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FEATURES: A Special Story. County Correspondence. World tftCevs of a week brief. PRINTING for .Business and Social use done at teasonable rBte by \Times\ Print. Tele- phone 12 -y -jL. Sample Copies Will Be Sent Free for Three weekOTfcny Address in the County, upon Application The Katomh Times ESTABLISHED IN .ajL- Combining the \Croton Falls News and W' and \The Croton Valley Times.\ If you wish to kn°* *£at your neighbors are doing and saying in (BEDFORD, LEtVlSBORO, U^EW CASTLE, NORTH SALEM SOMERS and YORKTOWN W-alok the Special ConespvndeiKt Columns of 'Uhe Katonah c C/m«. V^)L. XXXI No. 7 KATONAH. N. V., -BffiAY, JULY 2, 1909. 51.50 A YEAR III The June meeting of the B^tlford Farmers' Club was held on Friday last at the residence of Mr. Henry Marquand, the subject being Good Roads' and how to get them The president. Mr .lames Wood, was in the chair and after the usual routine business introduced in a few well chosen words the speaker of the day, the Hon S Percy Hooker, head of the lately appointed commission having care of the roads of the state Senator Hooker is well equipped for the responsible post for which Gov­ ernor Hughes selected him and han- died .Ms subject with skill.and illumi­ nating power Few of the many good speakers provided by the Club have been so interesting and so well post­ ed. He. 4rew -a. picture of. the new diffi­ culties presented by new conditions, , especially automobile traffic and . showed how widely the proposition s of building a military road by use of troops and regardless of expense dif- 1 erred from the^-production and the maintenance of highways on a com- merclal basis- Senator Hooker show- the new' commission appre-. \iu made in the- cnoice-of chairman, r - \ At' the close' ot .his argument he -met /Bome rapid lire questions from Hon. Setb! Low, Dr. Starr and other members. The information was elic­ ited that- $1,500,000 Is available for repairs to state roads and the presi­ dent called the commissioner's atten­ tion to the fact that Westchester be­ sides being the third county of the state with a hustling lot of residents who are going some, is also the play­ ground for the motorists of New York who come out in clouds every fail- day to the great advantage perhaps of our restaurants, but to the detri­ ment of our thoroughfares Great interest was manifested not only in Senator Hooker's address but in the side remarks drawn out by the questions of his auditors, and the commissioner was undoubtedly* impressed by the willingness of thiij]) community to stand by the commisv}' «ion and give it every proper aid and 1 * encouragement. 'A- Seldom has a subject been intnH duced which has appealed so general^ ly to all club members as well as to-: their guests, and the meetlnjr~cl— with a feeling that New York hatf- 1,1 at last taken step£ to place her on? a line with her more advanced neigh?-? bors. / After the meeU Mr Marquand\ expressed his pie- re in welcoming the Bedford Fsv rs to Whttegate^l Farm and ho' that the practisfe of holding ttv une meeting at filsJ house had now prevailed ldjng enough; to be regarded as an immemorial ttfN thoughts of Discontent in Rome BY HENRY G. MARQUAND. I wandered through the streets of Rome, t Wishing and wishing myself at home, For as I trod those highways old I caught, I caught an awful cold, Chilling the marrow through and through Until the very air was blue. Such might a senator have known Whose bust survives in noseless stone; Or pious cardinal, if you please), Who's almost always on his sneeze. 'T was here that history was_ made And this is Rome—but Rome decayed! They think it's monstrous fine, their Corso, Broadway, says I, Is vastly more so, And as they saunter idly by, \Step lively, there! Both gates!\ says I. Ic this the race that Vergil knew, Whose lofty spirit Ah, Kerchoo! The same, but changed beyond belief— (Oh, thunder! Where's my handkerchief?) Here drift the wrecks of every shore i Dug-up and derelict and bore, And'Caesar's halls are filled with bats And discontented tabby-cats. What mortal can resist the thrill That smites him on the. Pincian Hill, Who spies in circumambient air Bramante's bubble floating there.? Or shall we feed the fire divine And turn our steps toward Palatine Where on the Sacred Way was spread The gorgeous pageant of the dead, And linger on those lovely slopes The cenotaph of human hopes? \ Hare might a prince,' Maecen as, dwell. Who spent so wisely and so well; Her* T M II X , by yon crumbling waM, , * Ths,rK*t.rt ftojaan^ & Appointments to the new Bedford w '<*jpHce force have been made during , y?^\* P as t week and some of the men ><6 ;Mve already begun to patrol their VSjfdlstrlcts ^Eugene S Fee, formerly a Pinker- ito» man, and lately detective scr- 10 r Chief Fes Will Begin |*te Local Duties Next Week, Organized in Night and Day Shifts—Who The Men Are: An# l ti*iSoW fled to hide If a \ahameT Here Clodius. that sly rascal who The Veetal Virgins Ah, Kerchoo! Essayed the sacred flame to see But ere he Ah, Kerchee! Kerchee! Great Caesar's Ghost! What shall I do With this \Kerchee\ and \Ah Kerchoo' I'll shake, I'll shake the, dust of Rome And point my weary nose for home Lest I, like Caesar turned to dust, Live noseless always on a bdst! Bel Sito, January, 1909. I'dition. He spoke in praise of Bed- Word and said that while he frequent­ ly; lapsed into foreign travel it was ;only for the pleasure of coming back 'io Westchester and hearing his neighbors say, \We are glad to se^ ^you're back \ \If they were half as glad,\ he 'said, \to see me face as they pro­ fessed to be to see me hack, I ;Should feel that I had not lived in jtaln.\ He said that having spent a good |part of the winter in Rome it was \•necessary to do as the Romans do .and as the principal business of that (Tcapltal was digging up mutilated em- Iperors it was necessary to fit a theo­ ry to account for the absence of noaes in all the numerous busts ^'unearthed. With great respect for Jttaljt and the Italians he submitted •'his theory for the benefit of archae- ;Ollglat in the accompanying lines geant of {he White Plains Police, is to have charge of the local police­ men Some of his recent work in­ terested Supervisor Percy Barrett, of Bedford, ia him After the police bijl was signed the Town Board of Bedford voted to establish a police department and when they began to look around for a chief, Mr Barrett proposed that Fee be secured If pos­ sible, on account of his broad exper­ ience in handling cases which are likely to confront the police of the town. Sergeant Fee has served 8 years in White Plains and within that time he has many captures to his credit. He is a man who never gives up a case and he has often made import­ ant arrests when others have given up hope He had broad experience with the Pinkerton Detective Agen­ cy and for a long time he was sta­ tioned at Glen Island and in this way he came to know manV of the \crooks\ living in this section of the country He speaks Italian fluently. The Chief's headquarters are in •Bedford Station. Thus far three appointments have been made The men are James Russell, formerly employed by Elliott & Mayne, Katojnah, in their lumber yard, Patrick Towey, and Thopias Wade It *as reported that James Dennis had received an appointment but this was denied by a member of the Town Board A form of physical and mental ex­ amination was decided on and it is said that the appointments were made after competitive tests The pay of the Chief is $100 per month and of the patrolmen $70 per month The Bedford-Newcastle As­ sociation has pledged itself to con­ tribute $1500 toward this year's ex­ penses of the police force. NAARDEN FARM SOUTH SALEM N.Y SHORTHORNS MILK AND BEEF SIZE AND CONSTITUTION THE FARMER'S COW THE FAMILY COW BULL CALVES .i 8 Weeks Old . .$25 Write for Circular HAY THE HORSE AND HOUND SOUTH SALEM. N Y LUNCHEON AND TEA — HORSES STOOD IN GASOLENE & MOTOR REPAIRS Telephone Rideefield, Conn. Please order meals as loifj in advance as possible Bring your shoes to Arnold's shoe store and have them mended while you wait. >«o«o«o*ooo»o«o*o«o L L I N G O Antiques U T indie Sticks i d Blue Dishes f Reasonable Offer Refused. £ • EMORY G. LOBDELL? NORTH SALEM. N. Y. • i SJO»O»O»O»O#O#JOSJOSJO«O»O»O»O ' — 4 H\M\M Hill III H'<\l'l III 1'»• M\l 8 •••••••»H4H\lfH1 I ****1 V^I£&4~TH?#$HH?#HH^ i; Make Ready ! BLANKS! BLANKS! BLANKS! | THE U. M. C. KIND are, far better than the cheaper kind- make a louder report, and will not injure your revolver as the cheap ones will do. 22 BLANKS 10 cents^Box. 32 BLANKS 20 cents Box. 32 S.4.W. BLANKS 30 cents Box. \* 38 S.&W. BLANKS 40 cents Box. REVOLVERS - $1.25, 2.50, 5.00, 8.00 and $15.00 each; BRASS CANNONS, $8.00; FLAG POLES and Flag Pole HOLDERS. -FOR THE Glorious Fourth I Be Comfortable on the Fourth Buy a HAMMOCK or SWINGING COUCH. We have a large assortment at PRlt^S TO SUIT ALL from 50 cents to $7.50. Keep Cool MAKE YOUR OWN ICE CREAM Buy a WHITE MOUNTAIN FREEZER and SAVE MONEY. Prices $1.75 to 4.65. Or, if you wish a cheaper one, THE POLAR STAR will please you Prices 75 cents to $1.75. Pleasure for Summer Holidays | BOATING AND CANOEING Let us show you a BOAT or a CANOE. We have samples and can furnish either AT ONCE— $20.00 to $38.00 K ~, Come Early on Saturday AND MAKE YOUR PURCHASES WE WILL CLOSE AT 10 A. M. ON MONDAY, JULY FIFTH KELLOGG & 'KATONAH = MEAD N.Y. Hoyt Brothers Companyf Fiyieral Directors and Licensed Embalmers... General Department Store. CLOTHING — NOW is the time to get your pick of SUMMER CLOTHING. It is impossible to do them justice in a pen picture. You must see them to realize they are all we claim them to be. Viz— Tlic beat to be obtained. They embody all the newest and smart­ est ideas for well dressed men that the season has to offer at $10.00 and $12.00 equal to any that can be bought 'at from $15.00 to 420.00. Our Black Alpaca and Blue Serge Coats for warm weather, also a variety of Linen Dusters at popular prices. SALE OF GINGHAMS, MADRAS. LAWNS, ETC., in a vari­ ety of colors at way below the) regular prices. / Van Norden Trust Company 5th Avenue and ^Oth Street, New York. OLD FURNITURE SHOP SOUTH SALEM, N Y. Only Old Furniture Sold\ No reproduction! of any kind Only One Price Everything is marked at a reasonable pnee and told for that only THIS TRUST COMPANY does a general Banking bus­ iness. Accepts active ac­ counts, subject to cheque at sight. Issues interest bear­ ing certificates of deposit for specified periods, or payable on demand. Cheques drawn on this Trust Company are payable through the New York Clearing House. BLACKSMITH SHOP B. H. TURNER SOUTH SALEM, N. Y. Best Shoeing at Lowest Prices Agricultural Implements of all kinds GENERAL REPAIRS SHIRT WAISTS Our sale of Acorn Brand of Shirt Waists has been most successful. We are receiving a new line of the latest models at bottom prices. «—. = GROCERIES We are daily receiving the latest commodities in our Grocery Department. All the Staple and Fancy Grocercies are strictly fresh. We are having a Spec­ ial Sale of Canned Tomatoes, Beans, Corn, Succotash, Van Camp's Pork and Beans at greatly reduced prices. We are showing a New Line of Out-Door Two and Four Passenger Swings. Porch Chairs, in n&tu&r&l and a variety of colors. Camp Chairs, Lawn Seats and Swing Settees. . : : We are at your service. Hoyt Brothers Company Katonah! N.Y. ****************** MIIIHHIMIIM I It I • ••'til I •••• ^^4^4^^fr*H^^*fr*fr^''fri^ THIS TRUST COMPANY carries the New York ac­ counts of many out-of-town Banks, Trust Companies and Savings Banks, allowing gen­ erous rates of interest upon the same. It collects rents, and attends to all New York matters for its customers. Issues letters of credit. Maintains a BOND DEPART­ MENT, and makes a specialty of selling bonds to Westchester County people. Bonds that combine safety and attractive rates of interest. (Soery Wednesday and Saturday night theatre trains will leave White Plains at 10:40, northbouna, stopping at all stations to Qoidens (Bridge. < Qoidens (Bridge. 'Uhe Stainach-^Cewell SysL '.em SETH LOW, Owner. O. D. BRILL, 5upt Broad Brook Farm = - - ^TVtej Bedford Station, N. Y, MILK, CREW AND BUTTER Pure, fresh and wholebome products, produced from tuberculin-tested herd in a dairy barn and creamery, sanitary in every ]>artieu]ar Milk, espeeio41y adapted for infants, cream, thick and pure, butter, fresh or salted, \at quality unsurpassed Buttermilk, if desired E66S Fresh Daily For any of above, telephone us, or A L Ranks & Son. at Mount Kisco <>r Doyle Brothel's, at Katonah CRUSHED For Buildors. STONE & SAND ••+•»! I l\Mi I 1 I IUHI | H | M >M I III 111! I I 1 Hit* |j Doyle Brothers—Leading Family Grocers || BALLOONS, FLAGS AND FIREWORKS including all the novelties of 1909, make your selection this week so as to avefid the rush Drop in at DOYLE'S SODA FOUNTAIN and get a glass of their Home-Made Orangeade | Telephone 31-y-2 Cash Discount Tickets TM i i

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