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TO* FEATURES: A Special Story. County Corrtspondcncc. World iNjevs of a n>ee£ in brief. PRINTING for Business and Social use done at reasonable Tate by \Times\ Print. Tele­ phone \2-y-2. Sample Copies Will Be Sent Free for Three weeks to any Address in the County, upon Application * The Katonah Times NORTH WESTCHESTER COUNTY'S LEADING NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHED IN 1878. ' Combining the \Croton Falls News and Folio\ and \The Croton Valley Times.\ // sou wish to £no» fibal your neighbors are doing and saying in SEVFORD, LEfVISBORO, WJEW CASTLE, WORTH SALEM SOMERS and YORKTOWN Watch the Special Correspondence Columns of 'Che Katonah e Cime3. VOL. XXXI No. 15 KATONAH, N. Y., FRIDAY, AUGUST 27, 1909. $1.50 A YEAR HOWMZ KISCO INTENDS TO PUT ROADS IN SHAPE Facts and Figures that Will Be Put Before the People for Decision.—Special Elec­ tion to be Held on Sept. 8th. The exclusive' publication, in last week's Katonah Times, of th e ar ­ rangements concluded with th e State authorities b y Kx-Souator Carpenter and I \V Turner, on behalf of Mt Kisco Village, has been th e leading subject of interest »o th e people of Bedford during th e past week While th e proposition i s clear enough in its general outlines, there has been some misunderstanding as to th e methods b y which th e plan of improvement will be realized Some people have the impression that it i s intended to da th e work -piecemeal, a bit here and a bit there, with consequent interruption of traf- ; fic and general discomfort to the com munity. This, however, i s not th e case. While the law forbids th e construe- tion of a state road with more than jffy 'an. 8 % grade a t any point, it does ij^not prevent th e making of connect­ ing links with village roads which may happen to have, at some point their course, a grade steeper than j$bfrt prescribed for th e main State Wfhway, providing the convenience of people i s served by th e building i}»uch a connection ™*aferritt's hill has hitherto been the itacle i n th e way of a continuous highway through th e heart of jjjjj &Kisco. But the showing made by fjJyjHage representatives at Albany ' has persuaded th e State Commission to agree to a plan . ^rations which will secure th e i^jneeded improvements and en d (tog deadlock. f ||rO VOTE ON BONOS. $J)e ML Kisco'8 duty to grade amize Merritt's Hill at it s ae. That is, th e Village ,e» will reduce the present preterit level of the road- j macadamized th e surface Street between Maple Ave- /Sand Street, the Village will Ifrformed all that is required ^eluslvely. Bjjthat the State i s prepared t o •ad with the rest of Main Street, connecting it with th e pre­ sent state road near Newcastle Cor­ ners. The expense of this undertak­ ing will b e borne as follows: By th e State of New York 507r By the County of Westchester 35% By Mt. Kisco Village 15% The special election at which th e proposition i s t o b e submitted to th e voters is. called for \ \ ednesday. Sept. 8th The work will b e done immediate­ ly after th e \oters have approved the bond issue required for th e Mer- ritt Hill grading and will be pu t through o n th e same basis as other sections of State jttoad, the plan hav­ ing already received the approval of the t'oinmision at Albany According to th e Engineer's regula­ tions a State Road i s made 16 feet wide, with a 3-foot dirt gutter on either side. If the Citizens of Mt Kis co desire a wider highway, to con­ form to th e width of Main Street as it i s at present, o r more elaborate gutters, any additional cost involved in such extra work must be borne b y the Village i n addition to it s share of Ui'\; of th e entire cost WhiK form of gutter may be laid in .Main Street and what may b e th e exact vvidfch of the thoroughfare will be optional with the Trustees, pro­ vided th e construction b e up to th e standard of other macadamized high­ ways throughout the state. OF WIDESPREAD BENEFIT. Village President Turner an d th e members of* the Board of Trustees are busy working ou t the details of the proposed improvement, consult­ ing with engineers and arranging for the submission of the plans i n formal shape to the voters of Mt. Kisco. Public sentiment, ia, generally in fa­ vor of the proposition) as outlined, and the whole n<^>iiirta«& of, Bedford, a H*te*fjie business men of the vil- lAjSe-.^-ill be the first to benefit, by Tricf '&a 'Sed traffic of those wh o for the past few years have avoided Mt Kisco. whenever possible, on account of the miserable state of its main street, there will also be indirect good accruing to all those living within driving o r motoring distance of Mt Kisco station. FIRST PICTURE OF BEDFORD'S POLICE. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT THE NAMES ARE: PATRICK TOWEY JOHN SCHIESSER EUGENE FEE (CHIEF) THOS. WADE JULIUS ENGELHART JAMES RUSSELL NAARDEN FARM, SOUTH SALEM N. Y. SHORTHORNS ' MILK AND BEEF SIZE AND CONSTITUTION THE FARMER'S COW THE FAMILY COW BULL CALVES «t 8 Wceki Old . 425 Write for Gicular HAY THE HORSE AND HOUND The members of the Bedford Town •^Police are al l modest me n and do not, as a general thing, like t o pose for their tintypes. Bu t Mr. Pollok caught them al l together the other day and, hypnotizd b y his eloquence, they consented t o stand for the work police motor and Engelhart rides hi s of ar t here presented. own horse. Since this picture was taken, the Already this force has shown it s Town Board has provided three hor- us e in halting the spread of crime aes for the use of Russell, Wade which, last year, threatened th e and Towey. Schiesser travels in th e peace of th e neighborhood. KILLED BY ROAD ACCIDENT AT BEDFORD VILLAGE. Of two Sunday Casualties on High­ way, one has Fatal Result - Mo­ tor Car Wrecks Wagon. Two serious accidents marred th e Sunday quiet of Bedford Village this week and called attention t o th e ne ­ cessity of greater caution in the mat­ ter of speeding on our highways. About seven o'clock Sunday even­ ing, Richard Murray, a constable from Stamford, Conn , was driving a spir­ ited horse and i n attempting t o con­ trol th e animal lost his balance and was dragged over the dashboard and' thrown heavily on the roadway, J. O Hobby and family, of New York city, stopped at once and went to the assistance of Mr. Hoyi who still held on to the horse although his wrist was broken. Mr. Hobby took Mr. 'Hoyt i n his car to D r Coopernail wh o set the fractured limb. The autoist request- ed^tiat all bills for damages b e sent tofjh'lm. Mr Hoyt's new wagon was nearly demolished. LQQkL MEN T O MEET KKjjjj &TING SHERIFF SCHERP. county b y his successful efforts to stamp ou t the crimes of violence and the horse stealing, which ha d grown rife before the establishment o f the Bedford Town Police. PROF. WEBBER T O SPEAK HERE. A meeting of the Bedford Farm­ ers' Club will b e held a t th e home of Mr. Charles Haines, on Kriday, August 27th, 1909, at 2 o'clock p. m Subject.—\Plant Selection and Breed­ ing\ —Prof Herbert J. Webber, of Cornell University, speaker. ,ln his Honor at the Horse 4 . •%H<>und, in South Salem. as, have heen. sent out,to We have just put in the well known clear Havana cigar RIO .HONDdiJiii several sizes. Wm. P . Ff DO „_„ r 'CooperriallA Mr bratfor-tfee4*t^»i : unfortunate man bu t his skull was fractured b y th e fall and he died on Wednesday. Mr. Edward Hoyt, while out driv­ ing in his new road wagon last Sun­ day morning, was ru n into by an au­ tomobile on th e State road near th e overturned and M r Hoyt was thrown to th e ground. The occupants of th e car, a Mr e-lfe- Etoui August 27th, t o meet Acting Henry' Scherp. _ Mr Theodore Langdon Van Norden is th e host and among those expect­ ed are: Ho n Seth Low , Jos. C . Baldwin, Jr., Co l R. \V. Leonard, R E. Schirmer, W. G Barrett, Moses Taylor_and Henry Whitehouse. Tfij acting Sheriff has won the good will of residents of this end of the SOUTH SALEM. N. Y. LUNCHEON, TEA AND DINNER HORSES STOOD IN GASOLENE & MOTOR REPAIRS LODGINGS FOR FOUR OR FIVE Telephone: RtdgefeU, Conn. OLD FURNITURE SHOP SOUTH SALEM, N. Y Only Old Furniture Sold No reproductions Only One Price Everything u marked at .a icuocable pike, and «oU (of that only \ .j. S .-*SW^(S Miiiiimim MM 11 MM Hminini>••»1 1 Vg*^4HH°4HH°4*4 > 4^$^ Mid-Summer Sale .AT. The Hardware Store HK arc ' jroin^r to oiler our entire stock of SUMMER (K)OI)S tit 10 per cent. discount. W This sale will be for two weeks ^only and all J|les must be CASH. This is an opportunity to Sfecure some\ very ^ood values. New Perfection Stoves £ii on Legs and with Canopy BlTwo Burner - $9.00 Three Burner - $12,150 t [ Refrigerators |i No. 1, Upright, $6.75 No. 3, Upright, No. 2, Upright, 8.10 No. I. Upright, 10.80 Ice Cream Freezers 1 quart, $l.r>7 ' 4 quart, &>.17 2 quart, 2.03 (» quart, ;*.29 3 quart, 2.25 8 quart, 4-in Hammocks 50c, 75c. and $1.00, and up to $4.00 Space will not permit us to mention our ^/entire list, but our assortment is large and we llvliave what we advertise. |%- If y° u gi ve us d cn ^ our stock will jjjfispeak for itself. IKELLOGG & MEAD KATONAH, New York fill IIII11111 M M\l I M-» H 11II « 11 M 11111 I I I H Hoyt Brothers Company, Funeral Directors and Licensed Embalmers... General Department Store. Our Pure Food Grocery Department We have al l the NOVELTIES IN FANCY GROCERIES, <t everything comprising staples in au r up-to-date Grocery De­ partment. We receive our berries, vegetables and so forth FRESH EVERY MORNING. CLOTHING Men's $15.00 and $20.00 suits at $10.00 and $12.00. Ou r ENTIRE LINE of thoroughly tailored and stylish suits re ­ duced. These garments are made of fancy worsteds and fast colors. Als* Blue Serges. All of these suits are in hand­ some, new styles. Trust Company 5th Avenue and 60th Street, New York. THIS TRUST COMPANY does a general Banking bus­ iness. Accepts active ac­ counts, subject to cheque at sight. Issues interest bear­ ing; certificates of deposit for specified periods, or payable on demand. THIS TRUST COMPANY carries the New York ac­ counts of many out-of-town Banks, Trust Companies and Savings Banks, allowing gen erous rates of interest upon the same. SOUTH SALEM, N. Y. Best Shoeing at Lowest Prices Agricultural Implements of all kinds GENERAL REPAIRS (Soery Wednesday and Saturday night theatre trains v>ill leave White Plains at 10:40, northbouna, slopping at all stations to Goldens (Bridge. \Che Stainach-^ewell Systeh SETH LOW Owner 0. D. BRILL 5upt SHIRT WAISTS It collects rents, and attends to all New York matters for its customers. Our sales of th e celebrated ACORN BRAND Shirt Waists have been enormous. Wo are. closing ou t the balance of them AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. DRY GOODS Issues letters of credit. We have a number of SUMMER MATERIALS in ou r Dry Goods Department to-be sacrificed at prices better than ever offered before. We do not mention valuations in this announcement, bu t you can take ou r word for it that these prices AR E LESS THAN TH E WHOLESALE PRICES. GENTS' FURNISHINGS We have the most complete line of COLLARS, CUFFS & SHIRTS, an d a variety of makes in UNDERWEAR, HOSE, NECKTIES A SCARFS ever shown in this vicinity for your Inspection. Maintains a BOND DEPART­ MENT, and makes a specialty of selling bonds to Westchester County people. Bonds that combine safety and attractive rates of interest. Broad Brook Farm Bedford Station, N. V. PEACHES We ar e now prepared to take or­ ders for peaches for either th o table or canning Our peaches are ripened on the trees and of excellent quality MILK, CREAM AND BUTTER Pure, fresh an d wholesome products Fresh dally. EGGS BROILERS Dressed on Order only For any of the above, telephone us, or Doyle Brothers, a t Katonah, o r A. L. Banks & Son, a t Mt. Kisco. CRUSHED STONE & SAND For Builders | SUMMER FURNITURE ^ We have th e largest line of Summer Furniture we have j5 ever shown, and a t very reasonable prices. We are closing out ou r odd lots and short pieces of MATTINGS an d CHILD- <$» REN'S WAGONS. We are naming a t BARGAIN PRICES th e <-j» PORCH CHAIRS in both natural and a variety of colors. Also ^ SWINGS, CAMP CHAIRS, LAWN SEATS - all latest designs. 4* — 4> 4> Wc arc at your service. «f> =^—= <f 2 Hoyt Brothers Company $ 4 Katonah, N. Y. $ ++++4 + lf I II I I HI 11 I 1 111 11 IH 1 I H I l>*4M\M*H\HI I M 111 ; I Doyle Brothers—Leading Family Grocers j j TETLEY'S TEAS We cany the $1.10 a pound variety I as we'll as their cheaper brands X J COFFEE Acker, Merrall & Condit's, Mauna, a pound, 35c J HUYLER'S CANDIES J Park & TUford's Cigars Imported Ginicr Ale | Telephone 31-y-2 Cash Discount Tie&tta |

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