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111 J '•''•11?. utera- m this Column, i Li'\ 1 '---. • i' 1 JJ\'' • Furniture- 'From Bvaes «. W .lvtliW till' M 1 ' Mimed JL ;iie l( Io, ,Wu»e A Widow's OrplWit Home Mis? Loi}i*« Brlglinm^n Obi© «lr] la the author of thatr'very interesting \little borik, ''Box Ftornltpre.\ Among her experience* was'.tb^it unique, Sun •bine, Cottage., The,work,, unfortunate I5, was cut.s&wt.by the dangerous ill mss of' the gifted womto: < The book tell* doWri to' the' tnip\dte.*r. detail how T HISS LOUIS* ^KIGAlil. to make and how to have fun In mak­ ing all sorts of simple, serviceable, ar- ,$stic things, such a* tables, stools, bookshelves, brackets, dressers and 'wardrobes, besides scores of other quaint and fascinating articles' in the jturniture line. The articles are .suit­ able for <fity Hats, country pottages, oanpi- in tlM -woods and for the social Service settlement. Miss Brigham made the articles described by her in . the.Jc^QQk. All the furnishings of. Suu- sb]fle Cottage, located In the slum sec- tfeps of Cleveland, O., wer/e the work ofdber bands. Ia the cottage she lived 'oni -terms of simple neigh borliness with tKCtooya'and' girls and mothers of -the* street, malting warm friends at lads wbom-the-aetttemeut workers, could.not reach. All,-fbe~ furft fture was not) ot effurse, box furniture, but the very low price of the furnishing left money for more Important things, and the simplicity of it won the* confidence of the nelgn- Miss Brigham turned the camp of a friend, away up in the north, into a marvel of comfort Just with the boxes that brought the supplies—boxes and clever hands. Her toodk te ^'Caff' fjjie « »,1 • 1 1; 1 iS f 1 1 '*i'»-:mu*. details desired. Married Life la Chita./ A New York W»mati Who MM the 'Work df Six People, ' \Zoe Anderson Norris, dice 3oy, Business. ,AXauuge .r, Managing, Ed^or, J,,pdltor^'vi Chlsft.aud Ow,nex ( \ Th.ls is the reading of the sign, on the'entrance of the shop from YrMeb'iS 'iiseued to lit­ tle magazine culled the East Side. Of course the titles on the sign are capi­ talized The sauctum is in East Sev­ enteenth street, New'York city. Miss Norris wrote a story over the title \The Close* Door.\ She wanted to exploit it, and then came the 1 idea that she could best do so by 'issuing a magazine that would lead up to the st,6ry r The magazine Jjd typographical appearance is a facsimile of Hub- bajtf's Philistine. ,The literary flavor is piquant. The result of the.publica­ tion has made Miss Morris very happy. It has likewise pleased her friends, The taste of the editorial nectar has put an edge on her appetite for jjub- Hefty, and she is moved to repeat the experiment. More issues of the East Side are to follow. Nothing so interesting to those whe have \been up against It\ as the adolescent who gets the first glimpse of the green fields beyond, to whom dlstanoe lends the enchantment that fringes the pleasures of hope. Some of the experiences of this young woman have been amusjng. One morning while arranging -her toilet a young mulatto called axid an nounced that he wanted to help her write her magazine. He, addressed her as \sir.\ He addressed her as \sir\ several times. Aad all the while she was girthing her kimono about her. Of course he went away with a sad face. Then there was a young fellow who lived at the Hungry club. He sub­ scribed for the East Side because he had a lot of things he wanted to say, and he would say them in her mag­ azine. She pocketed the youpg man's money and. str.oJJed away. If he could have heard her think he would have heard aomethiflg like this: \You've another think coming. There are many things that I want to say, toov.that I W«ve never had a chance to My, much as I hare« written. 'Arid when I have said fhein In toy llfrfte magazine there'll be room /or Bathing else*' AH this, she sat* cnWi ffitfbftag. The magazine got a place on the newsstands. TpT\Saitor saw a copy, and in a disinterested '^ay, .4t least In manner, she asked the' young chap In cnarge, \How is It seltrngr* \Oh pretty well,\ the fellow replied, \but I can't see t why. I read' It through, every word, and I didn't see nothlri' to it.\ The editor was hard hit. She turned away to hide the tears that gathered, x and her heart made a record In Deals. .£be remembered that she ba<jf \received Women In Chile do nojt fret over , ma.ay things wjilch^.help .to age, the women of, the .north. They'riever \wor­ ry. Like their sisters the world, oyer, they are interested in the fashions In fact, they are ahead of the women in the United States in this respct. They ,.,i|fe.^'l;he latest designs In Paris' six months before our women. But the Chilean women do not allow fashions 4e .occupy all their time. It Is their • temperament not to become impatient. Chilean wives do not even wofry tbbut their tmsbaads; they do not have ' to.* They know they are beautiful, these' Chilean wives, and they '\know how to manage their husbands. The Chileans do not nag- • TIM women are ' too wise to ask 1 questions. They know their husbands are thie, and the Chil­ ean home Is' the most perfect picture of <*oiHrnt-im<l-<^>«<kttwo« that one will |- find anywhere. Marriage In that coun- try J^r^nt»tnai-aff*lr!' -Both paitomr to $Jfcr marital contract assume obliga- . lions and responsibilities. If a Chilean husband does not come home till broad ( daylight' Mr wffce dotes*, nofc jaak <t binv,j •where- h o h*« linoi* linfc ifi-i. I where he baa beejn, uvtl ^hbptjt ^.fift's' bad a pleasant time\ The Chilean tat is toll of.-rest, finch a thing as •'divorce Is rarely known Jn that coun­ try These w6rd|'of : i}raiae\wef&trfld the other day •'by\'Slgooritiu'Caar6ima Hul- \dobro in an interview. She is a na­ tive of Chile, but her parents are north- em people She has lived among the w *lChilean8 since gjrlhood, mingling with '.\•the best society, sometimes ns a com- t pan ion and frequently as a teacher. ?tory of a Homo Fo r Orphans. \V Mfei M. A. H'Unter, widow of Com- '•modore Hunter of the navy, founded ytbe first home for 'orphans in Ixniisl- ,,*na and perhaps in the south. In rp817 a vesed leaded -With. Immigrants ^Arrived at New Orleans with twenty x^thlldren on^,board_ whp had been left f therless and motherless by cholera irlng the voyage. Mrs. Hunter, then omlnent in aoclery and well known '^.Tor her charltablo disposition, gath- gt^red the waifs into her own home uTpntll she could find and fit up a place Vibr them. She Induced Julian Poy- ?|dras, a wealthy merchant and planter, giv£ ibem-O-tfiioporarj Ufiine., L%t- ~, through the influence of Mrs. Hun- :«r, he erected th;e home; whicjtv ia now sown all' over* the Booth aa the Poy- «s Asylum JTor Orphans. Poydras as a quaint character. Originally he TT« S a peddler and carried his pack f*Bttnt'b* WO«th Of;;0» Mississippi nrer 'toTst Louis every year. He waa • •ebolar and a poet. MABCLA WHXIB CAMPBELL. In tha Matter afutfc«rlA|^B«tIoa ot to perpetuate the teatimosy'bf Deb orah QuacWnbd*; Jam^^-Wood t>nd '' Abram.HMines.\ \ - ORDER ADJOURNING Xp^LICA- 'TION 'ANO\' DHW&TlllMVr^lMAN- ••'rHfcREdrij ^tfii'iioai' tTpon the annexed petftitni^of James L:' Medler 1 Verified lHe' ! '»th'day of May, '19#»-, and tin mbUon'bf Camp­ bell, Harding\* Pratf,\'irtdrneys for the p€<t\ti<W(er. • . ORI>EREPi-,th,at this., application be and,,th* sjame hereby,,!* a adjovrned to the 9th day of July,, 19,09,,and be­ fore the Special Ter.m ./oMh\? Qourt, to be held on that day at the Coun­ ty' 'C6urt House,' Town'''« White 'Plains, County bf We'sto»«<ter, at 9.4B A. M., at' the-bllening >ilf court bri ! said day,'or as' sodb.''thereafter as counsel caa be heard ; idntL IT IS FURTHER ORDBRED that ten days' no.ttae 1 ©*• tKe nitime and place of the hearing of thiSs.applica­ tion be given, to Deborah Quackin- bos, of New Castle, \W>j}jtchester County, New York, 1>y pervlng on her a copy of this order an$,,the an­ nexed petition, and .,.„ IT IS FURTHER .pRDEfi^JD that ten days r notice of the, fitnfe and place of the hearing of thjf^ applica­ tion be given to the unknown wife, widow, heirs, devisees, grantees and assigns of William- MerrM' r and to the unknown, husband, wlatrw^. heirs devisees, grantees and a^Mghk of Ruth Merri^t, Alatha, Lybp;,aria Amy Reynolds, respectively, l Kn 'jl^''to the parties deriving title fttpiim''tlie un­ known wjfe, widow, helfa ^TjeVisees, fi'rantees and assigns of 'the said William Merritt, and to ' th'eT'parties deriving, title ,through the. ^unknown husband, widower, KeTrs < '~d*visees, grantees and assigns of Auth Mer­ ritt, Alatha tybh, .apd AW ^'eJfnolds, respectively, by thfe jufineatidn' of &• copy of this ordp^*' and 1 lmn«ed pe- titiotv in tbe above entitle'd. pjwtfeed- ing Jn- t *o newspapers, namely, in the Kalonah Tim^s publisliisir!^' Ka- tonah, N, y., and.Ift the •^banpaqua Item published in (^appatf3a J ionce a week for two suceeMiye .lEeek*.' ' ani , biT. SUPREME COUR.T COUNTY OF WEAYGKBfeTER. lii the XfatteV of 1 the 'Applfdifloii, of . JAMES U. v MEfimER, rf V to • perpetuate- the twtiaMnjtieoif'.jDeb- orah Quackinboa, Jamas :nW«*d and AbranLiJafanW.'d -,-*' ..%.-.i PETITIO-N. i r TO THE SUPREME COURT Q?*VTHE STATE OF NEW .YDR^jj^ The petition ot Jambs I^<Mfedler, above named, freflp^tfaUy^ahows: 1. That your petitIoner«i<e*iles at Brooklyn, in the County df<tKlngs, State of New'York.-' THat yT6ur pe­ titioner desires 1 1 testimony'' tsKW and perpetuated\ lb' felatio*' to fh'# follow fng feal property;- - . 1 ALL Uiat cert«1n\faiin ; j 'wl ihgs'ahd imprdvefflentA'tBereoni' sit­ uate, in the Towb of -Bedfota^ Coun­ ty of Westchester and State of-New York, Consisting of two pai<cel« 'of land, bounded and 'described -as' fol­ lows, viz: The first \parcel is situate on the southerly side of the'highway leading from the residence of Charles Hainan tn nraf^n..X^Va nti^ <g Import. that morning' a letter from a stranger who had got Interested In the maga­ zine. Gladly she called upon him, hop- ipsfthat tl ^e.yjslt would eradicate the frankness rff*8|e'e.baj>/ln. charge Of the newsstand.'' l Tbe man who had read the publication said: \It is beautiful! I reati every word of At, uu4 30 did myv roommate. It ought to jo a lot of good on the east (Bide. Take this check tor your jjrinter and don 't think of paying it back.\ Well, that bouquet should bt pre­ served, and it ought to be labeled \Rosemary.\ The magazine atjbunds in incidents. These axe hinted-at in the motto of the publication, \The poor ye have always with you OR the east side.\ ' Tho Only Woman Stook Buyir. Mrs. E. H. Ellsworth of Kfaahua, la., is probably Jhe onjy womaa^n the United Slates who makes a business of buying hogs. She transacts: most of her business by telephone,\\ She keeps in touch with Chicago prices. When she has made purchases she superintends the shipments. Sttfc has made a Study of thtt kind ojf live stock so long that she can guesa-jat the weight of a n average hog, rarel^'inisg- ing the exact'figures more than^sae or two pounds Before she begd8§ the business she used to read the torrent prices of stock and got to be r ib au­ thority on quotations/The faitaers often called .her up Jto get the .'jjStlces, and In this* way she became interested and finally started what has become a prosperous vocation. She has tiemi en­ gaged in the purchase and shipping ot hogs for several yeats\ aid )tbe story they tell about her in hertfown is that she has never had a 'misunderstand­ ing with a customer. ed as follows: northerly in front by said highway; easterly and southerly by lands of Augustus Reynolds; westerly by lands of Dr. A. McLean Jeffrey, Katie\ Braftlgaa (formerly Mulhall) and Prank Wood. The oth­ er -or second parcel is situate on the northerly side .of said* ^HighVay iid opposite the first parcel; and' \Is bounded as follows: Southerly in front by said highway; westerly^*ad northerly by lands of ~ William Rhoades 1 . and easterly- by^srujs ^fj Augustus Reynolds, ( Tfta^ .otoui* 1 pe­ titioner Is the owner of the estate in fee therein, which .he holds as cpur- to the effect that Nathaniel! Merritt, If.', 'acdfu\red title fit' feV' simple to iiid itM\W(t£i 6t aaitfvrojterty by an Khrecorded l \deed gTyen'by Nathan­ iel jrerftti^' Sr:;\*iid tfeat \Nathaniel Miffritt, Jr;V tiiW 1 grantees,''and 'devis­ ee,' 1 and PpfPV - deriving • Utle th,rongii said - ' griiitee \and ' devls ee,' respectiVWyi'hkve peaceably and 'quietly possessed ''arid enjoyed said first parcel'W '^d v pr©tfcrty' r frp i m a date'Trior' ¥b br from thejdateRof the death' df NatbarilaiviMerrJtt-nSr.j Which {.occurred July 5, 1823,: until the pre sent* time. . Tho record, title, to a triangular por­ tion ofi.the.first parcel of said prop- »er*y, eltuate. bet-we*» the , old 1 and the new highway, was,la one Harvey ,W. Searles in the year 1837, The next aeed of record convcyirig said .triung'ilar, portib'n l«' a deed\ frpm John W. Searles and w|fe to'Meyer Reynolds, dated, March' 30th, 1850 .and fecofded Apflt 10th, IW, !from ^Jjicl'i pkrtie^ by mesne conveyance your p«titl'6n6r has acq'u.red titi-i in 'fee 'Simple'. \' In' order' to establish;a clear^tltle in feo simple to said tfi'angula'r 'por­ tion in John W. Searles as against atiy parties, their respective' wives, Widows, husbands, widowers, heirs, devisees, grantees or assigns,- who may claim any interest in said tri­ angular portion it is accessary that testimony be perpetuted to the ef­ fect that John- W. Searles acquired title to said triangular portion by descent as sole heir at law* of Har­ vey W„ geaxles or by unrecorded deed from- said Harvey W. Searles to John W. Searles. .. 4. The names and residence? of the persons, to be examined ar e - Deborah Q,uac.kinbos, New Castle; Westchester County, N.' Y, James Wood, \Bedford Westchester County', N. \t. Abram Haih *B, Bedford, Westches'- ' ter County, N. Y. 0. The naones and residences of the person^' having interests which may be adversely affected by • tke testimony sought to be taken so far as such names and residences are •Within'the ' lrjibwledge' df your peti­ tioner' are' fes folldws:'' Deborah QuacK'inbbs, New Castle,'' Westches ter COUnty, Nfew York; the unkndwn wife, widow, heirs,, devisees, gran tees, and assigns of William'Merritt, said' William M«rrltC being the de ceased brother of Nathaniel Merritt, Jr., deceased, late of Bedford,,, West -Chester- Go»»tyr N.—Yrj- the unknown husband^ widower, heirs, deyjsees,; grantees, and assigns .of^.Buth^Aier- ritt, Alatha Lyon and Amy Reynolds, respectively,, said Ruth, Merritt, Ala­ tha Lyon and Amy Reynolds,' ,being the deceased sisters qf the said Na­ thaniel' Merritt, Jr., deceased; ' the parties deriving title thfriugh tBCe. un­ known wife, widow, heirs, devisees, grantees and assigns ot said William Merritt; the parties' 'deriving title through the unknown husband, wid Ower, heirs, devisees, - grantees and assigns of Ruth Merritt. Alatha Lyon and Amy Reynolds, respectively. The names and residences of said respec­ tive wife, widow, husband, widower, O.eirs, devisees, grantees and assigns; and. par.ties, deriving, 'title through said respeotivewife, .widow, .husband, widbwers, heirs, devisees, grantees ;,.Mslgna..,axa .anknowji to your 'tioner,, s wbo..capnoi , ascertain, the same, although he, has made diligent search so to do. ' 6. The sources of ypur DetitJpner 'B .knowledge and the grounds of his be­ lief as to the matters,.herein alleged on information, and- belief ar ,e con­ versations with Edward Harding, one of his attorneys, who haB had. charge oT~cTdsIhg 'the title' t6\tne~aTTBTe\ de­ scribed property, statements and af­ fidavits of old residents of Westches­ ter County who are familiar with the said property-, and, searches made by the Lawyers Westchester Mortgage and Title Company. C WHlTRjEJJ'ORE •ydur/petitioner pray •that the\ testimony of -said Deborah Quacklnbos, James Wood and Abram jH^lneS'be- taken and perpetuated as by statute provided and for such otb- ker< and further ^relief aB may be Just. 'T>atad ( JSTew ^York, May.26, 1909. JAMES ^.'\MEDLER Petitioner. Ctl2 861* 2 TJaat, sa(d. > proper,ty v *t the datelSTATE r 9F. NEVV' YORK hereof is and for one. xeaif. riex|'pre-, ceding has been in the possession of your petitioner and in the' pos­ session of William M. Morrill, as Trustee under the last Will and Tes­ tament of.-Betsey L. Brown^. de^aas County of Now \fork JAMES L. MEDLER. being duly sworn, Bays: That he is the petitioner above mmiedr that\ mr-has - read the -forego erty by an unrecorded son Nathaniel Mfrrttt, ( J^A-JtaJbajUe^,- Merritt, Jr , took, poases^pn? pf jmis. I-roperty and during-, tjil» JSloflPft granted and conveyed a part of\ said property in small parcels at various times to. different grantees and-^con­ tinued in possession of the remain­ der of said property and devised-said r£m3Jjndfir..Jay_hig-tost -Will and ^Tea New York County. ^NOTARIAL SEAL. YORK NEW YORK BS. I, PETER J. DOOLING, Clerk of the County df New York, and also Clerk of the Supreme Court for the said County, Jhe_ same being a Court which grantees anJ^evTse ^byt War liTXTRfiNCE T. \SfBWXftT ' whose name is subscribed to the cer­ tificate of the proof or the acknowl­ edgment «of the annexed instrument, and thereon written, was at the time mesne conveyance yoar -pettttoa'«g ^ has acquired title in fee simple. The ,wlll of Nathaniel Merritt, Sr., made no devise of any kind to a son Nath­ aniel Merritt, Jr. VTbe-£#itf i^gA on'i record to Nathaniel i \M«rrnt / W,',. in­ cluding any part of said property .is a deed from the executors of Wsfa .anlel Merritt, Sr.. dated February ,22, KKi;«)ttMeyin*«ji «hW«r ^ip») nacres situated north of a certain highway, said deed being re_, March 15th, 1827Jn Liber 30 at highway. In order, to establish >. clear titt** in -fee simple in'*-Nathanftl/ foerri'tt; ! Jr., to the first parcel of said fiKMpa aw erty situated on the southerly• slde| of the .present highway && against any nartles, their respectlva wives, widows, husbands, widowers^ heirs^ devisees, grantees or '•ai^gns> v >wg , (9'i , may claim any interest in. said '4irst parcel of said property, it is neees- 1 sary that testimony be perpetuated 1 %<kas respective 8qle_gwne,ra in feg,|^ UUoft .^ nd> , 4{BO , wgt _ 4hfe .contents simple thereof your petfnoner ~¥a ^T^ rof ttllt the same {s true to hi8 Ing obtained title in fee simple, by | ftwn hn^pHw excetttjis J,p the mat- ttated t*^ Alleged on *hn befiCf and as to property originally comprlseA ^aTt -.nf: matteW he believes it to be a parcel of land or fawn, r owned >by one Nathaniel Merritt, Sr., who^dled July 5th, 1823, a resident-gf .t&e ^T$wp .^ w-rn to of Bedford, County of-W3»tcJli8Mer,.. -^f j^ ay --{909! State of New York. Said Nathaniel ,, Fi«r*nee»T stewai*^ Monitt. Si-., Bft^Jf^PWi^IiO ^Not «4?;f^M |?«r«. 283, JAMES L. MEDLER. before me this 29th day '^AT^.itffi.NaiW, COUNTY OF NEV iil> ^ JAI* a. Jr.Xi , •I i '.!a.. rllii -tv 3-11 IT lap that 'Can' be bought at the JJb^alar pritfc'of a dollar fof tbiee , pair?.,; ,Tb.e' j^ridar^. tfye.y,$'e't is so -high, that 00 btier stpqlpng^ ' at th'elr.pric'e can 1 equal them.' Th<f'prb,cessfe the same as we follow 'in. 9iir, J hostpry at 25c—G^KTING .THE 3BST QXJ 'KUlY lik^,, TO SELL KEGULARLS-ASF- THE KllCE, AND THEN IMPROV* • We go direct to' the German ''makers \to get the 'hosiery as'we ' like it—the be«t ia eac.fyjgrade j s pickc;6l out to furnish our lines, \ ' ( • Every one of 1 the following sort ts given added wear by virtue of soles, heels or toes THAT AR$ KEINyd#££p A£0VE. ,TJ ^E USIJX^ SPECIFICATIONS, garter tops of extra strength; • spliced, selvage at 'the back seam, and similar improvements.- All, Summer styles: Lisle Thread Black or tan, gauze weight; garter-tops; spliced- heels, double coles and. ejira double tqes, Black, Summer weight; high spliced heels, double soles and extra doable toes* Cotton^. M j , . , Black, gnut9 weight; garter tops; high spliced heels, double soles and extra dotrble'toes-. ^ 1 Blalik'o'r tan; ligTlit weTglir; double soles and heels, and with l:nen-tphced toa. Black, medium weight; lisle-splic«d soles, heels and toesj spliced selvjrge. '\t H feaij flcfr) 0)d Bujpdin|. Pretty f*aris Undermuflins, Inexpensively Priced '* . They are low-priced because we order direcliY.and in, large num­ bers and the garments come straight from the designers' to Wana- maker's. r - _ , , But French lingerie has other merits. To make sure that qualities are good and patterns new and dainty, we select our own materials and designs. The hand em broideries are strong\as well as ^rett^jmo^stand^ubbin; .For, Rummer wear, >at fcorne or trai Paris Undermuslins; Have you ever tried them ? f Treji'cb 6hemises of nainsook, $1.50. French Nightgowns of pVr6al*, i,Xv ' •< ' '•• <• , , , French, drawers of percale, $1.25. 1 Third Floor, Old Building. H u c k i*.b a c Is T o w e i s' Britnc^-New frorn Scotland j.« , ' , ( . ... A fine company of .the sturdy Bleached Huckaback Towels has Just reached us ; From the old -country. A word Jo,, the,wise house­ keeper is sufficient, with Summer comfort making extra demands on - th« towsl -supply. -JEure -flaXy every .one.of-them . . At 92.16 a dozen—Good quality, generoussize; red and all-white borders; 17 * 33 in?' '• • ' ' \ - t AL$2.40 r a .4ozeri —Ready hemmed, pf heavy, .huckaback,. 18 x 36 in. '\ Vt %.64VdWeri'^B;|ry«pleUtdab»^ 19x ; ,39inj , , Ajt #2 .7$;« d^jita—gcjrd^ed^daj, all-white hemmed Huckaback Towels, 21 x 4flL.iju, ,._.„,... s . i 5 H W$+3° te VFt S^* r j»*,^?\* I e J B ,t b ek To T els 22 x 40 in - Hemmed <. ready to use. \ ' ^ \ * L *f ? > „.« At $3,60 a doxen— All-white hemmed HuckabacK' Towels, b 2(2 x « in. \* First Floor, Old Building. The Work of the Shoemaking Wizards has produceri somewonderfully appealing results m this wide-reaching '\^IbcnleStfoS bf i^ *> 'itf * i J •! 4 T- r i Women's Low-Cut Summer Shoes .G^ce* beauty-corflforv service; are Jifi|urenD,eit!t|r i a\ firsjj fie or by-'thef-'fest Or *eor. Thefprosaic leather is modeled into many a charming shape—and for all their elegance and quality, these shoes are not expensive:\ £j0th v _ A; - h . ^ <-'.(\.. . \ At $3.90, $5, $6 and $7, are others showing their additional valu • in the choicer leather, greater detail, and finer finish. | Choosin|J>n$| Su^mc^ho^s tod^^ill ass^f|Variety at its best| | and complete size ranges. Main floor, Old Buildicg| lis A Call to Coolness in These There'sr. .a ^eir^hing ,.tjuaJUy aboj»t witjfdust-dejpiag English Mohairs that puts them m the front rank for comfortable Summei f suits and dresses—every wohic'n'kno*?; too, their superlative e^ fe cellence for bathing suits. Home-dress-making produces a prettjjt {, bathing- suit for little more« than the. cost- of: the -material. -• i! | ;'We'vfc a goodry assortment of Mohairs, ;u a variety of stylesj | prices and colore, also- black. These hints: 11 ^^#-MSKth J ' Bflna»«fier«' m?W9FiFW4[ tt *'«>*i' •* N»rrbine-Mohair^-t-SO»-to-»l.SO » yard. — - . - Gray Mohairs, at 50c to $1.25 a yard. Red Mohairs, at 50c aad 75c a yard. Also large assortment of Shada-w-striped Mohairs, in navy blue, suitable for shirt-waists or separate skirts, %^fl^'^y^ Jfgm ^^M^^' 'ptMkibi ^uch/pfoof or acknowledg- inint^a'NbtAr/\ PiibJic in and for the County of. New York, dwelling in; the •^Sall'Cbunty, commissioned and sworn and duly authorized to take, the M Stat rlurffatt^thaV h veil acquainted with the handwriting: of ch Notary, and verily believe that the signature to the said certificate S$J>roof 1, 9j- >c)inf«4dgir|«nt fi* genu- 3N- Tli9TIM,0\NY WHEREOF, 53. ^ >nk .(Te.Scrl3k1on>ikf\tllii« OOla would include .only, the second ^par­ cel of said' jJ?di»e^yV^rlam«iy»;B« , e parcel situated on the northerly- side 1 1 have hereunto set my hand and af of tho present highway *** a 4<f!xed the seal of the said Court and Coi of June, 1909. '«Rs J. DOOLING, Clerk. Owing to increaclng demands for •JW**?.-. ?***W5*.-!f* , e < £*f\ r .e,qMested to have their copy In this office by the Wednesday evening prevlou* to the day of publicst tin (Friday). . PtiwfcCJANT TO AN ORDER of HON.' FRANK V. MILLARD, Surro­ gate of^toa .County, pf, t Westch ,^stei adcbrdlrlgio ^law, to 1 all peridns hkv- lng claims against MARY E. SAN- FORp, ^e -^faatd ^Countjy; qf W ^st-; Chester* \deceased to 'present the' same, with the vouchers' thereof, to the. subscriber, at his place of trans­ acting; business, at the- office bf James B,. Walsh, No. 60 Wall street, in the borough of Manhattan, City ; of New York, on or before, the eighth day of Octob£W Dated Ne# YdrJr.; ;the first day of April,\ 1$09'. ' FREDERICK SANFORD, Admin'tor. James E. Walsh, Att'y for Admin'tor. 60 Wall st. Borough of Manhat­ tan, New York City. PURSUANT TO AN ORDER OR mOH .F«AN* *HLLARD. Burro-, ac- having claims against Samuel B. Reynolds,' ilatevOf .the Town, of JBqmers^ invsaid County-,' decease^/ to present the same With the vouchers (hereof, to the sub­ scribers at their place of transacting business, the residence of Edward B. Kear, one of the subscribers, at Yorktown Heights, 'Westchester Coun­ ty, New York, on or before thathlrd , day of rloTember, A. p\ r Dated- this : Cwenty -Wurttf' W -o8.5 April, A. D. 1909.- '• GEORGE F. REYNOLD!^ EDWARD B. KEAR, - MM

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