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FEATURES: A Special Story. County Correspondence. World ZNjtros of a toeek in brief. PRINTING for Business and Social use done at icasonable rate by \Times\ Print. Tele- phone l2-y-2. * Sample Copies Will Be Sent Free for Three #0 any Address in the County, upon Application * The Katoiah Times ESTABLISHED; WJI78 . Combining the \Croton Falls News anoipv . ' •111 VOL. XXXI No. 12 MANY VOTERS AT THE LOCAL SCHOOL MEETING R. D. Knapp Re-elected by a Large Majority over C . Freemont Ga­ ining—Dr. F. H . Williams i6 Chosen without Opposition. More Tfian itm arteniH 'U Tlrr- A tt nual Meeting of the voters of School District N o 10 in the Assembly room of rhe School building on Tuesday evening hist Tin- number oi \oi<s polled was UN. uhiih is in 1 xi 1 of any previous record The session was called to order about S 21) by -Mr R. D Knapp, and- Mr George H Co\ey was chosen as Chairman of the meeting On mo­ tion that the I'hair appoint ti Ibis Mr Covey designated Mi ssrs Her­ bert Merritt aid Harry Ma>ne to u( I in that capacity- After the residing of the call b\ Mr George Attnd\ , the cl< rk. th< report of the School Hoard was read by the prtsid'-rit, Mr Knapp The report consisted ( , f ji,, n< ins of < x- penses and collections, and was ai - cepted as read The report of the collector, Mr John French, Sr , was then read and approved, the report of 4iie treasur­ er, Mr Lewis H Milli r, being identi­ cal with that of the Board, was ac­ cepted without reading The budget for the ensuing yea r was then read by Mr Knapp be­ fore the question was put, Mr 11 W. Kellogg rose to say that one item would have to be increased before the vote, inasmuch as the amount to be paid M r Walton J Carpenter for his Interest in the old school pro­ perty was listed in the budget as $500 00, while Mr Carpenter would not sell for less than $600 00 Mr . Carpenter rose to confirm this, and, on motion, the budget was increased by $100 00 to cover the item in ques­ tion. Th e budget, as amended, wa s then accepted by a vote of G.\> in the affirmative and '2 negative The next business brought before the meeting was the, election of tw o members of the School Board, on e for a three year term, to replace M r R. D. Knapp, whose tenure expired, and one to replace Dr F H . \ \ illiams who, had been appointed by the Boa, to fill th e vacancy caused by the\ ith of Mr. G, B . Todd, an d whosfc t *e I ...Uuc.-'ti Mr. Covey explained that the ac­ tion of the Board In appointing a member to fill the vacancy resulting from M r Todd's death, was taken merely for the purpose of legalizing the election to take place that even- jng. He then asked for nominations to succeed Mr. Knapp Mr. Joseph Barrett rose to .isk if EAST VIEW MANAGEMENT A CREDIT TO THE COUNTY Editor Katonah Time s — Th*- work that has bepn done dur­ ing th < past year at the County Alms­ house at East View, by \V. C Law­ rence County Superintendent of the Poor has -been so roccHlent that—I think the people of Northern West- flics!' r should know of it, and per­ haps an article in the \Times \ will 11',' b> amiss >!- Lawrence himself is an ener- u-*h Worker, who. considering the in:' 1 ' ,',11 of the Institution when ho '.icr t In,Id of it. 1ms accomplished wo iderju, and the inmates are now 'a,-;- < ire of in as comfortable a- u.i\ a> the buildings, as tonstituted at jii • »i nl permit T! . S.ati Hoard of Charities at its I .im ne 1 ting, approvi d plans for an important addition to the hospital, anil i.U 1 approved plans for a small building to care for mothers with \oui.g babies A new dormitory tor men is soon to be erected, and this dormitory is to form one of a group of buildings Th e suggested and out- lint d plan is copied somewhat after tin Almshouse at Washington. 1) C , whk n ,s considered the model Alms- no.we of the country A! East View, the idea is to have, ivntiially, the administration build­ ing stand where it is, a chapel and a women's dormitory situated on the property back of it. and directly op­ posite these three buildings to have two men's dormitories Between these two rows of buildings, and t o the north o f them, there will be a main, central dining room—all of the buildings to be connected with broad, covered verandas, to be enclosed in Winter for use as lounging rooms and sun parlors This work, when completed, will make the Almshouse at East View one of. if not the, best in the State. -The Board of Supervisors have ev­ idently come to a realization of the necessity of doing something for the poor of the County, and it is fortun­ ate that they have a man of Mr Lawrence's calibre in charge of the Iiii-'itution JOSEPH C. BALDWIN, JR. KATONAH, N. V .Jjf 0\ and \The Croton Valley Times.\ // you yiish to £no» vbat your neighbors are doing and saying in (BEDFORD, LEWISBORO, &CEW CASTLE, WORTH SALEM SOMERS and YORKTOWN Watch the Special Correspondence Columns of 'Che Katonah 'Uimes. jA^ , AUGUST 6, 1909. $1.50 A YEAR NEWCASTLE FOLLOWS Ti EXAMPLE OP Will have Police Force on the.to Lines. Association Qlvj^jjjj Money t o Help. *M Mr. Moses Taylor, rt Committee of the Bedford-Netwc Association, appeared befora */.-^j Town Board of .Newcastle at a meeting held at Chappaqua, ok urday last The purpose was to arrange establishment of a local polic*;< modeled on that of Bedford^ is now in successful operational A serious objection to the.^f in the fact that funds for U mM of the patrolmen were not a| and tills point was made cli signers of the petition. As at Bedford, Mr. Taylocfj into the breach with an o'f \ half of the Association t o money needed for carrylajfo project. The members of the discussing at length the nc district, decided that $300 would keep four policeman]!] It was agreed to g o ahe basis, the funds to be •< the Bedford-Newcastle until 'Jan. 1st, after whlotiSI public moneys should bo / Committees were ther ed to attend to the details^ zatlon and equipment. Sami son is looking after th? r uniforms while Justice Br; earned fame in the Mlllwflj by trapping motors that legal rate of four miles named to look into the motorcycles. Th e knowle tomobiles gained in that was pjjeeumably deemed . tion for the work. Newcastle Is as much an effective police systeu ford and it is to b e hope Judicious selection o f patr give it an equally capablj tive force ********** I 1 M IH1 I H**'l 1 I 11 t M*»'H I'M III ****** + NEWS OF THE WEEK IN THE NEARBY VILLAGES M\M I 11 till 11 >•>•'! 11 I M'4 I ••••••••<|JH\H\I *********** ^* V - mOHIIt-Witt Bedford Station and Mrs. George C Clark have lone to Southampton and Mrs. F C Bishop ha\i gone Saratoga to attend the races Ir. E C Cowdin is also at Sara- oga. and Mrs David M Goodrich and \. and Mrs Robert U I'rujnar e the Adlrondacks at the camp »t Mr. Robert C Pruyn t [|flf>- and Mrs. Ashbel Green have Jone to Watch Hill to be with Mrs. fames D Layng tm: Henry J Whltehouse came back Wednesday from visits to Bcv- frjy, Mass., and Newport, R i Jjfct Morgan Dix is making a visit |)jjb; her daughter Mrs William ^\leelock bjtly after one o'clock on \V ednes- '~~ an alarm of fire was sounded ippeared that a fire was started stove in the store of Gilbert nun and the smoke, instead of ag out of the chimney, poured the room on the top floor, oc- ied by A. B. Crawford People lied to the room, broke down door and were beginning to bedding, etc , from the win- M when they learned that all safe and no fire existed. Banks and Harry Matthews ii camping at Lake Waccabuc. PiNUED, WITH OTHER LOCAL HARMONIOUS MEETING OF THE SCHOOL BOARD. The annual meeting of the School Board look place at the school build­ ing on Tuesday evening, about 70 people being present George Gardner as clerk called tin meeting to order and Iriing Barrett was elected chairman Edward G Amos and Jesse C Blewvr were nom­ inated for Trustee and Mr Amos was elected by a vote of 42 to 2u The following officers were (lected I for the ensuing year Collector, Ir\ - ing BarretjJ,; Treasurer, W ii Adams, Clerk, George Gardner. Appropriations were made for cur­ rent expenses and also lor re-fenc­ ing the school grounds and other nec­ essary repairs There was \er y lit­ tle opposition and an adjournment was taken after a \ery harmonious meeting Mr and Mrs W II Howe and fami­ ly left on Monday for a six weeks trip to Dark Harbor, Me John Schiesser has been appointed one of the officers of the new- Town Police force Mrs. W B. Adams and daughter. Miss Edna, and Messrs. William B and Robert Adams returned on Monday from Rainbow Lake in the Adirondacks. CORRESPONDENCE O N PAGES 4-5 NAARDEN FARM SOUTH SALEM N. Y SHORTHORNS MILK AND BEEF SIZE ANDjfcONSTITUTION THE FARMER'S COW THE FAMILY COW BULL CALVES aL .8 Weeks Old .$25 Write for Grcular HAY THE HORSE AND HOUND SOUTH SALEM. N Y LUNCHEON AND TEA HORSES STOOD I N GASOLENE & MOTOR REPAIRS Telephone. Rtdgenclo*, Coon. Pleai e order mealt a i long in advance as po&uble OLD FURNITURE SHOP it was necessary to take two ballots on the two nominees. Mr. Coi»ey,ir»ii \V G -Barrett explained that tw o separate ballots wer e necessary in ord*\.- to avoid confusion as t o the two and three year terms. Nominations being then called for, Mr I)i Witt Benedict placed, Mr. Knapp s name before the meeting, and Mr John Quick nominated Mr. C Fn emont Gaming A s the ballots were/birtiair the^uitflf Jim TORY G. LOBDELL i(!r \SOLIN-E T '\ [ { 98 votes . Knapp received 78, Mr.\ Qcftnnff, 18 and Dr.* Williams 2. Mr Knapp was declared elected and nominations were asked for t o succeed Dr Williams. No other can­ didates being mentioned, Dr. Williams was unanimously elected and the meeting adjourned on motion. Van Norden Trust Company 5th Avenue and 60th Street. MiW ••^.JW^.U- SOUTH SALEM. N Y . Only Old Furniture Sold No reproductvoni of any kind Only One Price Everything is marked at a reasonable pnee and told (or that only BLACKSMITH 8? BATTERIES NORTH SALEM. N. Y. IWrttHttlltfll I M 1 <'M ••••••t\H' H\l' HfllWI I ii The Price of Comfort rmmnvm WHY WILL A WOMAN BURN OUT HER STRENGTH AND BLISTER HER TEMPER EVERY TIME SHE IRONS WHEN FOR A DOLLAR OR TWO SHE CAN PROVIDE HER­ SELF WITH TOOLS THAT MAKE THE SAME WORK AL ­ MOST A PLEASURE ? THE SECRET O F COMFORT IN IRONING I S TO USE • ASBESTOS SAD IRONS They are hot ONLY whe re they come into contact with the goods A HOT ^ Hoyt Brothers Company, J >*- 4- Funeral Directors and Licensed Embalmers... General Department Store. Our Pure Food Grocery Department We have al l th e NOVELTIES IN FANCY GROCERIES, & everything comprising staples in our up-to-date Grocery De ­ partment. We receive our berries, vegetables and so forth FRESH EVERY MORNING. THIS TRUST COMPANY does a general Banking - bus­ iness. Accepts active ac­ counts, subject to cheque at sight. Issues interest bear­ ing certificates of deposit for specified periods, or payable on demand. Cheques drawn on this Trust Company are payable through the New York Clearing House. W4 B. H. TURlNER SOUTH SALEM, N. Y. Best Shoeing at Lowest Prices Agricultural Implements of nil kinds GENERAL REPAIRS (Soery Wednesday and Saturday night theatre trains will leave White Plains at 10:40, northbouna, stopping at all stations to Goldens fridge. 'Uhe Stainach-lACewell System SLT H LOW , Owner. O D BRILL. Supt IRON A COLD HANDLE CLOTHING Men's $15.00 and $20.00 suits at $10.00 and $12 00 Ou r ENTIRE LINE of thoroughly tailored and stylish suits re­ duced. These garments are made of fancy worsteds and fait colors. Also Blue Serges. All of these suits are in hand­ some, new styles. SHIRT WAISTS Our sales of the celebrated ACORN BRAND Shirt Waists have been enormous. We are closing out the balance of them AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES BE KIND TO YOURSELF. B E FORESIGHTED AND ECO­ NOMICAL INVEST A SMALL SUM IN A SET OF ASBESTOS SAD IRONS AND SAVE YOUR HEALTH AND STRENCTh A/oid overheating your body and starting headaches. Don't do another d^ys ironing w.thout ASBESTOS SAD IRONS. Prices 1 7o • 2.00 - 3 ^0 - 5.00 ANOTHER WAY TO BE COMFORTABLE IS TO HEAT YOUR IRONS ON A NEW PERFECTION OIL STOVE. DON'T FIRE U P THE LARGE RANGE AND HEAT UP THE WHOLE HOUSE WHEN YOU. CAN DO THE IRONING WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF THE NEW PERFECTION Special Prices for August 1 .. . AT . The Hardware Store KATONAH, New York * •••i'M »*H*»»*4i<\Hi »t \»14i«iH •»•!•»»•< Ull II t** 1111111 *** DRY GOODS We have a number of SUMMER MATERIAL* in our Dry Goods Department to be sacrificed a t prices better than ever offered before. We do not mention valuations in this announcement, but you can take our word for it that these prices ARE LESS THAN THE WHOLESALE PRICES. -4* 4* «* 4» 4* 4* 4» J* 4 4* GENTS' FURNISHINGS We have th e most complete line of COLLARS, CUFFS & SHIRTS, and a variety of makes in UNDERWEAR. HOSE, NECKTIES & SCARFS ever shown In this vicinity for your inspection. SUMMER FURNITURE We have the largest line of Summer Furniture we have ever shown, and a t very reasonable prices. W e are closing out our odd lots and short pieces of MATTINGS and CHILD­ REN'S WAGONS. We are naming at BARGAIN PRICES th e PORCH CHAIRS in both natural and a variety of colors. Also SWINGS, CAMP CHAIRS, LAWN SEATS - all latest designs, Wc arc at your service. \5- V THIS TRUST COMPANY carries the New York ac­ counts of many out-of-town j Banks, Trust Companies and Savings Banks, allowing gen- of interest upon Broad Brook Farm Bedford Station. N. V , MILK. CREAM AND BUTTER crous rates the same. It collects rents, and attends to New York matters for customers. all its Pint' fiv-l i ami ulmlf .suiiK' |'i mluut.-, I •• lin-i-<l finii i tiilnTi 11J ill t »--t «i I liml 111 a I il ;ur \ 1 >n111 aii<I • iv;i 11 it m --iiiiitniv muir\ I'.irti ' ular Mil k ••»|i.-< ial'% ;t <l :i |>t< '1 fm Issues letters qf credit. mlaiit- . iv.in tlii ' k 11ml |nm liv-h m - \.altfil if i|ii.tht v iiii^ I!ul U 1 mill, it -I. -.j 1 IMI , 1 .lit t. 1 111 pa—-1 il Maintains a BOND DEPART­ MENT, and makes a specialty of selling bonds to Westchester County people. Bonds that combine safety and attractive rates of interest. EGGS T'or :in \ . 1 ali'.v . ti I. j. l «»j»I Haul. - A. < • 11 it Muiiii t K 1 Kriitlii r< . 1! K tu n ill .a- \ 1 nr l>..\ I. CRUSHED STONE & SAND Km- H111I.I. i x Ii Doyle Brothers heading Family Grocers jj Hoyt Brothers Company \ Katonah, N. Y. I + TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Agents for Acker, ITTcfrall * £on<Iit$ Zm and Cofftt$ Cow's Cream, Butter ana milk Drop) in at DOYLE'S SODA FOUNTAIN and •jet a gliss of their Ilome-Made Orangeade Telephone 31-y-2 Cash Discount Tickets illlllllHIIIIMIIHIIIIII»WtHMIIII»mUMHM» t

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