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Nichols & Adams *1X7E HAVE a. lot of select ** heavy draft, family and general purpose HORSES, 1000 to 1500 lbs., Matched and Single. A Carload of unusually choice Horses from the West Just Received. f )NE Of OUR FIRM has a farm in IIHnois, .buys on the spot and ships here by the carload as required. We supply the whole outfit. Horse, Wagon and Harness. A GENTS for theJCelebratod MILBUR.N WAGONS Milburn Farm Wagons, Dump Carts and Horse Carts. ESTABLISHED OVER 30 YEARS. PACIFIC COAST and Summer Tourist Excursion Fares via New York Central Lines to destinations In Alberta, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Mexlca, Michigan, Min nesota, Missouri, Montana, New Mexl co, South Dakota, Uta >v Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Washj ,n, also to ALASKA - YUKON - PACIFIC EXPOSITION Tickets on sale to above points be­ tween May 20th. and September 29th. Final return limit October 31st. CONSULT NEW YORK CENTRAL LINES TICKET AGENTS. SURROGATE'S NOTICES. PURSUANT TO AN ORDER of Hon. FRANK V. MILLARD, Surro­ gate of the County of Westchester, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, according to law, to all persons hav­ ing claims against GEORGE W. MAT THEWS, late of tho TOWN of SOM- ERS, in, suld Countjrf deceased, to pre sent tti«> same, 'with the vouchers thereof; to the xadeislgned. Execut­ ors ot the- LA.IJT WiLL. AND TEST- VT the said jlficeased. at the (\••lice of Andrew J\. Mathews, Miles iTulldtng. White Plains. N. Y. on or Afore the 15th day of Octobor.A D. P9 Dated this 25th day of Marri 1909 ANDREW J. MATHERS GEORGE T. MATHEWS \j Execuyrs. Lang, Sawyer & Taylor, Atfysffor I Executors, White Plains, N. Y. 1TJR3TJA.NT TO AN OKDEB H Hon Ipak 7 \Start Snrro«.te of Of Ooaow / W«- hotter, notice 1. Hereby «j>ord W t0 '»». COOK. Lte of the town of I* 0 * 1 * 1 * t \ u \/ t of Wo«tohe«ter, »ua By J of >fw alctZi, to present itf »»•; i* vouou »r« thereof to the unAer#\™» exe^toe *t ta« unde™.«ed Sddres. at t/>w olllc/of hi. at- nroey Frluois I.irlct.i /-Iniug uJ oual B«t.k Exo/ilor, J Ainaw»lk, N.Y. FRANCIS LARKIj/ The People By the G depen To Wllhelmi Relnhold kin and der Emdo, nlcke. and of New York Free and In- uch, Lilly Kraemer. all the next of law of Relnhold Van- sed, and Robert May- ard B. Amend, exe- .. ~ „- m( f tne last ai *d tes- cutors namjr Reinhold Vander Bmd tament ot deceased, WHEI of the Westch<a SEND GREETING: Eugenia Vander Emde of Bedford, County of State of New York, has „ . r ur Surrogate's Court of *P pu JrYof Westchester to have a t i/ trument in wrltiR & bear- ? er \iJ? e twenty-sixth day of Sep- ; ng iT 07, rel \ atin S t( > b oth real temw nal p ropertyj proved as the and ' and Testament of Relnhold ^mde, late* of the Town of y a I in said County of Westchest- B jlased. e'flEFORE, You , and each of yot ed to appear before our said jiate at the Surrogate's office, [jjp Village of White Plains, on irteenth day of September, 1909, o'clock in the forenoon of that en and there to attend the pro­ of said last Will andTestament nd such of you as are hereby cit- as are under tlTe ase of twenty-one •B, are required to appear by your if you ha\e one, or If you SfitrXP none, to appear and apply for one \\ be appointed, or in the event figibf ypiy neglect or failure to do so, ffia guanlian will be appointed by the f^S.ujrogate to represent and act for Mypu in the proceeding. TESTIMONY WHEREOF, the of the Surrogate's Court of our County of Westchester has been f tfefeunto affixed. .„? Witness: HON. FRANK V. MIL- '\'rLARD Surrogate of our said County, ;,*.t the Town of White Plains, this ^twenty-sixth d£^ of June, in ,tue year srof our Lord one thousand nine hund­ red and nine. jAajf&a Baldwin Clerk of the Surrogate's Court. ,t 8 ] Mi News of A Week Paragraphic Photographs of the World's Doings. Alleging Illegal practices by the to­ bacco trust, designed, it is charged, to destroy the plaintiff's independent business, suit was started by the Ware-Gramer Tobacco company In the United States circuit court at Ra­ leigh, N. C, against the American Tobacco company. The plaintiff al­ leges $1,000,000 damages. State Comptroller Joshua Hering was unanimously renominated by the Maryland Democratic state coiiven- tlon at Baltimore. The platform, which was devoted entirely to sHte Issues, among other things favored the suffrage amendment to the state con­ stitution which In effect disfranchises the illiterate negro. Donald Mackay and his partners in the stock brokerage firm of Mac-bay & Co of New York were sued for $100,- 000 by Ivan Chaskin, a banker of Tar- Is, In the New York supreme court for an alleged fraudulent deal in stocks by which thrpe clients of the French banker are said to be the losers. Governor Charles E Hughes of New York ascended the famous Sulphur mountain, in Alberta, Canada, In 1 hour. 53 minutes, beating the record, made by previous climbers He did not make any stop after startlnp un­ til he reached the summit, which Is 4,000 feet high. In a new district in.Colorado and southern Wyoming a marvelously rich strike of gold was made, and there Is every indication of a camp water than Cripple- Creek and possi­ bly u'renter tlwn l.end\llle The ore i^.iyx frcin $21 to $i(> a pound Lenjiumn I .ei iusnn, police judge of the < It;, nf \.\atk. N Y. and justice ef the pi ai e of the township of 1 1 irkMnw H v. :is pintle defendant in .1 tin :ii h \f promise suit lnoiiirlit by u, tji Lew of Spring Valley, who sue 1 »r W.\i .0i )i) Merc than Tot aires In I-'orestburg, Sulli\iin i utility. .\ Y. were sold to I )r Thomas I'arlin^tim. health com­ missioner of New \orl . by the estate of Alfred (.ilman The tract will be used as u private fish and game pre serve An order was signed nt Washington by Tost master Genera! Hitchcock for the issuance of a new two cent stamp in commemoration of the Hudson-Ful­ ton centenary, w hit h will be held in New York Sept. 23 to Oct 9. Theodore Roosevelt. Jr.: Lloyd O. nriscoiu, former American ambassador to Italy, and James Deering, the har­ vest machine manufacturer, were elect­ ed members of the Aero Club of Amer­ ica at New York. Peter Leibauch, supposed to be de­ mented and destitute, was found by the Pittsburg authorities to be the possessor of a fortune estimated at $100,000, mast of which was hidden about his house. Charles V. Patterson of New York city was sued for divorce filed in Chi­ cago by Martha Patterson, who alleg­ ed that her husband married another woman recently without obtaining a divorce Orders were issued by Secretary Na- gle that no vacations be given the em­ ployees of the department of commerce and labor nt Washington until their work caused by the new tariff is fin­ ished Hundreds of persons in Wlnsted, Colebrook and Torrington. Conn , were awakened by a great noise, like that accompanying an explosion It was caused by the fall of a large meteor. Papers were filed in the Brooklyn supreme court by Mrs Fannie Star- field of Xewburg, N. Y., for alimony and counsel fee in ber fifth action for divorce against Alfred Starfield Watertown was unanimously select­ ed by the delegates to the New York State Volunteer Firemen's association, in session at Poughkeepsie. for the place of convention next year. Mary Mannering, the actress, with­ drew her suit for divorce from James K. Hackett. but the actor issued a statement denying that be and his wife had become reconciled. A marriage license was Issued at Tittsburg to Mrs. Evalina Hall, a wld- dow of eighty-one years, and Robert B, Wright, aged fifty-one years, both of Turtle Creek, Pa. A $10,000 suit for alleged assault and battery was filed at Xorrlstown, Pa , by Mi.ss Blanche Estelle Babcock of Philadelphia against Aaron S Bel ber of Elkins Park, Pa Agust Belmont's prhate secretary, Adolph A Pons, and Miss Mary B MeNainarn. both of \\e\\ York t ity. were married at Milford, Mass Invitations to accompany President Tafl in his October trip down the Mis­ sissippi river were accepted by the go\ernors of sixteen st.itcs The resignation of William Winter who for forty-four years was <lraiuati< critic on the New York Tribune, was reeeh ed by that paper lic\ Dr Robert .1 Burdotte. lecturer and humorist, was made pastor emer­ itus of the Temple Baptist church in Los Angeles, Cal Suit ^BM separation was started in New YwP 'by Mrs Daisy B Daven­ port, wife of Cartoonist Homer Daven­ port. Miss Etta White was poisoned by handling germ infected paper money at New Brunswick, N. J. A machine that .will reduce a bowl­ der weighing from twelve to fourteen tons and seven or eight feet wide into six Inch rocks suitable for smaller rollers to crush Into roadmaklng was perfected by Thomas A. Edison at New Village, N. J. William Cramp & Sons of Philadel­ phia were the lowest bidders to build the battleships Wyoming and Arkan­ sas, bids for which were opened at Washington. They submitted two bids, one at $4,430,000 and another at $4,473,000. Tho application of the Central New England Railway company to execute a mortgage for $20,000,000 and to issue bonds upon the security to the amount of $12^10.000 was denied by the New York public service commis­ sion. A record for cross country distance Sight for an aeroplane In this country was made by C. Foster Wlllard in the Golden Filer when he covered twelve miles in lOVL- minutes at Miueola, N. Y Colonel Leroy T Steward, superin­ tendent of delivery at the Chicago postofftce, was appointed chief of the Chicago police department by Slayor Busse Samuel R. Van Sant of Minnesota was elected commander in chief of the Grand Army of the Republic at the national encampment at Salt Lake City The sixtieth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert A. West, aged eighty-seven and eighty-three years, was celebrated at Plttstield, Mass. • • • FOREIGN WU TlDK FlDg ' Chl ' nese minister; was re- NEWS OF culk . d from washing- .INTEREST. ton !md or dered to Pe kin for further assignment by the Chi nese go\ eminent. The porte Issued an ultimatum to Greece declaring that assurances must be given that the latter will not as sume sovereignty over Crete The note was regarded as rendering war inevi­ table Seventy were killed and 189 were injured In an earthquake which shook central Japan. More than 350 build­ ings were destroyed and 1,000 dam­ aged by the shock. Lady Alma-Tailema, wife of Sir Law­ rence Alma-Tadema, Che painter^ and herself an artist of note, died in Lou don She was a daughter of George Napoleon Epps An excursion party of members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians was attacked at Portadown, Armagh, Ire­ land, by a mob of stone throwing Orangemen. The French military aviation prize which was offered for a flight of one kilometer was won by Captain Fer ber, the French aeronaut, at Juvlzsy, France. The General Credit bank of Flume, Hungary, was raided <^ three Rus­ sians, who shot down the cashier and rifled the snfe of 50,000. A large automobile carrying five Ital­ ians was wrecked in Rome by running down an embankment All the passen­ gers were killed A great demonstration that was ar­ ranged by the Swedish strikers was prohibited by the police of Stockholm. Tho retail business section of Glas­ gow was destroyed by tire, th^loss ex­ ceeding $1.2.\>() CRIMES ™»«'P»««'W Croats made by his quarry. AND William Haberniclit CASUALTIES. was s i 10t nn( ] instantly killed by Antonio Beslome, whom he was pursuing in Harlem An attempt by the Pressed Steel Cai company to evict the families of forty- seven strikers at McKee's Rocks. Pa . led to rioting, In which Steven Horvat, one of the striking workmen, was shot and killed and live other strikers were wounded. The sheriff of Allegheny county refused to proceed with I be evictions. Eight were killed and fifty were in­ jured, some fatally, in a head-on col­ lision between train No. 8. \north­ bound, and train No. 1, southbound, on the Denver and Rio Grande rail­ road at Husted, thirteen miles north of Colorado Springs, Colo. Dynamite was exploded at the con­ crete base of one of the bridges over the tracks of the New Haven railroad at New York in an effort to make It fall on trains passing below An Ital­ ian with a grudge against the rail­ road is suspected. Six arrests of cafe and saloon men accused of Sunday liquor selling, but not included among those arrested by the ageuts of the Lord's Day alliance, were made by warrants issued by the Good Citizenship alliance at Atlantic- City, N. J. Donald L. Persch and Walter L. Clark, stock and note brokers, w ere arrested in New York charged with being implicated In stock swindling tho plunder of which amounts to more than $100.0(10, according to the police Almost the entire town of Milton Del . was destroyed by fire Nearly 100 houses, a lumber yard and a hank building were burned The loss will exceed* $1(1(1,000. Several hundred persons wero made homeless Angelo Caprio, who murdered an­ other Italian and was awaiting trial in the county jail at Newark, X J. was shot dead in the prison by John Corby, a keeper, whom he had at­ tacked. Bow Kuni, a Chinese girl, was stab­ bed to death, supposedly by a jealous sweetheart, In the Chinese quarter, Xew York. Chin Leu was arrested, but denied being the murderer. Ten persons were Injured and many women and qhildren were badly fright­ ened when an automobile crashed into trolley car at New York. The auto­ mobile was demolished Albert Delmont of Boston, a widely known bantamweight boxer, was Htabhed fatally by Salvatore Torra at dance In that city. Seven men and three women were fatally injured when an explosion of natural gas wrecked a four story build­ ing at Cleveland, O. Because George Lincoln, a negro, sued a white man for shooting his cow Lincoln was lynched at Monroe. La. A valuable telescope used In a field station of Cornell university was stol­ en from the station at Ithaca. X Y The village of Pike, Wyoming coun­ ty, N. Y . was wiped out by Ore wlt /i a loss of $73.000.. • • • TbePflTOTCOUllTY Sfl VIUGS BAM BREWSTER, N. T. DEATHS OF NOTED PEOPLE. Otto H. Bacher, an artist of national rep­ utation, noted particu­ larly for his etchings, died at Lawrence Park, X Y He was fifty-one years old. Captain Herman P. Schuyler, as­ sistant treasurer of the General Elec­ tric company, Schenectady. X Y , and one of the best known credit men in the country, died at his home In Al­ bany, aged slxty-stx years After an illness of forty-eight hours Morris E Sterne, for many years a member of the Xew York board of ed­ ucation and originator of the school fire, drill, died at his home in New York. Alfred J Cammeyer, one of the most prominent retail shoe merchants In the country, dropped dead of ap­ oplexy at his summer home at Sea Gate, N. Y. He was sixty-nine years old. Hear Admiral Judah Thomson, V. S. N„ retired, died at Providence hos­ pital, Seattle, Wash , after a long Ill­ ness, aged sixty-seven years. Mrs. Sarah Boghosslan, 101 years old, a sun Ivor of the Armenian mas­ sacre of 1S!).\» died of heart disease at Yonkers, X Y Samuel .1 Seligrnan. a member of the family of well known bankers, dropped dead at Deal. X J, of apo­ plexy. Benjamin Ellis Martin, author and world tra^ eler. died at his home in New York He was se\enty years old Brigadier General Edwin Franklin Townsend. U S A . retired, died in Washington of apoplexj • • • NEWS The forests* on the OF OUR Laggan. Alberta, were MFirii(inR<! destroyed by fire, and NEIGHBORS. MI)} , fnrmer8 „ ( . ro made homeless by the flames -An agreement was reached between i the govjbrni'iont of Venezuela and the VnitedjSta es and Venezuela company wherejwj,- 1 ie latter is to be paid its clalm»'M '?nO ',000. This claim led to a rupafe- QjC.,djnl0matlc relations be- Lwac ^jipM V&rftod Stutow mid Vvne- aueliv' For t |3e^Tlrposc l 'of raising money for eutertaiuiig Presidents Taft and Diaz when they meet nt Kl Paso, Tex , an amateur bullfight was gl \en by the leading citizens of Ciudad Juarez, Mex­ ico. Several Castro partisans were placed in the new Venezuelan cabinet by President Gomez. Their appointment was confirmed by the Caracas council Fourteen persons were drowned and hundreds rendered homeless by an overflow of the Santa Catarina river. In Mexico. t Three severe earth shocks were felt at Acni'Ulco, Mexico • • • SPORTING Uaabl ° * .thstand A IRQ hner Criti< ' iS111 fl '\ m AFFAIRS. tue fans nn( j news p a . pers, .Napoleon Lajoie resigned as man­ ager nf the Cleveland American league baseball club. SalUr Burke was knocked out and his championship aspirations were quenched by Willie Lewis in the sixtli round nf wh'at was to have bwa. a ten round bout at the Fairmont T^Qlotic ,club. Xew York. The world\'* record for trotters un­ der saddle was broken at Cleveland, O., by Country Jay, ridden by Ram­ sey Mncey. The horse went- the mile In 2 10U. Henri St. Yves of France was beaten by Percy Smallwood of Scotland in a tweh e mile race at Cincinnati. A semi-annual dividend at the rateof Four Per Cent. per annum has been declared and will be credited to depositors July 1, 1909, on all sums nob exceeding 13,000. Deposits made on or before the tenth, of each quarter, January, April, July and Octob.er will draw in­ terest from the first of that quarter. W. S. PADDOCK. President. A. F. LOBDELL, Sec. & Treas. G. H. REYNOLDS, Asst. Secy. ELECTRIC LIGHTS AT TEN CENTS PER K.W.H Ltv* Stock Markets. CATTLE —Native steers, H GSaO.SO per 100 pounds, oxen, $3a.4.25, bulla, J3a4.25, cows. J1.25a-t dressed beef at last quotations. CALVES—City dressed veals. 10al4%e per pound; country dressed, 8aI3o , dress­ ed grassers and buttermilks, \VfcaDVfcc SHEEP AND LAMBS—Dressed mutton, 7a9'4r per pound; dressed lambs, 9al2',fec HOCIS — Quoted at SS.30a8.35 per 100 pounds'. General Markets. New York Aug IS. BT'TTER—Firmer, receipts. 8.301 p-iek- apes, creamery, specials, UT'iaiSc loflli'lnl 27c) extras, 27c, thirds to flrsws. J3 '/>.'i '-ip/£c . state dairy, common to flnsst. 21a 2ii'-..i' process, firsts to sporlal. 22a2ir . western factory, fiists, ZILjC . Imitation cre.iiiii'i >. 22a23c CIIKLSB—Steady, receipts. •!.(M.'i lioxes state new, full'cream, special. H'&alj-Hr , small, colored, fancy, 14'«c . laige col­ ored, f.incy, 14%c., small white, fnncx 14Vic . common to good. ll'ialSV' . skims, full to specials^, SHall^c EGOS—Irregular, receipts. 13.SS1 onie*. state Pennsylvania and nearbv hptincr\. white SSa32c. gathered, white ..ViiSc . hc-nneiy. brown and mixed, fane;, isa.iV . gallii'i-cil, brown, fair to prime 2lu2K,- . westcin, extra firsts, 23'/2a25c . (lists. iV.^n 23c seconds, 20a2\c. LIVE POULTRY — Steady, ehlekens. broilers, per lb., 17al9c.. fowls ltali,>£e , old roosters, 10%c.. turkeys, lie, ducks. I3al4c . Reese, lOallc. DRESSED POULTRY-Steady. broilers, nearby, fancy, squabs, per pair. 4i:jiane • 3 lbs. to pair, per lb.. 16a22c . western, dry picked. 14alSe., scalded, 14a20c , fowls, bar­ rels, 17al7^*c.; old roosters, ll%al2c . spring ducks, nearby, 17alSc., squabs, white, per doz.. 17al8c; frozen broilers, milk fed, fancy, per lb., 20c.; corn fed, fancy. Ilia 17c; roasting chickens, milk fed. 17a22c. ; corn tod, 15a20c.; seese. No. X, SalOc. Notwithstanding stories to the contrary, we wish to in­ form our patrons and friends, also would-be users,of electric lights, that we have no inten tion of leaving Katonah and its vicinity, but are there to stay. The story that we are to withdraw, is absolutely false, as it is our ambition to please and to do so at a fair figure. Respectfully. GEO. JUENGST & SONS. AFTERNOON TEA. C. L. HUNT & CO. -BXlXJDt IK- Dry Lumber and Lehigh Coal Peraona contemplating building will do well to call and examine this Stock before purchasing. Goldens Bridge, - N.Y. JD DIEHL ^ Bakery and Confectionery CAKES - PIES - ETC. First-class and Always Reliable! Supplies 1 DOYLE'S BAKERY Katonah. » * Brewster, N. Y. F. H. LENTS Livery, Sale -AND- Served from 3 to 6 P. M. I at | \BROOKSIDE\ Under - the - Pine. State Road near Newcastle. Corners. Exchange Stables KATONAH, N.Y. Awnings, Tents, flags Order your awnings for 1909 now. Awnings put up, taken down & stored. Tlie only maker of the REVERSIBLE AWNINGS Ko cloth to get in thepul- leys. All kinds of nags with full number of stars. Fred W. Sanford \The Awning Man\ KATONAH, - - NEW YORK 8 Bargains! Bargains! CLOSING SALE!! The New York Clothing Store Main Street, Mount Kisco Men's and Boys' SPRING and SUMMER CLOTHING at prices ridiculously low. Prices that wero never offered before in such quality of goods. Men's fancy ALL WOOL SUITS in any cojor desired, Green, London Smoke, Brown, Grey, Tan and many fliers: Former, price $20.00 and $25.00 .Sale price $15.00. $15.00 and $18.00 suits for $12.50. $10.00 and $12.00 suits, $8.00. Also suits for $4.50-$5.00 We also* keep the best line of BOYS''CLOTHING that can be had. Boys' Suits, Knickerbocker pants that were selling for $6.00 and $7.00—Sale price $4.50. Also suits from $1.50 up. Boys' WASH SUITS from 45 cents to $1.50. Also a big sale on Men's FLANNEL OUTING PANTS, prices from $1.50 up to $3.50. Former prices were $3.00 and $4.50. COME AND SEE US BEFORE THE SALE CLOSES EVERY GARMENT GUARANTEED Itwitfisfcn&tfcExin^Coki •Stormy weather of Winter The Paint That Lasts Is Bridgeport Standard Prepared Paint It is the best paint for the moist climates along the coast, it wears remarkably well in the interior climates. In fact, it's the best paint anywhere and everywhere. This shows how it stands seashore exposure: March 14, 1939 \In an experience of nearly eighteen years I have found nothing to wear as well. My two cottages require pirnting very seldom. The naint ne*cr chips or blisters in spots, «n3 when it fades it remains an even shade throughout. My neigh- bora using other makes have to renew their paint two or three times to my once. I flam not mistaken my house at York Cliffs, directly on the Ocean, has been overhauled but three times.\ Lucy Brace Chittenden, Dykcr Heights, Brooklyn, N, Y t Bridgeport Standard Prepared Paint —\the Paint that Lasts\ Is the most economical because it goes farthest. It has a good body— will not chalk, crack or peel off. All this means economy and satisfaction. Select your colors from our color card, have a practical painter do the work and there will be no after regrets. Your painter will like the wearing qualities and practical features of our paint HOYT BROS. CO. KATONAH, N. Y.

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