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•it* T.fee .:r K&ton^n 1 lmes (KBOiABWSHED ifc 1878) Subscriptions: One year, $1.50.; ISIJC Months, 73CrHFhr— Months^ 40c; Single Cbbks*. 5?'. PAYABLE INVARIABLY IN ADVANCE. Advertising Rates 6n'Application. Entered at the Katonah Post Office as Second Class Matter. • ' m A T^epubUcan Neps^er^eoole4io the Interests 0/ North Westchester County HV.yrS ITEMS solicited. Communications intended for publication must hear name dress ofaender. The fight to reject or edit pnblioationit-U feaarvod by tho Publisher. and addres FR1&A.Y, J^NE 18, A FOOLISH SLUR AT OUR TO W N BOftttD. W E ARE SORRY TO SEE, in the editorial comment of' » White Plain* newspaper, the following.: • \The town police aot ie proving a good thing for the up-country Super­ visor*. It give* them some good jobs to hand out.\ This is an instance of the common tendency to prejudge a case, without considering the facts. The Town of Bedford, in which the whole plan originated, is the first to take definite action under the Law's provisions and .it Is a reas­ onable Inference that the above remarks were meant to apply to our local offteers. ^2 The\truth is that so far^pnT*wishing to make of the, Town Police Law a means for the distrlbutldn of patronage, our Town Board has ser­ iously considered appointing the men entirely from outside 'sources. If this plan is not carried through, it will be merely because the addition­ al living expenses incurred by outsiders and the extra inducement need­ ed to bring men from a distance, would add uselessly to the salary fund required. What is being done now by Messrs. Barrett and Baldwin (the Com­ mittee In charge) Is the careful selection of a form of examination- to, determine the qualifications of all applicants. Civil Service, methods will be combined with tho special tests of fitness applied to such bodies as th»-Pepns**vanla Constabulary and the- Police of New York and other cities. Every irfppJIcant for an appointment to the local Constabulary will b»_ subjected to an examination li\ competition with all others, and only after passing creditably wTTT armarrto*^eHgfble to serve. This ciy of \patMpa^^rle^-ttyerffore. utterly unfounded and one ob- >aaaw-.v REGISTER. |R3GKF§R& COSSCSRQMOCMCC SOLICITED* ' ... I J: it CCopyrlyht, 1909, by American Press Asao^ jlpSn 10 \\ rl^l^mattej^njmit^flot-b«, r* vious proof\ of it is tion to.p>t .irttbfthe toward the expenses majo rrV of our res id Board, its members of the Bedford-Newcastle Associa- , «;jbyyn Board $1500 of their own funds . fjhe Association believes, as do the Visfv of the personnel of our Town implicitly trusted to carry out th* Intent of the measure ( f^th^ oood of the commMnity at large. luhniw I !iiO An. ,WILL TAFT DO ABOUT IT? o valorem or attention. NE THINp^WpTjABJ-E^^Nj the present Tariff crhtl*' Is the keen' interest of men and women of air classes \In the\\|Bff*l|\res* of the\ fight. N^yer (1 b'efore has discussion \of such dry matters as ad' specific , achedulea been foj^wsd With so clp^fe a de^res^of. ^ It is one. result of the education we have received during\ the past # Trust,, with its cheap ra^Bfor for- ple at home'i the B«of Tjflj&eVala- on; have stirred the popular Indlg- o appreciate the need for a better csnou*. WMtahjag machines «lgn buV«^ ftrjd high raj tions of the Roosevelt _ nation t« a, poipt where a*l adjustment of our industrial--relations Added* to tHI*A* political, pfUiMon developed by the atti­ tude of courageous Senators like LaFolrefie'and Dolliver, in Opposition to the powerful Mement th$t frtfejws-^JttslrJeh. And IN tha oentr* of the stage is the figure of President T«|t, standing silent, at this mo­ ment, yet watched from all quartero : 'v^th a fhe keenest expectation. \What Is Taft going to do about it?\'ii^the question on »\\ lips. The people at large—the consumers—ai's^'olsposed' to' regard him a s their champion- In the \battle against -oOi ^oraaWz*****!.; He hi classed with Roosevelt and Hughs* as a margin teni^ggo^ securing noeded reforms for the people,* t And now th,e 'M^es »re drawn and he must soon ren­ der a decision that will have* trewnaftle^eTfeet on the future 1 or' the party anal of the pat|on. ° , vr> Fori tho platKudinlxIng twaddler* I Q Gepgrees who have been making themselves ctfneptetMtie In the effort to \\flim-flam'.','the conaymers and break the party pledges there is growing disgttlfe And if that typo of legislator pails on the taste of the people, what shall be said of the Democratic humbugs who cried out loudly in their platform for revis­ ion and now vote for still higher duties ;t<^ rc> tho nation for the benefit of some little section of their constituency? '''' ' Concerning tho letter of Mr. F. J. La Farr in the last week's 'Times' it is only fair to M$ Kjs^o/s ^lleo< men to atate that the \hold-up\' of Mr, Browji occurred at a point.some distance outside, the Village limits. The police are employed by Mt. Kisco's trustees to patrol the streets and are not required to act outside their own territory. If they keep or­ der within! the Village limits that is enough to ask of them. The need for protection of the out­ lying districts has been long appar­ ent and this bold daylight attempt is only another case in point. It is for the Town police to deal With such crimes. The Town Board la organiz­ ing ita force at this moment and they promise .|o- have uniformed man patrolling the unfrequented roads within a few weeks. As one Village officer remarks apro pos of the Brown case: •^rfceHeVa-tfta -preeemr ftoatd of trustees of the Village of Mount Kisco would go to almost any ex­ pense to apprehend a gang of blackhanders for a crime commit­ ted oh attempted within the Vil­ lage llmlli. _JBJU if.ihey are ex­ pected and allowed to spend the taxpayers' money for policing the outside territory, .why the neces­ sity of any town police bid?\ The always flippant N. Y. Sun has been jesting lately at th,* expense of our Bedford Station neighbor, Mr. Seth Low. Ita merry theme is that New York's former Mayor has pas­ sed into the realm' of myths. But anyone who has seen, the activity at Broad Brook Farm recently will tes­ tify that Mr. Low la aa much alive aa whan he wop the- great Fuaion victory. He has been translated, that is all, and from the chrysalis state of a City man has emerged into the 1 butterfly existence of a Weatchester -ObwMJrtk'rrneY; • • ' ^ ' r W: QAW-tyj . \EWoug ^r? .andtftsa.rtvttAdoe .the <ards, Care-free, as when the pretty play began. jByt if who also aimed in jest at first. Stiff'cflhg' to the\*deserted 'libare! 'and con The Loser's Litany—\Had I but played Or thus or so, I might have won!\ Ah, well, Another day your luck may fa I, but I Have staked my f>4^ and loBt-rartd. I *lave not' The wherewithal to' play again. And so Throughout?'thY lohg, long 1 nfg'i 'tF I sit among The - aeattered- cards, and ravieh- with \my -eyes Your empty chair. W. G. Kato;iah, June , i 15th. t 7 ** i4oreS\J^Jrsh^£eS3b N MIchl- gan Agricultural college la the orlg-i ^atoir r pl^plaj>^o»> ajo;opeeB4Iye >gee «y lng In dairy cattle that glvee promise of being oVwal ^iu^fo ( ?t^fecUon 8 where it is followed. The plan in brief is as follows: A community con­ trolling about 120 cows is- organised Into a cooperative breeding'' associa tion. This number of cpws are dlTid -ed as nearly AS' i^sitble/^o tbred groups of equal number, H ( -being im­ material just botv many cows the in­ dividual farmer may .have,., iiA,breed la then selected which la moatilln favor in the neigbborhood 1 and-three-^gister- ed sires purcwased. one ^ihg- 1)180658 with each block of forty TI?e first cost as well ns the' fV^t'Sf keeping the bulls la divided among,\ lb? pem- bera of the nssoclatlon on thejjjftsjs of the number of cows owned by each. At the end of the two yeaV'pTeWAl. 1ri order to avoid lnbi^Mfc w \bulls are transferred to .oyi'e^ b^c^lf ^'nd at tbe end of the second .period,,' trans­ ferred again, an Rrra^jjetn^n^ which makes it possible tg>,i&eep>rjiHe >fturec bulls in the nelghborhoodi saavl ye .-vrs without inbreeding'. • > Tkcs /oareange- iment makes It .noeaib^te tp kee^r slr.e of known merit dnr^nf 'Mj b^itjtJWr», n plan that is. seldom carpefljgj^jnn^ler the present system.eatfrejrrjjndi- vidnal managemen*; dBa^iaa*)t*Is;- the new Plan tends to cn«te^ Jr ^anMntty interest In a' tingle ^re*li\iiaa gives a- much bettp'f mi 'rVeVfc^TSi^r ^po wish to purcn>«e\ JrfflO\Rr% .* single breed c^na^e^le^|j|m^a. While the plan has not been worked out a* _yat.Tforr 9 tmi^tnfuyvt/rMii Its advantages are ao appapent .thai It might well be adopted In anyitrTct- l|%alry^l^?* 0 * 0 » 0 *« , *P»*-» '* i « oMay Is a good month Bis §art\the ros^^dj; sjad rather flm-JK bjendlngj a mlxtjr %he bed,, Inches and the soil tSorj «osee Ire '\fofid'-oi «nns With egg. at 90 to 26 cents a doaen \jfo&/At&%2fli%!mti% to fupirlBdpcaV. melancholy forebodings in the minds of the consumer to contemplate the peg the price will be hanging on n$xt Christmas. ^ | A| sj^wiir tb| w4itb'prc^udln>|i P&rjftylpf Pfciflr|coa|t st^tes^'crop I< i for-^wSHPaca^thafcivalae of Jt agricultural and horticultural products of, San- Joaquin county, Cal., alone at The; unoat /extensive rloe farmer Jo the United States lives Lear Dallas, ..Tex. JUist year, iie, tod IQ.Q0Q acres to ^.thls cereal,, the crop totaling 400,000 >0ueheIs >and / belrxg^ Valued it 4350.000. _It_ took eighteen steam thrashing out­ fits \four weeks\ to \separate th'e grain from ithe/sjtrawp '< ,,(',- .Fifteen hundred.. carloads of high quality tiantiiloupeav vajued'at $1,000,- 000, were shippejl,,jrpnj Imperial val­ ley,, in southern California, last year by the gardeners of that section.' Wa­ ter supplied by irrigation is all that was needed to make this desert one of the most productive garden spots in the whole country. The farm owner should take such a measure of pride in his premises as will lead him to give the homestead a name, painted on a neat signboard, with his own beneath. When he has his place properly labeled in this man­ ner he should have some note beads and envelopes printed, also giving the name of the farm,, to be used in the family and business correspondence. One of the sights which will greet the eyes of visitors at the Alaska- Yukon exposition at Seattle will be an artistically arranged bed containing 200,000 tufted English pansles. An­ other feature that will interest the floriculturist and horticulturist will be a display of all the plant creations of Lather Burbank, Including the spine­ less cactus, plumco.t and other interest­ ing forms of new plant life. A large part of tbe ugliness of bulls and' stallions la due to the fact that they are usually given pretty hearty rations and have little or nothing to d r b'.' J Jttany horse breeders mike a buat- nje »«7o< working their stallions, and n^V only , are they. gentler, but, their condition Is better and,{heir,,get more Tvlgprpua, The working jof the bull is not- so easy a matter, but some .breed- era^ do so with like satisfactory re­ sults. • ~T —, \Sorfie' very largfe claims are made fbr'tbe 'productive. c^AcUy'of, tfte npw, spineless qactuSv, |t > a , **M tbat.un^er parable cot^iltpns./thejpjanta, ^fill produce 300. tons of .cactus fodder per. *CJixJ»M-Xc.om.J.en_Jc_.tK£nXy.. iam-oL j$ ot aa, fine quality as the, -banana., appve ^guree are-iany.wjiifcre near tftfitruth there :may be a.iotuoffeUowa: at of tie meridian 100 who';imay Isfci'tney'nad: stakes «et In ta^grVat Srickn'-aesert. '•' 1 ' \ w Km M -r 1 • • • • , •• t i • t- ' l *the Artetitfije ant,la' a' new'&MJect; ffl\t&\Wk,tnto.hp.#B mup> damage, to ^griculrural an4 .hortlcvutura} inter­ ests, pp, ,the Pacific coast, where it has reoently made Us .appearand. Ta tbe> respect'mentioned It aeems to be the most destructive specie's of the'ant' tribe, while a factor that causes Its „ r , ¥ appearance to be viewed with alarm Is tacked f powder^AelletKn^as ^common^Lthe claim that its bite- fatal to ln- I fairts. Already scientists of the Pacific (-Jcoasi areistudylng -ita habits and try­ ing to devise methods for its extermf- Q. E fh^NUI^, SanitdfSSnl Mel ail Work, tin Roofin.a and Jobbing, 3 ELECTRICAL WORK JN JteLL-ITS BRAKGBESici «,? . GASOLENE ENGINES INSTALLED AND REPAIRED- Hot 1 f.! ' Water, Steam afcd Hot Atr Heating Telephone 19 W.\ ' MOUNT KISCO, - - - > W.V. 50- MOUNT KISCO AUTO­ MOBILE COMPANY. Garage, Main Street, Mt. Kisco, Phpae 135. Mt. Kisco. Under New, Experienced and Efficient Management Repairs, Supplies, Storage and Service. «» «» « » WILLIAM L. TIFFANY, Superintendent. i ^ xeds) !;°in&$a£' at It wile bed should be located s< ftpt A JK0*>i)loi & Jir.. &u< preTented If CTe-MMnes tie CFJHn £ daily shower bath with water undec road dust will fix the green alugk and spraying with a kosulon ^'it**««* water will knock the red spiders and watered often enough to keep It Aa to varieties, there uPalgl««r Of the tea roses for samritei the American Bean; \Victoria Golden Gate.-MKnei Liberty, Mmer Gbwtekay- France are among the beat. Of tbe hardy roses. General Jack. Laing, EMckson, Roban, Morrison, Neyron and Wilder are very satlsfactofyi •Wot'*) well rosea need care. If:£hey rajfijiftAb, they give a most grateful and ,daljghT-, ful return. ' v.'\ . A CO8TLY EXPERIENCEt By way of showing tk*tTha.wka,/in!d owls are in reality friend*^ and oB94 •nemlea of the farmer a r^'en^njajga-, sine article cites an exDerience'^wtilcn. tbe state of Pennsylvanla^had a'^re of yeara ago. In the y*.*rul9MF atate legislature passed what was known aa the scalp act which, author>• Ized the payment of a bounty 1 , of 60 cents a head ou all hawks and owls killed In the state. Under this act bounties were paid on 10C>,OiOfVrwd«,' which was accepted by the farm era aa pretty good .proof, that Jbfi~jM$toS$L killers were exterminated. But this,Ahe^uplljt was not tbe end of their troatijMf Within a period of two yearn gopneta, *] field mice and noxious insects appearr- ed in such nnmbera. that-tber-f^atetsr| were powerless to cope with them^and the losses which they suffered''front this source aa th« direct- re«ralt\of-the Indiscriminate hawk and owl alangh- ter were placed at $4,000,000. AJWaah- lngtonx authority baa found thaf 90 per cent of the food of thereij *hoWderWl hawk, /usnallyf known kt the ^nen hawk,\ cooaiata .01 InJurjoua manimahi .this number being of the destructive Aeld or Bseadow '< A qulie''ext*Mlv*'test whWbas ftU cently been tna4e; tovdet^Usyii sthi Weight et-<Mjfl* showsjjthat they,**>T7 ounces .per, ftiiuiw ^-jLyjCTge^alaxht- being about tweDry-tw» onncesT ^Snch laot by the dosen, esperfa/ly lh>fi seari son when they bare d|»}Mm»1 Jo lOceuHa per down Rfardle^atrf atia. The Island of^ Jersey, located In the '^B*lll*ebVaBePand about five mUaa fil *dtS»ytt«nJln length, supports a LPXJ9t < ¥?hP eo P le - 'Dairying early vegetables, w-a4ck-f»»adeeta-are- marketed largely In London ^nd^ ^r^Pjfe^onatUjite the chief There are ha|blUnta. pure bred Jerseys oh'the larked, the Importation iof, other hreeda having been stopped a century and a half ago. The farms vary in size from ten to twenty acres and, as one \would suppose, are worked on an Intensive'plan. • The Jaw of growth, everywhere rec- .onUze^ and,given forceful expression In the phrase \To nlm that hatb shall be given,\ has its tragic as well as Its beneficent aspect This appears in the handicap which the tree labors under which -iS '-oversbadowed and out topped by its more^rjfty nelgjhbor, Hi liabil­ ity to dlseajfcs/ Jn on£4V»« laeks phys­ ical strength and In tbe proneness to evil of the person lacking moral fiber and backbone. A majority of the .agencies which .are today at work In of life, we directed to a cstatenctlfrut of p^aieltd} s*ects of raH'' wise and usually beneficent law of development. London shipping experts have re­ cently hit upon the plan of equipping refrigerator 'cars wTfli mechanical re- placed on top of the-cars. ETaporators are placed, inside the cars to keep tbe temperature down when the cars are Hot la'motion. The compressor is drlrea frith, power 1 aeon red from one o| the axle*. The present system of ice refrigeration of cars Is one which Involves immense trouble and expense |'In *m m traWoHiff6n\6T \fresl meats ,*Hd fjerMb^ble.. fruits aad yagetables. ^ha, new, system, »f cppjjng is looked upon'with''much favor by Pacific coaat'ihtppera, who are' Investigating UtB|n^r^^d^wJJ|-very likely adopt, Jt. H. d. flalpes ••dfoyd altaxtfop, f««Y* Give us an opportunity to supply your Garden.and Grass Seeds this spring. We do : Hbt 6ai'ryover : A ahy seeds from the previous season, a feature which i» rare among seed' merchants* Hot bed Sash and Mats on hand. »t»»n.i iniii ft* x 1 1 M rmt n infill 1 jtffi I YOUR PLUMBIN G | Does it need any repairing ? We will endeavor to please you. Let us estimate on any work -you may I H. L. MERRITT - Katonah. \ A ' ^ *' * -^\\\ a\ rVVl \\/ ll 1 \l ll ) >M ? M-f^l M*IHW 1 JTWQ QUESTION i FIRST Are-, your Savings Safe? You Recei've'tne Maximum Return^ Compatible With Perfect Safety ? f We offer GUARANTEED TOT WGM W EXEMPT CERTJflCATlS^ \A Small Sized Mortgage Paying 5 Per Cent. Net «| Westchester & Bronx TiUe A Mortgage Guaranty WHITE PLAINS BRANCH OFFICES 22 *?«ltty Sajifare. V«>pkers.. W- Laiwloa Street, New Kochell Elliott & flayne f??R ?*<|W !Fy Business and Pleasure Wagons* FpR ^OVINQ FURNITURE \ »t 1 T i f. ».Y V - kuinbtr, Coal apd * & ^ J-iA„dO

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