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KfSCQ'S MOSt table Society Agog — Jury Trial Overlie Discharge of an Employee Who Had Contract The historic Bedford Conn House, venerable with the memories and tra- ditons of more than a hundred years waB tho centre of a brilliant scene last Saturday morning when the much discussed case of Molleson vs. Va n Son came to trial before Mr. Justice of the Peace Joseph Clark Baldwin, Jr, and a jury of the vicinage. To this court house, in the first decades of the 19th century, John Jay, first Clilef Justice of tlio United States, Minister to England, Gover­ nor of the state of New York, and farmer of Iledford, used to ride over from Bedford House—the seat of his descendants today—and dispense Sam­ ple justice to his simple country neighbors How different the scene to meet his eyes could his spirit have reWsiied the spot ou Saturday' Within the same building, restored but substantially unaltered; without, a procession of automobiles and equipages of fashion, betokening a community of wealth, luxury and splendor. As the hour^ of trial ap­ proached, limotisines, runabouts, tour­ ing cars, old fashioned tonneaux, buttoned down the back, lined up in quick procession and the honk of Im­ patient chauffeurs mingled with the clanking chains of park traps and the champing of curb and snaffle. Nor were there wanting country rigs—buckboards-, carryalls and bar­ ges, quaint old gigs of sober hue and here and there, accentuating the un­ iversal character of the occasion, a solitary horseman, arrayed in the splashing toggery of the hunting field About,, the , portata of th e court house gaJtt«r«l_ fu£._*M$r ihrong of men wwl^TW^n^^WOtttiM - and dis­ cussing .ia;>hi«b ';pit&«l_ **r «ty. the * relative iKjrtt* of, Efckinay-Bellevllle, Berllet and Bollee, of Packard, the Pierce-Arrow and Peerless, wonder­ ing who could get out of the way of a 90 H. P. Thomas, doing the 4% miles from Court House to Bedford Station well inside of six minutes; commenting on the timely shower, and the untimely tempest in the Golf Club teapot, but always coming back to the possible bearings and ultimate | outcome of the great dispute between I Molleson and Van Son The exclusive and fashionable col­ ony of Mt. Kisco had been stirred to its depths when it was found that the affairs of one of its number were to be taken into court, and a thrUl. of suppressed excitement went through the waiting throng when the stated hour found them in their place. All BedfoFd (and his wife; was there. Messrs. Henry Marquand, R. H. Lounsbery, B. W. Morris and A. D. Partridg e occupied seats In the front row , following every 3tage of the proceedings with rapt attention Attorne y C. W. Tteknor, of Mt . Kis­ co and Pleasantvllle (a robust man, full of steam, with a resonant voice and a clear head ) appeared for Mr. Molleson, while Lawyer Adams re­ presented the defendant. Thes e two were in frequent collision and it re­ quired all of Justice Baldwin's digni ty to keep order in the court. Promptly as the last stroke tolled ten, Mr Justice Baldwin took his oeat on the woolsack Dressed for she part, dignified, decorous and de­ bonair, with a cheery gardenia in his buttonhole, he was an object of pritk> to- his fallow citizens. Prompt, and firm in his decisions, the pink of courtesy, the quintessence of tact, by clarity of vision and poise of judg­ ment he expedited business while he reconciled contending counsel through sua\e conciliations Objections melt­ ed away before his luminous sugges­ tions, waivin g rather than overruling, and the clerk of the court had bare­ ly to note an exception. It wa s a masterly achievement and the spirit of John Jay must have smiled in com­ placent and sympathetic approval. \STORE KEEPER\ PARTRIDGE The jury box was filled with six sober men and true, ull solid and respectable, but the fastidiousness of counsel removed several. Thatch­ er Luquer wa s absent;\ William Wil­ liams wanted to go' to Alban y and was excused B W. Morris was thrown out because of his intimacy with Molleson, with whom he admit­ ted having once had the hardihood to play bridge ; A. J. Tharp wa s un­ desirable because years ago he tried to sell Molleson a farm, and A. D. Partridge, bein g asked if he kept a store, was peremptorily challenged when he meekly denied the soft Im­ peachment. The jury am accepted Included Chaa. L. Hoyt. Henry ft. Lounsbery and the Hon. Thomas O'Brien The case developed by counsel was in effect as follows Mr. Georg e E. Molleson, as everyone knows, occu­ pies a beautiful estate on the north­ erly side of Guard Hill, surrounded by the gilded mansions of the Van Cortlandts. Starrs, Kirbys, Darling- tons and other metropolitan mag­ nates. Fo r its management he was able to secure Van 8o'n, and wa s »o pleased with the latter's efforts that he gave him a contract of employ ­ ment at a wage beginning a t seventy dollars ^iud increasing at intervalo up to one/Miundred dollars per month, and terminable after due notice, .In 1910. The contract wa s not disputed'bu t the difference arose aver its termina­ tion, the employe r claiming tha t the man discharged himself by reiuaijj|g to take orders from Mrs . Molleson, and by announcing that h e was go­ ing to leave, while the man contejy&r ed that in the face of such a contij*^ he should hav e had due noticeIjKiji writing with adequate time for J ?Se change, and that his work and ser­ vices tochln' on and. appertainin* to Mr Molleson wer e satisfactory. POTATOES CAUSED DISCORD Mr Molleson testified to the cir­ cumstances of the man's engagement and attempted discharge; and Mrs. .Molleson, in a peach-basket hat and a mauve-colored, tailor-made, Iled- fi rn gown, gave a spirited and spicy version of her irreconcilable differ­ ences with Van Son over a mess of potatoes. Other witnesses were a sun and a maid of the MoTIesons Mr. Van Son testified in his own behalf that he did not give notice of leav­ ing, nor did he quit workin g until co­ erced by a policeman acting for his employer Even during the taking of testimo­ ny of a routine character the larg e audience maintained perfect order, broken only by an occasional whisper of who's who as necks were craned when the rustle of skirts announced a fresh arrival, or a murmur of sur­ prised admiration as six little child­ ren of the presiding Justice were ushered Into front benches in orde r to see their stern parent administer justice awa y from home. In opening his case Mr. Ticknor said- \The plaintiff, as agent for his wife, who owns the farm,j hired Van Son at $70 a month to act a s farmer, with the right to occupy a house and to share in th e farm products. The plaintiff decided to quit, as we claim. According t o the other side he was discharged. In any case the term of employmen t ceased and th e writ ­ ten contract was broken. Van Son's complaint in the pending suit says that the contract wa s broken ; here they are trying to make you believe that i t was. hat; At Is, foi 1 you, t o de-' clde which time the y 'Ue'd.\-*'k ::,: =<K«» . Mr. Molleson was called t o Identify the contract, which called for CO days ! notice prior to termination by either 1 party. It wa s signed on Mar. 1, 1909 \On July 13,\ he said, \I heard loud talk in the dining room and on inquiry was told that the farmer had been impudent to Mrs Molleson. \I told him I would not stand that, and he said 'I ain't going to stay here any longer—I'll get out.' I told him he could go and said I would pay him his cluck.\ A question as to t\io amount of this proffered check led to a lively altercation between counsel. After Justice Baldwin had restored order, Mr Adams rose dramatically and pro­ teste d \I have practised law for thirty years and in all that thirty .years this Is the first time that I've ever_been called a pettifogger by a young man and told that I didn't know anything about law. \ At a motion of retort from Lawyer Ticknor. Van Son leaped from his chair iiirl made as if to leave the court rncin in disgust, whereupon Mr. Baldwin told him to sit down, remarking in a severe tone that a defsndant had no right to stop the proceedings of a court of Justice When Mr Adams called for a glass of wat. r. Mr. Ticknor thought it a fit subji <i for jest. He Is a stranger hPi'- uml may not know Bedford is dry When Counselor Adams and Coun­ selor 'licknor had summed up In el­ oquent and convincing terms, all hands tarned to the Justice for his charge I ut the jury heaved a sigh of relief win n Mr, Baldwin said thathe \Wasn't Koing to charge them any­ thing. The Officer Kinltel paid the jury twenty-i• \i- cents apiece', services and mileage ;md they Went out and found for the plaintifr So Mr. Van Son has got to move and the great case of Molleson vs. Van Son is end­ ed. And as the concourse scattered homeward in time for lunch, the spirit of John Jay seemed to look down from the walls and say. \A contract, like matrimony. Is a good deal easier to get into than out of For the purpose of aiding its pol- llce in apprehending criminals who ptey upon Its passengers and Its freight cars the New York Central Railroad Company announces that it will vuse bloodhounds. Three dogs are to be secured from Lexlugton. E Sheriffs reputies Make Arrests and Help, Will Lessen Crimes of Violence. Arrests have at last been made in the holdup cases which ha\e been so frequent for the past two or three months In and about Mt Kisco. This fact, together with the arrest of last week in Bedford Village, is causing considerable excitement and gratlfi-' cation among the residents of the vieinity, who had begun to think the epidemic of lawlessness was never to be checked The excitement began last Satur­ day afternoon when l)«»injty Shell fits Kirby and Duffy, of White Plains, who had been on the war path In Mt KIHCO for several dajs. stopped a number of Italians and \frisked\ them for concealed weapons. One of the gang had a razor but he was ri leased, another carried a re\ol\e r of law calibre He was taken to the White Plains jail to await the action of the Grand Jury Later on the same day. Hugh Kaf- ferty, gardener for Mr Harold Minott was returning from the village, and had taken a foot path through a field not very far from the Lexington Ho­ tel. Suddenly three men leaped otu of the bushes and assaulted him As he opened his mouth to call for help one of the trio thrust a revolver be­ tween his teeth, while another struck him savagely over the head with the butt of a heavy gun (CONTINUED ON LAST PAGE.) NAARDEN FARM SOUTH SALEM N.Y. SHORTHORNS MILK AND BEEF SIZE AND CONSTITUTION THE FARMER' S COW THE FAMILY COW BULL CALVES >t 8 Weelt. Old .$25 Wiite (or Circulw HAY THE HORSE AND HOUND SOUTH SALEM. N Y LUNCHEON AND TEA HORSES STOOD IN GASOLENE & MOTOR REPAIRS Telephone Ridgefield, Conn Please order meals as long in advance as possible EMORY G. LOBDELL ^ OIL and BATTERIES ^ORTH SALEM, N. Y. Van Nordcn Trust Company I 5th Avcnt&atid*6&h.'Street, Ntw York. OLD FURNITURE SHOP SOUTH SALEM. N Y. 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