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The Katonah times. (Katonah, N.Y.) 1878-1911, June 18, 1909, Image 3

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• ^ . ~ . ...... «v i ... • III 1111•III1111 M 111111 1 11IIII111»•111 J III M * «1»» * MUSIC PUBLISHERS, .'-TMffWDtMa. ot..„.tha... hsatr & fjh -known-..standard, operas (.oth- >e^,-to;*f <aio#)' priblfehed jn t .Bjp »aJl ' Quai -tp,, each' number- 1 about* fifty rPflgea, In each case these selections represent a.\coBdenseS 'edition of tlie '-\Bi^oo 1 Score-tatMr tBaakttefei ly at'selection, ./The ajrrange- roenta are only M J O DEUATELY •'DIFKlCUfcT. *\ PRICE, 50Centa net. each ' jn Paper. In Qoth, Winding, (three numbers In one). 'fiistQfitfeOpefas: ' u Carmen, Fauat, Romeo and -Juliet, Tannhajjser».g KjLo^enQrjLn, THsttfri aritf.' I Japt.6%^ Alda., RifloltHto, Trovetore, Traviata, Bar.- 4w o« SeviHa. (uicia, Mar- WiTnDSiT^Ulfi;—Hrinw nota, ^aVailerfi',\ ttiTgtfbrf; 1 BoN,attnlan;,jGlrl, Sonna.m- bula, FreTachutz, Figaro,' Fldelio, Norma,' Magic Flute, Flving Dutchman, nmit ^m Real estate market Ti 11111IHMIIIM »i' i«iiii H inii 11 ii tmttiiX REAL ESTATE DEEDS AND' MQRTGA6ES DEED8. BEDFORD. SLOAT, Charles M. and ors to William H. Fowjer 1. adj Jos. Barrett & bropk «>Sloat on Qhecry, st. \ 1 2. Es Cherry s aW Sloat & Bonaji'3.46 a,.|>. ....,, 1 NEWCASTLE. QUINSY. Sadie W. to James Park QUINBY, Elizabeth B, to Sadie W. Qulnby Es Hy Kinch to ReiJly : a4J B A R , Q.. C. . BUSSELLE, Alfred to Paisy H. Brown Es Algonquin Drive adj 100. 101 St Elmo hill NORTH SALEM. BANKS, Mary A. and ors, to R. L. Crooke HyXake Waccabuc to North Salem adj Travis & Purdy. 60 a . .1 of,calla tliia seaaon for Tumisbcd fiou$e$ and >. Country Seats for summer use- in village and country, J^et us'bear about your place without -de?- $ lay. Some are wanting plate*-' ' from May loth but must/de-. cidesoon. COOLEY & WEST INd Depot Square, White Plains Phone 413 Paraifal, Maateraingere, Rheingold, ^falkure, Sieg­ fried, Gotterdammerung, Flederrtia»a»^b *Qu0«w, v . -••• of X Sheba, -l/Afr(oaihe T jOte1tb. MORTGAGES. BEDFORD. 3000 FOWLER. Wm. H. and ors to C. J. Miller S wVbr 1 Ridge rd and •** 'N EWCASTLE: 1 SMETHURST, James ^W. & ors to Elizabeth B. Qulnby 6. 7. De Qfuarmby Park .....2000 PliA'tT, Jjtary E- to Howard' p. Bailey Ns Smith adj Mackey Mt. Kisco IffOO LEWJ^BORO. BUEX.,' Maria T, to .Elizabeth- A, Crooke Hy Bedford to Ridge field adj\ Flood and CuinuBltog 60 a ' '. .-...•.4000 SOMERS. . MHLLER, Etta D., ' to William TBead 1 'adj •VaTTTStt'Egater \aTra~ ( >®iA!rw^ f -«llar _ jflni &tfOTs'rif 'ences, LARSON,-- 'armej \A venue, ipndjS,,^,, , ^»w : Xprk, If titmz Tieweili »3: >*****»«!l '»i |'»4>'*HIHJjt»li Pf4ctlcaL Painter ««4 IH«r ««fa « ' ' it': ..via'^O i«i.HHnifiiim»M m*t \\TTTT , The. ^Lincoln Agricultural jSchoof ha* idst ^piiireliased fhen Leonard Ajjfstin farm, containing 80 acres, at Sobers Center. Negailations have beenjcar- ried on for some time past bytthe authorities of the Institution with a 'IWe t^act theto at Somers. The price paid for the term was §9.500. f f I Our Lines are ready at all times for ''jour- in- r.ispecflon. •••1 1 I • Second Floor devoted !' to display of fto ck w |We do all' branches\ i Upholstering. July will see ,in operation ai^- au­ tomobile mail and stage coach lirun- ning between Armonk and Valfcalla station. At present the horse ftage makes two trips daily, but witl£ the 'Installation of the new vehicle a«che- .J2um A.dagen,, iWWtentew ^.ajuL.Jiave ^»Jenty of room for express and the -freight- package*—- At-mo^ltr »liuated six miles from the railroad, will eas­ ily be brought within connnuting dis­ tance, f n ' e > } ... .Atjtorney-Gengra^ Wickersham, by; dais tspeclftl^Depitj! ASorney-Geoeral, —Hugh.,..fioxdan^Mill ,eXyJ^Ygd before; the Supreme Court, in Washington,' D. C K , for leave to file a petition for* an injunction to •restrain the JBronx Yjaifey Commissioners i from constructing a trunk sewer discharge ing its contents into the .Hudson. Riv-. er, below Yonkers. The motion, was granted. ] This action of the Department of- Justice is in response to the petition, signed by representatives or v thdf Chamber^of Com»ierce, the Produce; ^!kc€&i|;4 tta ^ Merchants' .Asso-. cia1;l«J6 or NeV- York City, reVentljr forwarded by Edward Hatch. Jr., to 'the' Attorney-General, in whiia he was requested to proceed agaidat the Brpnx.Sewer Commissioners in. the s^mj^manner as against the Passaic Sewer Commissioners last Fall,' Uplfolsterlng \ ^ii^ri^Ui Shades and Shading. I « Carpets an4 Rugs. t Linoleums, Plain, Inlaid,! Printed. THE ANNUAL, Mtl&ftffc-',©> 'v ^N PENEGHE A ..QFF|QR $Fl &PPi^fcfej$l$ RESERVATION. Hi oHMft, TOWN ' OF 'LfeV^MltiiROy WESJCJ^^ER' mtL\ ON THE SHI.RO^DAy^F JULY, NltlETEPN HUNfe\** ,bR >sl AND .; '^^ fe|>4f O'CLOCK IN tftyzmSr*- 1 ' Hooky • \ • >..-.»&?t&. pPATto. JUJ^S ; i *7m. \f * Df. CaronAe'-'Rlckards, formerly of the Clifton Springs Sanitarimb\ has leased through Carpenter & pelton, the\ TownsentF-Mathews place bn the summit-of Kisco mountain. It win M ocQwpled |g8'\ia?-1^iBlir^sanijtarium forvVoinen,\ v •* -». S ' f - . The new management of the ScarS- dale \Estate's repatt \many sales thrqughfi.ut .White Plains and Scars- dale. In the last* few weeks'\ over •|40,000 .worth of pronerty ham. been BO M ' -to--investors and -home seekers. The most re«ent sales are BeyeS*. plots on* Woodland j. Place, f tj» RUxchaser whose name is- ^tAhilJ .'i The sale was made through.'the egentSy of Cooley. & West. it * S-Wall Papers and Room *! Mouldings. * I/I iJWe do Picture Framing. • -$i — i I Write or Telephone for •feiti Estli^ates. . .. >%|we _are at your service. A • i Katonah. 'June 8, 1 The tru»te*»-'of Bank have declared terest at the rate olj 4' pei* cent. Sper annum loin ajl sums frpra $5 to wSf 000 entitled\ thereto fort June 30,, 1909,-- paymle' ' v.e» and* after 'J ifly. *i, Deposits made on>|»f' be-' fore July *fi£ *Hi ttraw . ' Interest fnntiluiy Xhe-ttom? Savings. Bank DAVID CROMWELL, President. L H ABRY,*. HAMILTON, Secretary. to K«t for chickens. oninicidatlo'ps f „ r . MRS. ^Ep^ARto B. BRADY, tt% 9 : tipide^^rld'ge.N.Y FOR, SALE or TO RENT:—. .Seven- \room house with barn, store house •!''.sKh«' out building*^ Good water, i'fruit, and shade trees. Ju acre land. •MIX/. • IRA WESCOTT^ •\ WJomew, Westchester Co., N. Y. FOR 8ALE:-r House and lot. New pSdhoflse of nine rooms'-cellar and at- patten 1 mile from Mt.\ \Kisco station. *\\\llevel lot 150 ft. front by 230 ft. '• ?deej>. Mouse is Steam heated and .n^fi 'as\ water in kitchen'' Price 14000 •I'l'fSOOO will be left' on Bdrtfl and fauia'd) Mortgage. D .B. TIMES OFPICE TO* RENT;—House and barn at East ;'MhJ[dle P^iteht, with 'of wttbWlafad of'charja.ah'd' sbring. 'tfater 'ffiqjilre of A'CMS-ANp \flAI-NES I ... Be4ford '^tton. N. Y. r'^Oft- RENT:'— infhe Benedict Build- p^ttifc; sUlle 01 r*<«o»- u Hot \yater heat- ^Wr,).wirrift .,ni mnw^naau MMi m n i, mum Stable Blankets it KlU ,t,n uijif art\ lOT i .jjii.-iil '.I'. III.*\ The Vinton Special Seciiril^ Stable Biarifcet .tn o^aj «jr L JR I SiiynriB en .... ^^fcteiw »*w« Mm.. - Most C6rhf6rt«bl«, Oonvon- ( lent ^nd Durable. •Sold hy Hariuts* Maker* and Dealt** Artesian Wells Water Wells Drilled Through \ Earth and' RodW. Surhnrban \Water Works Installed. Surface \Water Guaranteed to be closed out. All Kinds of Pumping Machinery Furnished at Reasonable Prices Esti m ates Cheerful ly Given P r .BEAL/Brewster.N.Y. , and alf ^ao*erir- linproveinents. IW^nquire flBNEBJieTBROS. STORE fa'UayOR- ALL „ftWW CHEAP. b> MftWlriAC'lO ji3 L 4»: percent dls- ^?ount 1 »fenV irf reflftl«r • jricf. P- ^ SeW'for'Wttfilesan'd J ' f^;,^».»l<^lUL.N.Y. , „».l> -IM -.T . _ M wontb^e «atl»f ied until W'e heair from WuT We waiit ¥o list &rpfop#fy ,phetWit is a large country seat, r»rdf*W or village cottage. KSCTv*tft>« ^ SQ furnished «r uhnir- 4tv M* 8 ** 1 properties for the season. - - - ' - DR; F. W. ANPRgWS Veterinarian MOUNT KISCO, - ' N.Y. TeL Resld,cnce'iiext to Methodist Church - 201 W,Mt Kisco. In leadlngn«9pipsnle» , Surety. Bonds .Furnished NEW SHAPES for the man who wi^h(?s, to keep thoroughly up to date. All the old l'avorite : tiaodels still to be found, Through­ out oitf entife stock r $. 1 MEN'S SHOES t . • I II 1 1 IK the three unvarying attrac­ tions are good style, abso­ lute comfort and cnl.rjfib^lSty. E. A, ARNOLD KATONAH ' - RY. Tel. Connection Contracting in All Srancjio ' i . 'CONtRACt^fe, f ^ourtt Vern<ih, ,^ r Y. II i-I '/ l !,i !l Macadamized Roads , spe^iaity;° M ,. > ;;;.;. hi li n,i MONEY TO L OAN or inp'hijy l (^Y ^rf^i^ r ^* JB clesir'ih, ii, at U .p*1i?,;fien.ti pn..g)Tt,e4ged Jrs mortgages, , , , T A J . ^DdiW *ait, tefl'ba'what'^ouhave .j 'REAL- ESTATE' BROKER- *- • < 'Chappaqua, N. Y. lacWierv WHEN YOli\ GET 1 READV^FOR HAYING * * * KELLOGG oV MEADit-C^ ARE WELL SUPPLIED WtfTH THt ^PEERLES ^HA^. TJEpDsWj. ., W 't •. ,.w.. u 'RAKES ' £ l ^ib^kni^^* RAKES AND ALL SMALL HARVlETSV- ING TOOLS. . i. S.' W. H. VORIS, | o • linirtf AttctiofMMr, . Lanft Mffaltwr !bf*. if.' ^u^»a#* ^Qwn^ea, ^ajyns ^a • l^^fefltta vVWiimea, w a • ! •I>eclal.^piAftb i »»BiDes8 promptly g I siid,oaC{uUy e <aUrnded to. o •y/t ; ,fSmoS ! J G OLDEMS BRIDBE, N.Y. 1 «o«oeo«>qt>9Soa^*o»otK>ao«QfK i <v r JA: Every Ofd Thing Made Newl An 'old chair with a smaJVxah of D. & M\ Home Finish Varnrsh-«^ain. Any old furniture with a small can of L. & M. Home\ Finish - Varnish. A kitchen floor, porch floor wi$h a small can of L. & M. Home FiniBh floor paint. Old \kitchen chairs, bejich- es,-any old .small things -with,*, p<Wnd or-iwo-of-ih*-'L.rtoThA.,E|j>l8h Domestic Paint A carriage, a bAgy. with about a dollar's. worth of % & Paint. Porch furniture, Jawn swjtngs, iron railings, with a small can of L. & M. Home Finish Porch Enamel Paint in all colors. An old leakyjwof made tight with -a- can ojM9clipse >ree£ and Bridge Paint. All old tifkjtags made new with these little cans of L. & M. Home Finish Paints. Cost is trifling. Be sure to get them. Sold by: Green Bros Goldens Bridge M. ,3Kr *stcott P. frg. *3T .pfaTKopac. Mekeel Brdifi*. .*. .\fortrtbiim'^rtlghts 23- -y s Stephen. Holden Joteph X. Merriam 3^pt&imrilditi Lin' - National Befctik T. EL WOOD- CARPENTER:. President F, CARPENTER..Vld*-Pre«»derit WILLIAM H. MOORE...I...Cashier ACCOUNTS SOLICITED. $ffimitojrf&j£*. l tola Real Estate 0 Fire - • And Life - Insurance, KATONAH, - N. Y. ['it- Bend Deeorlptlon of Tour b \ property \For Bale\ or «ito-B«it,\ o^BofioebeoeoeoeoeoeoeoBol . W M; H. FOWLER, Carpettter JobWn^^llepalrlas Promptly Attended |o OAMattbaW l Katonah, N.Y. i - E DWARD P ERCY 1 B ARRETT, S^$&$5& iSteK • ^ COUNSELOR AT LAW. notice is hereby? Miyen to all persons —'i*Mt,-t.^ riTTTr**T s* k\. KATONAH. N.Y.. notice is hereby; paving ejaiinsyiu^ TAGAN, Tate oUtS^ Chester, deceuf^l, rt to present the same, with vouchers, thereof, to tlie aobscribec satgher »laee of'^transact- ing ^usteeesp tfa* f .-office-otoSIDNBY •tb 'STUART;^Nnmbef .Broadway, in the City of New York, BoroVigh of Manhattan, on or before the «1*^ ^IdSle^^fi^^af 20th day of EDYTHE M. FAGAN, Executrix. SIDNEY H. STUART, 1 Attorney for Excutrir, 29 BrpadwaV, New York City.N.Y. .. THE KATONAH TIME8 ^ ty; i\ has the p-*'LARGEST CIRCULATION \ IN THE CROTOr*'VALLEY REGION IT'PAYS TO ADVERTISE IN |TS COLUMN8! KAT0MK *. **- LIVERY AND BQABDING STABLE OPEfi SUflDA fS, PRICES REASON ABU KATOHAH JST- Y. . Brick Paving, doocfltij and\$fonr CONSTRUCnOW- parkas ^u'sio' '^ore Kwii»s*// , Tl - ,;^t Y. -jsftoMn^'^^iri^pf Artistic Plctufe\' Powt Cards, Colored, and Black, and White, $1.00 A WEEK VICTOR On and after April 1, when in need of anythiug for the ^ OLLERHAN , !e a Harness, Saddles, Whips Blankets, and every­ thing wanted in a Firat-Claas StabJe. D. F. D AXIN L. O. Rotsiai pAKlNl & REMSEN Boildlns Gofltraetars Mount Klaco, N. Y. ? Allkirtdsofbulltflngsconatruata| Offloa and MIII-KISCO. AVE^ teie^lloiie:' 218 R. * I PTJf. MO ORB .'AUCTIONEER « ! NOTARY PUBLIC fe Farms'arittothW/Jr+pfty'for sal* aitonUi WANT*FARIRS TO SELL Writ** Will*, Otto's, Mortages, Ac, It. CROSS RIVER, N. Y Temporary Stand in Doyle Bros.' I^ew Barn. 7T Office alttt Reeidence^Beoford jload. ZS> • * KATONAH .. v > •'Memtfkyr, Wednexdy*, Thursdays and Fridays. i MOUtVT KISCO !' On Tuesdays and Saturdays;. Gas and local anesthetics used for extracting. \ Tis better ' : f' \* ; To..'^Ma1Je /./«»#j j fl , if Appointment.'' Get all m niwi j ClriKatoaaDtliKf

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