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5*' FEATURES: A Special Story. County Correspondence. World SYeuw of a week in brief. PRINTING for Business and Social use done at icasonable rate by \Times\ Print. Tele­ phone l2-y-2. Sample Copies .Will Be Sent Free for Three weeks to any Address in the County, upon Application The Katonah Times NORTH WESTCHESTER COUNTY'S LEADING NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHED IN I878. Combining the \Croton Falls News and Folio\ and \The Croton Valley Times.\ // you »u/> to £no» *b<>t your neighbors an doing ana saying in BEDFORD, LEWISBORO, &CEW CASTLE, WORTH SALEM SOMERS and YORKTOWN Watch the Special Correspondence Columns of 'Che Katonah 'Uimes. VOL. XXXI No. 16 KATONAH, N. Y., FRIDAY, SEPTEHBER 3, 1909. 1.50 A YEAR SEII LOW IKS II THE PRIMARIES I AT TO ACTING SHERIFF SCHERP NEW YORK'S FORMER MAYOR EXPRESSES HIS VIEW ON QUESTIONS OF THE DAY. More than twenty Influential prop­ erty owners of North Westchester County gathered at the Horse &. Hound, In South Salem, on Friday evening last to meet Acting Sheriff Henry Scherp, whose efficient record in this most important County office has won their regard The feature of the dinner was for­ mer Mayor Setli Low's talk on par­ ty organisation in its relation to th e Direct Primaries reform advocated by Governor Hughes It was a sound and lucid analysis of the question especially interest­ ing as coming from one qualified both by practical experience and wide reading to express an opinion Mr . Low said, in substance \Mr. Sutherland has told you of the advantages o f organization; I will go a little farther back of that and discuss the advantages of par­ ty. \A fe w yfars ag o it was the fash- Ion, particularly among college bred men, to call themselves \mugwumps\ and cut loose from the ties of party That position may do for one wh o simply votes, but t o b e a real work­ er it is absolutely necessary to be­ long to a party. An d that a party should continue to exist It must have Organization. \But an oganlzation, once in pow­ er, has sometimes a tendency to do small things for Its ow n ends that may in time irritate the body of the people. I n such cases i t Is not al­ ways easy for th e people to make their protest heard. \While I have no brief from Gov­ ernor Hughes to speak for him in the matter of Direct Primaries. I think that this is his idea, in advo­ cating the change in our present sys­ tem. A s I said Just now to Mr Bar­ rett, the organization in Westchester County is a good one, but its mem­ bers are self elected and it seems to me that the purpose of Mr Hughes' measure is that they shall be elected by the people. \I confess that T a m puzzled to say which method would, in the end, prove best. That the men governing the organization should derive their (Continued on fourth page ) DON'T MISS the Fireman's Fair t o be held in their hall, Hedford Sta tion, Oct 20\ and 21, afternoon and evening Come and enjoy yourself MISSIONARY AND WIFE BOTH PERISH Martyrs to their faith, the Rev- George Cornwall and his wife, for­ merly o f Yorktown Heights, have both died of cholera in China where they were engaged in Missionary work Cablegrams received last week an­ nounced the sad news of the hus­ band's death A fe w days later came a message baying that Mrs. Cornwall had also perished o f the dread epi- d.eOiic Both were--well known throughout North Westchester County and the news will shock then many friends Mr Corn\\,ill wa s about 40 years of age Hih wife wa s iormerly Miss Mary Mead Six o f their children were with them in China One older son had lately been on a visit to Mr .lames Mead, his uncle A sister and brother of Mrs Corn­ wall ar e now residents of Yorktown The last time the Missionary and his wife vnsited th< ir relatives her..' was eight years ag o NORTH POLE DISCOVE«£R MAY DISCOVER LEWISBORO. Joseph Adams Intends to Get him when he Comes Back and Show him Some Real Estate that is Worth While. There isn t nun h going on that loe \dam s fails to ge t in touch with, one way or a.iother He blew into town Thursday and had us all listening to the inside facts about this North Pole diseo\ery of Dr Cook's It seems that .Joe had been dining the night before with John K Brad­ ley, who finauced th e Brooklyn ex­ plorer and backed the whole scheme of stealing a march on Peary and Nansen and the rest of the old timers Joe was about t o sell Bradley a choice piece of land over in Lewls- boro when the cable from Greenland was put into his client's hand: \Reached North Pole April 21, 1908. Discovered land fa r north. Return to Copenhagen by steamer Hans Eg- ede. FREDERICK COOK\. This interupted th e real estate talk momentarily, but when once Adams has described the beauties of farm life in Lewisboro to a client, the sale is as good as made \That's all right\ said Joe glanc­ ing over the cable. \I've got another place on tuy list—hill top view, good water, barn arid chicken house—just the thing for an Artie explorer \ And while los>eph pictured the rus­ tic scene Bradlej stood like the An- ei\i't Mariner's wedding guest, fix­ ed to the spot, and forgot that he had just helped discover the North Pole t Adams has known Mr Bradley for a long time past an d has often been told by him o f hi s experiences in Africa wheiv he hunted big game in tin- jungles which Theodore Roose­ velt is now exploring Amerlcae Feancfin Stands Like a Stone Wall Turns CaWt, Horsw, Hogs—Is Practically Indastructlblo iflr AMERICAN FENCE Buy your new fence for years to come Get the hip, heavy wires, the hinge joint, the good galvanizing, the exactly proportioned quality of steel that is not too hard nor too soft We can show you this fence in our stock and explain its merits and superiority, not only in the roll but in the field. Come and see us and get our prices. Other Seasonable Goods that will be accep­ table In the weeks to come are Potato Diggers Fruit Pickers Barrel Headers Corn Knives Baskets, Etc. AT THE Hardware i 10 II ID Ex-Senator Carpenter Tells Headers of The Katonah Times just what is Meant by the Proposition to Be Voted on Sept. 8. The people of Jit. Klsco Village are awakening to the fact that the road problem is being rapidly solved Those wh o want special instruc­ tors appointed to teach the people about a very simple matter ar e fe w in number and belong in the ranks of the blind who will not see This coming election is the ke y to the situation The State Highway Commission c.innot build the road at Merritt Hill on account of the grade but if the Village will cut the hill to an 11% grade (meaning a cut of six feet) and do all the work counected with the improving and macadamizing of the section between Maple Avenu e and Sands Street, the State will con­ nect at Sands Slreet and g o t o Kis - co River, connecting with the finish­ ed road there Anil also from Maple \\e to the Village line near Mr Daly's, connect­ ing with th e finished road there. From the Village line near Mr Sarles' to the little park (connect­ ing with the road just mentioned) From New Castle Corners to the Village line near Col. Leonard's gateway To build, drain and terrace the hill road and improve the streets leading thereto, will cost $10,000 according to the engineers' estimates The work between all the other points mentioned is a State, County and Town charge, divided as follows STATE . 50% COUNTY 35% TOWN 15% The road so built, will be 1G feet wide with three feet dirt gutters—22 feet In all—at a cost o f $14,000 per mile If a wider, better o r different road between Maple Avenue and New Castle Corners is wanted by the tax­ payer*, a vote therefor will secure the same, and the Village must pay the difference in cost. However, that is a matter for later discussion The question to come before the taxpayers at the election has to do solely with the work on Merritt Hill and vicinity, the cost of which is to b e borne wholly by the Village A vote In th e affirmative unlocks the State and County treasuries in the Village interest and gives us the roads w e have so long needed Every negative vote registers one taxpayer who i s against good roads at any price. The Village authorities have done their best and their best is good The issue is with the taxpayers. NAARDEN FARM SOUTH SALEM N, Y. SHORTHORNS MILK AND BEEF SIZE AND CONSTITUTION THE FARMER'S COW THE FAMILY COW BULL CALVES at 8 Week. Old. $25 Write for Circular HAY THE HORSE AND HOUND By £X '$enator T. m. Carpenter The Trusties ut' the Village o f Mt Kisco have called a Special Election for September 8th, for he purpose of voting on a proposition to bond the Village in the sum of $10,000 to pay for grading and macadamizing West Main Street from Maple Ave­ nue west to Sands Street, running over what is generally known a s the \Merritt Hill\ and for construction, etc., made necessary by cutting down the grade, including the grading of Manchester Terraie, an intersecting street. There seems to be a vague, o r at least not a clear, understanding in the minds o f many people in th e Vil­ lage as t o the purpose of submitting this proposition as the first step in the general scheme. Many ar e of the impression that they ar e called upon to vote money for a proposition, the inception of which ha s not been made clear, the plan o f Improvement and ho w the illage 'i s t o benefit, other than by the cutting down of Merritt Hill, not understood. I grant that the voters wh o ar e to decide this proposition and pa y for it, should know mid clearly under­ stand, no t only the motives o f the Trustees in asking for this \Bond is­ sue, but ,as a financial proposition, how th e Village will be affected if carried o r voted down, and to that end 1 purpose to gi\e the history of this proposition from its inception to its final approval by the State High­ way Commission The Consolidated Highway Law pro vidis that a State and County Road may be constructed through n \illage to connect streets already unproved with State and County Road.-, which have been previously e.onstn.cted to the \lllage line, if, in the judgment of the State Commission, public con­ venience requires the construction of such connecting highway It is well known that there are four such State and County Roads which are constructed to our village line at opposite points, clearly making a connecting State Road, a great pub­ lic convenience To that end the Trustees of the Village made application to the State Commission to have Main Street in its entirety, and the side streets lead­ ing therefrom to the already con­ structed State Road, improved as the conn\ctlng highway, pursuant to the. Statute. This application was denied, mainly because o f the impracticability of cutting down the Merritt 11 ill to an 8% prade, fixed by law as the max­ imum fo r all State Roads It was then proposed to eliminate the rlill and continue it as a dirt road This was not entertained by UJi ^^onrmfcfslon, for th e reason that It would b e in violation of the mw In this decision they were undoubtedly right. The alternative then presented was to improve the Hill at the expense of the Village, or to drop the Main Street proposition. The Trustees, having in view the fact that Main Street is the only ex­ isting road directly connecting and must therefore be improved in the near future by the Village if aban­ doned as a State proposition, believ­ ed it to be in the Interest) of the Vil­ lage to submit a proposition to im­ prove the Hill grade and construct a macadam road bed at the expense of the Village, having the assurance of the State Commission that it woulc consider the Main Street proposition as a connecting road. If this wa s done, or, if th e Village showed its good faith by voting the money or assuming the obligation to pay. The proposition was presented to the Commission and was approved It is substantially as follows The Village to grade the Merritt Hill down not t o exceed 11% at any point, and t o build a macadam road from Maple Avenue west to Sands Street—a distance of about 900 feet The State to construct a State and County Road from Sands Street to the Millwood County Road on the west side o f the village, also from (CONTINUED O N LAST PAGE.) Van Norden Trust Company 5th Avenue arid 60th Street, New York. -*» 4* 4* 4» cr4n> -4s 4> 4* ~i» 4* «*• Hoyt Brothers Company, Funeral Directors and Licensed Embalmers... General Department Store. Monday being Labor Day This Store Will Close at 10 a. m. Our Pure Food Grocery Department We have all the NOVELTIES I N FANCY GROCERIES, & everything comprising staples in our up-to-date Grocery De­ partment. We receive ou r berries, vegetables and so forth FRESH EVERY MORNING. CLOTHING Men's $15 00 and $20.00 suits at $10.00 and $12 00 Our ENTIRE LINE of thoroughly tailored and stylish suits re­ duced. These garments are n'ade of fancy worsteds and fast colors. Also Blue Serges. All of these suits are in hand­ some, new styles. THIS TRUST COMPANY I does a general Banking bus- | iness. Accepts active ac-' counts, subject to cheque at sight. Issues interest bear­ ing certificates of deposit for specified periods, or payable on demand. SOUTH SALEM, N. Y . LUNCHEON, TEA AND DINNER HORSES STOOD IN GASOLENE & MOTOR REPAIRS LODGINGS FOR FOUR O R FIVE Telephone: Rideefield, Conn. OLD FURNITURE SHOP SOUTH SALEM, N . Y. Only Old Furniture Sold No reproductions Only One Price Everything is marked at a reasonable pnee and told (oi that only BLACKSMITH SHOP B. H . TURNER SOUTH SALEM, N. Y. Best Shoeing at Lowest Prices Agricultural Implements ol all kinds GENERAL REPAIRS CLYDE FITCH TO UNDERGO AN OPERATION FO R APPENDICITIS. It is reported in the New Yorfo pa­ pers that Clyde Fitch, the playwright, whose hadsonie Summer home is lo­ cated near Katonah, is about to un­ dergo an operation for appendicitis SETH LOW Owner Q D BRILL Mipt THIS TRUST COMPANY carries the New York ac­ counts of many out-of-town Banks, Trust Companies and Savings Banks, allowing gen­ erous rates of interest upon j the same. It collects rents, and attends to all New York matters for its customers. Broad Brook Farm Bedford Station. N. Y, PEACHES We are now prepared t o tal-. o dors for peaches for either the (alit­ or tanning Our peaches ar o rinew <\ on the trots and of excellent tpulitv MILK, CREAM AKD BUTTER Pure, fresh and wholesome produtts SHIRT WAISTS Our sales of the celebrated ACORN BRAND Shirt Waists have been enormous. We are closing out the balance of them AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. 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Maintains a BOND DEPART­ MENT, and makes a specialty of selling bonds to Westchester County people. Bonds that combine safety and attractive rates of interest. Kr< Mi daily EGGS BROILERS Dressed on Order only. For any of the above, telephone us, or Doyle Brothers, at Katonah, or A. L. Banks <& Son, at Mt . Kisco. CRUSHED STONE & SAND For Builders ****** Mil I l«t<IIH\HHt IlilllWtl'lttHWHHW jj Doyle Brothers—Leading Family Grocers f TETLEY'S TEAS We carry the $1.10 a pound \arioty as 'we'll as their cheaper brands COFFEE •- * Acker, Merrall it Condit's, fratina, a pound, 35c HIYLER'S C AN D 3 E S Park & Tilford's Cigars Imported Ginger- ABe Telephone Sl-y -2 Cash Discount Tickets •HHMHMIIIHHm>H M *V*t*4>4>*******+4 ***<>**>>+*

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