLENE & MOTOR REPAIRS Telephone: RioW*ld, Cos a. Ple&ie order meals •> long in advaace as possible i Ars Fees, Inspectors, etc $14 4Go , UUL llt . vt . ruieie88i ne nas ,„ »A resolution was passed directing , sheriff who , g instigating and hopes property owners on Main Street to , to , ocat(1 U)e Iooters \ make the necessary connections from • tK'e~sewer to the curb line within 60 dkysfrom date. This was done in _Q»ider that the road improvements sfall not. be further delayed Cpmplaint is being made that flow­ ers are being stolen from the graves in Oakwood cemetery After -DecoTtftloil Day there was a great haul made Miss Ge.orgle Tice, of Croton-on Hud­ son, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. Ed Mays. j- Mrs.- Briggs, w-ho has been visktng her son, Dr Edward Briggs, has returned to her home at Otego. Mr. Robert Lajdlnw and family ha\° taken the Kirby house on Mc- OLD FURNITURE SHOP SOUTH SALEM, N. Y . ' Only Old Furniture Sold _ •o«o«o«j»o«o«o«o«o«o»o«o« 1 ' * SELLING OUT* Antiques ass j ^^ei.onible Off.r Refuted, •EMORY G. LOBDELL| o NORTH SALEM. . N. Y. § £ * •ot»o«o«o»o«o«o«ot)o«ot»o«o»o Clain Street for the Summer. Van Norden Trust Company No reproductions of any kind Only One Price Everything is marked at > reasonable price and *old (or that only II 1111 11 1 I I I I I \I III' M »I III I I I 1II I I H H ''»»! A Home Comfort Stove ii The»e stoves are truly perfection in every reipect. You can do all your work with the comfort of a cool kitchen. Have you solved the HOME COMFORT problem for this coming Season? Are you planning to put the coal range out of cem- micsion? Do so, and take comfort by doing your boiling, stew­ ing and baking on m ^ The NEW PERFECTION ^ Blue Flame Oil Stove. ^ A Summer Necessities. Our line of SUMMER NECESSITIES & COMFORTS is very Complete*. We are prepared to furnish you with almost any­ thing you may ask for. Th'ls list will give you an idea of our variety: — Refrigerators, Ice Cream Freezers, Oil and Gasoline Stoves, Window Screens and Screen Doors, Lawn and Garden Tools. A call at THE HARDWARE STORE will be appreciated. KELLOGG & MEAD KATONAH $& — & N.Y. $ Hoyt Brothers Company, $ Funeral Directors and \¥ * Licensed Embalmers... 1£ I General Department Store. J We Desire to have a Utile confidential , ^ : talk with you on Tea and Coitee Y OU cannot obtain the resultB desired unless yolir foun­ dation is right. When properly brewed the result is THIS TRUST COMPANY does a general Banking bus­ iness. Accepts active ac­ counts, subject to cheque at sight. Issues interest bear­ ing certificates of deposit for specified periods, or payable ' on demand. Cheques drawn on this Trust Company are payable through the New York Clearing House. BLACKSMITH Cft ion ~ B. H. TURNER SOUTH SALEM, N. Y. Best Shoeing at Lowest Prices Agncultunl Implements of all kinds GENERAL REPAIRS most satisfying. Our Old Government Blend and Bar- rington Hall Coffee, rich, fragrant and full bodied is in­ comparable, while the Ceylon Mixed, Young Hyson, JapaD, Formosa, Oolong aDd English Breakfast Teas are way ahead of anj'thing in the market. Chase & Sanburn's goods have a national reputation and they are the largest dealers in the United States. We are the only authorized distributing agents for this vicinity. .. In the Haberdashery Department .. E ARE SHOWING a good line of Scarfs and Ties. W summer styles of Collars and Cuffs. Light Weight Felt Hats in all the new shades, and a full line of Sum­ mer underwear. We also have-a variety of Black Alpaca and Blue Serge Coats, just the thing for warm weather. W E H-AVE A COMPLETE LINE of ROYAL WORS- TER ADJUSTO F. P. and LA RINE CORSETS, eras in Lawns, Ginghams also a large variety 'of PatJ and Percales. W E HAVE JUST RECEIVED A NEW LINE OF OUT­ DOOR TWO AND FpUR PASSENGER SWINGS, PORCH CHAIRS in natural and a variety ol colors, CAMP CHAIRS, LAWN SEATS and SWING SETTEES. We are at )( iir service. fyiMJIMIM- milium Mil «•» ± Hoyt Broth &is Company I Katonafl, N. Y. fivery Wednesday and Saturday night theatre trains vill /eave White Plains at 10:40, northbound, stopping at all stations to Qoldens fridge. \Che Stainach -&C *u>ell System THIS TRUST COMPANY carries the New York ac­ counts of many out-of-town Banks, Trust Companies and Savings Banks, allowing gen­ erous rates of interest upon the SbTHLOW. Owner. a D. BRILL, Supt Broad Brook Farm Bedford Station, N. Y, MILK, CREAM AND BUTTE same. Purr, fresh and wholesome proUA-'ts, produced from tuberculin-tested herd in a It Collects rents, and attends to all j dairy lmni^and creamery, sanitary in overy New York customers- matters for its | particular Milk, especially adapted for infants, cieum, thick and pure; butter, Issues letters of credit. I fresh or salted, of quality 1 Buttermilk, if desired. unsurpassed Maintains a BOND DEPART- j MENT, and makes a specialty J of selling bonds to Westchester | g^*'!^^ 1 or County people. Bonds that E68S Fresh Daily For any of above, telephone us, or A l< combine safety and attractive rates of interest. CRUSHED STONE & SAND For Builders. jj Doyle Brothers - Leading parity Grocers j! Agents for Jfcker, merraiUCMdits teas and griftes 1 1 Htl» >•« H'l Ml III I 'M I III'Mtl ******* I M « III H'» Imported Ginger Ale Poland Water Appolinaris&Whiterock tow's milk, £rtam and Butter We Grow our own Vegetables at-our Deer Park Farm Telephone 31-y-2 Cash Discount Tickets | 'i n 11111111111 in 11111111 M 111111111111111 H 111 mi X

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